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by the south, plenty of showers right across the gulf of guinea with heavy rain there for much of nigeria, ah. across the world, young activists and organizes the rhonda most motivated and politically engaged. the challenges they face couldn't be more daunting here. and beta we were the one who had life on what was going on in the way that will mean media didn't. there's looking stuff that goes on is always in the dynamics formation. we have the agency to create the vibe of the generational change on al jazeera cut. one of the fastest growing nations in the world. i want a contract needed to open and develop it back into national shipping company to become a team, middle east, and tough or trade and money skillfully enough. re key is up to about
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filling up front of connecting the world, connecting the future on the cut, cut to gateway to whoa trade. ah a knocking back check on the main stories for you now. 11 appointments designate says that he is stepping aside after again failing to form a new cabinet sod. how he reads resignation of pushes lebanon even further into crisis. countries not had a functioning government for 9 months. compounding existing economic and financial problems, the afghan taliban and pockets don't government have agreed to reopen
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a major border crossing to allow thousands of people stranded to pass through taliban captured spin, bolduc, which is a district just don't on the board in pakistan on wednesday. and these 58 people have died in germany, thousands, a missing after flash bug swept through towns and villages across western europe. at least 2 others died in belgium. and more rain is full cause we turn our attention to or if you refuse to grow region, because after a brief law and fighting the conflicts in northern european might be about to escalate again, a number of tribes and regions are sending their own fighters to support government troops against to grind rebels. the higher a regional government says it's recruiting more men to join the battle in the north and romeo. if europe, his largest region is doing this, say, now this comes off to the government, suggested that soldiers called out of the conflict zoning, 3 weeks ago, and now might be sent back. what senior ethiopian minister is lashed out at
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different groups, he blames for working against his government is list includes western media, west and officials and even agencies. he says there's a smear campaign against ethiopia, and that some agencies are arming rebels and could be thrown out. samantha now and then they said, i gotta ask them about it, which some humanitarian coordinators who have made this routine practice in other countries and also in our country before agencies connected to food date on the other side. and for this reason, play a destructive role to stop the crisis from ending as you get more corral. good day was it. if discontinued, the government will undertake its duty to save the country. it will have to review its work with some of them, and that will be convenient conditions to force some of them out of the country. or john abbey as the politics professor specializes in the horn of africa, joins us now from laden in the netherlands. and so it has been
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a very devastating war that we've seen in europe is take ry region. does it look as though we are likely to now see an intensity in fighting or east renewed confrontations between the to grind forces and, and the tribal groups and soldiers that support the e. c o. p, and government? it's possible. so i. busy wouldn't call them tribal group share that this is not a good word because these are people's areas, geographical regions. but of course it anyway. so don't go to track anyway the, there is a danger to your violence escalade big, but it's not quite sure because it depends on, on, on the response by the now retreating g p. s. forces there was a fire declared on 28th june where the federal government totally vacated. it's a great region for various reasons. and then the,
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the hope was by the international community and by the government, of course, that a t p. s. forces would do the same, that responded by saying that she said it's a joke. we will continue and to restore our rights and our region and so forth. so they went on manager expansion towards the shower, toward the west. they killed many people who are working for the interim t, y regional administration at the time, revenge actions. so they are made generally, of course, if there will be another battle with it to the federal army, they will not hell hold up to the federal army. so it depends on their response, it can again be kind of no way for, for temporary fighting, which just to be clear, are you suggesting that if there was to be another round of fighting between the federal army from addis ababa and tpl, i've forces that, that t p t p l f would not be able to sustain the gains that they've made so far that
