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me be the hero, the world needs right now. i was i i searching for peace. it's the end of the 1st day of restart negotiations between the taliban and the afghan government in doha. ah, i'm about to say this is a life from also coming up, rescue. rescue truth in germany. checks the most cars for survivors after reco rains in western europe kill more than 150 people. belgium repacked creates a group of women and children from a prison camp for ice or suspects. and ne,
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syria. cuba, as presidents are social media is amplifying false energies of protest. days after people demonstrated against the worst economic crisis in decades, ah. delegation from the afghan government and the taliban say they're focused on peace as a whole talks in caught up, the talks have just concluded for the day that taking place against a background of violence in afghanistan. the taliban taken advantage of the us troop withdrawal. launching several offensive and capturing large parts of the country. the government's peace minister has called them the telephone to be flexible and it's negotiation and warns no group can take the country by force we hope, and we won't. and we,
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we expect that they should have brought something to give them in time. and on our side, we are ready to show flexibility. and our aim is clear, and that is to have an islamist on a crusade was meant in place in our blindness on and put an end to this phase of piping and into a new piece which will be our peace and good for that was the taliban. spokesman, so hell, shocking. well, as some of in general has more from the talks in doha going into another round of talks and heard the taliban have been clear that they want their prisoners released as was viewed upon between them and the states. they want the listing from a united nation, their lives, and they want an all inclusive government in a gun is done, which represent to represent a spectrum of political views and to discuss that with us is a member of the negotiating team thought was another. thank you very much for being
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with if you're also a minister for peace in a gun, it's done. you've come here again with you renewed hope for bringing them to the table and getting some tangible results. how hopeful are you and what is going to be different? thank you very much. of course we are already hopeful. we have to be optimistic. the only solution to the conflict enough grindstone is a piece under consideration. the only solution for the concrete foot 3 is enough kind. this is through the means of negotiation. so we have to keep the door off. there is ocean open because the solution to the conflict is not violent. so the solution is actually a meaningful negotiation. so my question is, what is going to change at this time around? you've been talking to them since september. there was a lot of hope that was put upon these negotiations. and now the taliban seem to have the momentum of fighting behind them as the taking large sweets of
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we've now come to very important. i can be a discussion where we have the roadmap, the, the political roadmap, and the taliban will be changing the constitution. so i think these are the most important items on the agenda. what is the flexibility that the government slide is willing to show this time around? to make sure that there is momentum behind these talks and the killing and the fighting can stop. to be very frank with you, we've been quite flexible and also tolerance since the start of the new generation of africa who has come along the past 20 years. 50 percent of our population is below the age of 15 experience. the taliban regime,
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70 percent is under the age of 30. so this young generation is looking for education. economic well being health and prosperity. so they want job creation. so we need to be adaptable to, to this new young generation of cough times a day for the sooner we start fighting the sooner we concentrate in focus in reaching a deal where international community is eagerly waiting for our fact guys to work together and to reach a compromise. well, let's get reaction out of the u. s. as was when jordan in washington dc roseland, who's been speculation that the u. s. may have lost some negotiating power because of that with military withdrawal from afghanistan. but just talk us through the role that the u. s. is actually playing in these talks. while you're right, there has been speculation that perhaps the u. s. is losing it, seated the table as the afghan civilian government and the tall about tried to work
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out some sort of peace deal. but tell, let's not forget the taller bond 1st dealt with the americans before actually sitting down with this afghan civilian leadership. and that is where, of course, among other things, the idea of a prisoner swap or prisoner release was agreed to. now the us does still have a very central role in these talks. it is acting as an interlocutor in the talks and bouncers all my little side has been going back and forth working with both sides to try to help them reach some sort of eventual piece deal. he was also in some of the neighboring countries of afghan and stand earlier this week, working with them on ways to try to support the eventual afghan government was ceiling. a peace deal is reached between both parties. the u. s. also does have the, it's ongoing economic,
