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news news ah, ah, me more than a 1000 people missing in at least a 126 dead does catastrophic flood strike germany and neighboring country. ah, are you watching al jazeera live from dill? how would me fully back people also ahead. the events of the past week when nothing
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less than deliberate coordinator and then well planned attack. when our 5 africans president says the army will restore order after days of violence, leave more than 200 people dead. afghan forces tried to retake a keyboard of crossing with pakistan from the county bond while international peace efforts intensified and british government plan. so and most corporate 19 restrictions are sharply criticized by scientists as 50000 daily cases. ah, emergency workers in belgium and west in germany, searching for more than a 1000 people still missing after devastating fraud skilled 126106 people have died in germany as towns and villages are submerged. 1300 people as an accounted
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for transfer, angular merkel says the full extent of the disaster may not be known for days. dozens of people have also lost their lives in neighboring belgium. 20 of them in the province of li age. at least 10 houses have been swept away. people have been moved to safe ground. candidates have i? when i finished work midnights, i came back and parked in front of my home. there was no water. it was nothing. no it was going to happen. because we had to live to cove it. we were hoping we'd get back in our fees, but i know there's they do us. so i saw the floods in 1957. it was not as big as this. this is unheard of executive and a broken levy in southern netherland. pass prompted mass evacuations in several villages along the mass river. officials want a large gap in the bank. commend could leave the entire area flooded rescue efforts being hampered by collapse, roads and damage. communication lines said laughing reports from the german town of
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sin zig where cleanup efforts have begun. they were trapped in their rooms on the 1st floor when the water rose up to 4 meters in no time, at least 12 residence of this home for disabled people died before they could be moved to safety. across the street gabriella wild watched the neighbourhood swiftly turn into a swirling river and feared the worst of my front of the people on the la tours had not made at all. i don't know exactly what happened, but the next morning, though he survived, were evacuated from the balconies. absolutely horrible and living in this region. his whole life harmon angled still can't comprehend what he saw when the water came to panic. will pass. i wasn't just shocked. i panic, i quickly took out the car as well as my dog and the 2 kept blowing to my daughter that we were taking care of this sort of destruction i've never seen before.
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floating yes, but not tree boundaries floating away. he was lucky enough to be moved to safety and to find his house still standing upon return. auto saudi homes washed away by water, was destroyed by lance lights. many remain missing. nobody expected that. a few days of torrential rain could have such a widespread catastrophic impact. confronted with the sheer power of water, people here wondering what happened and where all this water came from raising questions about the effect of climate change. and if what was called this once in a century, flock would know happen more frequently, people are saying that this might happen like for now every 510 years or something like that. so i'm not sure. and i mean like we try to learn from this to gather with relatives and friends. louisa who young is trying to clean up the mess at the family house, not knowing where to start. they try to return on thursday, but had to leave once again. the water is still here,
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we try to get in the house and get everything up on the like highest point in the house. so and then we just grabbed also some stuff that we could see that we knew, okay, this is important. and now we just left the extent of the damage won't be known for days or perhaps weeks, but the memories and trauma of this twist of nature will likely remain with the people here for much longer, that fastened al jazeera syncing in the western part of germany and natasha butler is in leon belgium's worst hit region. she says people there are in shock and say they've never seen floods like this before. well, this is the neighborhoods ovalo pacific. over here it is one of the worst effects today or is in the city. what some residents have been telling me is that even though they've lived in decades, they've never seen anything like this. they say the water basically flows down this street and there was such
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a force that it food furniture along with it and surround, called as if they were moved toys. well, the water level rose for about 2 meters. people now are simply trying to clean up the own salvage what they can. they're obviously extremely shaken. if we go through what it was so scary to see the war to rise. my car in the carriage is totally destroyed. there was water all the way up to here. well some streets in the area are still flooded and road to still inaccessible to cause and vehicles. and that is why the only way of accessing somehow is if i bode well, the prime minister, belgium has called the floods unprecedented and schooled for dave national morning on july 20th for the victims. in other words, new south africa as president says, the week of violence and looting was planned and coordinated. serial on post said, security forces have identified 12 ring leaders and he's deployed 25000 soldiers
