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once upon a time and punish phone on al jazeera. oh, if you want to help save the world, sneeze into your elbow. in the a 125 people confirm dead and more than a 1000 missing is germany and its neighbors left reeling by freak floods. i'm the pastor, both are in the belgium city over the edge were some neighborhoods have been devastated by flood. ah, lo i, marian lives in on watching algae 0. so coming up on the program, this is becoming
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a pandemic of the unvaccinated. a start warning from the us centers for disease control as covert infections rise again in all states. all the events of the past week, when nothing less than a deliberate co ordinated and a well planned attack on our democracy, president ramo, published vows the army will restore order in south africa after a week of violence which is killed over 200 people. and batteries, police right, the officers and hung just activists and john left in a new crack down on descent. ah lo welcome to the program. well, emergency work because in west and germany and belgium is searching for more than
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a 1000 people still missing off the heavy flooding. a 125 people on now confirm to have died. but rescue efforts of being hampered by collapsed roads and damaged communication lines for countries have been hit by this record flooding. algeria that vas reports now from the germantown of sins, egg, when people are trying to process the loss of life on the destruction to their homes and communities. they were trapped in their rooms on the 1st floor when the water rose up to 4 meters in no time, at least 12 residence of this home for disabled people died before they could be moved to safety. across the street gabriella wild watched the neighbourhood swiftly turn into a swirling river and feared the worst of the people on the alert was, had not made at all. i don't know exactly what happened but the next morning, though he survived, were evacuated from the balconies. absolutely horrible. living in this region,
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his whole life, harman angled still can't comprehend what he saw when the water came. panic will pass. i wasn't just shocked. i panic, i quickly took out the car as well as my dog and the 2 kept blowing to my daughter that we were taking care of this sort of destruction i've never seen before. floating yes, but not tree branches floating away when he was lucky enough to be moved to safety and to find his house still standing upon return. auto thought a home forced away by water destroyed by landslide. many remain missing. nobody expected that. a few days of torrential rain could have such a widespread catastrophic impact. confronted with the sheer power of water, people here a wondering what happened and where all this water came from raising questions about the effects of climate change. and if what was called this once in a century, flock would know happen more frequently,
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people are saying that this might happen like for now every 510 years or something like that. i'm not sure. and i mean like we try to learn from this to gather with relatives and friends. louisa who young is trying to clean up the mess at the family house, not knowing where to start. they try to return on thursday, but had to leave once again. the water was still here, we tried to get in the house and get everything up on the highest point in the house. so and then we just grab also some stuff that we could see that we knew, okay, this is important. and now we just left the extent of the damage wont be known for days or perhaps weeks, but the memories and trauma of this twist of nature will likely remain with the people here for much longer, steadfast and al jazeera syncing in the western part of germany while sharon natasha butler is a 100 kilometers west across the border in the belgian city of layers,
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which has also been badly hit by the floods. where is this neighborhood vancho in the pacific? oh yes, it is one of the worst effects today or is in the city what some residents have been telling me that even though they've lifted the decades, they've never seen anything like this. they say the war. so basically flows down the street and there was such a force that furniture along with some folks around cause as if they were moved toys where the water level rose for about 2 meters. people now are simply trying to clean up the own salvage what they can. they're obviously extremely shaken. if we go through what it was so scary to see the war, to rise my car in the garret, which is totally destroyed. there was water all the way up to here. well some streets in the area are still flooded and roads are still inaccessible to cause and to vehicles. and that is why the only way of accessing some houses is by
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boat. well, the prime minister, belgium has called the floods unprecedented, and a school for dave national morning on july 20th the victims. ah. now because the cases are rising in all us states and officials say the surge is largely and on vaccinated people. factions are up 70 percent in the last week, and deaths of jumped by 26 percent. sandra, lease county is again, making mosque, wearing mandatory indoors from this weekend. many universities are only letting fully inoculated staff and students return to campus. there is a clear message that is coming through. this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. we are seeing outbreaks of cases in parts of the country to have low back the nation coverage because unvaccinated are at rest. and
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communities that are fully vaccinated are generally bearing well right to go live to white house correspondent. kimberly, how can tell us more about the cove, its situation that kimberly, because it seems as though while infection rates are rising everywhere, there is a concentration in places where oxidation rates as part of the white house press secretary and saki, wrapping up her briefing shortly. a short time ago, and what she said was that what the data is showing to the white house is that most of the deaths that the united states to seeing now related to cope with 1997 percent of the death was hospitalized. ations are among the and vaccinated, in other words, the death, the hospitalization are preventable and that is what the white house is so concerned about. now, one of the big areas of concern also remains rural communities. in fact, there are 5 states that really seem to be sort of hot spots right now in the u. s.