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social welfare and diplomatic interest inside afghanistan. it obviously does not want to see the country become a haven again for either i soul or for al qaeda, which is our viewers where we're coal is the reason why the us went to war in afghanistan back in 2001. the u. s. is also of course key to maintain its regional influence, both in southwest asia and in the middle east writ large. and certainly it is keeping an eye on countries such as china, which is trying to expand its own regional influence there. and so you don't, i don't think it's reasonable to assume that just because the u. s. is pulling its military forces out of the country that it's going to be leaving afghan, a stand essentially in a back in the us. it's still very much going to be a part of the afghan body politic roslyn, jordan and washington, d. c. rosalind, thank you. emergency workers in belgium and western germany. searching for hundreds
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of people believe to be missing after devastating floods. more than a $150.00 people are confirmed dead and that figure is expected to rise. rescue efforts of being hampered by collapsed roads and damaged communication lines. so i don't know what we mourn with those who have lost their friends and relatives. the fate breaks out hobby. this is the time of hardship and hardship we stand together . i'm glad for the signs of commiseration of compassion, of solidarity, not just from the region, but from all over germany with mit services. and it starts with more on the recovery efforts in germany. what we're seeing now is that the relief efforts are actually picking up quite a bit here and stop. i'm here now at an f activation center where our base basically volunteers are handing out clothes, which is a very important item. people are really looking for right now to have been cut off from their homes because 2 days ago, early in the morning there was a huge landslide here in the f stop. so houses were covered completely by not
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hundreds of people have been taken out of that area and they are not allowed to go back, which really angers and frustrates them because they really want to see how the condition of their houses. but they also want to get their belongings, they want to get important documents. so sort of really desperate this morning. i spoke to a mother who actually told me that her son was covered under the mother and didn't supplies. and others were really desperate to get into that area. they said, really want to see, but that's not allowed. so they have only to close that they were wearing at that time when the flash lot sold quickly came up. and so now they're desperately looking for clothes and that's some item here that's been delivered to to them, but also the president spine. my maya was here lasha who is kind of the chancellor . we're here so reassuring worth. also from the government, like we are helping you, but don't be through impatience because we want everything to be safe before you
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return to your home budget. prime minister, alexander, the crew has visited some of the hardest hit areas there to survey the damage from what he calls unprecedented floods. rescuers have been going door to door to check and residents. tuesday has been declared a national day of mourning. at least 24 deaths have been confirmed in belgium. latasha bertha is one of in one of belgium's worst effective date is the city of the edge. sorry to have said the tow could go up because what's happening is emergency workers as they go from house to house. now that they can access many 3 rows in the home because the bosses have subsided, they are finding all sorts of things they're finding. of course suffices that primarily what they're trying to do, that people are volleyball, frail, and they've been trucks. and that has like communication. they will say fine for me, that is what belgium or forissi i said the people should be braced about and in practice earlier today,
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one of the latest victims we found in the neighborhood no far from where we are standing now. so residents extremely shaken because these are the places where they live, the streets, where they've grown up, and they all happened to deal with not only what they've seen, but know that some people in the neighborhood of most loved ones. and i've been speaking to people who are trying to salvage what they can, what possessions they can, but of course, most of them have been absolutely hates of model. have been on the water and they just throw them away there, a piles of furniture and appliances behind me, cause already one woman showed me around her house and she showed me how she had to scramble up, says as the water is kept rising, he said he couldn't believe her eyes, he took a 14 year old daughter, her cats and dogs went up onto the roof and they had to stay on the roof over night in the dark. absolutely terrified, as you can imagine until the next morning when a neighbor managed to help rescue them by, by trying to send them some inflatables. i'm calling for help still had an autism,
