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mm mm oh i'm how am i he did in dough house with the top stories on al jazeera, the afghan taliban says it sees control of the spin bolduc border crossing with pakistan. but the afghan government is denying the armed groups claims. it says its forces repelled taliban sizes. come all hider has more on recent taliban gains. they have already occupied the major border crossing with jacob on. they have also taken islam pillar, which is the key border crossing 3,
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ron. they've taken over the door one day, which is the key border crossing to door minutes dawn. so it appeared that the taliban of gods are going to take control of doors border crossing because there are also a source of revenue. this is where all the supply, the logistics, travel, and board directions into that land lock country, or indeed a significant development police in south africa are preparing for more unrest. after days of lights and looting, at least 72 people have been killed in the protests, which have grown into a wider show of anger against poverty and inequality. australia has slashed the number of its international arrivals by half to just 3000 people per week. it leaves tens of thousands of stranded australians face and an even more difficult task of returning home. south africa report,
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south korea has reported its highest staley infection rate. since the pandemic began prompting new restrictions in the capital, sol, nightclubs and churches will be closed and gatherings of more than 3 people will not be found. iraqis are burying their relatives while the death toll from afar that rip through, coven, 19 isolation, more on the city of nasiriyah, has risen to 90 to the prime minister is promising accountability. but people are believing governments corruption. so the accidents, 13 officials have been arrested in connection with the blaze. cuba has restricted access to social media and messaging apps after widespread anti government protests, state media, se one man was killed on monday. and those are the headlines to stay with us. here on al jazeera part see of al jazeera world is next ah,
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in 26 fighters by moving to from us as military bronze clashed with an israeli army close to the israel guys or border to israeli soldiers were killed. and one de la charlotte was captured and so began a long process of indirect negotiations between israel and commerce. his strategy was to use both diplomacy and its military strength in an attempt to leverage the release of the captured soldier. one is ready airstrike targeted the us military leadership in gaza or did with them and i'm going to, i think you're here i'm. i got enough off at the saturn was for hey, so i'm not luna, the american eminent ah, the 12th of july 26. so 2 contrasting events on the same day one was the israeli
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attack on the how much leadership in gaza. the other was the capture of 2 israeli soldiers in a surprise attack along the israeli lebanese border. hence, on the right to this time, he is really a soldier, shall eat, remain captivity in the gaza. one will eat when israel likes to boast about intelligence capabilities and gaza and the extent that it has operatives, unintelligence, for within her mass and being able to kill shalley for so long, i suppose showed that israel's reach within garza wasn't as strong as it might've said. it was similarly, israel did try to free shyly with military means after he was taken and failed. so yes that's, that's a, that's a victory for,
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for her math. the consumer shadow unit. you guys are responsible for the captured israeli soldier. ah, molecule. while your model filler on some blown well, who do? and was so little notice here that living within 30 did them young father level mean? well on was of a pop up for you. come out. so you lou and the closure own can, will result of also mama on the phone. donna lee commanded gabriella little slowly homes. yeah. she yeah, she can luncheon shell, actually
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a lot of misha, who may or may or may shoot me a touch, and i am willing to lay them with him. so proving because i caught totally at the, you'll actually in that i do by the last 30. i'd almost out of the battle. i'm new to very well. i'm in the, at the hospital. what kind of loan i didn't want microsoft i was kind of sent us back in with a hardly island. how did i but what is possible off the phone? what, how would it to you and i don't know how well kind of been had in helena at the lee of the show he's in the law because that isn't very, i'm all love what. but on the will also models apartment a little bit with the headache my left and does of the 2 years following the israeli soldiers capture an irish conflict mediator. oliver mac turner approached us with
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a message from israel fisher. with the money in authority lawsuit with atlanta, oliver i was worthless not to leave the fort wanted the hot water, but the old fellow fees you ought to follow. why jennifer salazar will not. not let her say that one has the job, but it was the thought of how does the hot one, what kind of mena they had to fraud, answered, has them any. and what's the hon for the cleaning? mcalisio? anyone know if you'd be there, can they had, if your daughter had not had that one on one year, 200 gil is the name of how much of a should get actually a little bit of so we'll them may loyal as this as well as it noise people harnish. actually the whole monsieur endo, on because the 1st round of negotiations focused on the category of palestinian prisoners who might be included in any future deal. one list was known as the v. i
