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know you, they've been made and you know many times before. now the allowed a death because they say that situation is much worse from around the world. and these external, the 5th person, since the government is following due process in the case, and that authorities act against the violation of law. the news this is al jazeera. ah hello. hi. how am i doing? this is the news. our lines from coming up in the next 60 minutes. the taliban proposes a 3 month far enough dentist on that was 7 phones who prisoners rings in exchange indonesia records. it's
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a biggest bailey increase in community virus infections with more than $54000.00 cases. size african governments, colds on army reserve, it in response to days of widespread on less and looting and the historical treasures damaged by 30 years of war. and the hope that the destruction leads to further conflict and on the same, it would be for me to find more cove at $900.00 cases, hitting the poker at 2020 games. the head of the olympics says the 0 chance of infecting the japanese population. ah, we begin in afghanistan where after weeks of rapids territorial gains, there is a glimmer of hope for
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a holds to the fighting. and afghan governments negotiate who says the taliban is proposing a sweet month cease fire. in exchange for the release of 7000 of its prisoners on wednesday, the ons group took control of the spin. bolduc cross with pakistan sizes have been left stranded as a result the spin bolden crossing connect kandahar city directly with the area of showman in pakistan. it set kinda stands 2nd busiest entry points and the main link to pakistani ports controlling it allows the taliban to collect revenues, africa, government data shows it's used by 900 trucks a day. the takeover has forced pakistan to seal parts of its border after heavy fighting in the area. well,
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taliban fighters in the area or encouraging soldiers to lay down the weapons and spencer without a fight that was thrown them off. when we arrived, i had the government soldiers in my site a couple of times, but i didn't shoot your asking soldiers or round up. galveston to have mercy on themselves and surrender their guns. the islamic emerett of the canister will welcome them and give them amnesty. we have orders not to hurt them, they can see for themselves how we've treated others who surrender and we gave them flowers and money. we have reporters on both sides over the afghan pakistan border in a moment's will speak to come on high either in peshawar. but 1st, let's get the latest from charlotte bellis. he's in the african capital kabul. charlotte? tell us more about the scene par proposal from the taliban point. know the
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telephone proposing that they have $7000.00 of the fighters released from prison and their leaders taken off a us blacklist and exchange for the 3 month lease by now. and they haven't proposed 3 months actually we've had the 85 days. but the truly is quite significant. they say that they are proposing it as part of the us taliban agreement from last year, as the true spring come down part of the conditions. and that agreement was that in order to have a fee flyer, in order for them to pay to local negotiations. and part of that with the afghan government that they wanted, the fight is out of prison and they wanted to be off the list. so they say this reiterating those demand. now the guy dealt with it from the very difficult position by this because they've been compelled to release prisoners out of the out of escrow and government prison for an agreement that they really weren't possible . they also say already released myself and telephone flashes,
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how many more do we have relief in order to get the fire? one of the negotiations notion negotiated from africa and government representative was on tv. hear this moving, saying another size comply to is asking a lot. and for the price, the same, the content of the telephone having such a military momentum across the country right now. and charlotte this been, but we're back border crossing. it is strategic, but remains at a standstill. what's going on there? the telephone remain in control of that border crossing. it's going to some 2nd reviews for the course. and so a huge strategic when for them to remain in control of that, it's been 2 days now. it's been close on the pakistan size. telephone says that they won't live to continue with normal, they won't truck the keep coming and going and exports people to keep going across the border that pop us on as close that they say security concern. it does sound
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quite a difficult position because if they open the border, the caliber is going to get a lot of those duties. and with that being the 2nd floor, that's a lot of money and difficult position with the government of all of that money. stop going to come on. charlotte bellis in kabul. thank you. well, let me speak now to come all. hi, drew. he's in the pack. his saw the city. oh peshawar, near the african border and joins as lives come on. the strategic border crossing remains at a standstill. what are the implications for pakistan? well, 1st of all, just to let you know as far as border between chapman and bon bonded is concerned a day of huge importance that you saw in embellish report. the most important thing
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to remember now, and what happens next there because the other major crossing door. hum, richard from shaw to door come on work. jalar bought that car, but they've been getting for day. joe showed the dollar bond now fighting for control of said roby cheryl beard and narrow guard that can extra le bar to god. but within the next few days, you may see some sort of stop again, dead and red. because the dollar by now control that get it ready for budget on it and the danger situation because the dollar bonds are at the border. we've been told that they have consolidated debt position and the entire district offspring, bulldog, which are those are the major border crossing the budgets. i need to have also beefed up their security personnel along that board out because they feared any of on army offensive against the dollar bond. may lead to a bill over of the fighting into bucket on show huge implications football gift on
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. but this is also here, major terry and crisis on forwarding because these 2 border crossings that drama and bon bonded and then dot com jayla bought a crew share supply line, a lifeline for the i've gone many. do i come across the border for treatment where daughter, many of those people are stuck on the on site within the next few days will be to eat holidays and many relatives and families would be lying. we're trying sorry to get together. so indeed, a huge amount of data and then also on forwarding that needs to be addressed immediately. and view of the medical emerging here. that may be rating on the avalon side, but it is a complicated situation for budget don richards also now planning to hold a conference. and why are $100.00 of gone leaders and tried to bring that dollar bon and the other one leaders to sit down and red dog this in an inclusion manner. richard run lead on own because the ramifications for buckets on cbs does not want
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to expel over of war into buckets on a very complex situation. indeed, come all hides are. thank you so much reporting live from partial or let's get more know from their deer and the dairy, the chairman of the independent administrative reform and civil service commission and a member of afghanistan's piece negotiating team. he joins us by skype from kabul. is great to have you with us on the news or the taliban are proposing a sees far will be african governments except well, thank you locally correct something that is the i was coded in a press conference while i was talking about the distraction that has been caused by these 5 things in the weeks of this sci fi proposal. this is not something new.