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and they're largely rural and among rural population. so the question becomes, given the fact that many of these people are vaccinated because they don't live in close proximity to a pharmacy, they don't live near the hospital or any sort of other public health care provider, how are they supposed to get vaccinated? that is something the white house is still working on, and to a large extent, what they're doing is continuing campaign they've been doing for some time in the cities. now sort of trying to concentrate some of these rural areas going to events that for example, like nascar, which is a racing car sport here in the united states in order to try and meet people as the white house says where they are. and that has been this growing concern about misinformation or inaccurate information about vaccines. how much of a threat is this coming to people's house? well, it's a very big concern. in fact, on thursday gives me the search in general of the united states. vivid murphy was
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in fact talking about how the white house is leading the effort to reach out to social media companies like facebook for example, facts of white house press secretary today saying that this is something they're doing because they are concerned that facebook simply isn't enforcing its own guidelines, in other words, when there's information the science has said is in accurate, facebook is allowing it to linger if you will. and so the concern is not only from perhaps public users that are spreading misinformation, but the white house, and it's also saying that both china and russia has been assisting in this sort of misinformation campaign with respect to vaccine. so the white house pushing very hard on this, but also getting some push back. the given the fact that social media is a public platform or purports to be the concern being that it is stifling free speech, the white house denies this. it says and simply trying to save lives. all right,
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thank you very much. kimberly, how can i, why, how's car on it? thanks. kimberly. well, the u. s. has donated 4 and a half 1000000 vaccine doses to indonesia that mattel se asia was corona vice outbreak. country reported a record 1025. that's over a 1000 virus related deaths on friday. now recording more daily infections in india and the 6 percent of the population has been vaccinated. government says it's a worst case scenario situation that's playing out now with at least $56000.00 new cases in just one day. here in the u. k, the countries reported its highest number of new cars cases in more than 6 months, just days before the government plans to relax restrictions on english, pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs. u. k. government data was showing that they were close to 52000 new cases of a virus on friday, just a day earlier, u. k. prime minister bars johnson's at the was the pandemic would be behind the country if it's careful. and lifting most restrictions would help the economy
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recover. joan all has worn out from london on the plans to ease restrictions. the public are generally quite worried about that, and that's because they can well see that it is highly questionable at this moment how much freedom there is from the virus itself. infection rates are climbing rapidly this week, getting an average of around 50000 a day. the highest they've been in 6 months, the new health secretary says the job it predicted they could easily hit a 100000 a day during the course of this 3rd way, most of those new infections, of course, are happening in the unvaccinated population. the young children, most of those are young and fit enough to emerge relatively unscathed, but not old death numbers are rising to averaging around 50 a day. that's a big jump in the last few weeks with the result that among the vaccinated population, among the vulnerable in that population,
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there is real anxiety about what lies ahead. 840000 school children have been sent home under similar circumstances with all the sort of attendant care issues that come with that. it's all having a huge impact on the economy. stop shortage is business is struggling to stay open factories warning that they may have to close. and all the while there is the swirling concern among scientists building now advising the government. warning the government to change course 1200 scientists have given their support to a letter written to the lancet medical journal warning that the government strategy of allowing the virus to effectively run wild among the young and school children is quite dangerous and unethical. and could allow for the emergence of vaccine resistant variance. and as such, they say is a danger to the whole world. in developments elsewhere, the eiffel tower has reopened to visitors after the longest closure since world war 2, landmark has been shot since the start on the pandemic,
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it will now accept 13000 people a day. french government isn't out new restrictions for visitors, and that includes proof. they've been vaccinated or a negative test. and watching al jazeera life from london, much more still ahead on the program we gained rad access to a dispute. and if you're in region where brian forces are speaking to wind back last ground, and as canadians confronted the history, such as say many more unmarked graves of indigenous children are yet to be discovered. ah ah hello, they still have a few showers in the forecasts for those foot hit part so central year, but it will turn dryer over the next couple of days. so that circulation feeding
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motion i was down towards the ops was northern parts of the balkans. maybe to northern areas of italy, breakfast skies coming back behind, still with a few showers high pressure, notting, its way in. and that's why things will quiet and bow is going to be hot as well. tim, just touching 28 celsius in london, is that dry weather coming in across a good part of germany. but she was there for the east side of jeremy check republic and pounded up towards the baltic states and some heavy downpours. we are likely to see flooding here, the parts of switzerland, austria fading down into hungry and balkans. it'll continue to drift further south . what's in east which as we go through sunday, brought the skies do come back in behind love and could touch 30 celsius. by the time we come to sunday afternoon, the 13 bought i was well hot sunshine for madrid at such 6 celsius, super hot sunshine across the eastern side of the met. but notice a few showers sir into a good part of central and southern italy. try and sunny across northern parts of africa as per usual, plenty of showers through the equitorial belt at wet weather,
