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capitalism is the pen damage that causes so much of the suffering. exclusive protect the people for the profit episode. one of all hail the lockdown on his era . ah, high stakes negotiations get underway between the afghan government on the taliban and are fighting escalates on the ground. ah, hello there, i'm associate hey, this is out of their life and also coming up. the military is called in to help with the clean up in germany after once in a lifetime, flood kill more than a 150 people across your care. it confirms the fest corona virus infection inside
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the ask the village less than a week before the olympic games begin. africa, the president admits his government was not prepared to deal with days of unrest, which he says were planned and coordinate. ah, well if senior ask an delegation as indoor hall to meet representatives of taliban as violence escalades in afghanistan, the group has been taking advantage of the u. s. withdraw launching offences and capturing large parts of the country. the 2 sides have been meeting on and off for months now, but the talks of last mentor him as the fighting rages on back home. the african government delegation says negotiations all the only way for want to do the sort of the delegation of afghanistan, heated by the chairman of the reconciliation committee,
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has arrived in the capital capital. doha, and as meeting with the delegation of negotiations affiliated with the government during his visit at the lab dollar will discuss important and crucial issues for taliban representatives. the solution to the conflict in afghanistan lies in negotiations, and peace can be reached through dialogue. if these talks lead to satisfactory results for both positive on the telephone movement has repeatedly confirmed its readiness for dialogue and negotiations. and the problems can only be solved by dialogue. but the afghan government needs to also show the same commitment. they need to show the right and sincere determination when it comes to negotiations in order to end these problems. shortly. we'll get the latest on those talks with us on the job aid. but 1st, charlotte balance has more for us from cobble on the growing pressure. a diplomatic resolution 23 year old refugee has one job, make sure no weapons bombs or the taliban into cobble. this is just one of
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a series of checkpoints that encircled a capital diplomatic quarter. these police officers have one eye on the road and one eye on the politics that put them here. i think that often the delegations into hard to do a 2 piece which is what all of the guns won't know just a minute after i'm optimistic about it. they should said, don't disclose their shoes. and so all the problems, challenges and kills in our country. security is a huge aspect of life and cobble telephone flight who's have military momentum and rule and incredible. they wonder what that means for the telecom more than controlled 20 percent back in the district. i know it's more than 50, received an eob from scratch is getting ever closer to the capital, carbon appliances controlled districts, the 5 kilometers away and apply thing to get others just outside the show ponies like mohammed for read,
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this fighting has brought new challenges. his business bounce back from a long coated 19 lockdown last year. but now he's worried about supply. because been by your la, unless we get all ceremony. at the moment we're not optimistic because the roads are closed. and when borders are close, there is no business because there are no imports or exports. as we were filming the power cut twice before the generator kicked him. generators are increasingly popular as regular power outages, flake the city, the fuel needed to run them, as also increased by nearly 70 percent in 3 months. the. with the power restored, there's a new customer. at 24 frish decide dickie just graduated from university. her 1st job was working at the ministry of foreign affairs on the scanner stones, chronic router issues. she says her dream is to become a diplomat. we are very concerned because especially as a girl,
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my future seems very dark to me. especially if taller bonds get in fee into cobble city, then they're not going to allow us to pursue our dreams and to go for the goals that we have drawn for our own self. mike frisch, the city key. many people in carville, cautiously marching ford, but unsure of what lies ahead. they likely wonder will we have to move? will our economy survive when our rights be retained, and without people live, to see a brighter future? answers that the most in cobble are in the hands of other people, the charlotte bellis out to 0. cobbled. that's not peter's only been job aid. he's outside those talk here and the catherine capital doha sound given the offensive. we've been seeing now on the ground that charlotte was talking about. can you talk us through the significance of this particular meeting? when it's one more effort to try and bring these sites together?