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. p. list members included palestinian fighters described by israel as having blood on their hands. hamas insisted that some on the so called v i. p list be included in any tradeoff for the captured israeli soldier. israel flatly refused. as for the irish mediator, his mission had a setback. turner, leno denson over on the sub sub on march the money in vienna. yeoman litigation, if you do or do our hot, alyssa, what will happen for con with him in lawrenceville? how about your vehicle? and we'll see if i, on the same day did the irish mediator canceled his meeting with her me, us. the 28 is really garza war, began. the conflict continued for $22.00 days,
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during which time surely 2 remained imprisoned. somewhere in garza the gun lately, a young man shook him as old a moment. okay, natal little bobby circle him while i'm a little more helpful. i guess i'm on this one as him who does list admit multiple of them will follow a lot of other little i saw well the handler well below him. couldn't remember the lift in a while. minimal manager who little saw elaina. let me also in the shape at the beginning of 29 as the gaza war ended, egypt ramped up its mediation role. these records from within the negotiation teams
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record, the 1st round of talks between hamas and the egyptian intelligence sanisha fisher. after this, i some of our one i'm included within the hub auto monthly welfare linoleum. i thought i should have am, and then we'll fall that the model 20 hazel can follow the chuckle him the in directly go see asians continued as via gyptian mediators shuffled between the hamas and israeli delegations and almost term as is where the prime minister was coming to an end, according to the egyptian mediator, the israeli delegation hoped to do could be struck before he stepped down. but the sticking points were the names and numbers of palestinian prisoners to be released . then shall it be a sort of the dream machine. i mean with the mitchell, i mean the name medulla came on chewing. they will meet the all
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share. you am jaime shaquanna, georgia. luckily for them. well, how often? how often was 3 and also in the afternoon was up by the and had to walk family to the phone while another the hand. was it almost a man shackle justly or jealous? and i, on the 14th of march 29th egypt intelligence chief, almost soon the man invited the how much delegation to an urgent meeting in cairo. those who were there described the meeting as tense. this record shows that silly man delivered a message from israel, saying the israelis had made their final offer and demanded yes or no answer me ah, from us rejected me. dejection
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mediator said he was concerned. negotiations might go back to square one. when the incoming is ready, prime minister benjamin netanyahu took office in a matter of weeks notice happy scholar, better to robert professor. any deals in july. the master must have a home, a homage w up to the visa leech. and buck miguel oil. she had shirley both in chicago at lee priggish a and especially norm seem to me position also to be the 100 and they will the me show homogeneity a haitian, i buck easier they have in she buck gum hurts. and i mean, shall we do. we will milan machine actually weight them the algebra 2 ways. in fact,
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they showed us sophie sco dice got her to go later that night. the egyptian mediator called how much leader alma job. he said he had received further concessions from israel. the israelis agreed to increase the number of palestinian prisoners whose names were to be decided by hamas. the so called v i p list from 5 to 10. the israel is also agreed to release 5 prisoners from jerusalem. job already rejected the revised offer. one of the or, and i haven't had other, i'm going to tell jolla, well, let me just and i see you have some source in the 24th. and how about i didn't was to the alarm or what we do with a lot of the so he went and followed well, we're over the show back a setup one for the guy that there was no one person in the and then after i had him dolo cannot tell him, i'm currently myself or half a while the one left in the miracle. still our promotion,
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shall i am sorry. mia lewis with shale? i me a hola. ya le, let his denture clinics social. hello hm. so the call is there. i only hold him, show me the no it's okay. yeah. hold on. sure. move buck glove as soon as albany on is that usually at the end of march 29 almost left office and benjamin netanyahu became israel's prime minister. there was also a new head of the israeli negotiating team hug. i heard us formerly a senior officer with israel's intelligence agency, ma side 4 months later, a new mediator stepped in gear hard conrad, an officer of the federal intelligence service of germany. conrad, a fluent arabic speaker, had a broker, a prisoner swap,
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a deal between israel and lebanon's has been a year earlier. yet had conrad has never spoken publicly about his role mediating between gaza and television until now night started with new prime minister in israel. mister netanyahu in a little early summer, 2009. when mister, anything built in you negotiation team and asked the german chancellor whether germany it was able to, to con, mediator to the was coming negotiations. then my term lost it from 2009 until spring 2011. kind of felt that they were people wanting been that one more and i'm at them and does a whole fee alcohol what a half unfolded, kenneth moved me or shock or whether nephew and philip sat, manuel, people on money,
