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racism, religion, and the struggle to be accepted al jazeera, tells the story of what it is like to be lebanese, and color straightly at home. once upon a time and punish, go on al jazeera with another political shake up lebanon. prime minister, designate thought harry sets down sending the economy is one another free full. ah, i remember, i'm calling this out. is there a life and coming up? police in the haiti say they've detained the head of security for the presidential pilots, as they investigate the assassination fuller, president journal noise, and flood to wreak havoc in parts of europe. at least 60 people are killed off the
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heavy rains, destroyed homes and property and take you on the fences 11. he's some director. you see government intervention as a personal challenge. ah, lebanon's prime minister designate thought harry of stepping aside after once again failing to form and you government, the country has been without a functioning government for 9 months. harry's resignation comes as lebanon is gripped by an unprecedented financial crisis. so the hood reports from barret along political struggle has just become more difficult to resolve. lebanon's prime minister designate sad, and hetty has been locked in a 9 months power struggle with president michelle own, has failed to form his 4th governments. that's not the res. i met with the
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president and he demanded what i deem is substantial change to the formation of the government. i suggested to the president if he needed more time to consider my proposal, but he saw no prospect for agreement. for these reasons, i stepped down, the political paralysis is expected to accelerate the country's economic collapse. lights are out. most of the day, the cast struck, states fairly has money to buy fuel and there is a shortage of medicine making life a daily struggle. as more lebanese are pushed into poverty, the local currency which already lost 95 percent of its value in recent months, has depreciated further in the hours following heavy it is announcement 11 needs a government to put in place an economic recovery plan. but that government has to be able and willing to carry out the reforms in state institutions. that's the condition set by the international community, which was refusing to issue blank checks after decades of corruption. but there's
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also the regional dynamic lebanon is entangled in the power struggle between mainly she or iran, and saudi arabia, which used to be an influential player here. and the financial supporter to the mainly some, the muslim pro western camp. it too, has stepped, the site. saudi arabia is deeply concerned about their growing power and role of hezbollah and i live in his political arrangement to look forward for any kind of solution that will curtail has of all us, all in the country. the anger among lebanon, 70 spilled onto the streets. they have long complained their power as a community is being taken away and any attempt to name a new prime minister without the support of the semi leadership headed by heavy the wrong of the crisis. the previous prime minister was chosen by the president and his muslim she or allies they believe that since darville
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of general own to the presidency he's trying to confiscate or to restore part of the law secretion authorities this year are actually they have no problem. whatever the situation is, is for the benefits, and they know that any changes in this political system is going to be for their benefit. and for this benefit, because from 5050, we're going to move to one sort of part to day the state is deadlocked. the power sharing agreement between religious communities, which ended lebanon's civil war in 1990, no longer seems to be working center for the elder sita beta. now there's an international reaction to harry's resignation front which has historic ties with living on called it another terrible instance. the us secretary of state, anthony lincoln also issued a statement accusing lebanon's political class of squandering the last 9 months. he went on to the bay. leaders in beirut must urgently put aside
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a partisan differences of form, a government that serves the lebanese people. and that's what the people of lebanon desperately need. now are army hoary is a political analyst, and a senior fellow, harvard kennedy school. he says, people in lebanon feel, dehumanized. what happens now is what's been happening for the last 5 or 10 years, which is a small group of aging men and lebanon. quarrel with each other and try to maintain themselves in positions of authority in a country where the actually have no real authority over anything other than themselves on their guards on their business partners because the country is collapsing. economically, the institutions of the state are imploding. the economy as, as bankrupt, basic problems for every family, an hour or so every day and they're getting worse and worse and worse. but d, humanise ation. 11 is always $11.10 days ago for a 10 day visit. the lebanese are de humanize. they feel that they're being treated
