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said to skyrocket, people in power investigates claims the industrial minds and contracting the precious material needed for cleaner energy. are in fact poisoning the environment with dire health consequences for those living in their shadow. the cost of coal, both people in power on a jazz ah, the taliban propose is a 3 month sci fi. would the government fix the release of 7000 precision? ah other kimbell, this is elisha, there live from home, also coming up indonesia records, the biggest daily increase and growth of ours infections with more than 54000 cases . south africa, the government calls up army reservists in response to days of widespread unrest
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and losing a french industrial giant awaits the corporal link for the operation. serious when i thought control last, the country ah, an african government negotiate who says the taliban is proposing a 3 month ceasefire and exchange for the release of 7000 prisoners. it follows rapid telephone gains in recent weeks. on wednesday the group took control of the symbol doc cross with punk a film 1000 to be left stranded. we have reported on both sides of the afghan pockets on board at this hour. in a moment we'll speak to come all harder. who's in the shower? but 1st i get the license from charlotte, bella, who's in the africa and capital cobble. charlotte, can you tell us about the 5 proposal from the tele bonnem and how's it likely to go
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down? would have gone through the taliban. the have proposed this 3 months sees foreign exchange for 7000 of their 5 who's being released from afghan prisoners. and also the leaders being taken off a un blacklist. now i just talked to the taliban, and they said that this is actually part of the us telephone agreement from last year. where as part of that agreement, they say it is the us and nato troops withdrew that the leaders would be taken off the blacklist that the prisoners would be released. and then they would have a safe fire and engage in political negotiations with the s can governments abuse saying that that is tied to this. they say that the americans have given this to the afghan government. now the results from the afghan government has not been warm . they feel obviously the be compelled in some way to release these prisoners in a deal that they really weren't passes. not a not, or a huge negotiator for the s can governments indoor ha, he was speaking on f ken television this morning saying if we are already released
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5000 prisoners as part of this agreement, if were to release another 7000. and what guarantees do we have that they are not going to go back to the battlefield? and right now the taliban has a lot of more been militarily. they've taken a lot of territory and recent month over double the territory and fat. so for the us can government to see another 7000 prisoners relief with the potential of fighting is something that they really not stomach in very well at all. and really pushing back on the you when has called for a cease fire or the next week. they are also saying that with this fighting that we're seeing a lot of human rights violations occurring civilians really paying us a high price for this ongoing fighting. so they're pushing hot for the fire. well, but it's just the terms of how we get to the problematic or thank you for that. it's all about us alive, carson. cobble that signal to come all harder. he's in the sunny city of pasha,
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near the afghan border. call just update us, what's happening at the border crossing spin bolduc now on the telephone control. indeed, we've been hearing the board that after the takeover of that board, the board. that dollar bond has been able to consolidate day again. and the entire district of spring ball dock. and that of course, shows that strategy of controlling the entry point, the international borders around dawn. they have now consolidated their engine by duction. proven solar show, which had that narrow border with china after that day to go to manage the board. and then the minutes on boarder and the iranian border show, we are all creating a board that fighting is going on in the federal b gorge. and this is the main town where you're strato, they just bought dot com. jolla bought a car, but highway on not
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a major logistic supply line and also enabling people to move across the borders. it should be understood also that the situation on the ben bolduc border bay city is because you've got thousands of pounds on both sides rushing to cross the bar in each direction within the next few days. it will be the holidays, not to mention the fact that many people from one asked on have medical attention and get on show a great number of difficult to do as far as people are concerned. and i've got the buckets on the military. all sure, deploying and strength in order to avoid that situation and get the, i've got an army decided to attack the dollar bond. that by doing mike bell or so the buckets on the military are also on the alert. and up august, i need also operating the diplomatic effort, read a plan to call in the need to budget on to try to find some sort of a negotiated settlement before things been out of control. okay,
