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that you have been made and ignored many times before or now that allowed a death because they say that situation is much worse from around the world than these external facebook systems is the government is following due process and the case and that authorities act against violation because your ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm hello, i'm here, dean, and this is the news r rawlings from do house coming up in the next 60 minutes across the points along the garrison packets. galveston, pakistan ordered captured by the taliban to be reopened, to allow a stronger people to return home in denisia records as big as daily increase in
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colona virus infections. with more than 57000 cases. south africa, the government calls up army reservists in response to phase of widespread on list and looting and the historical treasures damaged by 30 years of war. and the hope that the destruction doesn't lead to further conflict about peter, similar to the sports news, and with 8 days to go until the big corona virus continues to complicate things with one athlete and several members of game stop testing. positive info to ah, the afghans halliburton and pakistan's governments have agreed to reopening a crossing to allow strong people through the armed group to control of these spin bold crossing with pakistan on thursday. after hours of talks,
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the taliban and pakistani authorities have made a breakthrough bucks, negotiations between the afghan government and the taliban, appear to be at a standstill. we have reported on both sides of the africa and pakistan border in a moment's will speak. charlotte, bella says in the afghan capital kabul 1st, so let's coast to come. all hider in shore were come out. what more can you tell us about the border crossing, which was recently seized by the taliban? and the implications this has for pakistan. well engage the dollar, bon k, go over a spin ball dog. came mad the surprise after dad already you know what? keep border cross things or not in other areas. so after that, been by occupation by the dollar bond. there was
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a humanitarian crises that were beginning to on forward tens of thousands of people stranded on both sides. because this is a very busy border. given the fact that most of the medical emergencies from one hand on crutches to budget on becoming a better medical facility. and also the fact that many families would be going across to meet their relatives because it holidays right. approaching by for bucket on huge implications. given the fact that any fighting between the national army should decide to go on the offensive against the dollar bond and been ball doug has the recipe for the doctor because fellow andrew parker thought and because of that, the progress on the security for also beefing up their position by the boarding thing to notice that there were definitely come as a major relief for ordinary b. what talk on both sides of the border. we also have report, dollar bon,
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are fighting for key strategic vision and then federal b day of board. claim that they have already taken over the robi, this is the gorge a narrow gorge which connect to god. but it, and that effectively mean that, that dollar by now have access to god but also from door which is the 2nd major border crossing between of one on and bucket on not to mention also the fact that focused on upgrade that the civil war and no one is going to have devastating consequences because millions of are gone will play across the board out. the country already has g 1000000 of refugees and that of course good. creat another situation. ok, come all hides there live for us in push our thank you. come all, let's turn out to charlotte bellis for the view. for my car bull charlotte. the taliban are saying that they have proposed to cease fire to the afghan governments
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. what more can you tell us about this? or the telephone say they have proposed to cease fire for 3 months in exchange for 7005 is being made out of prisons and their leaders being taken off a un blacklist. now they've actually been talking about this for some months to diplomats to the americans and is tied to the us telegraph agreement from last year . and these are the stipulations in that, that as part of the us and nato was rule that they would be a sci fi that they would be political negotiations of the tele bomb will get their prisoners out. and the leaders to be asked to select. now, of course, us and nato with touring, but some of these conditions still haven't they met? so the telephone has kind of reiterated this, but they still want the leaders off the list and they still want their prisoners out. one of the sticking point, so with yes can government is that they're obviously not the party to that
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agreement. and they've already released 5000 prisoners and they saying, how many more do we have to release? surely, we should be talking more about political negotiations and a c, y a 1st, as opposed to leasing more of your prisoners living more of the 5 who's out and living your, your latest off at blacklist. so this is kind of the sticking points at play with some of the slightest as well with the $5000.00 that the government have already made out. they weren't made returned to the battlefield. the tele bumps, if they didn't. yes. can government believes that some of those fighters actually did return to the battlefield? and they saying at this point, why would we lease out another steven 1000 when the taliban have a lot of military momentum and i could potentially return to the battlefield once more. okay, charlotte, bella speaking is up to date from campbell. charlotte, thank you. well, i'll charlotte mention talks to resolve the conflict serrato a standstill earlier. we spoke to government negotiator, not, not very,
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he says the televisions offer of a truce isn't sincere. today's once we are, we are genuinely, very strongly pushing for talk and meaningful talks on table 2 in this war once for ever and to reach to a political settlement and future. that's what we kept pushing in the past few months in the us. we're also going to be another event that of the conference some, some additional members of the republic of a bunch of political will be joining all. and we want to see that that's alex agreed to political settlement. that's what we do. we are so much committed into peace and we want to be a peace agreement reached at the same time. our forces are trying to check the sensors population. the report today i release of the civil service tech that
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effected by the war suggest that 30000000 people that are being effected not receiving public service services across those districts that are taken by the parliament, which is one 3rd of the population. we are protecting dissenters of population and our horses are protecting them. we are we taking, we just did a research at district a new province to district and that's what we are doing. but at the same time, we are questing for piece for political settlement and genuinely we are ready to do so. michael sample is a professor at queens university, belfast and a former deputy e u. special representatives on a gun. the son. he joins us by skype from oxford. the taliban says it's a seas for the african government says it's nothing you who do you think is right.
