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1000 square kilometers across 12 states. and thousands of people have been protesting in washington dc demanding that pop star britney spears be given full ride the assets. its the 1st gathering by the new fries, britain, america, great. protests. the places lawyers prepared to resume from mighty court case single families want the father removed his co conservator on her estate. thing and her fans say she's a victim of abuse. ah, just a quick recap of our main stories now before we go and the afghan taliban is saying that it sees the strategic border crossing with pakistan. the spin bolduc area connects the town of welsh and effectively the nearby city of kandahar to sherman in pakistan. this is afghan sounds, 2nd busiest entry point and the main link supports in pockets on the afghan government. and since the fight has been pushed back but civilians say the taliban
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is in control of the board post. charlotte palace has moved from campbell. this isn't the 1st border crossing they have taken. it is the largest, but it isn't the 1st they have taken in the last few weeks. they've taken some smaller ones up on the northern border of afghanistan, which meant a santa g custom. and also on the iranian border, they took quite a large border crossing called is lum color. now we've talked to truck drivers who have come through this since they've taken that crossing and they say yes when our paying taxes to the telephone thought we got a few kilometers down the road. only had a government checkpoint within pay taxes to them. also, what began as a protest against the jail sentence for former south african president, jacob's duma has turned into the countries was uprising in decades. some of the most violent protests have been in dub and shops will loosen warehouses on fire. and major roads blocked off at least 72 people have been killed in the unrest. qualifications urging the president to deploy more members and military to try and
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bring calm to the streets. in brazil, the president might have to have emergency surgery after being rushed to hospital job both scenarios. twitter account as posted. this photograph of the president at ospital in brasilia, why he was taken for what his team described as conic hiccups. that doctors have since moved him to a different hospital in south palo saying that he needs tests for and obstructed and testing an argentine, his official corona virus death toll has the past 100000. it's the 5th latin american country to go above that figure. reporting over 600 deaths in the past 24 hours. there are more than 4700000 cases, although the overall res infection is in decline because of the vaccination program . people in power is coming up next asking whether the 1st for cobbled is causing birth defects in the democratic republic of congo. stay with us as the world's rich
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ticket giant leaves award. the final frontier stay with all just as jeff bezos, boards the blue origin. you shepherd, space flight on july 20th. the brilliant is faced with special coverage me the democratic republic of congo is the world's greatest producer of cobalt, a metal, a huge demand for batteries, helping to combat climate change. but there's also mounting evidence that coble mining is poisoning the environment with di, health, consequences for those living and it shadows. we've been to investigate the
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me in the heart of tangled province democratic republic of congo. these miners are digging for a mineral, essential for clean energy use, the mineral, we need to make the batteries for electric cars. ah,
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cables is playing a key role in the battle to reduce carbon emissions and slow climate change. most of the world reserves are in d. c. an artisan miners light wednesday, extract about one 3rd of the countries output in this way. working underground is dangerous, yet global demand for cable is insatiable. for many here, it's best, so source of income. me the most of the feeds cobalt is mind on an industrial scale from vast open pets like this owned either by the state or by large multinational corporations. and there's
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a problem because many of these mines are adjacent to towns and villages. now research is showing that the methods used in such places to produce this mineral could be poisoning the environment with di, health, consequences for the population. ah ah, achieve diversity hospital and ca tango is capital leave embassy, mariah and her husband law has brought the 2 children to see a doctor in the on the down jewel. do you know whether the members celebrate fun for your winery that shows he got isaac sim and the money going to similar to
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the some a p c will just fill it up is on the sebastian bri moves. and i is a pediatric maxine facial surgeon, who's become a specialist in repairing birth defects. 15 years that i'm thinking of many countries are my formations many from it is now coming to the other beginning. it was very hard for them because they didn't know where they can go with their children if they are good contractor formation. to buy the new me, michelle, and i need someone to make sure that any worse, she may was killed recently, bugs then 3 years old and jessica,
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14 months we're both born with clef palate. this is a birth defect found throughout the world and can be linked to mother's exposure to environmental factors. early on in pregnancy we were asking some questions to pat on to people where they are living to see if we could fall a link between one environmental factor which can be linked to those multiple missions that we are seeing in patient in funding into someone in my case. so we found that there were me between my inductive it is us of or if i sell less for example. and for that we found out fathers or modern walking in the money companies. sometimes 3 or 4 times
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at least to have to then we've all fossil cliffs, new somebody sample only because young mysql and i think would be one of them. they've got a similar formation. i think we can make our surgery revolve problems ah plus pallets and not the only birth defects that have been found in newborn babies. acute diversity clinic live and she needs mental nurse nadine and is about to start the night shift. she seeing many babies born with such serious malformations, that they need emergency surgery. but some of the babies have such serious birth defects. they cannot be safe. and where do you forget, i mean you only
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a month for my family, basket for my son, me. a backer? now give me, don't get in a shit. yeah. with an up by monday because my fun to see i don't my for much up on the loma, my mom for myself. why channa clinicians a seeing spun the before the organs outside the baby's body. unusual chief defect where the brain has failed to develop by mean you big when i talk to my wife she watch. bringing on lazy on book. i'm was she like when you goal washing mining? always it was on me because we are mindful my see i will talk miles on come and i figure you forgot undrugged because i'm not ok.