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the major issues where that the prisoners demanded bahamas, we had difficult ones or so called impossible once, very often for the israeli side according to their opinion. and as well the solutions which were offered by the strategy side. how to release to where to release such difficult prisoners where hotly contested 3 months after starting his mediation role, conrad achieved a partial breakthrough. israel released 20 female palestinian prisoners in return for a video proving that gillard sallied was still alive. it was a 1st kind of mini deal between both sides, which succeeded, which was a strong encouragement. he's been ugly. sharika, moore said you'll be coming because the day. yeah, well there was no other way to do it. i got it. transported it to
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the, to the other side and day it kept it until the all the procedures were ready to, to ended over. what do you do? i didn't look like that in my school. will people and money? what do you see that you wouldn't live love me so i thought blessing mika feel free to you but but them don't be me to love. what i love is sitting. i mean, unless the, when i was alone mother, i'm one of the she had at noon and one dash half of october was for be in the car. my last people on money when you can and we'll let them know like, i like me, honey shifting because you all my father. i don't my left for the cleaning. why less than what you had in 100 here from the fact that the field one was i did the
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last one was the worker. that it oddly it hello incentives pilot can know what mentally in office and i think man, i'll see what that can. what was done and what did i come home? why that i'm going to be journey with the lodge also. he will. and if you could hear me, doesn't matter if it's, if i didn't hold off was the official her name. i've been one dash i so i'm not out of the she was in the, i know, you know, if you shut off, i'll feel wash, all kind of living model, the harley fisher, her. why fi and what does, what did that occur? and that had a lot of a do the clear is still up while the this document shows a record of a meeting between hamas and the german mediator. the hamas delegation expressed concerns at israel's approach. according to the documents, conrad expressed frustration and toby israelis that his mission was over.
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the israelis were angered and complained about conrad to the german chancellor. the so then when in february 2011 i said look folks, that's all i can do for you. and i heard very many nasty words from the outside from, you know, right is right. is politicians other so that i was falling? let's say the israeli side, so they had that discussion, then they came to us. so their solution, i presented it to the, to the 2 homicide folks. that's for the time being what we could do. and then they had, they are vivid and sometimes controversial discussions as well over over the christmas and in january they reached the conclusion that listen
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not yet. we are not yet there. god only sound of level dying. a girl called a me of a day below michelle on assume should be on the screen from that. we could keep us off mix line with the guys with what does it feel? viable to have you go, it must be a tom with the engine line. the delay was it i what i'm can the social between yahoo, the mice games, i sub time of good money. zimmer said she, that these cousin in 2011 attention was diverted away from garza and towards the so called arab spring movement, including events in egypt. however, behind the scenes negotiations continued that i would have to have a lot of muscle on the chart or bottom line dash when you look inside it or obvious, i'm a whole lot about them on the left for the cleaning. but once you have in what, hello the, how much she thought it was by the anthem,
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via the home and the for the law to be digital up on her, didn't want to kind of the cookie of the household if you still call for thought that a donor and follow the model 20 m i the student who was out on the 3 year to class . what can i have learned and told us how i'm feeling a dash can i can follow the saga hallmark by the shock? well can i please get the in a hand occurred and if i don't hear from most of when demo sharma met them and who fidel latasha dash can will be and what can i will have an order. i don't see that the, the, the deal was done this previously unseen footage shows the moment of commerce signing the agreement on a prisoner exchange deal. matawan isa appears as a member of the how much delegation his face is blurred. the
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the from us side of the agreement was an english and arabic signed along with the signature of the egyptian mediator. it was over 5 years since gala shot each capture. and the terms of his release showed that israel had moved a long way from their original office to come us the final number of palestinian detainees that israel agreed to release was 1027. they fell into several categories and included over 70 palestinian prisoners named in the so called v i p list. israel also agreed to release 46 palestinian prisoners from jerusalem. and 6 from israel. and israeli agreed to free old female
