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now, what's most important to me is talking to people, understanding what they're going through here. it just either we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. ah, what journal, just bear with me, the whole roman endeavor. reminder of our top news stories, western europe flooding crisis, is escalating and spreading further with heavy rain in parts of eastern germany and austria. at least 183 people are confirmed dead, but that tolls expected to increase as water levels drop. germany is chancellor, has visited one of the worst effected areas. anglo american was in the village of shoot, warehouses was swept away by the swollen river. adam rainy is there. as you can see, behind me, the destruction here is just incredible. this of course, is
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a neighborhood in that small village. every way you look, you see destruction, appliances destroyed home. and if you just follow me, you get a fence a bit more homes and auto stop, totally blown out from flooding that web down through this village at the bottom of the valley, people's homes. total disarray. we've been seeing people dig out this morning. here we've been seeing them take bucket after bucket of mud, debris from their home. they female green. we ask them what they want from the chancellor. they said their problems are too big right now to talk about doing clinical things is what they really said. but the truth is they're hurting or hurting a lot, and they're seeing their whole life up in here in this village. in other news, the taliban says it favors a political settlement of the conflict and have gone as far as it meets an african government delegation in capitals. capital the group decides it wants to establish
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political and economic ties with the global community. a solid binge of it has more from doha. we've been speaking to people from taliban as well as the afghan government thing that they recognize that the only way forward is dialogue. the only way they can achieve peace of going to son is through the negotiations that have resumed. now that there is an 11, there is a 7 member delegation headed by up in the country capital that they do. we'll talk one on one talks with these individuals who have been locked into these rooms for many hours of the day, trying to talk out a plan for the future where old sites can agree upon and try and bring an end to the fighting. now that is easier said than done. we've been here before, and we've heard these messages of hope from all sides before as these talk started in september last year. but now what is different is that there is mediation. there is facilitation on the ground from the 3 holes trying to bring them together, trying to work out something which is more concrete than the talk that they've been
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having for months and try and move to words. concrete steps such as the release of prisoners at the olive on one political road that the government wants. so those are kind of the areas which have been sticking points in the, in, in these last few months. and they are both sides are hopeful that they'll be able to ireland outwardly some of those differences. south africa, presidents who are, i'm a poser, has visited the city of sweater to meet people affected by writing and looting. more than 200 people were killed during unrest through parts of the country. this past week to athletes have been testing positive for current virus inside the tokyo olympic village on saturday and international olympic committee member, also in the village with contempt of the virus. the pandemic delays get delayed game volunteer to officially open on friday. the new bonds in june stopped still, even with all measures fully taken. there will still be some positive cases. the corona virus situation is encompassing the entire world. so it is inevitable that
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there will be cases that what is important is that when such cases right, we properly and systematically isolate them so that there will be no further transmission. indonesia is confronting its was cove in 1900 outbreak so far with more than $50000.00 cases confirmed each day. it's not the api center of the pandemic in asia with hospitals and funeral work is overwhelmed. several houses of clients killing at least $25.00 people after lunch lights caused heavy by heavy rain in india, the financial capital rescues more people could be tramped in the day bri in by anti government protest as have been injured in thailand. they were stopped by police as they tried to march to government thompson, bangkok, defying cobra. 900 restrictions demonstrate to the calling for the prime minister and the cabinet to resign. if one of those stories on a web functional j dot com is updated throughout the day, i'll be back with more news in half an hour we return to the world to stay with us . the
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news. ready ah, the secret negotiations, international intermediaries, intelligence and last minute brinkman ship, whole part of the covert world of prisoner exchanges between israel and hum us in god. ah.