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we met a call system in its office if they've brought a birth, we've gone to the commission, the hopefully we have to call on us and we've got it. we found sets of all that many families who are living near some mining company of many kids is off my for mission that from when we began our research, ah, not saw from the hospital is the university department of toxicology where professor sell esteem bands a heads up a small team of research scientists, they've been studying the effects of this mining pollution for over a decade in collaboration with the university of love and in belgium.
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and i did look him on the list. simply socio let not the law. it's hard to confront about you get on the very problem, but i thought, surely denny smith actually felt my laddie. he saw dr. andre bye and songs and literally show a little ironically, cobalt is essential for human health and is found in bitterness. be 12, it's needed to make red blood cells for healthy neurological development in anything other than minute doses, cobalt and other heavy metals found during the extraction process, a highly toxic and damaging to the human body. ah, the pretty self it though the flesh in the last 100 should cut under the show up in it a bad and it was,
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this is the track so that i saw only medical for the big 3. you decide you had to have it on the not the one month. it also had the year they get if you may, bill, she needs to do it ended to put money to get them. i did up on the deluxe, on the best on got it. i think the dealer is, is glad to have a that is up issue of the la police. i mean, yes, she of a lot of any demand for my song quantity that the team know this is a complex problem and continually investigating the multiple causes. they're currently working on a new analysis that's about to be published to graph here, liaison, kasanya, principal, the levin. we'll see that if you listen to the police show, the sheet, le,
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tony, kind a, is a doctor, and toxicologist, and his leading this new research. currently we are working on or one design, which is called the incidence of going to them or formation that i don't need to design new. we map different mining in global bashing to see if they are flaws, phone, where we are both be door where we men are going to deliver. you want what the scientist, the finding from the data is that in loop in bashi, the proportion of baby is born with birth defects is higher in the 5 health zones, the red areas that contain minds and smelters, then how phones with no minding activities. the green areas the, the team must collect samples of vegetation, soil,
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and water to test for toxic metals. and the on the way to residential areas close to mind processing plants and smelters when tables have mine, tier 2 processes, a used pyro metallurgy, using heat which produces smoke and hydro metallurgy, using liquid, causing waste products which is stored in large tanks. it's these processes that the scientists believe may be at the heart of the problem. we know that if we have might have to be d like i drew metallurgy, it's mean that the use of c to produce or to get mentors and is, was the remaining what can be used in the system that we call drainage. they expose the population when they sprayed these acid p
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substance in development of the population. when we did the rain the open, the day. and these substance toxic substance spray environment. and this population we're living in the vicinity of this might complain of these exposure lives. if young is already good year, keep again the tip model, the accept. so the net crystal van on the dollar to the southern with the disorder. bruce yesterday said the car then they could do it again. okay. ah, make chamberlain a man made lake cakes. it between the 2 largest mining towns of this region.
