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one, thousands of lee piers of water are necessary to pump pop the frying research to the surface later on, distributed in evaporation pools communities around this area are concerned that few extraction could complicate their access for ah, the taliban proposes a 3 month si, fi with the government seeks to release the 7000 prisoners ah, other, can fidel this is their life from don't also coming up indonesia records. it's biggest daily, increasing corona virus infections with more than $54000.00 cases. south africa, the government calls up army reserve. it in response to days of widespread unrest
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in lucy and a french industrial giant awaits the court, will leave for its operations in syria. when i fought control large parts of the country. ah, an african government negotiate. he says the taliban is proposing a 3 month c 4 exchange for the release of $7000.00 prisoners. it follows rapid telephone gains in recent weeks. on wednesday, the group took control of the spin bulldog crossing with focused on thousands have been left stranded. we have reported on both sides of the african pockets on border in a moment will speak to come on harder. he's in the shower. but 1st let's get the license from charlotte balice, who's in the african capital combo. charlotte, what can you tell us about this apparent c saw proposal from the telephone so the telephone proposed 3 months, the fire and exchange for 7000 of the 5 who's,
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who are in africa and government prisons for them being released and all sorts of leaders to be taken off a you in less not just talk to the telephone about this. they said that they actually gave this proposal to the americans in doha, who been handed it on to the cobble government. they say that this is actually part of the original agreement that they signed last year with the americans, that state as part of the withdrawal that and in order to get a cease fire inside a political process with the government that they would need this prisoners release and that they wanted these names off the blacklist for the african government. that is hard to swallow. i mean, they've been compelled to release prisoners because of an agreement between the us and the taliban. the already released 5000 prison. those prisoners would not mean to tell a bond person will not me to return to the battlefield. yes. can government believe a lot of them actually did, and now fighting is incredibly higher. it's that it's the highest, it's been potentially in the last 20 years. so they really don't want to release
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another 7000, not a notary was negotiator. and so i was speaking on national television here. and i'm going to stop this morning saying they really can't release 7000 prisoners because it will just lead to increased violence on the battlefields which, which just isn't sustainable point because the telephone i just gaining so much ground. now the you in just yesterday also who received fire that saying they want to fire the muslim holidays a next week. the saying that the violence just getting to high nationwide the thing, increasing amounts of human rights violations. and the latest numbers we've got from the telephone and the government of casualties on both sides is now what about 350 people dying every day on the battlefield? that's compared to about 20 earlier in the year. thank you for that update the charlotte balice and cobble let's cross over to come all harder, who've been the pockets done. the city of charlotte near the african border. come all just updated. what's happening on the pockets dani side of that spin build on
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the border crossing? well, i've just spoken draw current tags in the area. and he said that they said and did turning out to be a huge amount of darion issue, because you've got thousands of people on both sides of the border, not knowing what to do. they of course, i'm not allowed to cross because they carry a situation riding from the dollar bar and take over of the border crossing. i've been ball doug. we also have confirmation that the dollar bond have made more gains in that district of been bolduc. and now gathering place called shuddered. border with butcher, but signed to go for gun to ha. now the important thing to understand here that within the next few days, it will be to eat all day. many family members on both sides of the border would be wanting to meet each other. and we also did
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a lot of people who need medical assistance. they come to get on for medical assistance. many of those people also talk on the other side. sure indeed, of a precarious situation. and we've also heard that the budgets on the security boards that also be thing up the bordering area because they fear the counter offense. they're from the national army and i've got the fighting and few between that dollar bond and they did a trade discord, spell over the border. joe, the biggest on the military, also on very high alert that i'll just come all hot there and to show up. thank you the us says that will begin flying out afghan interpreters and other staff who helped american forces during the war. in late july, the government has issued around 2 and a half 1000 special. these is so fall. but a reported 18000 africans have applied. and the facing administrative delays,