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leaving right across much of west africa. and those showers continues to drift away all the way farther north into a good part of senegal. the something was going to change. anything really changed, this is systemic violent that needs to be addressed at its core. we are in a race against the area know what to say. so we are also looking at the world as it is right now, not the world. we like it to be. the devil is always going to be in the details. the bottom line one, i'll just era. we know what's happening in our region. we know how to get to places that others and not as far as i said, i'm going or the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. ah
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the me back down to 0 life london main stories now at least 225 people have been confirmed dead more than a 1000 are still missing in the flood, ravaged wider than you are raging waters and land slides of devastated entire communities. washing away houses and destroying businesses. clevic cases are rising again in all state across the us. infections are up to 70 percent in a week in depth of jumps 26 percent with the outbreaks focus in areas with low vaccination, right? and the u. k is reported a highest number of new cases in more than 6 months, just days before restrictions that eased across england. you take government day to try and close to 52000 new cases on the virus or reported on friday. also following developments in south africa,
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very closely the president as saying week of violence and looting in which at least 212 people were killed, was planned and coordinated on a visit to the scene of looting in dublin. several rama post said security forces of identify 12 ring leaders. 25000 soldiers have been deployed onto the streets of major cities in the country to protect shops from further looting. the rights daunted, after former president jacob's duma was sent to jail last week. i'm present, i'm opposed to his again address the nation and just the last half hour. it is clear now that the events of the past week were nothing less than a deliberate, a co ordinated, and a well planned attack on our democracy. the constitutional order of our country is under threat. the current instability and
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ongoing incitement to violence constitutes a direct contravention of the constitution of our country. and the rule of law. let cross the planets with enchanted spoke said re speaking about the unrest being triggered by events around the form of president jacob zoom. but what, what do we, what more did rom opposed to say about the way in which it might have an orchestrated marion. what yeah, that was a next from a very strongly would a speech by the president just finished in the last sort of 20 minutes. also, where without naming jacob's room of the former president t effectively laid the blame for these riots. looting at the feet of the support of the former president, jacob's whom he was jailed last week for refusing to give evidence at a corruption inquiry and following his jailing. that was the spark for the rioting
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and the looting, sir, i'm opposed. his successor says this was deliberate without naming the president supporters. and he said the parts of the infrastructure were targeted deliberately as to where warehouses were burned down. highways were targeted or refiners or targeted as well as shops and shopping miles. and he said this was no accident. these were no, these were not random acts of vandalism, but people were directed to these places. so very strongly word criticism. and he said, we know the police have got the names of about a dozen people. i want to interview. there are 3 people under arrest. but the president finished his speech by saying the threat to our democracy remains present . and real and those responsible have not yet been apprehended, but we know who they are and we will arrest them merrier and burn. and so, aside from that was just more about what feeling is there in the country
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because you have the jailing of the full president. and that was one thing. but actually, even before the pandemic, this is the country that has been suffering from poverty deprivation, economic instability. what about the underlying causes to this well, bodies, what the president didn't address in his speech. his speech was about security. his speech was about this threat, laying the blame of the support of jacob's zoom up. but really the bought the while, the jailing of the president may what the full present may well have been the spark . south africa remains a very poor country, almost 30 years after the end of white minority rule. there is still great inequality here. and those people who are rioting, some who will looting really the ultimate motivation was this anger and frustration that the lot has not improved since the end of a part 8. about half the population in south africa lives below the poverty line. according to the latest statistics,
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and there's almost what important is now to rec, court high of almost 33 percent. and that's partly due as well to the complications from the corona virus pandemic. that remains and uneasy. com, you'll see behind me the street is blocked off here. this is repeated all over durban and parts of janice bird. this is by local members of the communities in particular parts of the of durban and janice berg having they feel to protect themselves from the sca vile from the risk of violence. on the reason this concern raised by the president, that there are racial tensions now coming to the boil between different communities and he needs the country needs to try and come together to stop these racial tensions becoming another issue for the country to deal with marion bang to bonnet smith and john is trying to find it. now i'm a senior nationalist saying police and if you appear of detained dozens of tick ryans and what appears to be an ethnically motivated operation,
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the right group is saying the rest of a carried out in the capital, addis ababa over the last 2 weeks with many denied due process. honesty says john, listen. activists have also been targeted. they include at least 11 reporters covering the conflict in northern tech, right. some has been released on bail, but the group says hundreds remain in detention in unknown locations. so the vice president of ethiopia is, am har, region has told out there that additional forces have been deployed to its borders with tech ry the counted to grind fighters who launched a new offensive this week. the ethiopian army has been fighting regional forces into rights since november al jazeera, obtained ragged government access to a disputed region within western take ry from where catherine sawyer reports. horace special forces and the few p and federal police. at a check point in my car,
