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story of brinkman ship and bartering, a captive israeli soldiers for palestinian prisoners as recalled. fine mediators and players from both sides of a prisoner exchange on his ear. ah, 2 athletes test, positive code 19 in japan's olympic village. ahead of next week's games. ah, i'm in my car. i was there alive from home. searching for survive as a clean up operation begins in germany and belgium, following catastrophic floods that have killed 183 people. it's all about enough. can government delegations meet for talks and doha, saying,
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both sides one piece you know, is punch drunk. the president of the philippines hits back a box at $0.10 a money pack, you know, as he faces growing accusations of corruption to athletes and now tested positive for corona virus. and that's her care. and pick the village on saturday and i see member who is also in the village was confirmed virus. it comes just 5 days before the pandemic delayed games officially set to open. now dozens of cases happened linked to the pick since the start of july, the events been facing opposition in japan over face. it's worse than the countries outbreak. as it battles a search and infections. marco pan is the president i've seen get suit. news agency says the infections are causing concern and target i think everybody's quite worried about that. you know, the,
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the critics of the games of which there are very many in japan. in fact it's probably the majority of the public. you know, we're afraid of hosting games for precisely this reason. they said, you know, what, why would you want to host this major event with tens of thousands of people descending from all over the world in japan, in the midst of a global pandemic. and from a lot of people's perspective, this is just manifesting the rather predictable consequences of trying to do so. and so far there's been 3 infections confirmed in the olympic village still days before the events began. and also about 45 people who were affiliated with the olympics, who have been tested positive since arriving in japan. the i o c is the only ones who can cancel the games and the i o. c has said that they never even consider doing so. so that's part of the argument. you know, another argument is that,
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is that, you know, all of this effort has gone into doing this. and so, you know, we should, we should hold them. and in terms of the economic side of things, you know, from the point of view of the i o c, you know, most surveys i've seen says they get most of their revenues from the broadcast rights. so it's really japan and tokyo that will be left holding the bag of most of the economic losses. the fact that the games be broadcast on television will save the i o c's finances to great the. to a large extent, the united states has sent 3 and a half 1000000 doses of the madana code, 1900 vaccine argentina, the largest donation so far to latin america is part of the biden administration's efforts to help use vaccination programs in the region where the number of cases continues to search. the new schwab le reports from one of those this is just what argentina said, it needed millions more doses of the vaccine to fight coded 19. that in the week,
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the country passed the grim total of 100000 deaths from the pandemic line. if you'd like at any point on our government and our president have decided working with various laboratories that we will get the vaccines we need to effectively put an end to this nightmare pandemic in a more than 30 percent of argentina's $45000000.00 inhabitants have received their 1st job then supplies started to dry up. the majority of those arriving in latin america coming from russia and china and imbalance, washington was keen to change now also donating vaccines to brazil, columbia, peru, and ecuador. very, these vaccines are recognized for the efficiency insecurity. they will save millions of lives there destined to be given to youngsters age between $12.17. as soon as that's been approved by the us drug agency,
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argentina has bought another 20000000 doses of mcdonough for delivery early next year. this, the nation will help to stifle accusations from the global south. the wealthy nations were holding too many of the vaccines for themselves, and that the biden administration recognizes that tackling the pandemic truly is a global issue. origin. tina has negotiated several more deliveries from russia. china and the u. k. and it will soon start manufacturing its own vaccines and the license from drug companies in those countries. i got this because if, when i'm better protected, so i can have a normal life. i had cobra, 2 months back. i'm ok now, but here i am better protected but i thought i'd never say it's a strange experience being vaccinated. i am happy because i was giving to us was in the car, which is the one i wanted with an average of more than 400 deaths