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us forces are expected to complete their withdraw at the end of next month. the u. s. envoy for con, starns alma lives out is pushing for the far between the government and color bomb in the us withdrawal is not to blame for the groups advances. afghanistan, and i've been at war for 43 years. isn't that the canister was been peaceful? and now we are growing and therefore it's becoming a battle ground $1.01, we're making progress, the chair of the last several years why we want to so that it denisia has recorded its biggest daily increasing corona, virus infections with more than 54000 cases help of r c say the delta variant is responsible for more than 90 percent of recent cases. despite you can payment measures,
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the government says vaccine efficacy is weaker against the delta variant, but it's still urging people to get innoculated to help prevent serious illness and death. and malaysia has reported a record rise in corona, virus infections for the 3rd consecutive day. more than 13000 new cases being conserved. malaysian government is increasing. the number of hospitals dedicated to covered 19 patients. it's buying more beds and oxygen tanks on chloe has more from calling them for. health officials have a number of new cases is expected to increase because the highly infectious, delta varying has been detected in nearly every state. now the numbers do paint around the picture. there now more than 100000 active cases, that's a record high for malaysia. the number of new infection continues to outpace recoveries. health officials are allocating more resources and that includes allocating more funds so that private hospitals can taken non cove at $900.00
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patients. this is necessary because more hospitals are non going to be converted to full cove at 1900 hospitals. they're going to be more beds as well. and health care workers are going to be mobilized from other states to the worst effected areas of florida, state and quality. now, hospitals which have had trouble finding space to store bodies and ongoing to be getting containers to function as temporary monks. they're also plans to make self, has kids go on to make available on sale? the hope is that new infections can be detected and isolated, quickly. health official se vaccination is the answer to this problem. but malaysia is planning to meet its target of fully vaccinating 40 percent of its population by the end of august and 60 percent by the end of september. but that's also provided that there are no delays in vaccine supplies. we're going back to indonesia now and as we said it's recorded, it's biggest stating increase in corona virus cases. jessica washington joins us
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now live from jakarta, with more suggest indonesia is now surpassing india in terms of being a, his covered epi center. what does that look like on the ground? well on the ground it looks like a lot of what india experienced just a few months ago, where no matter how sick people are, it's difficult, almost impossible to get into hospital where the doctors are forced to turn away critically ill patients or even the public health clinics which are tossed with picking up some of that overflow of patients that hospitals cannot look after are also on the strain and have far too many sick patients to look after. in terms of the number of doctors they have where there are shortages of oxygen and essential medications. that is the situation in indonesia. and it's troubling as the data is the fact that indonesia has doubts a past. india, as asia is covered at the center,
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the data is only an underestimate of the reality on the ground. these has long struggled with low rates of testing and some of the low cool data agencies trying to get a more accurate picture of just how many infections they might actually be. say that the death toll of 7 of around $70000.00 people is probably around 5 times less than the reality on the ground. and as i was saying, hospitals are on the immense pressure. and the government is trying to relieve some of that strain by creating new emergency facilities, including where we are right now. this used to be just a normal dormitory. now it is an emergency facility for cove at 900 patients. the government is also trying to scale up recruitment of health care workers to make up some of that shortfall. they all, they do say that there will be 2000 recently graduated doctors who will be deployed jacoby 900 hospitals as well as 20000 nurses to make up for some of that short fall . but the situation in jakarta and across java is reaching a crisis,
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point and epidemiologist do want that. so far transmission does not appear to be slowing down. ok. jessica authorities are preparing for the worst case scenario. how much worse are they expecting it to get the difficult to describe that you can because already things all so dire. it's, we hear every day people searching for oxygen for their relative searching for medicine, even having to buy medicine from other islands from other provinces. because they can't find it here in the capital and the government just a few weeks ago was talking about a situation where 50000 daily cases would be the worst case scenario. but that's the reality already. and things are expected to get much worse. the indonesian government is now preparing oxygen in case there is an instance where they could be $100000.00 daily cases. it's also of concern that transmission appears to be rising