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that's all about a kept talking about that, but they are making those d miles for the past several months, but have no profit formerly on the table. so there's, this is not a serious thing and they have not offered that offer. and that's why we need to correct that information. there's no sci fi proposal by them. they have stated to informally be a race that look what they ask for, even if they ask why it's tactical, it's not for ending the war. it's adding more, 2 or $7000.00 more. they will, it will be more wars because we release $5000.00. i think came out of that there's no reduction of bias but the be so that's a difficult and tactical thing to do. but what we are talking about is what happens in the past few weeks to hand with checks the public sec, the civil service sector,
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building up the street, the buildings were blown up for them to fire. okay, well then most of what is the afghan government doing to prevent destruction? you say there is no c, fire on the table. so what is the afghan government? the afghan army preparing to do? no. you have to take this once we are, we are genuinely, very strongly pushing or talk and meaningful talks on table 2 in this war once for ever and to reach to the political settlement and future. that's what we kept pushing in the past few months. we are also going to be another event that other conference, some, some additional members of those of a bunch. politically, these will be joining all and we want to see that solid agreed to political
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settlement. that's what we do. we are so much committed into pieces. we want to be a peace agreement reached as you asked, our courses are trying to check the sensors population. the report today i release of the civil service sect that effective by the war suggests that 13000000 people that are being expected not receiving public service services across those districts not taken by the fall about, which is one 3rd of the population. we are protecting dissenters of population who are protecting them. we taking, we just did a research district in the province to come to the district and that's what we are doing. but at the same time, we are questing for peace or political settlement and genuinely, we are ready to do this. but is the african governments in any position to go see 8, because you're losing forward to crossing,
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say the taliban. your army is affecting and no foreign troops have all but left the country. the taliban seems to be on the march. what are we going to negotiate with you when they can just take it from you? well i'm, i'm sorry to correct that fact that we because when, when there's only one 3rd of the population and the women taken, it suggests that the 2 turned over the population and our forces are protect thing and those locations about the crossing. you've suggested, yes, these are facts that they be, they fall into the pile of a head, but they are using and judicial tactics and it's a war and they're using what we will marshall be stopped and we are going to focus back in the key supply lines also this, this is not going to be ending to all the military way in the fall of our cannot
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claim that they are on the march. they are adopt and governments with a problem, but it doesn't have any leverage to, to negotiate fees. so what you're suggesting is that we angry, the surrender, that's not going to end with our surrendering. there are places, yes, you look at the 330-0000 soldiers and a few 1000 rendering. yes, that's the unfortunate event. but the, these are because the talent show you, you have put the just coming out the plea a war crime committed soldiers who have not through that or even if they render, they like what they got. they were massacred. so it's a war time we are pushing for a peaceful cycle when that's what we are engaged, we are adding to our emphasis, aim, come, talk meaningfully, let's reach to a political and that's where the war will not for, for by,
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for the military approach is there any terry and crisis a definitely because the poverty is, is increasing their route. and the development project that the hall i would suggest that you look at our report that we release independently by the civil service, a several services across the country. districts where people are denied now on that occasion, women are not allowed to go to to, to their work. and even the medical workers, the female in some places were allowed. but restriction that conditions were enforced on the they have to have full a job and they have to have a member of their family to accompany them. okay, we need to get these cleared and deeds, lots of work still to be done. a very challenging situation, but we are i to time, i'm afraid not, not very from the afghan stands a piece negotiating team. thank you for joining us on the user. we appreciate it.