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like animals by their own political leadership. what happens is people start consuming fewer items, consuming fewer expensive items, consuming fuel or imported items. they start planting their own vegetables and fruits. many of them already do anyway. they resort to barter economy, they'll do a job for somebody who in turn will give them a kilo of rice or something like that. it's going back to a system where the currency based trade oriented labor market economy doesn't function anymore. you end up with a barter economy and people adapt every time this happens. they don't have an option. the wealthy people, they upper middle income people, people have a 2nd passport, can leave, and many of them haven't. many of them will do so. but the vast majority, lebanese cannot believe the head of security of a hey,
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t presidential palace has been arrested in connection with the assassination of president jovan mois. the retreat harold is expected to face questing over why the attackers were able to enter the present time with apparent ease. last week, 18 and colombian suspects were arrested soon after the assassination. the others were killed by police than any to the head of security. the national palace was called upon by general police inspection. this is regarding an administrative investigation. there was a protective measure, the head of security was revoked. now there is a 2nd measure in which the head of security has been isolated while we wait for the next stage. cannot janice with a hatred, liberty newspaper. he says some of the suspected assassins may have been misled about mission. while he was in the palace, he was in his residence and they had a security detail of only 3 agents there. i don't think dimitri arrived with among
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them. he oversees the whole unit. so he may have had some cahoots in it. they say he made trips to columbia. i haven't confirmed that, but it seems for sure that the actual trigger men were colombians from what he deliberately learned yesterday from a source who spoke directly to martine louise in, in the hospital in miami. and so we believe that there may have been some sort of help. maybe he got that. he provided the layout of the place because clearly they were prepared. they knew where they were going and what they were doing. it was a very well financed operation. according to the washington post report that came out a few hours ago, it seems there were sort of 2 parts of the team and inner circle in an outer circle, if you, where will. and the teams,
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a lot of the mercenary may have thought they were in fact body guards and going to protect this unfortunate do who is being held. san christian emanuel. i know, and it was a smaller core. it seems with 7 soldiers who actually machine gun, the president and his wife. so, you know, it may have been a plot within a plot, so to speak. and even some of the mercenaries were duped. more than 60 people have died and dozens are missing in western europe. as severe flooding devastates towns and villages, most of those were killed were in germany, which is experiencing its worse whether disaster in decades. awesome reports. this is what residents and storm better part of germany woke up to record rainfall caused major rivers to birthday bang a few from the ear
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showing the full extent of the devastation in the states of rhineland for latin 8 and north ryan west valia. c cars were tossed around like toys and the rising water homes and businesses washed away. as the flooding in some areas receipts that so rises with several people. still missing. rescue efforts are on the way to bring this trying to safety and village is cut off by flock, water and landslide helicopters, pluck, people from their rooftop. i will give to you, see here now is worse than after a bombing raid. and this is guaranteed to take 10 years. the people are all broke, the businesses have been hurt, so it's just horrible. now. on a visit to the united states, the german chancellor promised to do everything possible to help the city mention in, in boston was given these a terrible day. so people in flooded areas. my thoughts with you and you can trust that all forces of our government, federal, regional,
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and community will do everything in difficult conditions to save lives, alleviate dangers and relieve distress over the border in neighboring belgium flood waters. read through the villages submerging homes that mean we don't do all around midnight. i heard a scary noise. i looked through the window and i saw that there was a torrent of water, at least 50 to 60 centimeters, di what i thought. and in the netherlands, several care homes were evacuated with some local residents, draven by tractor to safety. people who have really been taken by surprise, they've never seen so much water inundating their cities and driving them away from their home. extreme web platter has been paralyzing large parts of this border region here between belgium, germany, and the national and more to ranch rain is forecast and with it fears of for devastation. it's been called the ones in a generation flood and it isn't over yet. steadfast al jazeera,
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so it's 9 slides of killed, at least 6 people, and ne, in turkey, houses collapsed in cause was swept away in a province on the black sea coast. mud slides also destroy the plantations. now the rain has blocked access to dozens of villages and cut off piles supplies. so head on out 0. u. s. president joe biden host outgoing german charles engel, america, the white house to talk about the challenges facing both countries and communities . this south africa clean up and assess the damage of the days of looting and unrest. ah hello, i'm pleased to say we've got some wet weather, some cool weather coming into
