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0 ah, al jazeera, when ever i have another person say come and live on prime minister doesn't a thought hurry step. so sending the economy into another fruitful ah, other mon, calling this out, is there a life and also coming up police in haiti say they detain the head of security for the presidential palace as they investigate the assassination of fuller presence over no moist and tied on reports a daily record high of corona,
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virus infections. as a vaccine program faces a potential floods wreak havoc in europe as at least 60 people are killed. off the heavy rains, destroyed homes and ah, lebanon's prime minister designate thought harry, stepping aside after the president refused to approve his suggested cabinets the countries been without a functioning government for 9 months. harry's resignation comes as lebanon is gripped by an unprecedented financial crisis. that holds reports from beirut. along political struggle has just become more difficult to resolve. lebanon's prime minister designate sad, and hetty has been locked in a 9 month power. struggle with president michelle. our own has failed to form his 4th governments. that's my front res. so i met with the president and he demanded
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what i deem as substantial change to the formation of the government. i suggested to the president if he needed more time to consider my proposal, but he saw no prospect for agreement. for these reasons, i stepped down. the political paralysis is expected to accelerate the country's economic collapse. lights are out. most of the day. the cash struck save barely has money to buy fuel, and there is a shortage of medicine making life a daily struggle. as more lebanese are pushed into poverty, the local currency which already lost 95 percent of its value in recent months, has depreciated further in the hours following heavy it is announcement level needs the government to put in place an economic recovery plan. but that government has to be able and willing to carry out reforms in state institutions. that's the condition set by the international community, which was refusing to issue blank checks after decades of corruption. but there is
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also the regional dynamic lebanon is entangled in the power struggle between mainly she or iran, and saudi arabia, which used to be an influential player here. and the financial supporter to the mainly some, the muslim pro western camp. it too, has stepped the site. saudi arabia is deeply concerned about the growing power and role of hezbollah and 11 is political arrangement would look forward for any con, a solution that will curtail has the ball as it all in the country. the anger among lebanon suddenly spilled onto the streets. they have long complained their power as a community is being taken away. and any attempt to name a new prime minister without the support of the leadership headed by how do they won't solve the crisis. the previous prime minister was chosen by the president and his muslim she or allies they believe that since the arrival
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of general own to the presidency he's trying to confiscate or to restore part of the law secretion authorities this year are actually they have no problem. whatever the situation is, is for the benefits, and they know that any changes in this political system is going to be for their benefit. and for this benefit, because from 5050, we're going to move to one sort of part to day the state is deadlocked. the power sharing agreement between religious communities, which ended lebanon's civil war in 1990, no longer seems to be working center for the elder sita, beta. there's an international reaction to her every resignation. france, which has historic ties with living on called it another terrible incident. the secretary of state entity blink, and also issued a statement accusing lebanon's political class of squandering the last 9 months. he went on to say, leaders in beirut must urgently put aside parties on differences and form
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a government that serves the lebanese people. that is what the people of lebanon desperately need. the head of security for haiti's presidential palace has been taken into custody in connection with the assassination of president juvenile. my last week it comes as authorities turned to a group of inside as far as her lopez, haughty and has more investigators in haiti are looking into whether the assassination of president john emily's was an inside job. now, the man in charge of securing the presidential palace dmitri, her art, has been taken into custody for questioning months before the assassination. he reportedly made several visits to columbia. for most of the suspected assassins are from outside to the detention falls. a report from a colombian tv news station claiming that interim president, minister cloud, joseph is the mastermind behind the assassination accusations. the government says
