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unprompted and uninterrupted discussion from london broadcast santa ana, ah, more than a 1000 people are missing and doesn't have died in germany's west whether dissolve in decades. ah, there understands the pay and this is out of their life and also coming up. so the african president vows he will not allow anaki as the clean up continues from days of view thing and rising we get red access inside a conflict in northern european where
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a territory is disputed between 2 ethnic community and nearly ready for the games a winter olympics beckoned for china against the backdrop of the corona virus and writes issue ah, well, more than 1700 people are now missing in western europe after severe flooding. at least 81 people have died in germany, which is experiencing its west weather disaster and decades. its towns and villages, as you can see, that has been left devastated. german chancellor anglo michael says she fears the full extent of this disaster will still not be known for days. sebastian has the latest this is what residents and storm better part of germany woke up to record rainfall calls major rivers to birthday bang a few from the ear
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showing the full extent of the devastation in the states of rhineland for latin 8 and north ryan west valia. c cars were tossed around like toys and the rising water homes and businesses washed away as the flooding in some areas, receipts that though rises with several people still missing. rescue efforts are on the way to bring friend to safety. in the village is cut off by flood water and landslide helicopters, pluck, people from their rooftop i was told to give to you see here now is worse than after a bombing raid. and this is guaranteed to take 10 years. the people are all broke. the businesses have been hurt, so it's just horrible. now. on a visit to the united states, the german chancellor promised to do everything possible to help. and for the mention in the phones compete in these a terrible day. so people and flooded areas. my thoughts with you and you can trust
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that all the forces of our government, federal, regional, and community will do everything in difficult conditions to save lives. alleviate dangerous and relieved distress over the border in neighboring belgium flood waters . read through the villages, merging homes that mean we don't do all around midnight. i heard a scary noise. i looked through the window and i saw that there was a torrent of water, at least 50 to 60 centimeters, di what i thought. and in the netherlands, several care homes were evacuated with some local residents, draven by tracked to safety. people who have really been taken by surprise, they've never seen so much water inundating their cities and driving them away from their home. extreme web platter has been paralyzing large parts of this border region here between belgium, germany and the national and more to ranch rain is forecast and with it fears of for devastation. it's been called the ones in
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a generation flood and it isn't over yet. and step also sent us this update a short time ago from bon in germany. the extent of the damage as angle america less had, can be known in days from now and it became very clear to me last night when i was driving around for hours in north riding west wiley, where the communication lines are completely cut off. there's no phone, there's no internet and also many, many roads blocked so people are basically locked up in that area. you could see the extent of the damage. dia, visibly very strong. current of water has damage, houses has damage, roads has damage, shops, everything was close. people were really looking for food and some water to drink. so supplies are running short pretty quickly. and as you can actually really feel, when you talk to people there, they will very much caught by surprise, by this immense amount of water. people here are questioning, where did all this water come from once in the 100 years,
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so this rainfall has effected this area and germany is going through an election campaign right now. so climate change suddenly is on top of this agenda. of course, it's not clear how the effect is of climate change, but there are experts we're saying that because also hot weather more rain can fall very suddenly and a lot of people now start to believe. yeah, this is definitely the impact of climate change. but of course, the 1st concern now is to save people who are still stuck and cut off from communication. rescue work is are all very active in the area, but some regions have not been reached yet. meanwhile, floods and landslides of also killed at least 6 people, and ne, in turkey, houses there collapsed and cause were swept away and read a province on the black sea coast. as you can see them on slides also destroyed t plantations. the rain has blocked access to dozens of villages and cut power supplies. while the mayor of a canadian city hit by a tornado says,
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it's incredible that no one was killed and swept through the city of barrie, north of toronto on thursday, cause in what was described as catastrophic damage. several homes were damaged while gas and power lines were also effected. 8 people were taken to hospital 4 of them in a serious condition. now moving on and south africa, as president says, it's economic recovery has been hit after a week of violence and losing that's killed. at least a 117 people. federal rama person says the unrest was planned and coordinated, and authorities have identified 12 suspects. the president says $25000.00 soldiers will now be patrolling the streets to stop further losing violence. as rise began after former president jacob's duma was sent to jail last week. we will not allow on a key and may have to just unfold in our countries. it is most unfortunate
