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one of the time, 6 of the really adored by fun, 3 social values, many goes against italy, footballing league football rebels on our busi. ah, taliban fighters in afghanistan say they've taken control of a border crossing, posing a new threat to government forces. ah . login on peter w, even though you're watching out to 0. also coming up protests turning more fiery by the de dozens of know, died and looting them writing against poverty in south africa. the
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protests against the hospital fire in the wrong getting loaded with people. blaming the government corruption and negligence. and the u. k. prime minister, promising action against online racist abuse of the targeting of 3 black england footballs. ah, the afghan taliban says it seized control of a main border crossing with pakistan. it follows weeks of rapid territorial gains. the spin bolduc crossing connect kandahar city directly with pakistan and is a major supply line for anyone who controls it. it is afghan, a sun 2nd busiest entry point and connects its vast south west with pakistani ports and the province of baluchistan. pictures show taliban fighters at the gate, it would be a major advance for the group, which is taken advantage of the withdrawal of us troops to push back the afghan
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forces. but the government says its troops have repelled devices. couple high the reports now from the pakistani side of the border from pish. if you look at the one asked on, it's a line log country that depends on neighboring country for all kinds of applied. essential commodities. and i've got not to mention the fact that port rent here that was also a lifeline for nature and us correlation for it and it's on. now it is important to know that the dollar bond 1st concentrated on taking the board across which gets on the rainfall. the border crossing where when it's done and it's richard the border . redrawn then i'll of course are now claiming and they have released radio for days from the fighting last night at their men end. a bizarre of greenville dark town, richard bordering down. and i've called twice during that dollar bond flag that address this is usually significant because all the revenue from their transport
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cargo that collected at the border board and the dollar bond data wanted. they also say that they have that they have have that in fact they've taken into custody . a dudgeon drove off of on army soldiers and green, bought a dog and said they're firmly in control. the u. s. will begin evacuating afghan interpreters and other staff who helped american forces during the war. relocation flights will begin later this month. africans who applies for the special immigrant visa program. the white house has been under pressure from republicans and democrats to find a solution for thousands of afghans who helped us and nato forces. let's get more on that with our pentagon correspondent, rosalind jordan. joining us live from washington. hi there, rose. how many people are we talking about here? while you're talking about a population of about 18220000 di afghans who worked as interpreters as well as
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members of their immediate families. now only a small percentage of these people have been able to apply for the special immigrant visa and have been able to work through some of the process for getting permission to come to the united states. but obviously because of the pan demik, that process really has ground to a halt. there has been a lot of concern, as you pointed out here in washington, not just from politicians, but also from the afghan war veterans who say that these people basically helped them stay alive while they were deployed in afghanistan to make certain that these people can be evacuated as quickly as possible. there is a documented fear among many of the interpreters and their families, that the tall about or some other group might try to kill them. because the tall a bond has called these interpreters traders in the past. now we don't know exactly
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how this process is going to work out because perhaps as many as 2 thirds of the people who worked as interpreters don't live in cobble. and there's also the question of how the us government is actually going to move people out of the country. because most of the us military, except for those acting as security personnel for the us embassy, have loved the country. they don't have control of afghan military bases anymore. so all of these logistics still have to be worked out. and it is worth pointing out that the u. s. government doesn't really want to get into those kinds of details anyway. for security reasons, they don't want anything to happen to these people during the upcoming evacuation process. thanks very much, ross jordan, they're talking to live out of washington. well thing in that region, china, on to investigate a blast on board above the killed at least 13 people including 9 chinese national
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if it was carrying around 40 chinese engineers, surveyors and mechanical stuff to a hydropower dam construction site and kind of pack took what was province, the bus plunged into a ravine, pakistani authority say it was an accident, but china says it was an attack. tomorrow, jojo above on pakistan, security forces have taken measures to control the situation. the wounded have been properly transferred to receive medical treatment. china has asked pakistan to thoroughly investigate the truth as soon as possible. capture the perpetrators severely punished them and effectively protect the safety of chinese personnel institutions and projects and pakistan. south africa, the biggest crisis in decades is seeing no signs of an end. after days of violence and looting politicians urging the president to deploy more military to try to come what's been going on on the streets, at least $72.00 people have been killed in the rest. are shortages of food and fuel
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with transport links and supplier, it's disrupted by violence. what began as a protest against the jailing of the former president, jacob's humor has turned into an uprising against poverty, hunger and inequality. the police in johannesburg are going door to door in some areas to recover items stolen from stores and shopping centers. community leaders are helping collect information about where tv and other items being stashed. we have the responsibility. it is our total. it would destroy everything. it's all in flux collector. we've seen that ownership. what else are we going to pull up? but it's not about juma. it's about the poverty that you cannot dog. people are hungry. there are no jobs of them since i stole a few things like cold drinks and electrical appliances as well as the paint. i guess the real reason is because we have nothing when i see other people stealing at some point, you realize that shops will close and you will be left with nothing. so you ask