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would seem to be pulled the bod, almost a year after the deal was fine. between the united states and the taliban. and later on in truck gone, they go. fusions began here in the capital. it seems to be no headway, no real tangible progress. you have gone site and says that there needs to be a ceasefire before that there can be any real dialogue and the kind of on insisting that they want their version of shari'a. they want the government, which is comprehensive and includes old sides and have gone to stanford. they seem to be very, very different from what the world would like to see between these 2 sides happening. we're seeing not just that high power delegate being led by the lab, the la from gun to sun, but also from the bottom 5 major leaders here already trying to sort out those different to see if there is any common ground that they can, they can achieve we've also been looking at various diplomats from all over the
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world, the good especially representatives from europe, from the united states, from the united nation try and see if they can push these talks to words, some sort of semblance of piece. but so far this seems to be no head base and both of them seem to be on a very different tangent on how to go about achieving piece and have some you say no headway at, i mean there have been several rounds of to appear in high as anything concrete, like you to come out of these discussions at all? well, it depends on who you speak to. i was just talking to the taliban delegates coming in and they told me that these talks should have happened months ago. they've been waiting for a high powered delegation, a delegation, which represents not just the gun government, but other people who are part of the gun society, people who we are covering the understand and according to them, the government is just one variable of thought. and i've also been speaking with people who have come to her from a gun to son,
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and they have been telling me that this is they don't, they have not lost hope for peace. and they are going to try and convince yvonne to come and talk about not just violence because that is not to be forward according to the government. so this, these talks again the le yesterday announcing that he's coming to cobbled with high hopes. but again, there are differences within cobblins both. we saw that members off the delegation including former president time at car, if i could not make it to the thoughts. so there are multiple layers of challenges, not just between the offline government and the parlor bond, but we didn't cobble on the part of the structure and the before. what do you see in the summer been today the following. those talk to us here and how thank you so much. are some home moving on now and emergency workers in germany and belgium are still searching for hundreds of people missing off the heavy flooding there. more than $150.00 are now confirmed dead. that trigger is expected to increase rescue
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efforts. i'll still being hampered by collapse roads and damaged communication lines. steadfast and reports. now, from the germantown of syndic, where cleanup efforts have begun, they were trapped in the rooms on the 1st floor when the water rose up to 4 meters in no time. at least 12 residence of this home for disabled people died before they could be moved to safety. across the street, gabriella wild watched the neighbourhood swiftly turn into a swirling river and feared the worst of the people on the la tours had not made at all. i don't know exactly what happened, but the next morning lucy survived, were evacuated from the balconies. absolutely horrible, and living in this region. his whole life harmon angled still can't comprehend what he saw when the water came to panic. will pass. i wasn't just shocked. i panic, i quickly took out the car as well as my dog and the 2 kept blowing to my daughter
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that we were taking care of this sort of destruction i've never seen before. floating yes, but not tree boundaries floating away when he was lucky enough to be moved to safety and to find his house still standing upon return. auto saw their homes washed away by water was destroyed by lance lights. many remained missing. nobody expected that a few days of torrential rain could have such a widespread catastrophic impact. confronted with the sheer power of water, people here wondering what happened and where all this work came from raising questions about the effects of climate change. and if what was called this once in a century, flock would now happen more frequently. people are saying that this might happen like for now every 510 years or something like that. i'm not sure. and i mean like we tried to learn from this to gather with relatives and friends, louisa who young is trying to clean up the mess at the family house, not knowing where to start. they try to return on thursday,
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but had to leave once again. the water was still here, we tried to get in the house and get everything up on the like highest point in the house. so and then we just grabbed also some stuff that we could see about. we knew ok, this is important. and now we just left, the extent of the damage won't be known for days or perhaps weeks, but the memories and trauma of this twist of nature will likely remain with the people here for much longer. more now with steadfast and bon step. these were not just record breaking, but record smashing floods. where all the water levels that now well, for the 1st time in days the sun came out just a tiny bit. but if i could, agents are still ongoing in the middle of the night. hundreds of people up to 700 have been evacuated because a dam burst near ice bag that's near cologne. and the reason for that was that the
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waters in the netherlands on the other side of the border were also so high that they closed the flood gates there. so the water came back to germany and really led to some serious problems at the damn. so the german authorities had to call to the netherlands. this is a border region. so all of course, all the authorities are taking their own measure and it's very difficult to coordinate this disaster. meanwhile, also if a question still ongoing from nursing home hospitals, buildings that are really damaged as well, i spoke to a person in a nursing home up to the 2nd floor. the water was and there were people living above the eighty's and ninety's. so very dia, situation still, although in some places the water is receding and other places, it's still very high, especially near the border regions of madeline and belgium. step as we've been seeing from these images on the screen and also from your report that's clearly an immense cleanup operation ahead. what kind of help can people expect?