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the gods of may 2021. 11 days of conflict between israeli forces and hamas left destruction in many parts of gaza. the human cost was the death of at least $253.00 palestinian, including $65.00 children killed. and he has really been bought on the israeli side, 12 people including 2 children, were killed by hamas rocket. far the fees far between israel and thomas came into force in the gaza strip after an agreement was broken by egypt. israel and hum us which governs the gaza strip, have no direct contact. for decades, they've used intermediaries to seal agreements relating to conflict and prisoner exchanges. these prisoner exchanges are
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contentious and are usually kept top secret or even denied, but they can be a vital part of the power play between the 2 sides. i think johnson, the military wing of hamas claims that since 2014 they have held for captured is where the soldiers auto show me. how to golden come of it amended and for some of the official is where the statements have referred to the capture of 2 soldiers. but say that old soul, on one of golden were killed and hamas only holds their remains all just either to be reported. tom or on the whole team secured a rare interview with one of the how much key leaders and prisoner exchange negotiators. not one isa. isa agreed to be interviewed on condition that his face
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was not shown. one of the big issues should be up with the issue come up on the machine and limit a cough and holly my resume, one kid behavior before she dealt with gotcha. and ala had him update on the team up to make sure that we should sound my job. model annisa is the deputy commander of commerce, military wing, her son brigades. this is the only known photo of isa. it's an image from 2011. when isa was involved in a prisoner exchange deal between hamas and israel to release in israeli soldier who was captured by commerce 5 years earlier in 26 gillard shall eat a st mobile and a cell phone at them. and you should get physical comment on this crowd began by
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asking you about the 2021 broker cease fire. i think many happy, pathetic one or 2 bobby chuck people don't call them out of someone to listen for the thing. well, you have to part and i thought the hallmark channel, how them, why was listed in the santa when it's 5 well, kind of marketing a safe and let them know if it hadn't met the jimmy on see if as well. so i'll put what i think berkeley woodson will come a hold on the marker. i see what have it though of the office. you haven't signed it as yet. it was i left in a few minutes 30 minutes ago. so he will need look and i'm gonna fit a little harder on well before we'll say about that one man familiar with he is a german mediator who negotiated with him to broker the release of the captured is ready sort of shirley. so my one, he said, well,
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well acquainted with alex story and he was my in that regard, my counterpart in you know, looking into the lists and checking the balance between the solutions of proposals i saw. he was a very, very meticulous and careful analyst. that's my my impression from him. he knew the fires my heart the matter of prisoner exchanges is highly sensitive and all parties are reluctant to disclose details of the process. but now for the 1st time, senior leaders from both israel and hamas as well as mediators have gone on the record. they reveal how shall eat was captured in $26.00 and what price was paid for his release? ah, the israeli prime minister at the time of sallied capture was a good omen to be
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a misuse. who she them by love for the good long day. i need also she to show them. if you think of it must be she named by miss hunt? sweet shells and actually the on the 18th of october, 2011 chevy, 5 years of captivity ended. ah ah ah, in return for freeing the captured israeli soldier, israel release 1027 palestinian prisoners. ah, yes. it was. it's the largest, you know,
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it's the most significant and it's, you know, fried a huge number of palestinians who were arrested in the fathers. and that is, you know, who, who heroes for many palestinians it showed from for her mass and for many palestinians and observe as around the world was that armed resistance is still effective. the negotiation process was complex with in direct communication between israel and hamas, by a mediators and back channels. finding common ground was extremely slow. it took 5 years to negotiate the release of gala charlotte to how much representatives were present throughout these long negotiations. one job was killed by an israeli airstrike in 2012. the other negotiator was more one of
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the ah thomas on his holland, his team attained exclusive documents that i don't, i read it to written record from within the negotiating team. although this records cannot be independently verified, it purports to show the details of long negotiations from shelly to capture in 26 to his release in 2011. ah. on the 25th of june, 20 o 6 armed all chris am brigades units launched. a surprise attack on his very forces near a gaza strip. border crossing 2 is where the soldiers were killed and one de la charlotte was captured
