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the field day marks the fall of the prison in $1789.00 to an uprising that helps mark the french revolution. it's becoming in the tradition, thousands to celebrate on the show that these, this year's event has been scale down to 10000 to 10 days because of the pandemic. ah, this is algebra and these are the top stories. the asking to taliban says it's, he's control of the spin boldoff border crossing with pockets filled with the afghan government is denying the groups claims. it says it forces repelled. taliban fighters. come all harder. has more recent ton of on games. they've already occupied the major border crossing with jacob on they have also taken it, which is the key border crossing 3 wrong. they've taken over the door one day,
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which is the key border crossing to minutes dawn. so it appeared that the taliban of god are going to take control of the border crossing because they're also source of revenue. this is where all the supply, the logistic travel and board directions into that landlord country, or indeed a significant development denise in south africa are preparing for more on rest of today's of rice and the thing they 72 people have been killed in the protests. which have grown into a wider show of anger against poverty and inequality. australia has flashed the number of its international arrivals by half to just 3000 people a week. it leaves tens of thousands of strata distributions facing an even more difficult task of returning home. south korea is just reported its highest daily infection rate since the pandemic began, not prompting new restrictions in the capital. so not clubs and churches will be
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closed and gatherings of more than 3 people will now be banned. rockies bearing their relatives, while the death toll from a fire that ripped through a covert, 19 isolation ward and the city of northridge has risen to 90 to the prime minister is promising accountability. the people are blaming government corruption to the accident. 13 officials have been arrested in connection with the blaze. cuba has restricted access to social media and messaging apps other widespread anti government protest. the media says one man was killed during demonstrations and have on the on monday. more than 160 on march graves have been found in the canadian province of british columbia at the side of a former school for indigenous children. more than a 1000 on mount graves have been identified across canada and recent months. the latest discovery was made by the pen locker tribe was the headlines. they'll be more news for you here on al jazeera light off the inside story. the next time,
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bye bye me. that's going public in cuba, the government being blamed for the economic collapse and people want more freedom also calling for the cover leadership. does that sound the where does this leave a communist party in havana? this is inside story. ah ah hello. welcome to the program on the hill, robin food and medicine shortages,
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electricity blackouts, and a surge in corona virus cases. keepers western living conditions have sparked the island nation's largest protests in decades. many cubans say that they've had enough of government policies of taken to the streets, demanding. the president stepped down, but also calling for more freedom and using slogans against the ruling. communist party. dozens of people have been arrested and cut down on security forces. activists are using social media to gather support, but there are no restrictions. internet access present. miguel diaz canal who succeeded round cancer this year called on his supporters to defend the country. he's blamed the turmoil on decades long us sanctions, which have dried up cash resources. loafing, nancy, i mean to care. i'm a pull you are receiving. the lack of finance for governance is due to the aggressive policy of blockade and financial persecution by the us. it being maintained by the government and we have not been able to maintain and fix the
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power supply planning. and now the with administration during donald trump's tenure imposed more than $200.00 new sanctions on cuba and president joe biden house the fall mess those measures in place. he's urge the cuban government to listen to people's grievances folks. i want to start by recognize a remarkable protest taking place in cuba. cuba, people demanding their freedom from an authoritarian regime. i don't think we've seen anything like this in a long time. of course, frankly ever in the united states stands firmly with the people or q what as they assert their universal rights. and because the government, from acumen to refrain from violence or attempt to silence the voice of the people or cuba or cuba has been suffering hardships as the collapse of its back of the soviet union. it's not facing the greatest economic crisis in more than 30 years. the economy shrank by 11 percent last year,
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and it's believed to be far worse now. tourism revenues, a main source of income for many cubans have dried up. the number of international travelers fell to at 90 percent compared to the before cubans. wait in lines, hours to buy basic products, pharmacy shelves, empty, and electricity blackouts, a common. the price of goods has also sold with inflation at 500 percent and expected to increase further. the government's reserves, the foreign currency a depleted and that cannot afford to buy in goods to make up for the shortages. ah, well let's bring in august joining me via zoom from havana in cuba is gregory burial ski, keep analyst and strategic consultant from miami, florida. in the united states rose up maria by our founder of cuba, decide the pro democracy movement and the executive director of the foundation for pan american democracy. and then also the canadian capital. how kell pack the
