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our network of channels. ah, you want to help save the world. needs into your own. ah, i this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm rob madison. this is the news are live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. a devastating tool from germany's worst flooding in decades. more than 100 people have died and hundreds more missing. this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated u. s. government ones covered 19 outbreaks or spreading in parts of the country
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where the vaccination rates on low. south africa, as president alleges the violence of looting that gripped the country, was orchestrated similar, i'm opposed will address the nation later this hour. the king of 14, he calls demonstrators satanic, and his 1st public appears after a cracked on an anti monarchy protestors on devin ash with sport. they to go to open championship with south african louis, east haven, still leading the way i'm this is the week to go until the olympics again. but the protests in fact showed no sign of stopping. ah, hundreds of people are missing is the scale of funding in germany and other parts of western europe becomes cleared or at least a $104.00 people have died in germany as tons of villages are swamped with flood water. 1300 people still haven't been found. chance langley?
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marco says the full extent of the disaster may not be known for days. 23 people have also lost their lives in neighboring belgium. 20 of them in the province of yes, at least 10 houses have been swept away. people for more than a 1000 homes have been moved to say for ground candidates. when i finished work midnights, i came back and parked in front of my home. there was no water, it was nothing. no it was going to happen because we had to live to cove it or we were hoping we'd get back in our fees and now there's they do us. so i saw the floods in 1957. it was not as big as this, this is unheard of technical stuff. and the broken levey in southern netherlands has prompted mass evacuations in several villages along the mass river officials. one large gap in the embankment could leave the entire area flooded, step vos, and has more on the rescue efforts in the western gemini city, or since sick. they were trapped in their rooms on the 1st floor when the water
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rose up to 4 meters in no time, at least 12 residence of this home for disabled people died before they could be moved to safety. across the street gabriella wild watched the neighbourhood swiftly turn into a swirling river and feared the worst one it happened. the people on the lower floors have not made it out. i don't know exactly what happened. but the next morning, those who survived were evacuated from their balconies. it's absolutely horrible. i'm living in this region. his whole life. harman angled still can't comprehend what he saw when the water came. panic will panic. i was not only shocked what panic rapidly took the car out and my dog and 2 of my daughter's caps taken care of . i've never seen such destruction before. he was lucky enough to be moved to safety and to find his house still standing upon return on saudi homes washed away by water or destroyed by landslides. many remained missing. nobody expected that. a
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few days of torrential rain could have such a widespread catastrophic impact. confronted with the sheer power of water, people here, a wondering what happened and where all this water came from raising questions about the effect of climate change. and if what was called this once in a century, flock would know happen more frequently. people are saying that this might happen like for now every 510 years or something like that. i'm not sure. and i mean like we try to learn from this. i think like to gather with relatives and friends. louisa who young is trying to clean up the mess at the family house, not knowing where to start. they try to return on thursday, but had to leave once again. the water was still here. we tried to get in the house and get everything up on the like highest point in the house. so and then we just grab also some stuff that we could see that we knew, okay, this is important and now we just left the extent of the damage wont be known for
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days or perhaps weeks. but the memories and trauma of this twist of nature will likely remain with the people here for much longer, that fastened al jazeera syncing in the western part of germany. when natasha battle is in years belgium's worst, her region, she says people there are in shock and say they've never seen floods like this before. was this neighborhood ovalo in the 50 over here? it is one of the worst effects today or is in the city. what some are telling me is that even though they've lived in decades, they've never seen anything like this. they say the war so basically slowed down this street and there was such a force that it for furniture along with it and surround cause as if they were moved toys where the water level rose for about 2 meters. people now are simply trying to clean up the own salvage what they can. they're obviously extremely shaken. if we go through what it was so scary to see the water rise,
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my car in the carriage is totally destroyed. there was water all the way up to here . well some streets in the area is still flooded, and roads are still inaccessible to cause and vehicles. and that is why the only way of accessing some houses is by boat. well, the prime minister felton has called these floods unprecedented and schooled for dave national morning on july 20th for the victims. were you being commissioned chief says that the subs that if it's germany, belgium and another ones that are clear indication of climate change, there's calling for urgent action. the commission has already activated the mechanisms to support and help those member states in this very, very difficult, catastrophic scenario. but it is the intensity. and the length of these events with cy into science tells us it's
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a clear indication of climate change. and that this is something where we really, really, it shows the urgency to, to act so buffy. oper. com is a professor of hydraulics antibiotics structures at the university of liaison in belgium. and we can talk to not thank you very much indeed for being with us on. i'll just 0. if i understand correctly, there's have floods back in 1994, but the devastation wasn't nearly as bad as we're seeing now. what's the difference this time around? reasoning, one of the 1st gave every phase of the resources are much more stream but then 1924. so for me the main reason. so if you've ever got 3 fargo expectations of fargo