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well, they also have a frying that bass, 19000 rest. your work are on this locations at the moment. the army is trying to get to a place and i start where lance lights were happening and car, well, basically swimming away with people still in it. so the rescue worker from the army are trying to recover. probably bodies from the scars right now, but of course they're completely overwhelmed and what i saw yesterday was mainly people helping each other. and that's a positive thing for me and coming from this very dire situation, people really helping a shot at lots of volunteers. also people offering how come into our houses, offering food. so there's a really for the native apples from the people themselves happening right now here in the western part of germany. that's awesome. there was all the laces from those floods on the ground in bond for
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a thank you so much. stella had few here on out of here. we look at the latest person to be accused of involvement in the assassination of president. and we see detainees from cuba is biggest demonstrations and decades, which use the police and i hello we, they still have a few showers in the forecasts for those foot hit part so central year, but it will turn dry over the next couple of days. so that circulation, feeding motion i was down towards the ops was northern parts of the balkans, maybe to northern areas of italy. breakfast guys coming back in behind. still with a few showers high pressure, notching its way in and that's why things will quiet and down. it's going to be hot
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as well to just touching 28 celsius in london. is that dry weather coming across a good part of charity. but she was there for the east side of jeremy check republican to put it up towards the baltic states and some heavy downpours. we are likely to see flooding here. the past switzerland, austria fading down into hungry and balkans. it'll continue to drift further south . what's in east which as we go through sunday, brighter skies do come back in behind lump and could touch 30 celsius. by the time we come to sunday afternoon, a 30 board as well. hot sunshine, the former trade such sick celsius, super hot sunshine across the eastern side of the met. but notice a few shower sir. it's a good part of a central and southern italy. try and sunny across northern parts of africa as per usual, plenty of showers through the equatorial belt at wet weather, leaving right across much of west africa. and those showers continues to drift away all the way farther north into a good part of cynical. the
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frank assessments are not suggesting that the by the ministrations are playing a long game. it's very much of a warm embrace of the iran nuclear deal because of us domestic politics informed opinions, schools and shelters have been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes a generation and their politics then their life has been shamed by vitamin in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our job era. me the the hello again. i'm the home that's remind you about top stories. the south, a senior delegation from afghanistan as income thought to resume talks with
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a taliban and comes as violence escalate from the ground. the group has now captured a large part of the country in recent days. while africa forces are trying to retake border crossings falling into the taliban, hundreds of civilians who want to cross into pakistan and stranded spin, bought a chairman, frontier emergency work as in germany and belgium are still searching for hundreds of people missing off the heavy flooding. more than a $150.00 and now confirm dead that's biggest unexpected increase on natasha. barbara is in belgium's west had region of the edge. she's meant people who are in shock and say they've never seen like this before. where it says neighborhoods ovalo pacific over here is one of the worst effects today or is in the city what some are telling me is that even though they've lived in the decades, they've never seen anything like this. they say the war. so basically flows down
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this street and there was such a force that it brought furniture along with it and surround cause as if they were moved toys where the water level rose for about 2 meters. people now are simply trying to clean up the own salvage. what they can, they're obviously extremely shaken. if we go through what it was so scary to see the war to rise. my car in the carriage is totally destroyed. there was water all the way up to here. well, some streets in the area are still flooded and roads are still inaccessible to cause and vehicles. and that is why the only way of accessing some houses is by boat. well, the prime minister, belgium has called the floods unprecedented and schooled for dave national morning on july 20th for the victims. in now the 1st case of the current of ours has been confirmed inside the athlete