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well 1st of all, i think the outcome people are going to be listening to it with some interest because people are generally exhausted from the recent fighting that when they look at the offer, i think they probably will conclude that this is, yeah, it's a symbolic score. points to get people talking about it and it's to provide a cover what is really going on in the ground, which is a very dangerous tile about military offensive trying to settle the war by force rather than by negotiations. do you think that the taliban have for hand in this war because the afghan governments are the ones who appear to be losing all the all the checkpoints, and indeed the ones having soldiers, the facts. one of the reasons is that the political talks are stalemated at the moment and it seems very difficult to to get them onto the substantive issues. another another was referring to is that the taliban clearly believe they have momentum. they believe that the, the withdrawal of the us forces give them
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a chance to defeat the african government completely quickly. whereas they, all, the major units of the african security forces are still intact. all the major population centers are still intact. so there be very bad headlines for the m, the gone government over the past 2 months, but now they are trying to push back. so that's why i think that it's very difficult to see either side suffering for a sci fi or just now. do you think the situation on the ground and distill meetings or does the taliban really have the upper hand in this instance? i will see the trouble is it's not stalemated. i don't think that we found a new actually be on post the disappearance of the the, the withdrawal. the african government believes that it can push back re take some of the territory that it really should not have evacuated the taliban. believe that they can now impose a siege of the cities and start them out. i think that they talk about military
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have plans in place to try and capture the capital capture, cobble the rest of the country. the afghan government believes that they can defeat it. so we do not have a stalemate, we have a very dynamic military situation. that's why so many afghans are dying. ok, michael sample, they're joining us by skype for oxford. we appreciate it. thank you very much indeed. ok, i keep plenty more. a heads on the news are including ones for the generation, storm and western germany. dozens of people are known to have died. many are missing highly wrong. hope for you locally produce vaccine will boosters, flu in utilization campaign. and bringing the walk a box of level c n b. a final series, he said, will be here with only action for
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me. now, turning to the corona viras pandemic can the more contagious down for variance is drive in cases backup. globally. indonesia has passed india's daily cases to have the worst i break in asia with more than $54.00. thousands new confirmed cases is one of the most populous countries in the world, but less than 10 percent of its population is vaccinated. militia has also reported a record rise for a 3rd day reporting more than 13000 new cases. in the past day. the government is turning several hospitals into covert. 19 only facilities. thailand has been relatively unscathed through much of the pandemic. but recently it's seen a search,
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it's reported its worst day for death so far with 9 see a fatalities pushing its total death, toll pass 3 thousands. jessica washington has the latest from jakarta. well, some doctors here say that from their perspective, the health care system in indonesia has already become very, very close to collapse because they are in the unfortunate position of having to turn away critically ill patients because they don't have room for them. as hospitals as close to full capacity, it's not just the public hospitals that are struggling, but also some of the public health clinics. and the intention would be that some of those clinics would pick up some of that overflow of patients that the hospitals can not taken, but they too are struggling. some of those public health clinic workers have told us that they are understaffed under resources. they don't have enough medication or oxygen for all the sick patients in their local areas. we've heard from local
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roving medics who try to visit some of the patients in need. and they say that they have sadly become accustomed to finding patients dead in their home. these patients, many of them did not even have the prospect of medical intervention. they did not even have the chance to speak with a doctor. so that is the to get the situation here. know the numbers as concerning as they are. some local data agencies say that the government numbers are very much an under estimate and by their estimates, the confirmed death toll which as the government states, it is around $70000.00 by their estimates. the death toll is actually around 5 times higher. well, as we mentioned, neighboring malaysia is also experiencing a record number of corona virus cases. florence louis has more from quantum poor health official save a number of new cases is expected to increase because the highly infectious delta varying has been detected in nearly every state. now the numbers do paint around
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the picture. there now more than 100000 active cases, that's a record high for malaysia. the number of new infection continues to outpace recoveries. health officials are allocating more resources and that includes allocating more funds so that private hospitals can taken non cove at $900.00 patients. this is necessary because more hospitals are non going to be converted to full cove at $900.00 hospitals. they're going to be more beds as well. and health care workers are going to be mobilized from other states to the worst effected areas of florida, state and quality. now, hospitals which have had trouble finding space to store bodies and ongoing to be getting containers to function as temporary monks. they're also plans to make self, has kids go on to make available on sale? the hope is that new infections can be detected and isolated quickly. health officials say vaccination is the answer to this problem. but malaysia is planning