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experience in the countries, um what about the cities flood defense is if it had any where are they able or should they have been able to cope with this? and clearly they didn't. why not? so in fact, from the newer tributaries, different, different system was not designed for such an extreme. so the event was design area was the reverse of every song you said when even was free because we already experience this john, the $93.00. we're at the moment one done renovation, just dos, you know, the city and down which we control. what gonna hurt because of these renovations and done? doesn't shock explain why for discharge. so you know what they're really good
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in the past. we have such high what because i'll be done or just going to renovation. so we have to be on the fargo and. and i would say that the respective renovation would be can you tell me how long the renovation on that down have been going on for before? because if i understand what you're saying, if the dam had been functioning properly, the impact of this water would have been significantly less. yes, this is going to be done. no interaction with that interaction with no why we're going to her. so that means in renovation for 2 years,
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duration of the renovation is 3 years given they, we've hired a lot of speculation that this kind of event is going to become there's going to happen more often. our city is likely a is going to have to start looking at improving the dams on the water, the flood prevention systems that they have and spending a lot more money on protecting the cities and the tributaries. so book shows can be a consequence of gaming change. and so i see sexual readers for formica things to, to upgrade the different vista to be able to and with the to i'm doing now just that what we can do at the moment. so that's an epic on we appreciate you being with us and i'll just thank you very much. indeed sir. you went from 20 more ahead on the news including senate all tries to stay ahead of demand for mobile oxygen
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machines. the corporate 1900 delta variance stretches medical facilities to the limit and why china has opened a carbon trading market in a bit to curve its emissions support highlights and lowlights from one to the opium championship, including this nightmare from a former champion. ah, in the us has been 8 and 4 and a half 1000000. covered 900 vaccine doses to indonesia as a battles southeast asia as west corona virus outbreak, indonesia reported a rec, or 1025 virus related decks on friday. it's not recording more daily infections than india. only 6 percent of the population has been vaccinated. the government says things are the worst that could possibly get with at least 56000 new cases in
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just one day. jessica washington has more. here at royal hon cemetery in north dakota, this is one of the designated cove at 900 burial indian nation capital and you just 7 days ago. and already we can see the difference of just how many more grades have been added areas. parts of this field that was empty before and now on the currents that describe side as is the case with many of the covert, 900 burial side in indonesia. it's fond filling out the sun, the impact setting, but there's no end inside the work for these great big is a big tirelessly even having to use heavy machinery like excavators, to keep up with their workload as the desk told. continuous arrive. as indonesia struggle through this wave of covert 19 cases, some cemeteries have even had to extend the operating hours and some operating on
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a 247 basis just so grave diggers can keep up with their workload. and even though the official death toll is more than a 1000 deaths each day, and as tragic as that number is expertise, say that it doesn't reflect the reality on the ground. and even local government data shows that the number of people being buried according to coven 19 protocol, is much higher than the number of confirmed deaths and not suggest that because of indonesia, low rates of testing, many people died before they even had the chance to take a covert 900 tests, and as in asia, hospitals and all the health care facilities overwhelmed by this wave of infection, we are seeing an increase in the death toll because many people are forced to self isolate at home without even the prospect of medical care thailand. has posted a record daily high of corona, virus infections as concern grows about delays in vaccine deliveries. more than
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$9600.00 cases were reported in the last 24 hours. on thursday after the seneca asked for an extension on the delivery of 61000000 vaccine doses. this trillion stay to victoria has begun to snap 5 day locked on. that means about 40 percent of the country's population is not under a stay at home order. the states confirmed 18 cases of the virus so far. the infection spread from sydney, which is also seeing a rise in cases despite heading into its 4th week of a locked on the premier of new south wales is worn. she may taking restrictions further. leaders of the asia pacific trade group, our apec has vowed to expand the sharing and manufacturing of vaccines to fight the pandemic. the agree ramping up in elk relations is the only way out of the global crisis. on st. louis has more friday's meeting come 2 months before the usual annual summit of april leaders held in november. this is the 1st time such an
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additional meeting has been held. new zealand is the host of the asia pacific economic cooperation this year. new zealand prime, mr. jacinta arden said this meeting reflects lead his desire to navigate together out of the cove at 19 pandemic and economic crisis. now the world is facing a resurgence in cove at 19 infections with asia being the epicenter. first, india, now indonesia, reporting rec, quote, numbers, infections and deaths. the leaders of a pack collectively agree that the most pressing issue is vaccines. and they've called for fair access to vaccines saying this needs to be accelerated as the only way out of this pandemic. and they've promised to read double efforts to expand vaccine manufacture and said they will support the voluntary transfer of vaccine production technologies. there was also discussion about economic recovery. apec
