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corona virus appears far wider than any one thought. ah, taliban flags fly on the border between afghanistan and pakistan. he good take control of a major strategic border crossing. ah, hello, i'm sorry. i'm was in london. you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. concerns the ongoing violence and discontent in south africa could eventually disrupt the supply of food and medicine. yeah. or i swore it's the 13 health officials after a deadly hospital via iraq protested by government corruption
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and growing backlash to online races and targeted in england black. so all as a government is accused a stunting flame destination. ah, welcome to the program. so begin with the taliban. relentless advance in afghanistan, where fighters say they've seized a strategic order crossing with bancwest on the afghan government and says that it's pushed to fight his bank. but civilian say the taliban is now in control of the board post. the spin bolduc crossing connects the town of welsh and effectively the nearby city of kandahar to chairman in pakistan. it's afghanistan, 2nd busiest entry point, and the main link to pakistani ports controlling. it allows the taliban to collect revenue. afghan government data shows it's used by $900.00 trucks each day.
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takeovers forced pockets dawn to now seal parts of its border. after heavy fighting in the area. where charlotte, bella springs us more now, from the afghan capital combo has been bought. it is a very strategic border crossing because it is afghan, astound 2nd busiest border crossing the location of it. it's just south of kandahar and south west f and the son, which is a telephone strong hole. but now with this border crossing, it connects them with talk of some where a lot of the senior leaders have been for many years and it also allows them to get all that custom revenue that's coming through the border. the afghan government says something like 900 trucks across through the every day that the taliban and not taking customs duties from. now this isn't the 1st border crossing they have taken. it is the largest, but it isn't the 1st they have taken in the last few weeks. they've taken some smaller ones up on the northern border of afghanistan, minnesota. and also on the iranian border, they took quite
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a large border. crossing court is lum color. now we've talked to truck drivers who have come through this since they've taken that crossing and they say yes, we're now paying taxes to the telephone thought we got a few kilometers down the road. when we had a government checkpoint within pay taxes to the move. this all started around april when u. s. president biden announced that he would take out american and nato troops by september. the 11th debts, when the telephone really put their foot down. they said they now control 85 percent of districts. and that's going to stop independent analysts say that back in april in bite and maybe announcement they had to say 70 or 80 out of about 400 and going to sun. those same analysts now put that number at around 220. so that's 3 times the number of district territory. they now hold more people now living on the taliban control and ask, and then under government control. now, president ghani is trying to boost morale with the military to try to turn this tight around in front of reassure civilians. you travel to the north this week to
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do that. yes. can government is also to the high level delegation, which involves a dealer of july, who has the head of the high council for national reconciliation, as well as the former president harman, as i, they going to dark on friday to meet with senior taliban leaders in an attempt to try to find some type of diplomatic resolution to this. well out there is come all hide. it brings us more now from the shower on august on the side of the border. if you're looking to have one is gone, it's a landlord country that defends on neighboring countries for all kinds of applied a central commodity. and i've got not to mention the fact that port rent here that was also a lifeline for nate or in us going lation fortunate and i've done. now it is important to know that the dollar bond 1st concentrated on taking the board across the thing which i did get on the rainfall. the border crossing where the minutes on
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richard the board already drawn off guards are now claiming, and they have really radio for days from the fighting last night at their men in the dark of greenville dark town. richard, bordering down, i know, are you seeing that dollar bond flag that address? this is usually significant because the revenue from their transport of ga. gov that's collected at the border board. and the taliban of course, will take that as an add wanted. they also say that they have they have seen that, in fact, they've taken into custody. a dungeon, devolve on army soldiers and green, bought a dock and said they're firmly in control. well, the us will start evacuating afghan interpreters and other staff who help the american forces during the 20 year war relocation slides are expected to start this month for afghans who applied for the special immigrant visa program. white house
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has been under pressure from republicans and democrats to find a solution for tens of thousands of afghans who helped us and nato forces. we are launching what we are calling operation allies, refuge to support relocation flights for interested and eligible african nationals and their families who have supported the united states and our partners enough canister and are in the application pipeline. in terms of the specific numbers. i'm not gonna be able to provide those to you for operational and security reasons, but i can confirm that flight out of afghanistan for as the applicants who are already in the pipeline will begin in the last week of july and will continue. and our objective is to get individuals who are eligible, relocated out of the country in advance of the remove of the withdrawal of troops at the end of august or overland jordan. his holiness enjoined his knife lived now from washington and was gen. saki couldn't give us any specifics on the, the number of afghans that will be eligible for this program. but just tell us more
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about how it's supposed to work well, essentially about half of the 18000 or so people who worked as a translators, or interpreters with the u. s. military during the war are eligible to apply for one of these s i v's or special immigrant visas. and it's thought that about $9000.00 or so have started the process. it's not clear exactly how many people have made it to the point where they would almost be ready for the final round of consideration in order to get the visa but the end. but the idea is that this would be the 1st group to move to leave afghan, stand with these. with this, with the promise of having these visas in hand and being able to move to the united states at some point. now they also know that this is