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onto the streets. at least 212 people were killed. bernard smith has the latest from durbin, the scene of some of the worst of the writings. mm. south africa, the army is protecting its citizens from each other and forcing an easy car. shops, malls, factories in warehouses, accounting, the cost after an outbreak of looting and writing, but swept through parts of the country. after the jailing of former president, jacob zuba on friday, his successor, several ram, oppose or visited causal in the tower, the worst effected province. it is clear now the events of the past week when nothing less than a deliberate, a coordinated, and well planned attack on our democracy. supermarkets were stripped back within shore is now facing multi $1000000.00 claims for repairs. one banking group says the economy will contract by 3 percent the butcher in the fresh produce section of
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a supermarket. big played out like everywhere else. now, what spot writing the jailing for the check, but what drove it, all the poverty inequality that south africa now was 30 in the n. y. minority room, half of south africans live below the official poverty line. unemployment is at a record high of close to 33 percent. the looting has created shortages of food, staples, and fuel causing long lines at the few places. still open the sol surprising. you know, it was like it's communicated some way because you hear something here. the very same thing that's happening somewhere else. so it was like there's the, there's a spirit that is going around. did that mean or miss that is going to do that day people that job less and also logged out because of dom on the that's funny. yeah. after sunday, yeah. when the president's for the people when like you'd really crazy and they
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were coming down like a crowd, a lot of crowd coming down and there was for angry that he extended south africa consumer council. he's warning of a humanitarian crisis, and the security is provided for people working in factories, distribution centers, and shops. bernard smith, i'll just sarah durban, south africa. as 14 years king has made his 1st public remarks, the following weeks of protest denouncing the monarchy, he called the demonstrators a tonic and accused of taking the country backwards. a teacher's union says, police, fire gas and water cannon to disperse crowds as protest has gathered. again, on friday, thousands of people have reportedly been killed and injured in valleys began in june as 14, formerly known as far as the land is the last absolute monarchy in africa. i've gotten forces have long gen offensive to retake a keyboard crossing with pakistan. the time has been bo dot found to the taliban on
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wednesday. it's a major supply route into pakistan's baluchistan province. doctors in pakistan have been treating kind of bond fight is wounded in the latest fighting of gun police. say they're also hiding in civilian homes near the border crossing italy band has made significant gains in recent weeks as foreign troops withdraw from the country . and pakistan has reject his criticism that he has provided support for the taliban after the group took control of spin bull doc. i've gotten his sons, president dash of gunny made the allegations that talks that i've been held in the it was by capital tashkent. intelligence estimates indicate the influx of over $10000.00 fighters from pakistan and other places in the last month as well as support from that i believe. and the 5 national kevin organization, networks and organization supporting the taliban, are openly celebrating the destruction of the acid in capabilities. of the people
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in the state to blame budget don for what is going on in advanced on i feel is extremely unfair. i came to govern. why would i come to gobble if i was not interested in peace? the whole idea was that we've, that you should have look upon the party said as a partner in peace. and i feel really disappointed that we have been blamed. senior can delegation led by chief negotiator to lab de la is in contact, whole tossed with the taliban. they've been several rounds of pieces in dough high . in the past few months of de la says they can be no deal unless the taliban stopped their advance. the bed is on a young man, the map protest on the people of afghanistan, a suffering from the tragedy of continuing the war today was raging in several provinces. i guess the question will be when the war is going on, why are you talking about peace? well, because the what's going on intensively and this was been going on for 42 years in
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our country, hundreds of thousands of people who sacrificed their lives. so then that's why we must work to provide pay, which is a pretty surprised winning indian photojournalists has been killed enough ganeth sans kandahar district. danny, today he worked for the voices, news agency, and was embedded with the afghan special forces. he was caught in the crossfire between taliban and afghan troops in the spin bowl. dr. mon border area in bella. ruse, security services have rated another 25 homes and officers of activists and independent journalists. it's the 3rd day in a row of searching, journalists and white face, the latest crank down on dissent by present, alexander lucas shank. at least 20 people have reportedly been detained. lucca shank as governing tests come under domestic and international pressure since he's heavily defeated when in last election for knock. the archer guy is a bell,
