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no new they've been made and ignored many times before. now that allowed a death because they say that situation is much worse from around the world than these external. the 5th folks, persons, is the government, is following the process in the case and that authorities act against violations of law. ah, all than 100000 people have now died of coven. 19 in argentina, however, infections are declining. ah, hello, we can come out. santa maria here in the world news from alger 0, following unprecedented protests across cuba. the government is lifting import taxes, food medicine and other vital supplies. also, south africa calls in the army reserves. after another day of looting and unrest,
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and a new reports of 23000000 children have missed out on their routine vaccinations because of the pandemic. and upholstery argent tina has gone past 800000 deaths from corona virus, the 5th country in latin america to reach that figure. however, infection rates have been decreasing as more and more argentinians get vaccinated. teresa has a report from one of ours. sandra l y, she paid 8, he's trying to recover from the loss of her parents. they both died. of course, 19 order went up for us, it is very hard and i've been left alone. my siblings live in different places. first my mother died and then my father, i don't know what to feel any more about this terrible disease. i didn't,
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tina has reached the grim milestone of 100000 covert 19 deaths. it one of the hardest heed nations in the region, even though daily average case numbers have fallen since the peak last month. so far fewer than 10 percent of the countries 45000000 people have been inoculated with 2 doses. but an increase in vaccination in the past month is racing hope the country will be able to control the pandemic got, i mean, i guess if every life that is gone is a great regret for me to those who are last the last one, you'll always find solidarity love and regret for what you have had to live. but i can guarantee you that the exit door is near. we're not going to stop in these months. fascinating each and every agincourt, man and woman. but it's also the associated economic crisis that has people here extremely concerned poverty rates and that employment have soared. i mean, covert and the country's battle with chronic long term economic difficulties,
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no filament. upon de ms. dine, it's not just the pandemic drowning us in this country. it is also the huge economic crisis. many relatives call us crying, not only because of the death, because i don't have the money to vary the loved ones. we have to act as like colleges to these people. i didn't, tina was one of the 1st countries in the region to impose strict locked down measures to prevent the spread of over 19. and thanks to that x per se, the health care system survived. earlier this year, the government, we impose some of those strict lockdown measures in an attempt to control the virus variance. many of those restrictions have now been suspended by the government maintains controls at the border and at the airport where only a few flights from overseas are allowed to land every day. that if i will see the fight is remote infections in the netherlands of sword, nearly 500 percent in a week. more than 50000 people have tested positive in politicians to hold an
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emergency debate in parliament to discuss the government handling of the pandemic. prime minister mark roots has apologized for ending almost all locked down restrictions which he described as an error in judgment onto the news and brazil's president may undergo emergency surgery after being rushed to a 2nd hospital with abdominal issues. john bolton, our twitter account posted this picture of the president of the hospital and presidio. his team says he was brought there after having chronic hiccups for days . doctors have since been him to another hospital in san pablo saying he needs tests for an obstructed in test. and more with monica you not give in rear diginero any updates, monica? because this is starting to sound very serious. well yes, on the update the, the newest thing that happened was that the doctors have examined him again and have decided for the moment not to submit him to
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a new surgery. they just said in a statement that they are born, he's going to undergo conservative treatment. and so tonight, nothing more will happen. we must remember that this isn't the 1st time that he's had surgeries after he was stabbed in the 2018 presidential campaign. since then he was, he has gone through several surgeries in the test and or dominant area. so it's going to be now a period of waiting and seeing what new development there will be. but this is happening at a moment where president j both. so nato is under extreme he's, he's going through the worst period of his 2 and a half year presidency. the senate is investigating the government's handling of the pandemic, which has killed half a 1000000 brazilian. his popularity has been taking