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yourself, after all of this, how will i survive with the way things are? so i was pushed because of the situation, and i asked myself, after all of this, how will i survive when i only had to random my pocket? to meet mila has mona, from sweater looting and violent, seen its various halts thought in the province of hosting has a deep, calm down yet. so we're still see a significant lead isn't also deployed. being like hospital police remain on the sand by the looting and violence outside. what are the largest more in the area on the move a small group of residents, community members and small business owners have come out to protest. the looting saying that the economic impact that's been seen in other areas is devastating and
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they refused that to happen. yeah. they say will not talk to the new thing and they also say like, no more that's more said hasn't had any incident so far. and also been shut. remember the saying that it's also up to them to protect their communities. we see some of the events in places like cars do, little tow thing and writing does appear to be continuing. there being a number of warehouses sets the lights, the lights, and impacted very badly by the ongoing rioting. the they are a number of organizations like the dub and chamber of commerce. who have said that they would run a state of emergency, at least in that proven specifically because police are struggling to get a handle on what's happening. it's struggling to battle these ongoing riots and to
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approach the the largest oil refinery in south africa in southern africa. has now been suspended and they are going to that the point of me will be greatly impacted the protection of much needed to tickle materials even was possibly impacted while road and train services, roads remain closed and trade services potentially impacted. and the concern now really is around the economic impacts of the wires and the system to have it to where that countries, prominent shia cleric says the government will be held responsible if it fails to act optim. monday's fire at a hospital ward for corona virus. patients the killed at least 60 people. yeah. they have been protests for a 2nd day. iraq, he's blaming corruption and negligence for the accident. the shia cleric to the
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saga says the government must act firmly and seriously punish those who allowed it to happen. a number of demonstrates is broke into the hospital where the fire broke out with up till we had was there he sent us this report. i broken into a moment saying hostile enough for the city and southern iraq. this is where that is not going to happen. dozens of hoover 19 patient died from burn and stuff ok can. and monday these angry have been chanted. they have been calling going the government to release the findings of the investigation as soon as possible. they say they will continue to testing here in front of the hospital until the demand a mess. they say that the government must put in place. this is
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a major super patient to make sure that does not happen again. any hospital still to come here on this program desperate for oxygen people and me and mark q for supplies if they suffer from the most severe wave of cubic 19, yet to an emergency crews struggling to contain dozens of fires burning in the western us. things ah hello there it continues to be very hot and dry across much of the levant, and the middle east temperatures are sitting where we expect them to be apart from the gulf states, the same temperature is a little bit below. 6 average for this time of year and with that we feel the humidity kick in, particularly in katara. it's been feeding rather humid of late. but to the south of
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this we, i think she was creeping into yemen. an oman, we've got a southerly wind keeping things slightly cool here. and we'll see some of those showers there, but not as heavy as we're seeing across central parts of africa as we move across to the horn of africa. we've got thunderstorms rumbling across the open rift valley, stretching into south sedan. and it's the central african republic that is going to see the heaviest showers on thursday. but by fridays, the gulf of guinea where we seeing those storms develop. nigeria and cameroon, expecting to see some very wet weather, and we could see flooding him. but further south things are looking slightly cooler than we expect to see them for this time of year. temperatures are slightly below average in both swanner in namibia and bob. we've got some rain on the horizon for southern areas of in barbara. and for south africa, it's a very fair and dry picture. temperatures have picked up with lots of sunshine coming through the cape town this weekend. the
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weather bag, energy and change to every part of our universe. more small. to continue the change all around the shape by technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your bill. ah, the me welcome back you watching al jazeera alive from pete adobe. just recap your top
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stories, the africa and taliban says it's these controls of the spin bolduc border crossing with pakistan. but the african government is denying the groups claims that his forces repelled taliban fighters. the unrest in south africa continues for the 6th day. the president settle, ram opposes, as he's looking at spending more troops into quell de violence. 72 people have been killed in rise the last few days it respond by the jailing of the former president, jacob's humor. but it has since grown in something else, not anger aimed at poverty and inequality. and the rocks prominent shia cleric, sense the government will be held responsible if it fails to acts up to mondays by a hospital that 60 people were killed inside a cobra. 19 ward in the southern city of nasiriyah. the us, the vice president has met a group of democrats from the state of texas. they're hoping to stop a republican bank bill that would make it harder for people to vote. more than 50 democrats flew to washington to deny the state legislature the numbers needed to