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russian politician and journalists. he's an advisor to opposition liter, atlanta taken off. and is there fears of more rage? the great on started last week. first, they attacked the major news outlets. immense. can the regents, they came to the officers, they arrested the eggs or some chiefs, they arrested through foreigners, they handcuffed, alters, and the employees of this organizations then, but this week it continued and they came to the office of human rights defenders to those who help families to breast political prisoners and also they came to them international media organisation such as radio for europe, radio, liberty, european radio for banners. so why it happens? i think from gosh, i guess trying to hide the truth. and he is also trying to eliminate all sources of possible on the rest. i think there are 2 tricks here. the reason and their g people want to protest, there is no way back point of no return has been passed. people want you will
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actions. people want freedom, people want democracy, but on the other hand, there are no structures from the ground. they basically eliminated, or dorcas not palm to the civil society. and but, but right now, situation is quite difficult and any seem any step, any word by a president lucas shan car or brain to national community can become a trigger for the you wave of the protest. so it's very predictable. what will happen tomorrow? what will happen next week? phil, ahead on al jazeera, standing in sally dash cuban americans in miami take to the streets, the us government, to household income in the communist country. and a nation inter, more in lebanon's, economic crises filed through the out of control after the resignation of its fun for dancing. i
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ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by cattle airways. hello. that the shower has continued to cause major problems across central parts of china. it's a big town, pulls a seasonal range stretch right from the southwest all the way out towards the north east, up towards the beijing. and that will sit in a similar place as we go on right through the weekend. so we are likely to say some flash flooding as a result of that. those pagan, heavy down, post summary, down, pause. rumbling away here. scattering a shower that 2 across the korean peninsula. southern passage panels are seeing some wet weather but to the north of that. what does this year be? 33 in t o k, but it should at least be lost. he try little side of south developing tropical system, just making his way into the open waters of the north west pacific. pulling away from the northeast and side of the philippines sunshine. his shower was across the philippines from heavy showers, coming through here, some heavy showers to into indo china seats and rather went with around the waist.
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recently pushing towards the eastern parts of the philippines. as we go on through saturday. heavy rain continuing to prosecute parts of western india, some really heavy right with all these and force across more than positive in the up towards the top of the dash where we are going to see some big samples over the next couple of days. can that is likely to cause a flash flooding heavy rain to will continue along much of the western gaps this weekend. sponsor cut on airways escaping a moon, who, finding a new identity. confronting the reality of racism, religion and the struggle to be accepted, al jazeera, tells the story of what it is like to be lebanese and color strangely a home. once upon a time in punch bowl on al jazeera oh,
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the the me. you're watching algae 0 live from doha. reminder of our top stories, 126 people have been confirmed dead and more than a 1000 are still missing in the flood of ravaged western europe. raging waters in landslides have devastated entire communities, washing away houses, and destroying businesses. in south africa, the president of week of violence and looting in which at least 212 people were killed, was planned, a coordinated chevy to run the whole fed security forces high. then defied 12 and security services in better rooms have rated another $25.00 homes and offices
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of activists independent journalists. and the 3rd day in a row of touches, journalist them right. the major cracked down on dissent by president vantage on the location. not 2 men have appeared before a u. s. federal court in san francisco. they're accused of planning to attack the democratic party state headquarters in california after the presidential election as bringing alan fisher in washington, dc. for sally said, this alleged grant was in the works for a number of months. well, the 2 men were very angry at the presidential election result in november. and that as when, according to prosecutors, they started to plan an attack which they believe would start a movement to overcome the result, the disgust, the number of targets in california, including facebook and twitter. but eventually they decided that they were going to target the democratic party headquarters in sacramento. that would be the headquarters for the state. no police managed to read the house of one of the men.