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a severe blow. right. really testing time that isn't it. thank you monica, you know, in rio de janeiro to cuba, where the government is lifting import duties on food medicines and other products as it faces unprecedented protests over the worsening economic crisis. officials have also been criticized for their handling of the pandemic. re, lindsey is a journalist with the belly of the beast and independent media organisation, which covers the u. s. cube relations. he sent us this update from havana. the prime minister made some what could be interpreted as a concession by saying that the taxes would be listed on board of all medicine, food and hiding. but that was brought in by a typically brought in by cuban americans as a, as a why to cuba. and previously they're allowed to bring in
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a certain number of products. now they will be able to bring much as they want without an active isn't impart, respond to what occurred because protests were spar in the midst of a major social went viral. that's the key key for not allowing monitoring supplies or getting it. that's something denies, in addition to presidents. and he struggled more conciliatory tone. he, he did say that the protest forth were instigated by the lenient sector in the united states who want to stop the relation between tube in the united states. but he also said that the self critique was necessary and he recognized the social problem and that a lot of mark, there were marginalized population that had not been transformed. and that seems to
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be a new tone from the president. and so we'll see if that produces any more. com or in the days to come the latest from south africa now where army reservists are now being cold up, they will help regular soldiers who are already out on the streets after the violence triggered by the jailing. a former president, jacob zoom at 77. people are dead and hundreds are in jail cut. the rope is over. yon has more. ah, it's still worse than rest. south africa has seen in years in the city of durban. shops have been looted and warehouses, set on fire. some of the areas wealthier residents have reportedly chartered plains or helicopters and left but others like okay, can't afford to leave his car dealership and johannesburg was destroyed. one of hundreds of businesses targeted by looters. now he has no money to support his
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family or to pay his $16.00 employee. my livelihood has been taken away from me. in my eyes, i was sitting cry happy. yes. because i can't do anything. the, the vandalism is overwhelming for the shop owner. she was planning on retiring from her party supply store. now she must start over. while i'm 55 years old retirement. i put everything into my business. everything. i put nothing. no engine, man, nothing. with police often outnumbered, some local have created their own, the july to groups by stopping looters to protect their property. looting has had supply chains across the country, disrupting transportation services and manufacturing food medicine and fuel
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supplies are running short amid fears of violence. these customers are not allowed into this market. they must buy their food through a window gap. what began as protests, against the arrest of that president, jacob luma last week escalated to riots with a 32 percent unemployment rate. the unrest is also magnifying south africa, poverty and inequality. 27 years after the end of apartheid. i stole a few things like cold drinks and electrical appliances as well as the paint. i guess the real reason is because we have nothing when you see other people stealing at some point, you realize that shops will close and you will be left with nothing. so you ask yourself, after all of this, how will i survive with the way things are as coaster and looting and violence go unheard? many fear the unrest may lead to impress, didn't it? economic damage party, a little bit of the young al jazeera,
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will check the world whether next and then taliban fight isn't gonna sound so they've taken control of the border crossing. it poses a new threat to government forces making a slash after a long hiatus chicago harold. the return of major also shows in the us ah, ah, it's time for the journey with sponsored by cut on airways. hello there. the south west monsoon is now in full effect across india. it was a late arrival in the north, but the rains and now there affecting northern areas. we have seen some flash flooding here. we could see more, and this is similar story for northern areas of pakistan, but it's the west coast of india that's continuing to be inundated by those heavy rains and strong winds. we could red warning out for con can and go and ray will
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also spread more sensually as we go into friday. we could see flooding in areas here, but in the north east the heavy rain does continue to fall in a pool, has been inundated with those rains and we could see more flooding here. we could be more flooding down in the south, particularly insure lanka within flooding across the central province. that could be more of that as the rains continue over the next few days. and it could be flooding as well. in china, we've seen flooding as such. one province, the rains are continuing to foreign cross the south west, you can see those there. and those storms and she was rumbling up into the ne, beijing's expecting to see a lot of the wet weather as we go into friday. not only here, but coastal areas of he bay province and the korean peninsula as likely to see some of that weather weather over the weekend. vatcher update. sponsor cut on airways. coded 19 is a public health crisis that has been compounded by capitalism. alleyway navigates
