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capitalism is the pen demons that causes so much of the suffering exclusive protect the people or the prophet episode, one of all, hail the lockdown analogy. era. we understand the differences and similarities of culture across the world. no matter why you call out to 0 will bring you the news and current affairs. ah ah, it's $100.00 g m t. i'm can all santa maria and these are the headlines lebanon's prime minister designate solitary or is once again stepped aside. after failing to form a new government, the countries been without a functioning cabinet for 9 months and is facing an unprecedented economic crisis. in a 100 reports from barrett, a long political struggle has just become more difficult to resolve. lebanon's
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prime minister designate sad, and hetty has been locked in a 9 months power. struggle with president michelle, our own has failed to form his 4th governments. that's not a 100 res. i met with the president and he demanded what i deem is substantial change to the formation of the government. i suggested to the president if he needed more time to consider my proposal, but he saw no prospect for agreement. for these reasons, i stepped down, the political paralysis is expected to accelerate the country's economic collapse. lights are out. most of the day. the cash struck save, barely has money to buy fuel, and there is a shortage of medicine making life a daily struggle. as more lebanese are pushed into poverty, the local currency, which already lost 95 percent of its value in recent months, has depreciated further. and the hours following had it is announcement,
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lebanon needs a government to put in place and economic recovery plan. but that government has to be able and willing to carry out the reforms and safe institutions. that's the condition set by the international community, which was refusing to issue blank checks after decades of corruption. but there's also the regional dynamic lebanon is entangled in the power struggle between mainly she or iran, and saudi arabia, which used to be an influential player here. and the financial supporter to the mainly some, the muslim pro western camp. it too, has stepped the site. saudi arabia is deeply concerned about their growing power and role of hezbollah and have a nice political arrangement to look forward for any kind of solution that will curtail has of all, as it all in the country. the anger among lebanon suddenly spilled onto the streets . they have long complained their power as a community is being taken away and any attempt to name
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a new prime minister without the support of the semi leadership headed by heavy the wrong of the crisis. the previous prime minister was chosen by the president and his muslim she or allies they believe that since the arrival of general own to the presidency, his trying to confiscate or to restore part of the law secretion authorities this year are actually they have no problem. whatever the situation is, is for the benefits, and they know that any changes in this political system is going to be for their benefit. and for this benefit, because from 5050, we're going to move to one sort of part to day the state is deadlocked. the power sharing agreement between religious communities, which ended lebanon's civil war in 1990, no longer seems to be working center for the l. z to beta. just a quick look at some other headlines he was president joe biden and outgoing german chancellor, anglo merkel. of laid out
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a path for future relations between the countries. during a meeting at the white house, they agreed to work together against aggression from moscow. and anti democratic means by china. differences remained over a contentious russian gas pipeline. more than 60 people have died, dozens are missing in western europe has severe flooding devastates towns and villages. most of those killed where in germany, which is experienced, it gets worse whether disaster in decades. the africa and taliban and pakistan's government have agreed to reopen an important border crossing to allow stranded people through fighters took control of the spin bolduc crossing with pockets on on wednesday after weeks of rapid territorial gangs and south africa, mobilizing thousands of soldiers to stop more than a week of riots and looting. violence is stopped fears of food shortages with large lines for me outside the shops. at least 117 people have died in the unrest which was triggered by the jailing of former president,
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jacob 0 my last week. you are up to date with the headlines and out to 0. witnesses next? ah, i owe $200.00. which total move up? any oh on the dish can say the hail glove mother food, sad. ringback money could go to our on it cuz she's asked actual question, does it?