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thank you. officials in the south africa are urging people not to panic by fuel. after the country's largest, all refinery was temporarily shut down. days of riots and looting have disrupted supply chains and fears of foods and fuel shortages have seen long lines shopping malls in turban. the mines and energy ministry says work is underway to help get petroleum products where they need to be. at least 70 people are dead, and hundreds have been arrested after the unrest triggered by the jailing or former president, jacob summa live now to her room, a tasa in johannesburg for the latest ira. what's the situation like where you are right night? well, the awesome,
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isolated cases of the, of the thing in the port city of durban. but here in johannes, relatively com. you have people from the community who've come out and some of them come out to help the shop owners who lost their belongings during the protein. so they've been cleaning up the helping to some owners. the move was damaged, tried to fit things up again. so running would be you have also on the face of deployment up to the officials as well. the army is sitting on various corners here in hattiesburg, outside shopping, old outside businesses to event any heard the least the now the thought to where the president jacob was arrested a few days ago, but it moved into something bigger than that. it became about inequality. i'd probably year in south africa, the unemployment rate is more than 30 percent, but other people are saying it also right and do with facts who didn't really
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african national congress. one side within the party is to leave that. another side is trying to harness the part you image. they believe that people are trying to make sure that my book looks bad for all of these things up the meantime, but they've also regional implication to these strikes. but days now, some of the roads the been dropped in the for bob for some good, can't leave the poor to the and travel if the region southern that's the way many countries in this region rely on sort of advocate for food and supplies. so normally by road these trucks come from south africa passages by way, and other parts of the region as well as the voltage impact. the reason everyone wanting to know when is all going in, but right now, partly because the, i mean on the ground, we not seeing any leaking anymore, at least for now, here in china's her life for us in johannesburg. thank you
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plenty more, a head's own than use are including iraq's most powerful, shia cleric manzona from the government after ceasing fire that ripped through a corpus 19 hospital wards. gambia slew economic recovery. find out twice, 2 bits, most important factors are struggling to milwaukee bucks of level c, n b, a final series piece or a movie here with the action in for me now, turning to the pandemic, the more contagious delta variance is driving cases backup globally. indonesia has passed,
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india is daily cases to have the worst outbreak in asia with more than 54, thousands new confirmed cases. it's one of the most populous countries in the world, but less than 10 percent of its population is vaccinated. malaysia has also reported a record rise for a 3rd day reporting more than 13000 new cases. in the past day, the government is turning several hospitals into corps. with 19 only facilities. thailand's had been relatively unscathed through much of the pandemic, but recently it's seen a serge. it's reported it's. we're stay for death so far with $98.00 fatalities pushing its total death tow. past 3 thousands.
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will get more on what's happening in malaysia with florence louis shortly. she's standing by in kuala lumpur. but 1st to jakarta with jessica washington. jessica, just tell us more about the situation in these, you know, what's happening where you are and what is the government doing to try and tackle this crisis? the well, as you mentioned, those concerning numbers that indonesia now has surpassed india as covered as asia is covered at the center. what that means on the ground is that is increasingly difficult to get health care in jakarta and other parts of java as well as hospitals, edge, closer to full capacity. we know that doctors have been tossed with the difficult decisions of having to turn critically. you'll have to weigh because they don't
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have room for them. even the public health clinics, which are supposed to really take on some of that overflow of patients with the hospitals cannot so that they too are struggling with shortages of medicine of oxygen and stuff. we've heard increasingly from teams of roving medic, they have suddenly become, become accustomed to finding people dead in their homes. people who never even had the chance to seek medical care or never got the opportunity to speak to a doctor because the health care system really is stretched to its limits. here in the capital city, i'm outside what is one of the new emergency facilities? this used to be just a normal dormitory, and now it is, it has just been turned into a hospital to take on some of that excess of patients. so there are all these new emergency facilities. the government is trying to provide new beds, new isolation facilities, as well as scale up the recruitment of health care workers. we know that there will be 2000 new recently graduated doctors who will be deployed to covered hospitals as
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well as 20000 nurses. so these are some of the efforts that the government is undertaking at this stage. but the way things all right now, it still is at a crisis in java and particularly in the capital city. jessica washington lies from jakarta. thank you. jessica florence louise joins me. lie from call alone, poor florence. what's the situation like in malaysia while malaysia just reported a record high and the number of new daily cases and health officials is warned that the number is likely to go up even further in the next few weeks. because the highly infectious delta variance has been detected in nearly every state in malaysia down the numbers really don't look good for the country. there are now more than 808000 active cases. this is a record high for malaysia as well. the number of new infections continued to
