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the center of saigon was a war zone. the press retreated in effect that the caravel hotel. and many of the story is mentioned we were seeing was from the caravan. ah, more than a 1000 people missing at least a 126 said as catastrophic floods strike germany and neighboring countries. ah wrong. com. this is their life and also coming up africa and full try to retake a keyboard crossing with pocket on from the taliban. while international peace efforts intensified the events of the past week, when nothing less than
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a deliberate coordinator and a well planned attack on our democracy. south africa, the president says, the army will restore order after days of violence leave more than 200 people. dead . dozens have been arrested in cuba during the biggest protesting decades we speak to detainees accused the police of detroit processes ah, emergency workers in belgium and western germany, searching for more than a 1000 people still missing after devastating floods kill a 126 people. 106 people have died in germany as towns and villages a submerged 1300 people still haven't been found. charles for anglo merkel says the full extent of the disaster may not be known for days. dozens of people have also
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lost their lives in neighboring bows and 20 of them in the province of layers. and at least 10 houses have been swept away. people have been moved to safe ground. candidates are via when i finished work midnight, i came back and parked in front of my home. there was no water. was nothing. notice going to happen because we had to live to cove it. we were hoping we'd get back on our feet, but now there's they do us. so i saw the floods in 1957. it was not as big as this. this is unheard of. and a broken levy and sub netherlands has prompted math evacuations. in several villages along the mass river official worn a large cap and the embankment could leave the entire area flooded and rescue fits of being hampered by collapse, roads, and damage to communication lines. so awesome reports in germantown of things that were cleanup efforts of begun. they were trapped in the rooms on the 1st floor when
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the water rose up to 4 meters in no time, at least 12 residents of this home for disabled people died before they could be moved to safety. across the street gabriella wild watched the neighbourhood swiftly turn into a swirling river and feared the worst. you haven't got one of the people on the la tours had not made at all. i don't know exactly what happened. but the next morning though, he survived, were evacuated from the balconies. it's absolutely horrible. living in this region, his whole life angled still can't comprehend what he saw when the water came to panic. will pack, i wasn't just shocked. i panic, i quickly took out the car as well as my dog and the 2 cats blowing to my daughter that we were taking care of this sort of destruction i've never seen before. floating yes, but not tree brantley's floating away when he was lucky enough to be moved to safety and to find his house still standing upon return. otter saw the homes washed
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away by water or destroyed by landslides. many remained missing. nobody expected that a few days of torrential rain could have such a widespread catastrophic impact. confronted with the sheer power of water, people here wondering what happened and where all this water came from raising questions about the effect of climate change. and if what was called this once in a century, flock would know happen more frequently, people are saying that this might happen like for now every 510 years or something like that. i'm not sure. and i mean like we try to learn from this to gather with relatives and friends. louisa who young is trying to clean up the mess at a family house, not knowing where to start. they try to return on thursday, but had to leave once again. the water was still here, we tried to get in the house and get everything up on the like highest point in the house. so and then we just grabbed also some stuff that we could see about. we knew
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ok, this is important and now we just left the extent of the damage won't be known for days or perhaps weeks, but the memories and trauma of this twist of nature will likely remain with the people here for much longer. that fastened al jazeera syncing in the western part of germany. africa, the forces of launched an offensive to retake a keyboard across the wood pockets. dog midtown of spin. bolduc fell to the taliban on wednesday. so major supply root into pocket stones baluchistan province. doctors in pocket on have been treating taliban fighters wounded in the latest fighting after police say fight is also hiding in civilian homes near the border crossing the telephones made significant gains in recent weeks as foreign troops withdrawal from the country. senior african government officials are in the guitar, capital, doha, in an effort to speed up peace talks with the taliban. now the telephone has more
