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the big for the fix, everything museum and everything building, they need to give you know, supporting to the people that sense of neglect. it's something method member ruth bassett, mon lender heard about doing a tour of this ancient coastal city. an effort by the new coalition government to be more inclusive and i wanted to see with my own eyes, what is the feeling of the people, both arabs and jews, and, and what can be done to help and a lot of the perpetrators, what actually underground people crying that are also making the lives of the arab population within the city. very, very difficult crime in palestinian communities has risen during the past decade. without much government intervention. the people are, you know, are not satisfied by economics. the social situation and a want in every opportunity to to
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you know, to tell other people, please notice us, we are here. you are not noticing us. you are not dealing with us. you are ignoring us for many act as being boy got it as punishment for the acts of a few eventually to it's will start trickling back. but for coexistence to take hold palestinian grievances need to be heard. put up to meet elders, either in northern israel. it's time for the weather. here's kara hello there. it continues to be very hot and dry across much of the levant, and the middle east. temperatures are sitting where we expect them to be. apart from the gulf states, we're seeing temperatures a little bit below. 6 average for this time of year and with that we feel the humidity kick in, particularly in guitar. it's been feeling rather humid of late. but to the south of this we, i think she was creeping into yemen. an oman,
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we've got to southern the wind keeping things slightly cool here. and we'll see some of those showers there, but not as heavy as we're seeing across central parts of africa as we move across to the horn of africa. we've got thunderstorms rumbling across the open rift valley, stretching into south sedan. and it's the central african republic that's going to see the heavier showers on thursday. but by fridays, the gulf of guinea, where we've seen those storms develop, nigeria and cameroon, expecting to see some very wet weather. and we could see flooding him. but farther south things are looking slightly cooler than we expect to see them for this time of year. temperatures are slightly below average, but swanner in namibia and bob, we've got some rain on the horizon for southern areas of in barbara. and for south africa it's a very fair and dry picture. temperatures have picked up with lots of sunshine coming through the cape town this weekend. plenty more a has only use are including the hong kong book fair is bank that this year. exhibitors may have to be careful about what the display will tell you why.
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democrats who the us state of texas goes to washington to avoid debating a bill that the limits of rights in future elections and in sports ski olympic refugee themes participation at the school. few games is in jeopardy. find out why, later in the program. ah, a new generation of young people, more gauge, and the one that came before. welcome to generation change a global feelings and attempts to challenge and understand the ideas and mobilize youth around. in south africa, women who are at the forefront the walk in a race and never ever gets hired of developing resistance strategies and ignite the
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passions stand up and fight generation change on al jazeera striker in the top italian, the what the voted to the working classes is hometown and it's bullying legend added thompson introduces his piano one of the time since it's not really adored by his fun social values as his many goes against italy supporting a lead, football rebel on our oh a this is just
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a reminder of our top stories this are the afghan taliban says that seized control would be spin, pull back, border crossing with pakistan. but the afghan government is denying the on foot claims. it says its forces the pounds taliban finances. unrest in south africa is continuing 46 consecutive day. at least 72 people have been killed and riots in the last few days. it's the sparks by the jailing performer, president jacobson that had been strewn into anger against poverty and inequality. south korea's report has its highest daily number of corporate 19 infections. since the pandemic began, 1600 new cases were known on wednesday. breaking a record set last week. racism by football fans in the united kingdom could soon be punishable by law. prime minister boris johnson told parliaments that
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friends who make racist comments on line could be issued much more social media companies would be find if they don't remove hate speech. it follows the racist abuse towards 3 england players. in the year 2020 final, the trio had miss penalties in the shooter defeat to italy. right after the condemn and of all the race. these don't forget that we saw on sunday night. and so what we do is today taking practical steps to ensure that the football banning order regime is changed so that if you are guilty to speak of racist abuse on line, was that you will not be going to the match. no, no, no uses live married to native baba in london for more. nadine,
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this racism row has been ongoing for a few days now, but it appears concrete action is no being proposed. well that's right. according to boris johnson, a prime minister at least now. he was asked by the leader of the opposition k stomach, about the online abuse. following the final, you just heard him suggesting the football binding orders, stopping people from going to matches could be extended to individuals who commit online abuse. these orders can last for up to 10 years, but before, but he said that he'd been meeting in the last few days. representatives of social media companies like twitter, facebook can take talk and so on, making it clear to them that they had to do more to get rid of abuse on their platforms and saying that the government was bringing in legislation looking to bring in legislation under a new bill, which could find those companies 10 percent of their profits if they don't do
