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police are trying very hard friends. the scenario that happened last week, when thousands were rioted in sitting across the ladder, after some protest started throwing stones. and that's why your work police on horseback moved in to clear the area. ah, i went 100 gmc, i'm can all santa maria and these are the top stories. the number of corona virus deaths in argentina has now surpassed 100000. it is not the 5th country and latin america to reach that figure. however, infection rates have been decreasing as more people get vaccinated. teresa reports from when cyrus sandra l. y ship it, ada is trying to recover from the loss of her parents. they both died of course, 19 order for us it is very hard and i've been left alone. my
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siblings live in different places. first my mother died and then my father, i don't know what to feel any more about this terrible disease. i didn't, tina has reached the grim milestone of 100000 coves, 19 deaths. it one of the hardest heed nations in the region, even though daily average case numbers have fallen since the peak last month. so far, fewer than 10 percent of the countries 45000000 people have been inoculated with 2 doses. but an increase in vaccination in the past month is racing hope the country will be able to control the pandemic. got, i mean, i guess if, where every life that has gone is a great regret for me to those who are last the last one, you'll always find solidarity love and regret for what you have had to live. but i can guarantee you that the exit door is near. we're not going to stop these months vaccinating each and every agincourt, man and woman. but it's also the associated economic crisis that has people here
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extremely concerned. poverty rates and unemployment have stored. i mean, covert and the countries battle with chronic long term economic difficulties. not solomon de la pandey miss dine. it's not just the pandemic drowning us in this country. it is also the huge economic crisis. many relatives cause crying, not only because of the death because i don't have the money to vary the loved ones . we have to act as like colleges to these people. i didn't, tina was one of the 1st countries in the region to impose strict lockdown measures to prevent the spread of coven 19. and thanks to that x per se, the health care system survived. earlier this year, the government, we impose some of those strict lockdown measures in an attempt to control the virus variance. many of those restrictions have now been suspended by the government maintains controls at the border and of the airport, where only a few flights from overseas are allowed to land every day. that is,
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i will see the fight is. meanwhile, the dutch government is urging people to work from home after infections, their sword 500 percent in a week or 50000 people. testing positive minister mark router has apologized for ending almost all locked on restrictions. in other news, brazil's president's been flying to south palo, where he may need emergency surgery for intestinal blockage giant. both scenario has been suffering from recurring hiccups. market, you know, give, has more from rio, de janeiro was 10 days of continuous hiccups. those just not just your years rule one a hiccup and decides that he was in pain. and so right now he was, he was transferred from brazil. you arrived in so fall were the best hospitals are and where he will be treated by the same doctors said that did the surgery on him after he was stabbed in the 2018 presidential campaign. keep his government is
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lifting import duties on food medicines and other products that faces unprecedented protests over the worsening economic crisis. officials have also been criticized for their handling of the pandemic. army reservists have been called up in south africa to help soldiers deployed after violence triggered by the jailing of former president jacob zoom or the city of durban has seen some of the worst violence may ask. taliban says it's taken control of a major border crossing with pakistan for his weeks of rapid territorial games, the spin bull that crossing connect. candor ha, city with south west pakistan. and beijing, south park is down to investigate a blast on a bus that killed 9 chinese nationals and at least 4 others. that happened near a hydro power dam construction site. in the northeast of park it's done up to date with the headlines out 0 world is next. the
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news. ready ah, the secret negotiations, international intermediaries, intelligence and last minute brinkman ship, whole part of the covert world of prisoner exchanges between israel and hummers in god. ah,
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the gods of may 2021. 11 days of conflict between israeli forces and hamas left destruction in many parts of gaza. the human cost was the death of at least 253 palestinian, including 65 children killed in years where we bombarded on the israeli side 12 people including 2 children, were killed by hamas rocket. far to cease fire between israel and thomas came into force in the gaza strip after an agreement was broken by egypt. israel and hum us which governs the gaza strip, have no direct contact for decades, they've used intermediaries to seal agreements relating to conflict and prisoner exchanges. these prisoner exchanges are