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than doubled the territories and controls. and the last 3 months and in cobble pressure is growing to reach a diplomatic resolution. so the bellis has more than 23 year old refugee has one job. make sure no weapons bombs all the telephone into cobble. this is just one of a series of checkpoints that encircled a capital diplomatic quarter. these police officers have one eye on the road and one eye on the politics that put them here. i think that often the delegations into hard to do a 2 piece which is what all of the guns won't know just what i am optimistic about . they should said, don't disclose their shoes. and so all the problems, challenges and kills in our country. security is a huge aspect of life and cobble telephone flight, who's have military momentum and room dentist. and in cobble they wonder what that means for the in the telecom worth and control the 20 percent back in the district
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. i know it's more than 50 percent and the groups growth is getting ever closer to the capital carbon. it's fine to control the district. 65 kilometers away and apply thing to get others. just don't try to show ponies like mohammed for read. this fighting has brought new challenges. his business bounce back from the long coded 19 lockdown last year. but now he's worried about supply. because been by y'all, unless we get all ceremony at the moment, we're not optimistic because the roads are close. and when borders are close, there is no business because there are no imports or exports. as we were filming the power cut twice before the generator kicked him, generators are increasingly popular as regular power outages, flake the city. the fuel needed to run them, as also increased by nearly 70 percent in 3. with the power restored the new customer at $24.00 frish decide dickie just
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graduated from university. her 1st job was working at the ministry of foreign affairs on a scanner stones, chronic router issues. she says her dream is to become a diplomat. we are very concerned because especially as a girl, my future seems very dark to me. especially if taller bonds get in fee into cobble city than they are not going to allow us to pursue our dreams and to go for the goals that we have drawn for our own self. like frish to dickie many people in cobb will cautiously marching forward. but unsure of what lies ahead, they likely wonder will we have to move will or economy survive when our right to be retained and without people live to see a bright future. answers that for most and cobble are in the hands of other people . the charlotte bellis al jazeera cobble. a
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pulitzer prize winning indian photojournalist has been killed in afghanistan, kandahar district, donald city. he worked for the reuters news agency and was embedded with the african special forces. he was caught in the crossfire between taliban and i've gone troops in the spin bolduc chillen border area. and what he knew king has made his 1st public remarks calling weeks of process denouncing the monarchy. he called the demonstrators satanic and accused them of taking the country backwards. a teacher's union says, police fire take out some water cannon to disperse crowds. as protest is gathered on friday, dozens of people have been reportedly killed and injured since the rallies began in june. 14th, formally known as wells, the land is the last absolute monarchy in africa. and south africa, as president says, the week of violence and newton was planned and coordinated through rama, foes fed security forces of identified 12 ringleaders,
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and he's deployed 25000 soldiers out onto the streets. now these tuned and 12 people were killed. bernard smith has the latest from durban, the seen of some of the worst writing in south africa, the army is protecting its citizens from each other and forcing an easy, comp, shops, malls, factories in warehouses, accounting, the cost after an outbreak of looting and writing, but swept through parts of the country, after the jailing of former president jacob zuba on friday, his successor, several ram, a poser visited causal in a tower, the worst effected province. it is clear now that the events of the past week when nothing less than a deliberate, a co ordinated and a well planned attack on our democracy. supermarkets were stripped back within shore, is now facing multi $1000000.00 claims for repairs. one banking group says the
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economy will contract by 3 percent the butcher in fresh produce section of the supermarkets been played out like everywhere else. now, what spots writing the jailing a full for the shape of july, but what drove it off? poverty, an equality in south africa. now almost 30 years. the n. y minority, half of south africans live below the official poverty line. unemployment is at a record high of close to 33 percent. the looting has created shortages of food, staples, and fuel causing long lines at the few places. still open source, surprising, you know, it was like it's communicated some way because you see something here. the very same thing is happening somewhere else. so it was like, there's the, there's a spirit that is going around, did that mean or message that is going to do that day? people that jobless and also logged out because of dom on the that's funny. yeah. after sunday. yeah. when the president for the people were like you truly
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crazy and that was coming down like a crowd, a lot of crowd coming down and there was for injury that he extended south africa's consumer council. he's warning of a humanitarian crisis, and the security is provided for people working in factories, distribution centers, and shops. bernard smith, i'll jazeera durban south africa, no dessert, a nation in term or lebanon's, i can make crisis spirals further out of control. after the resignation of his prime minister and the vital administration takes, i'm at facebook and twitter as a number of coven 19 cases, and younger people continue to rise. ah, ah hello,