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that so much damage has been done to the country and people have lost their lives. that is the most, most most contending issues. her mom says across all of this for us from johanna back her after the chaos the last week. some really strong went there from wrong person. it's the 1st time the president, of course, has visited quite natal province since the irish began. and you see it that he admit that his government could have reacted foster to prevent mass looting violence and destruction. he promise more security forces will be sent to volatile places. the country disease is concerned about growing racial tensions in the area . we is what we think people, some local people, the community fed up of the looting and the violence set up, the july and t groups. and it's alleged that have african of indian descent are stopping black advocates from entering an area because they may suspect that so the
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black south africans might want to come and living. so all that is that been the patients over the past few days. now this problem is crucial its way most of the violence occurred. it's where most people died according to beliefs, mostly bits of code where people tried to read that more than factory than warehouses. so there was a big that pete, some of them fowl. they were traveled on and died when the house was hit on fire. people died in those warehouses as well. so a lot of volatility in that area. right? we've seen though that there has been some really polluting, but it's not as bad as it used to be. a few days ago i heard you say the president was speaking there from kamacho, inquisitive and tell where it all really, really kicked off. so how is that africans around the rest of the country reacting to the violence and the violence, especially that spread? well, the other place where there was a lot of violence was in and around. your head is not as now relatively calm here
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and the focus now was just cleaning up. so if you drive, there are places where the protest took place. you think people coming back, opening their businesses, salvaging what they can trying to get along with life. with this as the cabinet, sometimes even the community members coming in to help these women as we stop the cells. for example, what's interesting is that you also speak to people in the ground to say, you know, i watch people looting. i watch people burning. i saw them destroy a supermarket that we all go and buy off, but for me, because it's so cheap, it's convenience is just on the roads. now it's god is burned to the ground. we now must look what was further or drive further to get to place to get basis of commodities that people are not feeling the pinch of these days. the one race and the general sentiment is that a lot of them just once the rest stops that involved with their life. her roommate, asa, there was all the letters forth from johanna back. thanks so much. hi. now moving
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on, an amnesty international says police in ethiopia have detained dozens of to grands and what appears to be an ethnically motivated operation. the right group says the arrests were carried out in the capital, addis ababa during the last 2 weeks, with many denied to due process. amnesty says that john lists and activists have also been targeted and they include at least 11 reporters covering that conflict in the northern region. while some of them has been released on bail, the group says hundreds still remain in detention and unknown locations. and now after a brief law and the fighting the conflict into where i may be about to escalate again, several different regions and now sending their own fighters to support government troops against to grind rebels. the regional government says it's increasing more fighters to join that battle in the north. and are amir, that's if you're p as largest region is also doing the same. well, the deputy president of ethiopia, as i'm region phantom under for,
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has told out there additional forces has now been deployed to those borders with t ry. it's the county ground fighters who launched a new offensive there earlier this week. out of there got reg, government access to a disputed region in western te gray from where catherine sawyer reports. i'm horace special forces and the few p and federal police. at a check point in my car, they're passing through require identification papers who won't rare, regional government guided trip. but he didn't filming the forces and a militia called funnel was difficult. the town claimed by both the em. hara anti grand ethnic communities was under t guys. administration before the war started in november, it's one of the was the atrocities happened. hundreds of people were killed. the communities accuse each other's fighters of committing it. gathered mass gal manghese to a farmer says a dispute about regional buddha territories goes back decade. all the glare leaders