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a completely voluntary process to even apply for these visas in the 1st place. and the rough estimation from the us government is that maybe a 5th or 6th of the people who are considered eligible simply or not interested. but there is no way of knowing because there's no mandate and you know, saying that people have to come forward and say whether or not they're going to apply their eligibility, basically says they can't apply it. that's what they choose to do. it's interesting rosalyn because we've been reporting about taliban tar territorial gains in recent days and weeks. and many people say this was inevitable in the aftermath of the u. s. withdraw from the country. but now that a major border crossing with pakistan off to taking territory around to duke is don to man. it's don and the iran as well. i mean, it has been a much debate or much discussion about this there in washington. while certainly there has been a lot of concern about what the taliban is doing,
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whether the taller bond is showing that it is committed to a peaceful law. civilian led government or power sharing with a civilians in cobble. and certainly even as recently as last week, we were hearing officials talk about how you see tal bond negotiators sitting down with their civilian counterparts to negotiate whether in doha or in some other location. and certainly you see that the u. s. still has an ambassador, is i'll make a little vod who is engaged as the lead us interlocutor for these talks. the believe is that there are those in the tall about leadership who see that there is a need to engage in a diplomatic fashion. but there is also a recognition that there are people perhaps lower down the food chain as it were, who were perhaps have their own vision for what a tall, a bon, once all the us military have left the country. what that afghanistan looks like.
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now are people saying that they are alarmed, they're not saying that, or they concern it's pretty apparent that they are, but they are really insisting that what the future is for afghanistan cannot be imposed by the us or by other nato countries that have been engaged in the war for the past 20 years. thank you. rosalind jordan in washington. thank you. the a what began as a protest against a former president jacob zoom, his jail sentence has turned into the west uprising in south africa in decades. some of the west writing is in durban, where shops are being loose, said warehouses that on fire and major roads blocked off at least $72.00 people have been killed in the unrest while they protested against endemic poverty. wealthy people have reportedly chanted plains and helicopters and have abandoned
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these areas. well, some people are patrolling the streets to stop the looting hours. there is for me to miller reports now from sweater the looting and violent scene, its various hotspots in the province of whole thing has a deep calm down. yeah. so we're still see a significant isn't also deployed being like hospital police remain on stand by the police in looting and violence. yeah. outside of the law was more in the chair. yeah. the my on the move, a small group of residents, community members and small business owners have come out to protest. the looting saying that the economic impact that's been seen in other areas is devastating. and they refuse that to happen. yeah. they say we are not part of the thing and they also say things like no more. that's more that hasn't had any
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incident so far and also been shot that a community member saying that it's also up to them to protect their community. we see some of the events in places like was doing the po and writing does appear to be continuing there being a number of warehouses like the lights and impacted very badly by the ongoing rioting. the they are a number of organizations like the double chamber of commerce who have said that they would want a state of emergency, at least in that proven specifically because police are struggling to get a handle on what's happening. it's struggling to battle these ongoing riots and to approach the the largest oil refinery in south africa in southern africa,
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has now been suspended and they are going to the point of me will be greatly impacted protection of much needed almost to tickle materials, even water, possibly impact while road and train services, roads remain closed and prayed, services potentially impacted. and the concern now is around the economic impacts. vayas to have around warrens has been issued for 13 health officials in iraq, often mondays, hospital fire that killed at least 60 people in a covert ward. yeah. protests have been taking place for a 2nd day now with many people planing government corruption and negligence. powerful. she carry with hydro solder, has one that he and his followers will declare the government responsible if they fail to take serious action or several demonstrations broke in to the hospital in
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the southern city. if not the rear, where the fire began. my load of do, why it was that broken into a moment saying hostile enough for the city and southern iraq, if this is where that is not going to happen, doesn't approve. at 19 patient died room burned until monday. these angry have been chanted. they have been calling the government to release the findings of the investigation as soon as possible. they say they will continue to testing here in front of the hospital until the demand. they say that the government must put in place mississippi may go to protect patients who make sure that disaster is not happening again. any
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hospital on the program. the netherland tells people to work from home and re imposes corona virus restrictions. just weeks after lifting lockdown measures and we're looking at how hong kong is national security lower is costing a shadow over one of the world's largest books. ah hello, there has been a lot of heat across europe, but also quite a bit of wet weather. we've seen flooding in the streets of zurich as torrential downpours hit parts of switzerland. we'd like to see more. we're going to area of low pressure bringing the wet and windy weather to belgian, to the netherlands, and moving parts of germany and poland over the next few days. we have got some flooding that's 4 areas here to the east of this. things are looking very hot and
