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known as always in the dynamics formation, we have the agency to create the vibe of the generation. on al jazeera, there is no channel that covers the world news like we do, we revisit places, mistake. i'll just say we're really invest in that, and that's a privilege as a journalist, lose searching the survive as a clean up operation begins in germany and belgium, following catastrophic floods that killed a 160 b. a . i remember on call this out, is there a life and also coming up to all of our not gotten government delegations, meat for talks in doha with both sides, saying they will piece the looting stops. the tension remains in south africa where
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the military is petroleum street and off the days of cuba present tells a pro government rally the fake news online helped you last week. unrest ah, emergency workers in western germany and belgium, a searching for hundreds of people believe to be missing off the devastating floods . more than 160 people or confirm dead and that figures expected to increase. german charles anglo merkel has called the floods a catastrophe. and will visit the region on sunday. step boston reports from the german town of f stat. it was rush hour when the water quickly enter dated highway number 265 near ash stopped catching unexpected drivers and passengers by surprise . soldiers and rescue workers tried to reach dropped cars, finding out if everyone made it out in time. we hope that they made it out of their
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cars, but we are not sure. and we can guarantee that. perhaps people in the cars, we could not check all cars. and if you see the quality of the water, also the check with diversity of no use looking at how challenging it is to free this one highway. it becomes clear that recovery will take time. it's hard to imagine the people stuck in traffic when the road probably filled up with walker. reinforcements have now come from all over germany because not only were residents completely taken by surprise by the flock. they also completely overwhelmed government services. during his visit to ashton, german, president, frank, wild to shine maya told, survive as they will get help, but have to be patient when decent his food is active, the lock config mind and his health that has been promised should also be for the communities who in the next days and weeks won't only have to clear up the damage
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but will also have to rebuild everything. the roads that are destroyed, the bridges that have been swept away. and that's why it is good that such support has been agreed on to a landslide buried at least 3 houses in our stock and damaged others. this woman lost, her son was swept away by the mud flo, his body as yet to be recovered. she and other residents are anxious to the begging authorities to allow them to return to holland manhattan. alas, what if we have nothing we would evacuated? i took a few things. i think it will take 4 to 6 weeks before i can go back. there is no electricity, no water, no gas up. the whole infrastructure is down. albus boring in from across germany for those who had to leave their homes in a hurry with only the clothes they were wearing. people were lucky enough not to be effected of fall and tearing, to help you that we have clothes, shoes for men, women, and children, everything they need. it's great to see how much support is coming in the outgoing
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of solidarity, give hope to those who have not only lost their loved ones, homes are belonging, but also they believe that their town was a safe place to live. steadfast and al jazeera, afterward, germany, and in belgium. at least 27 people have died since flooding began on wednesday, now over a 100 still missing waters are now receding, allowing rescues to access thousands of affected homes. natasha butler reports. simplicity of lawyers is not much to saver for some residence in this neighborhood of the belgian city of the age. most furniture and appliances are ruined, cause wrecked the flood waters that have caused so much damage have finally subsided. with the clean up. it has only just begun all is wants just for the water covered the cupboards. pascal is still shaken. rising water had for her and her teenage daughter to climb onto the roof, where they were stranded overnight until a neighbor helped rescue them. she says it's only once they were safe,
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the reality drug per year. one of them is all on the we have nothing left, no home, no furniture, clothes. it's so hard, but i say to myself, at least i saved my child as a mother, that's the most important. it will be some time before residence a neighbourhood like this one comes to turn with what has happened. but what is lifting spirit is the fact that so many people have come here and rallied around to help hunting out food and water, or lending a hand. or nearly every effective st. volunteers off it up. as soon as it's about solar derossi's supporting people to show they aren't alone with this devastation when they see all these young people coming to help them during their summer holidays. well, it's just amazing and heart warming, belgium's prime minister visited the town of a hospital. he's called the floods unprecedented, but this scientist says climate change is to blame. the got it is critically, the rainfall was of course exceptional. but all of our climate data shows that it