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welcome to look at the international forecast for st invited storms and moving across central parts of canada, recross the u. s. prairies. this area of i pressure his thoughts to several things down, but the weather system just to the south of that will continue to drift that heavy right across the upper midwest over towards the appalachians, big down pause therein to well upstate new york up towards new england as we go on through that day, that cloud of rain running all the way down into the deep south to see some flooding to just around the arizona passes doesn't southwest thing some live a storm still very warm hot in phoenix, 40 degrees celsius on saturday afternoon and going on into sunday as well, central hours of the us thing, some showers longest, both the price and what, whether that's just around the mid atlantic states, no sign of any wet weather where we could really do with it just along at west coast of the us that noticed you could catch a shower or 2 towards nevada, possibly, you know, chad to southern parts of california and also the border welcome showers
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a little cooler than of later into that western side of canada. western parts of mexico seeing some rather wet weather at present we got an area or a cloud hess. typical system just don't show some heavy showers coming in across a good part of central america sunshine. his shower was there for the caribbean. the nuclear gods die. and disproportionate numbers on that, every leaving behind widows who struggled to survive. one meets the ship, a women defying tradition. to conquer the world's pars bounce on our 0 story that need to be tow, signed away, and demand to be heard. opening the window into another light and challenging perception. witness documentary that changed the way on al jazeera. ah,
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the me. the check out is there a reminder of our top stories? 126 people have been confirmed dead a more than a 1000 to still missing in the floods the ravaged western europe raging waters. i'm landslides have devastated entire communities, washing away houses and destroying businesses. africa posters of launched a offensive to retake a border crossing with pockets on seas by the telephone. now as the fighting intensified, senior got officials rank is all in an effort to speed up hastily with the color of south africa. the president says the week of violence and new thing in which at least 212 people killed, was planned and coordinated. several rather folks that says security forces. i've
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identified 12 really bring people from the european union on the u. s. a. calling a lebanese politicians to urgently form a cabinet after the prime minister doesn't quit, thought hurry res resignation has worse than the already struggling economic outlook with many uncertain how to make ends meet, say the whole, the reports from barrett. it's rush hour in beirut, but one of lebanon's busiest transport point barely has any passengers arise and fuel prices. increased affairs, a financial crisis means the majority of the population of the small nation is struggling to afford basic needs. more of a lot of transportation allowance. they used to be paid to workers was enough. it's not the case any longer. transportation costs increased by at least 4 times. the lawson value of the local currency. the leader has affected purchasing power. it has lost nearly 95 percent of its worth in nearly 2 years. but in recent weeks it
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has been in free fall, reaching a record low after lebanon. politicians reached a dead end and efforts to form a new government use turn $1500.00. now my salary is worth $100.00 and i are, and in lira, we are always in debt. lebanon has been without the functioning government for nearly a year without one, an unprecedented economic meltdown can't be reversed. instead, rival politicians have been fighting for power and prime minister designate saddle heidi's decision to step aside complicates a solution. this could be an open ended political crisis. heidi who is considered the leader of the muslim sunday community says he will not endorse a replacement. the post prime minister is reserved for his community. that is why his support is important because power is shared among religious, that the state is nearly bankrupt. and this has affected many sectors,
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including health care and one aspect that is the issue of the stuff that are leaving in droves because of the financial pressures they're under. that is, the shortages in medication and supplies and the issue of the fuel and the power cuts before the hospitals were excluded from the severe power cuts that the general population were under. but now the hospitals have been included in the scots. there are also shortages in medicine, as importers struggle to find hard currency. and i did, i can't find medicine for my blood pressure and heart problems. i go to bed at night, not knowing if i will wake up the next morning. international calls are growing louder for lebanese leaders to form a reform minded government to deal with the collapse. but so far, the priority of the political class accused of years of corruption is clinging on to power. then they're also, you know, they wrote in the