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outside of jakarta. as much as dakota is struggling through this wave of infections as much as the hospital system is close to collect. there are concerns about what it would mean. it's a delta very, it becomes more prominent outside of jakarta, particularly in regions where health care infrastructure is lacking. or perhaps there isn't any at all when you're talking about remote areas. so that is the the worst case scenario that it's not just job as health care infrastructure that is stretched to its limits, but perhaps indonesia as a whole. i'll deserve jessica washington. they're in jakarta, thank you. the number of corona virus deaths in argentina has surpassed 100000. it's the 1st latin american country to go over them ticket 610 new deaths were recorded in a past 24 hours. but infection rates are falling, is more people get vaccination. teresa bar reports from one side of the federal was paid, ada is trying to recover from the loss of her parents. they both died of call with
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19 whatever. what up for us it is very hard. i've been left alone. my siblings live in different places. first, my mother died and then my father, i don't know what to feel any more about this terrible disease. i didn't, tina has reached the grim milestone of 100000 covey 19 deaths. it one of the hardest heed nations in the region, even though daily average case numbers have fallen since the peak last month. so far fewer than 10 percent of the countries 45000000 people have been inoculated with 2 doses. but an increase in vaccination in the past month is racing hope the country will be able to control the pandemic. got, i mean, i guess if, where every life that has gone is a great regret for me to those who are last the last one, you'll always find solidarity love and regret for what you have had to live. but i can guarantee you that the exit door is near. we're not going to stop in these
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months. fascinating each and every agincourt, man and woman. but it's also the associated economic crisis that has people here extremely concerned. poverty rates and unemployment have stored. i mean, covert and the countries battle with chronic long term economic difficulties, no filament. upon de ms. dine, it's not just the pandemic drowning us in this country. it is also the huge economic crisis. many relatives call us crying, not only because of the death, because i don't have the money to vary the loved ones. we have to act as like colleges to these people got argentine with one of the 1st countries in the region to impose strict locked down measures to prevent the spread of coven 19. and thanks to that x per se, the health care system survived earlier this year. the government, we impose some of those strict lockdown measures in an attempt to control the virus variance. many of those restrictions have now been suspended by the government maintains controls at the border and at the airport, we're only
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a few flights from overseas are allowed to land every day. that is, i will see the fight if still ahead on algebra, following unprecedented protests across cuba, the government lift, import taxes on food medicine and other vital supplies making a splash of long, high acres, chicago, harold, the return of major auto shows, knew it. ah, ah, it's too late for the journey to winter sponsored my cattle airways. however, we got 2 hours of high pressure dominating the weather across here, one to the east and another one over towards the west. this is building, this will turn things a good deal dry and price a bit in between. we have seen those nasty samples across central parts. if you're
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this is the system which brought the flooding earlier in the week into switzerland's. and we've also seen recent flooding across a good part of belgium into the netherlands. and of course, over night those floods those terrific floods that we saw across the western side of germany. we see some very heavy rainfall office system, then 45 millimeters of right in belgium, a little further southeast in the netherlands, 900 millimeters. right. and that slow moving area of very wet weather witness boundary down pulls will continue to just a little further east, which as we go on through the next couple of days, but only very slowly, it will make its way into poland, pushing it was a good part of poto wanna to shower, grassy, making the way into that western side of russia size. a slightly dry weather toppling in across the low countries. as we go on into friday, the temperature london 26 celsius and rising. by the time we come to sunday, we could see temperatures around 30 degrees as a sort of temperature will say, across northwestern parts of africa hotter over towards the east, kara,
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with the high 14 degrees sponsor cut on airways joined the debate. do not have maxine reaching those who are most of the needs and amplify your voice. it allowed a diverse community and how an array of different story know topic it off the table . it's such a tough ethical debate where there is an obvious discrimination in systematic discrimination of the play. people are thursdays for new, wasted. the stream where a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera. ah, the