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are out right, fly be. and as the most, the form in the national police formerly denies the allegations in which haitian and foreign investigators have supposedly found clues that link interim president claud joseph to the assassination of jovan, out mo, ease. the leading prosecutor says haitians deserve answers about how the group appeared to easily infiltrate the president's residence on july 7th. when it's an embarrassment because to assassinate president at his home, where he lived is just terrible at an international level where talking about murdering a president. it's embarrassing columbia police says it's initial investigation shows. former soldiers were hired to capture the president and hand him over to us drug enforcement authorities. according to the information provided by the
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colombians, they plan to arrest the president. and according to them, handy me over to the da you as president, jo, via and says military assistance to haiti will be limited, were only sending american marines to our embassy to make sure that they are secure and nothing is out of whack at all. but the idea of sending american forces into haiti is not on the agenda at this moment. with the investigation now involving several governments. more questions are being raised about who orchestrated the assassination. and why castillo? this was a young elisha 0. can i? this is janice with haiti, liberty newspaper, which has investigated the allegations. he says some of the suspected assassins may have been misled about the mission. while he was in the palace, he was in his residence and they had a security detail of only 3 agents there. i don't think dmitri arrived was among
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them. he oversees the whole unit. so he may have had some cahoots in it. they say he made trips to columbia. i haven't confirmed that. but it seems for sure that the actual trigger men were colombians, from what he deliberately learned yesterday from a source who spoke directly to martine movies in, in the hospital in miami. and so we believe that there may have been some sort of help. maybe he got, they got, he provided the layout of the place because clearly they were prepared. they knew where they were going and what they were doing. it was a very well financed operation. according to the washington post report that came out a few hours ago. it seems there were sort of 2 parts of the team, an inner circle in an outer circle, if you wear will. and it seems, a lot of the mercenary may have thought they were in fact body guards and going to
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protect this unfortunate do who is being held. i know christian emanuel, i know, and it was a smaller core. it seems. it was 7 soldiers who actually machine gun, the president and his wife. so, you know, it may have been a plot within a plot, so to speak. and even some of the mercenaries were duped in talons posted the record daily high of krona virus infections is concerned over delays in vaccine deliveries. $9600.00 cases were reported last 24 hours. non essential businesses have been closed and movement has been restricted in several provinces since the weekend on thursday afternoon. all right, i asked for an extension on the delivery of 61000000 vaccine doses. not
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tony chang joins us live from bangkok. let's begin in thailand. tony, it's no exaggeration say that thailand is actually struggling it's really struggling. i think if you look back 12 months ago, people here were reading stories about cities like new york, where the ambulances were racing through empty streets with people and take recovered 19. now they're saying that here themselves, and it's a real problem, as you mentioned today with another grim records, the time that we've seen that broken several times this week or so the number of daily deaths from cove at 19 that speed increasing. we haven't quite hit the 10000 mark of daily infections that the government thought we will be getting to some states this week, but that is just around the corner. we're at 9600 today. and i think there's also a mounting sense of frustration here with the government. you mentioned that delay
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in the delivery of astrazeneca vaccines which have desperately needed here. we've seen that tight government announced this week that they want to promoter a cocktail of different vaccines. that's something the w h o says is not advisable, but tons is very much vague based as the vaccination program on sign evac and astrazeneca. well, the sign of peer is not to be performing very well, particularly with those people who have the delta variance. and i think the government's trying to cover it so by giving people who have had a 1st sign of astrazeneca afterwards. but these are 2 very different vaccines in the medical professions concerned about that. nonetheless, while the government has said it's trying to source other vaccines, they haven't yet arrived and they won't get here until later in the year. and i think that's a real problem. we've also seen bad economic news, economic projections for this year scale back from 3.4 percent,
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the growth down to $2.00. and i think that's a reflection that thank this process, which many people thought was going to be easing this year is going on with those lock downs in place. but the restrictions on travel with the tourist spence. no one's coming in to thailand. the economy is not looking good for the foreseeable future. well, let's stay with the region and me. and the next, the general is there seems to be telling the role that everything is a okay, but that's not really the case. is it? it's no, we've heard senior gentlemen on lie who let the crew and for the 1st saying other in the week that there was no problem with oxygen supply, where you just have to look on social media to see q off the q and most most major cities of people coming up with mt oxygen tanks that they desperately need to be filled to take back to family members. and the reason they're doing that is because there are very few medical services. it is
