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i visit every place to make sure that the information that i'm going to bring that's context taking on the arms trade in his fight for justice, for innocence, palestinians and their families made in france on all disease. ah, more than 100000 people have not died discovered 19 in argentina, however, infections have been declining. ah, don't come out. santa maria with the world news for amounts of era in the netherlands covert cases of jump, 500 percent in the last week alone. hunting and emergency debate over the government's mission, following unprecedented protest across cuba,
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the president left import taxes on food medicine and other vital supplies and south africa, holes in the army reserves after another day of looting and unrest. so in the past few hours, argentina has gone past a $100000.00 deaths from corona virus, the 5th country and latin america to reach that figure. infection rates have been decreasing as more and more people have gotten vaccinated. here's the big picture on june, tina to started off the shops from our world and data oxford university, the numbers from johns hopkins university. these are the debts now totaling as we say over a 100000 at this point here, that is june. the 11th non, about a month or so ago, a peak of $600.00, that's a day. it is now down to less than $400.00 debts a day. so despite reaching that 100000 and figured debts definitely on the decline,
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and then here we look at new cases, which again reached a pretty big peak. they're talking about $30000.00 plus a day in late may. now, down at this point of about 15500 cases a day, theresa both has that report now from point a cyrus federal was repeat, ada is trying to recover from the loss of her parents. they both died of call with 19 whatever. what up august? for us, it is very hard and i've been left alone. my siblings live in different places. first my mother died and then my father, i don't know what to feel any more about this terrible disease. i didn't, tina has reached the grim milestone of 100000 co with 19 deaths. it's one of the hardest heed nations in the region. even though daily average case numbers have fallen since the peak last month. so far, fewer than 10 percent of the countries 45000000 people have been inoculated with 2
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doses. but an increase in vaccination in the past month is racing hope the country will be able to control the pandemic. got, i mean, i guess if, where every life that has gone is a great regret for me to those who will last the last one, you'll always find solidarity love and regret for what you have had to live. but i can guarantee you that the exit door is near. we're not going to stop in these months. fascinating each and every agile high man and woman. but it's also the associated economic crisis that has people here extremely concerned. poverty rates and that employment have soared. i mean, covert and the country's battle with chronic long term economic difficulties, nor filament, upon de ms. dine. it's not just the pandemic drowning us in this country. there's also the huge economic crisis. many relatives call us crying. not only because of the day that because i don't have the money to vary the loved ones, we have to act as
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a colleges to these people. got. i didn't tina with one of the 1st countries in the region to impose strict locked down measures to prevent the spread of coven 19. and thanks to that ex, per se, the health care system survived. earlier this year, the government, we impose some of those strict lockdown measures in an attempt to control the virus variance. many of those restrictions have now been suspended by the government maintains controls at the border and at the airport where only a few flights from overseas are allowed to land every day. that if i will, as a feeder fight if well, infections in the netherlands have sought 500 percent in a week. more than 50000 people testing positive politicians held an emergency debate in parliament to discuss the government's handling of the pandemic. prime minister mac router as apologized for ending almost all locked down restrictions, which he's described as an error in judgment. now once again, here's our world data chart on the netherlands, just to give you an idea of that increase. there has happened since the 1st of july,
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so 2 weeks basically, daily, new cases were 600 a day, then they are now just under 8000 a day. and that's just happened as i say in 2 weeks time. is that boston and amsterdam now on one particularly controversial policy that's backfired while almost as has called this a huge blunder, some called if i'm asked to go criminal. the government policy to lift restrictions far too soon. not only lifting restrictions, but it was one specific policy that really has angered a lot of people, not only law makers, but a lot of people here. and then that list is called dancing with johnson in dutch dancing met yonce and basically a government strategy to convince young people to get his explanation to the johnson vaccination. they organized the france, there was a d, j to was music and they promised this young people that they could go clubbing. they could go partnering straight after they got their job, which
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a lot of them did. and then ended up with a positive test. thousands of, of them had cope at 19 and now in isolation. darren quarantine, lots of restaurants and cafes are now close because most of this stuff has been infected or is in isolation now. so this policy really has angered a lot of people. it has also cause to prime minister apologizing for overseeing this. he said during the debate today and the merchant to be bait with parliament, he said that he couldn't predict that so many people so many young people would follow this advice, which also made a lot of lawmakers wondering how they could not have seen this. so at the end, it's not only young people who have been come a victim of this policy, but also event organize of people working in the entertainment industry, who now have seen all their events cancelled once again. so during the debates,