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georgia al jazeera reminder about top doors this hour and ask a government negotiator says the taliban is proposing a 3 month see fly in exchange for the release of $7000.00. prison follows rapid telephone games and recent week friday. sorry on wednesday it's fine. his took control of the spin crossings with focused on thousands of a less stranded indonesia has recorded its biggest daily increasing corona virus infections with more than 54000 cases. helpful. 40 say the delta variance is responsible for more than 90 percent of recent cases. despite you restrictions, malaysia has reported a record rise in corona virus infections for the 3rd consecutive day. 1000 new cases being confirmed. the government is increasing the number of hospitals dedicated to covered 900 patients. army reservists being cold up in south africa to help regular soldiers already trying to stop days of violence at least 77 people are dead and hundreds arrested after the unrest triggered by the jailing of
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former president jacob zuba here, lopez, haughty on with this report. the, it's the worst one from south africa has seen in years. in the city of durban. shops have been looted and warehouses, set on fire. some of the areas wealthier residents have reportedly chartered plains or helicopters and left but others like ok can't afford to leave his car dealership and johannesburg was destroyed. one of hundreds of businesses targeted by looters. now he has no money to support his family or to pay his $16.00 employee. my livelihood has been taken away from me. in my eyes, i was sitting cry happy yes. because i can't do anything. the. the vandalism is overwhelming for the shop owner. she was planning on retiring from her party supply store. now she must start over
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y, defective retirement. i put everything into my business, everything. i put nothing. no engine, man, nothing. with police often outnumbered, some local have created their own, the july to groups by stopping looters to protect their property. looting has had supply chains across the country, disrupting transportation services and manufacturing food medicine and fuel supplies are running short amid fears of violence. these customers are not allowed into this market. they must buy their food through a window gap on what began as protests against the arrest of president jacob rumor last week escalated to riots with a 32 percent unemployment rate. the rest is also magnifying south africa's poverty
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and inequality. 27 years after the end of apartheid. i stole a few things like cold drinks and electrical appliances as well as the paint. i guess the real reason is because we have nothing when you see other people stealing at some point, you realize that shops will close and you will be left with nothing. so you ask yourself, after all of this, how will i survive with the way things are as coaster and looting and violence go unheard? many fear the unrest may lead to unprecedented economic damage. party, a little bit of a young al jazeera keepers government is lifting import duties on food medicine and other products as it faces unprecedented protests against its worsening economic crisis. people are angry at the lack of basic goods and the handling of the pandemic presidents because the canal acknowledged shortcomings during address and tv for the government is blamed us sanctions. the cues washington of trying to
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destabilize the country 9 people a day and more than 30 missing of the 6 houses collapsed, falling, thudding, and west in germany. and other 25 homes are at risk. the army has been deployed to helps trying to residents. a slow moving storm system is causing once in a generation floods. forecast is predicting more heavy rain until friday evening. for iranian men have been charged in the us accused of talking to kidnap and new york based activist rainy and american message. alan jones is a permanent critic of her on government. she says she's received death threats for years. gabriel ellis, on the reports from new york in a video posted on twitter on tuesday. my c, alina shaw, shows her thousands of followers. the police have been stationed outside her home for the past 2 weeks, protecting her from an alleged iranian government was kidnappers,
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a rainy american activists. and journalist says she 1st heard from the f b i. 8 months ago. i have been receiving death threats every day. what's new? they said no, this time is different. this is it. they showed me all the photos that the intelligence service actually has done someone here to take photos of my private life. and then i was like, wow, already back close to me. the f b i issued photos of the suspected mastermind of the kidnap plot alley reza barra. honey, and a lead iranian telegraph officer, which says, manages a network of sources. he and 3 other intelligence operatives were charged in federal court in manhattan. although they remain at large in iran. according to this 43 page federal indictment, the alleged kidnappers spend a lot of time, not only trying to figure out how to kidnap bellini shot, but also how to transport her back to take her on one plan. according to us,
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investigators was to abductor from her home here in brooklyn, and bring her to a waiting speed boat. it would whisker out of new york city and to the south american country of venezuela, a key ally of iran. now a us citizen, alina shot, fled, he ran in 2009, and his irregular critic of to run in her job as a host on the u. s. government funded voice of america. persian service. the white house response to news of the day mate was fast. we categorically condemn runs dangerous and despicable reported plot to kidnap us citizen on us soil. as was the united nations journalist need to be able to do their job freely without fear of intimidation, without the threat of violence. and obviously like we completely find it on