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that artist would have the upper hand. certainly certainly. yeah, but that's not the point. it is can just kept the mouth again, game can go on forever. i think the really on both sides, there is, there is a lack of a long term thought. our strategy, how to deal with this problem. we start that there's an insurgency by the t p regional government. and, and both sides has to think of what the extra strategy is. first of all, the t p less, i'm not sure if they have a strategy, of course base frame, the insurgency and the fighting as a nationally st. bolt against a overbearing federal government. the federal government, you know, once to show you the region and, and, but also one to wants to rebuild the region as part of you and give you an estimate and so forth and help them in reestablishing themselves. but both need to really think about how to get to a new kind of bridge building strategy,
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but we know what they give me, but we know in near that point all we and i know that you say i just, aba has the advantage, but really we've seen integrity lead is there, perhaps proving more efficient and more organized than, than if you would have anticipated. they've managed to capture sort of weaponry and equipment and, and so forth. they definitely don't seem to be in the mood to back down. do they, do they have the support, the majority of the day to grind people that may be, we'd be, can, we can know because you're wearing people have never been able to, to speak with sales out any democratic election or any, any free civil society. we don't know, but it's certainly they have been appropriate and captured by the t p l. a narrative. so in practice, yes, there is a lot of support for the rebel forces. so, but the point is indeed, you know, where, how can we, can we get a kind of mediator process going, i don't see any,
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any immediate strategy for that. not least because the information narrative you are into that, that in your introduction, international part has, have not been very, you know, add me very constructive in, in, in framing and in, in, in trying to solve this conflict. of course, the federal government, the main culprit in their eyes, but they have kept remarkably quiet about things which have been happening in the past 2 weeks when these cease via was, was promulgated by the federal government. the violence went on, they was there was an attempted incursion by force into a retreat. they went down to the southern, to re border with america. they killed hundreds of people were seen as a bonus. so yeah, it's, it's, it's a, it's a tragic and unnecessary conflict which is at the time it is point not really able to, it's not bit not inside of open ending at rapidly escalating humanitarian crisis.
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people paying the highest price for their thank you very much, professor, professor john, i think appreciate your your time. ok. you're with me . while health organisation is one that death room covered 19 a surgeon in africa. hospital admissions of rapidly rising and their serious shortages in vital equipment and medication. the w h o is saying the continent as recorded a 43 percent we call week rise in covert death. more than 6000 deaths recorded in the week ending july 11th compared to 4000 the week before. they may be south africa, tunisia, you gander in zambia account for 83 percent of new death. more people who contract a virus in africa dying where fatality rate is 2.6 percent is compared to a global average, which stands at 2.2 percent. africa top 6000000 cases on tuesday and recorded
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a 1000000 new cases. and just the past month, while it took about 3 months to go from 4000000 to 5000000 cases in the care warning hospitals and the breaking point in all 153000 employees have sadly deemed resurgence is the fastest a continent has seen you cases have increased for the 8th consecutive week, and 18 of the countries are now in judge o situation is deteriorating and me and my funeral services very being overwhelmed as more and more people die from covered. dozens of coffins and bodies at this facility and young gone are awaiting cremation. on the take say that conducting hundreds of funerals every day. that's more than double the usual figure. 145 people are known to have died on wednesday alone. more than 200000 infections and
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4000 deaths have been recorded overall. but health work is believe the true toll is probably higher because testing collapse soft. the military sees power in the country in february. now anglo merkel has been meeting us president joe biden white house during her last official visit to the us before she steps down as german chancellor. later this year. it's a farewell visit for a politician whose term in office his band for american presidency was gen. but both leaders had plenty of differences to work on his while, including disagreements of the russian gas pipeline and how to tackle the rise of china. i go live to white house correspondent, kimberly how can you needed a just wrapping up a news conference kimberly what, what did we hear particularly from joe biden, on the matter of the russian pipeline with germany. well, we heard is that they didn't resolve their differences. specifically,
