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mozambique some on shore showers, just drifting in here, maybe a shower or 2 into towns near. and we are legacy one of 2 heavy showers for the eastern side, madagascar. ah, the mineral central to the quest for clean energy. a key ingredient for the production of electric car batteries, cobalt extracting that is dangerous, profitable, with global demand set the skyrocket. people in power investigates claims that industrial mines contracting the precious material needed for cleaner energy. are in fact poisoning the environment with dia, health consequences for those living in their shadow. the cost of coal, both people in power on a just literally guides dine disproportionate numbers on that ever leaving behind widows who struggled to survive. one o 8, meets the ship, a women defying tradition. to conquer the world's pars bounce on, i was 0. ah,
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al jazeera, where ever use all? ah, ah ah, i want your, i'll just have to remind you that top stories this more than searching 100 people are missing and western europe out to severe flooding. at least 104 people have died in germany, which is experiencing its was whether disaster in decade. south africa, the president says, a week of unrest that's killed 212 people was planned and coordinated from oppose.
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this is 25000 soldiers will patrol the streets to stop more looting and violence. that's what he's king, has called anti monica, protested satanic. and his 1st public appearance out of a crackdown demonstrators have been calling for change since june 15th, formerly known as fuzzy land, is the last absolute model in africa. us land borders with mexico and canada have been closed and non essential travel since march 2020. in southern california, those restrictions are wrecked, havoc on the livelihoods of millions of people who need to cross between the us and mexico every day. as many of reports from sunny's federal in california, rows and rows of close down businesses in southern california. this retail nightmare is the result of 16 months of travel restrictions along the us, mexico border graph. a lot of these runs the hair salon,
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not far from the sunny sea that a port of entry into mexico. one of the busiest border crossings in the world over again, the whole meant that she tells us the lack of mexican tourist has forced many businesses in this area to shut their doors. i mean a lot from the border closure has affected me because i had employees that have them come back to work for more than yet. that's affected me. i think all of fantasy drug has been affected because many businesses closed and paid a little while the bided administration is considering lifting border restrictions on july 21st. many are concerned, the white house will instead push the deadline. further, for his part, mexico's president lopez over the lord has doubled up on an occupation efforts in the northern part of the country, hoping that more vaccination will lead to a quicker lifting of restrictions since march of last year,
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cities and towns all along the u. s. southern border had lost an estimated $10000000000.00 a sum that continues to rise. the longer restrictions remain in place along the more than 3100 kilometers of southern border. jason, wells, head of the sunny pseudo chamber of commerce, says the last 16 months with no foreign visitors has been dreadful. in an average year, we have $895000000.00 in sales and tennessee dro. we're calculating from may march of 2020 to march of 2021 though sales to be about 250000000. so you looking at like 74 percent loss in that in then revenue in revenue here, but again, like i said, it's $900.00 family. he's no longer have a job because the economic fallout is not only being felt along the us southern border. the pressure on canada's government to reach an agreement with the us to return travel to normal is mounting. while there is uncertainty over how and when
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the us, canada and mexico will lift border restrictions, it's clear that the economies of all 3 countries cannot fully reopen until the borders do. also finding that report was cross the border. it's now life 1st from the mexican bosses city of towana. so it sounds pretty bad on the other side of the border. what's it like for you are that's right, and there's a lot of frustration on this side of the border. a lot of uncertainty and moods really are starting to sour because people simply don't know what's going on with these border restrictions. again, we're talking about more than a year. talk about 16 months in the united states announced these border restrictions back in march of 2020. and people are simply growing bitter about the whole situation. and i want to give you a sense of what's going on around us. because if you look behind b, these rows of cars, hundreds of cars, there's a lot of traffic, there's people waiting in these long queues to cross into the united states. it may
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look like a normal day, but border restrictions remain in place for non essential travel. united states citizen are able to come into mexico freely and return to the united states without having to present a negative cove. it says that the same is not true for mexican nationals and other foreign national who are not considered quote, unquote, essential workers. so there is a disparity here, and i know that we're talking about these macro numbers, billions of dollars in los trade between the united states and mexico, the united states and canada. but really, this is affecting everyday people. people who depend on cross border travel to sell coffee to sell newspapers, mom and pop restaurants and shops will take a massive hit over the course of the past 60 months. and again, we're not only talking about the us mexico border and the hundreds of communities along both sides of the border. and in the case of the us border with canada, we're talking about the last estimates point to somewhere around $1500000000.00 in