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economy's suffered that was contraction last year since the 2nd world war, 81000000 jobs were lost. now leaders discuss ways to sustain their economies with a focus on keeping the markets open. now and there was also talk about how they would safely resume international travel with perhaps the possibility of using vaccine passports, household goods. a warning of arising covered 1900 infections in england, which is days away from lifting all restrictions. more than 51000 new cases were reported on friday, almost all from the delta variant. russia capital is also using corona virus restrictions, despite searching cases, their moscow residence will no longer have to provide proof of vaccination or immunity. public venues. a 5th of nearly 26000 new cases recorded in russia on friday or in the capitals. the number of people infected with covered 19 is rising
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in parts of africa because of the rapidly spreading delta variant. with oxygen in short supply center goals have health ministry is investing in mobile oxygen facilities for health centers. nicholas hoc reports from dakar. 4 year old who me one is getting her tonsils removed, they normally routine operation. if it were not for coven 19 oxygen has become a precious resource. and this the ologist can just cannot afford to waste. she'd ministers it with caution. if someone has no oxygen for just 3 minutes, they will go into cardiac arrest. that could lead to certainly proxy oxygen is vital whether it be for us or for the patient. once you sleep at the machine from oxygen into our system, keeping her alive in the operation room, there are no oxygen tanks. me and 250 patients in need of oxygen are connected to this noise. the machine found in the back of the hospital machine does the
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breathing for them. it takes in ambient air, concentrating the oxygen and pumping it through pipes. the hospital surgery theaters in wards setting, ministry of health ordered these mobile oxygen facilities to all of its public hospitals. just before the cove at 1900 outbreak look just at the medical, oxygen is medicine and without it, we cannot treat patients in many developing countries. there is a lack of access to auction, which means some surgery are cancel because buying oxygen things is too expensive. and so our head of states make hospitals autonomy as an oxygen, a top priority faced with the contagious cove at 900 delta variance, the state is deploying mobile oxygen machines to every health facilities in the country. to ensure surgery can go as planned. this is a crucial part of the post operation phase. it's where patients regained,
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consciousness tends to the steady flow of oxygen. it prevents the patient from running into respiratory distress and help them catch their own breath. every breath counts. a coalition of global health campaigner says 18 low income countries are dealing with an acute oxygen shortage. most are in africa. the cues multinational companies of overcharging oxygen supply buying oxygen used to be the hospitals biggest expense. now that we don't depend on it, we invest that money into pink staff on time, and ensuring better treatment. who me is slowly waking up from a surgery that would not be possible without oxygen and essential and life saving resource. that so many lead the face of a 3rd wave of cove in 1900 infections in africa. nicholas hawk al jazeera the car.
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that's what he's king, has made his 1st public remarks, the following weeks of protest announcing the monarchy. it called the demonstrators satanic and accused them of taking the country backwards. and teacher's union says, police 5 tear gas and water cannon to disperse crowds. as protested, gathered again on friday. dozens of people have been reportedly killed and injured, since the valleys began in june. maximum domain is one of the organizers of the protests in s what any he's joining us from there. now, thank you very much indeed for being with us. why do you think that the king used such a provocative word as satanic to describe the protesters where the king was proj, nor, and then how drunk having been charge of the country as soon as when he was 18 years old. so he things on the cons and people know there was no say into how things are so you can results of an option. what, you know,
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the premise thinking that everyone must give me just a good thing that can be told to do whatever they want. so that's why does not actually takes us. yes or whatever is happening is i was wondering in the way that you wanted to be us been out. ok. and that's how i can actually define is his response in the ways to the nation today. given the fact that as far as i understand that the, the king has, as you say, absolute power in that he has the final decision on almost every decision that is made in the country. how, how much do you think it is likely that you are going to be able to force change within expertise in a given the fact that there is so much power centered on the king? where today he goes all the rooms for carlo and the net bush issued supplements
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with the people of what the because we all hope will that may be 2 days nor a same do not to target the condo for it's to be part of the process. know, to lead to data day to dialogue agenda negotiation. but to day close to all that, you know, by insulting the people making more of the whole process by the, to make it west, you know, to dave the people of what they call in 4 days of their payment by today, nor to prove them that they're not being just appointed another me to be paid menus . so i think is those all the rooms look and negotiations and i think size is now live to nothing but also an option of going to district until he actually was out of the punch. so i don't think he's willing to talk, it doesn't, didn't fix it, ask you, he does not want to talk to dialogue and there's only one way out now because of
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the people they remain on the street to demand for a general watch in mind. and your democrat to get this issue in the couch that has already been a great deal of violence on the streets and i've seen estimates the damage that is being caused during the protest is around 200000000 dollars. how far are the demonstrators under protesters prepared to go to try to change things in s for teeny where they are people that makes the majority of the country, nor to mines, not to allow all says, you know, to be able to or just meant, know it's only in the way your, the ration of the population of god not saying to how it's you know, saw this taking just what you need to run to run the list, you know,
