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make america to try to bring people together trying to deal with people who left behind me. ah, me. hi, fix negotiations get underway in durham between the taliban and the afghan government that's fighting escalade on the ground. ah. hello there on the soviet pay and this is also their life and also coming up germany holes and its military to help with the clean up off the ones in a lifetime. floods come more than a 150 people across your tokyo confirms the fast corona, virus infections inside the athletes village less than
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a week before the olympic games begin. until africa, the president admit his government was not prepared to deal with the days of unrest, which he says this plan and coordinator. ah. now senior ask on delegation is in durham to meet representatives of the taliban as violence continues to escalation. that's chemist on the group has been taking advantage of the u. s. withdraw launching offenses and capturing large parts of the country. the 2 sides have been meeting on an off now for months that the talks of last mentor him as the fighting continues to rage back home. can government delegation says negotiations are the only way for the one on this that we do the sort of the delegation of afghanistan hit by the chairman of the reconciliation committee has arrived in the category capital. doha,
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and as meeting with the delegation of negotiations affiliated with the government. during his visit at the lab level, discuss important and crucial issues with taliban representatives. the solution to the conflict in afghanistan lies in negotiations, and peace can be reached through dialogue. if these talks lead to satisfactory results for both positive on the telephone movement has repeatedly confirmed its readiness for dialogue and negotiations. and the problems can only be solved by dialogue. but they ask and government needs to also show the same commitment they need to show the right and sincere determination when it comes to negotiations in order to end these problems. how shortly will be speaking to charlotte, balance she then the afghan capital cobble. but 1st, let's speak to some a bunch of aid he's following those talks for us here in doha. some, as we've been saying there been several rounds of talks is anything concrete like you to come out of these discussion? but it depends on who you speak to. you've heard from both sides,
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saying that dialogue is the only way forward. and they believe that a solution for a piece would have done fun in only come from the table, but actions on the ground speak of a different language. we've been seen on the ground. how taliban have been taking large way to prevent fun. and we see sort of a not moving forward from the african government side as well. the doctor loved the theme i've been speaking to. some of them have been telling me that they are hopeful that this is going to be fruitful. they are going to have some sort of solution to how to go forward because what they don't want is autonomy and take over the whole country or the country going towards the civil war, which everyone has been talking about. but on the taliban side, they say that they believe in dialogue, but you've seen their actions on the values that this high level delegation, 7 members are in talks right now as we speak in the past. the recap of trying to sort out what are the ways where they can move forward,
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which we haven't seen so far in september when this started speaking to each other, several major differences, the taliban thing that they want to achieve. peace, but they have been battling on the ground, the government thing that it wants to move forward, but not giving what the valuable wanted. and that seems to have persisted. so there isn't much hope that there is going to be a concrete solution coming out of this meeting. but it is, it is something to go forward with. and that is something that the taliban has been saying that they've been expecting leaders office such a come to go and negotiate with each other and question that to be raising about the significance of these talks asked all of us taking more areas whether the government has had a realization that it is now the probably change tactics and try and go to words, a solution which does not mean for the loss of life in some you mentioned that a stature of the people that is told can you talk us through the significance of this round of negotiations, especially given the high level delegations involved this time
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well we've, we've been hearing for almost a week now how this high level delegation was being formed. we were heading names of the enigma form rather than thomas carson, who were supposed to be here in the hall, and many of them did not vote pulled out of these talks. so if there is a sense of divisions, but then cobble on what is the way forward? there are, there is a lack of press, not just between the african government, but also the dollar, but also within the ranks of people who have done it's done. and that is something that the taliban has been insisting on what they want to see is inclusive government. something that the present value government has that can only come on the negotiating table, not as a demand from the other one. and also from the government by talking about a comprehensive fire, which so far as one has on the budget. john. so it is a high level delegation. these are members of various segments of up to 5,