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the united states came into this meeting, knowing that was going to be a friction point between the 2 leaders and it appears they didn't find any common ground. the u. s. is gravely concerned about the pipeline known as nordstrom to it runs from russia to germany. and the concern is that this essentially gives russia a foothold in terms of energy and leverage in order to harm some of the neighboring countries. and particularly of concern is of course, ukraine. of course, there was the annexation in 2014 of the crimean prison peninsula by russia. and as a result, there is still this concern, but there could be a further escalation. and we know that the russian military, of course, has amassed along the borders of ukraine as well. so having that extra foothold is a concern to the united states. now, this is a pipeline under complete that it's not quite completed, it's still under construction. so when joe biden came to office, he said, look,
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i can't put in place any sanctions, but i'm going to tell you, i don't like this. we're going to have to make sure that these european countries are heard about the assurance that he got from ongoing merkel. is that what her feeling is she was very clear on this is they have different assessments about north stream, too. they, germany sees ukraine as a transit country for natural gas, but she also said that all the european countries, including germany, will respect your brains territorial sovereignty. and, but both countries believe that if russia acts in a way that is aggressive, that they will in turn take action. so that is the headline coming out of the meeting the far with respect to the pipeline. and kimberly, could this disagreement perhaps make us ring gauge human with, with europe of roll just that bit more difficult just when joe biden is trying to rebuild a broken transatlantic relationship that given what happened under his predecessor
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such have been pointed. it appears that those fears may be then tempered somewhat, if you will, given the fact that this and the onset of this press conference has been very warm . in fact, joe biden, at one point saying, and acknowledging the very historic nature of anglo merkel, 16 years of services, german chancellor saying things like, you know, she has had an exemplary life, an extraordinary public service. significant. she was the 1st female chancellor also from the former east, germany. and so very historic lot in her, with these achievements and going into it to talk about how many areas of common interest there are between the united states and germany given it's the economic powerhouse of europe. it's climate change is fighting global pandemic so that the world can be ready for the next one. working to see that countries get vaccines
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that they need for the co backs program. and also making sure that they can use their technologies to develop new green technology using that sort of intellectual capacity that's available in both nations to benefit the world. so it was very clear that they were working to see how they could collaborate and also collaborate when it comes to another grave concern for both countries. that china very quickly, the issue of human rights coming up both saying that they believe that there is a responsible to lead in this area to adhere to human rights to, to, to stand up for human rights without specifically talking about the persecution of the chinese. we're minority in that country both said that they would challenge china when they felt it was necessary. so it's clear that they work to set aside some of the tensions of donald trump, the predecessor and uncle merkel, and move forward with a new chapter. revitalizing this transatlantic partnership. all right, thank you so much. kimberly. i'll get at the white house. well,
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the stories are falling, the biggest auto showing off america is wrapping up in chicago cities, 5 major tourism, joining 18 months. automakers from around the world. a showcasing the newest electric vehicles, which promised to out perform anything else on the road right now. john henderson is lucky enough to be there. it's looking spot behind you, john. but this is saying, this is the 1st major caution. nearly a year and a half in the us. how is it different? well, like a good sports car, it's smaller and faster than its predecessors. smaller in the sense that it only occupies about half of the floor space here at the mccormick place convention center in chicago than it used to faster. and isn't that it's only 5 days instead of the usual 10? and it's also been moved from winter to summer. because of cove it in by doing that, they've got options for outdoor activities like test drive, like off road vehicle tests with the ford bronco just outside of the window over
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there. so there's a sense of smallness around the thing. but what i'm really hearing for most people is just a relief that it's happening at all. they're getting together. they're not wearing math, they're out in public. and that's a big deal because the chicago auto show was the last event here at the convention center in chicago. in february of 2020, they actually used it for coven beds. in the meantime, it's going to be the 1st event, or rather, it is already the 1st event. to open back up the convention center and the convention season, they've had 230 events canceled in the last year and a half. and that's cause the city of chicago, about $3100000000.00 or there's a real sense of excitement that people are back and they're out, but you're right. it is partially populated back in the last, last time it was held in about 30000 people a day. you come through this place. if you look behind me, you can see it is considerably less than that. that is the 1st day. it is also