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they're passing through require identification papers who won't rare, regional government guided trip, but event filming the forces and a militia called funnel was difficult. the town claimed by both the em. hara, anti grand ethnic communities was under t guys administration before the war started in november. it's one of the was the atrocities happened. hundreds of people were killed. the communities accuse each other fighters of committing it. debra mesce gal mangie's to a farmer, says a dispute about regional buddha territories goes back decades. yet i thought all the glade leaders want to come on for shovel. we the already created a system, but fewer than $1.00 to $1.00 and the power will not visit our land. gran fighters are now pushing south and west. they say to taking back territory seized by higher forces in the last 8 months of conflict. political and military leaders in the capital harder,
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i get the increasingly nervous about the gains being made by great defense forces. they'll say they'll do whatever it takes to protect their land. and people who are the regions vice president shoes as a 1985 map that places might of the dispute territories in hiero region. the borderline have however, since been redrawn he thousands when the t cry people's liberation front or t p are left to power. then next to the land to take, right, we have never, ever accepted the amount of people in the regional government has endorsed it. we have never been consulted. so whenever you say historical disputes as it, it takes us some time years behind. and one time it was there, another time it was here, that's what you call dispute. it has never been. so it couldn't be just a dispute. it was rather taken unit 30 by the time period if it was decided mom hire forces and now being deployed to the front lines. but the vice president
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also called on people here to defend themselves. i think they, they should be aware of and be informed be on the same platform that is where whenever the address of scam athletes, they have to prepare themselves in any way it to defend in any mechanism that they have to take up on. yes. many grants who lived in my car there and then nearby whomever. a town house led to refugee comes across the border in sudan, who still here recently held protest against the guys political leadership and its forces. it was not clear to us if they were on the streets willingly or had been classed. every interview we tried to do was in the presence of a minder with a gun that the grounds were afraid to speak openly. captain soy all jazeera, i'm horror region if the afghan forces of launch and offensive to retake a key border crossing with pakistan. the town of spin ball that fell to the taliban
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on wednesday. it's a major supply room into pocket. john's pollution don province, doctors in pakistan have been treating taliban fighters who were wounded in the latest round of fighting africa police, and they're also hiding in civilian homes near the border. crossing taliban has made significant gains in recent weeks as foreign troops withdraw from the country, or us forces upon from diplomatic security will be out of the country by september 11th. now, researchers in canada, fear many more unmarked graves of indigenous children will be found. over the past 3 months, hundreds of shallow graves have been uncovered. the former residential schools forcing canadians to confront the nation's history, but as alexia bryan now, reports the search has barely begun. each flag marks a grave, a child, a story, and members of canada's indigenous groups want those stories heard. you are bearing
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witness to a very important truth about indigenous people and canada. it has been referred to as a historic dark chapter from the 19th century, more than 150000 indigenous children attended, state funded christian boarding schools and an effort to assimilate them into mainstream canadian society. the children was separated from their families, languages and traditions. the last school closed and 996. i gotten so many beatings for speak my language that i'm sure that there's a subconscious block that just didn't allow me to do it. thousands of them was physically and sexually abused or died of disease. we were dropped and b we could screen a screen service, no one there to come to your help. in 2008,
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the canadian government officially apologized for its part and launched an inquiry to investigate. hundreds of remains or unmarked grace had been found at former residential schools in recent months. using ground penetrating radar researches say, many of the graves were shallow in line with reports from survivors, the children were forced to dig them. they warned the discovery so far adjust the beginning. there are very likely to be many human burials in the study area. after all this investigation has barely scratched the surface covering just under 2 acres of the total $160.00 acre residential school sites. indigenous leaders have called on prime minister at johnston trudeau, and the catholic church which ran many of the schools to open the records immediately and fully for all the remains can be identified. the responsibility of our children is the families, their community. so
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her birth was good. she where up and down are we're not going to come up here. are want the truth out, did my brother be just your home? oh, history of heard shared by generations to promise to honor those who never came home. alex or brian al jazeera. oh, just want to bring you a story from battery. now security services. there are right. a 25 homes and offices of activists and independent journalists. this is the 3rd success of day of such as in what john listen writes group to saying is the latest crackdown on descent by the president, alexander lucas shanker. at least 20 people have reported he been detained because shank is government hasn't, has been facing domestic and international pressure since is heavily disputed when
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in last august election. after the main wave of protest was effectively stifled a controlled destruction of civil society and nonprofit organizations is now underway. our organization has been working without registration since 2003 when it was revoked by the supreme court. it has effectively been illegal and batteries. however, according to any international standards, our activities absolutely legal, ah, top stories now and emergency workers in belgium and west and germany is searching for more than a 1000 people who were still missing off the heavy flooding. 125 people are confined to have died, but that number is expected to rise. rescue efforts of being hampered by collapse roads and damaged communication line.


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