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a bundled into jail for daring to speak out. we hear from cubans who been released after anti government protests, memories of a massacre with northern ethiopia. but one of the 1st mass killings happening at the start of the conflict into the i, it's time for the journey to with sponsored by capital airways. it stopped raining too heavily in hong sure. it is reading fairly heavily further west in japan and the tropical psycho tries to develop in the west the pacific and that'll head up slowly towards the smaller island. otherwise, the seasonal rains spread itself quite largely throughout central and northern china. keep doing that for the next 2 days. shower to possibly hong kong, the heavier ones are going to be around the yellow sea than re for me. again,
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in united the south west, a marson as part of china. and that extends down to the philippines. the heavy rain is effect through vietnam and through thailand, but malaysia and indonesia pop from a few daily showers where you're seeing a dry spell except in west pop your where it looks steady, wet, even silhouette bases varsity drop off from occasional daytime showers. the monsoon officially broken right through to west and pakistan now. so the rain control anyway, waste decided to not fall and pakistan is going to be india based and bangladesh base for the next couple of days with its western edge. of course, catching a man, she said he frequently deli itself in such too to $35.00 degrees is either going to be wet or thundering and wet for the next 3 days. this is what it should be like during the monsoon season. sponsored cut on airways, a mineral central to the quest for clean energy,
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a key ingredient for the production of electric car batteries, cobalt extracting that is dangerous, profitable, with global demand that the skyrocket. people in power investigates, claims that industrial mines contracting the precious material needed for cleaner energy, are in fact, poisoning the environment with dia, health consequences for those living in their shadow. the cost of coal, both people in power on and just the ah, what, you know, just a reminder of our top story, this are the african governments piece minister, has called on the taliban to be flexible in their negotiation and is warning no
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group can take the country by force, 2 sides are holding tilton, doha, as fighting rages back home. emergency workers in belgium and western germany are searching for hundreds of people believes missing off the devastating floods. more than $150.00 people are confirmed dead with that figure expected to rise cuba the president has denounced what he calls up false narrative about anti government protests and says, footage of large bodies, a law of false anger over a shortage of basic goods. and combs and civil liberties led to their protests against the islands communist rulers. this week i spent miguel and yes, canal held rally before supporters on saturday to counter last week's unrest is accused the u. s. a provoking protest and spreading hate on social media? well let's talk nice read lindsey. he's a journalist based in cuba with the new media organisation, belly of the beasties, johnny, his life from havana. thanks very much indeed for being with us. so this is
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a strong accusation by cupid president. is he right? well, he's made a lot of accusations, certainly the u. s. has been at the been waging economic war against cuba for decades. embargo and not intensified with with a rapid sanction posed. ready by strong and those things could change today. and that along with the economic crisis caused by colon as really the country carry spot as far as sort of scarcity of medicine food. ready and that made the bigger story in terms of cuba, this thing was very desperate situation as far as us being kind. and i think probably there's a lot of investigative journalism to show that we know is there haven't been any
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major protest since sunday and today is rally that he organized was definitely a show for certain sure. the government also people. ready putting people street, there were many times more people on the street today than there were a fund based on the rumors that might be on the us. and they come at this point. it's just, it's just boomers with things on social media that very close to verify, you know, what will happen. what about his allegations that the social media is promoting video of what he's calling a false narrative about the anti government protests that he's saying that the footage of the large rallies is false. what's the story there? yeah, well a lot of what circulation on social media is emanating from miami and from miami. there are certainly a lot of false there. he is right about that. for example,
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a lot of people mind that you but americans are opposed to keeping and they're saying that genocide has taken place. that might be an example one. certainly that would be an hedge ration given that up to this point, there's only one person who's been firm to carol and even that person wasn't go on a sunday on monday. the circumstances about is not clear. mean there have been arrest hundreds of people at 41 right through. i've been detained, but as far as people, i know i was in the streets on sunday during the demonstration there, i didn't, there was no tear gas and i didn't see any lie there. munition there, there was definitely some violence and flashes police and detention but nothing beyond that. and again, it's a very thompson sunday, at least, and a lot of reports you're seeing, or i've been saying, i have turned out to be false in terms of people being killed or,