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the you'll wish on the bull killed. if nation admin sharla knew lucky show it. i think truth. he cool. eileen, men a nice lady then j from us. so as you home us give her, thank you. so i li, just know, failing the movie, 100 stuff. when the swelling up with the me, my move come over them, cause a shallow shows. albany, georgia, harvard, a. them hard. so limes you monday a share of us it's and shag off more dean went home with kylie me and chair for it because on a the committee was there before me you is
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really were taken back by both the success of the hamas operation and it's timing this was $20.00 oh $6.00. just a year after israel's military withdraw from the gaza strip. it was also the same year that hamas one palestinian legislative elections and formed a government kind of preferred nathan tucker the up. it did come from the field father field and c a c or the hacker. and i'm going to see see, want to call me back on the wallet and then i will feel and had it as c s e a lot made any. and we'll look on a little more than will come on full of plenty. what does that it kind of cut out a house in the corner like what i'm really yeah, man, i can definitely come into the military wing of commerce. christian brigades has never spoken about this 26
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operation. now sweet, i'll click on fighters who claimed to have been part of that alteration, have agreed to speak under conditions of anonymity. dublin, emily, you owe them an up luna mckenna? yes, i was just speaking with not a let them know. i'd like to meet with the 3 been heard of a lady said had you well, let the computer know he'll moderate. hula. he then tell you what we are having in the year and let you sent home to her. welcome and it was, but i would hope ball hope alina was social. i definitely sent her with those here . and i bet i lena couldn't, for didn't, has 7100 will be welcome to, i know if our put it under the bulletin whitaker, better with them. with that even when my feet are bucklin, missouri,
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a hub in the foot. but i'm going to allow her to sell it for john, but the enemy, missouri left off with the thief. why had over welcome to a lot of these images not seen before. show a tunnel under the israeli gaza border. this became the access route for palestinian fighters to reach the israeli side of the border and launched their attack. oh sure i'm not i'm not, you know that on that i don't want to open up what i'm asking you how much more i'm in
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the collected on both the kids on to a much multiplication meaning it's emotional. i know, but surely i am a name like a deal. they live in here with them. you know, i'm a whole lot for them as a comment here. so my whole donkey with a whole lot about names name. so voice from us footage from days before the operation shows all caution on brigades fighters in training. a number of men in the video have been identified including 2 who were killed in the attack. not enough, but you didn't have. the model is not enough up at the end of it, but even also lane. and that's enough up. why not from his own
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little book. so there's nothing for them. welcome to charlottesville with his dad debarber. no, no, no one, no, no, no, no. how did it go? a lucky minimum can until she will get it to mac, my mac, or the or the loader, or what a d m. hey, so i get a moment law versus doing, do you know the the other just the but the one of the me. but i would love to do it on a definitely better saba. well, hold on just a moment. well, why do you know when he was walk up on the bed to la just to either you or the from the heart of the funny block for you for a while, but the legitimate debarber almost walk to the berber. well, but that to lock in will definitely shut off of the heel at the end of the
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3rd gun and let me look at the man. oh said madeline to her at the heart of them. and what happened during the weather, almost a slim. it had been varied for one and the other, but will not of the fun move. masha, the light of shamella with a lot a lot of essay. what was the shuttle david hood was saved mana over the phone. when am you the, you call him? i need him on the drug id, move broad nova. she can have a lawyer, and i'm a team. now, the more show you a deal to denio a fusion valley government hom. again, i shall back to the beach near alicia georgia lee and she'll catch up a modem would provide me there if she bought it was
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a name before me. quite a thing with dr. meano's. she build sh name, which last l. a humming show you but tank a, you know, um its navy, she raising cool math town greece while a hold of me she a actually before it's him in the look of one that you love all of the holiday and i'm really not happy about how that'll order or will fail the salon for the for has a little more or less certainly they had in when welcome i couldn't make them. well, for one, would you walk up our quick lube and who shackle was, come the old and see if it was done while unfold. but not with the filezilla. out of the dana i live, dad was and enjoying the me. then attentive to fish and see what the
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hollow apple engine b. o a little phone. but i'm also not vision deal a see is i'm in the model with me july hall, hazel, can you i am involved a lawyer anesthesia bill. and he was home with a lot of other examiners, the level, almost all the jimmy and with one with the thought i let you know how to find a little the other film and and also what we will come to the la mcdermott. i'm elliot in divorce, talked about swimming adobe massage. sha scobee sooth made down the se on it all over the phone with don me via email or something of their