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including their high here they've been at the chairman of the council as well as other leaders who are in here a trying to mend fences trying to move forward. but the situation on the ground. while these talks have continued and has deteriorated further, i some of them with all the lasers from those talks in the hall. thank you so much . i saw them call now charlotte balance reports from the african capital cover on the growing pressure there for a diplomatic solution. 23 year old refugee has one job. make sure no weapons bombs, all the telephone into cobble. this is just one of the series of checkpoints that encircled capital diplomatic quarter. these police officers have one eye on the road and one eye on the politics that put them here. i think that often the delegation, the harder to achieve, which is what all of the guns want, not just me. and i am optimistic about that. they should said don't just of their
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shoes. and so all the problems, challenges and kills in our country. security is a huge aspect of life and cobble telephone flight who's have military momentum in room and in cobble, they wonder what that means for the in the telecom was in control the 20 percent back in the district. and i know it's more than 50 percent and the groups growth is getting ever closer to the capital carbon. it's fine to control the district, 65 kilometers away and apply thing to get others just outside the city. to shop owners, like mohammed for read, this fighting has brought new challenges. his business bounce back from a long coated 19 lockdown last year. but now he's worried about supply. been by your land, if you could also mobile. at the moment, we're not optimistic because the roads are close. and when borders are close, there is no business because there are no imports or exports, as we will filming the power cut twice before the generator kicked him. generators
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are increasingly popular as regular power outages, flake the city, the fuel needed to run them, as also increased by nearly 70 percent in 3 months. with the power restored, there's a new customer at 24 frish, dis dicky just graduated from university. her 1st job was working at the ministry of foreign affairs on f, ganna stones, chronic router issues. she says her dream is to become a diplomat. we are very concerned because especially as a girl, my future seems very dark to me. especially if taller bonds get in fee into cobbler city, then they're not going to allow us to pursue our dreams and to go for the goals that we have drawn for our own self, mike frisch, the city key. many people in cobb will cautiously marching forward. but unsure of
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what lies ahead, they likely wonder will we have to move? will our economy survive when our rights be retained and without people live, to see a brighter future? answers that the most in cobble are in the hands of other people. the charlotte bellis out to 0. cobbled moving on and emergency workers and germany and belgium are still searching for hundreds of people missing off the heavy flooding. more than 150 has now been confirmed, dead not figure is expected to increase. rescue efforts are being hampered by collapsed roads and damaged communication lines. step bass and reports. now from the germantown findig, where cleanup efforts have begun. they were trapped in the rooms on the 1st floor when the water rose up to 4 meters in no time, at least 12 residents of this home for disabled people died before they could be moved to safety. across the street gabriella wild watched the neighbourhood swiftly turn into a swirling river and feared the worst that one of the
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people on the la tours had not made at all. i don't know exactly what happened, but the next morning dorothy survived. were evacuated from the balconies. it's absolutely horrible. living in this region, his whole life harmon angled still can't comprehend what he saw when the water came to panic. will pass. i wasn't just shocked. i panic, i quickly took out the car as well as my dog and the 2 kept blowing to my daughter that we were taking care of this sort of destruction i've never seen before. floating yes, but not tree boundaries floating away. he was lucky enough to be moved to safety and to find his house still standing upon return. auto saudi homes washed away by water, was destroyed by lance lights. many remain missing. nobody expected that. a few days of torrential rain could have such a widespread catastrophic impact. confronted with the sheer power of water,
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people here a wondering what happened and where all this water came from raising questions about the effects of climate change. and if what was called this once in a century, flock would know happen more frequently, people are saying that this might happen like for now every 510 years or something like that. i'm not sure. and i mean like we try to learn from this to gather with relatives and friends. louisa who young is trying to clean up the mess at the family house, not knowing where to start. they try to return on thursday, but had to leave once again. the water was still here, we tried to get in the house and get everything up on the like highest point in the house. so and then we just grabbed also some stuff that we could see that we knew, okay, this is important. and now we just left, the extent of the damage won't be known for days or perhaps weeks, but the memories and trauma of this twist of nature will likely remain with the