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a day. and total infections approaching $5000000.00 most oftentimes that happy they're receiving safe, effective vaccines. not concerned about where they're coming from. sure. they're al jazeera, when osiris emergency workers in western germany and belgium, searching for hundreds of people lives who missing off the devastating floods. well, 183 people are confirmed dead and that figure is expected to increase. german charles, anglo merkel has called the floods catastrophe and will visit the region on sunday, step boss and reports from the germantown, and that it was rush hour when the water quickly inundated highway number 265 near ash, stop catching unexpected drivers. and passengers by surprise, soldiers and rescue workers try to reach drap cars finding out if everyone made it out in time. we hope that they made it out of their cars, but we are not sure. and we can guarantee that the perhaps people in the
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cars, we could not check all cars. and if you see the quality of the water, also the check with diversity of no use looking at how challenging it is to feed is one highway. it becomes clear that recovery will take time. it's hard to imagine the panic of people stuck in traffic when the road suddenly filled up with walker. reinforcements have now come from all over germany, because not only were residents completely taken by surprise by the flock. they also completely overwhelmed government services. during his visit to after the german president, frank wilder stein maya told, survive as they will get help, but have to be patient. when does it have the exact this, the law config mind, and this help that has been promised should also be for the communities who in the next days and weeks won't only have to clear up the damage, but will also have to rebuild everything. the roads that are destroyed,
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the bridges that have been swept away, and that's why it is good that such support has been agreed on. a landslide buried at least 3 houses in our stock and damaged others. this woman lost, her son was swept away by the mud flo, his body as yet to be recovered. she and other residents are to the begging authorities to allowed him to return to hold. and how can we continue? alas, what yet? we have nothing. we were evacuated, i took a few things. i think it will take 4 to 6 weeks before i can go back. there is no electricity, no water, no gas. the whole infrastructure is down. albus boring in from across germany for those who had to leave their homes in a hurry with only the clothes they were wearing. people were lucky enough not to be effected. a volunteering to help you. these are you that we have clothes, shoes for men, women, and children, everything they need. it's great to see how much support is coming in. the outgoing of solidarity gives hope to those who have not only lost their loved ones,
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homes or belongings, but also they believe that the town was a safe place to live, steadfast and al jazeera, after that, germany delegations from the african government and the taliban meetings. negotiations and the go 3 capital as violence continues to escalate. on. both sides have been engaged in talks a month and they say the only solution is through dialogue. however, itala band is take the advantage of the withdraw a foreign troops launching several offensive and capturing large parts of the country. as the binge of it has more from the talks indoor. as they were concluded of the talks between the taliban and representatives from the finest on the number of issues were discussed, including the release of prisoners, the listing from united nations lift dock. there was talk about amending the constitution and all inclusive government and political roadmap to words piece the taliban, insisting that before the talk there's
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a discussion about if ceasefire across the right. it's on the needs to be an inclusive government, which represents all segments of the gun society, not specifying how they're going to achieve it. but one thing that as the 1st step, but they've also been saying that because such a high power delegation has come to the company capital, they're willing to discuss everything that they are bringing to the tables. we hope and we won't. and we, we expect that to be, should have brought something to give them. and on our side, we are ready to show flexibility and our aim is clear. and that is to lead me up on a crusade government in place in my nissan and put an end to this phase of piping and into a new piece which will be a piece and good for you. as the taliban discuss, be the situation on the ground in the sun has been deteriorating. there are people
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who have been expressing their concerns about how taliban have been dig, not just district, but pro until capital, as well as coming to word the capital capital as well. we asked the minister for peace about what his hope is from this level of talks, as they're definitely not going to be conclusive in 48 hours. but he thinks that he, what he wants the other side to realize is that there is no, there's no solution by force to atlanta sons problem. and the only way ahead is true negotiation. we have to keep the door off. there is ocean open because the solution to the conflict is not violent. so the solution is actually meaningful negotiation to be very frank with you, we've been quite flexible and also tolerance since the start of the talk. so what's important is that i call upon the contraband to show the same flexibility,
