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ah, just here, when ever you ah ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello and welcome. i'm pete adobe. you're watching the news live from coming up in the next 60 minutes. taliban fighters in afghanistan say they taking control of a border crossing, posing a new threat to government forces protests turning more fiery by the de dozens of died and loosing and writing against poverty in south africa.
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yeah, protests against the hospital. fun and iran get loaded with people, leaving the government for corruption and negligence and politician in the netherlands are criticized reopening the economy to soon leading to a huge increase in cobit 19 infections. and it's for oil intake. president thomas back in 50 tokyo games will be a historic success. fax was coming as took care reported the highest number of new covered 19 cases in almost 6 months. ah, the afghan taliban says it sees control of the main border crossing with pakistan. it follows weeks of rapid territorial gains, the spin bold that crossing connect kandahar city directly with pakistan. it is
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a major supply line for anyone who controls it in south kennesaw on 2nd busiest entry point and connects its vast south west with pakistani ports and the province of biloxi, stone pictures today, showing taliban fighters at the gates. it would be a major advance for this group, which has taken advantage of that with for all of us troops to push back afghan forces. but the government says its troops have repelled the faces. we've got reporters across this story in each country shortly we'll hear from camel hider on the pakistani side of the border in the shower. first, charlotte bellis from the afghan capital has been bought. it is a very strategic border crossing because it is afghan, astound 2nd busiest border crossing the location of it. it's just south of kandahar and south west left and the son which is a telephone strong hole. but now with this border crossing, it connects them with talk of some where a lot of the senior leaders have been to many years and it also allows them to get all that custom revenue that's coming through the border. the can government say
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something like 900 trucks across through the every day that the taliban and not taking customs duties from now this isn't the 3rd border crossing they have taken. it is the largest, but it isn't the 1st they have taken in the last few weeks. they've taken some smaller ones up on the northern border of afghanistan, which meant a santa g custom. and also on the iranian border, they took quite a large border crossing called islam color. now we've talked to truck drivers who have come through this since they've taken that crossing. and they say yes when our paying taxes to the telephone thought we got a few kilometers down the road. when we had a government checkpoint, we've been pay taxes to them. also this all started around april. when you as president biden announce that he would take out american and nato troops by september. the 11th, that's when the telephone really put their foot down. they say they control 85 percent of districts and that's going to some independent analysts say that back in april, when biden made that announcement,
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they had to say 70 or 80 out of about 400 and going to sun. those same analysts now put that number around 220. so that's 3 times the number of districts and territory . they now hold more people now living on the telephone control and ask and then under government control. now, president ghani is trying to boost morale with the military to try turn this tight around in front of reassure civilians, the title to the north this week to do that. yes. can government is also senior high level delegation, which involves a dealer dealer who is the head of the high council for national reconciliation, as well as the former president harman was i, they going to dark on friday to meet was seeing a telephone leaders in an attempt to try to find some type of diplomatic resolution to this you're looking to run, it's dawn, it's a landlord country that depends on neighboring country for all kinds of applied a central commodity. and i've got not to mention the fact that port rent here that
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was also a lifeline for nate or in us. great lation, fortunate and i've done. now it is important to know that the dollar bond 1st concentrated on taking the board across which i did get on the rainfall. the border crossing where the minutes on which the board already drawn off guards are now claiming. and they have released radio for days from the fighting last night as well as day men in the bazaar of greenville dark town. richard bordering down. i know, are you seeing that dollar bond flag that address? this is usually significant because the revenue from their transport of ga gov that's collected at the border board and the taliban. of course we'll take that as an ad wanted. they also say that they have they have that in fact they've taken into custody. a dudgeon drove off of on army soldiers and green by the dock and
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said, they're firmly in control. the united states is to begin evacuating afghan interpreters and other staff who helped american forces during the war. that relocation flights will start later this month. afghans have applied for the special immigrant visa program. the white house has been under pressure from both republicans and democrats to find a solution for thousands, who helped us and nato forces. we are launching what we are calling operation allies, refuge to support relocation flights for interested and eligible african nationals and their families who have supported the united states and our partners now scan an are in the application pipeline in terms of the specific numbers. i'm not gonna be able to provide those to you for operational security reasons, but i can confirm that flight that of afghan a stand for as applicants who are already in the pipeline will begin in the last week of july and will continue. and our objective is to get individuals who are eligible, relocated out of the country in advance of the remove of the withdrawal of troops