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the big questions raised by the global pandemic. how the system based on private ownership and the profit. 3rd, the world in a ton of capitalism is depend demo back because of so much of the suffering explosives protect the people or the profit episode. one of the all hail the lockdown analogy 0 ah, ah, ah, the top story with our on just the raj and tina, the policy 100000 curve at 900 debt. though infection rates have been decreasing as more and more people get vaccinated. brazil's president's been rushed to hospital
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with abdominal issues. john, both in our, his team says he was flown to a facility in south paulo, after complaining of chronic hiccups. for now, doctors have decided against any surgery, and she was government of lifting import duties on food and medicines and other products that faces unprecedented protests over the economic crisis. officials also criticize for the handling of the demick. the afghan taliban says it's seen to control of a major border crossing with pakistan and follows weeks of rapid territorial games . chemist on government there is insisting it is pushing the fight back more from a 100 vol tale bonds. supporters celebrating victory on the pakistani side of the summons in bullock border crossing with gums. time probably been announced the capture of the crossing on wednesday. it's the 2nd most strategic entry point between pakistan and afghanistan. it lies south of the heart and gives access to
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pakistan's baluchistan province, which taliban leaders report to the used as a back base for. yes, it's capture is the latest in a series of strategic gains by the, by the band as us and nato forces continues to withdraw from the water country. economy. bonds are i thing trying to control the economic chill plains. so to pressure the government and as well as the population that is in the domain of the government because we're controlling the border crossings, there will be difficulties in the resupply and supply of a lot of things to these people. tunnel for it is denied the takeover of the crossing. but pakistani security forces said the body back was seen raising the flag over the last week. taliban claimed to be in control of 85 percent of off gun as time after seizing key border crossings with iran. took many stock foreign ministers of the shanghai cooperation organisation meeting in the target capital
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dish and expressed support for the african government such as the member states of the shanghai cooperation organization, support the efforts of the government and people of afghanistan to restore economic development of the country to counter terrorism, extremism and drug crimes, the you and has condemned violations and cold plus he's 5, the un assistance mission and of dentistry today said that the reports of killing l . treatment, persecution, and discrimination are widespread and disturbing, creating fear and insecurity. the un mission emphasize that those who carry out any such acts must be held accountable. the mission also stressed that all parties are urged to announce an iep sees fire. that can give us guns a respite from the conflict. and that may contribute to sustained and meaningful peace negotiations. those negotiations have been going on for months and are set to
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result in the cutting capital later this week. providing perhaps the last chance for a peaceful set, the 100 funding this year. and the us says it will begin evacuating afghan interpreters and others dance, who helped american forces during the war. in late july, the relocation flights are for africans if applied for the special immigrant visa program. the white house has been under pressure from republicans and democrats to find a solution for those thousands of people who helped us and nato forces. now there has been a sharp increase in children around the world who miss out on basic vaccines as a result of disruptions caused by the karone of ours. pandemic, the world health organization, and unicef. they 23000000 children, missed out on their routine jobs, leaving them vulnerable to diseases like measles, polio, and meningitis is a little more information for you. india leads the list of nations which account
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for the most children left unvaccinated. of the report says, major outbreaks of measles have been recorded in afghanistan, molly, yemen, and somalia, the w h. r, and unicef blame transport disruptions brought on by locked arms for children missing their doses. the report also says that a fear of catching cove at 19 led many to postpone and taking their kids to the clinics and hospitals still to ask allan now who's chief of programs and services for the national association of county and city health officials. this is a group representing thousands of local health departments in the us. he's with us on scott from washington. nice to have you with us as, as a read all of that out. i thought well, it's kind of understandable. we were in new territory with cove at 19 people were nervous about going to the doctor about even leaving their house. and unfortunately, this is a result of that. it is there additional elements that are of course the