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palestinian detainees held in his wally jails, the israel's prime minister, benjamin netanyahu met gila, shirley on his knees on that day, let him know whose office released a statement saying quote, tough negotiations were carried out night and day in cairo. with the mediation of the egyptian government, we stood our ground. and when our main demands were met, i had to make a decision. ineffectually gum the news you could've called because a maybe a little voucher song coming ceiling with honey shame made for you when the seems me i was going to say the my cell and my say pressure and you may eval is a zisha hamas chicky daily. and i so call me on my door scheme if the for
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hi alice wally hud. hi, miss tom is a class for me. quite a deal more many waves from the large israel in the last you know that the to lead the case will have a and i hope it's him, he's guys will the whole out of the tunnel a me in don't them. she was really misreading him. supposed to the bottom that he says he name of a bail him mushroom. it's a female. every single gale is from one to j. the lucky friend she murmured clearly a cow mil gumby, dumb below what could be done, an ice come so got it. last be surely i came by that's from god. let us go naturally up. shoot low. you will, terry? scold. my so i'm watching some of you. it's gotten us august and even near the story of prisoner exchanges between israel and how much did not end with the
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release of beulah shall eat during the 2014 israeli offensive on gaza. how much claimed to have captured a number of israeli soldiers. this presented the potential for another prisoner exchange negotiation in may 2021. a new sci fi was reached between israel and hamas following an 11 day conflict. so it's thomas now seeking a new round of negotiations to start another prisoner exchange with the soldiers. they claim to have captured in 2014 and i'm off and so i'm on and just the show us on not a foot on enough of coolant for the for me. and while up the soonest, i mean cafeteria and not shaggy on full of cleaning, are we doing just in 2021. her masters, armed with all chris on brigades release to al jazeera arabic, an audio recording,
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claiming to be of a captive israeli sort. and then click on it and put it in the notes on the machine. the machine is when we learn numerous. and any clue how does pain in any pico newton total comes to ah, israel's yard and bloom has acknowledged to death. so kinda golden and old and so i'm captured of it a mangas to and who are said and described the release of the tape and as a quote cheap and transparent manipulation by hamas. it is not possible to confirm whether this recording is indeed the voice of
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a captured is really soldier. nor is it known for the talks are currently taking place for a new round of prison exchanges. but in the ongoing power struggle between israel and hamas. it seems likely that this specific bargaining chip could be leveraged by both sides for years to come in. ah ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by cut on airways. hello there for south america. it's
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a very wet picture. up in the north and in the south, but the central areas it is looking a lot finer and dry a particularly for southern areas of brazil and those coastal areas, temperatures here are sitting above average for this time of year. if we look at the 3 day for rio de janeiro we're seeing is sit at about 5 degrees above average by the time we get into saturday with some sunshine coming through. but the weather is on the way we've weather systems that are working their way. the new to the north east, across eastern areas of argentina and euro grind. they've bought some really wet weather. they're now on their way across, paraguay, and they will reach rio by the time we get into next week. we can take a closer look at that system bringing some really wet and windy weather to paraguay to the south of this week. the weather systems bringing the wet and windy weather to southern areas of chile. we're talking briscoe winds from heavy rains and some snow along the andes. and as we move to central america, it continues to be a wet picture from mexico. we've got scattered storms across southern areas. we've
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got a tropical disturbance that could develop of the pacific coast and we'll keep an eye on that. but for the south, the rain continues for costa rica and panama with storms and showers across the caribbean. sponsored cattle airways got one of the fastest growing nations in the world. ah, the contract needed to open and develop it back into national shipping company to become a team, middle east, and trade and money skilfully in the 3 key areas up to about filling up from the connecting the world, connecting the future on the cut, cut to gateway to whoa trade. going to read the conservation office book, bringing nature and people together to work with what is my passion. my job is linking
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between the content that you need in the epic and you need to find them. or do we have to teach the community living with one lives? it's excellent, elliot limbo, riding with ellia. my son, bob boy on algebra. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm how am i doing this? is the user from coming up in the next 60 minutes? taliban fighters enough ghana some say they taken control of another border crossing, posing a further challenge to government forces.


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