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u. k. is reported. it's highest number of new coven cases in more than 6 months. though close to $52000.00 new infections on friday comes days before the government relaxes restrictions on english pubs, the restaurants and night clubs. just the day earlier, prime minister boris johnson said, the worst of the pandemic would be behind the country. if people are careful, giotto has more for london. the public are generally quite worried about that, and that's because they can well see that it is highly questionable at this moment how much freedom there is from the virus itself. infection rates are climbing rapidly this week, getting an average of around 50000 a day. the highest they've been in 6 months, the new health secretary started job, it predicted they could easily hit a 100000 a day during the course of this 3rd way. most of those new infections, of course, are happening in the unvaccinated population to young children. most of those young
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and fit enough to emerge relatively unscathed, but not old death numbers are rising to averaging around 50 a day. that's a big jump in the last few weeks with the result that among the vaccinated population, among the vulnerable in that population, there is really about what lies ahead. 840000 school children have been sent home under similar circumstances with all the sort of attendant care issues that come with that. it's all having a huge impact on the economy. staff shortages business is struggling to stay open factories warning that they may have to close and all the while there is this swirling concern among scientists building now advising the government. warning the government to change course 1200 scientists have given their support to a letter written to the lancet medical journal warning that the government strategy of allowing the virus to effectively run wild among the young and school children is quite dangerous and unethical. and could allow for the emergence of vaccine
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resistant variance. and as such, they say is a danger to the whole world. covered cases arising in all us states and officials say the surge is largely in unvaccinated people. infections are up 70 percent in the last week and death of jumped by 26 percent. the outbreaks of focused in areas with low vaccination rates. los angeles county is again making law scoring mandatory and doors from this weekend. and many universities are only letting in fully inoculated staff and students and a return to campus. so you as president, joe biden has a q social media platforms, like facebook and twitter of spreading vaccine misinformation. really look the only pandemic we have them on, on that and that's in there. they're killing people's health vessels in the usa. the surge in cases is driven by the highly contagious delta vary and it's largely
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affecting young people. and there's also concern that is increasing the risk for younger children not eligible for the vaccine. huffy calhane reports. this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. with more than half of the u. s. population still unvaccinated against coded a new urgent warning from white house official. yesterday cdc reported more than 33000 new cases of code 19 r 7 day average is about 26300 cases per day. and this represents an increase of nearly 70 percent from the prior 7 day average. hospitals are once again filling up, and people are still dying from coven, more than 99 percent of those unvaccinated. it's particularly a problem in southern states. in fact, just for states accounted for more than 40 percent of all cases in the past week.
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with one in 5 of all cases occurring in florida alone, vaccines had become a political issue in the us. that was clear when the governor of florida started drilling t shirts and beer cooties with the slogan, don't felt g, my florida. a slap at the country's top infectious disease doctor. and analysts say conservative media is making it works. a very successfully convinced a large swath of republicans not to get the vaccine. if you look at polls, republicans are much more likely to say they have not been vaccinated. they. 5 will not be vaccinated, it's all making the situation more dangerous for children under the age of 12 who can't get vaccinated yet. and now there are report the food and drug administration won't look at allowing that until possibly december. so now more precautions. mask mandates. going back into effect in los angeles, california, the by new ministration is supposed to decide over the next few days if they should
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lift restrictions on international travelers. coming to the u. s. these new numbers would likely make that much more difficult decision. capital have al jazeera washington to men of a paid before a u. s. federal court in san francisco. they're accused of planning to attack the democratic party states headquarters in california after the presidential election . alan fish reports from washington d. c. the 2 men were very angry at the presidential election result in november. and that as when, according to prosecutors, they started to plan an attack which they believe would start a movement to overcome the result. the disgust the number of targets in california, including facebook and twitter. but eventually they decided that they were going to target the democratic party's headquarters in sacramento. that would be the headquarters for the state. no. police managed to read the house of one of the men