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outpace covert 19 recoveries, and the government is allocating more resources, including mobilizing health care workers from other states to the worst effected areas of language stage and quality for the capital is increasing the number of hospital beds and oxygen supplies oxygen canisters, it's sending containers to hospitals to be used as make sure marks thou also planned for self test kits to go on sale. this is the hope that new cases, new cases can be detected and isolated quickly. now health officials say the answer, the solution to this problem is the vaccination, but only around 12 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. malaysia target is to fully inoculate 60 percent of its population by the end of september. but that target is also dependent on a few things, including that vaccine supplies will be delivered as should you'd and florence
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what's the situation like in the rest of southeast asia while as a similarly grim and rather bleak picture. many other countries also reporting rec, quote numbers, not just in depth, but also in new case. non law, for example, reports the record number in these 2 areas. on wednesday, the hospitals clinics quarantine senses or for some people are forced to seek treatment at home. some people are defying curfew to q in the early hours of the morning for oxygen supplies. the crematorium. so working for morning tonight, funeral workers say they cons. keep up. cambodia is another country that reported a record high in the number of death. nearly 40 corona virus deaths and the country says it's going to close its border with vietnam, starting from sunday for the time being vietnam is another country in the midst of its most serious wave of current,
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of virus infection. and then we have tile into the also recorded nearly 100 deaths . that's a new record for the country. now, ty authorities, these have said they are considering limiting the exports of ty produced astrazeneca vaccines so that the can deal with his own crisis 1st. but that may have the impact of delaying deliveries for other southeast asian countries that have signed contracts to purchase current of ours vaccines from thailand. florence louis law firm calling them per thank you florence. the number of corona virus fan sin argentina has surpassed 100000. it's the 5th latin american country to go over that figure. 610 new deaths were recorded in the past 24 hours. but infection rates are falling. as more people get vaccinated, theresa bull reports from when
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a sizes fender was paid, ada. he's trying to recover from the loss of her parents. they both died of go with 19 order. what up for us it is very hard and i've been left alone. my siblings live in different places. first my mother died and then my father, i don't know what to feel any more about this terrible disease. i didn't, tina has reached the grim milestone of 100000 covered 900 deaths. it one of the hardest heed nations in the region, even though daily average case numbers have fallen since the peak last month. so far, fewer than 10 percent of the countries 45000000 people have been inoculated with 2 doses. but an increase in vaccination in the past month is racing hope the country will be able to control the pandemic got, i mean, i guess if, where every life that has gone is a great regret for me to those who are last. the last one, you'll always find solidarity love and regret for what you have had to live. but i
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can guarantee you that the exit door is near. we're not going to stop these months vaccinating each and every agincourt, man and woman. but it's also the associated economic crisis that has people here extremely concerned. poverty rates and unemployment have soared. i mean, covert and the country's battle with chronic long term economic difficulties, nor solomon de la bon de ms. dine. it's not just the pandemic drowning us in this country. it is also the huge economic crisis. many relatives call us crying. not only because of the day that because i don't have the money to vary the loved ones . we have to act is like colleges to these people got. i didn't tina with one of the 1st countries in the region to impose strict locked down measures to prevent the spread of coven 19. and thanks to that x per se, the health care system survived. earlier this year, the government, we impose some of those strict lockdown measures in an attempt to control the virus
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variance. many of those restrictions have now been suspended by the government maintains controls at the border and at the airport where only a few flights from overseas are allowed to land every day. that is, i will see the fight if still ahead on just the following. unprecedented protests across cuba for government flips in port taxes on vital supplies. and it's day one of the goals open championship with what's going on in sports with peter. ah hello, we got 2 hours of high pressure dominating the weather across here, one to the east and another one over towards the west. this is building this will
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send things a good deal dry and bryce a bit in between. we have seen those nasty samples across central positive here. this is the system which brought the flooding earlier in the week into switzerland's. and we've also seen recent flooding across a good part of belgium into the netherlands. and of course, over night those floods those terrific floods that we saw across the western side of germany. we see some very heavy rainfall office system, then 45 millimeters of right in belgium, a little further southeast in the netherlands, 900 millimeters. right. and that slow moving area of very wet weather witness thunder examples will continue to just a little further east, which as we go on through the next couple of days, but only very slowly, it will make its way into poland, pushing it was a good part of poto wanna to shower, grassy, making the way into that western side of russia size, a slightly dry weather toppling in across the low countries. as we go on into friday, the temperature london, 26 celsius and rising. by the time we come to sunday, we could see.


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