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village in tokyo. just 6 days before the start of the pic gains. the official who hasn't been identified isn't hotel isolation after being removed from the vintage. they have now been 44 positive cases linked to the olympics since the start of july on thursday, the, the head of the seas said the measures taken to deal with those cases. mean the risk for the other residents of the village is 0. since you know, not garduno to stop inside of the olympic athletes village we are doing complete cobit management, the athletes and taking pci is almost every day and a supposed to be taking those tests, even if they test positive, they will be immediately isolated. and then we will look out for any close contact that is the procedure, even inside the athletes village. we will try to keep it in the safe and secure environment. and we are taking every single major for that. while at south need to find his lama his intake. here for us. funny. another ominous blow for an event
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that the japanese public doesn't even want to go ahead. what does this mean for the games? when the games are going to start on friday, we know that the emperor is going to announce the start of the future in big. so the 3 live decision and the we're going to see the opening ceremony, which would be attended by almost $1000.00, the vi bees from japan and abroad, and also without the spectators. but with this news of the fiction found in the olympic village. this means a lot of consent for japanese public. they have been ensured the on to now by thomas bought the head of the national olympic committee by the governor of tokyo koko aka by today. but i'm sort of japan see this guy. they insured the japanese public that the lympics would be held in a safe and secure environment. and very clearly many people are looking at the
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situation in the big village which has been open on tuesday and i don't 800000 people would stay there. so it's because village and it's very difficult to even cover what's going on. we were not allowed to cover which athletes order, which seems to it coming into the village. so they were putting very strict seizures and measures. and still, a case of infection has been discovered now. so this is the, this shows that with, or even with all this procedures, there is a gap. and the, the infection could spread among other people there. so this is the main concern on how to deal with the situation. parties, lama there with all the life as far as from tokyo. thank you so much buddy. while, meanwhile, mexico city is government is expected to ramp up its fascination drive for the cities. 9000000 residents from next week and follows a steep rise in the number of new corona, virus infections, and hospitalizations. from tuesday,
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everyone above the age of 30 will be able to get back to native anywhere in the city. officials say infections and now he's in many younger and vaccinated people the hottest. well, the annual hedge pilgrimage has started, but with limited numbers because of the pandemic, only 60000 to vaccinated people living in saudi arabia an age between 16 and 65 can take part more than 2 and a half 1000000 worshippers from around the world are missing out for a 2nd year in a row. now, the hodges once in a lifetime, duty for muslims who are physically and financially able to perform one of the 5 pillars of islam or a wonders capitol, kigali and 8 other districts are now going into a one week lockdown. the government is trying to manage a surge and the number of new corona, virus infections and daily death. schools and offices will be closed under these laces rules, and there's also a band on outdoor sports. i'm moving on and south africa. presidents has a week of violence and losing, was planned and coordinated. so rom,
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oppose. a security forces have identified 12 ring leaders, and he's also deployed 25000 soldiers onto the streets. at least 212 people have been killed as of friday. gun smith reports now from german, the scene of some of the west of the rising. in south africa. the armies protecting its citizens from each other and forcing an easy. com shops, malls, factories in warehouses, accounting, the cost after an outbreak of looting and writing, but swept through parts of the country. after the jailing of former president jacob zuba on friday, his successor, several ram, a poser visited causal in a tower, the worst effected province. it is clear now that the events of the past week were nothing less than a deliberate, a co ordinated and well planned attack on our democracy. supermarkets were stripped, bare with ensure is now facing multi $1000000.00 claims for repairs. one banking
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group says the economy will contract by 3 percent. the butcher, him fresh, produce section of the supermarkets been cleared out, like everywhere else. now, one spot writing the jailing for the check, but what drove it off? the poverty inequality that south africa now almost 30 years. the n y minority, half of south africans live below the official poverty line. unemployment is that a record high of close to 33 percent? the looting has created shortages of food, staples, and fuel causing long lines at the few places still open the source. i'll probably the, you know, it was like, it's communicated some way because you hear something here. the very same thing. it's happening somewhere else. so it was like, there's the, there's a spirit that is going around, did that mean oil message that is going around or do they do it that day? people that jobless and also knocked down because of dom on the that's funny.