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or that type of profession. you, thanks very much indeed. does we lindsey, talking to us from havana? honestly, international this has about 200 people are still in jail. following the demonstrations odyssey spoke to 2 cubans who have been released. john holeman has more cries of liberty rent the air in cuba this sunday. and the biggest protests in more than 25 years they blame the government for chronic shortages of food medicine and the lack of freedom of expression. but it quickly hit back. police and government supports is taking on those cooling for change. human rights organizations say hundreds with thorn in jail. ringback now, does it make contact with 2 of them who have phillips mask is, was released on wednesday. he told us he wasn't even protesting and was arrested
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for taking photos of government supporters arriving in laurie's. they took my cell phone and wrapping carried me. they put me in a car of the energy ministry, handcuffed me and took me to the police station. he believes that 3 coat cove it. he says the positive when he got out in a cell the size of a room, there were about a 100 people. i was standing up unable to move shoulder to shoulder with them, but he says of the people fed worse. he broke someone's nose in front of me, and they did it very consciously because the only the way to doing it in front of the camera. the president admitted some state failings, but insist shortages of the full of a long term us embargo. and that the protested with violent model up a sort of hagel. these people attended or participated in these events armed with vandalism, shouting for death and lynchings. unique garcia, a play, right. so the government that is simply abandoned the people on the fidel castro
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start at the revolution. he said it was with the pole by the pole and for the pole, but now the whole are in jail. this revolution died and pointing history. and what we have now is that a lead group of people in power who don't want to lose it anyway. he and of the protest is demanded 15 minutes where time and stay. tv replied to be out. today she's against the this is them being costs, it opened trucks to jail and said, no, then we didn't have access to a lawyer or the chance of a whole. families didn't know where we've been taken out and we didn't know what happened to us. he was set free a day later. now he says he's effectively on the house arrest. it's something the amnesty international says is become common in a country long and tolerant of descent with talking about state that doesn't less than a 1000 know how to dialogue. and that's a real concern because we saw the president some days ago about the streets along
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the missionaries as if the street doesn't belong to other people. voices, demands of those of furniture, voices, light, union. the simple. wow. okay. get on that. i want democracy, liberty election, and in to the u. s. in bog, and the sooner it comes, the better. none of those things like moving any closer. present john, home, and how does it? it's been a month since one of the was massacres in ethiopia. to guy conflict and local people say there's still traumatized. hundreds of young ethnic. i'm hot men were killed by fleeing to guy and fighters in the dispute. a ton of my condra ticket ions who escaped to sudan accused them hot of forces of similar attacks. catherine saw reports from my country model, gabrey mighty am, is giving us a of people he and others are buried in these smart screens are charged cemetery,
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giving me that they had nothing. he says they were targeted because they are all kara, the 1st massacre, the conflict between the fuchs federal soldiers back by retrans troops. and i'm hire a special forces and it's malicious against the grand fighters happened here last november. in the north and town of my camera. yeah. the sudanese border. if you appears human rights commission stays up to 600 people, walk killed, residents tell us the number is much higher. so when i had one my clue, they were soaked in blood carrying the get and dead. we brought bodies, a stretch of it was shocking, the playful mailing of death. but unless, if his family can hardly look at his picture without crying, they say he was killed right before their eyes on the street outside his home. they blamed fleeing to grand forces. good guy said guy, why are you killing me? my husband kept calling as he lay on the ground. what said who gave him the final
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blow. it was under the administration of the t great leadership, but nearly all have now fled. the town is in the control of higher forces and the federal government. more than 200 young men lived in hostile the student here most when labor as it came from different parts of i'm hydro region to walk and mainly owned by the grains. witnesses tell us, they were hacked with mushroom. he's beaten short and hostile bands to the ground. this woman's son barely survived on the talk. she says he has since lost his hearing. yeah, delay. oh, there was blood on his head. it was also coming out of his ears when i found him. he was soaked in blood to grants who fled to refugee camps in sudan and other internal displays. people comp, blood into t gray. tell a different story. these, the federal government troops in our lives committed atrocities against them and forced them out. but they all agree on one thing, 100 will be few kins,