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i'll just call up. thank you. us says it will begin flying out to afghan interpreters and other staff who helped american forces during the war lakes. at this month, the government has issued around 2 and a half 1000 special visas so far that a reported $18000.00 africans have applied the facing administrative delays. us forces are expected to complete their withdrawl in late august. we us envoy for going to songs on michael is on, is pushing for a sci fi between the government of the taliban. and since the us withdrawal is not to blame for the groups advances afghanistan, and i've been at war for 43 years. isn't that the canister was been peaceful and now we are growing and therefore it's becoming a battle ground dollar bond. we're making progress. the chair of the last several
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years why we want to so that malaysia has reported a record rise and corona virus infections for the 3rd consecutive day or the 13000 new cases have been confirmed. the government is increasing the number of hospitals dedicated to covered 19 patient did spine war bids and oxygen tanks. in denise meanwhile, has recorded its biggest daily increasing corona, virus infections with more than 54000 cases. health authority say the delta variant is responsible for more than 90 percent of recent cases. despite you containment measures, the government says vaccine efficacy is weaker against the delta variant, but it's still urging people to get innoculated to help prevent serious illness and death. i jessica washington joins us live from jakarta with more. jessica,
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54000 cases a day. how is the health system coping well came just in the past few minutes. we did get today's covered 900 numbers of 56757 cases. now, a shocking as those numbers are, and now that indonesia has the past, india as ages covered 900 epi center. those numbers do not tell the reality of the ground on the ground because indonesia has for a long time, struggled with low rates of testing. what that means beyond the data is that no matter how sick people are, they are struggling to get into hospitals. many hospitals across java already at capacity or edging closer to it. people are struggling to get oxygen and medication for their loved ones. and even the public health clinics which are tossed with catching some of that overflow of the patients who couldn't get into hospital say that they too are struggling because they don't have enough staff or essential
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medications. so that is the situation here. most disturbingly, we are seeing an increasing trend of people dying alone dying a home in self isolation without ever even having having the prospect of medical care or the chance of survival because they weren't able to speak to a doctor. the health care system here really is stretched to its limits. the indonesian government is trying to rectify that. in some ways they have opened around 20 emergency facilities including where we are. this used to be just a normal dormitory, and now it is an emergency cove with 19 hospital that just opened a few days ago. but we have seen cars lining up and people trying to get their loved ones treatment here at this facility. there is, as i mentioned, a shortage of doctors. the government says it is trying to bring in some of the recent medical graduates around 2000 and recently graduated doctors and 20000 messes of just kinda wondering what authority you know,
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in any way prepared for this. because you know, generally they look at the curve and they can see, you know, it's getting worse, the numbers are going to increase significantly. so now the numbers are much worse, significantly worse, where they prepared at all for this well, what we have heard from health ministry officials is that they did anticipate that they would be like around this time of the year, june july because of age festivities and even though there were travel restrictions, people did return to their home towns around 4 to 6000000 people made that journey . but in terms of whether the government was prepared for a health crisis of this scale, i think it is fair to say that they want. and even as recently as a few weeks ago, there was mixed messaging that people should stay home from some ministers while others were encouraging people to travel to bali and, and work from balis resorts. so that makes messaging, i think,