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author of the book, cuba military keepers military, 990 to 2005 the professor at the royal military college of canada will welcome to all of my guest and thanks for joining us on this edition of inside story. mr. ben, he'll see because you were in havana just like tonight. i mean anger on the streets of cuba. many might not have thought they would have ever seen the scenes that they did. and how surprised are you about what you've seen? certainly, from sundale woods. in fact, if i'm surprised, if that is that the signs of anger and discontent hadn't manifested months earlier . the situation in cuba has been extremely critical for many months now. and it, if anything surprising it, it's the populations patient with the regime and, and until last sunday, holding back in mass program. miss pine in miami, let me bring you and you have a different view, perhaps different perspective being across the water. what surprised you about
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sunday, or did it surprise you at all? now it was not. it was not a surprise actually from, from the beginning of the year deal. you uncertainty. there were more than more than 1000. and 100 brought this that we know off. so the big conditions were where were created for, for these to happen is something that is their pricing. is that this massive, massive way to go to that didn't happen before we reuse there. and sunday, more than 45 between seated and downs, that were protest. and we're talking about hundreds of thousands of cuban industry at the same time across the island demand in read of demanding the end of the dictatorship. the packet in auto was this just, you might say a, a pressure cooker just waiting to burst. yes, i have the right re and the only surprise here is,
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is the time before there was an explosion of sometime around your program as far as going through the works period perhaps works for even on the special period of the night where things were pushing back on there are other elements such as the of the, of the, the embargo, which has already tara lation for, for the data will pick the program develops. can i bring in gregory again in havana? i mean, how concerned were you and you thought to hear reports about the heavy handedness of the security forces? they've, the authorities on the island have tried to hold back over the last 6 decades when it comes to protest like this for the moment. i wasn't concerned perturbed any,
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any kind of injury. so public protest of course is disturbing. i would, i would also say though, that compared to protests around the world, the cuban military had shown considerable restraints. mean there are no serious injuries that have been recorded by these 3 media, definitely know deaths, and i know i have friends that were part of the program and they themselves said that they weren't happy with it. but they were not allowed to protest in a way that again, compared to protest throat, latin america for colombia or chilly, where you 800 people, losing your eyes because the rubber bullets cube has reaction was, was quite restrain that does not justify stopping it. but we, i think we need to note, note the difference a miss. i was watching you as gregory spoke, you were shaking your head in disagreement. we got to come in. yes, of course. have because maybe it's because of the information. maybe it is because
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of the shutdown of internet that happened from brown on the, in the island that, that the right amount of information is not available. but, but you, by you do it to check social media. and i'm to see, for instance, in the report that in some cool, just to see different now it will have 5 versions associated. we have to leave at least at least a few names which are miss then determine and meet in just a few minutes are of course partials or the name of the company. is that the position, the principal of the given society. but this brought this peterson lead brought in and that have been johnson, arizona in the whole island. they have been, i just saw yesterday night an a, an e. my should media of, of, of the lady crying. i knew screaming because his nephew was killed in best buy meat and my dad there
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a special bodies of the day. i mean instead of interior that the whole island actually a is spreading mile. and again, the day the people that he's for the district. ok. so we set the scene about what happened was since sunday, so let's just trying to pick exactly how we've got here. mr. kell packet, you know, and also i mean the government's problems and and as you mentioned, the embargo, the sanctions we had the global financial crushes of what the 19 eighties and the 2 thousands cuba seem to survive through all of those 6 decades of you might say turbo plus the soviet breakup and very little domestic strife. with that, why has it boiled over? you think now? is there another reason? well, i think it's just a combination. this is the same monk monk problems are not the number and many areas of the functioning
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and by special period standards, electricity. so but the cues in the space simply unbelievable. and the difficulties and the mattresses are so severe. but even under nationally given the economic downturn generally when you add to that, the tremendous success to madison the system in the early months now overturned in recent weeks by the explosion of. ready the demo, really, it is an extraordinary combination, which i think as perhaps the 1st time there's a real generalized loss of confidence in government control of the situation in terms of being able to pull out on this current. mr. bell sky, and have you been building an agreement with that? i mean, you're on the ground that you speak to people all the time. how do they feel about where they are now and who's to blame?