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losses. for every month that the board of remains closed between the united states and canada, canada, we should know it also has its own restrictions in place. and the last that we've heard there is that restrictions may be lifted for us. americans were fully vaccinated by sometime in mid august, and then restrictions lifted for other nationals from other countries, some time in september. so that doesn't bode well for attitudes. here in mexico, people who are seeing this deadline of july 21st for the united states. it's it's, it's a potentially lip, some of the restrictions in place to non essential travel. many people expect that deadline to simply be pushed for another month when you're up and talking to us and to want to know. thank you very much. indeed. the centers for disease control has issued a stark warning is covered 1900 infections and hospitalizations, rise across the country. their brakes are focused in areas with low vaccination rates. there is a clear message that is coming through. this is becoming
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a pandemic of the unvaccinated. we are seeing outbreaks of cases in parts of the country that have low back the nation coverage because unvaccinated are at rest, and communities that are fully vaccinated are generally bearing well. well, let's talk to the white house correspondent, kimberly hall could pretty strong words from the cdc. they're painting a picture, 11 things of the u. s. being split essentially between vaccinated and unvaccinated areas. yeah, the white house press secretary, just wrapping up her briefing, talking about the awareness of this white house, but in many cases it's because people, particularly in rural areas, simply don't have access to the vaccine. don't live near a pharmacy. don't live near public health provider where they are able to get one and that is why this is happening. and the other concern is of course, the delta, very highly contagious concern,
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too about those that are vaccinated and whether or not it will be robust enough as this continues to develop. that is the other big concern, and that's why there are questions about whether or not there will be an extension of that federal policy for on transportation and other forms of sort of mass transportation. but you still where the face mask in order to protect yourself. even if you are vaccinated, what the public health experts are seeing, according to the white house press secretary, is that in 97 percent of the cases whether be hospitalized ations or death, these are among the unvaccinated. that's why the white house continues to try and put in place very novel approaches to getting people vaccinated. continuing to go to social events including the nascar racing events that are upcoming in order to try and meet people where the white house says they are. and kimberly's ropes the this whole pandemic. one of the key messages that have been coming through has been
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about the messaging hasn't been and i understand the fact that they the white house press secretary, has been commenting about facebook and what it's been doing, talk us through what she was saying. the white house was taking issue with some of the posts that facebook has allowed to be put up. that the white house is essentially accusing facebook of perpetuating mis information, namely that some of the claims that people are posting about the deadliness of the vaccine. for example, our false or the side effects are false, and so the white house has very openly and this was also suddenly put forward by the surgeon general. about 24 hours ago is that they are working with the social media companies to put pressure on them to take down what the white house deems to be mis information. but that tact was getting a little bit of push back in the white house briefing because the white house press secretary, acknowledge science is evolving and what is deemed misinformation now might not be
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2 years from now. and so there were questions about whether or not the white house is engaging in censorship. and what is an open leap public platform, something that the white house has acknowledged? so it is a very strong debate in the united states, as is vaccinations which have been politicized. in the united states, it's clear that the messaging around getting back to native as we see cases up picking is also continuing to be a point of controversy in the u. s. kimberly, thanks very much indeed. that's our white house correspondent. kimberly hawkins. ok, i want to take you to south africa. the president said, i'm a pose is speaking following the protest in south africa after the jailing of former president, jacob's in less than ordinary citizens and criminal networks to engage in opportunistic acts of 110, rooty. then, suing careless is used as
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a smoke screen to carry out economic sabotage through targeted attacks on trucks and effects cheese of warehouses and other infrastructure necessary for the functioning of economy. and the provision of services charge people through social media through fake news and misinformation. they have sought to inflame racial tensions and violence. west of all these instigators have sought to manipulate the poor and vulnerable for their own benefit. yet, despite the widespread destruction this attempted insurrection has failed. it has failed to gain popular support amongst our people.