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concern you know, not only is the need to ensure the folks and chilled and get the necessary vaccinations, but we've also seen the rise and back thing hesitancy and vaccine poor confidence to black edward and as a result amplified with the lack of access due to both the locked down success for in the 1st few months of 2020. even here the u. s. we source sharp decrease in the number of children who are getting their vaccines. the regular routine backs nations. so it was quite important to ensure that providers understand that they should still be trying their best to ensure both well visits and prioritize. especially for the pediatric cases, the opportunity to get those children back me. so is it something, forgive my ignorance, that you can sort of catch up on, let's say a 4 year old mrs. out on their regime vaccinations, whatever they might be? can i just have them at 5 years old and it's okay. it depends, of course,
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on the vaccine and what, what is the recommendation? but in some cases it is the hope that we can really get these providers. and as you can see this problem, it's now worldwide. it's not just one particular entity. and of course, it just doesn't necessarily mean that it's only those impoverished short about the nation. it's actually everyone pad this tremendous impact. and the concern, of course, is as we think of, we're reopening or reclose. and depending on where you are, the likelihood of other outbreaks to occur, that's why it's so vital to really build this wall at the expense, especially upon our most vulnerable population, our children. as with anything, corona virus related, we always talk about lessons learned. ah, in this case, what lessons do you think can be learned or have been learned as far as those regular jobs? i mean, i mentioned the fact that there were breakdowns in the,
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in the transport of vaccines and things like that because of locked down. so that's not necessarily something you can avoid. again, you know, you know, an interest in lex learn however, is the fact that we think about the youth and how you medicine to be able to at least try to find unique ways, whether it's cellphone, smartphones, whatever ways of ensuring that you can get those visits that while they may not be in person as though you would prefer in person visits, things that are routine just trying to insure this as well. connectivity to parents to their clinicians and then maybe that will provide an images for folks really make sure they're up and get it to those in person visits and prioritize of course, which ones are, you know, in some shape of what we've seen. sometimes you got clinicians that try to on board multiple vaccines to really capture in one small visit, but you may have to pay those out. and i think that is an opportunity for us to
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really engage both the parents and the provider in a ways to better ministration. but i think one of the biggest ultimate concerns that we do have is this rise and hesitancy. and this consider on confidence on routine vaccines, which we know from a historical perspective has proven how essentially public health services are because they've gotten rid of things like oleo and others, which fortunately we've seen and in keep across the world scale and a pleasure talking to you and, and learning from you. thank you so much for your time. thank you. have a blessed day to now francis top criminal court of appeal is expected to decide whether one of the country's largest companies can be investigated for its role in the syrian war. cements, make lafarge continued to operate in areas controlled by iso, and it's accused of being complicit with crimes against humanity. natasha butler was more from paris, the factory, and ne serial. once run by french. the ment,
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giant lafarge 2017. the french judges have been investigating whether the force paid armed groups, including i saw $50000000.00 in protection money to keep the pond running between 20122014. at the height of serious civil war. also lethargic fluctuated its foreign stuff. syrian employees including mustafah, had to keep working, kept the, we asked the company to stop the work, but they didn't stop the company burse responsibility for all us, what arrested kills, and our kids get there. this man blames the company for his nephew's death. yes, in the home several. michelle. my nephew. yes. it worked for the the hours. you went from here to good to his work and i said, arrested him and put him in jail. after 4 months we went to see and asked about us in the opened his file and told us, executed him by john. the fall is also accused of selling cement,
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for i saw an obtaining war materials for militants. the company which merged with swiss firm wholesome. in 2015 has admitted some mistakes, but denies. most of the allegations. investigators are examining charges on the farm, finance terrorism, violated sanctions, and endangered peoples lives in 2019, a french court dismissed an additional charge of complicity and crimes against humanity. now from the top criminal court of appeal could overturn that decision. the proceedings against the far out the results of the complaint followed by the french finance ministry 11 form a theory, employees and 2 and jose. but you could to turkey solvers. it's not only states that have responsibilities, companies who move to countries because it's profitable for them, can also end up contributing to international crimes, including crimes against humanity and financing terrorism. and it's in the fall is