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could happen again. the future emergency workers continue to move people from areas of homes considered unsafe as they reach regions that were cut off by flood waters . they say they may find more bodies of dozens of people are missing. the hope here though, is that they'll find survivors. natasha butler al jazeera. yes, belgium delegation from the afghan government on the tele bond, a meeting for negotiations and the go 3 capital as violence continues to escalate, to have honest on both sides of it and been engaged in hopes for months. in doha. they say the only solution is through dialogue. however, the taliban is taken advantage of the us troop withdrawal. launching several offences and capturing large parts of the country. as it has more from the top from the as they were concluded of the talks between the taliban and representatives from a bonus on a number of issues were discussed, including the release of prison as the listing from united nations list talk. there
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was talk about amending the constitution and all inclusive government and political roadmap to words piece the taliban, insisting that before the talk there's a discussion about if ceasefire across the right. it's on the needs to be an inclusive government, which represents all segments of the gun society, not specifying how they're going to achieve it. but one thing that as the 1st step, but they've also been saying that because such a high power delegation has come to the company capital, they're willing to discuss everything that they are bringing to the tables. we hope and we won't. and we, we expect that to be, should have brought something to get mental. and on our side, we are ready to show flexibility. and our aim is clear. and that is to have slamming up on a crusade. government in place in our plan is found and put an end to this phase of
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piping and into a new piece, which will be our piece and good for us. as the taliban discuss, be the situation on the ground in afghanistan has been deteriorating. there are people who have been expressing their concerns about how taliban have been digging, not just district, but provincial capital, as well as coming to word the capital capital as well. we asked the minister for peace about what his hope is from this level of talks, as they're definitely not going to be conclusive in 48 hours. but he thinks that he, what he wants the other side to realize is that there is no, there's no solution by force to atlanta, sons problem. and only way ahead is true negotiation. we have to keep the door off. there is ocean open because the solution to the conflict is not violent for the solution is actually meaningful negotiation to be very frank with you,
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we've been quite flexible and also tolerance since the start of the talk. so what's important is that i call upon to canada and to show the flexibility of the same understanding that they need to understand that to have the intention of taking a kind of some by force is not going to work on saturday. the stocks are going to be concluded, they are being closely monitored by the united states, the european union, as well as the host in all sides. not directly part of the negotiations, but doing what they can to try and persuade all sides the shorter strain to show flexibility to try and think of the gone people. because as this fight is ongoing, as the united states is all set to leave by september, the 11th the people on the ground in a gun to sign and afraid they're thinking that they might use all of the hard for freedom that day, which is in the last 20 years and on the taliban side,
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trying to tell them that there is no forceful solution to understand. and peace will only come by all sides, sit on the negotiation stable. they continue their work by talking to each other and come to a consensus on bringing peace to us. and the progress of the talks has been keenly watched by the public and the afghan capital from where charlotte dallas referrals . this is the front page of the newspaper. this morning adela travels to talk with telephone before the delegation left. yesterday i had a news conference with that same period across the networks here this morning. everyone is watching it very closely. there's a lot of pressure here to see some type of diplomatic progress out of her, and that's because the violence is just increasing since us president biden amounts and pull that on us and nato troops would be gone by september. the 11th the telephone really dealt with down, independent analysts at that time said that they controlled about 70 or 80
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districts out of about 400. now 3 months later, they say that crippled to about 220, they're getting a lot of traction around the country and a lot of strategic positions as we speak. now this is offensive around the same says in the north of telecomm, sorry, pulling the south around kansas city and then also taking border crossing. so they taking these games they going back to the negotiating table and they going back with more leverage and hearing. cobble that has people watching nervously and after 40 years of conflict, people just really want a resolution in this recent fly can be un says 270000 people have already been displaced. it's really exacerbating a dire situation for an already vulnerable population. the daughter kind of sounds busted to pakistan has been abducted and assaulted in his law about the african forum. and she says 26 year old so full of ali hale was severely tortured and suffered blows to her head before being taken to hospital. she was hell for more
