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part bounced on, i was 0, me play an important role. protecting human. ah, ah, ah, telephone fighters in afghanistan say that taking control of another border crossing, posing a further challenge to the other. this is their life. also coming up con is 800000 killed and 100 the rest in south africa. and then right, so the dia, the economy locked down and locked out of trailer homes. the number of citizens
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allowed to return home. went any further outbreak of covered time picking up the pieces to mount som from israel, more with garza, the social and economic impact is still being felt in northern israel. ah, we begin and gone a storm of the taliban says it seized control of a border crossing with pocket stone. this footage has emerged which appears to show telephone size is at the border gave. however, the afghan government is denying the armed groups claims. it says it forces have repelled telephone fighters. there's been ball the crossing, connects the city of kandahar directly with pakistan, and as a major supply line for whoever controls it. while hotter has more from its love about red bugger thong, had an elaborate board of friends they said they have already completed 90 percent
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of freight restricted on the in dire 2600 kilometer long border largest on of course a concern because they fear that activity, water, and of understand were to have a blow black effect on pockets on not only will it for refugees to come into pocket on the country already having 3000000 refugees within the country. and so the country of god is watching nervously, but also asking the wrong the negotiating table in charge. politically. it also must be understood that despite the nations and counter aggregation between cobblins law, the fact remained that the taliban have captured a large, often a low weapon, a cross of one, it's on in the district, red dev overriding the outbound national army where the national army under cody, i have no then of talk 5. when it comes to represent your nation to carry on their
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offensive of god, there will be tension between of one on and budget on given the fact that the dollar bond will be trying now to go for the door. come, richard. the only remaining board across major border crossing with budget on they've already killed a mom bunder richard. the board ever gets on. they've taken over the border for minutes on where did on. all right, so indeed this will be a big morale boost and also the fact that this is also a revenue generating area because of the large number of logistics applied that crossing at the point 5 is alonda is a professor at campbell university and executive director of the democracy piece and development think tank. he says the pell of bonds control of more border crossings is affecting government revenue. spin bullock is the dog good to to
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pakistan 1st. so it is a very a venue. busy venue for government. secondly, my house especially kinda hard its the lease for the family, but the spiritual leader was stationed throughout the year from 994 till 2001 was staying there. so. busy taking over the place, getting back to a place where the i've started the resistance and the infection. i think that is what it's repeated for taliban. busy public opinion with the. busy recent development, the international aid and donations, i've gotten less and less by time and some of the commission or getting my condition to going to governments a grip over the country. so it will also create more pressure on cobble regarding managing their budget. and really,
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police in south africa are preparing for more unrest after days of rights and losing at least $72.00 people have been killed in the protests, which have grown into a wider show of anger against poverty and inequality. protest for initially triggered by the imprisonment of jacob boomer foundation, says there'll be no peace it until he is released from jail. security for hills are urging people to felt the rising of concerns growing over the supply of food and fuel. to meet a bill is in handbook, she says the deployment of police just called the violence and some places been put through natal with us. unrest began, we continued to see looting as well as a number of businesses and warehouses, set a light overnight and those fires continue to rage. and i think the major concern aside from wiring around the worry around continue, ryan continuing rise is to be economic impact,
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which we beginning to see. we know that the largest refinery in south africa, oil refinery, has said that it will suspend operations for the time being simply because it can't get in the materials. it needs to continue operating. and this is also due to some of the, the unrest that we've seen the last few days and that's dozens of products have been set a light, major highways have been blocked and we're also hearing of from the train operator . the rail operates in south africa that they potentially could be impacted by this the port city of the supplies of goods to the rest of the south africa. it's the largest port in africa and also potentially then supports neighboring countries. and they all concerns around the delivery of goods to areas like halting and inland provinces, but potentially even south africa's neighbors. and the concern really has around things like pharmaceutical materials, especially during
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a covert 19 pan. they make food and water and that's increasingly the concern is just how the rest of the country all of the country will cope given that the important point of course through natal has been so severely impacted by the riots that continue and tens of thousands of radians have been stock overseas throughout the pandemic, and the government is tightening meshes even further. number of citizens and residents who are allowed to return has been cut in half down to 3000 a week. australia, the vaccine rollout has been slow and that continues to pursue a strategy of their own transmission. australia has restricted entry of its own citizens in a way that know while the democratic nation has, according to human rights watch, citizens, residents and their families overseas have been effective. they locked out. these policies. south korea just reported its highest daily infection rate. since the pandemic began pumping new restrictions in the capital, so night clubs, churches,