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a western parts of canada over the next couple of days. it's a little more cloud, just split, spilling in across b c, heading towards alpha 2. and that'll be the case as we go on through the next day or so. plenty of cloud and rain just around the legs around the high valley war to tennessee valley. that's going to continue making its way for the south was in these was just pushing over towards the eastern seaboard notice to some showers just around the rockies, some lively showers, phoenix at $41.00 celsius, but with a little more cloud around that temperature might just ease off the touch as we go through sas day, couldn't see some flash flooding cause and he said was, we do get here will be heavy at times where heavy showers will be over towards the north east corner. though we may even see the tornado wrapped up with a system and that could cause some destructive weather for the next day or so running down the appalachians, down back into the deep south with some lively showers coming in here. quite a rush of showers. 3 mexico cross central america, what a rash showers to just around the greater antennas east, and until it will be
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a little dry as we go on through the next couple hours across the east and should say. but i think as we go through friday more the west sunshine than showers. but it does have a little weather here as we go on through the weekend. the mineral central to the quest for clean energy. a key ingredient for the production of electric car batteries, cobalt extracting this dangerous profitable with global demand set the skyrocket. people in power investigate claims that industrial mines contracting the precious material needed for cleaner energy are in fact, poisoning the environment with dire health consequences for those living in their shadow. the cost of coal, both people in power on and just, you know, oh,
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the me you're watching out there. a reminder of our top stories level is prime minister, designated thought harry has once again stepped aside. after you failed to form a new government, the country has been without a functioning cabinet but 9 months and he's facing an unprecedented economic collection. the head of security for the presidential palace has been arrested in connection with the assassination of president jovan old loyce. the retreat harold is expected to place questioning why the attack is able to enter the president's home with a parent ease. and more than 60 people have died and dozens are missing in western europe. a severe flooding devastates towns and villages. most of those were killed in germany, which is experiencing its worse whether it is also in decades. us president
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joe biden outgoing german chancellor anglo merkel have met at the white house. they laid out upon future ties between their countries. it's a farewell visit for politician whose term his spend for american presidencies. white house correspondent kimberly hawk reports said to leave office in september. us chancellor, ongoing merkel travel to washington to shore up the us german partnership and chart of course for future relations. i'm not fun, i am very much looking forward to deepening the relations yet again through our talks. and i think we will be able to elaborate more on that as we go on. merkel did little to hide her opinions of biden's predecessor donald trump. trump accuse germany of having open borders, unfair trade practices, and insufficient, they don't defense spending. so when bobby took office,
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he immediately resolved some trade differences. the u. s. c's, germany as an ally for combating global problems like climate change, and emerging from the coven. 19 pandemic. biden was pressed on when he'd lift the ban on travelers to the united states from the use shank and region band. it's in process now and i'll be able to answer that question to within the next several days. what is likely to happen? why didn't merkel did share concern about chinese typing grip on hong kong? biden told reporters, his administration will issue and advisory cautioning u. s. companies about the risks of doing business on the island. the situation in hong cars deteriorated and the chinese government is not keeping this commitment made how to deal with with hong kong. but where germany and the u. s. differ is over nord stream to the gas pipeline runs from russia. us adversary to germany. by
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then, is concerned the pipeline gives russia an energy foothold into europe. it could be used as a destabilizing tool against ukraine, russia annex ukraine's crimean peninsula in 2014 and maintains a heavy military presence along its borders. ro, i reiterated my concerns about nor stream to chance. merkel are absolutely uniting our conviction that russia must not be allowed to use energy as a weapon to coerce or threaten its neighbors. i knew isn't built, we have different views on what this project entails, but i want to make it very clear. our understanding was that remains that ukraine remains a trans country for natural gas that ukraine has a like any country territorial sovereignty. the nordstrom to pipeline is almost complete. that's why the white house says it's too late to take punitive action in the form of sanctions against germany. president biden hope waving sanctions will