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enough, kissed on the opposition, lead to said, well, you are taking your time. it's too slow. that legislation, he also been brought up the subject of the england team taking the knee. and he mentioned comments by boris johnson through his spokesman before the tournament saying that funds defending the right of funds to be the team and commented by pretty battelle, the home secretary where she actually criticized the bullying, saying it should. so he criticized taking beneath saying that that shouldn't be happening because it was a political gesture. why is this important? because ty remains an england player, came out on monday and said those comments by the prime minister in the home secretary feuds, racism. they encouraged people who are likely to go online and give racist abuse to black players. to do that, the government is firmly pushing back against this idea. but case dolman knows that seemingly public opinion is quite strongly behind the players,
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particularly following the abuse that they've received. he has, he in parliament said, why will the prime minister refuse time and time again, even now to condemn those who bu, players the standing up to racism? some critics of the gesture, i've tried to link it to a particular organization, b l. m, in the u. k saying it is policy political, anti capitalist garrett, south gate that the manager has made it clear that's not the case. it's an anti discrimination gesture and quite a few tory conservative, full administered and current m. p. 's have said that the government basically is getting it wrong. right now they have, they need to have a rethink about their messaging. okay. nadine bob, ally from london. thank you for us, vice president has met a group of democrats from the state of texas. they're hoping to solve for republican backed bill that would make it harder for people to volts. the group
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flew to washington to deny the state legislature the numbers needed to vote on the bill. comma le harris praised the move, comparing them to civil rights activists on texas republicans or colon for their arrest. the democrats say proposals to limit voting rights will disproportionately affect minorities. president joe biden has called the fight for voting rights. the test of our time, our white house correspondent, kimberly hall kits report us president joe biden traveled to philadelphia the birthplace of american democracy to highlight what he says is an existential threat. we're facing the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war has not i, personally, since the civil war. the confederates back then never breached the capital,
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as insurrection listed on january, the 6th. ah, why didn't says american democracy is under assault by republicans who refused to accept the 2020 presidential election results and even tried to overturn it? the big lie is just that a big why one of the election is not i probably suggest the most examine in the fullest expression on the wall of the people in the history of this nation. when that failed, he says his political opposition turned to republican state legislatures to pass restrictions, making it harder for voters to cast a ballot in the future. they want to make it so hard and convenient, that their hope people don't vote at all. that's what this is about. at least 14 republican controlled states have enacted laws the restrict voting access. they
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say the measures combat widespread voter fraud. they claim was prevalent in 2020. texas is the latest thing to restrict voting. texas democrats fled to washington d. c. to stop a vote on a proposed law that they say would make it harder to cast a ballot measures. bided is under pressure to stop. you, make commitments said you're going to do this or do that think commit to that. followed through, that's the most important part. following give us as president people right. to say you can vote a certain you cannot do it is you cannot go out. it's not like it's been proven, is making it work. we should be adding through to make it better, make it easier, open, more full, more location, make it easier for ellen. not trying to tell your hand in blindfolding. you go vote, that's making it worse. that's like going back to i want to say flavors. biden's urging congress to pass to federal measures to do just that. he's also expanded the civil rights division of the department of justice to challenge state voting
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restrictions in the court. president biden has passed, his vice president comma le harris was leading his ministration to efforts to protect valid access, calling it a top priority of his presidency. kimberly health care else's eros hill. adelphia. cuba has restricted access to social media and messaging apps after widespread anti government. protests state media is saying one man will carry during demonstrations in havana. on monday, thousands marched on sunday to protest against and economic crisis. and the government's handling of the pandemic keepers president is accusing the us and cuban americans of encouraging the protests read. lindsey is a cuba based journalist. he says, the government is accusing the us of spreading misinformation. a foreign minister