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people here for much longer. and a short time go step, sent us this update from bon and gemini. for the 1st time in days the sun came out just a tiny bit that if i can waste and are still ongoing in the middle of the night, hundreds of people up to 700 have been evacuated because a dam burst near ice bag that's near cologne. and the reason for that was that the waters in the netherlands on the other side of the border were also so high that they close the flood gates there. so the water came back from germany and really led to some serious problems at the. so the german authorities had to call to the madeline. this is a border region. so all of course, all the authorities are taking their own mattress and it's fairly difficult to coordinate this disaster. meanwhile, also efforts, if activation still ongoing from nursing homes, hospitals,
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buildings that are really damaged as well. i spoke to a person in a nursing home up to the 2nd floor. the water was and there were people living above the eighty's and ninety's. so very dire situation. still, although in some places the water is receding and other places, it's still very high, especially near the border regions of labyrinth and belgium. also trying to bass 19000 rescue workers are on these locations at the moment. the army is trying to get to a place where lance lights were happening and cars well basically swimming away with people still in it. so the rescue worker from the army are trying to recover probably bodies from the scars right now. but of course they're completely overwhelmed and what i saw yesterday was mainly people helping each other. and that's a positive thing from and coming from this very dire situation. people really helping a shot at lots of volunteers. also people offering how come into our houses,
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offering food. so there's a, really for the native after, from the people themselves happening right now. here in the western part of germany, mostella had here on altos, air, and of ours cover up the time. government is accused of hiding how it's tackling the virus as it issues and emergency decree. and why the us president, his naming social media an increase in carbon 1900 ah, ah, it's time for the journey to with sponsored by cut on airways where it stopped raining in north i was failure. in fact, that part of europe is now under a. let's see what happened phase, but the heavy rains still around and he's gone for the south around this low pressure which is sitting of the g. i is pretty reluctant to move, to be honest. so the next 3 days will be rain circulating around it and i think the
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concentration and he won't be as bad as it was in jim david will be at $280.00 millimeters. what is the falling croatia, bits of bosnia and herzegovina elsewhere? the rain will be lighter. now that's the picture then for that moving rain, it is obvious he dryer, but not completely dry in germany and belgium and the netherlands. i mean, the forecasts bomb tells it is bad. the right area with sunday, monday and tuesday all seeing temperatures in the low twenties. but more importantly but should be clear. skies just a little bit of clad. no full cost share with in fact you now on the edge an area of high pressure which is given quite high temperatures into forecasts. for example, in london, not alone admittedly, but london's full cost of $31.00 is a surprisingly high temperature. the record is $38.00, but the app is $24.00 and that last survives 3 days. in africa, the story is rain heavy rating west africa was studying in nigeria and gartner.
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sponsored pay cut on airways. when freedom of the press is on the threat. you know, you just because i thought genuinely about your thoughts towards the making government step outside the mainstream. there has been a implement here just some of access port shift the focus, the panoramic that's turned out to be a handy little pretext. the prime minister to clamp down on the press covering the waves. the news is covered the listing post on the just on the me hello again. i saw your hands on let's remind you of our top story says our senior
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delegation for that kind of stone as income saw to resume talks with the taliban. it comes as violence escalates on the ground. beyond the group has captured large parts of afghanistan. and dave laska forces are trying to retake border crossing that's recently fallen the taliban. hundreds of civilians who want to cross into pakistan. a stranded defend chairman from emergency where his and germany and belgium is still searching for hundreds of people missing off the heavy flooding. more than 150 and now confirm dead with that expected increase. also, the africans president says a week of violence and losing was planned and coordinated. so robin person says security forces have identified at 12 ring leaders, and he's now deployed 25000 soldiers onto the streets. at least 212 people have been killed as of friday. but in smith reports now from the scene of some of the west rising mm. south africa's army is protecting its citizens from each other. and
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forcing an easy, comp, shops, malls, factories in warehouses, accounting, the cost after an outbreak of looting and writing, but swept through parts of the country. after the jailing of former president jacob zuba on friday, his successor, several ram, a poser visited causal in a tower. the worst effected province. it is clear now that the events of the past week were nothing less than a deliberate, a co ordinated, and a well planned attack on our democracy. supermarkets were stripped back within shore is now facing multi $1000000.00 claims for repairs. one banking group says the economy will contract by 3 percent the butcher in fresh produce section of the supermarkets been played out like everywhere else. now, what spawns writing the jailing a full for the shape of july,