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where they are or the most efficient. but yeah, because you cannot continue to live, you know, in the stage of religion says in poverty, you know, must be an oppressed. so these are getting back to where we are right now. what you're left with is just by just trying to find new forms of strategies or to be applicable. and let me just one question. before i let you go, we have, we're reporting that there have been dozens of people allegedly killed as part of the process. are the protest. organize is prepared to allow more people in expertise to die in order to force change. know the people are killed by the arm and so i was actually just pace, you know, the army to peacefully put just us that just been going on the streets to demand for dialogue in mind for them across. so is the 1st of its kind to him. so this was
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a mission, that's the army. then even the king to so much people you know, they're talking about. so when the people that just been killed by the army, that you've been better than confirmed, quoted to some of the people. so if no one wants to pay more people, you know, for other people to be able to get it done, it's going to be open his head this way. i put him on de, just another court to look into his case to say, how can it this page and i'm going to go and should, you know, we'd like france, no history for just us. just reminding you know, to their own, to have democracy if they don't give you. all right. so that is why j h is in when i started, when people to the kids, we don't want to because you know which one is meant to ask for the past. it is old. we have been leading bits were struck by them. so ideas been, i'm starting, you know, i'm wondering when you are yes, we were tallied with imprisonment with the also the must people. so these that if
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you would just under protest does not want to kill and the much back. so don't, i mean thank you for joining us and all the 0. no, thank you very much bye. so if i, because president says it's economic recovery is being hit after a week of violence and looting that's killed at least $212.00 people settles. i'm opposed to says the unrest was planned and coordinated, and that authorities have identified 12 suspects. the president says 25000 soldiers will patrol the streets to stop more stealing and fighting brides, began after former president, jacob zillow was sent to jail last week. president trauma post is used to address the nation later. the sound founded smith is included in the towel where the president spoke earlier. he has this update on the shortage of basic goods because of the ryans people's been queueing here for hours for bread and of a basic is one of the only shops and petrol stations that wasn't torn in the looting and writing that swept through this part of durban,
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in the days after the jailing form of present jacob zoom and current presidents are all rom opposed to being in town. he says that he will not allow i'm a key and they have to prevail. and it's quite clear that this all these incidents, invest and looting where instigated instigators, people who planned it coordinated it. the main shall and b, p refineries and opened up for more than 48 hours, shut down. but there is still a backlog in demand for fuel and south africa's consumer goods council. he's warning of a humanitarian disaster unless security is provided for delivery vehicles and stop working and manufacturing plant and in stores. that is because the council believes that the com that is failing now is precarious. the president says there are 25000
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stroup troops now in the streets of kazi luna tau on housing provinces to keep the peace and hope that the economy can start moving again. still ahead and order 0 more on the you can only term are facing lebanon after a resignation of its prime minister designate and with more on the cold, but the cuban american community for better living conditions for their relatives. on the communist one island with skateboarding about to make the limpid debut, we'll hear from the sports greatest ever name that's coming up later with jemma. ah, the, the hello, the rain clouds have been gathering across southern parts of the middle east and we are light. it to see once per the flooding of many pounds for the reason last class
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showing up on the satellite pitcher. is it a storm ahead of that? it's known as a boob coming in behind beliefs of the kind of conditions that one of 2 spots of st . across some parts of the area, chiefly into a mon, into yemen, southern parts of saudi arabia. we'll see the worst of the rainfall as we go one through the next couple days. but we could see that weather weather also making his way up towards us here in concert. there we go. that was just flooding across the u . e. nothing up towards doha. don't be surprised to see a shower as we go through saturday and on into sunday, some showers to also extend their way into parts of southern and west than iran over the next couple of days. further north, today's january dry fusion i was around the caucasus pushed back further south. we got the shelves continual central part of africa. so in the south sedans, seeing some heavy downpour. central african republic, all the way across towards the gulf of guinea, south of that. it is generally dry, but we have got a few showers in the forecast across the eastern parts of africa, chiefly into were mozambique some on shore showers, just drifting in here, maybe
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a shower or 2 into towns near and we are like, did he want us to have showers for that eastern side of madagascar. ah, the mineral central to the quest for clean energy. a key ingredient for the production of electric car batteries, cobalt extracting that is dangerous. profitable, with global demand set the skyrocket. people in power investigate claims that industrial mines contracting the precious material needed for cleaner energy. are in fact, poisoning the environment with dire health consequences for those living in their shadow. the cost of coal, both people in power on and just, you know, literally guides dine disproportionate numbers on that ever. leaving behind widows who struggled to survive. one on a meets the ship, a women defying tradition to conquer the world's part bounced on. i was just.


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