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for those who managed to cross the border, say it's not because they have improved back home. they say it's a good continue to be targeted because many prophecies are being reported and all they come to taking refuge conditions. here are some ideas on a crossing planes along the ask in pakistan. border captured by the taliban is to be reopened to allow stranded people to return home a welcome on a piece of w, watching out 0 life and also coming up after 9 months of effort to form a new government lebanon's prime minister designate. here he says he's now stepping aside. south africa's government has deployed army reservists to help local
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police after incidents of violence and unrest. dozens of people are killed, a splash loving hit germany and other parts of europe. ah. after hours of negotiations, the afghan taliban and the pakistani government have agreed to reopen one of the main border crossings to allow stranded people to cross over. the taliban captured the spin bold that crossing on wednesday. it is afghan histone 2nd busiest entry point and connects its vast south west with pakistani ports and the province of blocks stone. the group has been seizing large parts of the canister and taking advantage of the withdrawal of us and allied troops to push back against afghan forces. the taliban now controls half of all major commercial board. things were
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good, slow in and out of the country. they are usually a source of revenue for the government, bringing in millions of dollars per day. earlier, they'd seize the islam collar crossing. that's the main transit points between afghanistan and iran. it usually adds about $20000000.00 every month and customs fees to government coffers. the tour gundy crossing into turkmenistan is also under taliban control. and so is the she a con bender crossing into to just on $900.00 trucks use the spin bolduc crossing which is the commercial artery. but in kandahar and port in pakistan, charlotte both bellis reports now from the afghan capital campbell. they hear talk of the spin folder crossing reopening and escal and stuck and pakistan scrambles were chance to get home. thousands waited, hopeful that pakistan would allow them passage after the taliban took control of the afghan side of the crossing by force. it took 2 days of talked movement to
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start again. mom, she got the box on the got. i'm not going to be. i don't know, but the focused on the soldiers are not letting us go. they told us that there is fighting with calling upon us the other side. we don't know what is happening. been bolduc is a logistical lifeline for southern afghanistan. $900.00 trucks usually pass through here each day. they carry much needed supplies. they pay customs duties that are no longer going into government coffers. the thousands, every day it is a portal to see family and friends on each side of the border. as the muslim holiday eat approaches, this should be one of its busiest time with that, but i found that with that mom because of the, the borders closed and we were waiting in these hot temperatures. my son just had surgery. i'm a widow and you can see all the people waiting here. we filmed the taliban on the pocket stone side of the border. one signal, the victory sign a ca, stick it with the telephone, logo,
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taliban flags risen among the waiting crows in pakistan's closest tone sherman telephone 5. most freely. the support for the army group was on public display. in afghanistan, they recorded themselves and spin, bowed up town in an effort to show life continuing as normal. and the people are very happy they were trying with happiness. i was asking people to get back as they rushed at us, but they were saying we were waiting for you guys for the last 20 years. but in pakistan, in temperatures of near 40 degrees, the merge was not joyous. many travelers telling us they just wanted to the conflict and the disruption it brings out on your what we want. we don't want fighting one piece and whoever will deliver it. if it will be the government all the time. we want to new lamp country without fighting. that is all we want will spin, bolduc is the most significant. the taliban has taken a handful of border crossings and i've got some north,
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west and east and recent weeks. against the backdrop of taliban gains. president of sheriff connie is known as pakistan for an urgent regional summers. charlotte bellis. audi 0, couple. 211 on now with the prime minister, designates on how to get he has again failed to form a new government. he's announced. he's stepping aside today. lebanon has been without a functioning cabinet for 9 months and is facing an unprecedented economic crisis. that's not a 100 res. i met with the president and he demanded what i deem as substantial change to the formation of the government. we also discussed other issues and it became clear that we will not be able to reach an agreement. i suggested to the president if he needed more time to consider my proposal, but he saw no prospect for agreement. for these reasons, i stepped down as i will not be able to form the government correspondence and hardened with more from beirut, the prime minister and the president have been locked in