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a desperate situation. there's also reports, a people just dropping dead in the streets because the crew is non medical services, the essential medical needs and supplies. they need to know the and the vaccination program has effectively ground to a home. tony cheng, the in buying coat. thank you very much. the philippines is detected 1st locally transmitted case of the delta variance of 19 neighboring countries are seeing a search and infections driven by the move more contagious strain. now on wednesday, the philippines announced a band on travelers from indonesia, which is battling southeast asians worst outbreak. the highest ranking doctor in the us says miss information about vaccines is threatening to threatening if it's the end. the pandemic surgeon general murphy is urging tech companies to help out the white house, those 12 problems. anti vax is responsible for 2 thirds vaccine misinformation on
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social media and still coming out 0 me a fond farewell. i'm going to merkel makes her last trip to washington. as jeremy chancellor disagreements were going and take on the census, the lebanese film director who sees government intervention as a personal challenge. ah hello, here's something we don't get to say too often. there's looking like some rather wet weather coming in across the middle east over the next couple of days, particularly cost southern areas of the arabian place. a lot of cloud sharing up here. and the will also be a lot of rain driven in almost southwesterly winds, season widespread shallots, it will cause some localized. putting some flash floods is certainly something to keep an eye out for where to weather all the way up into southern parts. so saudi
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arabia as you go 13, friday and there's more of that to come as we go on through saturday. so i think we all like to see pretty damaging floods over the next few days. and certainly disruptive, not to show was any rain hearing console, but it's on the call side 37 celsius hot enough to the north of that, the queue wait. and also for baghdad, fine try and sunny across the levant over the next couple of days. as far as the sunshine danica good part of egypt coming to the therapy and hide has got a rash of showers here. just rolling off the high ground for me to refile the heaviest showers to down towards you can buy, we'll see some showers there. so i was not quite sure why, but across central africa as they should be. but they all then have a last, they push a cross into a good part of cameroon, and on into nigeria. southern parts of africa generally looking dry, the refuse showers into, as in bob way and more showers the most m. b, the odyssey of the world. and picks the fascinating story of a prisoner exchange,
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negotiated through intermediaries on behalf of us and israel, a story of brinkman ship and bartering, a captive israeli soldier for palestinian prisoners as recalled by media players from both sides. anatomy of a prisoner exchange. on out his ear ah ah, you're watching out there a reminder of all top stories. 11 i was probably gonna said does that sound hurry, stepping aside after the president refused to approve it suggested cabinet. now the
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country has been without a functioning government for 9 months is facing an unprecedented economic crisis. ahead of security for haiti's presidential palace has been arrested in connection with the assassination of president german mice is expected to face coursing over why the attack is we're able to enter the president phone. the parent is last week, and thailand is posted a record daily hiv crowd of ours infections as concern mounts delays in vaccine deliveries. more than $9600.00 cases reported in the last 24 hours us present. joe biden has met with the outgoing german chancellor at the white house. it's a farewell visit buying merkel whose term has spanned for american presidencies. but they were lingering disorder agreements between the 2 leaders. as our white house correspondent kimberly healthcare no recalls set to leave office in september,
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us chancellor, on gala merkel travel to washington to shore up the us german partnership and chart of course for future relations. i am not. i am very much looking forward to deepening the relations yet again through our talks. and i think we will be able to elaborate more on that as we go on to. merkel did little to hide her opinions of biden's predecessor donald trump. trump accused germany of having open borders, unfair trade practices, and insufficient nato defense spending. so, when bobby took office, he immediately resolved some trade differences. the u. s. c's, germany as an ally for combating global problems like climate change, and emerging from the coven. 19 pandemic. biden was pressed on when he left the band on travelers to the united states from the use shank and region band. it's in process now and i'll be able to answer that question to you within the next several days. what is my could happen?