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the same understanding that they need to understand that to have the intention of taking up kind of some by force is not going to work on saturday. these talks are going to be concluded, they are being closely monitored by the united states, the european union, as well as the host in all sides. not directly part of the negotiations, but doing what they can to try and persuade all sides the shorter strain to show flexibility to try and think of the gone people. because as this fight is ongoing, as the united states is all set to leave by september, the 11th the people on the ground in a gun to sign and afraid. they're thinking that they might use all of the hard for freedom that day. but you've in the last 20 years. busy and on the taliban side, trying to tell them that there is no forceful solution to have a son. and piece will only come when all side sit on the negotiation, the stable. they continue their work by talking to each other and come to
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a consensus on bringing peace to the daughter of atlanta songs in boston to pockets on has been abducted and defaulted in this law. and on the african foreign ministry says 26 year old says hello, alex hale was severely tortured and suffered blow said before being taken to hospital. she was held for more than 5 hours. nobody has been arrested. still head on i was is there a present before last side is sworn in for a full term and says siri and money stock and lebanese banks is a big challenge. the western sanctions and he was president tells a pro government rally the fake news online hope few last weeks. unrest and prices . ah, there is rain in the middle east in july, but it's usually confined to her mom for thunderstorms in the mountain. austin le,
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where's the cast and drizzly for 3 months? the subsidy as a man clad is quite unusual and the result of being quite unusual to this is denise, no man, this is what you see. a big thunderstorm. the dark underneath and out of it falls, $200.00 many pieces of rain. okay. is that extra? yes. the average for, sorry is 3 millimeters. and then the extended the full cost sherry raise right up through the middle of saudi arabia. 2 was rear towards the average rainfall in doha, in july is 0. so to get any, a toll is going to be unusual that last through sunday. and then it sort of disappears. and you get on surprise. michelle forecasts in the south west of saudi arabia, in the mountains. nothing much elsewhere apart from the edge affects the salon. it's hot and dry still in iraq. 47, nearly 15, q 8. i was thinking the next couple of days. we've been around that for 12 or 3 weeks. that's not out of the ordinary. no wind in the gulf dough. how be she been $39.00. and again, the edge of the monsoon beans,
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it'll be overcast. often drizzly in mogadishu on the coast of kenya with big shares seasonally so forming in ethiopia, the escaping a wall, finding a new identity. confronting the reality of racism, religion and the struggle to be accepted, al jazeera, tells the story of what it is like to be lebanese, and call us trailer home. once upon a time and punch bowl on al jazeera, the
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the me there was you out, is there a reminder of all top stories to athletes down tested positive for crime virus and the childcare, olympic village. 5 days before the games officially opened. critics maybe event worse than the countries outbreak. the battle of the surgeon infections, emergency workers in western germany and belgium attaching for hundreds of people believe to be missing off the devastating floods. more than $183.00 confirm dead with that figure expected to increase delegations from the government and it's all about a meeting in the country capital. despite the talks, violence continues to escalate and run this on the tele bond as long as several offensive and captured large parts of the country. now south africans and parts of the country have begun cleaning up streets, lows and shops after
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a week of the worst violence is the end of apartheid president, sir ralph says the rides were a coordinated and well planned attack on south africa's democracy. more than 200 people had been killed, the unrest was sparked by the jailing of former president, jacob's zoom and quickly developed into demonstrations and poverty and inequality. but it's with reports from denise, and they just noted and looted and do the durbin has been quieter. these last couple of days, but it's a calm sometimes and forced at gunpoint. read one jets. i'm managed to protect his business, but so many others looted and burned. it was the, the mob themselves that called all the destruction and cause harm to themselves. because we, we attacked and we had people to open fire on us. and which we basically have to see have got ourselves by the hiding behind walls and building the writing response by the jailing a form of precedent jacobs duma and expanded to include wider grievances. it unleashed racial tensions, but always sim,
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up and neat the surface here about about one of them. i thought the minister of police toward durban townships on saturday, promising to investigate crimes committed by all communities. kaylee's as a team of detectives is investigating the deaths of 20 black people after confrontations with a neighboring indian majority township. but it's clear, there is anger here that is hard to contain. no, it looks difficult, but we are working together. we are working with the community, we go out to the streets, to speak to other people. we've got a problem with social media. social media is the main cause of this because people are reacting to use why the minority rule ended nearly 30 years ago. but most south africans still live in racially separated townships or suburbs that were created by the parties government. the fears of the only supermarket in a 4 kilometer rated wasn't ransacked because it was defended by the owners and local businesses. south africa state ensures says it's expecting plains to talk