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yeah. well, i think it's an error to look at the cuban crisis in a black and white way. i think there is a significant minority of people in cuba who want to see regime clap. i think there is a significant minority people who are blindly loyalty duration. and i think there is a majority of people in the middle who all want significant economic reform, but do not want to me all to collapse. and i think at least the cubans that i speak to, including cubans are not members of the communist party and to protect government. they would prefer change within the system because they're fearful of collapse. so i think that what does, what do the protests mean people are fed up? but i do not necessarily think that means the vast majority of cubans want to collapse a precipitous collapse of the richie ms. ty i saw you with a wry smile,
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listening to what gregory had to say, because i just wonder whether the assumption that people don't want to leave the island. they love that key, but they love that country, but they just want to change of leadership and direction that would take them out of what they've seen as 6 decades of sanction. 6 decades of a blockade. i mean, where is that? is there a happy medium at all? well, everybody's entitled to their assumptions and their opinions. but why did people, was this claimant industry? it was freedom down, was that i'm not embarrassed in this and just repeat in why do we listen to what we listen on sunday, even a monday and they just told me today doesn't come away. there are, there are still protest even and beside old, the repression that it have been taking place in the i love the people with chanting homeland on the live we have in the spanish is bad that you'd be that the
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people with shunting freedom, freedom, freedom down, with the faith, i think that's big. that's pretty clear. and i my my, my call and make me yes for the national community, for all those people with good intentions and, and us as those that, that can be final. if please do listen to the people and not so much to hold the propaganda, i'll give again all day old the scene, believe them that day to run dictatorship, her been able to, to build the last decade and please listen to the people that he's just very dia and he said, you know, gregory, gregory is disagreeing with you, but i'll come back to you quickly. nobody's going to get to mr. clack. because if you have a disagreement and you will down with the regime is as i was saying, many supporters, what does he in cuba, mr. clueback, what replaces it? and who replaces that? i'm from where?
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well, i think that's really the key question number. government has been able to take some time or children's remarkably well educated solution. gregory is absolutely right. there are significant portions of the election. there are still very loyal mention the reports and those are the courses. this is a black and white situation too, but rarely, rarely are. i think that what we see is increasing frustration. an explosion of frustration, i think, historically, what is the problem free time? at least the civil war united states and then she married few people want to go down that route. i think every day would be mostly in there. so perhaps a bit separated from, from some elements. but there is not of feeling in my view,
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in the selection style of the total dismantlement of the system, which has remarkable achievement and a latin american. and i think that is the problem. how would you replace what you move them? is general rejection of the miami option. going back to 1958. there's general rejection of aaron on one on the last 60 years because it's not any longer reducing the list. so i think that is the crisis. people on the island in my mind, not wish to see her face and blood in the space, but they neither do they wish to continue. asian, what they see is what they needed. and it is a agreement to disagree that setting in the notting heads i'm getting, but gregory, anybody else can come back to you, not in agreement with what mr. pac says, but obviously the us themselves are sort of voicing their concern. and it's not
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necessarily that cuban people want a u. s. style of democracy. they've seen what us intentions can do in other countries, and it's not great when it comes to what the world thinks democracy should be. where should the debate begin? if it's not in miami, and if it's not in cuba, where should it begin? i believe there debate needs to take place. first and foremost, between the cuban government, the american government to lift the embargo. i think that be that the keeping the embargo in place an incredible disappointment here in cuba, by people across the spectrum that biden did not quickly return to obama's policy of engagement. that is the key thing lift the embargo 1st. and then if cuba is not change, there is a different argument to be made. but i think the international community is very, very clear at the embargo has no moral basis and should be listed. and i would like
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to pose the question, the most part. yeah. does she also think that the u. s. embargo be lifted immediately and unconditionally and then allow cubans on the island and cubans in miami dialogue to make changes? because the remaining of that bar go maintaining portraits and policies and in fact, empowers hard line tendencies in the government and weakens. reformists tend to be, i would like to know if i should be embargo be listed miss via the floor is yours. that's. that's your opinion. that people understand is not asking for the listing of the bible is asking for the end of the day to ship. and based on the end, the real gauntlet here is not between google and any other country. then we have gone from here is between the bank or ship that for 60 years be repressing that given people didn't met in the human rights and that ha, i bureau before i land into it and deeper, very, very deep and,
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and buried that crisis. and the people in this is say we can, we can, we were able to save our country, but we need the end of 30 days, or should we need to present to do it. and if it's actually, if it's very frustrating, julie sent you an to do foreign people that i believe that love they keep people do what they call flip in all their dimension. that is not the principal one. we do not need any in the a should be doing that the ship and any other government as well or so what we need to do that is 3 don't i mean that the board of the me work for that read on that the people were the man and industry gregory want to come back on the vast majority of fuel engine. this is been shown and many, many holding. instantly the vast majority of cubans do not support to be worth