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want to come on for shadowy, the recreated assistant that film. and then when the war and the power will not visit our land, to gran fighters are now pushing south midwife. they say they're taking back territory seized by higher forces in the last 8 months of conflict, political and military leaders in the capital, harder, i get increasingly nervous about the gains being made by t great. defense forces. they'll say they'll do whatever it takes to protect their land and people the regions vice president shoes as a $985.00 map their places march of the dispute territories in horror region. the borderline have however, since been redrawn he thousands when the t cry people's liberation front or t p a left to power. you the next to the land to take right. we have never, ever accepted the amount of people in the regional government hasn't over indoors, it will have never been consulted. so whenever you say historical dispute as if it
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takes us some years behind and one time it was there, another time it was you, that's what you call dispute. it has never been. so it couldn't be just a dispute. it was rather taken uni, literally by that period if it was decided mom higher forces and now being deployed to the front lines. but the vice president also called on people here to defend themselves. i think they, they should be aware of and be informed be on the same platform that is where whenever the address of scale, at least they have to prepare themselves in any way it to defend in any mechanism that they have to take up arms. yes. many to grands who lived in my car and then near by whomever a town house led to refugee comes across the buddha in sudan, who still here recently held protest against the guys political leadership and its
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forces. it was not clear to us if they were on the streets willingly or had been classed. every interview we tried to do was in the presence of a minder with a gun that the grands were afraid to speak openly. catching story all jazeera harrow region. if you'll be a while still ahead here on algebra, lebanon plunges deeper into economic turmoil. for the resignation of its prime minister, designates, installed new engines. one of america's largest ca shows is back in gear. after the pandemic slammed on the brakes. ah ah hello, we have the possibility of a developing tropical storm just to the northeast of the philippines, little clutch storms that will make its way. furthermore, with over the next couple of days,
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push across saying that china thailand has seen some very heavy rain recently. and a 2 millimeters of rain in the space of 24 hours shell is continuing across much of indo china, the wet weather. se asia will be across the philippines as well. what is his shower? was there to malaysia, plenty of showers into indonesia and wet weather here, moving away from sal away. see just nothing a little further east with as we go one through sunday. they go see that telling system just to the north of the screen. they're pushing. furthermore, with an up towards the north west pacific. meanwhile, across australia we can the large, dry weather. now we've had what a battering of storms are rolling across the southeastern corner. quite a squeeze on our i suppose he is so strong and gusty winds, gal force winds in places with showers, a rattling through more of that as we go on through saturday. some heavy rain coming into southeast and part of south australia, 3 victoria possibility of snow over the high ground at western when the weather
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sweeping across new zealand as we go one through sunday. but the top we come to monday, finding a good deal quieter. the weather bag, energy and changes to every part of our universe or small to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your oh a
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hello again, i'm the cells. you're paying a reminder about your stories, the salad, more than $1300.00 people and are missing and western europe off to severe flooding . at least $93.00 people are now confounded in germany, which is experiencing at west whether dissolves, in decades. south africa, presidents has the week long unrest already killed 117 people have planned and coordinated to around the pose that says 25000 soldiers will patrol the streets to stop found a new thing and violence here appears. regions on sending fighters to the north to support government troops that it's raised concerns that the contract was to grow and rebels may be on the verge of escalation. again. lebanon's political and economic crisis has deepened after its prime minister designate, resigned, for failing to form and your government saunter rearing suggestion for a cabinet was rejected by the president. then a 100 reports. now from
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a long political struggle has just become more difficult to resolve. lebanon's prime minister designate, sad, and heady, has been locked in and 9 months power struggle with president michelle has failed to form his 4th governments. that's my front raise. i met with the president and he demanded what i deem as substantial change to the formation of the government. i suggested to the president if he needed more time to consider my proposal, but he saw no prospect for agreement. for these reasons, i stepped down with the political paralysis is expected to accelerate the country's economic collapse. lights are out. most of the day, the cast struck states fairly has money to buy fuel and there is a shortage of medicine making life a daily struggle. as more lebanese are pushed into poverty, the local currency, which already lost 95 percent of its value in recent months,