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at the end of august. rose jordan is pentagon correspondent ross. these people clearly need jobs and some place to live. will they have a job? will they have some place to live when they get off the plane at the other end? well, that's one of the questions we don't know. the answer to the us government is not saying for security reasons, where the people who are evacuated starting in the last week of july are going to be housed there. it's been a number of reports suggesting that perhaps these people would be living at u. s. military installations, or perhaps in 3rd countries, for the 1st part of their journey. but they're not saying exactly where these people are going to be taken and for how long they're going to be there. of course, we're trying to watch this process play out in the middle of a global pandemic. and so that is necessarily slowing down the movement of people
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from afghanistan to other places. because of course, the u. s. government has to make certain that people are vaccinated and that they're not going to perhaps become most sick or infect others as they're moving from one place to another. there's also the question of whether there is enough staff support within the us government to process the paperwork in order to get the afghan translators, and their immediate families out of the country and eventually to the united states where you don't know any details about how they would be resettled once they make it to the united states. if indeed that is where these people decide that they ultimately want to live. but we do know that there has been a long standing concern about whether or not the us government would be abandoning these people who worked with them during the nearly 20 year long war. because of the very real fear that the tall, a bond, which is called afghan translators,
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and others who worked in positions that engaged with the u. s. government. these hollow bond called all of these people, traders, and there was a very real fear that the tall a bond could kill these people, their families for cooperating with the u. s. during the war. so do we know rose, how many people, if any, anybody at all has actually up to say enough canister because it's clearly a very, very dangerous situation. if your, the friends lisa say, of the interpreter who's worked with us last nato forces and the taliban know who you are and where you live. you know, i mean, is going on in real time as we are having a conversation right now. in afghanistan, the taliban is doing what the taliban does. you're talking about perhaps 18000 people who worked in positions as assisting the us military. perhaps half of those have actually entered the visa process. but only of
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portion of that group has actually made it through the process far enough, where they could considered be the ones who would be 1st out of the country at the end of july. but you don't also have the other people whose paperwork has actually been processed, whose background checks have been conducted again. because of the restrictions placed on u. s. government employees during the pandemic, their ability to gather the information that they're required to gather by law, has been necessarily slowed down for their own safety. then you also have the question of the fact that most of the people who would be eligible for these visas don't live in kabul, which is a sensibly went from which people would be moved out of the country. so how is the u. s. government supposed to get to these people and their families in a way that does not put them in any sort of physical danger. all of these moving
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parts, officials here in washington have not answered, but you know, you're looking is probably at a few 1000 people, assuming that they can get this all together in the next 3 weeks ross, thank you so much. ross jordan, the report in life was from washington south africa's biggest crisis in decades is showing no signs of an end. now 2 days of violence and looting, politicians are calling on the president to deploy more military onto the streets to come down. at least 72 people have now been killed in this unrest there were shortages of food and fuel was transport links and supplier routes disrupted by the violence. what began as a protest against the jailing of the former president, jacob's rumor has turned into an uprising against poverty, hunger, and inequality. the police in johannesburg are going door to door in some areas to recover items that was stolen from stores and shopping centers. community leaders helping collect information about where t v. 's and other items are being stored. we have the responsibility. it
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is our total, it would destroy everything. it's all infrastructure. we've seen that ownership. what else are we going to pull up? but it's not about juma. it's about the poverty that you cannot dodge. people are hungry, there are no jobs of them since i stole a few things like cold drinks and electrical appliances as well as some paint. i guess the real reason is because we have nothing when you see other people stealing at some point, you realize that shops will close and you will be left with nothing. so you ask yourself, after all of this, how will i survive with the way things are? so i was pushed because of the situation and i asked myself, after all of this, how will i survive when i only had to random my pocket off the whole recently? so, to me, the middle, it now has more from the township of the weight of the looting and violent scene at various hot spot in the province of hosting has these calm down yet.