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. his name was in rogers, he's 45, and they discovered a huge number of weapons, a large amount of ammunition, and 5 pipe bombs. so he was charged under federal rule for stockpiling. bond weapons and he was held in detention and then on thursday, a 2nd michael jerry copeland was arrested know both men face up to 20 years in prison for the firearms charges. and also for the conspiracy charges. and the prosecutors alleged that both men contacted anti government groups in the hope that they would be able to enlist their support for the attacks, which of course never took place. both men have played not guilty to the charges as i say they could face up to 20 years in prison. but this all fits into medic, garland he is the attorney general of the united states. remember, it's just a few weeks ago that he said that domestic terrorism is the biggest challenge
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facing the united states. and he promised that there would be more resources and more money headed in that direction to make sure that there were prosecutions for people he believes, are a threat to the security of the united states from his military intervention. and haiti is not on the agenda, despite the country requesting assistance following it's presidents assassination. the u. s. is also ruled out sending troops to haiti, but the f. b. i is assisting with the investigation into the shooting of president serving moist earlier this month. patient parties blame the killing on what they say is a unit of assassins from colombia and the us cable president, girl diaz canal says that the united states has failed in what he says. our efforts to destroy cuba. over the last week, cubans have taken to the streets across the country in a wave of rare anti government protest. there's anger of the economy and the handling of the pandemic. the government has accused us of being behind the unrest
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. and i'm going to see international says around 200 people or so in cuban jails. as a result of last week's protests out is there a spoke to 2 cubans who have just got out. they spoke to us about the injustices and hardships they faced. don holeman reports cries of liberty rent the air in cuba this sunday, the biggest protest in more than 25 years. they blame the government for chronic shortages of food medicine and the lack of freedom of expression. but it quickly hit back for police and government supporters taking on those cooling for change human rights organizations say hundreds with doors in jail. ringback now al jazeera may contact with 2 of them who have phillips mask is, was released on wednesday. he told us he wasn't even protesting and was arrested for taking photos of government supporters arriving in laurie's. they took my cell
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phones and grap, he carried me. they put me in a car, the energy ministry handcuffed me and took me to the police station. he believes that record cove, it, he says the postage, when he got out in a cell the size of a room there about a 100 people. i was standing up unable to move the shoulder to shoulder with them, but he says on the people fed worse, he broke someone's nose in front of me. and they did it very consciously because the only the way to doing it in front of the camera. the president admitted some state failings, but insist shortages of the full of a long term us embargo. and that the protested with a violent model up a sort of goal. these people attended or participated in these events armed with vandalism, shouting for death and lynchings. unique garcia, a play right? this is the government that is simply abandoned, the people wonder when fidel castro started the revolution. he said it was with the
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pole by the pole before the whole, but now the whole are in jail. this revolution died and pointing to history. and what we have now is that a lead group of people in power who don't want to lose it in any way. he protested, demanded 15 minutes where time and stay. tv replied to be out today. she's against the this is them being costed, open trucks to jail and said no, then we didn't have access to a lawyer or the charts of a phone call. our families didn't know where we didn't take any well and we didn't know what happened to us. he was set free a day later. now he says he's effectively on the house arrest. it's something the amnesty international says is become common in a country long and tolerant of descent with talking about it doesn't less than doesn't know how to dialogue. and that's a real concern because we saw the president some days ago about st. belonging to missionaries as if the street doesn't belong to other people. of course,
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with the demands of those and turn it to the voices light union. the simple. wow. okay, bro, get on that. i want democracy, liberty elections, and in to the u. s. and bog, and the sooner it comes, the better. none of those things like moving any closer. present john home and now does either. ah, this those are and these are the top stories, a 126 people have been confirmed dead a more than a 1000 are still missing. and the floods that brockovich western europe raging waters and land slides of devastated entire communities. washing away houses and destroying businesses. africa forces have launched a key offensive, sorry, and offensive to retake a key border crossing with pockets on seized by the taliban. now as the fighting intensified scene.


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