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has depreciated further. and the hours following had it is announcement, lebanon needs the government to put in place and economic recovery plan. but that government has to be able and willing to carry out reforms in state institutions. that's the condition set by the international community, which was refusing to issue blank checks after decades of corruption. but there's also the regional dynamic lebanon is entangled in the power struggle between mainly she iran and saudi arabia, which used to be an influential player here. and the financial supporter to the mainly sunday muslim pro western camp. it too has stepped, the site. saudi arabia is deeply concerned about their growing power and role of hezbollah. another beneath political arrangement would look forward for any kind of solution that will curtail has of all, as it all in the country, the anger among lebanon,
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send the spilled onto the streets. they have long complained their power as a community is being taken away and any attempt to name a new prime minister without the support of the semi leadership headed by heavy the wrong of the crisis. the previous prime minister was chosen by the president and his muslim she'll they believe that since the rival origin alone to the presidency he is trying to confiscate or to restore part of the law secretion authorities. the show are actually they have no problem, whatever the situation is, is for their benefits. and they know that any changes in this political system is going to be for their benefit. and for this benefit, because from 5050, we're going to move to one sort of part. today, the state is deadlocked. the power sharing agreement between religious communities, which ended lebanon civil war in 1990, no longer seems to be working center for the elder sita, beta,
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and colored surprised winning indian fletcher journalist has been killed in afghanistan, kandahar district donors. the de, he worked for the reuters news agency and with writing with the afghan special forces, he was caught in the crossfire between taliban and african troops in the spin bolduc chairman border area on despite the fighting man, the keyboard of crossing with pakistan in that area has reopened after an agreement with the taliban symbol, the chairman is county. afghanistan's 2nd busiest crossing and taliban fighters have been seizing large parts of the country, following the withdrawal of us and allied troops. charlotte bellis report now from couple here. talk the spin folder. crossing reopening and escal stuck in pakistan, scrambles were chance to get home thousands wasted. hopeful that pakistan would allow the passage after the taliban took control of the afghan side of the crossing by force. it took 2 days of talks, movement to start again. mother,
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she got the box on the got him. i don't know, but the focused on the soldiers are not letting us go. they told us that there is fighting with tom on the other side. we don't know what is happening. ben bolduc is a logistical lifeline for southern afghanistan. $900.00 trucks usually passed through here each day. they carry much needed supplies. they pay customs duties that are no longer going into government coffers. the thousands, every day it is a portal to see family and friends on each side of the border as the muslim holiday eat approaches. this should be one of its busiest time with that, but i found that mom because of the, the borders closed and we were waiting in these hot temperatures. since my son just had surgery. i'm a widow and you can see all the people waiting here. we filmed the telephone on the pocket stone side of the border, one signal, the victory sign, a hit, the cast ticket with the telephone, low, good telephone flags written among the waiting crows. in pakistan's closest tone
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sharmen taliban fighters, most freely. the support for the army group was on public display. in afghanistan, they recorded themselves and spin, bowed up town in an effort to show life continuing as normal. and that all of the people are very happy they were trying with happiness. i was asking people to get back as they rushed at us, but they were saying we were waiting for you guys for the last 20 years. but in pakistan, in temperatures of near 40 degrees, the mood was not joyous. many travelers telling us they just want me to the conflict and the disruption it brings out on your what was one p one fighting one piece and whoever will deliver it, if it will be the government or the tunnel path. we want to new lanet country without fighting. that is all we want. will spin, bolduc is the most significant. the taliban has taken a handful of border crossings and it's going to sound north,
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west and east and recent weeks. against this backdrop of taliban gains, president ashura connie is known as pakistan for an urgent regional summers. charlotte dallas out 0 cobble on thailand has posted a record daily high of current of ice infections as concern mounts about delays and vaccine delivery there. more than 9600 cases were reported in the last 24 hours on a central businesses of clothes and movements, been restricted in several provinces since the weekend. and then on thursday, after seneca asked for an extension on the delivery of 61000000 vaccine doses on the opening ceremony for the term carolyn pick games is now just a week away. but organizers continue to be widely criticized by the japanese public for even holding the event. that head of the international olympic committee has been in harassment. visiting a peace memorial there, more than 70000 people signed a petition opposing his visit during this pandemic,