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allow for future diplomatic conversations with germany about potential negative impacts the pipeline could create. kimberly help kit al jazeera, the white house the up until the bond and the park is only government has agreed to reopen one of the main border crossings to allow stranded people through spin. bolduc is i've got to stand 2nd of busiest border crossing and fell to the taliban on wednesday. the armed group has been seizing large parts of one is done, taking advantage of the withdrawal of us and allied troops to push back against government forces. so that by this reports from couple they here talk the spin folder, crossing reopening and escal and stuck and pakistan scrambles were chance to get home. thousands waited, hopeful that pakistan would allow them passage after the taliban took control of the afghan side of the crossing by force. it took 2 days of talks,
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movement to start again. mother, she got the box down that's got to look. i don't know, but the fuck stony soldiers are not letting us go. they told us that there is fighting with calling upon us the other side. we don't know what is happening. been bolduc is a logistical lifeline for southern afghanistan. $900.00 trucks usually pass through here each day. they carry much needed supplies. they pay customs duties that are no longer going into government coffers. the thousands, every day it is a portal to see family and friends on each side of the border. as the muslim holiday eat approaches, this should be one of its busiest time with that, but i found that with that model of the, the borders closed and we were waiting in these hot temperatures. my son just had surgery. i'm a widow and you can see all the people waiting here. we filmed the taliban on the pocket stone side of the border. one signal, the victory sign a ca, stick it with the telephone, low,
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good telephone flags written among the waiting crows in pakistan's closest tone sherman tell a bonfire most freely. the support for the army group was on public display. in a scanner stone, they recorded themselves and spin, bowed up town in an effort to show life continuing as normal. and the people are very happy they were trying with happiness. i was asking people to get back as they rushed at us, but they were saying we were waiting for you guys for the last 20 years. but in pakistan, in temperatures of near 40 degrees, the mood was not joyous. many travelers telling us they just wanted to the conflict and the disruption it brings. what move out on your what we want. we don't want fighting one piece and whoever will deliver it. if it will be the government all the time. we want to new lamp country without fighting. that is all we want will spin, bolduc is the most significant. the taliban has taken a handful of border crossings and going to some north,
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west and east and recent weeks. against the backdrop of taliban gains. president ashura connie is known as pakistan for an urgent regional summers. charlotte bellis . audi 0 couple. alex international says police and if he does a, a detained dozens of tea grinds and what appears to be an ethnic, a motivated operation. the rights groups of the arrests were carried out in the capital. i decided over the last 2 weeks with any denied due process. amnesty says, journalist and activists, i've also been targeted. they include at least 11 reporters covering the conflict and northern region. and while some have been released on bio, the group says hundreds remain in detention and unknown locations. and after a brief law in fighting the conflict and t great, maybe about to escalate again. several regions of sending fighters to support government troops again for to grow and rebels. him our regional government says
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it's recruiting moment to join the battle in the north and rome yet, if europe is largest region is doing the same. now senior, if you open minister, has lashed out or different groups, he blames for working against the government. he says there's a smear campaign against the european and that some agencies, roaming the rebels and could be thrown out samantha now, and andy said, i gotta ask them about it, which some humanitarian coordinators who have made this routine practice in other countries. and also in our country before agencies connected to food date on the other side. for this reason, play a destructive role to stop the crisis from ending as you will. good day was if, if this continues, the government will undertake its duty to save the country. it will have to review its work with some of them, and that will be convenient conditions to force some of them out of the country. john albin, is it prolong politics professor who specializes in the whole of africa. he says
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the prospect of escalation depends on the response from the grind regional forces. there was a cease fire declared on the 28th june, where the federal government totally vacated. it's a great region for various reasons. and then the, the hope was by the international community and by the government, of course, that a t p. s. forces would do the same. there responded by saying that she's savage and job. we will continue and restore our rights and our region and so forth. so they went on yeah, manager expansion towards charles toward the west. they killed many people who are working for the interim t, right regional administration at the time. revenge actions. so they are made generally, of course, if there will be another battle with it, but the federal army, they will not hell hold up to the federal army. so it depends on their response. it can again be kind of no way for, for temporary fighting, which will be in the future. that lack of a long term thought. our strategy,