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it has failed to because of the efforts of our security forces and it has failed because south africans every ejected it and have stood up in defense of our hard won democracy. i saw the determination of our people in defending democracy in action. as i walked through the streets of a took me and many of us will have seen how many of our people across various parts of the country have done exactly the same. i saw people cleaning up the streets, rebuilding their lives, standing together, united india diversity, young and old men and women, black and white. they were grateful for the support of the security
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forces and made it clear to me that they stand united and will work with the government to restore stability. my fellow south africans. since the outbreak of this violence, at least 212 people have lost their lives. of these 100 an 80 have been inquisitive natal and 32 and how did the south african police service lead by commission? us totally here is investigating 131 cases of murder and have opened in quest, dockets and respect of 81 death. our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who have lost their lives to this senseless violence
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. this is a pain that no family and no community should have to endure. since the unrest started the national joint operation, no and intelligence structure has recorded over 118 incidence of public violence on looting and other address related instances. these incidents were concentrated, and how dang and closet are natal since the height of the unrest on monday and tuesday there's been a sharp decline in the number of incidents. and the calm has returned and is returning to most of these areas. over 2550 people have been arrested in connection with their undressed. and special arrangements are being put in place to ensure that these cases are prioritized,
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the destruction of property and theft of goods has caused businesses consume us and the country as the whole, billions and billions of france. according to preliminary reports, compiled by net joins extensive damage has been caused to about a 161 mores and shopping centers, 11 warehouses, 8 fact cheese and 161. liquor outlet and distributors. this does not include the damage cost to the roads and other infrastructure fellows had africans. as this government, we must acknowledge that we were poorly prepared for an orchestrated
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campaign of public violence, destruction and sub touch of this nature. while we commend the brave actions of security forces on the ground, we must admit that we did not have the capabilities and the plans in place. as this happened to respond swiftly and decisively. our police were faced with a difficult situation and exercised commendable restraint to prevent any loss of life or further escalation. however, once additional security personnel were deployed, they were able to quickly restore, come to most areas that were affected. once this crisis is passed, we will undertake
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a sarah and critical review of our preparedness and response to incidents such as these. for now, our priorities ah firstly, to stabilize the country. secondly, to secure essential supplies and infrastructure. thirdly, to provide relief and support recovery and rebuilding fourthly, to encourage the active efforts of citizens in defense of their lives, livelihoods, and democracy to stabilize, the country were massively increased the member numbers of law enforcement and security personnel on the ground in how doing and casa natalie and we are also spreading them around to other parts of the country. i have authorized the
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deployment of 25000 members of the south african national defense force led by general my poignant to support the work of the police. of these $10000.00 are now on the ground while the remaining forces arriving in the respective areas of deployment. over the course of this weekend, steady progress is being made to secure our logistics infrastructure. the entry free way was face enormous challenges and difficulties between when and how dang has been reopened. and security forces in place to keep the vital supply routes open. the security forces are working with business to ensure the safe transport of fuel, food,
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oxygen, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other critical supply operations. and the parts of durbin and richard bay are being restored to enable the resumption of exports and imports. regulations have been issued in terms of the competition act to enable firms involved in the supply of essential goods to share information about the availability and demand for certain goods. this is to help prevent shortages of essential goods and promote the equitable distribution of the gas essential goods across the country. these measures will ensure that supply chain, you're watching all does it, or we've been bringing you coverage of a statement being made by south african president said, or i'm
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a poser who's been speaking falling a week of riots which began after the jailing of the former president jacob zoom last week and said i was, i'm a pose. i was saying that the attempted insurrection has failed. he also said that the protesters had used social media and fake news, and misinformation had a salt to manipulate the poor and the vulnerable. they should also be pointed out that half of south africans also below the official poverty line and unemployment for the 1st 3 months or 2021 has been at 32.6 percent. it's thought that that has been playing a part in the riots that has been taking place over the last few days. okay, let's move on. it's time for sports and his gemma. thank you rob. its been 11 years since south african gulf east hasan won his 1st and only major by far anyway. but he's put himself in a great position to make it to open championships. the 2010 went at went round 5
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under par on day to to talk to lead a board at 11 under breaking the 36 hole record out the tournament. he stays and has already finished runner up up to majors this year. he's too sharp ahead of colon, more cower. he shall be equal. lowest score of the day at 64, the americans trying to become the 1st player to win to separate majors on they be just a shot further back as a man he knows all about lifting the claret jug jordan faith. the buddy 3 of is opening full holes on the way 283672010 champion francesco one and i had a bit of a night, but at the sick he struggled to get out of a bunker, made a quadruple babies. 7 sco, i've been biased because i've lived in the us my entire life and i love the fans out there, but i think the fans out here could be even better. they cheer for you, walking up to the green, walking up to the t box, and they truly love golf so you can see it. they really appreciate