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contributed to some confusion in the public. and we're seeing the results of that now with the health care system under immense strain with people searching desperately for oxygen, for medicine, for their loved ones. and now the government saying that just a few weeks ago, the worst case scenario would have been 50000 daily cases. we've already surpassed that that is no longer the worst case scenario. that is the reality. the government now says they have to prepare for instances of perhaps 100000 cases each day, and they are trying to secure enough oxygen in the case that that does happen. ok, thank you for that. there. jessica washington, law of ross and casa iran. meanwhile, is fighting its 5th wave of coven 19 as the new delta variant continues to spread there. the country is already the worst effected in the middle east. with 3500000 people infected, and more than 86000 deaths. dawson jabari has more and how around vaccination program is slowly getting underway. on a stretch of highway in west, ron sits,
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one of the world's largest shopping malls, and it's now home to the cities biggest cove at 900 vaccination center. this facility is one of hundreds in the capital and it's open 7 days a week from 8 in the morning until late afternoon, depending on demand. 60 health care workers and volunteers run the center. they deal between 504500 people every day. in iran, anyone above the age of 65 is eligible to be vaccinated. 68 year old sat on her seni is getting the chinese sinner. foreign vaccine was hold on. you. i'm just so happy to be vaccinated. i was so stressed out all the time and worried that i didn't leave the house for a year. now i feel bit more comfortable and less stressed me. a sentiment shared by many here health officials are currently using the chinese vaccine and russian one
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across the country. but recently that domestic vaccine bearcats has been approved. cobra is found, d r e says she doesn't care which vaccine she gets as long as she is immunized. i'm glad to get the vaccine. i hope we can get rid of these disease soon. healthy is the greatest gift, not just for me, but for all society. iran has a long way to go to achieve mass immunization so far, just above 7000000 from the population of 86000000 have been vaccinated. iran has purchased 16000000 doses of foreign vaccines through the global kovak scheme. but the government says us sanctions are to blame for not getting more doses in sooner, and it's now hoping its own vaccine can help. and so now they told them cannibal, people can't choose the type of vaccine they get, but hopefully once the domestic vaccine is mass produced, we can speed up the vaccination process and get 60 percent of the population
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immunized. last month i told you how many was one of the 1st to receive the bearer cat vaccine. since then, there's been a bigger demand for it. her own grand lazara, which covers an amazing 10 kilometers of shops installs is supposed to be shut down in accordance with the government lockdown restrictions. but these shop want to say they can afford to close. getting vaccinated is the only real hope for all the businesses and all the radians to survive the economic downturn, as well as the pandemic sources, safari alpha 0 still ahead on al jazeera, the governor of texas threatens arrest democrats, who fled to the state to stop a bill that could suppress the voting rights off. first, we're going to take some m r and the young americans using social media to debunk mit surrounding coven 19 vaccine. ah,
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ah. how i once again welcome to have a look at the international forecast. we may well see a developing tropical storm just to the east of the philippines over the next couple of days. little clutch of thunderstorms rumbling away here. but further west and south, we have see some very heavy rainfall as indonesia just to the west of ching, 207 millimeters of rain here. that wet weather will talk a little further eastward silhouette. the sing some sundry down poles. we all like to see some localized flooding as a result of that, as we go on through friday. it is a little further east would still heading towards puck into guinea as we go one through saturday showers elsewhere sunshine, his showers for the philippines, and we'll see some heavy showers from time to time across in the china. little drive into some arch, a bit. one or 2 showers here and also a good chance of catching a shower o 2 into java. some sherry rain to making its way across southern parts of australia lived showers about some res, gusty winds, moving through the bio mass,
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just rattling in as we go on through the next couple days and we'll squeeze on the i suppose indicated we could see gale force winds for a time and this quality showers just clipping the far south of south australia, heading towards the southeast corner, maybe some snow over the high ground. little cooler in sidney, over the next couple of days are the top temperature, 60 degrees. wet and windy for the zealand. the weather bag. energy and change to every part of our universe. or small. to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business.