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his name was in roger's, he's 45 at they are. they discovered a huge number of weapons, a large amount of ammunition, and 5 pipe bombs. so he was charged under federal rules for stockpiling. bond weapons and he was held in detention. and then on thursday, a 2nd michael jerry copeland was arrested. know both men face up to 20 years in prison for the fire arms charges, and also for the conspiracy charges. and the prosecutors alleged that both men contacted anti government groups in the hope that they would be able to enlist their support for the attacks. which of course never took place. both men have played not guilty to the charges as i say they could face up to 20 years in prison . but this all fits into medic, garland he is the attorney general of the united states. remember, it's just
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a few weeks ago that he said that domestic terrorism is the biggest challenge facing the united states. and he promised that there would be more resources and more money headed in that direction to make sure that there were prosecutions for people. he believes a threat to the security of the united states. alan fisher in washington, thank you. me. the u. k. has reported the highest number of new covey cases in more than 6 months . they were close to $52000.00 new infections on friday. it comes days before the government relaxes, restrictions on english province, restaurants and nightclubs. jess, a day earlier, prime minister boys, johnson said, the worst of the panoramic would be behind the country. if people are careful. john hall has more from london. the public are generally quite worried about that, and that's because they can well see that it is highly questionable at this moment
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how much freedom there is from the virus itself. infection rates are climbing rapidly this week, getting an average of around 50000 a day. the highest they've been in 6 months, the new health secretary says the java predicted they could easily hit a 100000 a day during the course of this 3rd way, most of those new infections, of course, are happening in the unvaccinated population. the young children, most of those are young and fit enough to emerge relatively unscathed, but not old death numbers are rising to averaging around 50 a day. that's a big jump in the last few weeks with the result that among the vaccinated population, among the vulnerable in that population, there is relying science about what lies ahead. 840000 school children have been sent home under similar circumstances with all the sort of attendant care issues that come with that. it's all having a huge impact on the economy. stop shortage is business is struggling to stay open factories warning that they may have to close. and all the while there is the
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swirling concern among scientists building now advising the government. warning the government to change course 1200 scientists have given their support to a letter written to the lancet medical journal warning that the government strategy of allowing the virus to effectively run wild among the young and school children is quote, dangerous and unethical. and could allow for the emergence of vaccine resistant variance. and as such, they say is a danger to the whole world. professor, gabriel's county of the royal society of medicine says reopening could lead to more mutations of the virus. it's not a very good prospect. i think what is most concerning a lot of scientists and public health people is the fact that the government actually wants this to happen in many ways. they want to see a lot of cases know during the summer they want those hospital nations and those deaths to take place now rather than in the autumn in the winter because they think
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the ultimate, the winter are going to be bad enough. and getting some of the infection out of the way know is a good thing. but most public health people say that's absolutely crazy that we shouldn't be encouraging the virus to spread. we shouldn't be letting that spread. and we certainly shouldn't be welcoming more cases, more hospitalization and more death are going to get more mutation taking place. but that has to happen. and if you get that happening in a country like the ok for about half of the population is vaccinated, you're actually giving an evolutionary advantage to variance that actually can bypass the immunity generated by vaccination. so there is a real worry that we may get more mutations and we may make it more dangerous mutations. cuban president miguel diaz canal says the united states has failed in what he says are its efforts to destroy cuba. over the last 3 cubans have taken to
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the streets across the country in a wave of ran thai government protests. there is anger over the economy and the handling of the pandemic. the government of accused us of being behind the unrest un human rights body says, detain protest, this must be released. and thousands of people have been on the streets in florida, in fairly dire t miami's home to around a 1000000 cuban americans. and as the gala kerry ford many urging the us government to do more and support protests in cuba, among florida's large cuban american population, the rallying cry of free cuba has long been a call for democracy on the communist ro, an island following anti government protests in cuba, those calls growing as the exalt community across the us show support for cubans facing the worst economic crisis in decades. it doesn't matter whether you want to feel you went on or you are going. if you do inherited a lot of time, you wouldn't even know what's going on and you're not going to be able to hear. the