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embargo. i guess i'd like to refund. what does she think? but moreover, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people in the street is not necessarily people use a country, a 12000000. so if you can get 100000 on the street, what about the rest of the population? i would say they want the embargo lifted. i would say they definitely want fundamental economic change and eventually political change. but i think they want it done in a very slow pot, 5 and, and to caraway. again, wish the us embargo. this is obviously intervention in the sovereignty of country and actually it wasn't. why does every other country in the world say the embargo should be like i spoken to western diplomats who say the embargo hinders change in cuba and others. what change and i think they should say, i think years on operating diverted, they publicly, i would like to be buying the ministration to immediately return to the position of obama and proceed by listening to margaret. i would like to say that because i
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would say, and i'm here in havana, the vast majority of cuban wants be embargo listed to date miss tire. while the bottom i owe this to you on this date, we're asking for freedom of for the end of 30 days, or she and i know human rights founder and human rights has been met by the, by the given dictates, or super 60 years in microns. and to keep making this conversation about congress of united states and not about de may conflict that is taking place to day to day in my conflict, which is going to be doing any better with the military power cracking down on the, on, on our own. and pieces that were asking for freedom. well, i mean that that's all that was that they were one. you just hit, you just tell you what the hell will say he was not talking about the demand for cleaning up the given people. he was talking about the job that he wants to dog. all they're going to be doing all their since we're talking about cuban. and this
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is among cuban and cubans. she had me that brought that go on a role in this, in this conflict because we are the, the, the most and we are the ones that are asking for, we don't. and all that we need is solely dyed the, for the international for the international. get with that very simple demand. okay, miss, but let's go to all, to a and to mr. to pack that, because obviously we one day with all of the disturbances on the streets with the international condemnation that's come with it. how serious or how precarious is president miguel diaz canals position right now? how do you view it? well, i think it's very dangerous park, speaking on the black and white firms, there is a crisis. there is an explosion of ire among the large percentage people frustration among the whole of the people who put this in black and white turn dictatorship
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against people is really not very helpful and doesn't reflect in any way the last 2 years of experience of the other historian, i'm baffled by this of black and white. we have is a real, real issue on human rights in terms how would you build that? well, you have to have bio or violence, and we idea this is going to be the people rising or one again, government and therefore it's just simply not on. when the work about collect mr. click click because it seems that president canal of the canal doesn't want to have a dialogue. right now the moment he's just blaming america. everything that's going on in his island on, on his island. so what stage can there be any,
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any dialogue on who makes the 1st move? you know, if biden's government in the u. s. has maintained the position from his predecessor, how does how, how do you move that the line to start and negotiation? yes, i think that's a very for question. first they have done what they always do, which is blame, uniquely the american. this is along the 2nd on the war, super tiny country. there's no doubt particularly for access to the national being quickly problem for the state of, for the last 62 years. but that doesn't mean that the saying that they are the only problem when you're only 18 and put them on many levels. while there are many, many achievements which are, are many terms at the same time at the moment we see more failure than they believe . so he might have opened himself up to dialogue with
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a wider spectrum of relation. but as long as, as long as the, the embargo is in place, it's extremely difficult to see how one can move forward because there will be no resources and let them use the money to suppress consent will be very strong. is obviously a subject that we will have to revisit. unfortunately we have run out of time. then i think that we will be coming to the story again. and again, i'd like to take hold of my guests are joining me on this edition of inside. so it's a great, great off sky rosette, maria pyre, and how color back. thanks so much. and of course, thank you for watching your course. can see this program again by logging on to our website. is there a dot com of the further discussion gateway facebook page on facebook dot com forward slash ha inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter handle . there is at a j inside story for me. so rahman and the inside story team,
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thanks very much for your time and your company. the news news news you want to help save the world. leads into your elbow. in mineral central to the quest for clean energy. a key ingredient for the production of electric car batteries, cobalt extracting it is dangerous. profitable, with global demand set the skyrocket. people in power investigates claims the industrial mines contracting the precious material needed for cleaner energy. are
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in fact poisoning the environment with dire health consequences. those living in their shadow, the cost of cobalt people in power on a just, you know, when freedom of the press and the threat, you know how you just because i thought genuinely about your thoughts towards the government step outside the mainstream. there has been a implement here, some of access points that shift the focus. the panoramic that's turned out to be a handy little pretext. the prime minister to clamp down on the press covering the waves. the news is covered. the listening post on just this lights may look like a city from the sky, but their fishing vessels just outside june tina's exclusive economic zone. the united states launched operations southern cross to combat, illegal and unregulated fishing in the southern atlantic. argentina's coast guard
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say the main task is to control the movements. so they do not cross into argentine territory from this home arjun, time authorities can monitor for what's happening in economic ones. but what a 40 here are saying is what's important is to regulate what's happening in international waters the. ready me i'm hello, he didn't in doha with the top stories on al jazeera, the taliban says it seems control of a border crossing with pakistan. this message has emerged which appears to show taliban fighters at the border gate. however, the afghan government is denying the arms group claims. it says it forces have repelled taliban fighters. the spin bolden crossing connects the city of kandahar
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directly with pakistan and is a major.


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