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mini good. when would you not quote ball on the, not the side of the national aim, but i mean, when young aud melody show women cause us will day and the it will got me because i see politic omby so low hung as much shibel shall voice. so i really am loyal by top israel's response to the capture of shall eat, was to seek his early release by all means at their disposal. i am an order emily at the habit of all the most of them and they said it did it with us. the image that i feared will publish, like a thought on will probably had the final fraud on bother us off for us on i see him
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was also in atlanta bothered. you know, we don't know that we had the familiar i just and how about i call you was i thought that it isn't that i see it see what i mean when the item was a whole new one and then i added and unfortunately it has not in tennis, you know, they had the little man who was still treated because my little one bomb with a few of the what was that if it was the 4th and mostly yeah. with the also when you just had said he was in mean he had that had a lead. you kind of that even when a one model of the few vessels for the money, you bob and help us you had in what color kind of the father took it in as ma offered a alaska what kinda listed. and we'll sort of, i don't know if i'm doing the a, what am some about that, that if you look into anything fraud and bother thought i was a song about develop as well. and then on the other one has already been an elevator listed then what about a couple of doors, master pharmacy?
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mostly. israel's approach was both military and diplomatic. while the egyptian back channel remained in place, israeli aircraft bombed infrastructure in garza, including water and power plants. ah, of kit's weight, the especially habit habit to catch it. oh, just wait a minute. they are there a for a training to a for the house and stuff into yes. from the in mid new york, a fall into as obvious where the hot the leash law is in a humming should i know there was, and j commando, middleman the middle, the middle camino them in the see mil gala comfortable in
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a child to talk because all of them, so i had hearing a lot through a tell me fi in my yard sale of a 100 and they any more and i'm real concerned abuto. she a deal actually that similarly truly global came. it's really small to him and imagine me, horror for all future my source of all day, i will be sure those who are behind 50 can am nothing will ask when off of the in the, in the one of the hand out of the fight. little john, the at the for the road, one the daughter that the whole of also welcome and i'm talking to them. i can check in with her. but even when bobby her why the out on that. you want us to know i do that and then when to see them in boston, what kind of plan?
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how do we apply for posh or civil malcolm? and if you could call kenneth lubbock garcia half, and then i can have it over there by the can and them, they will be in town with the father to hold it. hold on to get my son lost. he knew my, my lawyer said he can, i says it cannot need. so if it'll come as informal, i remember the artist sat us of the fashion, cellular television. they had jesse and i see that they've left us painful much he has been so in part to bring some ship between israel and hamas as the price for the captured soldiers will lose estimates. the nuclear guides dying disproportionate numbers on that every leaving behind widows who struggled to survive. one o 8 meets the ship or women defying tradition. to conquer the world's pars bouncing
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on, i was just 0 with a bang, energy and change to every part of our universe. more small. to continue the change all around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you. and yours is the one welcome for iran, a president elect in his home town of mesh at the mom or the shrine. crowd had gathered to hear what their newly elected leader abraham, right. you have to say on the issues that affect the job shuttle in domestic politics, domestic policy and foreign policy. the focus should be on the dignity of this nation. and the focus should be on the fact that in any negotiation, the dignity of this nation should not be hers is already made large. weeping
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promises including fighting corruption, improving the country's economy and maintaining your own best interest in negotiations the wes, but it's not clear yet if you will be able to deliver on his promise. a reason. preventable disease. 15 to 10 children. the most of the challenge, you didn't leave me me. i
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me the what you know, just bear with me for, hey, mom, linda, reminder of our top new stories, western europe flooding crisis is escalating and spreading further with heavy rain in parts of eastern germany, austria, at least 183 people are confirmed dead but that tolls expected to increase as water levels drop. chinese chancellor has visited one of the worst effects there is anglo michael was in the village of shoot warehouses, was swept away by the swollen river at a moraneus that we've actually now made it to show.


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