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ah, if you miss go by ah, was the professor of public health and wanted to find out to some of the areas that this lake been affected by minute pollution from the rivers that feed into this basin. ah, not all bo put in mit. a lot. lot with all worked on doff, i did live fish immune year, even in the mall, dot ga book would be
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all for me in the region where most people live on just less than $2.00 a day. fish the best, most affordable source of protein. it's relied on as a staple. professor koya collected fish for different areas to be tested. we're not there yet, but my song, the sums i'm militia air after this is josh, was from examine me. no vocal walk the lo real multiple time, you know, as you start, the new person saw him. i want them, you know, except the big news the surgeon sebastian them blame is i
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going to operate on ben and jessica today to repair that clef palate defaulted to the with this multiple mission and not fitting with sometime was getting food are coming out from most news, they are not growing with one and a half or 2 years old. was a gun speaking. there is not a big visual because the bennett efficient is soft, but it is open and their muscle are slippery. that's why there are some phones which cannot be that way. for now, the month promotion were seen by the boy who, although of the eclipse of the huts and the soft, but by the girl on the left only of the self bennett. and for
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this, we did 2 different procedures shown i'm going to bob, i did that, but not done for me to melbourne the, the team a collecting vegetables that the local population eat. they will be tested for the presence of a range of heavy metals, including cobalt manganese and think all of which are toxic in anything but very low doses to this human body. ah, this is maria moore. i used to live family living being of the thickness in my town, in one bus commune. but mine is near one company, which is god and where we have got small and
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smoke which coming for money. companies can also have some competence decides and it can be lead to or fashion formation of thought or husband working in a mining company. while she was pregnant, it means many fuck those environmental factors which were link and which was making very high believe of everything to tell you all of us on multiple mission. but for mariah and her husband gala. they were completely unaware of any of these risks. they to me in the new for but he should really, mom will literate. and gala learn more than i'm on my chair. please give me, do want to for my money. while my chair, michelle,
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i was a professor koya published the results of his research into fish from lake jangle ailey and the rivers that feed into the basin in the scientific journal in 2016 at craig. i'm at the equal the possible because of all to very it isn't that she's on the go said in the life generally. that isn't really good. he lip us all. so content, me. i knew it, i knew it among and then it got more lip. i saw smoke on time, you mean start to divest denique the among men? look about l a. last long summer and plus all
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the time you may need young vicar. know me. a mid the event. yes. you see that? yes sir. la folk a babbler. the approval of the month of the month for my son was in the your approval as she did. but it struck sample sunday da dondo got out. so would you be on this? you mean the bad different use in mythology role? ah, professor panza and sebastian and emissions, i also wanted to investigate fish was off on and it was for t v, but that's it. talk you later than 3. yeah, it was of course i was also to special my what i mean back and limited
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toxic to would you like lily is that be done to be large of us on the plus saw he saw she caught them in the middle took me mariah, ate the fish, when she was pregnant with both ben and jessica, we found that people were hitting the efficient. we mean other to the 1st month of pregnancy, the then time up to 17 time as to head. so that with congenital mindfulness, open and jessica are ready to go home. they need therapy to assist in the full recovery. but at present there's no speech
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and language therapist in the bashi. ah, that has be mining in this region for more than a century. yes, in the past decade, health problems including birth defects, being found to be late areas affected by mining pollution. i be in miami is working to hold the mining companies to account and to improve that practices. it's clear about what should be done back in practice. money companies are not committing legal requirements on this out of the government. i can pay off the show or technical services. do not have sufficient means in terms of material on how they can conduct the fin inspections.
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why didn't find that solely that you need to have good level x rays. so that's also he gave the challenge to the government. we asked the d. r. c, ministry of mines and the chamber of mines, the industry trade body to comment on some of the issues raised by this film. what more should they be doing to address the problems caused by cobalt mining? neither chose to respond. nor did any of the mining companies we approached for a comment. i, i since the 1st study, professor barnes and his team have found an increase in the incidence of bait is born with cleft lip from pallets which may well be linked to the increase of mining activities in this region. nevertheless, i believe there are solutions on the present for some,
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not the let because on the line to be material the prediction gonna get on like this, used in movies in the shaky pal. again, that is the shit. so dial is under your own mouth. you know, catholic, their masculine, she was submitted, i need the cable may be part of the global solution to climate change. but is it right that congress next generation should be paying the price in damage to that health? many are hoping that the more the world understands the flight, the more pressure we push on the industry here to clean up its act. mm
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hm. the a new generation of young people are more politically engaged than the one that came before. welcome to generation, change a global feelings and attempts to challenge and understand the ideas and mobilize youth around the world. in south africa, women who are at the forefront the walk in a race and never ever gets hired of resistance strategies and ignites of passion. stand up and flight generation change on al jazeera striker in the tub. the tub in the what the voted to the working classes. hometown and the blog bowling legend edit. thompson introduces piano
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one of the times, the door by fun for his social valued as his many goes against italy's footballing league football rebels on algae 0. me after days of rare freezing temperatures, blanket and the 2nd largest state in the u. s. power stations are all back on line that after unusually high demand lead to rolling blackouts, texas hasn't seen a storm system like this in 35 years, and it's clear it's system simply weren't up to the task. transmission lines taken down by ice still have left nearly 200000 without power, but now jackson's face a new crisis. 7000000 people a quarter of the state were being asked to boil their water if they haven't at all . because the cold weather has broken pipes and taken water treatment plants offline, grocery store shelves are largely they're leaving residents lined up in their cars
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for food and water. presidential white and says he's declaring the entire state. the disasters out there is hope sustain temperatures above freezing beginning saturday. ah more than 100000 people have not died of coven. 19 in argentina, new variance spread the disease. even foster ah, the other one can all santa maria here in the home with the world news from al jazeera in the netherlands, covered cases of jumped 500 percent in the last week alone, prompting an emergency debate over the governance measures.


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