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lawmakers for urging the government to compensate these people. but on the other hand, they also lawmakers say that the government shouldn't panic. that this is the holiday season. now the country to madeline because of this spike, it infections could go into co rap again, meaning that a lot of countries would not accept the dutch people again. so these lawmakers will, urging the government to convince the you not to put the netherlands on to coat rap . they said it's only young people so far. the hospitals haven't seen an increase in patient so far. but the minister said during the debate, he could not really predict how this is going to develop. so as one law make a set, we were so close to the finish. and only in 2 weeks after month of lockdown, we have ruined everything. well, there's also been a sharp increase in children around the world have missed out on basic vaccines because of disruptions caused by the pandemic. the world health organization and
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unicef say 23000000 children, missed out on routine jobs, leaving them vulnerable to diseases like measles, polio, and then giantess, in se asia are among the most effective brazil's prison, it may undergo emergency surgery after being rushed to a 2nd hospital with abdominal issues, john both in r as twitter account, post this picture of the president at a hospital and presidio. his teams, as he was brought back after chronic hiccups, doctors of since flown to another hospital in san paulo thing. he needs tests for and obstructed intestine an update. now from monica you not give in reissue, nor this is sounding really serious at this point. monica, and reminds me of i think it was 2018 when he was actually stabbed prior to the election. are the 2 things linked? yes. well that's at least what he has been saying on his social media. he was
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stabbed in 2018, the knife perforated his intestines. he has since then have several surgeries. he's been actually the rest of the campaign almost hospitalized. and that some analysts say helped him even when the presidential election that and the fact that his major rival, which was left wing, former president reason actually had been banned for running the election due to corruption charges so well. so natalie posted a picture of himself in the hospital, the for being moved from brazil, the capital to so follow. and remember that episode in 2018, he's now undergoing new exams to see if a new surgery is necessary or not. okay, thank you for that monica, you know, kevin rear diginero as we so life pictures there is from the hospital in palo now
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cuba government is lifting the import duties on food medicines and other products. so that faces unprecedented protests over the worsening economic crisis. officials have also been criticized for their handling of the pandemic. their re lindsey with us now from van or a journalist with the belly of the beast and independent media organization which covers us cuba relations. i'm reading here. this would be the import taxes that is an exceptional, temporary basis. so it's a concession from the government but not a complete back down. why not? it's not clear why in a sense of concession, but the protesters didn't necessarily have a specific concrete demand. it was very spontaneous so i'm not sure what. ready i could read back that would look like it but and yeah,
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i think it is definitely related to. ready the to the process for sparks in the midst of a viral social media campaign f 2 s q that. 6 in which there were cheese so that you can go over for. ready not allowing you to managerial and then when we're talking about important, basically talking about mainly cuban american on flight coming to cuba and fill out their bags with medicine on food and so on. if previously there. ready were limits what, how much bit bring at least until december 31st there won't be any limit on that so, so that i think that is certainly addressing. so what's had been like out on the streets in rain, given the protest we've seen in the, in the last 3 days, what has it been carrying on come very calm.
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there's a lot a lot of stuff on social media or to know what to believe it went. ready back to the internet is. ready mostly cost at least in some messaging apps, you don't have the p n some stuff coming in. some of that we've been able to verify that other stuff looks very. ready real and it is very difficult to verify because of the internet situation. a lot of stuff in different provinces. but i doesn't appear to be wise, but certainly not on the level. ready that we saw on sunday when there were unders thousands of people, not hundreds of thousands of people protesting and some other parts of the country . just 1.0, the critique of the handling of the pen and the prime minister also spoke with an address that specifically and spoke about the vaccines and gave numbers about a he said that by the end of this month,
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all of the sign up would be fax and i've actually received an oxidation here got my 2nd bill recently and by the end of the year. ready the entire country back about 25 percent of the population has received the 1st dose. so they're, they're trying to speak to those concerns to their faxing, the us government as people from the streets because they're not getting maxine, but simply not true. order is scarcity of medicine and that is definitely a, one of the, one of one of the explains that a lot of professors voice and stuff that's read lindsey with an update on the situation in cuba. joining us from havana, thanks in the news. i had taliban fighters, enough canister, have taken control of the border crossing, posing a new threats to government forces and iraq's powerful shia cleric demands on funds from the government over a devastating fire. return coded 19 hospital board. ah,
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ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways. hello there. the south west monsoon is now in full effect across india. it was a late arrival in the north, but the reins the now there affecting more than areas. we have seen some flash flooding here. we could see more and it's a similar story for northern areas of pakistan. but it's the west coast of india that's continuing to be inundated by those heavy rains and strong winds. gonna red warning out for con can and go and that re my also spread move centrally as we go into friday, we could see flooding in areas here. but in the north east, the heavy rain does continue to fall in a pool, has been inundated with those rains and we could see more flooding. here. we could see more flooding down in the south, particularly insure lanka, with the flooding across the central province. that could be more of that as the