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acceptable that a journal journalist would be kidnapped just because of the nature of their work. the reigning government has rejected the claims calling them ridiculous and baseless. gabriel is auto. how does either new york france has taught criminal court of appeal is expected to decide whether one of the country's largest companies can be investigated for its role in the syrian war. cement, make a left to continue to operate in areas controlled by iso, and its being accused of being complicit in crimes against humanity. natasha butler has more from paris. the factory and naughty serial, once run by french, the meant giant lafarge, 2017. the french judges have been investigating whether the false paid armed group, including i saw $50000000.00 in protection money to keep the pulled running between 20122014 at the height of serious civil war. also lethargic fluctuated. it's foreign stuff. syrian employees, including mustafah, had to keep working, kept the,
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we asked the company to stop the work, but they didn't stop the company berth responsibility for all of us who were arrested, killed or kidnapped there. this man blames the company for his nephew's death. yes, you know the whole instead of michelle, my nephew, yes, it worked for the 1000. you went from here to good to his work and i said, arrested him and put him in jail. after 4 months, we went to see you and asked about us in the opened his file and told us, executed him about john. the father is also accused of selling cement, for i saw an obtaining war materials for militants. the company which merged with swiss firm wholesome in 2015, has admitted some mistakes, but denies. most of the allegations. investigators are examining charges on the farm, finance terrorism, violated sanctions, and endangered peoples lives in 2019
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a french court dismissed an additional charge of complicity and crimes against humanity. now from the top criminal court of appeal could overturn that decision. the proceedings against the far out the results of the complaint followed by the french finance ministry 11 form a theory, employees and 2, and jose, what budget could to doug solve as well? so it's not only states that have responsibilities, companies who move to countries because it's profitable for them, can also end up contributing to international crimes, including crimes against humanity and financing terrorism. and it's in the far is decision to stay in syria when the danger seemed clear as damage the company's reputation and raised questions over the role of the french government at the time . if the judges decide the force can face charges of crimes against humanity, it would be the 1st time that a company in the european union would face such an investigation. natasha butler, i'll just sarah paris. russian military aircraft trying to contain large wildfire
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call siberia. the region of your kuta has been in the state of emergency for weeks . nearly 800000 hector's of land is on fire. easter russia has been experiencing its dry a summer. 150 years. of a panoramic has put the brakes on order shows around the world during the last year and a half. that's about to change with the return of the largest con expo in north america . i'll just say, john henry got a preview of the chicago auto show before it opens on thursday. car shows are back in driving in new directions. they feature the latest models with wheels and heels and new destinations for cars and the order shows themselves. it feels different, but we always thought we'd be able to get something open. but there were some days where we had some questions about it. first to get approval from the city and the
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state, and then to make sure the automakers were on board. but here we are, the shows are more streamlined, more focused on electric cars. and after the pandemic moves, many from winter to summer, they are increasingly moving out doors behind us as our bronco mountain. this is a part of our built out experience. we're featuring all of our bronco to door border as well as our brand. before this batman jama goes 38 degrees in klein and declines. outdoor tracks give carmakers a chance to showcase off road adventures. the chicago auto sho, in february 2020 was 1 of the last before the corona virus shut shows down. and it's one of the 1st to open back up this week. within weeks, it will be followed by shows in london, detroit, new york and los angeles car shows are increasingly shifting toward electric cars like the new kia e v 6 when the history books are written 10 years from now about this period in the
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auto industry. this is the time when the transition happened when the light switch, the electric switch was thrown, increasingly cars aren't gassing up there. plugging in fully electric cars like the new 2022, ford f, 150 lightning pick up. don't have internal combustion engines. so these days, there's a lot more room upfront after the media preview shows like chicago's face, a potential speed bump when the public is invited in for the 1st time since the pandemic hit. will they pull in in see john henderson al jazeera chicago. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories and africa and government negotiations says the taliban is proposing a 3 month lease fund and exchange for the release of $7000.00 prisoners. it follows rapid telephone gains in recent weeks on where.


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