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than 5 hours. no one has been arrested in south south africans in parts of the country begun cleaning up st. smalls, and shops after a week of the worst violence since the end of apartheid. president 0 rather sosa says, the rights were coordinated and well planned on south africa was democracy. more than 200 people have been killed. the unrest of sparked by the jailing of former president jacob zima and quickly developed into demonstrations against poverty and no quality. but inspect reports from the, from devon and they just looted and looted and the durbin has been quieter these last couple of days. but it's a calm, sometimes and forced at gunpoint. ron jackson managed to protect his business, but so many others looted and burned. it was the, the mob themselves that called all the destruction and cause harm to themselves because we, we attacked and we had people put open fire on us and which we basically have to
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see got ourselves by the hiding behind walls and building the writing was sparked by the jailing of former president, jacob's duma expanded to include wider grievances, it unleashed racial tensions, but always sim, up and neat the surface here about about one of them, i thought the minister of police toward durban townships on saturday, promising to investigate crimes committed by all communities, w, kaylee's as a team of detectives, is investigating the deaths of 20 black people after confrontations with a neighboring indian majority township. but it's clear, there is anger here that is hard to contain. warnings. for now it looks difficult, but we are working together. we are working with the community, we go out to the streets, to speak to other people. we've got a problem with social media. social media is the main cause of this because people are reacting to use why the minority rule ended nearly 30 years ago. but most south africans still live in racially separated townships or suburbs that were created by
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the parties government. the fears of the only supermarket in a 4 kilometer radius wasn't ransacked because it was defended by the owners and local businesses. south africa state insurance says it's expecting claims to top $700000000.00 at night turbans different communities still closing themselves in behind their own checkpoint. see outside elements that are coming here and get very upset when we have to awesome. what is the purpose? yes, people here are worried, there's more trouble to come. it's not, not 15 down, no one's focusing on and that's the concern that it is which if you davis teams are still continuing. and then one section, just hours after south africa's president said on friday night that com had been restored. this market was fireball. bernard smith, i'll just sarah durban, south africa. so head on desert me, president bizarre la sun is sworn in for
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a full term and says, syrian money, stock, 1100 banks is a big challenge. the western thanks and no entry why? muslim, told rims outside saudi arabia being denied. the chancellor form hodge, the 2nd ah a sweltering heat on the eastern seaboard of the us in dc for example, new york. but the sun storms are coming your way, which means it'll cool down eventually it's usually hoffen. then sundry, then cooler, has been flooding from this from pl system, which is now well broken up. so the big shares round the carolinas, probably, aka to bring flash floods down to $32.00 less human degrees in washington d. c. the heat further west has been tampered. a lot by what is effectively
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a south with monsoon in for example, arizona has been flooding from that still 14 phoenix, but we not see the reco breakers in las vegas just recently. we won't see him again either. by the time we get to monday or few shout in, the plane stays around these south eastern states and up to the property. as far as d. c. to be honest, but it's nothing out of the ordinary. the same student in the caribbean. once again, i think we'll see the showers flourish and the smaller eastern islands. otherwise, every rule get davy shouted. it warms up by day, you get a shout. the heavy ones in costa rica and probably panama. but we won't leave mexico. they're not extensive, but they're around all the same for the size, generally speaking, it's seasonally normal. nother low is circulating through the plate, bringing big showers to europe. why? the on counting the costs from internal conflicts,
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just sanction. political and economic troubles or mounting can prime minister abbey . let's get a grid plus react to the taking norway to court over arctic thrilling county the calls on our just 0, the revealing eco friendly solution to combat threat to our planet on al jazeera. oh the me you're watching out is there a reminder of all top stories? legend work is in western germany and belgium, searching for hundreds of people believe to be missing off the devastation. 160
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people are confirmed dead with that figure expected to christmas. delegations from the african government i'm, it's all about meeting the company capital. despite the talks, violence continues to escalate enough on a song. the child has lost several offenses and captured large parts of the country . and south africa, police minister says he's growing concerned about growing racial tensions on days of rights and looting. loading 200 people were killed from community. jesus setup vigilante groups to defend their homes. i'm just in the u. k is recorded almost 55000 cases of quite a virus and a day. it's highest number since january just days before government plans to live many restrictions in england. meanwhile, britain's health khatri side to java who is fully vaccinated as tested positive for covered 19 his warned the country's daily caseload could double in the coming weeks