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died in my camera and many people like my mom who witnessed the killings and buried the dead, remain deeply traumatized, catching all to 0. my camera, if you a cleanup has begun in parts of south africa hit by the worst violence scenes since apartheid ended. it was sparked by the jailing of former president jacob zimmer, but widened into anger of poverty and inequality. at least 212 people died in the unrest south africa. the president's proposal deployed $25000.00 soldiers onto the streets to try to defuse the situation. he says the violence in looting was planned and coordinated. we've spoken to business owners in a big fall in durban. he says poverty is the main reason for the violence. business was located vandalized and one to the amount of violence we paid in 3 or 4 days was best. if there was no way we could have
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predicted this, that this is going to come to us. and it said that it has hit for jane. supply and people are hungry and looting and they can't find bread. the con, find major is poverty, the poverty, the criminal element in typhoid and job policy as a pool to bring the people and mobilize people to come out and create this met him a while and that was in my view, is the main factor that it was a poverty was, i mean, things which can lead to elements used very 1st day with if i left broke down, i am on the ground. there was no attacks on on us. we were here on does it on trying to protect what we have?
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it takes you to stand on front of a business, but they did not try to a hit the house with us that that was not the intention they are given by the said directions. i believe the mental only law and when the business is local media in belgium says the governments repatriated a group of women and children from a prison camp for i saw suspects in northern north east and syria. 10 children and 6 mothers held in kurdish run camps have been flown home. the women are expected to be charged under belgium's anti tattle laws, that among hundreds of volunteer fighters from europe traveled to syria and iraq to join ice on. many european governments have been reluctant to allow them to return a pretty school go show me a bagel who joined iceland. 2015 was stripped of her. u. k. citizenship. i'm in july. the on tommy is a research fellow at the george washington university program on extremism. he says,
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countries cannot make syria a dumping ground for i for suspects. i do think it is a good idea because number one, for example, in regards to women, some of them may have been involved in the islamic, they all and i basically speaking. and so in that case, they do need to be held accountable and it's difficult to do that, you know, be syria where you have a digital system that's not nice. me recognize the issue though i think relates the flight, the children and the issue, whether you can really separate them from their mothers. and i think in that case you do need to bring both the women and children and i do understand security. we only get worse over time, the long the leap is problem to faster and i do understand the issue of anger didn't concern. but really, these countries do need to take responsibility for their own citizens and sidney became flu, brittany, screaming at that, being all the way to go forward. and yes,
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you know, be a dumping ground for these people who have to join our state city and president bush on the side has been sworn in for a 4th term after an election. the opposition has dismissed as a farce. assigned has been in office since july 2000. after succeeding his father, hafez is refused to resign from the presidency despite city as decade, long civil war and international pression radians have marched through the streets of the oil rich cars. it's don, province in protest against water shortages. police reportedly fired weapons to disperse the crowd. water shortages are common in iran southern provinces during the summer. it's been worse this year because of low rainfall. the u. k. has recorded almost 55000 cases of corona virus in a day. it's highest number since january. this comes as burton's health minister
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says he, javan tested positive recovered 19. he says, is experiencing mild symptoms. he has received 2 doses of the covered 1900 vaccine . so i'm now self i facing a home with my family until i get the result of a p c r test. i'm grateful that i've had to jumps vaccine and so far my symptoms are very mild. and i also want to take this opportunity to everyone that's been involved in our national vaccine, but that program truly the best of his kind. anyway in the world. if you haven't had your jobs yet, please get out there and get them as soon as you can. ok . this is all just, these are the top stories we can government piece minutes is called the taliban to be flexible and their negotiations and has warned no group can take the country by force. the 2 sides are holding talks in doha, most fighting rain.


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