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but what drove it off the poverty, the quality that south africa now almost 30 years. the white minority, half of south africans live below the official poverty line. unemployment is that a record high of close to 33 percent looting has created shortages of food, staples, and fuel causing long lines at the few places. still open the source appraising. you know, it was like it's communicated somewhere because you hear something here. the very same thing is happening somewhere else. so it was like, there's the, there's a spirit that is going around. did that mean oil message that is going to do it that day. people that jobless and also logged out because after monday, the sunday after sunday, when the president for the people were like you truly crazy and that was coming down like a crowd, a lot of crowd coming down. and there was an injury that he extended south africa's
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consumer council. he's warning of a humanitarian crisis, and the security is provided for people working in factories, distribution centers and shops. bernard smith, i'll just 0 durban, south africa. well, let's see, to hurry matessa. she's across all the latest 4th from johannesburg. hurry this statement from rom, oppose that this was planned unrest. do we yet have a sense of who the government thinks is behind all this? well, the general mood right now in south africa is that of relief for about a week. now, maybe bit close. some of them won't even affected by the violence. so for about a week people couldn't access bags, they could access the services rubbish, wasn't being collected. now they being told the main highway between entre hattiesburg open, which means goods cannot move. it also needs a good candidate for africa by roads and go to other countries in the region such as them by way. and, but why not, for example,
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the 2 things that people to the way it's run up was a speech was economic sabotage. and as well as that these post haste was planned. he seems to suggest that there are individuals in the country who are trying to topple the government who are trying to the stabilize the economy. this big age. and of course, to these individuals are they haven't actually been named. but most of african know that within the really african national congress party, they've been divisions and faction for many, many years. and right now, those divisions seem to sent around to men, the former president, jacob zima. and are i'm up with the as well that it seems to be a fight or wrangle within that party. over who controls the policy. maybe even who controls the whitening of the country until the day to day events for people to watch that very, very close the of course they also know because of these factions because these divisions wouldn't be a and c, b things will likely pay out at least until the country hits to local government
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elections later this year. very interesting indeed having and there was all the letters for us from johanna back thanks. now the 1st case of the corona virus has now been confirmed inside the ascii gets village in tokyo, just 6 days before the start of the pick games. now the official who haven't been identified is an hotel isolation. after being removed from the vintage. they have now been 44 positive cases linked to the olympics in the system of july. more than 11000 athletes will be housed in that village bubble and they must all follow strict cobra, 1900 protocols since you know, not do more to stuff inside of the olympic athletes. village we are doing complete cove and management, the athletes and taking pci is almost every day and a supposed to be taking those tests. even if they test positive, they will be immediately isolated. and then we will look out for in the close
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contact. that is the procedure, even inside the athletes village we will try to keep them safe and secure environment and we are taking every single major for that. correspondence. sammy has one 4th from took care with this news of the fiction found in the village. this means a lot of consent for japanese public. they have been insured on to know by almost the head of the international olympic committee by the governor of tokyo koko k by day. but i'm sort of japan, you see there to go. they insured the public that the lympics would be held in a safe and secure environment. and very clearly many people are looking at the situation in the big village which has been opened on tuesday and i don't 800000 people would stay there. so it's called village and it's very difficult to even cover what's going on. we were not allowed to cover which athletes order,
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which seems to be coming into the village. so they were putting very strict seizures and measures. and still, a case of fiction has been discovered now. so this is the, this shows that with, or even with all this procedures, there is a god. and the, the infection could spread among other people there. so this is the main concern now on how to deal with the situation. well now thailand has issued a new corona, virus decree, giving the government sweeping powers to suppress the news that it sees is causing fear or panic. but the opposition is accusing the government of trying to obscure the handling of this pandemic. and so will comes as the countries or another record high of more than $10000.00 cases. tony chang reports from the capital bank hawk a warehouse close to bangkok, dogs. now an emergency vaccination site, this area has seen some of the highest rates of infection in the ty capital. but