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. so i'm now self. i saving a home with my family until i get the result of a pc artist. i'm grateful that i've had to jumps of the vaccine, and so far my symptoms are very mild. and i also want to take this opportunity to everyone that's been involved in our national vaccine, but that program truly the best of his kind, anywhere in the world. if you haven't had your jobs yet, please get out there and get them. as soon as you can. thousands of people have been marching in france against sweeping a new kind of virus leisure. they include mandatory vaccination for health workers . people will also have to show coven 19 negative certificates and 2 bars restaurants from cinema, from a seen a search in cases in these weeks, it's nearly 11000 over the weekend. now to the u. s, where several straight states are reported. surging. we've covered 19 cases, something the highest level since february medical experts say the vast majority of
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new cases are unvaccinated at people. alan fisher reports, nevada is a new hot sport. the state now has more than 750 people in hospital with covered more than 80 percent of those intensive care are not vaccinated, unvaccinated people going out with the city reopening and getting sick. and with some of these variance, it's passing much more efficiently. and people are getting much 2nd the last year. the only panoramic we have is among the killing people job. i mean, fighting the pandemic, his number one priority in the white house. after seeing initial success, the numbers are not going in the wrong direction. this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. we are seeing outbreaks of cases in parts of the country to have low vaccination coverage because unvaccinated people are at risk. a 3rd of the country is unvaccinated, and the issues become so highly politicized. there is
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a water among medical professionals that might not change in california. the number of new cases has brought back the mask mandate in los angeles county. i don't want to be safe, but we do not want to go backwards. and in san francisco, they're not going as far as telling people, they must mask up their strongly recommending it why you want everyone to be safe. so if they need to wear a master where a mass, but you know, with outdoors, don't think a lot of people want to wear mass. that's a big one. you know, our people gotten back to life without mosques ready to pick them up again. even as the situation puts more people in hospital across the united states. i, when fisher, i'll just either washington, for the 1st time, women are able to perform the hardship programming without a male relative accompanying them. after saudi arabia ended, it's guardianship requirements. but because the pandemic only saudi residents can attend in limited numbers. so harvard has more on this, she has restrictions for the hodge. malik fulton,
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my mood doesn't meet the requirements for this. he is, has in saudi arabia. and 66 year old in pakistan is one of nearly 2500000 muslims from around the world, missing the annual gathering for the 2nd year because of the pan demik. so malik is now pending his hopes on going in 2022. instead. it's either that or not only, but i mean, nobody can trust this life. there's no guarantee that i'll be alive even for another 2nd. so in my heart, i wish i can do the hush. every muslim tries to go, but it is god's fight. saudi arabia has limited numbers to just 60000 vaccinated residents. age between 16 and 65. and its implementing strict coven 19 measures at the holy sites. social distance thing is a must even in prayer. pilgrims have also been puts in groups with a government guide to ensure safety protocols are followed, and the new digital system has been introduced. worshippers must use
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a small call to gain entry to the holy sites. it also contains their medical history and services for food and transport houses in the pilgrimage this year is happening under exceptional circumstances. new things have been created for the 1st time, like online submissions to the hodge ministry and electronic payment. behind the scenes, police are making the most of the reduce numbers and all testing out new technology supplement. we receive a call in 2 seconds and we pass it's necessary for it's even less than 45 seconds using an advanced technical system. harsh is one of the largest gatherings in the world and brings in an annual revenue of $8000000000.00 for the saudi government. but the pandemic has had a devastating effect on businesses, especially for hard travel agencies, both in saudi arabia and abroad. got them. good luck, hash and i think goes for 2 years now and there is nothing that can be done about it. but we're in the process of closing the highest number and union handing over
