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we like it to be, the devil is always going to be in the details. the bottom line one, i'll just era one half go fish and half lebanese. so diversity is really important to me and out of the area is the most diverse place i've ever worked. we have so many different nationalities and mrs. ease brought together in this one nice organization. and this diversity of perspective is reflected in our coverage, giving a more accurate representation of the world we report on and that's a key strength of answers here. ah, ah ah, you're watching the answers even use. my name's peter toby, your top stories this, our lebanon's prime minister designate thought,
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how do you read has stepped aside after he failed to form a new government. the country has been without a functioning cabinet for 9 months and the spacing and unprecedented economic crisis. the afghan taliban and the pakistani government have agreed to reopen an important crossing to allow stranded people through the group took control of these spin boulder crossing with pakistan on thursday and south africa preparing to deploy thousands of soldiers to stop days of rioting and losing its largest such deployment since the end of a party in $1009.00 to $4.00 countries, worse violence in decades has disrupted supply chains of split to food and fuel shortages that used 117 people of diet. the more contagious delta variance of covered 19 is increasing infections around the world. indonesia has surpassed india's daily number of cases and is now
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struggling with the worst outbreak in asia. with more than 54000 new confirmed cases is one of the world's most populous nations. but less than 10 percent of its population is vaccinated. malaria too is reporting a record rise for a 3rd day with more than 13000 new infections. several hospitals have been turned into cubic 19 only facilities. thailand's also seeing a search in cases it's reported its worst day for death so far with $98.00 fatalities pushing its total death toll past $3000.00. jessica washington has the latest for us from jakarta. well, some doctors here say that from their perspective, the health care system in indonesia has already become very, very close to collapse because they are in the unfortunate position of having to turn away critically ill patients because they don't have room for them. as hospitals as close to full capacity, it's not just the public hospitals that are struggling,
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but also some of the public health clinics. and the intention would be that some of those clinics would pick up some of that overflow of patients that the hospitals cannot take in, but they too are struggling. some of those public health clinic workers have told us that they are understaffed under resource. they don't have enough medication or oxygen for all the sick patients in their local areas. we've heard from local roving medics who try to visit some of the patients in need. and they say that they have sadly become accustomed to finding patients dead in their home. these patients, many of them did not even have the prospect of medical intervention. they did not even have the chance to speak with a doctor. so that is the, the situation here know the number has concerning as they are. some local data agencies say that the government numbers are very much an under estimate and by their estimates, the confirmed death toll which as the government states, it is around $70000.00 by their estimates. the death toll is actually around 5
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times higher funeral services. and me and my are overwhelmed as cobra. 1900 deaths saw pictures from one facility and young gone show. dozens of coffins and bodies laid out awaiting cremation. undertakers in the cities say that conducting hundreds of funerals every day, more than double the number they normally would conduct. 145 people died on weapons stay, but experts say the true figure is much higher. corona virus case is searching across the african continent. according to the world health organization, the number of deaths has jumped 43 percent over the past week, compared to the week before that the w h o regional director for africa saying hospitals in the most affected areas and nearing breaking point. they're also running out of oxygen and beds in the i c u department, nearly half of new daily cases on the continent or in south africa, libya too. nicea and mozambique also have high numbers. let's talk now to dr. chris berryman. see, he is uganda information,
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communications and technology minister. he was the health minister and as a member of you, candice cobit 900 task force. he joins us on skype from. can paula, dr. barb, muncie. welcome to the news. i good to have you with us across the continent, african countries, your neighboring countries especially, are experiencing an aggressive 3rd wave. but the numbers in uganda generally are trending of the right direction. they are going down little by little. why is that? thank you very much. to be sure you've got a notice in corbett, my guess is yeah, we call the the 41 i'm and we went through the wave and because we. ready did the campaign that you created month is that people from how they call my beta we they did that on