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even here, there are only 500 shares available. i think we can't wait for advice from the government. we have to help ourselves. i'm lucky that there's some vaccines left for me, but there are others who suffer more than me. how many miles, one hour, i'm becoming more depressed and i'm scared when i watch news about co that. especially when people that i know caught the virus and they conditions getting worse as new cobit 19 restrictions have come into place, including a nighttime curfew. the thai government has also imposed an emergency decree that gives it powers to arrest and charged any one spreading information that could create there among the public. regardless whether it's true or false. the new powers come up to control the c regarding thailand's vaccine roller which relies heavily on the sign back an astrazeneca vaccines. those now appear to be less effective against new variance. and in short supply, when opposition and p is cool for greater transparency regarding the deals done
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with astrazeneca, the contract they were sent. had all of vital information blacked out. like the budget and delivery dates. effect of vaccines like pfizer, madonna, from the united states have still not reached thailand, raising suspicions about the government's procurement process. u. s. companies are not allowed to pay commission and team money. and this me, some people think that if there's a reason that thailand to tie government never fitted us back theme you had made back because you had, companies cannot find, cannot pay dr. but there are some things the thai government come suppress, the cobra, 1900 destiny is now greater every day that it was in the whole of 2020 as crematorium, struggle to keep up with demand. the emergency decree may keep some of the criticism bay, but there is growing frustration with the government has mishandled the lot. found the vaccination program and the economic blowback of the panoramic and those voices
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growing louder every day. so any change else? is there a bank or well meanwhile, major cities in spain, imposing additional restrictions, they're nightly, confused now, and patients also learn and other cities and stopping people, gathering and speeches and parks, last known as in the hardest hit region. catalonia been reported more than 31000 cases on friday. you'll be okay, and i think we went to fact, the government gave us a rather too positive view of the situation that things were going well. people were getting vaccinated, but young people were not vaccinated yet. big concerts, enlarge social gathering, started here and there. and there were more infections. and now things need to be regulated. i think that if things had been taken more gradually, we wouldn't be forced to take a step back as we are now. while the us president has blamed social media platforms for allowing misinformation about carbon 1900 vaccines saying they are killing people. jo biden's comments come as infection such across the united states,
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largely among unvaccinated people, new cases up 70 percent in the past week, deaths have jumped by 26 percent. some regions have reimpose the wearing of masks and doors, and many universities. and our only letting fully inoculated staff and students return to campus. i mean, really, the only pandemic we have is among the killing people. on 2 men have appeared before us at federal court in san francisco, accused of playing planning an attack on the democratic party state headquarters after last year's presidential election. alan fish reports now from washington, d. c. the 2 men were very angry at the presidential election results in november, and that as when, according to prosecutors, they started to plan an attack which they believe would start a movement to overcome the result. the disgust the number of targets in california,
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including facebook and twitter. but eventually they decided that they were going to target the democratic party's headquarters in sacramento. that would be the headquarters for the state. no. police managed to read the house of one of the men . his name was in roger's, he's 45 there. they discovered a huge number of weapons, a large amount of ammunition, and 5 pipe bombs. so he was charged under federal rules for stockpiling band weapons. and he was held in detention and then on thursday, a 2nd michael jerry copeland was arrested know both men face up to 20 years in prison for the fire arms charges. and also for the conspiracy charges. and the prosecutors alleged that both men contacted anti government groups in the hope that they would be able to enlist their support for the attacks, which of course never took place. both men have played not guilty to the charges as
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i say they could face up to 20 years in prison. but this all fits into medic, garland he is the attorney general of the united states. remember, it's just a few weeks ago that he said that domestic terrorism is the biggest challenge facing the united states. and he promised that there would be more resources and more money headed in that direction to make sure that there were prosecutions for people. he believes a threat to the security of the united states. ah, hello, this is al jazeera, these are the headlines. a senior delegation for the canister as in cat, off to resume talks with the taliban and comes as violence escalades on the ground . the group has captured large parts of the country in recent days. want to do the sort of the delegation of afghanistan, heated by the chairman of the reconciliation committee,
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has arrived in the category capital. doha, and as meeting with the delegation of negotiations affiliated with the government during his visit at the lab dollar vote.


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