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rains continue over the next few days, and it could be flooding as well. in china, we've seen flooding is to one province. the rains are continuing to foreign cross the south west. you can see those there and no storms in char was rumbling up into the northeast, beijing's expecting to see a lot of the wet weather as we go into friday. not only here, but coastal areas of he bay province and the korean peninsula as likely to see some of that wet weather over the weekend. vatcher update. sponsor cut on airways. i'll just see the world and picks the fascinating story of a prisoner exchange, negotiated to intermediaries on behalf of us and israel, a story of brinkman ship and bartering, a captive israeli soldier for palestinian prisoners as recalled by media. and players from both sides. anatomy of
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a prisoner exchange on out here. ah, ah, the me to recap at the top stories this container surpassing 100000 cove in 1900 deaths. so infection rates have been decreasing is more people get vaccinated? in brazil, the president may undergo emergency surgery after being rushed to a 2nd hospital with abdominal issues. jive of ours team says he was brought there up to containing of chronic pickup, acute with government, lifting the import duties on food medicines and other products that faces unprecedented protests of the western economic crisis. official samples have been
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criticized for the handling of the pandemic. while the latest from south africa now where army reservists have been told to report for duty on thursday morning, the death toll from the violence triggered by the jailing of former president jacob zoom. it is rising. 77 people are now dead and hundreds are in jail. the city of devons, seen some of the worst violence shops they are being lucid warehouse and that on fire and major roads blocked off some of the cities. wealthier residents have reportedly chartered planes and helicopters to get out. police and johanna big me while i go into or to door in some neighborhoods to recover items stolen from stores and shopping centers. community leaders are helping collect information about where some of sullen items are being kept. we have the responsibility. it is our realm. if we destroy everything, it's all infrastructure. we've seen the ownership. what are we going to pull it up? but it's not about juma. it's about the poverty that you cannot dodge. people are
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hungry or there are no jobs. i would say was, i was, i stole a few things like cold drinks and electrical appliances as well as the paint. i guess the real reason is because we have nothing when i see other people stealing at some point, you realize that chops will close and you will be left with nothing. so you ask yourself, after all of this, how will i survive with the way things are? so i was pushed because of the situation, and i asked myself after all of this, how will i survive when i only have 2 random i pocket off the whole more from family to mila. now course one in the wet or a janice picks up a looting and violent seen its various hotspots in the province of hosting has now come down in. so it will be a significant need also to be like hospitals, please remain on sand by the by the new thing and violence.
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yeah. outside. what are the largest more in this area? one more, a small group of residents, community members and small business owners have come out to protest. the looting saying that the economic impact that's been seen in other areas is devastating. and they refuse back to happen. yeah. they will not talk to the new thing and they also say like, no more that more. that hasn't had any incident so far and also been shot. remember the thing that it's also up to them to protect their communities are be some of the been like was doing the po with thing and writing doesn't appear to be continuing. they've been a number of warehouses for lights, the lights, and impacted very badly by the ongoing rioting. the they are
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a number of organizations like the durbin chamber of commerce, who have said that. c they would want a stay to the budget, the at least in that proven specifically, police are struggling to get a handle on what's happening. it's struggling to battle these ongoing ra a. it's an approach. it's the, the largest oil refinery in south africa in southern africa. has now been suspended and they are going to be point me will be greatly impacted transportation, not much needed to tickle materials, even water, possibly impact while road and train services, roads remain closed and prayed, services potentially impacted. and the concern now really is around the economic impact on the bias at the doctor to have
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the gun. taliban says it's seized control of the major border crossing with pakistan. a solid weeks of rapid territorial gains. i've got tons, government though insist that is pushing the fighters back. we're talking about the spin bolduc crossing. it connects kandahar city directly with the area of chairman in pockets done it is. i've got a stones 2nd busiest entry point and the main linked link to pakistani ports controlling it means the taliban collect revenues after government data shows its use by 900 trucks. a day. the take of a forcing park is on the field parts of its border after heavy fighting in the area . mohammed vall has more the tale but supported the celebrating victory on the pakistani side of the some on spin bullock border crossing with our guns time probably been announced the capture of the crossing on wednesday. it's this 2nd most strategic entry point between pakistan and afghanistan. it lies fall of
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kandahar and gives access to pakistan solutions. don province, which taliban leaders reports that he used as a back base for years. it's capture is the latest in a series of strategic gains by the taliban as us and nato forces continues to withdraw from the water country. economy. bonds are i thing trying to control the economic chill plains. so to pressure the government and as well as the population that is in the domain of the government because we're controlling the border crossings, there will be difficulties in the resupply on the supply of a lot of things to these people. tunnel forties denied the takeover of the crossing, but pakistan the security forces said the body back was seen raising the flag over the town. last week, taliban claimed to be in control of 85 percent of off gun time, after seizing key border crossings with iran. it took many stops for administers of