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spoke to foreign journalists. he accused the government of wasting a big news campaign and presented a slide showing our or thousands of going out a creative social media campaign which, which, which was going on when, when the process broke out. and, and it seems like the 2 things are connected there, there is a lot of very difficult what is going on a lot of them. ready are slowing around. i saw today information my an base me out with the covers cuba saying that there was a common way to live with a liberated, liberated. but then i later saw by photograph come away police station of the streets in very calm. and he. ready talked with people come away, says that things were normal there and that there was a tweet from the state authorities. say government say, i don't believe fake news in the midst of all that. it's not just social media now
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it's internet is down channel. yeah, i've got internet here, i see at the office here, but industry cell data is pretty much off the people, so it's hard to stay connected, hard to know what's going on. exactly. but overall, then i was calling today and it's sort of day to day here in cuba at least 13 people have been killed after an apparent explosion on a bus in northwestern pakistan. 9 chinese nationals are among the dead. who were construction workers helping build a damn in co, he stun districts focused on is investigating the cause. while the chinese embassy has said the boss was attacked, local officials are looking into whether a blast may be from a gas cylinder may have caused it. 3 fighters have been killed following a shootouts with government forces in intern administered kashmir. it's led to
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protests and violence between indian security forces and residents. the conflict started after troops surrounded the southern tone of poor, warmer authorities of castle internet and mobile phone services. in the tone. c golly, meaning this reneg police received information yesterday in the evening that 3 militants of lush, caring, tiber hiding, and pool was a city. so we coordinated with police and army units to joint lay down according not long after that militants through grenade from inside and fired. so we retaliated, the operation was stopped, civilians were stuck, then they were taken out 1st. then today in the early morning, an encounter resumed in which 3 militants were killed. iran the president hassan ro, honie says his country can enrich uranium of 90 percent purity. if they need to ro, honie made the announcement summit efforts with 6 other world cars to revise the 2015. you clear deal? the washington abandoned 3 years ago. a you representatives,
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a warning time is running out on the deal. and that washington needs to consider lifting some sanctions on to her on so what it is? yeah, to me, i'm all, it's been showing that our atomic energy department with such capability and power can produce 20 percent 60 percent. or if we need it some day for a reactive, even 90 percent enriched uranium, we can do that today. march the 1st day of the week long home code book fair. this is the 1st time it's being held under the new national security law. and critics say, this law has narrowed free speech. adrian bryan reports in hong kong, a book fair in a city where words now have consequences. it's being held in the shadow of a recently imposed law. the critic say, has narrowed this space for free speech here. it's an annual event, but koby 19 forced it's cancellation
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a year ago. now though hong kong physical and political health is returning says it's leader. all going to europe one day. i am happy that this year's book fair can be how it again seems to. appetite is contained, the organizes insist books have not been invented or censored, but exhibit is no. they must be careful about what they promote and say, all of our focus on the language learning history and art. we are not worried about it. do you have any books here about recent political events in hong kong, and this is not our publishing term, so we don't have to hang up or publish. johnny lau has just written a book about the relationship between china is coming his party and hong kong. but no publisher will touch it the 1st time that's happened to him since the hand over from britain 24 years ago. well, i think it is completely different. the political content
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almost disappear wall in the book fair this year. and all the folks talking about politics share the points of views of the government. one author, however, takes the right boxes here. a 3 volume collection of speeches and writings by china's president, teaching ping on prominent display. the self censorship is evident. the titles on display here are safe, and that is a further reminder of the fact that hong kong is increasingly walking in political lockstep with the mainland. exhibit is, may be wary of breaking the law, but that caution has not dampened public interest with long queues outside the venue. come only, i can get the books i want here and also outside. i've just come here to have a look. we did find one book perhaps that fell into the politically risky category
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. the author is currently in jail, awaiting trial, accused of violating national security. otherwise little else to reflect the momentous events of the past few years. that history it seems, is slowly being raised, adrian brown, al jazeera hong kong people across from celebrating their national holiday with far works and parades best the day for the fall of the best fuel prison. in 1789, it led to an uprising that helped spark the french revolution. it has become a yearly tradition for thousands to celebrate on the shows the thing. this year's events has been scale down to 10000 attendees to, to the pandemic. phil aheads, or to 0, find out why they're calling it this baseball star, a once in a century, talent,
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that story coming up after the break. ah ah ah, ah, ah ah
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ah ah oh the a. it's time for the sports. here's faro. hello, thank you so much. majorly baseballs all. star game has made a long awaited return. having been cancelled in 2020 because of the pandemic. they shelby's march was also a landmark moment for japanese sensation. show, hey o, tony, for whole malik reports should