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things are really going to start to warm up in the west. as we go into the weekend . we've got some dry, a warm conditions sweeping across the british child. we are going to see temperatures pick up. if we look at the 3 day for london, by the time we get into sunday, it will be sitting in the high twenty's with lots of sunshine to be enjoyed. to the south of this for the iberian peninsula, spain continues to sizzle the temperature in the drink sitting in the mid thirties . and it's a similar story for portugal with lisbon touching $31.00 degrees celsius. as we hop across to north africa, it continues to be a very hot and dry picture, particularly for libya and parts of egypt as seen the temperature in cairo pickup. and we'll be seeing 42 degrees by the time we get into friday, that should weather update the who's joined the debate and do not have back seen reaching those who are most of the
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needs and amplify your voice. it allows a diverse community and how an array of different story know topic it off the table . it's such a tough ethical debate where there is obvious discrimination and systematic discrimination of the play people or thursday for new voices. the stream where a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera. ah ah, come back watching out their life and look at the main stories. now the afghan taliban is saying it's, he's the strategic border crossing with pockets. don. don government insist that
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it's push the fight and back, but people in the area thank taliban is in control of the board of at least 72 people have died in the most violent protest. south africa is seen in decades west, and it has been in devon, where shops when it warehouses on fire and major loads locked off and arrest warrant an issue. for 13 health officials in iraq, often mondays, hospital fly that killed at least 60 people in a code that would have been taking place for a 2nd day. with many people claiming government corruption, negligence, the fire now me and mar is reporting a record number of covered 19 deaths. 145 in the past day. as well as more than 7000 new infections with testing rights remaining low, it's likely the actual number of cases is much higher in mars, facing
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a serious shortage of oxygen, which is needed for home treatment in many cases because the hospital for 2 full for that patient people have been doing overnight for refills, risking of less for staying out, post a coffee which has been imposed by the military. and then south careers reported its highest daily infection rate to the pandemic leading to new restrictions in the capital, sol, nightclubs, and places of worship has been closed and gatherings of more than 3 people will now be found more than 1600 people have tested positive because it in the past day. and then the dutch government is now asking people to work from home and they've reimpose some corona virus restrictions just weeks after lifting les the lockdown measures. infections are sword by 500 percent in the space of a week with more than 50000 people testing. positive politicians has been holding an emergency debate in parliament to discuss the government's handling of the pandemic. prime minister, mont ritter apologize this week for ending restrictions at the end of june,
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which she described as an error in judgment set. lawson has more now from amsterdam on one particularly controversial policy that backfired while almost as has called this a huge blunder, some called if i'm asked to go criminal, the government policy to lift restrictions far too soon. not only lifting restrictions to sue, but it was one specific policy that really has angered a lot of people, not only law makers, but a lot of people here. and then that this is called dancing with johnson and dutch johnson. my young son basically a government strategy to convince young people to get his explanation to the johnson vaccination. they organized france, there was a d, j to was music and they promised these young people that they could go clubbing. they could go partnering straight after they got their job, which a lot of them did and then ended up with a positive test. thousands of, of them had cope with 19,
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they're now in isolation. they're in quarantine. lots of restaurants and cafes are now closed because most of their stuff has been infected or is in isolation now. so this policy really has angered a lot of people. it has also cause to prime minister apologizing for overseeing this. he said during the debate today in emergency rebates with parliament, he said that he couldn't predict that so many people, so many young people would follow this advice, which also made a lot of lawmakers wondering how they could not have seen this. so at the end, it's not only young people who have been a victim of this policy, but also event organize of people working in the entertainment industry, who now have seen all their events cancelled once again. so during the debates, lawmakers for urging the government to compensate these people. but on the other hand, they also lawmakers say that the government shouldn't panic. that this is the holiday
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season. now the country to natalie ends because of this spike infections could go into code to wrapped again, meaning that a lot of countries would not accept the dutch people again. so these lawmakers will, urging the government to convince the you not to put the netherlands on to code, right. they said it's only young people so far. the hospitals haven't seen an increase in patient so far, but the minister said during the debate, he could not really predict how this is going to develop. so as one law make a said we were so close to the finish, and only in 2 weeks after month of lockdown, we have ruined everything. that of britons, m i. 5 intelligence agency is urged some his urge social media firms to get tougher on hateful content, which he says often fuels far right terrorism. following the euro's finals, several of england's black players were targeted online. now, some are accusing the u. k. government of playing into the hands of racists, a dean barber reports the statement of