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why did merkel did share concern about china is tightening grip on hong kong. biden told reporters, his administration will issue and advisory cautioning us companies about the risks of doing business on the island. the situation on cars deteriorated and the chinese government is not keeping this commitment made how to deal with with hong kong. but when you're ready and the u. s. differ is over nord stream to the gas pipeline runs from russia. us adversary to germany. by then, is concerned the pipeline gives russia an energy foothold into europe, could be used as a destabilizing tool against ukraine. russia antics ukraine's crimean peninsula in 2014 and maintains a heavy military presence along its borders. ro, i reiterated my concerns about nor stream to chance. merkle are absolutely uniting
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our conviction. that rush must not be allowed use. energy is a weapon to coerce or threaten its neighbors. i didn't do isn't built. we have different views on what this project entails, but i want to make it very clear. our understanding was that remains that ukraine remains a transit country for natural gas that ukraine has a right like any country territorial sovereignty. the nordstrom to pipeline is almost complete. that's why the white house says it's too late to take punitive action in the form of sanctions against germany. president biden hope waving sanctions will allow for future diplomatic conversations with germany about potential negative impacts the pipeline could create. kimberly help kit al jazeera, the white house more than 60 people have died and dozens of missing in western europe, a severe flooding devastates towns and villages. most of those are killed in germany, which is experiencing its worst weather dissolve in decades,
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said voss and repulse. this is what residence in storm better part of germany woke up to record rainfall calls. major rivers to birthday bang a few from the ear showing the full extent of the devastation in the states of rhineland for latin 8 and north ryan west valia. c costs were tossed around like toys and the rising water homes and businesses washed away. as the flooding in some areas receipts that so rises with several people. still missing. rescue efforts are on the way to bring this trying to safety and village is cut off by flock, water and landslide helicopters, block, people from the rooftop i was told to give to you see here now is worse than after a bombing raid. and this is guaranteed to take 10 years. the people are all broke, the businesses have been hurt, so it's just horrible. now. on
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a visit to the united states, the german chancellor promised to do everything possible to help the city mention in, in the sun's ca beaten. it is a terrible day. so people in flooded areas, my thoughts with you and you can trust that all the forces of our government, federal, regional, and community will do everything in difficult conditions to save lives, alleviate dangers and relieve distress over the border in neighboring belgium flop water. read through the villages, merging homes that mean we don't do all around midnight. i heard a scary noise when i looked through the window and i saw that there was a torrent of water, at least 50 to 60 centimeters, di what i thought and in the netherlands. several care homes were evacuated with some local residents, draven by tracked to safety. people who have really been taken by surprise, they've never seen so much water inundating their cities and driving them away from
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their home. extreme web platter has been paralyzing large parts of this border region here between belgium, germany, and the nat'l and more to ranch rain is forecast and with it fierce further devastation, it's been called the ones in a generation flood, and it isn't over yet. steadfast al jazeera, after a brief little in fighting the conflict in t, grove might be about to escalate again. several regions to sending in their own fighting to support government troops against to growing the rebels. the regional government says is recruiting more men to join the battle in the north and autumn in europe. his largest region is doing the thing a senior. if your pin minister has lashed out a groups, he says, a working against his government is list includes western media and even a the agencies something you know. and then these have, i gotta ask them about it, which some humanitarian coordinators who have made this routine practice in other
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countries and also in our country before agencies connected to food date on the other side. and for this reason, play a destructive road to stop the crisis from ending as you get more caroll good day. whereas if, if discontinues, the government will undertake its duty to save the country, it will have to review its work with some of them. and that will be convenient conditions to force some of them out of the country. john, having is politics professor who specializes in the horn of africa. he says the prospect of an escalation depends on the response from t brian regional forces. there was a cease fire declared on 28 june where the federal government totally vacated. it's a gray region for various reasons. and then the, the hope was by the international community and by the government of course, that a t p. s. forces would do the same, there responded by saying that she's savage job, we will continue and to restore our rights in our region and so forth. so they went on yeah, manager to expansion or to show the what the west,