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and gatherings of more than 3 people will now be banned. in 1600 people test positive because with 19 in the past day there was robert bribes has been we've been under the most stringent measures since the start of this week. but this is where most of the new cases are occurring. but there is increasing concern about what's going on out in the provinces with reports of new daily infections. i am more than doubling recently. and the vaccination program, the government has been accused of being overly cautious if not planning to get enough people vaccinated quickly enough. and it was always known that because of the supplies of vaccines coming in different batches, that july actually would be a lead time. and that's what we are seeing now. there is a shortage of vaccines around the government believes that from august onwards, the increased number of shipments are going to alleviate that has more vaccines become available. there was also concerned at the start of the program. there was
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some reticence about side effects that seems to have been replaced now by the more widespread concern about this 4th wave and about the ad delta very. and so we are seeing an increase in demand. and just as an example of that, this week, the vaccines are being rolled down to the latest target group. it's the 55 to 59 year old. as soon as the website we became active and people could apply to get the job, that is several 1000000 people who can apply around about 800000 of them. at one stage, we're all online trying to register for their 1st injection. indonesia is also in the grip of a was sending outbreaks with a record of nearly 48000 new infections reported on tuesday. people are still having problems, getting oxygen and medication is hard to come by. and you cases also being claimed on the delta variance. the after months of declining infections, cases are on the rise in the united states. search is also being driven by the
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delta very there and flowing vaccination rates. why kind of has more from washington dc. the infection rate has now doubled within the last 3 weeks today, there was some 23000 new cases reported as opposed to roughly 11000 on june the 23rd. there are a few reasons for this. firstly, delta barian has created a massive problem within the united states as it has in other countries. but what you've also had in between 2 is the july, the full holiday weekend, where there were large numbers of gatherings. so these are coming together to create this as flare up in infection rates within the united states. on the brighter side, perhaps, deaths are running at about $250.00 a day. to put this into a context they were running at around 3 and a half 1000 a day earlier in the winter. so clearly the vaccination has a massive impact in terms of restricting the number of depth even of those who
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contract the virus. but what is the problematic to is the discrepancy, the geographical discrepancy within the united states? nationally, some 55 percent of americans have had at least one shot to the vaccine. but then there are a number of states that are very low vectors and rates such as mississippi, which is under 40 percent higher nevada. these are all states where the vaccine rates are incredibly low. and it is no coincidence that the rate of infection is much higher in those states than in others. rockies are burying their relative while the death toll from a fire that ripped through covered 900 isolation world. and the city of the city has risen to $92.00. the foreign minister is promising accountability. the people a blaming government corruption for the accident. 13 officials have been arrested in connection with the late 82 people were killed in fact that in a similar hospital fire and april, almost above
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a head has more from the 3 year in southern iraq. we're now again inside that this isolation or words and as if you can see behind the meat relatives of the victims and along good side even different teams. the continuing to search for remains any remains of the bodies of the victim. as you know, because the according to the forensic department around 30 and i and only 39 but is have been identified the, the rest is till under identify and get process because as you know the, the fire was huge and many buddies were torn apart. their buddy domain, just flesh parks. many people could not recognize or identify their loved ones. now, as you can see, these are the relatives of the families. relatives of the victims is trying to find it remains and they say that the victims will not only covered 900 patients who
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were receiving treatment here in this a solution ward. but also the victims included the nurses, paramedics, and also rescuers volunteer. they tell us people tell us here that there is cures, hopeful and here to help to try to rescue the victims died also from suffocation or burn. now, the consequences of this incident is 13 health official being suspended and not only suspended, but an arrest warrant has been issued against the health officials in the province on top of them. the health data of the province and other hospital in other provinces have been taken an emergency merger is to an order to evade such tragedy to happen again. now, according to the penal code,
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the iraqi pin include the punishment of those 2 p and health officials. now into 7 years, the people here are very safe and they say they will continue demonstrating they will continue human to 3 things. and the main is quick enough for you here until justice. but the fact that the government and the president of iraq have admitted their mistakes, that is not enough solid for them. still come here on algebra. this is a test of our time with us president joe biden way into the fight for voting rights . the democrats take dramatic action to the rail. a republican push to twice and restrictions. hong kong book fair is back. this year, exhibit is may have to be careful about what they display. ah, ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways.