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a did buy. there was much lower than what had been predicted by the money down to the special rate was because of the beginning of this would just setting, you know, you're getting these and even people that could be $19.00. but the beginning you may join, we will go, is that good? well, this time around, the 2nd the way will be located by the new buddy. but the charlie there, the buddy and the thing, and it was much more and the more miserable we, the more it is that it over people who are in the beginning of the ha. okay, let's talk about him and see just to interrupt you there for a 2nd. so if i may, i don't know if you saw last interview on this particular story. and last time we
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were talking to our correspond incent ago in deka. and he was making the point that there was a disconnect between the initial momentum across africa when it came to rolling out the vaccination program. and the vaccinations actually being administered to people . you seem to be compared to the region or regional countries. you seem to be ahead of the curve. what is it you're doing to get the vaccine out there in a timely manner? but some of your neighboring countries are not doing when we try to use it. but the problem is. ready the. ready learn the government has little get the money to purchase, but in but then it is one of the big the negotiate that it gives you and the principal many are the way i did that. but you know, the point in it is we have the money and they raised it over media and
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you got and we made it very low that what we did about 4 weeks ago under could do that happening but event you may. yes. so we haven't chatted about my daughter's name or people in the back that we are getting because we are mounted and then you know and eventually be where we members over the photo. the major with the money when the why she know what that or you will be the day that was with the dancing. we have to did a local down and they are now major to should is in the country it has been did we is saying you will be will be and the we have to do then mean i called
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my local own native to the bottom it but we know i'm sure that but local down the road live where the central government to cut me down because that i they should also renew it. they know people's ever gotten the fleet and the we are getting credit. ok. does chris period muncie there and come policy? we must leave it, but thank you so much for joining us here on al jazeera hundreds of protests is gathered in the rocky city of nasiriyah for a 3rd straight day to day after the devastating hospital fire they're left at least 60 people dead. the families of victims accuse health officials of negligence, corruption, and according for an investigation much went up there. why had reports from nursery? well know, and how to be square. this is the main city
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a 50 in southern iraq. i get a lot of condemning what they consider negligence, mismanagement, and corruption of hotel in the city say that they will continue protesting everyday lives until the government really conclusions of the investigation commission and visited by an outbreak in a moment or seeing how the claim, the lives of doesn't go with 900 patients on monday. now the angry with no housing. they're holding the position with the victim of the fire outbreak and mom and her hospital. they say that the government is not taking the necessary measures to guarantee that such
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a tragedy is not happen again. at any hospital, they will, they're threatening to take mother into their own hands. once again, they get it protested their mom and her say in hospital and now they include, they include the victims, families and relatives. they say that they want to convey a message to the political parties and the government. they say that the political parties are blamed for not doing enough to protect the people. they also say they also say that there was a conspiracy against the victim because the security force is a good thing to them. security forces prevented volunteers, local civilians who tried to rescue the victim, but they could not reach this isolation words because they were prevented
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by the security forces. columbia president says, most of the colombian former soldiers accused of being involved in the fascination of the haitian leader, were not aware of the plot even to k, set a small number of the men a detailed knowledge of the mission. but most believe they were traveling to haiti only as bodyguards, president joe anomalies. he was assassinated. we could go 18. colombian suspects have been arrested 3 others were killed by the police and the gallery with more now on the investigation out of miami, we heard behavior authorities talking about trying to catch the mastermind behind this. and then i'll claiming a man called christian son on who is a doctor, an pastor who spent most of his life between here in florida and haiti, is that mastermind. he has been arrested over the weekend. he hasn't been charged yet. but there are questions swirling about this. what is emerging as the central character? this is the pastor and doctor who lived here in florida had several fail businesses
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which raises the question, how would a man like this even raise the capital needed to allegedly hire assassins to carry out this operation of getting way to job noma, we see was the president, so it is a very confusing situation at the moment, but it certainly seems to be widening all the time. one central figure now being blamed for this, arrested and not charged. i'm seeing some reports that christine sent on did have meetings to talk about. what would happen once, as you have now, i'm always stepped down. he did have a political ambitions, but he says that he simply wasn't involved those close to him, so he would never do this kind of thing. no, possibly, could he even finance something like this was this investigation goes on. it is casting a wide net. even some of you have normal ways as close a police officers insecurity detail. they've been arrested so a lot of confusion. no real evidence to say who carried out this attack. but thankfully, at the moment, things in haiti do seem to be secure,