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a power struggle for the past 9 months. on the formation of a new cabinet. they were disagreeing on the distribution of portfolios, the number of seats assigned to certain facts and who had the authority, the prerogative to actually name the ministers. so this was not just about the distribution of seats. they were talking about the whole structure of the state, a say really, which is the political system. the political arrangement is based on a power sharing deal among different religious sects. the president, for example, that's supposed reserved for the maronite community, the prime minister, a post reserved for the sundays, the muslim sundays. now the prime minister says he felt that the president was overstepping his authority. that it is the prime minister's job to name the cabinets. the president has been trying to restore what he calls the christian rights, which they lost after the civil war, back in 1919. and it's not just that these 2 men have personal interest as
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well. the president wants to ensure that he controls the next cabinet because he wants his son in law to replace him when he leaves office next year. and you have the prime minister also, who wants to make sure he has a government that can deal with the economic crisis in order to win in the upcoming election next year. so these 2 men have their personal interests at stake at the expense of the nation. but when you talk about the structure of the states, the structure 11 on states, which has been in place for 3 decades now, it goes to show you that you know, the state, this just not functioning. there is a deadlock south africa preparing to deploy thousands of soldiers to stop days of rioting and looting. it's the largest such deployment since the end of apartheid in 1994. thousands of reserve forces have already been summoned. the countries, worst violence in decades, has disrupted supply chains and has led to food and fuel shortages. at least 117 people have died. the unrest was triggered by the jailing of the former president,
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jacob's humor, which later turned into widespread anger against poverty and inequality. live now to bennet smith in johannesburg, so been a just give us a sense of what you've been seeing and hearing there today. peter, after 48 hours of looting and writing hundreds of businesses here in alexander, the poorest township in south africa just outside janice book, have been destroyed. left in darkness. there's no electricity. they've been emptied out. although it's much calmer today and people are being clearing up, there are still reports coming from durban and concealing ital, jacob zooms home province of looting that applying of racial tensions that as well between the south african born indian community. and the black community is a spot for all of this was the jailing of ration jacob zoom a last week, refusing to a corruption inquiry, but it was only the spark light went out boring the strange and anger that almost
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30 years after the end of apartheid better still enormous social inequality. population of 35000000 lives below the poverty line on an employment. it is around 33 percent. the government says it's ready to deploy as many as 25000 troops in this province, housing province, where i am and causing this how to keep the peace, 10000 of them already on the streets has never been a need for this sort of true number. since the end of a party, it's an indication of how serious the government considers situation. yes. local. hey, now sandra, i've been leading mclean operation, i should say, up in helping the army recover. some of the lucy goats from the homes of people suspected of being involved in the fact from the department stores and supermarkets here, a lot of shock. what's happened but barry's this deep say see frustration of the 4 economic conditions in south africa, exacerbated by, of course,
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covered 90 per cent. and thank you very much. ben has been their report in life 1st out of south africa that he's 40. 2 people have been killed and dozens of missing after flash floods swept across the west of germany. a number of buildings collapsed and the army has been called in. now to help with rescue efforts, parts of belgium and the netherlands are also badly affected. his julian wolf, this is the view from overhead. the picturesque germantown of should flooded after record brain. much of the wine producing region now destroyed after the rhine river burst its banks, bringing down dozens of home. another $25.00 houses are at the risk of collapse. with the spreading there is mud everywhere in the houses, the bridge there collapsed. water overflowed further down. even houses have floated away, so it's an emergency like world war 2. the flood has forced many to flee to their
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rooftops, waiting to be rescued. others waiting through waters doing what they can to slow the flood. the government has declared a state of emergency and deployed the army. people in nearby towns have been told to leave the area. but rescue operations are being hampered. villages are cut off by flood water and landslides, making them difficult to reach the phone and internet connections are also down. i will give you see here now is worse than after a bombing raid. and this is guaranteed to take 10 years. the people are all broke, the business says have been hurt, so it's just horrible. now. the once in a generation floods are not limited to germany. neighboring belgium and the netherlands have also been hit hard. and with the slow moving storm retaining its power, forecasters say there could be more damage and disruption to come. join wolf, al jazeera. ok,
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that's what's going on in germany. let's get more now for you on the situation in the netherlands. set vast incentives, this update from a balcony book close to the border between germany and the netherlands. and the past hours that i've been here, i've only seen the water actually getting higher. it's just a very strong current, and it's actually the, the worth and the largest amount of water going through the reference here in this whole border region. since $926.00, there was an supple down for for 3 days, which has led to this, this loving that has not only inundated to cities found villages but also highway. so it has really power like this whole border region. people have been evacuated from their homes and rescue. teams are actually still here, knocking on doors to see if people are still needed to be rescued or been stuck there for more than 24 hours without food, without water elect electricity is also down here in this region. and as we speak, it starts to rain again. this is falcon berg,