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a week day here on thursday. so they're hoping for more people this weekend, but there's still a sense of excitement that is happening at all. now what about electric vehicles? this is important because they've taken center stage what. what have you seen rolling? and i talked to a guy from here who said that when the history books are written on the auto industry, perhaps 10 years from now, they're gonna say that this is the year when the switch was flipped. the electric switch, that the electric switch that really change the industry and you've got a number of electric vehicles here. bmw w has re i x, that's an s u v. so new they had to ship it here from munich. ford has the mustang mach e, that is a dual engine electric car. i took a test drive in it. very fast acceleration. they've got the ford f 150 pickup truck . so if you lift what used to be called the engine compartment is really just the
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storage space now and then a number of other cars being introduced. i don't want to geek out too much, but there's a lot of excitement about the future of electric cars. yeah, not enough time to count, but maybe we'll, we'll get the opportunity later on. thank you so much, sean henry voting for america's largest, longest running. sure, thank you john. let's get support now jim is here. thank you. mariam israeli football club. beta has cooled off a friendly with boss alina. after the spanish side refused to play the match in west teresa and israel considered the entire city of jerusalem as it undivided capsule for the palestinian seek, occupied east jerusalem of the capital of any future states. they tell us owner says he canceled the game, which is due to take place on august the 4th because he refused to given what he said was a political demand. bossa a yes to comment after it was cancelled at last year due to the fact that it golf open championship is back and it's a former when leading the way off the day one,
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the 2010 champion stays and had what he described as the perfect round off and he shot free fix before the set the pace. 6 on the south african man inform. he's been runner up into majors this year. just one shot behind him is another claret jug winner. and jordan, his route included 4 consecutive buddies on his front 9. broad seneca gave the fans at wilson george's something to share about tom 17, where he hold his 2nd shot for ego. for the lead. and his another contender for shot of the day from fellow american will authorise this on 12, also going in for an eco shot further back at one on the u. s. a basketball star. bradley bail was just days away from heading to his 1st olympics. but now he won't be going, it's all the washington was it's god has been placed into cave in 1900 health and safety protocols and will be replaced in the u. s. team. so i concerns i have a current of are still dominating the build up to the tokyo game 8 days until the
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olympics and tokyo has recorded its highest number of corona virus cases in 6 months. one athlete in quarantine is tested positive along with several take care of 2020 staff. there's also been an outbreak at the hotel housing, the brazilian olympic team, where 7 staff have been infected. still the head of the international olympic committee, thomas fac, trusts in the safety measures the risk for the other residents of the olympic village. and the risk for the japanese people is sir on the games. and the restrictions associated with them are impacting local businesses. though, this fencing club across from the main stadium has been told to leave its premises until mid september because it's being used by child care. 2020 bad news for a small business already struggling with the impact of the pandemic. go with the sports industry already lacking energy to now be told,
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there will be no practice area is an additional blow from a business perspective. it's going to be a big negative in all honesty. so my bowels in the us domestic team have touched down in tokyo, but several athletes, travel plans have been disrupted. 8 women ropey players from kenya isolating after a positive case on their flight. the american women's football team is already in japan, getting ready for an olympics like no other with no fans at all in the stadium. it'll be really different. but, but we have to like be we have to like, be able to imitate like fans around and kind of like that sort of energy. we have to feed off each other because we're not going to get that from from any outside, like audience or anything like that. i know friends and the metal ceremonies will look different to athletes who, when gold, silver, and bronze will have to collect and present themselves with the metals to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. despite all the complications,
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countries continue to send that teams to compete, including china, who have assembled the biggest ever delegation for lympics. all $431.00 of their athletes were failed as a special ceremony in beijing with the game set to begin a week on friday. these folks out 0 civilian cyclists, that map have all her rich says his talk to france team bahrain victoria is, has nothing to hide. after french prosecutors opened an investigation into dosing allegations against them. police officers carried off a raid on the team hotel on support bus after wednesday, 17 stage bahrain. victoria is 12 stages that issues tool. they say they are cooperating, and are committed to the highest level of professionalism. now the college formula, one boss's hope, will revolutionize the quality of racing has been unveiled. a full sized model of the 2022 design was revealed it. so it was in as the full prepares for the most significant rules change in years. the new car features bigger and simplified front