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hello there, let start in east asia and is more wet weather on the way for china, particularly in the north east and in the south west. we've seen flooding in such one province. we'd like to see more as those 2 wrenched rains are expected to continue to form. i know storms and showers stretching all the way up into he'd bay province. beijing is likely to see more of that wet weather as we go into friday. thunderstorms kicking in, not just here, but in coastal areas. we're expecting them to be inundated with that rain. the korean peninsula will also remain fairly wet, and japan will continue to see those torrential downpours, particularly across southern areas. you should see some heavy rain, but up in the north for her kind of things are looking like dry with some sunshine breaking through. and it's a similar story for the eastern areas of china. shanghai seen the temperature sit in the early thirty's down in the south. the wet weather will be kicking in over
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the weekend, hong kong feeling particularly humid as move to india. now it's a very wet picture. those monsoon rains continuing to inundate the western coast to go to red, alert out for go, and that weather is expected to stretch into central areas. so things are going to look rather wet this weekend to sponsor cut on airways. obviously the world unpacks the fascinating story of a prisoner exchange, negotiated to intermediaries on behalf of us and israel, a story of brinkman ship and bartering, a captive israeli soldier for palestinian prisoners as recalled by media players from both sides. anatomy of a prisoner exchange. on his ear. ah,
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the me. what's going on is there a reminder about how story? the telephone says it's safe control, but the symbols on august on the government is denying the claim. it forces with help tell about his release from south africa are preparing for more on days of riots and 72 people have been killed in the process which have grown into a want to show of anger against poverty inequality. australia had flashed the number on the international arrival by just 3000 people a week. at least tens of thousands of dreaded afraid facing and even more difficult task for turning home. cuba has restricted access to social media and messaging
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apps. the widespread anti government protests. same media says one man was killed during the demonstrations and have on, on monday, thousands, march on sunday to protest against an economic crisis. and the government handling the pandemic, keep as president, is accusing the us and cuban americans of encouraging the protests. the us vice president has met a group of democrats from the state of texas, hoping to stop a republican bank bill that would make it harder for people to vote. the group flew to washington to deny the state legislature the numbers needed to vote on the bill . cobbler harris praised the move, comparing them to civil rights activists. while texas republicans a calling today arrest mac, i'd say proposal to limit voting rights will disproportionately affect minorities president joe biden has called the fight for voting rights, a test about time. a white house correspondent kimberly help get report us
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president joe biden traveled to philadelphia the birthplace of american democracy to highlight what he says is an existential threat. we're facing the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war. not i personally sense the civil war. the confederates back then never breached the capital as insurrection listed on january, the 6th. ah, why didn't says american democracy is under assault by republicans who refused to accept the 2020 presidential election results and even tried to overturn it? the big lie is just that a big. why would you want to election? it's not, i probably suggest the most examine in the fullest expression of the world, the people in the history of this nation. when that failed,
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he says his political opposition turned to republican state legislatures to pass restrictions, making it harder for voters to cast a ballot in the future. they want to make it so hard, inconvenient that their hope people don't vote at all. that's what this is about. at least 14 republican controlled states have enacted laws the restrict voting access. they say the measures combat widespread voter fraud. they claim was prevalent in 2020 texas is the latest date to restrict voting. texas democrats fled to washington d. c. to stop a vote on a proposed law that they say would make it harder to cast a ballot measures. bided is under pressure to stop. you, make commitments said you're going to do this or do that think commit to that. followed through, that's the most important part. following give us this person, people right to say you can vote a certain you cannot do it is you cannot go out. it's not like it's been proven,
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is making it work. we should be adding through to make it better, make it easier, open, more full, more location, make it easier for the ellen not trying to tell your hand in blindfolding. so you go vote. that's making it worse. that's like going back to the, i want to say flavors biden's urging congress to pass to federal measures to do just that. he's also expanded the civil rights division of the department of justice to challenge state voting restrictions in the courts. person abiding has passed his vice president, comma le harris was leaving his administration to efforts to protect valid access, calling it a top priority of his presidency. kimberly health care else's eros hill adelphia. while the $160.00 unmarked graves have been found in the canadian province of british columbia, the size of a former school for indigenous children over a 1000 unmarked graves been identified across canada and recent months. the latest discovery was made by the pet lockwood tribes prime minister johnston trudeau. this
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is heartbreak for all indigenous communities across the country. relations between jewish communities and palestinians, living in israel are still trained months off the sci fi with hamas and garza came into effect during the conflict several so called mixed cities experienced riots that fitted the 2 sides against each other. but as the humming reports from okay in northern israel, the consequences of the unrest having an economic and social impact. it's supposed to be a model of coexistence, deport ctf, aka, in the north of israel, a place where jews and palestinians usually live together. this should be the high season. the put should be buzzing with tourists, especially now most go with 19 restrictions have been lifted in israel, but my mood old is restaurant is empty. his family has owned the business since 972