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contentious and are usually kept top secret or even denied. but they can be a vital part of the power plane between the 2 sides. the same johnson, the military wing of hamas claims that since 2014 they have held for captured is when the soldiers auto show how to golden come. a very amended and for some of the official is where the statements have referred to the capture of 2 soldiers. but say that already sold on one of golden were killed and that must only holds the remains. i'll just make the fort tama, on this whole team secured a rare interview with one of the how much key leaders and prisoner exchange negotiators. not one isa. isa agreed to be interviewed on condition that his face
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was not shown. one of the big issues should be up with the issue come off of the machine and the limit across holly, my resume one, i'm if a kid behavior before she dealt with gotcha. and ala had him up, it came up level. should we should job model annisa is the deputy commander of commerce, military wing, or sun brigades. this is the only known photo of isa. it's an image from 2011 when isa was involved in a prisoner exchange deal between hamas and israel to release in israeli soldier who was captured by almost 5 years earlier in 20. 06 gillard shall eat st mobile and a cell phone at them. and you should get physical that comment on this crowd began
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by asking you about the 2021 broker cease fire. happy kinetic one out to bob. chuck. a few of them will call them out of someone to listen for the thing to part. and i thought the whole not tomorrow, how them mikaela listed on monday. and i wanted to see how kind of marketing a safe and let them know that i hadn't seen jimmy on see what was not the best that was done. we'll come up with the loudecker. i could see what the thought of the officer didn't say it as yet. it was left enough for us to do so. he will need walker and i'm a little harder on. well, the poor was a good one man. familiar with the son is a german mediator who negotiated with him to broker the release of the captured israeli soldier de la shalley. so marble anesha, well,
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well acquainted with the whole story and he was my in that regard, my counterpart in, you know, looking into the lists and checking the balance between the solutions and proposals i saw. he was very, very meticulous and careful analyst. that's my, my impression from him. he knew the fires my heart the matter of prisoner exchangers is highly sensitive and all parties are reluctant to disclose details of the process. but now for the 1st time, senior leaders from both israel and hammers as well as mediators have gone on the record. they reveal how shall each was captured in $26.00, and what price was paid for his release. the israeli prime minister at the time of sally's capture was a good omen to be
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a misuse of who she them nobody who before they go for me day i need also she to show them. if you think of it must be vision a male payment, hudson charles, and you'll actually use on the 18th of october 2011 chevy. it's 5 use of captivity ended ah ah, in return for freeing the captured israeli soldier, israel release 1027 palestinian prisoners. ah, yes. it was. it's the largest, you know,
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it's the most significant and it's, you know, fried a huge number of palestinians who were arrested in the fathers. and that is, you know, who, who are heroes for many palestinians it showed from for her mass. and for many palestinians, and observers around the world was that armed resistance is still effective. the negotiation process was complex with in direct communication between israel and hamas, via mediators and back channels. finding common ground was extremely slow. it took 5 years to negotiate the release of gala charlotte to how much representatives were present throughout these long negotiations. one job was killed by an israeli airstrike in 2012. the other negotiator was more one of
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the ah thomas on his holland, his team attained exclusive documents and i read it to written record from within negotiating team. although this records cannot be independently verified, it purports to show the details of lonely go see ations from shelley to capture in 26 to his release in 2011. ah! on the 25th of june, 20 o 6 armed arcos am brigades units launched. a surprise attack on his ready forces near a gaza strip. border crossing 2 is where the soldiers were killed and one de la charlotte was captured
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the you'll wish on the bull killed. if nation admin sharla knew lucky show dates and shoot. he cool eileen. many any say namely n j hum us. so home us if give her, thank you so i li, just now finding the movie 100 stuff. when the soul it up with the me, my move come over them, cause a shallow shows, albany, georgia. how a them hard. so limes humanity, a share of us. it's and she got madina can went home with kylie, me and chair for it because on a the committee was there before me. you can is