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to meet its target of fully vaccinating 40 percent of its population by the end of august and 60 percent by the end of september. but that's also provided that there are no delays in vaccine supplies. corona virus cases are surging across the african continents. according to the w h show, the number of deaths has jumped 43 percent over the past week compared to the one before it w h o. regional director for africa says hospitals in the most affected areas, are nearing a breaking point, wandering out of oxygen, and i see you beds, you know, the half of new daily cases on the continent or in south africa, libya she nicea and mozambique also have high numbers will nicholas huck is law firm as in decker. next, this appears to be more infectious. 3rd ways are african nations prepares
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well, certainly according to the w h o, more needs to be done in order for countries to face this rapid spread and use, notably by the delta vary and last week there were only 10 countries. the 1st thing that had the delta variance in their, in their nations. this week 21 countries we've seen a 43 percent jump in cases. let me tell you say this again, 43 percent jump. that is the biggest resurgence of infections that any continents on the planet is currently facing. as you mentioned, terrible situation in south africa despite to log down. well, well there's, there's expectation that there will be more cases with writing happening in some part of the country in geneva and the north of the continent. well, the health minister and the health industry says that the, the, the hospitals are almost at breaking point with traditions reaching out to the
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diaspora to try to mobilize oxygen tanks. every single region in new jersey is facing infection cases with log downs in place. there is also algeria that's facing a resurgence of cases and right here in san diego and with the aim celebration, expect it to be taking place next week. will health official fear that the worse is yet to come? a 1000000 people have been infected with the current of virus, just this month alone. hello. and it's the way out of the pandemic is often hailed as being the vaccines. why your vaccination rate so low across africa? well, the promises made by rich country to deliver vaccines have not have, not come essentially. and here in senegal, i mean, i tried to get vaccinated last week. holla, to get my 2nd dose. well,
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there's vaccines available. this by promise isn't assurances made by kovacs and rich countries, that bill deliver vaccines and there were more promises made during this w h o press conference. well, little has been delivered, but vaccines alone will not stop the spread of the virus in the d or c. earlier this year, there was 1700000 doses given to that country. they return 1300000 of those doses because people were simply afraid to get vaccinated. and that's not being helped by the fact that the astrazeneca vaccine that's been given to countries here. well, that specific astrazeneca vaccine is not being recognized by travelers from the african countries trying to go inside the european union. so there is a level of skepticism. and again, the w h show has reminded the population and health ministries to do more to ensure that there are barrier measures put into place people wearing mask jill access to
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clean water. and there's also this sense that there's not enough being done to learn the population about the delta veteran. the theory is, is if more people are not vaccinated than that delta veterans should mutate into more infectious when there could be more cases on the african continent. holla ok, nicholas hog live for us in the car. nick, thank you. officials in south africa are urging people not to panic by fuel after the countries lower just over, refinery was temporarily shut down. days of riots and looting have disrupted supply chains and fears of foods and fuel shortages have seen long lines of shopping malls, in turban. the mines and energy ministry says work is on the way to help get petroleum products where they need to be. at least 70 people are dead and hundreds arrested after the unrest triggered by the jailing of former president jacob summa
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lives. now it's a bernard smith in johannesburg, a bernard her think, looking where you are. hello, after 48 hours of rioting and looting, hundreds of businesses here in housing province in johannesburg, i've been destroyed, burns out shelves. the owners left counting the cost. it came as a complete shock, so many people had, nobody saw it coming. many of the businessmen hear of him built that business is over years and years and years elias bahama is going to talk to his allies and what happened to your, what your business happening. i see the 1st time i'm leaving you 25 years. all right. and i see that this is happening when before, but noise, this happened is a very big gap and we want to make it more stressful. what, what did you think when it started, were you surprised? yeah,
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i surprise because this happened. i didn't see before what it was before was it happened a little bit, but you live in this community, were you surprised that it happened here? is there is a problem now. for what is happening, you can see yourself or right. the people was working us, working here for 15 years to build something business, to sell life or families. you know, if you the all, the time is like this is the meaning is it is a big hunger because how do i want to solve the, how are you going to pay for this repairs? yeah, i just to try to talk to them about the landlord, maybe the landlord is going to help us, you understand otherwise can take care of yourself. thank you very much and for the moment. so the writing started after the jailing of jacob zoom, who refused to give evidence of the corruption hearing, but is it more into something much bigger, a general protest against inequality the, the greatest court inequality got here in south africa as anywhere else in the