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a good shot. after 5 years of waiting to take your lympics is just one week away now. and those competing have been warned against a political demonstrations on podiums international olympic committee president thomas back does not want athletes to express their private views during metal ceremonies. but they are allowed to make gestures on the field, provided that on site without disruption and with respect to the fellow competitors back and his vice president john coach, paid separate visits there, washington, and i was actually on friday, the 2 cities hit by atomic bombs in 1945, the olympic and paralympic games that took your 2020 will be a beacon of hope for a better and more peaceful future. we need more solidarity the i as a president, calling for unity there, but the decision to go ahead with the games is still dividing opinion as protests
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in the host to continue. despite the coven 19 cases among, from olympic teams, back is adamant. there's 0 risk to the japanese public, but we spoke to a peaceful try to stephen, wait and take you. and as these pictures here suggest, he says people on the ground remain skeptical. i think the japanese public is not buying it. i think it's impossible to say there's 0 risk you just mentioned we're having every day a smattering of cases. it's impossible for mister bob to say it's going to be perfectly safe. 11000 atlantic athletes, 4400 paralympic athletes coming in here. tens of thousands of more officials, judges me broadcasters, it's impossible, things will not slipped through the cracks, and he knows that. but he can only say they're going to be safe and secure. and before the pandemic struck, this was, this is, and he still says the best prepared city ever. these would have been magnificent games. a stadium behind is by can go, coma is a masterpiece. it was be, it's recently built and looks like it's been in the city forever. these would have been wonderful games,
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but the pandemic took the air out of everything. and then when the japanese organizer had to start reorganizing, the cost started to go up. people start to get skeptical, and they're still skeptical a week from now. we're going to have 1000 people apparently in the stadium that said 68001000 people to see the opening ceremony of the tokyo olympics. that shows you how desperate the situation is and how the ios see despite everything else has to have this on television. that's the money maker, tv makes the money. and so that's what's driving these games forward. i think when it starts, like all epics, you know, we run up to elliptic games are very contentious. they're difficult. this is a massive event to put on. there's always problems when the game start very typically the fans get into it. so judo is a very early event here for japan of jazz, japan does well in judo, i suspect the public will start to raise the flag and wave it. these are after all, very nationalistic driven games. so once the games begin, people will get behind that. i think the japanese public will forget very quickly
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or at least temporarily what went before and they'll get caught up, particularly if they do well know if they disappoint. that could be another another matter. skateboarding has come a long way from the days when board cephas, which is looking for something to do when the waves were com. it's now a multi $1000000000.00 industry and we'll make it to pick davie and take you with the blessing of the sports. greatest name tony hawk, they'll be these people over here that are high performance competitors that will, that will thrive in the lympics setting. and then there are people over here that don't want to be compared to anyone, because it is their art form, and it is their outlet. i love keyboarding in its diversity in that respect, that there are these hard core, more soulful skaters that want to do it on their own terms. they don't want to be judging and anyone else. they want to do it. maybe they want to do it for a living, and they've found some way to make that work, whether it be through social media, or if you indorsements or through exhibitions. i feel like there is plenty of room
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for that because it's a big, big tent know. so the keyboarding now is as big as any olympic sport and has big mainstream sponsors has huge events. so it doesn't seem that far fetched that it would be held on the olympic banner because we already have international big events like that. i doubt that we're going to see any n bds. what we call never been done. sure ex. what i think that when you see the level of skating through the course of the event, you're going to see how it ramps literally and figuratively into way more technical and riskier tricks. and that's what it's going to get really exciting. and that, so is thought for now, i'll be back with some formula. what action a little bit later? jemma. thanks very much indeed, ma'am. the mazda is going to be here in a couple of minutes with more all these stories,
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including more than $1300.00 people missing in western europe after flooding. i'm robotics from thanks for being with the bike. ah, ah ah, ah, ah, ah, brought to you by accenture. let there be change the news
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me brought to you by extension that there be change escaping a wall. finding a new identity, confronting the reality of racism, religion, and the struggle to be accepted, al jazeera, tells the story of what it's like to be lebanese and color strangely a home. once upon
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a time and punishable on al jazeera. oh if you want to help save the world, sneeze into your elbow. in the 125 people confirm dead and more than a 1000, missing as germany and its neighbors left reeling by freak floods on natasha. both are in the belgium 50 over the age where some neighborhoods have been devastated by flood. ah, lo i, marian lives in on watching algae 0. so coming up on the program, this.


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