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a file to the ministry of labor. we ask god to end this worry this greece and this pandemic for all nathan's. my left foot in the car was up for many muslims, a high remains a lifelong dream. and at least for those living in saudi arabia, they'll be able to fulfill it this year. so to hide it under 0, syrian president b starla had has been sworn in for a 4th to office after an election that the opposition dismissed as a false has been in office for 21 years. often taking over from his father office, he refused to resign from the presidency despite series, decade long, civil war and international prussia. meanwhile, 5 people killed. one government forces bombed the north, west village and soldier. according to syria's volunteer emergency service, the white helmets, several homes of flattened in the assault just south of england. the government, as the government offensive has escalated in recent weeks as troops edge towards
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restoring control of the last rebel held enclave. and michelle, i said he's taken his oath as syria faces and economic crisis. the theory in pounds value plunged to record lows, the ship causing skyrocketing inflation and the government hightail price is a basic goods such as petro bread, sugar and rice. more than 80 percent of the population live in poverty. the well for program says almost 12 and a half 1000000 people struggle to find in the food. as that says that the economic crisis in neighboring lebanon is now bigger challenge than western sanctions. that's because it's companies can no longer circumvent functions, rely on to pay for imported goods as claims at least $40.00 to $60000000.00 worth of funds of stock and level and since bank that locked accounts and block transfers . so we're land. this is the director of the center for middle east studies of university of oklahoma. it says is very little, the syrian government can do to tackle the crisis. syria doesn't have money. russia
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is and china and so forth. are willing to invest a little bit and but only in industries like oil phosphates, where they can get their rewards and get their, their money back out. so this isn't, this is a very bad situation. iraq, as we know, is, is, is near bankruptcy. lebanon just fell into bankruptcy, so the main trading partners, jordan as well, that syria would normally count on for investment, for tourism, for trade are all in desperate situation. and this is a region wide collapse. and the gulf countries are where everybody is looking and they are beginning to men relations with syria, but still they won't invest. and, and that's, that means that us has a really hard time trying to generate some kind of investment because where's it going to come from? him is repack creating a group for women and children from
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a prison camp. i saw suspects in ne syria. the 10 children and 6 mothers were being held in kurdish run camps. the women are expected to be charged under belgium's anti terror laws. there are among hundreds of volunteer fighters from europe. you traveled to syria and iraq to join eiffel. he was present as denounced what he's called a false narrative about anti government protests and says footage of the large, rob, this is false liberal diaz canal accuse the year so provoking vitesse, and spreading hate on social media. this is off to cuba for its biggest anti government process in decades. laura burton manley repulse this celebratory, raleigh and havana is a full cry from angry protest to the grit this caribbean nation performing cuban self and waiting flags. thousands of people shade support. the president miguel diaz can. he says protests against key this economic decline. what based on source
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narrative? 50 morning or if you're going to be moving, they are encouraging and glorifying disrespect and destruction of property threats and harassments of citizens and families. i don't quite know what the wall of the sink from is a lie. ro, castro joined the president who he attended power to in 20. 19, he and his brother, the late fidel castro, had led the cuban revolution more than 6 decades ago. dam. yeah. ponder mc, nope, i'm the mac, we have to defend the solution. we have to defend what is ours? you can also get in a court, in the words of miguel diaz can now he made it clear to the whole world that this revolution will not be overthrown. i, a week ago, a wave of protest hit 40 cuban cities,
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the biggest in decade people calling for liberty, freedom, and down with the dictatorship. they galvanized in the thousands of shortages of goods and the government's handling of asserting code 19 infections. all the people were arrested always 2000 kilometers notes in washington, d. c. protest showed solid charity outside the cuban embassy. my grandmother left the night. the patient had not been afforded that opportunity among the march cuban american population of florida and us president joe biden court key the state and showed no sign of lifting economic sanctions. the country now seems divided between 2
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count, those who blame the government of widespread shortages of food and medicine, and those who don't want to lose a socialist revolution. they blame 60 years of crippling functions, but their economic was lower, but among the out 0 ah, this is there and these are the top stories emergency workers. busy in western germany and belgium are searching for hundreds of people believe to missing often devastating floods. well, no 160 people are confirmed dead. and would that figure expected to increase delegations from the african government and the taliban? a meeting in the country capital despite the talks, violence continues to escalate enough. kindest on the taliban has lost several offences and captured large parts of the country. we hope we won't.


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