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they killed many people who are working for the interim t, right regional administration at the time. revenge actions. so they are made generally, of course, if there will be another battle with it for the federal army, they will not hold up to the federal army. so it depends on their response. it can again be kind of no way for, for temporary fighting which ministry like off a long term thought. our strategy, how to deal with this problem. we started as an insurgency by the t. people have regional governments and, and both sides have to think of what the strategy is. first of all, the t p less, i'm not sure if they have a strategy. of course they sprained the insurgency and the fighting as a nationally st. paul, against a overbearing federal government. the federal government wants to show you the region and, and,
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but also want to wants to rebuild the region as part of you and give you an agenda and so forth and help them in reestablish shelves. but both need to really think about how to get to know kind of bridge building strategy and science south africa is mobilizing thousands of soldiers to stop in the week of right and looting. it's the largest such deployment since the end of apartheid in $19900.00 for at least $117.00 people have died in the unrest which was triggered by the jailing of former president jacob's in the last week her. and we toss the reports from janice banks after days of violence and looting things and are relatively calm, enjoy hemisphere, shopkeepers and volunteers from the community. sift through with lift the riot initially started when former president jet 0 was jailed last week after he failed to appear at a corruption inquiry, grievances office, you must jailing, turned into anger and frustration about inequality and poverty in south africa.
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this for your freedom, this is the most of the people it depends on the so much cheaper than a supermarket. so now it is like this. people are going to suffer. i'm not condoning what they're doing. it's me him, i'm not okay with. it's the worst and rest of africa has seen in years. we've destroyed though, a place where are we going to get jobs that came up, that you don't have destroying the ones that you still have the little bit that you have with destroyed for what? starting over for many is not going to be easy. nearly everything in the shelf was listed except for a few bottles of water business. some with no insurance done. if they ever going to recover, they've had to lay of thought in the country with an already high unemployment rate . there was 4 attic leasing on thursday. in parts of the port city of durban, we phase of food and fuel shortages have seen people waiting in long lines.
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soldiers have been deploy hotspots to help the police maintain order. but even if things get back to normal, b e cannot damage done, would likely be fault long into the future. had them tossed out their jonathan the return of the can film festival, offer a 2 year high. it says, has been a welcom. do some, many filmmakers, lebanese born director danielle, out of it, has long been a regular with films reflecting her conflicted relationship with a country of birth. she sat down with natasha butler to talk about her latest project. come, didn't have a chance encounter, leads to a love affair in the field, a simple passion, a story based on the french novel. the movie is by french, lebanese director daniel outbid, who's been coming to, can since the start of her career 20 years ago. this is a magical place. you feel that in every street of this city, the history of cinema, the paris again, is one of our bits, most successful films,
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the 2015 portrayal of a young lebanese go who move to france. the study was inspired by its own journey from bay route to paris as a teenager, all my films out of your graphic. and in a way, i think this is what is, what cinema you go from yourself and to, to touch the life of the other. people will go up, it lives in france, she often works in lebanon. i have a fashion, it's relationship to lebanon. it's a country that revolt me, that i have, and that i love me. 2011 lebanese official band, all bits tv series. they were to tell because they mentioned the assassination of my minister recipe careering. i'll be the censorship. it made me feel that i wanted to make more and,
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and even more risky firm. yeah, countries should be more open, especially in the middle east. i think a risk taker and a romantic up. it is working on 3 new feature homes in lebanon, and in france she hopes that they will send you cinema. go bring it back to can again next year. tasha butler just 0. ah, that's those there on these. the top stories. 11 on the prime minister designate thought hurry is stepping aside after the president refused. so previous suggested cabinets, the country's been without a functioning government for 9 months and is facing an unprecedented economic crisis. the head of security for haiti's presidential palace has been arrested in connection with the assassination of president jovan mois. he's expected to face questing over why the attackers were able to enter.


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