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solidarity protested that the mural of england football marcus rush. but in manchester, which was the fate stuff to sunday euros, final rush. it's well known for a successful campaign for more free school meals during the pandemic. he and 2 other young black players received online racial abuse after failing to school penalties against italy. that was at the heart of wednesdays, prime minister questions, the labor opposition accusing the government of using anti racism as a political football. the government has been trying to spoke a cultural and i realized that on the wrong side. i hope that nobody's noted. why would a concert p both that he's not watching his own team more else with another concern than say that marcus rushman spend too much time playing politics when he's actually trying to feed children that the government waived or is johnson said he
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actually condemned the abuse and would amend football binding orders that normally use to bar individuals to take part in. for example, races, chancing all hooliganism from attending matches now they'll cover online racism while johnson put the tech giant. so notice i made it absolutely clear to them that we will legislate to address this problem. is the speaker in the online home? no, unless they get, unless they get hate and racism of the platforms, they will, they find a my think to 10 percent of their global revenues. johnson refused to say whether he was wrong, not to condemn support as he booed the england team before the tournament. for taking the ne, an anti discrimination gesture. previously he defended the fans right to do so. and he's home secretary went further at the start of the euro's criticizing the team taking the ne. gotcha, that supports you know, people participate in that type of gesture, gesture, politics, a certain extent. so when patel tweeted her discussed the racist abuse after the
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final england play a tyro. bings was furious. writing, you don't get to stoke the fire at the beginning of the tournament by labeling our anti races, messages, just your politics, and then pretend to be disgusted when the very thing we campaigning against happens . now some conservative politicians say the government's getting it's messaging wrong and needs to reflect on how that impacts real life, racism based man. raheem sterling is another england player who's been on the receiving end of racism. not just on line, but at times from popular newspapers as well. he was included in the team of the toner mint, a selection of the best performers at the euro's, his outstanding contribution and england making. the final may have increased public support for the teams anti racism tactics. but the real breakthrough could be when black players are listen to whatever they do or don't achieve on the pitch . nadeem bob al jazeera london, now russian army planes have been deployed out battle
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a life threatening fire in northeast in siberia. military is water bombing regions trying to down to flames, which have torn for nearly 880-0000 heck has the hardest hit area of your kuta has been in a state emergency for weeks that a heat wave and strong wind complicates. and the efforts of the more than 2005 fighters eastern washer has been experiencing it's dry a summer for a 150 years. or storms have caused heavy flooding across parts of western and central europe. german rescue work because they're looking for a man and was swept away by some water in the town of jost residents of across. i've been told not to shower that washes, because ryan is overloaded, the sewage system. meanwhile, cars have been washed away in eastern belgium, but no serious injuries are ported. it's unusual for rivers in the region to overflow, so late. yeah. the 2021. hong kong book fair has started off to
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taking in a forced bright last year because of the pan demik. over the next week, almost a 1000000 people are expected to attend one of the biggest events of its time in the world. but they see it the fairies coming on the extra scrutiny. it's the 1st to be held since china passed its controversial national security law. alger there is, adrian brown visited the hong kong exhibition center. to take a look, a book fair in a city where words now have consequences. it's being held in the shadow of a recently imposed law. the critic say has narrowed this space for free speech here . it's an annual event, but koby 19 forced. it's cancellation a year ago. now though hong kong physical and political health is returning says it's leader. all going to europe one day. i am happy that this year's book fair can be how again seems to appetite is contained. the organizes insist books have not
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been invented or censored, but exhibit is no. they must be careful about what they promote and say, all of our focus on the language learnings, history and art. we are not worry about it. do you have any books here about recent political events in hong kong, and this is not our publishing term, so we don't have to hang up with publish. johnny lau has just written a book about the relationship between china is coming his party and hong kong with no publish. it will touch it the 1st time that's happened to him since the hand over from britain 24 years ago. well, i think it is completely different. the political content almost disappear wall in the book fair this year. and all the folks talking about politics. share the points of views of the government. one author, however, takes the right boxes here, a 3 volume collection of speeches,
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and writings by china's president, teaching ping on prominent display. the self censorship is evident. the titles on display here are safe, and that is a further reminder of the fact that hong kong is increasingly walking in political lockstep with the mainland. exhibit is, may be wary of breaking the law, but that caution has not dampened public interest with long cues outside the venue . come only, i can get the books i want here and also outside. i've just come here to have a look. we did find one book perhaps that fell into the politically risky category . the author is currently in jail, awaiting trial, accused of violating national security. otherwise little else to reflect the momentous events of the past few years. that history, it seems, is slowly being raised. adrian brown, al jazeera hong kong is more of a thing,
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right? yeah, i'll just there dot com, or the latest on the unrest taking place there in south africa, they'll be more on that in just a couple of seconds. and of course, a quick update on our other top stories as well. ah, what about a continuing their advance in afghanistan they now came to seize, sees a strategic border crossing with pockets on this is the spin bolduc area which connects the town of welsh effectively. a nearby city of kandahar to chapman and pockets on it's i've got a stones 2nd busiest entry point and the main link to park is donny cords, the afghan government and says that it's pushed to fight his back.


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