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say been one of the hope that i wouldn't take much more than that. i don't, i don't i don't have a medicine that he's on the, on the to what has happened is another long between the no, haven't heard him, but then at the door and chicken bridge. and bob has given us your name and you can talk to
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him with this video and if you want to make sure, oh man i see now i intended to visit if anything any thought of me in a whole different company all about me. if i hadn't had the, i don't know how to handle it. will she be back? can you tell me you can have to have it. so it was a very rhonda, had had more with them which couldn't make them down to ship my chinese whether there was a lot of fun dish and it's not a parish fan, and i think it's convenient. a lot of times it from our on
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the muslim gets a lot. has the and if you know, you may see some say no. will it? can mindy me limited assist? not she not going to do it after she left left for blighted, worse. still marsha did turn the machine and i do machine of can but an image i don't know if i can have them or keep them should they should they should have had them shot. so it was about the case in looking menu or the must the but the who look in the has the vehicle say we have to mr. mac bottom, they'll be use that on the less than island has to come at the wish. but i just managed to
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get him into i want to talk to you. do you want to see if you haven't received a bill? you know how to plan assessment. i mean, feel failed, but id nothing that gave me and then i'm going to do it on their own. hey, i just click what am i going to be honest. nobody wasn't sure how to do what i did at the value. so i, i can hear you. oh, maybe i'll just give you the little of it. i
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the news would you believe you had called this my my mother thing is the case was closed for us to be closed but body. he lifts list of them said i
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but it can turn to the school and have does it have to come to school and her? we have a good glue handle on her. ah, why is it in the budget for that but they were needing to know the law honda because i knew him and i they did was you've shown this given us your political social will put them so faith
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lives. what does it go when he shows up? sure. mark monday's sense of good. good. and it may be, i know it took years medical to see that there's not anything in here if you had a high school, but it has, it has, i mean, i live a kid. well, you really have, like all these big a lot of those who know what you must have missed the bus will have this looked him nothing. you know, i need to chill day. i know that
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what that must be then i thought i was with them. what do you need me? how did you have it to be this year with them and see if you had to go behind me or not? could you let me know if i could get i mean i me put
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it in a different publish and it gives me it makes you walk into me. i can't imagine me getting onto from the as i did with the army, which i had so many
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spatially slash counts. actually not critically. the i think the money enough kid, i've got him. this isn't a good as much i didn't have been a bit more have me in interest. i minute. yeah. have you bet you haven't had so my name is that i may have mentioned no one to let
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us know when i get in the morning. okay. and then let me know when to go into the limit of 5 and more than what i'm honest enough with this video. and it says that i'm the fan, our health issues there, but it's going to keep him home. so just need talk with the me any have not been met when you feel good about what the small has been and most of that are coming on the home. so my home in motion will be in the box and i should be
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sending me the color made that could be useful for you. we'll have that as a musician, haven't it to be had and as long as the world's rich ticket giant leaves award the final one to
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stay with all 0 jeff bezos, boards the blue origin. you shepherd, space flight on july 20th the billionaires face with special coverage nuclear guides dying disproportionate numbers on not ever leaving behind widows who struggled to survive. one o 8 meets the ship or women defying tradition to conquer the world. so far as bouncing on i was 0 across the world, young activists and organizers around them of the motivated and politically engaged. the challenges they face couldn't be more daunting here. and we were the one who had life on what was going on. and the way that means to me, there's nothing stuff that goes on is always in a dynamic formation. we have the agency to create the vibe of the generation. on al jazeera, london is one of the most important cities in the world. and decisions made here
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have an impact right around the globe. and so here at al jazeera, we will show you the true impact of those decisions on people and how it affects their everyday life. we are free to put them on air and to really engage. because we know that our audience is interested not just in the mainstream news, but also the more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go under reported ah, ah, will return to witness in just a moment, professed to check on the headlines and lebanon's prime minister designate solitary areas once again stepped aside. after he failed to form a new government's in countries been without a functioning cabinet for 9 months and faces an unprecedented economic crisis. in other news, you with president joe biden and the outgoing german chancellor, anglo merkel of laid out a path for future relations between the countries. during
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a meeting at the white house, they agreed to work together against aggression from moscow. and anti democratic moves by china.


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