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railways were taken aback by both the success of the hamas operation and its timing . this was 2006. just a year after israel's military withdraw from the gaza strip. it was also the same year that come out one palestinian legislative elections and formed a government cannot deferred nathan tucker. the thought it did come from the field of a father, feeling csc or the whole hacker. and i'm going to see if you want to call me or call me wallace. and then i will feel and had it as c. s e a lot. made any unwilling look on a hammer no more than common full of plenty of what is that a kind of house in the corner? one what the one that i'm going to. yeah. mac, i live and that come in from the military wing of commerce. christian brigades has never spoken about this 26
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operation. now 3 o'clock on fighters who claimed to have been part of that alteration, have agreed to speak under conditions of anonymity. public money, we owe them enough. luna mckenna? olivia? i was just speaking with not a let and i went to meet with the 3 ben header ladies and had you love, you know, he'll moderate hula you, they'll kill you. what i'll be having and i'm a year and let you sent home to her. welcome of the world, but i will hope ball hope alina was social. i definitely sent her with those in, and i said, i lena couldn't afford it, didn't have 100, will be willing to put it under the can. whitaker, better with them, with that even when mad the what a feel does a feel for bucklin, missouri, a hub in the foot,
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but i'm in the law for john. but the enemy, missouri left off with the thief. why had the silver we're going to offer these images not seen before? show a tunnel under the israeli guys a border. this became the access route for palestinian fighters to reach the israeli side of the border and launched their attack. didn't show a lot going on in the back that i don't
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want to open up a lot. i look for them. it's more i'm and, and the other to shuttle both the case on very much was the court case, money, the money i know visually the shots of i'm up a name like a deal. the law of into one with them. you know, i'm a whole lot present as a comment here now who donkey with a whole lot about names name. so voice from us footage from days before the operation shows all caution on brigades fighters in training. a number of men in the video have been identified including 2 who were killed in the it's not enough, but you didn't have the model is not enough of it, but even was elaine and fudge of that enough, up, wonderful jelly soon. well,
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my little book, so there's nothing for them or cannot charlotteville bid debarber? no, no, no. well, no, no, no, no. how did it go? lucky minimum can until she will get it to mac, my mac. i look at the sort of load up with a d, m. i. so i could, i'm on law. didn't do that just but the one of the me but also do the honor definitely bevin saba. well, hold on to me and i will let you know that he woke up on the bed tomorrow. well to just to either you or 5 of them from the holiday pop last friday for football. well, but the legitimate debarber almost walk to the berber. well, but that to lock in the corner will definitely shut off the
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gun and let me look at the river. oh man. oh said madeline at the hold of them and patting would turn the weather on the limb. it had been very for one and the other out of the fun. mattea deployed shamella with a lot, a lot of what was the shuttle david hood was said to have a photon. when am you've the, you have to call him an aide, him on the drug move broad nova. she can have a lawyer and i'm a team. now, the more show you a deal to denio a fusion valley government hom, he came back to the beach near silva. i lay sure julie and she'll catch up a modem would provide me there if she bought it was
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a nail before me. quite a team will try me, nova she build sh name. me slow, still humming show you but tank a g u i made slave, she raising cool mad town grease the world. her her lastly, she a actually before it's him in the look of one that he law of the holiday and i'm really is a certain i have him or her little order will for the cell for the war has a little more or less certain they had in when, welcome of course, males them, well for language and walk up our quick lube and who shackle. welcome. ah, does that mean that it was done while unfold? but the village of ali, dana, i live dad, wasn't in june. the had me then attentive some fissions on what the hello
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keith apple engine b. o. a little late. but i'm also not vision. did i see is i'm in the model with the middle july, the whole hazel, can you i am involved a lawyer and the 3 digit bill the but he was little moleed with the over the next time as you will. almost although jimmy and with one with the but i let the kind of a fine a little the other them and much and also what we will come to the la mcdermott. i'm a lead me in divorce. how about swimming away? mama sub sha scobee sooth may down the se on it all over the phone. my phone,
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me via email or something. yeah. winnie good morning. do not ball. i'm not you. sorry, now let's wait. but i mean, when young aud miller sure will cause us will be in the it will got me because i see politic omby. so i lobel hung as much shibel show voice. so i really low your beta. israel's response to the capture of charlotte was to seek his early release by all means at their disposal. i am an order emily at the habit of all the loss of what kind of the municipal notice that it did it with us. the image that i feared will publish, like a thought on will probably had the final defrauds on bothered. i thought 1000 for