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world, unemployment touching 33 percent, the, all of those factors joined together. it resulted in this erosion of violence in durban, in counseling, ital. zoom as home province, there is still trouble going on. there is much calmer here were members of the community here. i've been going with the army door to door, finding people who've been looting from the shops and making them give stuff back. there are now on the streets of south africa. we can see the down that in the streets of these 2 provinces, 25000 soldiers patrolling to increase security. and the hope is that certainly around here, things will remain calm. as i say in durban, where i've been much more violent that it might be than than their office. but it could get worse. and there are already cues outside supermarket, where people are panic, buying
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a refinery. i was forced to stop operating because it's people couldn't work is couldn't get to the refinery. and so that has prompted to panic, buying a fuel and in the supermarket. ok, bernard smith, joining us live from johannesburg. bernard, thank you. at least 42 people have been killed and more than 30 are missing. after severe floods hit the western german state of rhineland apollo t t. a number of buildings have collapsed and the army has been called in to help with rescue efforts. gillian wolf has the story. this is a view from overhead. the picturesque german town of should flooded after record brain. much of the wind producing region now destroyed after the rhine river burst its banks bringing down dozens of home. another $25.00 houses are at the risk of collapse each buddhism, the building, there's mud everywhere in the houses,
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the bridge there collapsed. water overflowed further down. even houses had floated away. so it's an emergency like world war 2. the flood has force many to flee to their rooftops, waiting to be rescued. others waiting through waters, doing what they can to slow the flood. the government has declared a state of emergency and deployed the army. people in nearby towns have been told to leave the area, but rescue operations are being hampered. villages are cut off by flood water and landslides, making them difficult to reach. phone and internet connections are also down. i was told to give to, you see here now is worse than after a bombing raid. and this is guaranteed to take 10 years. the people are all broke, the businesses have been hurt, so it's just horrible. now. the once in a generation floods are not limited to germany, neighboring belgium and the netherlands have also been hit hard. and with the slow
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moving storm retaining its power, forecasters say there could be more damage and disruption to come. join wolf al jazeera. it's time for the weather and here is everton. hello, welcome to look at the international for customers. start with severe storms that have been affecting central parts. if you see this slow moving of the area of low pressure, which brought the summary downpours in across the good parts of the region, we have flooding during the week in switzerland. we have lately of course, seen fighting across the low countries and then germany. this area of low pressure, very much in charge here, it will slowly make its way further east was where this was the scene and spot where some very heavy rain fell over the last 48 hours or so. hopefully things turning little tries going through the next 48 hours or so as that sharon just continues to drift a little further east was but it has caused wise by the disruption. of course,
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germany has been even worse effected that heavy rain will gradually make his way across poland. we've already seen foundry downpours here, foundry showers extending all the way down towards the balkans crashes see more. the west showers heading toward the western side of russia. behind that woman up nicely across western parsley things squatting down 20 celsius in london could touch 30 celsius as we go on through sunday. some warm sunshine coming through here . it allow me warmer than the northwest of africa by the south 20th showers. right across the gulf. of guinea with heavy rain there must have much area. still ahead so i'll just 0. we're going to take some m r. young americans using social media to debunk around getting caught at 19 that seems cambia slow economic recovery. find out 2 of the most important factors are struggling and today one of golf open championships will update you on what's going on in
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sports with peter. ah. as the world's ultra rich ticket giant leaves award to find frontier day with all 0. as jeff bezos, boards the blue origin, you shepherd, space flight on july 20th the millionaire space especially coverage joined the debate. you do not have back seen reaching those who are most neat and amplify your voice. it allowed a diverse community and how an array of different stories, no topic, it's off the table. it's such a tough ethical debate where there is an obvious discrimination in systematic discrimination of play. people are thursdays for new, wasted. the stream where a global audience becomes a global community. on al jazeera,
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frank assessments schools and tell to the been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes a generation and their politics in their life has been shipped? why vitamin inside story on our jazeera ah, ah, this is al jazeera, a quick reminder, all of our top stories. this are the afghan taliban pakistan's governments of agree . so we open a cool thing to allow strong people through the on group to control of the spin. bold crossing with pakistan on thursday in denisia has recorded. it's holly is every single day as new cases of cold,
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with 1956 times in cases health authority saving don't to variance is responsible for that search. at least 42 people will have been killed, more than 30 on missing after severe floods. in the western german state, one lunch policy name, a number of buildings have collapsed and the army has been called in to help with the rescue efforts. frances talk, criminal court of appeal is to room whether the country's largest companies can be investigated for their role in the syrian war. cement making. the fars continued to operate an eyesore control regions in syria between 20122014. it's been charged with being complicit in crimes against humanity and financing a terrorist organization. natasha butler is life was.


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