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the shanghai cooperation organisation, meeting in the taj capital dish and expressed support for the african government that's actually in the member states of the shanghai cooperation organization, support the efforts of the government and people of afghanistan to restore economic development of the country, to counter terrorism, extremism and drug crimes, the you and has condemned violations and cold plus he's 5. the un assistance mission and canister today said that the reports of killing l. treatment, persecution, and discrimination are widespread and disturbing, creating fear and insecurity. the un mission emphasize that those who carry out any such acts must be held accountable. the mission also stress that all parties are urged to announce an iep ceasefire that can give us guns a respite from the conflict. and that may contribute to sustained and meaningful peace negotiations. those negotiations have been going on for months and are set to
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resume in the country capital later this week, providing perhaps the last chance for a peaceful set. harmon, funding, you know, one of the note on i've got to stand the us says it will begin evacuating african interpreters and other staff who helped american forces during the war. it'll happen in late july. the relocation flights are for africans, if appliance, especially migrant visa program. the white house has been under pressure from republicans and democrats to find a solution for the thousands who helped us and nato forces. china has asked park hassan to investigate a blast on a bus that killed 9 chinese nationals and at least 4 others was carrying around. 40 chinese engineers surveyors and mechanical staff to hydropower dam construction site in harbor park tune law province. bus plunged into a ravine and following the blast punxsutawney authorities,
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they with an accident possibly caused by the explosive material being carried to the site. but china says it was an attack. well, you do your job on pakistan, security forces have taken measures to control the situation. the windows have been properly transferred to receive medical treatment. china has asked pakistan to thoroughly investigate the truth as soon as possible. capture the perpetrators severely punished them and effectively protect the safety of chinese personnel. institutions and projects and pakistan. now processed as in iraq, demanding answers from the government. after a hospital fire killed more than 900 people. on monday, the families of the victims accuse health officials of negligence and corruption made up the while had reports in the southern city of nasiriyah. searching for his son's remains. alley is devastated. he says his 12 year old was burned to death at the mammal, hosea hospital in southern iraq. i'm
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a mom right now that i can't speak, i can't speak, may discover, may be destroyed. dozens of covered 19 patients died when fire broke out in their isolation ward on monday. and last year is a city in mourning. victims houses are market with the pictures on lieber is in shock. she's lost 3 of her relatives. she says 2 of her cousins died while trying to rescue their father. but they did neither. one of my brothers lost his daughter, a young wife and the other was about to get married. their mother is in great trauma. the government has set up a commission to investigate the incident. security officials of the car province acknowledges that mistakes were committed when up the field was. it's clear that negligence by the hospitals, officials led to this tragedy, and we did our best to save lives that we couldn't relatives. and friends of the
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victims have been coming to tents like this one across on the 3 year to offer their condolences. the death is inside estate or on hospital have prompted widespread public anger and mistrust of government health institutions. angry protested toward the hospital, pledging to continue demonstrating until those responsible are brought to justice. we want one government. what everyone, everyone who manage them in the ministry held in jail, they protested as chanted against impunity. threatening to take matters into their own hands if it continues to 0 in the city, a city southern iraq. afore iranian men have been charged in the
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us for allegedly plotting to kidnap and new york based activists. journalist iranian american massey on an island, jobs is a prominent critic of sharon's government and says she's received death threats because of her work for years. gabriel, arizona has more from new york in a video posted on twitter on tuesday. my c, alina shaw shows her thousands of followers. the police who've been stationed outside her home for the past 2 weeks, protecting her from an alleged iranian government walk. to kidnappers me into a shop, uranian american activist and journalist says she 1st heard from the f b i. 8 months ago. i have been receiving death threats every day. what's new? they said no, this time is different. this is it. they showed me all the photos that the intelligence service actually send someone here to take photos of my private life.
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and then i was like, wow, already back close to me. the f. b i issued photos of the suspected mastermind of the kidnap plot alley. reza, for a honey and a lead. iranian telegraph officer, who it says, manage is a network of sources. he and 3 other intelligence operatives were charged in federal court in manhattan, although they remain at large in iran. according to this 43 page federal indictment, the alleged kidnappers spend a lot of time, not only trying to figure out how to kidnap bellini shot, but also how to transport her back to take her on one plan. according to us, investigators was to abductor from her home here in brooklyn, and bring her to a waiting speed boat. it would whisker out of new york city and to the south american country of venezuela, a key ally of iran. now a us citizen, alina shot, fled, he ran in 2009,
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and his irregular critic of to run in her job as a host of the u. s. government funded voice of america. persian service. the white house response to news of the day mate was fast. we categorically condemn runs dangerous and despicable reported plot to kidnap a us citizen on us soil. as was the united nations journalist need to be able to do their job freely without fear of intimidation, without the threat of violence. and obviously like we completely find it on acceptable that a journal journalist would be kidnapped just because of the nature of their work. the reigning government has rejected the claims calling them ridiculous and baseless. gabriel is hondo. how does ita new york? ah.


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