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eyes on. i see it to him was also atlanta bothered. you know, we wanted the students we had for the i just know how about i call you was i thought it elton did i see it see what i mean when the alamo and what i mean. i only saw one of them. and then i didn't, unfortunately i was in class, you know, they had the men whom i was just going to say no one from the song buffy was the what was the, what is the 4th and last year with the also when you just had a city or send me that had a lead you kind of that even the one model, the few 100 for the money you bob on also parts you had in what kind of fargo? little as ma, also of a alaska what kinda listed earlier. i don't know if i'm doing the oil and some about that that if you look into anything fraud on by the last, i thought i was at a song by the are active on the, on the other one has been an elevator. and then what about a hub on,
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on the door master father muscle? israel's approach was both military and diplomatic. while the egyptian back channel remained in place, israeli aircraft bombed infrastructure in garza, including water and power plants. ah, up to wait the especially hibbitts in here, but the catch it just wait a minute. they are there a for a actually do a for the house and the stuff into yes. from the in mid new york, a full name as obvious where the hot the leash law is in a humming should i know there was and j commando milman. the middle, the middle come him or them in the see milled now gallo accomplishable and
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they shall do so because all of them so i had hearing loss through a tell me fi in my yard sale of a 100 and they anyway, i'm not asking abuto. she a deal actually. yeah. that similarly newly global him. it's really small to him and match. emmy. luckily, photo fisher, my social's all day i will be. she's those who are behind 50 can am, couldn't nothing lasker, it went off to the in. listen, not that it, that one of the other fight. little john the at the, for the road one, the daughter that the whole the other also welcome and i'm talking to them. i can check in with her. but even bobby her. why the on the, on this to that i don't know, i do that and then when to see them in what a buck austin mac. i'm to play on how to navigate for patch or see welcome
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initiative called canada. how about half on the have you had it by the kind of them that will be in town with the father to hold it, hold it all to get her machine. last, she knew my, my lawyer said he can, i says it can need so it'll hum us in format. yeah, i remember the artist fella. so the saudi la, la, you tell me something, josie, unless you're listening, if they've left us painful much he has been sophie in part to bring some ship between israel and hamas as the price for the captured soldiers will use estimates me people have come to expect a lot from now to 0 over the years if they're reporting the commitment to under report the type of the commitment to the human story. but it's also the idea of
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challenging those in power. if a politician comes on this channel, they will be challenged and that's what people expect to us. they want the question answered, that is what we've always done. that's what we will continue to do. going to read the conservation part of the book, bringing nature and people together to work with what like my passion, my job is linking to the content and what do you need in the epic and you need to find a sub or do we have to teach the community living with the one live, it's excellent. las limbo riding with elliot, my son, bob boy. on out there. escaping a wall, finding a new identity, confronting the reality of racism, religion, and the struggle to be accepted, al jazeera,
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tells the story of what it's like to be lebanese, and color straightly at home. once upon a time and punishable on al jazeera in the midst of war, a generation grew up and exiled. more than 13000000 syrians, that half the pre war population remained displaced inside and outside the country . and as the conflict enters its 2nd decade, with no political supplement in sight, there could be further displacement. home for many has been informal camps like this in neighboring countries in lebanon's because the valley life has been one of poverty and uncertainty. theory as economy is collapsing and international aid organizations are warning, it is pushing millions deeper into poverty. many our job listen hungry. the united nation says 60 percent or 12400000 serious. don't have regular access to enough
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food, despite the battlefield, being largely quiet for a year. agencies say the daily suffering of syrians is worse than it has been at nearly any point throughout the conflict. and the hardship has not stopped a serious border. ah, ah, pon 2 ounces here, a welding just a moment, but 1st to check on the headlines and the number of corona virus deaths in argentina has now gone past the 100000 mark. now it's the 5th country in latin america to reach that figure. however, infection rates have been decreasing, normal people get vaccinated. the dutch government, though is urging people to work from home after infection, saud 500 percent in a week. more than 50000 people have tested positive prime minister mark root.


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