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this is the center of dutch tourism in the south of the natalie. this is a place where many people come to especially now with cove, with people don't want to travel abroad. they want to come here, so thousands of tourists were here when this flood happened. they have been evacuated as well. they also asking for compensation. of course, the small business owners are very emotional, very frustrated and upset that this is happening to them. but they're also very worried about their safety because of course, as we say this water is not going away anytime soon. now, still to come on this program. columbia, as president reveals new details about the assassination of the haitian president, joe and alamo, easy, damaged vandalized, destroyed. will explore the cultural heritage sites, caught up in last year's war between as a by john and armenia. ah,
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ah, it's time for the journey. the winter sponsored by cattle airways. hello, the weather remains very disturbed across the northeast and parts of china. we've had days of heavy rain up towards yellow sea towards the northeast corner, just rusty bay province and that west weather running all the way back down towards the south west to the south, or do the line of sherry rain. and this is a seasonal range and they pay pop further as we go through saturday and that is likely to cause some localized flooding shop showers to for time across much of the korean peninsula, particularly into south chris on part of japan. seeing some wet weather as well, but for a good part of japan. fast, they does look dry and fine tokyo around 32 celsius a little on the human side here. got plenty of showers. meanwhile, across the good parts of southeast asia and little clutches storms to the use of the philippines. they will develop into a tropical storm. so we'll just keep an eye on that when the tropical system could well, just push a little further north, which as we go through the coming days,
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it's certainly one to watch across much a se, asia, the heavy she was going to be though it was at eastern, sort of indonesia for still away see, and heading over to pop to new guinea. much of india. now under the influence of the southwest, the monsoon, some heavy rain coming in for many heaviest rain as usual up the western get some very heavy rain pushing light up into good drop pockets. donald's eye sinks and heavy showers now and looking very wet for bangladesh. nepal sponsored cattle airways capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. are the stories provided a glimpse into someone else as well? we what god, we read will be a bite. go look. you inspire and documentaries, from impassioned filmmakers. i am the voice out of the witness on al jazeera. ah,
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ah ah, you're watching al jazeera your top story so far this half hour, the afghan taliban and the pakistani government have agreed to reopen, unimportant crossing till i was trying to. people through the group took control of the spin bolduc crossing the pakistan on thursday, 11 ons prime minister designate how do you read has stepped aside after he failed to form a new government. the country has been without a functioning cabinet for 9 months now. it is facing an unprecedented economic crisis. well, the 14 people have died in germany were flooding in decades, parts of belgium and the netherlands to are also underwater of the heavy rain
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caused rivers to break the banks. there are warnings of more rain in the coming days. in the more contagious delta variance of cobit 19 is increasing infections around the world. indonesia has surpassed india's daily number of cases and it's now struggling with the worst outbreak in asia with more than 54000 new confirmed cases . it's one of the world's most populous nations, but less than 10 percent of the population has been vaccinated. malays the a to is reporting a record rise for 3rd day. with more than 13000 new infections, several hospitals have been turned into cooper. 19 only facilities. thailand's also seeing a search in cases it's reported it's worse day for death so far with $98.00 fatalities pushing its total death. tow past 3000. jessica washington has the latest for us
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from jakarta. well, some doctors here say that from their perspective, the health care system in indonesia has already become very, very close to collapse because they are in the unfortunate position of having to turn away critically ill patients because they don't have room for them. as hospitals as close to full capacity, it's not just the public hospitals that are struggling, but also some of the public health clinics. and the intention would be that some of those clinics would pick up some of that overflow of patients that the hospitals can not taken, but they too was struggling. some of those public health clinic workers have told us that they are understaffed under resource. they don't have enough medication or oxygen for all the sick patients in their local areas. we've heard from local roving medics who try to visit some of the patients in need. and they say that they have sadly become accustomed to finding patients dead in their home. these patients, many of them did not even have the prospect of medical intervention. they did not