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how to deal with this problem. we started as an insurgency by the tpr, have regional governments and, and both sides have to think of what the strategy is. first of all, the t p less, i'm not sure if they have a strategy, of course they sprained the insurgency and the fighting as a nationally st. hold against a, a overbearing federal government. the federal government wants to show you the region and, and, but also one to wants to rebuild the region as part of it and give you an estimate and so forth and help them in reestablish shelves. but both need to really think about how to get to know kind of bridge building strategy sites, south africans mobilizing thousands of soldiers to stop more than a week of rights. newton, it's the largest source deployment since the end of apartheid in 1994. at least 117 people have died in the rust,
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which was triggered by the jailing of former president jacobs in the last week. or with us a report from janice back after days of violence and looting things and are relatively calm, enjoy hemispheres, shopkeepers and volunteers from the community. 50. with lift the riot initially started when former president jack zillow was jailed last week after he failed to appear at a corruption inquiry. grievance is often remiss, jailing turned into anger and frustration about inequality and poverty in south africa. this for your freedom, this is the most of the people it depends on the so much cheaper than the supermarket. so now it is like this. people are going to suffer. i'm not condoning what they're doing. it's me him, i'm not ok. it's the worst and race of africa has seen in years. we've destroyed though, a place where are we going to get jobs? that came about that you don't have to be throwing the ones that you still have the
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little bit that you have with destroyed for what starting over for many is not going to be easy. nearly everything in the shop was listed except for a few bottles of water business. some would know insurance done if they ever going to recover. they've had to lay of thought in a country with an already high unemployment rate. there was more radical eating on thursday. in parts of the port city of durban, we phase of food and fuel shortages have seen people waiting in long lines. soldiers are being deploy hotspots to help the police maintain order. but even if things get back to normal, b e cannot damage done, would likely be false long into the future. had them tossed out their jonathan. a prominent ducks crime report died after being gun down last week. peter debrief was shot in the head in broad daylight after leaving a tv studio in amsterdam, the 64 year old was known for his work, exposing, organized crime. european leaders condemned his attack on journalism. 2 suspects
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are being held in connection with his colon. the return of the can film festival after 2 years, it says has been a while can boost to many filmmakers. lebanese born director daniel danielle ought to be, has been a long regular with film sort of often reflected her conflicted relationship with her country of birth. she sat down with natasha butler to talk about her latest project. didn't have a chance encounter, leads to a love affair in the field, a simple passion, a story based on the french and the movie by french lebanese director daniel outbid, we've been coming to can since the start of her career 20 years ago. this is a magical place. you feel that in every street of this city, the history of cinema. the paris again, is one of our bits, most successful films,
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the 2015 portrayal of a young lebanese go who move to france. the study was inspired by all its own journey from bay route to paris as a teenager, all my films graphical in a way. i think this is what is, is what cinema. you go from yourself and to, to touch the life of the other. people will go up, it lives in france, she often works in lebanon. i have a fashion, it's relationship to lebanon. it's a country that claim, revoke me that i have. and that i love me, 2011 lebanese official band, all bits tv series. they weren't hotel because they mentioned the assassination of x, y minister, wrestling career. i'll be censorship or did it made me feel that i wanted to make more and, and even more risky firm?
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yeah, countries should be more open, especially in the middle east. i think a risk taker and a romantic, it is working on 3 new feature films in lebanon and in frauds she hopes that they will produce cinema. go and bring it back to can again, next year. tasha butler sera can ah, there and these, this help stories lebanon's prime minister designate thought hurry has stepped, was once again stepped aside. a free fail to form a new government. the country has been without a function. government for 9 months is facing an unprecedented economic crisis. the head of security of haiti's presidential palace has been arrested in connection with the assassination of president jovan oh, life. dmitri, her aunt is expected to face questioning over why the attack is we're able to enter the present home with a.


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