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yeah. after sunday. yeah. when the president for the people were like you truly crazy and that would coming down like a crowd, a lot of crowd coming down and there was for injury that he extended south africa consumer council. he's warning of a humanitarian crisis, and the security is provided for people working in factories, distribution centers and shops. bernard smith, alger 0 durban, south africa, well across the border, the king of is for teeny, has appointed a new prime minister, ignoring calls for democratic reforms as police cracks down on protests and his 1st public statement following weeks of demonstrations denouncing the monarchy. the king called protest to say panic and accuse them of taking the country backwards. dozens of people have reportedly been killed and injured since those rallies began back in june. columbia police g says an investigation suggest former haitian
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justice minister, joseph felix, bob, you may have been involved in the assassination of haiti's, president, 28 mass mary's. mostly colombians are accused of shooting german moyes at his home of this month. the colombian government says only a small group knew of the true nature of the jobs when the rest would duped into thinking they were hired to support haitian security forces. meanwhile, hundreds of people are celebrating. the return of more use is predisposition. john veterinary feed has been in cuba for the past 3 weeks receiving medical treatment. the haitian government has asked from the u. s. and u. n. s security assistance that they've ruled out sending through their phone. when cuban president miguel diaz canal says the united states has failed and what he says efforts to destroy cuba. during the past week, cubans have taken to the streets across the country. an unprecedented protest against the government is anger about the economy and the handling of the pandemic . the government doesn't use the united states as being behind the unrest. honestly,
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international now says 200 people are still in jail. as a result of those protests out of the or spoke to, to cubans has been released, or john holmes has cries of liberty rent the air in cuba this sunday. and the biggest protests in more than 25 years they blame the government for chronic shortages of food medicine and the lack of freedom of expression. but it quickly hit back by police and government support is taking on those cooling for change. human rights organizations say hundreds with thorn in jail. ringback now al jazeera, make contact with 2 of them. jorge phillips mosque is, was released on wednesday. he told us he wasn't even protesting and was arrested for taking photos of government supporters arriving in laurie's they took my cell phone and grabbed him, carried me. they put me in a car of the energy ministry, handcuffed me and took me to the police station. he believes that record cove,
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it he tested positive when he got out in a cell, the size of a room there about a 100 people. i was standing up unable to move the shoulder to shoulder with them, but he says on the people fed worse, he broke someone's nose in front of me. and they did a very consciously because the only the way to doing it in front of the camera. the president admitted some state failings, but insist shortages of the full of a long term us embargo. and that the protested with a violent model that but a sort of all these people attended or participated in these events armed with vandalism, shouting for death and lynchings. federal union garcia, a play. right. so the government that is simply abandon the people wonder when fidel castro started the revolution. he said it was with the pole by the pole and for the pole, but now the whole are in jail. this revolution died and pointing to history. and
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what we have now is an elite group of people in power who don't want to lose it any way. he and of the protest is demanded 15 minutes, rare time on the tv to reply to the occupation against the this is them being cause you to open trucks to jail and said no, then we didn't have access to a lawyer or the chance of a whole families didn't know where we can take anywhere and we didn't know what would happen to us. he was set free a day later. now he says he's effectively on the house arrest. it's something the amnesty international says is become common in a country long and tolerant of descent with talking about state that doesn't lesson doesn't know how to dialogue. and that's a real concern because we saw the president some days ago about st. belonging to the missionaries as if the street doesn't belong to other people. voices. demands of those of furniture, voices, light, union. the simple. wow. okay. well,
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get on that. i want democracy, liberty elections, and in to the u. s. and bog, and the sooner it comes, the better. none of those things like moving any closer. present john home and now does either. ah, hello, this is alta 0 and these are the headlines. a senior delegation from afghanistan as in catherine to resume talks with the taliban, had comes as violence escalates on the ground. the group has captured large parts of the country in recent days. one on this time we do the sort of the delegation of afghanistan hit by the chairman of the reconciliation committee has arrived in the category capital. doha, and as meeting with the delegation of negotiations affiliated with the government. during his visit at the lab level, discuss important and crucial issue.


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