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even have the chance to speak with a doctor. so that is the to get the situation here. know the numbers us concerning as they are. some local data agencies say that the government numbers are very much an under estimate and by their estimates, the confirmed death toll which as the government states, it is around $70000.00 by their estimates. the death toll is actually around 5 times higher. well, cases of code 19 searching across the continent of africa that's according to the world health organization. the number of deaths has jumped 43 percent over the last week compared to the week before that the w h chose regional director for africa says hospitals in the most affected areas. on nearing a breaking point and running out of oxygen and i see you beds nearly half of new davy cases on the continent or in south africa, libya, too, nicea and mozambique also have high numbers that to live now to decor and correspond. nicholas hark. joining us live from deca. so nick,
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what regions or countries are faring the worst here? do we think? well, there are, obviously, as you mentioned, south africa where half of the cases are from. but there's also countries in the north of africa, tunisia, algeria, tunisia where hospital health workers say that the, the health system is on the brink, that they don't have enough beds or oxygen to receive the, the venue infections or infections in each and every region, despite nationwide locked down with the 2 nations reaching out to the diaspora to try to fund oxygen tanks. that picture is not any better in neighboring algeria where despite a curfew in place, there's a spike of cases there. and what's interesting here, peter is we're seeing cases not just in the cities are in the capitals, but also in rural areas,
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rural them bob way or in the eastern part of kenya. suggesting that this delta variant is spreading fast and quickly throughout the continent. a 1000000 people have been infected in the last month alone. and as you mentioned, 43 percent, 42 percent increase in death from last week. there were 10 countries that had the delta, the very last week. now they are $21.00 countries, and the fear is with the, the, the muslim celebrations of e next week that there will be even more cases, especially here in senate, go with the ministry of health has alerted the public to, to be wary to keep the distances but the simple fact is, the government here are not equipped to, to deal with the onslaught of the delta. various peter, why is the vaccination rollout going so slowly in some regions
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was sensually the promises made by rich countries have not been fulfilled. and so, for instance, last week, peter, i tried to get back to myself here in a health center. well, they ran out of stock, and this is the case, not just here in san diego. and most of the countries throughout the, throughout africa there simply aren't enough vaccine to go around to vaccinate people. add to that the fact that there's a great deal of skepticism towards the astrazeneca vaccines. specifically, the d r c received 1700000 doses. just a few months ago, it gave away 1300000 vaccines and the minister of health there said that people were just fearful of getting vaccinated out to that. the, this, this, this idea that the vaccines, the astrazeneca vaccines here are not recognized by the european authority. so for african travelers court trying to go to your bill. that's a great deal. difficult for them. the fear is for scientists and researchers is that if there are not more people vaccinated,
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then the delta variant will mutate in something more deadly. and something that will propagate and spread more quickly. and that's what's that stick with the vaccination here. and so there was calls for more vaccine to come to the continent . peter, nick, thank you very much. nicholas on the reporting for us from deco. now there's been a sharp increase in children around the world. we've missed out on basic vaccines as a result of disruptions caused by the corona, virus pandemic, the world health organization. and unicef saying 23000000 children missed out on routine jobs, leaving them vulnerable to diseases such as measles, polio, and meningitis, oscar and is chief of programs and services, the national association of county and city health officials. he says, a lack of routine vaccinations could lead to other types of outbreaks as countries continue to reopen. not only is the need to ensure that folks and children and
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get the necessary vaccinations, but we've also seen the rise and backing hesitancy and vaccine. poor confidence to black edward and as a result amplified with the lack of access due to both the locked down for cetera, in the 1st few months. 2020, even here the u. s. we saw sharp decrease in the number of children who are getting their vaccines, the regular routine vaccination. so it was quite important to ensure that providers understand that they should still be trying their best to ensure both well visits and prioritize. especially for the pediatric cases, the opportunity to get those children's back to me. it is the hope that we can really get these providers. and as you can see this problem, it's now worldwide. it's not just one particular h d, and then of course it just doesn't necessarily mean that it's tony. those impoverished short about the nation. it's actually everyone pad this tremendous