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which i think is the biggest concern for ordinary haitians. the biggest kasha in north america is wrapping up in chicago. these 51st major tourism grow in nearly 18 months carmakers from around the world showcasing the us electric vehicles, which promised to out perform anything else on the road out. it was john henry reading up for us here on the news hour as well. so john, this is the 1st major car show in the u. s. since the pandemic hit. how's this one different this time around? while it's shorter, smaller, and later in the year than it usually is. but what we keep hearing from the people who showed up today on the 1st day when the public was allowed in here. thank goodness, it's finally happening here in chicago. the car show was the last major event held here at this convention center in february of 2020. and it's the 1st event to open it back up. in the meanwhile, it had been used as
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a covert hospital. $230.00 events had been cancelled costing the city about $3100000000.00 in last. he can make impact and now it's a much smaller show. it's got about half the footprint that it one tad and when it's usually held in winter now it's being held in summer and that is opened up the opportunity for outdoor test tracks and urban adventures. like ford has a new bronco that they're driving over a kind of urban landscape full of hills here show. we have fewer people as well because it is just the 1st day. busy and it's a thursday, a lot of people didn't even know this was happening where he's usually this is one of the big events for the year here at the convention center in chicago. usually we get about 30000 people running through the doors and it's very crowded down there. and as you can see, it's a much more sparsely populated scene here. but everyone we talk to, most of them not wearing math,
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is excited to be back to look at the new cars and you're right. electric cars really are the thing. i took a test drive a little earlier in an all electric duel engine, mustang, s u, v. they've also got a giant ford f 150 pickup truck. we're in the engine compartment when you open it up. there is nothing there because it's all electronically powered. and there are a number of electronic cars that are being viewed here, but mostly just a lot of excitement. but finally, people are back out not wearing masks and looking at cool cars. that doesn't sound like a bad way to spend a couple of days. john, thanks very much, john henry now reporting my 1st out of chicago business activities maybe slowly returning to the gambia. after cupboard 19 restrictions were lifted, but 2 of it's more important economic sectors. people sending money home to family and tourism to continue to decline admitted risk has more now from angel at the port of my jewel. i few ships,
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dock waiting for goes. shipping activities may not be near what the government expects after covered 1900 distractions. but for model, let me get who runs a c food export company. it's an encouraging sign for businesses like history and afloat. they need to support products. i mean get help from government like this is sort of a grant. you'll be able to put a lot of space, i'm able to put it in a locally within the region on the still waters of oyster creek. dozens of boats anchored waiting for tourist, but only a few of them came in. let me content you hoping to convince some of them dragging his boat. when we arrived, he was happy to show us the creek and river gambia. the waterways, he says, would have been bustling with tories. now hope is the only thing left for the
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industry. we have thousands of employees who are not lead, i'm not home. so basically most of the places are also close due to maybe a rent issues or to finance and he says so completely it is it is it is, it is completely a difficult situation. at the moment, gambia lost $40000000.00 in tourism revenue introduce $24.00, a small economy that devastating. this is going to be a cortez one of the best place to assess the help of the campaign economy on a normal day. this area in the heart of the countries tourism industry will be filled with tories and those who cater for them. now that number has significantly reduced business leaders. you can make it to it is maybe resuming slowly. but recovery is still far off. it has not ended, but there is some progress. and recently,
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i'm pleased to say the chamber was that the street tree got into national of their 2 years. he says one out of 3 businesses, he and the gambia may not survive the pandemic in one out of 6 businesses that do survive. i expected to face long term cash flow problems. that could mean more job losses or outright closures for some was a business is in europe and asia. i beginning to recover from covered 90 disruptions. remington for living abroad accounting for with 20 percent of the g. d . p is not expected to return to its pre covered 1900 levels. that means more uncertainties for families and the economy of the gambia. but the reason al jazeera by july, the sports next here on out to 0, including highlights from day one, the open championship, including this content shot of the day from one young america.