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$700000000.00 at night turbans different communities, still closing themselves in behind their own checkpoints, outside elements that are coming here and get very upset when we have to awesome. what is the purpose? yes, people here are worried, there's more trouble to come. it's not me down. i know what's going on and that's the concern they are. it is a g davis teams done. so continuing and then one keys that just hours after south africa's president sat on friday night, but calm had been restored. this market was fireball. bernard smith, i'll just sarah durban, south africa. the marleen army says 3 chinese nationals into martinez were kidnapped on saturday. happened in the maria and call the districts north of the capitol domco. the all men reportedly attacked a construction site,
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stealing 5 pickup trucks and taking hostages. now belgium is repatriated, a group of women and children from a prison camp for iceland suspects. and ne, syria. the 10 children and 6 mothers were being held and curtis run camps. the women are expected to be charged under belgium's anti terror laws. aim enjoys alchemy is a research fellow the george washington university program on extremism. he says, countries must not be allowed to make syria a dumping ground fi. so suspects i do bank, it is a good idea. because number one, for example, regarding the women, some of them may have been involved in the islamic se, organization speaking. and so in that case, they do need to be held accountable and it's difficult to do that, you know, be syria where you have a judicial system that's not nice. me recognize the issue though i think relates the flight, the children and the issue, whether you can really separate them from their mothers. and i think in that case
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you do need to bring both to women and children. and i do understand security only get worse over time, the long the leap is problem to faster. and i do understand the issue of anger concern. but really, these countries do need to take responsibility for their own citizens and sidney became flu brittany stripping ships that be not the way to go forward. and yes, you know, be a dumping ground for these people who left a joint state prison. bizarre la has been sworn in for a full time in office after an election that the opposition dismissed as a false fat has been in office for 21 years, taking over from his father half as he's refused to resign from the presidency. despite serious decade long civil war and international press, mister alaska has taken his oath as syria faces an economic crisis. the syrian
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pounds value plans to record lows to share, causing skyrocketing inflation. and the government typed up price is a basic goods such as petro bread, sugar rice, more than 80 percent of the population live in poverty. the world food program says almost 12 and a half 1000000 people struggled to find enough food every day after it says the economic crisis and neighboring lebanon is a bigger challenge than any western sanctions. that's our claims, at least $40.00 to $60000000.00 worth of funds of stock 11 on since back banks. they're also blocked accounts and looked transfers. joshua and this is the director of the center for middle eastern studies of the university of oklahoma. it says there's very little discerning government do, can tackle to tackle the economic crisis, syria doesn't have money. russia is, and china and so forth, are willing to invest a little bit and, but only in industries like oil phosphates, where they can get their rewards and get their, their money back out. so this isn't, this is a very bad situation. iraq,
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as we know, is, is, is near bankruptcy. lebanon just fell into bankruptcy. so the main trading partners, jordan as well, that syria would normally count on for investment, for tourism, for trade are all in desperate situation. and this is a, a region wide collapse. and the gulf countries are where everybody is looking and they're beginning to men relations with syria, but still they won't invest. and, and that's, that means that us has a really hard time trying to generate some kind of investment because where is it going to come from a growing number of politicians in the philippines are accusing president rodrigo, 2 tenths of a corruption with one year left in his term, its raise questions about by a future lawsuits. davila island dugan has more from eleanor. it must up