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and has a solid reputation, has the right time because we know the clients don't return because the image of the city is tarnished. a regular clients didn't come back and it will take several months for them to return. it's longer than we expected. but since their rights in may, at the start of the 11 days got a war, i can this market remain empty. the angry young people took to the street, carrying out vandalism, and ransacking one person with moses of food as art gallery was damage. he just reopened a few days ago, but few people are walking through doors. he blames former prime minister benjamin netanyahu because the government didn't give an education. they didn't put a lot of money. the government put money on the for stone. the mic like the big for the fix. everything at the museum and everything building they need to give. you're not supporting to the people that sense of neglect. it's something method member
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ruth bus admin lender heard about doing her tour of this ancient coastal city. an effort by the new coalition government to be more inclusive and i wanted to see with my own eyes, what is the feeling of the people, both arabs and jews, and, and what can be done to help and a lot of the perpetrators, what actually underground people crying that are also making the lives of the arab population within the city. very, very difficult crime. and by listening communities has risen during the past decade . without much government intervention. the people are, you know, are not satisfied by economical the social situation. and a want in every opportunity to to
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you know, to tell other people, please notice us we are here. you are not noticing us. you are not dealing with us . you are ignoring us for many act as being boycotted as punishment for the acts of a few eventually to it's will start trickling back. but for coexistence to take hold palestinian grievances need to be heard. put up to meet elders, either in northern israel or francis has been released from hospital 11 days after he underwent intestinal surgery. he's no commitments for the rest of the month and will continue his recovery at the vatican. emergency crews in the us are battling to contain nearly 60 wildfires burning across 10 western states. thousands of people have been moved from their homes. country lopez, hardy on reports. the this wildfire season is breaking records in the us. dozens of fires are raging in western states with more than 340000 hector's burned
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in recent days. in california, a state known for its many wild wires, the amount of land burned has more than tripled since last year. the fire was moving so fast and so hot, it was exploding, spot fires ahead of it, way ahead of it. like a gunshot. this fire near the arizona utah border is one of the many that's close highways and roads. scientists say severe trouts and the climate crisis are fueling extreme temperatures. the bootleg choir in oregon is the largest blaze, an area twice besides the city of portland is in flames, and it's disrupting power transmission lines to california. thousands of people across many states have been evacuated. we got out in time, i looked in my rear view mirror, and the flames passed over the road and headed down my driveway and burned both
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sides of my property. in oregon, he related deaths are also on the rise. many have died alone in their homes, with temperatures reaching $46.00 degrees over the last year. we have prepared for a search and just because it could be 19. and a year ago we were just emerging from restrictions and honestly it never crossed my mind then that we would be a wave of dust from heat as we have these last few weeks. the extreme conditions pose yet another challenge for emergency crews. we have to be very careful about we where we insert cruise to make sure they don't get trapped and with fires burning across several states. concerns are growing as the fire season isn't over yet. katia low. this is a young al jazeera, the hong kong book fair is under the spotlight. it's the 1st time it's being held sensations. national security law was passed last year, the critic se had his crushed descent, the global financial help. a claim authorities rejects adrian brown has moved from
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hong kong. too many book fairs are a great festival of words, but in today's hong kong would have consequences. this is the 1st book fair to happen here. since the imposition of a wide ranging national security law more than a year ago, a law that has had a profound impact on this territory in the past few weeks, one of its most popular newspapers has been forced to close. now the government assist the organizers insist the books on display here and not being vetted all censored but they say the exhibitors have to comply with local laws. the national security law. we spoke to one author who said the mood at this festival was very different from the 12 years ago when books on display touched on things like the pro democracy movement and even independence for hong kong. i have a new book talking about the relation between the chinese communist party and hong
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kong in the past century. but it cannot appear this year. i don't know why. there are lots of reasons, but it represent a low pressure in politics in hong kong. well, some books take all the right boxes, books promoting the ideas, the thoughts of china as president cheating thing are prominently displayed here. hong kong government says that this have been demonstrates that freedom of speech in hong kong remains intact. now this event was supposed to happen a year ago, but was canceled because of cobit 19. the fact it's happening now says the government is a reminder that hong kong, political, as well as physical health, is recovering people across problems to celebrating the national holiday with fireworks and parades. the field day marks the fall of the prison in 1718 line and lead to an uprising that helps
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spark the french revolution. it's becoming in the tradition, thousands to celebrate on the show that these, this year's event has been scaled down to 10000 to 10 days because of the pandemic . ah, results there are these other top stories. the african taliban says it's, he's control of the spin bulldog border crossing with pockets filled with the afghan government is denying the groups claims. it says it forces repels telephone factors. come all. honda has more on recent ton of on games. they've already occupied the major border crossing with jacob on they've also taken islam. taylor, which is the key border crossing 3, ron. they've taken over the door one day which is the k border crossing to minutes .


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