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decision to stay in syria when the danger seemed clear as damage the company's reputation and raised questions over the role of the french government at the time . if the judges decide the force can face charges of crimes against humanity, it would be the 1st time that a company in the european union would face such an investigation. natasha butler, al jazeera paris, a staggering number of americans have died from drug overdoses last year, recording to or sorry, adding to an already grim tell us in the pandemic. there were more than $93000.00 deaths from over doses that is nearly 30 percent more than the year before. i. that is more than $250.00. that's every day. by 11 every hour. 3 quarters of the debts were due to the use of opiates, and the majority of being attributed to fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid, 80 to a 100 times stronger than morphine and heroine. it's becoming increasingly common for dealers to cut it into other illicit drugs like cocaine without the by and
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knowing the doses from if you had been rising for decades. but experts say the pandemic lead to a lack of access to treatment, increased social isolation, trauma and job losses. it all made the situation so much worse, you know. brandon marshall, professor of public health, explains how cove in 1900 self isolation rules and making the problem. even worse, using alone is a major risk factor for death. if no one is around to intervene in the event of that overdose, no overdose needs to result in death. we have tools that work like locks phone, which we're versus opioid overdose is. and if someone is around, they can call 911, and all, and receive that person to receive emergency care. so all of that is probably and was probably less likely during the pandemic when people were experiencing social and physical isolation and using drugs alone. we have millions of people in this
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country who are currently experiencing substance use disorders, and we do not have robust, easily accessible treatment system in this country. many communities, particularly black and brown communities, experienced major barriers to accessing treatment. one thing we've seen during the co pandemic is that federal regulators have relax some of those restrictions and improved access to the therapies via tele medicine for example. so that's a good start. i think we need to do a lot more now and what i'd like to see this administration tackle is greatly expand access to evidence based treatment for people who are not currently receiving at russian military aircraft or trying to contain massive life threatening wildfires across siberia. the hardest hit region of young because he has been hit in a state of emergency for weeks, nearly 800000 heck as of land are on fire. eastern russia has been experiencing its
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driest summer in under 50 years. while the pandemic put the brakes on auto shows right around the world for the last year and a half, but that's changing with the return of the largest car exposure in north america. john henry got a preview of the chicago auto show before it opens on thursday. car shows are back in driving in new directions. they feature the latest models with wheels and heels and new destinations for cars and the order shows themselves. it feels different, but we always thought we'd be able to get something open. but there were some days where we had some questions about it 1st to get approval from the city in the state . and then to make sure the automakers were on board. but here we are. the shows are more streamlined, more focused on electric cars. and after the pandemic moves, many from winter to summer, they are increasingly moving out doors behind us as our bronco mountain. this is
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a part of our built out experience where we're featuring all of our bronco to door border as well as our bronco sport. this batman jama, goes 38 degrees in klein and declines. outdoor tracks give carmakers a chance to showcase off road adventures. the chicago auto sho, in february 2020 was 1 of the last before the corona virus shut shows down. and it's one of the 1st to open back up this week. within weeks, it will be followed by shows in london, detroit, new york and los angeles car shows are increasingly shifting toward electric cars like the new kia e v 6 when the history books are written 10 years from now about this period in the auto industry. this is the time when the transition happened when the light switch, the electric switch was thrown, increasingly cars aren't gassing up there. plugging in fully electric cars like the new 2022, ford f,
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150 lightning pick up. don't have internal combustion engines. so these days, there's a lot more room upfront after the media preview shows like chicago's face, a potential speed bump when the public is invited in for the 1st time since the pandemic hit. will they pull in and see john henderson al jazeera chicago. ah, it's half past the hour on all of the were these are the headlines argentina, surpassing 100000. coven 19 deaths. the 5th, latin american country to do so. however, infection rights have been decreasing as more people get vaccinated in the netherlands, though, infections of swords by 500 percent in a week. more than 50000 people testing positive. it's lead politicians to hold an emergency debate in parliament to discuss the governments.


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