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so we're still creat significant. lead isn't also deployed. being like hospital police remain on the sand by the looting and violence. yeah. outside. what are the largest malls in the area on the move a small group of residents, community members and small business owners have come out to protest. the looting saying that the economic impact that's been seen in other areas is devastating and they refuse for that to happen. yeah. they say we are not part of the thing and they also say things like, no more. that's more that hasn't had any incident so far and also has been shut. remember the saying that it's also up to them to protect their communities. we see some of the events in places was due to a po,
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do thing and writing does appear to be continuing. there been a number of warehouses sets like the lights and impacted very badly by the ongoing rioting. the. they are a number of organizations like the double chamber of commerce, who have said that they would want a state of emergency, at least in that proven specifically because police are struggling to get a handle on what's happening. it's struggling to battle these ongoing riots and to approach the the largest oil refinery in south africa in southern africa, has now been suspended and they are going to that the point of me will be greatly impacted the transportation of much needed to tickle materials, even water possibly impact while road and train services,
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roads remain closed and prayed, services potentially impacted. and the concern now really is around the economic impacts all the wires and the more international world news don't come. you know, the news for you, including a record number of americans die of drug overdoses. as the pandemic makes the opioid crisis even worse. and what's on offer at hong kong is book fair. when critics a free speech has been limited by a new national security law and in sport st. kirby guidelines for this year's open championship. but not everything is clear. more on that in about 30 minutes. on the news, i iraq's prominent shia cleric says the government will be held responsible if it
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feel to accept a mondays fire as a hospital ward for corona virus. patients that killed at least 60 people. yeah. they have been protests for a 2nd day iraqis, a blaming corruption and negligence for the accident. the shia cleric book to the father says the government must thank firmly and seriously punish those who allowed it to happen. a number of demonstrators broke into the hospital where the fire happened. must went up, de la head was there. he sent us this report and gave broken into a moment saying, hustle enough for the city in southern iraq. this is where that is not going to happen. doesn't prove it. 19 patients died room burned until monday. the anger had been chances they have been calling going the government to release the findings of the investigation as soon as possible. they say they
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will continue to testing here in front of the hospital until the demand. they say that the government must put in place. this is city may go to protect patients who make sure that disaster is not happening again. any hospital in infections in the netherlands have soared by 500 percent in a week. more than 50000 people have now tested positive politicians are holding an emergency debates in parliament to discuss the government handling of the pandemic . the prime minister, my router, has apologized for ending almost all lockdown restrictions, which he described as quotes, an error in judgment that boston lives for us. this in amsterdam step hi there. how could it go so wrong?
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well, that's the question that the prime minister and the minister of health have been trying to answer in the last 7 hours during this emergency debate. basically lifting with friction factor soon was not the only problem. they actually implemented a policy called dancing with johnson. basically, a vaccination drive inviting young people to get vaccinated with the johnson vaccine, telling them that it would be safe to go partying to go to a club. trade off that just off the one job. not looking at the 2 week period that is necessary to have to succeed in doing its work. so all these young so went out clubbing and ended up being, in fact, the thousands of them at festivals at parties. so now the government has said and concluded that there was a wrong judgment. a prime minister said he didn't realize that all these young people would do this would follow this advice, which also of course had some surprised response from long make us follow. make us
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have really so called the government that it was unethical. even criminal to impose this, this new policy and also left the restriction soon to sued. because one law maker said we were so close to the finish because infections for really low, just 2 weeks ago, vaccination for going very well. and then suddenly did that last test, one of the highest infection rates in the world. does this mean another lot done? while the government will try everything to prevent not logged on and i think society would not accept it, they are very, very angry and also lawmakers, i actually pushing the government to prevent dutch people from being not allowed into other countries because what's happening now because of this high rate of infections, the natalie probably tomorrow got a coat rack, which means that other countries will impose travel restrictions again. so
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lawmakers have also urge the minister to call all the leaders around europe to convince them that these dutch people still have to go on a holiday. so that's their main concern at the moment because we have holiday season. but in the meantime, the biggest victims, the victims of this failure, basically not only young people, but also a lot of people in the and so same and the 3 because all of these events had to be cancelled once again so that the government should give compensation that's what the law make us also has been telling them. so there's a lot of anger and also trust ration about this failure, basically by the government step, many things, step us and they're reporting live from amsterdam, mean mas reporting a record number of cubic 19 deaths. 145 people have died in the past. 24 hours with more than $7000.00 new infections experts, they testing rates a low and the true figure is likely to be much higher. the country is facing
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a serious shortage of oxygen. people have been queuing overnight, refills risking arrest for staying out past the curfew. imposed by the military john to jonathan, there is no way my sister would have died if we had enough oxygen. we were trying to buy oxygen with double prices, but we couldn't get any, even though we have oxygen cylinders, we couldn't manage to get them refilled in time. to move through the military governments, health care system response and handling of coven 19 is so wrong. it's getting worse and there's no hope. it's 4 to 5 times the number of death during the 1st. and 2nd, waves of covered 19 miles health care system has been in chaos since the military coup. back in february and on top of covered 19 violence against protest is put pressure on hospitals, nearly 90 percent of medical staff on strike. the military has talked to health care workers and it's cracked down on protests. dozens of doctors have been arrested, and clinics have been rated people who get sick, say they have no trust in the military run clinics,