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impact. the concern, of course, is as we think of, we're reopening or we close. and depending on where you are, the likelihood of other outbreaks to occur, that's why it's so vital to really build this wall of defense, especially upon our most vulnerable population. our children, the colombian president says most of the colombian x soldiers accused in the assassination of the haitian leader, were not aware of the plots, even to case that a small number of the men did have detailed knowledge of the mission. but most belief they were trying to haiti as bodyguards, president joe and lucy was separated a week ago from miami and to galico has the latest on the investigation. we heard the have authorities talking about trying to catch the mastermind behind this. and then i'll claiming a man called christian son on who is a doctor and pastor who spent most of his life between here in florida and haiti. is that mastermind. he has been arrested over the weekend. he hasn't been charged
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yet. but there are questions swirling about this. what is emerging as the central character? this is the pastor and doctor who lived here in florida had several fail businesses which raises the question, how would a man like this even raise the capital needed to allegedly hire assassins? to carry out this operation of getting way to job norma, we see was the president. so it is a very confusing situation at the moment, but it certainly seems to be widening all the time. one central figure now being blamed for this, arrested and not charged. i'm seeing some reports that christine sent on did have meetings to talk about what would happen once as you have now, i'm always stepped down. he did have a political ambitions, but he says that he simply wasn't involved those close to him, so he would never do this kind of thing. no, possibly, could he even finance something like this was this investigation goes on. it is casting a wide net, even some of you have normal ways as close police officers insecurity detail.
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they've been arrested. so a lot of confusion, no real evidence to say who carried out this attack. but thankfully, at the moment, things in haiti do seem to be secure, which i think is the biggest concern for ordinary haitians. ok, bank to europe to france, where the top criminal court in that country because of appeal, has delayed its ruling on whether one of the country largest companies can be investigated of allegations of crimes against humanity for its operations in syria between 20122014 at the time, the cement maker, lafarge caps, it's frank, re open in the northeast of the country, despite the threats of arm groups including iso in the region. last year civilians on both sides of the disputed nagondo cut of our region were caught up in the worst fighting the in more than 25 years. and despite a ceasefire between armenia and as a by sean, there are still concerns about another casualty of war. cultural heritage sites. russell set up reports now from as
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a by john now gonna cut about maybe small in size, but the disputed region is rich in cultural and religious heritage. these 100 year old monuments however, have seen better days lockers in the shoulder. hundreds of monuments and historical sites in this region have been damaged, vandalized, or destroyed during the 30 years of war. the thousands of graveyards, the historical educational institutions, museums, then now unrecognizable. the 1st publication house, which was established in the 19th century, is ruin of the russian orthodox church of july or moscow. the church of albania. dimly moscow and morality shrine from the 13th century, also damaged to mr. sort of in the immediate aftermath of the seas fire that ended last year's war between us be john and armenia. cultural institutions. and scholars was concerns. they said hundreds of historical mosques, church monasteries, monuments and museums could be at risk. i mean,
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you see is between 19972006 of their b. johnny forces damaged or destroyed thousands of the historical sites including medieval charts and graveyards, enact javan. but as r b j says the cultural damage on his side became more apparent after its armed forces recapture territories. armenia had controlled since 1993 and that the secure of the destruction 2 sites including most and libraries, is bigger than expected exports. believe cultural reconciliation is still possible in no go no cut up. despite the dismal record of the past 3 decades, both sides have demonstrated every interest and even admiration of heritage that isn't their own. lot of it in some of the war does not kill only soldiers and civilians, but also historical heritage. there's no insurance for this heritage. both muslim and christian heritage of this region have been vandalized. we have to be
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meticulous to careful not to further harm the historical cultural, sorry, a mutual respect is what we need. and i believe both sides have learned a lesson that this destructive war that should not be a never ending circle, which destroys our common history. buried within these buildings are centuries, are shared tradition, culture and history of a people who today called themselves by 2 different names. although the guns are mostly silent, either be john and armenia are still a long way from peace. and many people here hope that the historical treasures of no go nor cra, don't also become casualties of war, let alone cause for another. this was out of that for job and other very john, ah, this is down to 0. these are your top stories. after i was of negotiations, the afghan taliban and the pakistani government have agreed to reopen one of the
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main border crossings. while i was stranded people through the tunnel and captured these spin bolduc crossing on wednesday. it's f canister on 2nd busiest entry points and.


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