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cancel due to the pandemic channels. there were also huge expectations on show a autonomy who was making history as the 1st of a 2 way old song. and as expected, the angels and japanese icon didn't disappoint one. autonomy pitch to school is birth dinning game laying. the foundation for the american league wanted to get the better of the national league rival o 2 pets. we went ahead in the 2nd dinning but it wasn't until the 3rd that things really started to heat up. yeah. that denver crowd retreated to a massive $468.00 foot homer, the man responsible, 22 year old vladimir guerrero, junior. the toronto. it is effort,
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earning him the old dog game and the p award. together in the american league title, they gripped even further in the face. with 2 more runs. they were also impressive in the field. jared walsh, the angel wowing friends with one of the plays of the night, the american league went on to see 52 for an 8th victory in a row over their rival bullet him on the wall. so far this has been the best experience in the most memorable i've never played in the play or saw the world series. once i did that, i'm sure they'll surpass this. the players now shift their focus back to playing for their club with plenty more. fireworks expected for the remainder of the seasons. to have malick, jersey, american worth broadcasters, thieves math is made. his 1st televised apology for comments he made about show
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hale with tawny and the nigerian basketball team. i messed up and i heard people with my words that i apologize to show you atanya and his family for the heard are caused by my remarks. apologize to the community in the asian american community. i apologize to the night gillian basketball team to i sincerely apologize. smith, one of the highest paid tv personalities in the us. federal attorney could never be the face of baseball because he uses an interpreter of 53 year old, also purposely mispronounced names of nigerian basketball players on his show. after they beat team usa, any pre olympic friendly, or se men's basketball team have bounce back in their pre olympic warm up with the victory over argentina. after suffering back to back defeats against nigeria and australia team usa rash, the argent time with 18080 victory. 7 durant and bradley deal start in the exhibition. when will continue, there are limpid preparations on friday with
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a 2nd match up against australia. almost all the athletes from the olympic refugee team have had their arrival at the tokyo games delayed after team official tested positive for corona virus. 29 athletes from 11 countries have been preparing for the games at a training camp in cats harm. the identified official who test positive was put into isolation. the other members have tested negative, that's not known when they'll be able to travel to japan. the olympic refugee team was created 6 years ago to bring global attention to issues facing all refugee. and yet another blow for the lympics, roger federer has withdrawn from the games. the 39 year old suffered asap back with his knee during the recent grass court season. he posted on twitter. i'm greatly disappointed as it has been an honor and highlight of my career each time i have represented switzerland, better with no doubt of wimbledon in the quarter finals. and he's now hoping to
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come back to competitive tennis within the next 2 months. of the gold medal, hopeful have been looking in good shape ahead of their departure for tokyo, american tribe on brom. our 100 meters at the diamond league events in england is the fastest man in the world this year. and you make a double olympic champion. a lame thompson hara was a winner. and a $200.00 metres. agent champions, cats are missed out on victory and their opening match and the gold cup. the cattery is led by a goal on 3 occasions, again, tomorrow, but fail to defend their advantage each time the match ended and a $33.00 draw. wonderful cats are. i taking part in the north and central american championship is invitees as a prepared to house next year. well, all ahead. okay, and that is all your support for now. holla, back to you. thank you very much indeed. farro. what is it for me for this?
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you are, but to keep it here on algebra, i'll be back with you after this very short break with more of the things ah, when a war crime is committed, is it kind of just a follows a garzon human rights investigator on his unprecedented journey to the french high court, i says, every place to make sure that the information that ought to bring its context, taking on the arms trade in his fight for justice, for innocent palestinians, and their families made in france on all disease. me each and every one of us have responsibility to change our person for the better the
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more we could do this experiment and a lot of us could increase just a little bit that wouldn't be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet, is incredibly recipe. asking women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly here and getting this pick up to collect the segregate to say the reason this is extremely important service they provide to the city. we need to take america to try to bring people together trying to deal with people who've been left behind me. luckily, god's dying disproportion numbers. i'm not ever leaving behind widows who struggled to survive. when i went a meets the ship, a women defying tradition to conquer the world's part bounced on our era.
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ah, al jazeera, as a use. all the news taliban finds who say enough can stand, say they taking control of another border crossing, posing a further challenge to government forces. ah, i'm hello. hey, dean. this is al jazeera, my front door, also coming out carnage in johannesburg, dozens killed, and.


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