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and they do prefer to stay at home. some striking doctors have been helping patients in secret before the coo manama had started a vaccination campaign that has all but stopped now with less than 4 percent people guessing on the one dose ellia. we spoke to san ramon from the center for public health and human rights at johns hopkins university. she explained to me how miss trust in the genta is worsening. the crisis the medical picture is very bleak. currently, there's a lot of panic within society. and while the military hunter is accusing a lot of civilians for hoarding oxygen amidst the shortage and inciting, more panic, we have to come to terms with the fact that the panic in this environment was sewed by the military. and if you have a ramification of the mistrust that they established over the last few months since that cou, a lot of people, even if they are not afraid of going to want to affiliated facilities, health facilities,
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there is still an unfortunate sort of lack of faith in the fact that they would be able to receive timely and liquid care there. so that's compounding upon the panic and the desperation that's widespread in, in me and my right now for the think of not fear mongering. and this is whereas some of my human right, it's comes in this, well i do not want to insight more fear within society. so i will fall short of seeing the military as well. and i think cove it but certainly the situation of, you know, the medical community being at the forefront of anti haunt activities. and now this added layer of the lack of health personnel to adequately tree arch cases is certainly working to the military's advantage. and we must be vigilant about propaganda that's being circulated within society to incite more fear and more panic in our south korea has reported its highest daddy infection rates since the
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pandemic began prompting new restrictions in the capital. so light clubs and churches have been closed and gatherings of all 3 people will now be banned. more than 1600 people tested positive for covered 19 in the past day. in denise is also in the grips of a worsting outbreak with a record of nearly 48000 new infractions reported on tuesday. people are still having problems getting oxygen and medication is hard to come by. the new cases are being blamed on the delta variant. hong kong is hosting its 1st international book fair since paging imposed a controversial national security law a year ago. critics say the law is being used to limit free speech and to silence descent. so there are a few books on display, especially those seen as politically sensitive. adrian brown reports a book fair in a city where words now have consequences. it's being held in the shadow of a recently imposed law. but critic say has narrowed this space for free speech here
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. it's an annual event, but koby 19 forced it's cancellation a year ago. now though hong kong physical and political health is returning says it's leader. all going to europe one day. i am happy that this year's book fair can be how it again seems to apathy, is contained. the organizes insist books have not been betted or censored, but exhibit is know. they must be careful about what they promote and say, all of our focus on the language learning history and art. we are not worried about it. do you have any books here about recent political events in hong kong, and this is not our publishing term. so we don't have it kind of publish. johnny lau has just written a book about the relationship between china's communist party and hong kong. but no publisher will touch it the 1st time that's happened to him since the hand over
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from britain 24 years ago. well, i think it is completely different. the political content almost disappear wall in the book fair this year. and all the folks talking about politics. share the points of views of the government. one author, however, takes the right boxes here, a 3 volume collection of speeches, and writings by china's president, teaching ping on prominent display. the self censorship is evident. the titles on display here are safe, and that is a further reminder of the fact that hong kong is increasingly walking in political lockstep with the mainland. exhibit is may be wary of breaking the law. that caution has not dampened public interest with long queues outside the venue. come only, i can get the books i want here and also outside. i've just come here to have
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a look. we did find one book perhaps that fell into the politically risky category . the author is currently in jail, awaiting trial, accused of violating national security, otherwise little else to reflect the momentous events of the past few years. that history it seems, is slowly being raised, adrian brown, al jazeera hancock, couple the stories will be coming to you with on the other side of the brake, the u. k. prime minister, promising action against online racist abuse after the targeting of 3 black england footballers and a new report shows a rising number of refugees and migrants the dying. it's the while trying to cross into europe and in sport, the asian champions cats are target another trophy details. coming up with andy in about 15. ah
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hello there, it continues to be very hot and dry across much of the levant, and the middle east temperatures are sitting where we expect them to be. apart from the gulf, states the same temperatures a little bit below average for this time of year. and with that we feel the humidity kick in, particularly in katara. it's been feeding rather humid of late. but to the south of this we, i think she was creeping into yemen and mine. we've got to suddenly wind keeping things slightly cool here. and we'll see some of those showers there, but not as heavy as we're seeing across central parts of africa as we move across to the horn of africa. we've got thunderstorms rumbling across the if you open rift valley, stretching into south sedan and it's the central african republic that's going to see the heaviest showers on thursday. but by fridays, the gulf of guinea where we seen the storms develop. nigeria and cameroon,
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expecting to see some very wet weather, and we could see flooding him. but farther south things are looking slightly cooler than we expect to see them for this time of year. temperatures are slightly below average and would swanner in namibia and bob, we've got some rain on the horizon for southern areas of in bob, wy, and for south africa, it's a very fair and dry picture. temperatures have picked up with lots of sunshine coming through the cape town this weekend. the who's when a war crime is committed, who is it kind of, how does it follows that goes in human rights investigator on his unprecedented journey to the french high court. i says it every place to make sure that the information to bring its context, taking on the arms trade in his fight for justice, for innocence, palestinians and their families made in france on all diseases.
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most people will never know what's beyond these. the deafening silence of 100000. how it feels to touch danger every day. most people will never know what it's like to work with. every breath is precious. with fear, it's not an option. but we're not most people. oh a welcome. thank you, watching the video and use our life.


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