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emotions are running so high in miami that some activists loaded up boats with supplies planning to make the treacherous journey across the florida. straits to cuba, the u. s. coast guard has warned against illegal crossings. the us secretary of homeland security ela 100 my yorkers fled cuba as a child. and warned those potentially planning to leave cuba not to come migrants who do attempt to enter the united states by sea. put their lives at incredible risk. the waters in the straits of florida in the caribbean are dangerous, especially now. as we have entered hurricane season, people who die miami's man francis suarez, is calling for military intervention, saying the u. s. has an obligation to stand with the people of cuba. they've shut down the internet. they've shut down electricity and they've gone out to the street
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to be harm. those who are protesting peacefully for freedom and liberty in their country outside the white house to cuban americans, the calling on the biden administration to help military intervention isn't likely to happen. but key was actions are being condemned. communism is a failed ideology, and we certainly believe that it has failed the people, cuba, they deserve freedom. they deserve a government that supports them. whether that is making sure they have health and medical supplies access to vaccines, or whether they have economic opportunity and prosperity, the demonstrations in florida and across the country likely to continue even as the pressure on the, by the administration to directly help the cuban people grows. or cuban american c then is an opportunity one that hasn't presented itself in decades. many here who have family on the island say if the cuban people are brave enough to take the street, then the u. s. government should back then. what form that takes is unknown,
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but the refrain here is the time to help is now to galaxy august era. miami, florida, france says military intervention in haiti is not on the agenda. despite the country requesting assistance, falling its presidents. assassination for us has also ruled on sending troops to haiti by the f. b. i is assisting with the investigation into the fatal shooting of president of anomaly earlier this month. authorities blame the killing on what they say is a unit of assassin from colombia and the us. now france, european union in the us, a calling on lebanese politicians to urgently form a cabinet after the prime minister designate quit thought hurry, these resignation has worse than the already struggling economic out. look with many uncertain how to make and meet and meet. then i hold every for some bit its rush hour in bay route, but one of lebanon's busiest transport points barely has any passengers arise and fuel prices. increased affairs,
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a financial crisis means the majority of the population of this small nation is struggling to afford basic needs. more of the transportation allowance they used to be paid to workers was enough. it's not the case any longer. transportation costs increased by at least 4 times the lawson value of the local currency. the leader has affected purchasing power. it has lost nearly 95 percent of its worth in nearly 2 years. but in recent weeks, it has been in free fall, reaching a record low after lebanon. politicians reached a dead end and efforts to form a new government eastern, $1500.00. now my salary is worth $100.00 and they are in lira. we are always in debt. lebanon has been without the functioning government for nearly a year without one, an unprecedented economic meltdown can't be reversed. instead, rival politicians have been fighting for power, and prime minister designate saddle had eaten decision to step aside, complicates
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a solution. this could be an open ended political crisis. heidi who is considered the leader of the muslim sunday community says he will not endorse a replacement. the post of prime minister is reserved for his community. that is why his support is important because power is shared among religious, that the state is nearly bankrupt. and this has affected many sectors, including health care and one aspect that is the issue of the stuff that are leaving in droves because of the financial pressures they're under. that is the shortages and medications and supplies and the issue of the fuel and the power cuts before the hospitals were excluded from the severe power cuts that the general population were under. but now the hospitals have been included in those spots. there are also shortages in medicine, as importers struggled to find hard currency and i did,
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i can't find medicine for my blood pressure and heart problems. i go to bed at night, not knowing if i will wake up the next morning. but international calls are growing louder for lebanese leaders to form a reform minded government to deal with the collapse. but so far, the priority of the political class accused of years of corruption is clinging on to power. then they're also, you know, they route ah, this is al jazeera and these are headlines. 126 people have been confirmed dead and more than a 1000 are still missing in the flood of ravage. western europe, raging waters and lamb slides have devastated entire communities, washing away houses and destroying businesses. south africa, as president says, the week of violence and looting in which at least 212 people were killed, was plan been coordinated. serial run processes,
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security forces have identified 12 brain leaders.


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