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ah, brought to you by accenture. let there be change the use me
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duties by extension. let there be change. oh, a time for sport. he's jim. thank you p. so they'll mpeg the edging closer with concerns. i have a corona virus still dominating the build up one athlete and several members of staff at the game since tested positive info. yeah. but i as the president thomas back there, chance of participants in facts in japanese residence 8 days until the olympics and tokyo has recorded its highest number of corona virus cases in 6 months. one
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athlete in quarantine is tested positive, along with several tokyo, 2020 staff. there's also been an outbreak at the hotel housing, the brazilian olympic team, where 7 staff have been infected. still the head of the international olympic committee, thomas fac, trusts in the safety measures. the risk for the other residents of the olympic village and the risk for the japanese people is 0. the games and the restrictions associated with them are impacting local businesses. though, this fencing club across from the main stadium has been told to leave its premises until mid september, because it's being used by take care. 2020 bad news for a small business already struggling with the impact of the pandemic. guilty with the sports industry already lacking energy to now be told, there will be no practice area is an additional blow from a business perspective. it's going to be a big negative. and in all honesty,
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simone biles in the us gymnastics team have touched down in tokyo, but several athletes travel plans have been disrupted. 8 women rugby players from kenya isolating after a positive case on that flight. and us basketball star, bradley bail, could mr. games? he's isolating that camp in the states with his teammates set to fly out on monday . the american women's football team is already in japan, getting ready for an olympics like no other with no fans at all in the stadium. it'll be really different. but, but we have to like be we have to like, be able to imitate like fans around, kind of like that sort of energy. we have to feed off each other because we're not going to get that from, from any outside, like audience or anything like that. i know friends and the metal ceremonies will look different to athletes when gold, silver and bronze will have to collect and present themselves with the metals to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. despite all the complications,
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countries continue to send that teams to compete, including china, who have assembled the biggest ever delegation for the lympics o $431.00 of their athletes were failed as a special ceremony and beijing with the game set to begin a week on friday, they be the folks out there of indian cyclist matthew mahar. it says his twitter france team, a bahrain victorious, have nothing to hide. after french pross the cases, i sent an investigation into dosing allegations against them. police officers carried off a raid on the team hotel and support us. after wednesday's 17th stage, bahrain victorious is $12.00 stages of this year's tool. they say they are cooperating and are committed the highest level of professionalism after it was cancelled at last year. due to the pandemic, a golf open championship is back at it's a former winner leading the way on day one. the 2010 champion, louise pays, and how what he described as the perfect round off the shot, a bacon free. 64. to set the pace at 6 on the south africa,
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a man informed he's been runner up in 2 majors. this shit, one shot behind him is another pirate dog when it was on his round included 4 consecutive on his front 9 brown. seneca gave the found that wilson george is something to share about 70, where he hold his 2nd shop. the ego, he's full of believes and here's another content that's a shot of the day from fellow american will. bella, taurus will live on 12 going in for an ego. he's a shot further back. at one staffing will make it a davy at the lympics, but this has caused a bit of tension that some native hawaiians already feel as if the sports moving away from his cultural rates. and the concerns at the birthplace of suffering won't be given enough recognition again. oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
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you coolio. if you have these kind of emotional connection to a space like we're talking about with, with coins and the ocean and with surfing in particular, then you become naturally protective. and of it, especially when they're used, suffered with so much loss elsewhere. you look at this possession of native wines from land, from government, from so many different things. then you would be natural. just want to hold onto the things that you have left. i think that the her and the wounds go back really far. i think the best thing that we can do is take the time to listen to understand, to be empathetic and to try to make up for the best that we can moving forward in the mainstream. people don't really, really realize that there was a big deal in hawaii and it was completely oppressed and then it was brought back by duke and shared with the world. and now it's just really just caught on and to
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the play was professional or it is going through. and it would be really nice to me all the history and where it came from, especially now those on a platform such as the olympics. i would like to see more support from the i a say to be honest, because especially if they're talking about do kind of multiple and hawaii as sort of the birthplace of surfing. you know, a better way of supporting that caused by, you know, supporting the whole and 30, it's a bit different. you know, i usually compete under the hawaii flag all year with a w, a cell. but i'm really like, for me, that's not a huge focus, right? now i think that i can still remember that both, even if i'm not wearing the flag on my leave, i'm wearing it on my heart that for your support, for now, i'll be back with more a little bit later. jemma. thank you so much. last minute. whenever you want to on the website, alex, is there a dot com?
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mariam is next. from studios in london from me, pete, adobe, and everyone on the lake team here in doha. thanks for watching. what you said. i, in joining the debate, you know, back teens reaching those who are most of the needs and amplify your voice in allowed a diverse community and how in array of different stories, no topic. it's off the table. it's such a tough ethical debate where there is an obvious discrimination in systematic discrimination of the play. people are thursdays for new wasted. the stream where
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a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera, coded 19 is a public health crisis that has been compounded by capitalism. alleyway navigates the big questions raised by the global hand demik power system based on private ownership in the state of profit. 3rd world and a ton of capitalism is depend damage that causes so much of the suffering. explosives, protect the people or the profit as a good one of all hail the lockdown analogy. 0. it's the case. biggest hospital with eventual capacity for 4000 covet 19 patients built inside a london conference center. it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites are under way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised
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researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now, trying to close, extrapolate that across the country and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than any one thought. the news mo, estimate, lebanon's prime minister designate shot how rary step aside after failing to form a government tipping the country further into crisis. ah, hello, i'm sorry i'm to my the in london, you're watching algae 0 also coming up on the program. the afghan taliban pockets dawns government agree to reopen a vital border crossing today. often the group captured it.


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