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vote on the bill. it's called the quorum color harris praise the move, comparing them to civil rights activists, while texas republicans, according to their arrest republican state politicians around the country have imposed, are or are trying to impose a variety of restrictions on voting rights. in the 1st 6 months of this year, 17 states, most of them republican lead inactive new laws, restricting access to the vote. those include changes to the rules for mailing voting and 12 states, making it harder for people to cast ballots that way and at least 8 state 70 use laws, making it harder to vote in person of those 3 brought in new or harsher voter id requirements. and that could be more around 60, more bills are still in process in 18, state legislatures, republican say, all this is needed to fight election fraud, but there's almost no evidence that fraud actually exists. and democrats say the
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real purpose is to keep people who usually vote for them away from the polls. a sweeping election reform bill that would have blocked many state level restrictions pass. the u. s. has in march senate republicans blocked it with a filibuster. let's talk out to royce west. he's a democrat state senator from the us state of texas, who along with dozens of his colleagues, met the vice president on tuesday. he joins us from washington. welcome to al jazeera. so you've had good words from the likes of chuck schumer and the vice president commer harris. but beyond that, what, what else can you get? well, we have a president that is committed to make certain that elections voting is accessible to every american. he understands. exactly what's going on in this country, as you said, the 17 states that have passed harsh laws to suppress the vote. and there's another
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team that's attempting to do so. so that's a national issue. i'm glad to have a president that's committed to doing everything in his power in order to get something. yes, but mister west, what can you realistically achieve? you are also there talking to your political colleagues in congress. congress had, does not have the power to do anything. the congress does have a power right now. they don't have the means in order to get it done. we're going to have to prevail upon and make certain that democrats and the senate understand that we're on bar time in texas right now. okay. and if they fail to act, then obviously they may very well end up with age or county and voting bills. that is acceptable and repressive and suppressive to persons in the state of texas . be they ever met already be may disable be they elderly persons. okay. what is draconian about when somebody goes to cast a vote either at
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a general election or just at a congressional election? what is draconian about asking someone to show documentary evidence that tallies up who they say they are with who they actually are on paper e, they've got to show the last 4 digits of their social security numbers, because surely that protect the democratic process, it doesn't impinge on it or damage it. okay, let me say this 2 things and i'm, i want, i want to respond to your question. so let me give you a predicate for the reality is, is that we've had a attorney general for trump basically say that was most secure election that we've ever had. history, that simple one at the federal level. and at the state level, we had a secretary of state who was nominated by the current governor to be secretary state, be cheap administrator of the elections. she said the same thing. ironically,
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her nomination was ever called up by republicans and the state of texas. using that as the predicate, there is no issue of fraud or false identification of persons coming to the polling places in order to vote. therefore, if there is no issues based on the current id laws that we have in the state of texas, why do we need additional ones? your own legislature has just voted by a massive majority of republicans in your legislature. have just voted to actually arrest you. when and or if, when i assume you go back, not the time lining of this is significant, isn't it? because you've got to stay away from austin, texas for 30 days. you've got another 26 days. you've got to stay away for in effect. what happens if you go back and you are arrested?
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let me make certain that i explained to your listening audience. you have a state house, you have a state senate, i'm in the state senate. the state senate is not under a court issue. we don't have a crime issue right now, so i'm just absent from the center today. you are correct that if our members go back, they can be a rest of them to take him to the state capital. and i wanted to help assure a, a corner outside of the state of texas. there is no power to arrest members of the state house. just there's just no go. so again, this is just a hollow p r. stand. that obviously must be followed, must must be gabbled through by the speaker of the house, just in case someone is going to be stupid enough to go back to the thing that's, that's to be arrested. but i can assure you that we have very intelligent house
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members that are working their butts off excuse expression in order to try to make certain that we have free, inaccessible opportunities to vote and in this country. very brief, very, very briefly, mr. west, what do you say to your fellow texans who say, usa being on texan, you are now going to be known as the runaway politicians, and you're being untaxed. and because you've run away from a fight, you've taken the fight someplace else. well, let me say this to those that would say that i would say to you that you should make certain of the persons that you support a persons that are willing to sit down and try to come to a resolution of this issue as opposed to try to make certain that democrats have to just kind of buckle down and count down and not use the parliament refills at our disposal in order to make certain we represent people in the state of texas. mister royce, west, the democratic state, senator from the state of texas. great to talk to you. so thank you so much for
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coming on. we do appreciate it. take care. thank you. racism bye football fans in the u. k. could soon be punishable by law. the u. k prime minister bar is johnson told the parliament today, fans who make races, comments online, could be issued match bands while social media companies would be fine if they don't from the hate speech. it follows the racist abuse towards 3 england players in the euro. 2020 final the trio had missed penalties in the shootout defeat to italy right after the condemn and of all the i race the start pouring that we saw on sunday night. and so what we do is today taking practical steps to ensure that the football batting order regime is changed so that if you are guilty to speak of racist abuse on line, was that you will not be going to the match. know if you say, well i london correspondence that involved with more on the prime minister's