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the the me. your reminder of our top story is this an african government negotiate and says the telephone is proposing a 3 month exchange for the release of 7000 prison. it follows rapid telephone games and recent weeks on wednesday is fine. who took control of the spin bulldog crossing pocket. indonesia has reported its biggest increase grown of ours infections with more than 54000 cases. health authorities say the delta variable is responsible for more than 90 percent of recent cases. despite you can pay measures . valencia has reported
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a reco cologne of ours infection for the 3rd consecutive big, 13000 new cases have been conferred. the government is increasing the number of hospital dedicated to code it. 900 patient officials in south africa urging people not to panic by fuel of the country's largest oil. refinery was temporarily shut down. days of riots and looting have disrupted supply chains and fears of food and fuel shortages of same long lines, shopping malls and 1000. the minds and energy ministry says work is underway to help get petroleum products where they need to be. the 70 people are dead and hundreds arrested after the unrest triggered by the jailing of former president jacob, zoom. an army reservists to be called off in the country to help regular soldiers already trying to stop the days of violence, cause he lopez, haughty on the poles. the it's still worse than rest. south africa has seen in years in the city of durban. shops have been looted and warehouses,
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set on fire. some of the areas wealthier residents have reportedly chartered plains or helicopters and left but others like ok can't afford to leave his car dealership and johannesburg was destroyed. one of hundreds of businesses targeted by looters. now he has no money to support his family or to pay his $16.00 employee. my livelihood has been taken away from me. in my eyes, i was sitting cry happy yes. because i can't do anything. the, the vandalism is overwhelming for the shop owner. she was planning on retiring from her party supply store. now she must start over. it was defective retirement. i put everything into my business,
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everything. i put nothing. no engine, man, nothing. along with police often outnumbered, some local town, created their own, the july to groups by stopping looters to protect their property. looting has had supply chains across the country, disrupting transportation services and manufacturing. food medicine and fuel supplies are running short amid fears of violence. these customers are not allowed into this market. they must buy their food through a window gap, on what began as protests against the arrest of president jacob luma. last week escalated to riots with a 32 percent unemployment rate. the rest is also magnifying south africa's poverty and inequality. 27 years after the end of apartheid. so i stole a few things like cold drinks and electrical appliances as well as the paint. i guess the real reason is because we have nothing when you see other people stealing
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at some point, you realize that shops will close and you will be left with nothing. so you ask yourself, after all of this, how will i survive with the way things are as coaster and looting and violence go unheard? many fear the unrest may lead to unprecedented economic damage. party, a little bit of the young al jazeera, 9 people are dead and more than 30 missing off the 6 houses collapsed, falling flooding and west in germany. and other 25 homes are risk. the army has been deployed to help stranded people. a slow moving storm system is cause and once the generation clouds forecast is predicting more heavy rain until friday evening the governor of texas has threatened to arrest democratic representatives when they return to the us state will then 50 left for washington, d. c. on monday to prevent you voting laws from being pulse. thanks. say the republican bill would make it harder for people to cast their ballots shepherd.
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pansy has more. alex dominga as a democratic member of the texas house of representatives and more than 50 of his colleagues spoke, they had no choice but to flee the state for washington. d. c. in an effort to sound the alarm about a law being pushed through that state house that they believe would imperil democracy. this is an attempt to stop people from voting to make it harder for them to but to frustrate them. when provision of this bill would criminalize simple mistakes by our pole workers who are typically retired teachers librarians who give of their time to help people vote. but a simple mistake by them could get them a 3rd degree felony which is punishable by to the 10 years in prison. that's not a texas value at all. it goes domingos and his colleagues are no longer in texas. the house of representatives that doesn't have the minimum number of participants, it needs to pass the new bill. among other things, the law would reduce the number of putting stations available and would empower so called poll watches, who may seek to intimidate versions on tuesday. joe biden argued democracy itself
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was imperiled by such laws being proposed and republican majority states across the country. this is election of subversion is the most dangerous threat of voting in the integrity of free and fair elections in our history. and since their arrival in dc, the texas democrats of met with vice president. and i know what you have done comes with great sacrifice. but despite the rhetoric from the by the administration, neither called for what democracy campaigners say is essential. if the franchise is to be preserved are changing congressional rules. so the 2 laws in the u. s. congress in d. c. that would make state laws suppressing the virtual legal can pass with a simple majority. what school to call that? currently without 10 republican blades, those laws aren't going anywhere. we've got to have to prevail upon. they make certain that democrats in the senate understand it. we're on bar time in texas right now. even with a call out though, there's no guarantee that all 50 democrats would support the bills and us. and
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that's why the texas democrats say they came to d. c. to show a democratic party that currently appears to have other national priorities. how much is at stake as state of the stage moves to limit the voting process? a texas, democrats say they're up for the fight even if it means being separated from their families and imperiling their full time job. as the legislators are paid $600.00 per month, it's not like a congressional salary. so we depend on our own income at home to be able to take time away and do the people's work. but i'm here to fight for them. i mean, even here to fight for those republicans who might be disenfranchise in the future . should this bill become law. domingos and his colleagues say they want more than just expressions of sympathy while in their self imposed exile in dc. she ever time c l dra 0 washington. returning to the pandemic now, and it's fed vaccine hesitancy among young adults. and the u. s. is hampering
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efforts to achieve heard immunity against cove at 19 and 25 to getting jobs at half the rate of older americans that prompted some young people to try and counter the deluge of misinformation on line. how did you cast her reports? first we're going to take some m r, and this will give your body instructions for yourselves to make a spike. 20 year old jordan trailyn says she was tired of seeing conspiracy theories about the cove in 1900 maxine shared on social media. so she jumped in herself, making tick, tock, video, and instagram post to try to reach her peers with the facts, most people and jazzy my age. don't spend their free time sifting through scientific literature or to try to formulate opinions about kodak scenes and most scientific matters in general. instead, we really look at what's right in front of us on our social media and that impacts the way that we feel, hey guys, that prompted trailyn to found the coven campus coalition at cornell university.