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current of virus cases arising in japan and tokyo is still under a state of emergency. he was gonna do the damn. it's not that i don't want him to come, but when thinking about the safety of the athlete, it is my opinion that it is not necessary for him to come all the way to hiroshima when the risk is high on the roof. i think we, i see is just focused on ways to make money because i didn't, i mean, more venue for next years, winter olympics and beijing nearing completion. china's hosting of the games that has been shrouded and controlled with various groups and governments, highlighting allegations of human rights abuses and should young and, and hong kong. katrina, you reports not from young jacko, north of aging, brand new $1000000000.00, ski and snow of facilities. and a newly constructed olympic village organizes up to 2022 winter games, se venues in jung junko on the northern outskirts of beijing are just 2 months from completion. by the way, the, the beijing winter olympics is
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a very open event. i hope it will give people around the world something positive to focus on. especially with the pandemic. the winter olympics, a juice opened in february, just 6 months after the summer games and took care. but rising corbett 19 infections across the region, a worrying organizes chinese poor, it has been closed since march last year, and distorted. haven't indicated when they will reopen the current virus isn't the only challenge organizers are facing. staging will be the 1st city to horse both the summer and the winter olympics. the 2008 games took place just as china was starting to emerge as a leader on the world stage. in 2022. it's image and status will be vastly different. crackdowns of the democracy movement at hong kong and allegations of human rights abuses against the weaker minority. and she and john have prompted calls for a bully caught on thursday british m. p. 's voted to state a diplomatic boy called of what they dubbed the genocide games. last week. you
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parliament voted to do the same. the votes, art binding, white group say they send a strong message saying you're going to visit him. i, you know, in human rights abuses in hong kong, him and china. chinese authorities deny human rights abuses are being committed and say a bully caught will not succeed. the i or c headed by thomas park says the olympics should not be influenced by politics. in john doc: oh, preparations continue. china has pledge to deliver a green and inclusive winter olympics, but how many people will be invited or choose to attend remains in question. katrina, you are the 0 young jackal aging. when kasha is in the united states are back on the road off the gas of more than a year because of the pandemic. chicago is hosting america's 1st major event nearly 16 months. john henderson has been then checking out the latest set of wheels on
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offer. consumers start your engine. the auto aficionados are rolling into chicago's mccormick, place convention center for the 1st time since the pandemic put the brakes on car shows. it feels awesome like the after last year being canceled. we're just happy to be out again in some we've had plenty of time to consider their favorite cars. and i'm reading my nail weimer guinea. shiana. lambert gainey. strong arm are you need a hurricane eval. i'm are getting you mentioned are all my car. oh a station wagon the chicago auto show in february 2020 was the last major car event held before the pandemic shut down conventions entirely. and now which the 1st to reopen, breed has no mask. the you're excited sick again. i am. it's shorter and duration
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smaller in size in later in the year than usual. but the 1st major auto show in the u. s. is here to be followed by shows across the country for the shows host. it couldn't come soon enough though. good to be open and they have the public streaming through the doors to come in enjoying the show. i mean, we're at a rating thursday morning our earlier that we usually open, but they're still here. so we're thrill thrilled to be open with evolving covered rules. this show got approval for outdoor displays on wednesday, a day before the public walk through the doors. a lot of car shows are held in winter. this one was postponed from february due to the pandemic, and that opens the opportunity in summer time for an urban adventure. for a test drive.
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on the restart of annual car shows is fueling in economic revival. mccormick, places had $230.00 event kansas in march 2020 a loss of $3100000000.00 in economic impact. but with car shows opening from new york to los angeles over the coming weeks, that's a boost to the economic engine of cities across the us. john hindering al jazeera chicago. ah, i know that this is algebra, and these are the headlines. more than 1700 people that are missing in western europe after severe flooding and b 93 people have died in germany, which is experiencing its west, where the disaster and decades stepped out and has worn out from bond in germany. people are basically locked up in that area. you could see the extent of the damage
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dear. a visibly very strong current of water has damage. houses has damage, roads has damage shops, everything was.


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