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when the gun when do 3 could do one the presidential election in 2016. he promised to bring an president to change to the philippines by ending corruption within his 1st 6 months in office as he. but as he enters the final year of his term, detectives administration is being bombarded by allegations of plunder and abuse of power. then the government contracts amounting to billions of petros opposition, leaders saw the trillion. this is revealed government documents that show how a long time the $38.00 family has acquired hundreds of $1000000.00 worth of contracts. in the southern region of dev, derek g was they said to me or for more than 20 years, will not present and even send it through money per cow. the world renowned boxer who was long, been one of the strongest supporters, says corruption in the government is rampant to tear to says the allegations are
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untrue, and politically motivated, you know, use bunch the wrong. he spunk drunk one, but galle spiked drunk. does he think my own cabinet will allow you in balloons by mayor of that day. but since 2017, there have been corruption scandals involving the appointed officials and even members of his own family president. the $31.00 said that just a width of corruption will be enough for him to fire government officials. but many of those who have been removed from office have yet to face charges. and over the last 2 years, the therapy has also refused to reveal his wealth to the public by not releasing his latest fate, mental assets, liabilities, and net worth, the 1st president to ever do. so in decades, analysts say do, terry, to track records in fighting corruption, lacks conviction. look at the ruling qualities of the president. it's
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a big 10 coalition that effectively, you know, takes into its embrace, all sorts of people, including warlords, including, you know, traditional politicians, all this political dynasty is dominating the country. but despite all of this, to turn to popularity among filipinos remain high and many wonder whether that means he still has time and support to implement reforms that will form part of his legacy. jim l, as in dog and 0 manila, the remains of 10 native american children buried under a former residential school in the us have been returned to their tribes. more than 10000 native american children are believed to have attended the school. many died from diseases of these institutions which been criticized for forcing students to assimilate to american culture. in recent weeks, hundreds of unmarked grades have been uncovered in similar residential schools in
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canada. martino is the wife of haiti's assassinated presence, who was injured in july 7th attack has returned home. she will explain to the u. s . a treatment to miami hospital off being wounded by gunfire on friday, the government officials announced that german voice his funeral will be held on july 23rd. and he was present as denounced what he called a false narrative about anti government process and says footage of large rallies is false. mcgraw d as canal accused us of provoking protests and spreading hate on social media. this is off to cuba, so it's biggest anti government process and decades. laura burton, manley repulse this celebratory raleigh in havana is a full cry from angry protest to the grit this caribbean nation performing cuban self and waiting flags. thousands of people shade support. the president miguel
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diaz can. he says protests against key this economic decline. what based on source narrative? 50 morning or if you're going to be going to be moving, they are encouraging and glorifying disrespect and destruction of property threats and harassments of citizens and families. right now, what the world, the sink from is a lie. ro, castro joined the president who he attended power to in 20. 19, he and his brother, the late fidel castro, had led the cuban revolution more than 6 decades ago. okay. and damn, yeah, condo mc, nope. and we have to defend the solution. we have to defend what is ours gentle dental total good enough. in the words of miguel diaz can now he made it clear to the whole world that this revolution will not be overthrown. i have
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a week ago, a wave of protest hit 40 cuban cities. the biggest in decades people calling the liberty freedom and down with the dictatorship. they galvanized nath thousands of the shortages of goods and the government's handling of asserting cope with 19 infections. schools of people were arrested almost 2000 kilometers notes in washington, d. c. protest showed solidarity outside the cuban embassy my grandmother left in the back end because she had not been afforded that opportunity among the much cuban american population in florida. u. s. president joe biden called key the state and showed no sign of lifting economic sanctions. the country now seems divided between 2
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count, those who blame the government of widespread shortages of food and medicine and those who don't want to lose a socialist revolution. they blame 60 years of crippling functions, but they're economic was lower. but among the out 0, ah nice the top stories to athletes have now tested positive for current of ours in the tokyo olympic village. 5 days before the games officially open, critics say the event will worse than the countries outbreak. as it battles a search and infections, emergency workers in western germany and belgium are searching for hundreds of people believe to be missing off the devastating floods. more than $183.00 people are concerned dead without figure expected to increase.


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