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the groups mission is to engage young adults, with catchy posts, about the vaccine, and the bunk. the miss students m more than $25.00 universities are now participating. despite many us colleges and universities moving to require the co it vaccine for students. only about half of young americans under the age of $25.00 have so far gotten a shot. dr. caution, while jeff have dramatically fallen in the us, those who continue to die from cove it are now trending younger. unfortunately, despite doing everything that we can have had tests with our hospital from 19 year olds, 20 year olds, that sort of thing. and so anytime that happens, it's devastating. just because a lot of young individuals have the mindset that they are invincible. cases involving the more infectious delta variant are doubling about every 2 weeks in the u. s. it's very, that is more easily transmissible,
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potentially deadlier and particularly dangerous for young people. but the good news is we have the solution. the science and the data are clear. the best way to protect yourself against these variance are to get fully vaccinated. the goal now is to avoid more preventable illness and death and deny the virus a breeding ground to develop even more dangerous strain. heidi jo, castro, al jazeera washington, cuba government is lifting import duties on food medicines and other products as it faces unprecedented protests against its worsening economic crisis. people are angry at the lack of thank the good and the handling of the pandemic presidents. miguel diaz canal acknowledged shortcomings during a rational tv. but the government is blamed us sanctions and accused washington of trying to destabilize the country. france has top criminal court of appeal is expected to decide whether one of the country's largest companies can be
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investigated for its role in the syrian war, cement, to make it the foreign continued to operation area is controlled by iso. and it's accused of being complicit and crimes against humanity and talks about the has more from paris. the factory and ne, serial once run by french cement, giant lafarge, 2017. the french judges have been investigating whether the false paid armed groups, including i saw $50000000.00 in protection money to keep the parent running between 20122014. at the height of serious civil war. also lethargic fluctuated. its foreign staff, syrian employees, including mustafah, had to keep working, kept the we asked the company to stop the work, but they didn't stop the company, birth responsibility for all us, what arrested kills, and our kids get their. this man blames the company for his nephew's death. yes,
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in him the whole several basilica, my nephew. yes. it worked for the thought he went from here to good to his work and i still arrested him and put him in jail. after 4 months, we went to see you and asked about us in the opened his file and told us, executed him about the fall. it also accused of failing cement, for i saw an obtaining war materials from militants. the company which merged with swiss firm, wholesome. in 2015 has admitted some mistakes, but denies. most of the allegations. investigators are examining charges on the far finance terrorism violated sanctions and endangered peoples lives in 2019, a french court dismissed an additional charge of complicity and crimes against humanity. now from the top criminal court of appeal could overturn that decision. the proceedings against the far out the results of the complaint followed by the french finance ministry 11 form a theory, employees and 2,
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and jose project could to solve as well. it's not only states that have responsibilities, companies who move to countries because it's profitable for them, can also end up contributing to international crimes, including crimes against humanity and financing terrorism. and it's in the far is decision to stay in syria when the danger seemed clear. damage the company's reputation and raised questions over the role of the french government at the time . if the judges decide the force can face charges of crimes against humanity, it would be the 1st time that a company in the european union would face such an investigation. natasha butler, al jazeera paris, the villages there and these that help dories and africa and government negotiate. it says the taliban is proposing a 3 month ceasefire and exchange for the release of $7000.00 prisoners. it's all.


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