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and rear wings, a change in flor shape and large as high as these changes have been made with the aim of creating close the racing. make the sports more competitive if it enables us to follow and race like it's a plan to. i think you'll be amazing for the fans and for the school. interesting is very different to what we're used to. the most important is that we improve the racing that we can raise closer. and if this is the way forward, of course i'm for. that's the idea behind which i is the right idea. and i guess we just have to wait and see when i hit subtract, if it performed as well as, as we'll hope. but it's definitely, i guess the 1st time sports ever had a working group towards making ration better. and that's as a driver. we one now thought could turn out to be a defining moment in this is n b a finals. the
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really incredible play that for me on his entity from bow with one of his teammates calling that the back block of all time high praise 7 days. and it certainly proved crucial as it felt the phoenix suns from tying the game with just a minute left. instead, it was the know walkie box. he secured a 6 point victory and gainful to tie the best of 7 theories. so i think will make his davy, the lympics, but this is caused a bit of tension. some native hawaiians already feel as if the sports moving away from its cultural roots and concerned that the birthplace of staffing will be given enough recognition of the games. well, whoa, whoa, whoa, coolio. if you have these kind of emotional connection to a space like we're talking about with, with horns and the ocean and with surfing in particular,
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then you become naturally protective. and of it, especially when they're used, suffered with so much loss elsewhere. you look at this possession of native wines from land, from government, from so many different things. then you would be natural. just want to hold onto the things that you have left. i think that the her and the wounds go back really far. i think the best thing that we can do is take the time to listen to understand, to be empathetic, and to try to make up for it the best that we can moving forward. in the mainstream, people don't really, really realize that the survey was a big deal in hawaii and it was completely oppressed and then it was brought back by duke and shared with the world. and now it's just really caught on. and to the point where the professional support is going through lympics and it would be really nice to, i mean, all the history and where it came from, especially now those on
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a platform such as the olympics. i would like to see more support from the i a say to be honest, because especially if they're talking about do on a mobile and hawaii as sort of the birthplace of surfing. you know, a better way of supporting that caused by, you know, supporting the whole and 30, it's a bit different. you know, i usually compete under the hawaii lag all year with a w, a cell. but i'm really like for me, that's not a huge focus, right. now i think that i can still remember that both, even if i'm not wearing the flag on my leave, i'm waiting on my heart and just one other quick line to bring it from major league baseball thursday night's game between new york yankees and boston red sox has been postponed after positive cove at 900 tests within the yankees organization. yeah. that sort of fluid situation for them. as for all of us, thank you very much, jim. our appreciate that. that wraps up the news out on the background with
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a full blossom useful year round up today's top stories coming up just shortly. ah ah, ah. ah, energy to every part of our universe. more small. to continue the change all around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity,
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we can make it work for you and your business literally guides dying. disproportionate numbers on not ever leaving behind widows who struggled to survive. one o 8 means the ship, a women defying tradition. to conquer the world's pars bounce on, i was 0. the going to raise the conservation park office, bringing nature and people together to work with. what is my passion? my job is linking between the content and what do you need in the epic and you need to find or do we have both the chain as to teach the community living with one lives? it's excellent. elliott limbo, riding with elliot, my son, bob, boy, on out there, me the, i will just
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0. great. with me. i me the, she's in love in enough department to designate side library abandoned efforts to form a government tipping the country further into crisis. ah, hello. i am marian was in london watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. at least 60 people are dead many more and missing off the devastation.


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