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comments today. he was asked by the leader of the opposition care stomach about the online abuse. following the final, you just heard him suggesting the football binding orders, stopping people from going to matches could be extended to individuals who commit online abuse. these orders can last for up to 10 years. but before that, he said that he'd been meeting in the last few days, representatives of social media companies like twitter, facebook, and take talk and so on, making it clear to them that they had to do more to get rid of abuse on their platforms and saying that the government was bringing in legislation looking to bring in legislation under a new bill, which could find those companies 10 percent of their profits if they don't do enough care. stone, the opposition leader said, well, you are taking your time. it's too slow. that legislation, he also been brought up the subject of the england team taking the knee. and he
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mentioned comments by boris johnson through his spokesman before the tournament saying that funds defending the right of funds to be the team and comments by pretty battelle, the home secretary, where she actually criticized the bullying, saying it should, sorry, criticized. taking the knee, saying that that shouldn't be happening because it was a political gesture. why is this important? because tyra means an england player came out on monday and said those comments by the prime minister in the home secretary feuds, racism. they encouraged people who are likely to go online and give racist abuse to black players. to do that, the government is firmly pushing back against this idea. but case dom and knows that seemingly public opinion is quite strongly behind the players, particularly following the abuse that they've received. minima is reporting a record number of cobit 19 deaths. 145 people have died in 24 hours with more than
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7000 new infections. experts say testing rates are low and the true figure is likely to be much, much higher. the countries facing a serious shortage of oxygen people have been queueing overnight for refills risking arrests for staying out past the curfew. imposed by the military gentle jonathan. there is no way my sister would have died if we had enough oxygen. we were trying to buy oxygen with double prices, but we couldn't get any. even though we have oxygen cylinders, we could manage to get them refilled in time. to move the military governments health care system response and handling of covered 19 is so wrong, it's getting worse and there's no hope. it's 4 to 5 times the number of deaths during the 1st. and 2nd, waves have covered 19 well, in our last we were joined by san ramon from the center for public health and human rights, johns hopkins university. she explained how mistrust in the junker is worsening. the crisis. the medical picture is very bleak. currently, there is
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a lot of panic within society, and while the military hunter is accusing a lot of civilians for hoarding oxygen amidst shortage and inciting, more panic, we have to come to terms with the fact that this panic in this environment was sewed by the military and if you have a ramification of the mistrust that they established over the last few months since the coo, a lot of people, even if they are not afraid of going to going to affiliated facilities, health facilities, there is still an unfortunate sort of lack of faith in the fact that they would be able to receive timely and like what care their so that's compounding upon the panic and the desperation that's widespread in in miramar right now for the think us not fear mongering. and this is whereas some of my human right. it's comes in this, well, i do not want to incite more fear within society. so i will fall short of seeing the military of what the navy cove it. but certainly the situation of, you know,
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the medical community being at the forefront of anti hunter activities. and now this added layer of the lack of health personnel to adequately treat cases is certainly working to the military's advantage. and we must be vigilant about propaganda that's being circulated within society to incite more fear and more panic in our emergency crews in the united states are battling to contain nearly 60 wildfires burning across 10 western states. thousands of people have been moved from their homes, country lopez for the gun, hasn't more. this wildfire season as breaking records in the us, dozens of fires are raging in western states with more than 340000 hector's burned in recent days. in california, a state known for its many wild wires,
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the amount of land burned has more than tripled since last year. the fire was moving so fast and so hot it was exploding spot fires ahead of it. way ahead of it. like a gunshot. this fire near the arizona utah border is one of the many that's close highways and roads. scientists say severe droughts and the climate crisis are fueling extreme temperatures. the bootleg choir in oregon is the largest blaze, an area twice the size. the city of portland is in flames and is disrupting power transmission lines to california. thousands of people across many states have been evacuated. we got out in time. i looked in my rear view mirror, and the flames passed over the road and headed down my driveway. and burned both sides of my property in oregon, he related deaths are also on the rise. many have died alone in their homes,
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with temperatures reaching $46.00 degrees over the last year. we have prepared for a search and just because it could be 19 and a year ago we were just emerging from restrictions. and honestly, it never crossed my mind than that we would be a wave of dust from heat as we have these last few weeks. the extreme conditions pose yet another challenge for emergency crews. we have to be very careful about we where we insert cruise to make sure they don't get trapped and would fires burning across several states. concerns are growing as the fire season isn't over yet. katia lopez was a young al jazeera ah recapping itself. so i so thought today the afghan taliban says it sees control that the spin bolduc border crossing with pakistan. but the african government is denying the groups claims. it says his forces were.


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