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and the struggle to be accepted, al jazeera, tells the story of what it is like to be lebanese and color strangely at home. once upon a time and punish, go on al jazeera. ah, taliban fighters in afghanistan said, seized a border crossing with pump system. ah, i'm kimbell, this is elders are alive from doha. also coming up dozens of killed and hundreds of rested in south africa. days of losing right after the former president take a do my grief and anger interval has been all take place. the 92 victims of
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a fire at a cold, at 19 isolation hospital of south korea. the highest ever cove at 19 infection told it's a delta there and few more new cases around the world. ah, we begin with breaking news from i've gone a storm and the taliban says it seized control of a border crossing with pakistan. this footage has emerged which appears to show taliban fighters at the border gate. but the african government is denying the groups claims. it says it forces repelled telephone 5 years. it's been bulldog border crossing connects the city of kandahar directly with focused on and is a major supply line for whoever controls it while how to joins us now live from the pakistani capital is i'm about come all. so obviously conflicting accounts, what are you hearing from your sources about what exactly is happening at the border crossing? well,
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according to the report that we have received the border cross saying what they're tagged by a dollar bond fight. just bought midnight last night. they crept through the day they said they occupied most of the military fortifications in that area. took control of the border again. and they've already said that they've always good thing, fresh radio, which clearly showed that dollar bon bin ball game, which is a major, gave border cross link. and it's got we have the have fresh radio for dates from dollar bond in the area who said that their family and control despite claimed by the government that did otherwise. it is important to understand that no one is on the case. strong board of the $1.00 bond at road from green bolduc that the movement began in the early $990.00. and there's up to now proving to be one of
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their strategic objectives because they've already occupied the major border crossing with jacob on. they've also taken it out, which is the gate border crossing to redrawn they've taken over the door one day, which is the key border crossing to 30 minutes. dawn. sure, it appears that the taliban of god are going to take control of the gate border crossing because there are also a source of revenue. this is where all the supply, the logistics, travel, and board directions in that landlord country show. indeed, a significant development as part of the dollar bond claim. and i've got the evidence that they've been showing video that they are firmly in control of green ball dot ok. come on, i've kind officials have, have long accused focused on of supporting the telephone. what is pockets gone make of the tele bonds advances and i've kind of stone red
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pockets on it. certainly watching wait concern because i know that there will be a fall out on august on as the fighting plays up dead at the rate of 40 blow and civil war. read the accusation against the drug. there is nothing new. bugger, thought needs have been saying even in the past that when you're start loading the war, the blame game starts buckets on it should be noted was also one of the key blade and facilitating died, a face to face dog between the dollar bond and the american which led to that settlement lead to the redraw on the ongoing withdrawal of us 40. so pockets on the card that came through it. did warrant political settlement. it doesn't warn the conflict to intensify because it said millions of guns may escape across the border into buckets. on the country saying that it already has 3000000 of bond and cannot afford to look after more refugees that are also fair that many of those escaping
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across may be elements which have been operating against buckets on that that, that he get dollar bond buckets on so indeed, huge grammar cation for what's going on next door, and one is on and implications for parker stop. thank you very much for that update . come on her. there live for us in islam about fires. island is a professor at caldwell university and executive director of the democracy piece and development think tank. he joins us on scott from cobble, thank you for your time. how significant is this development the taliban taking control of this crossing? what does it mean for them? thanks. busy spin ball the case the dog did to to pakistan 1st. so it is a venue. busy venue for government. secondly, south specially kinda had it the but least for the taliban. did it spiritual lead.
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it was stationed to. busy be from 994 to 2001 was staying there. so. busy busy taking over the place, getting back to a place where we started the resistance and the inception. i think that is what strategic for taliban. busy my public opinion might more get violated with this woody within the population, especially in the south that my my how you and simply tell, you know, if they can ship hon bundle with just on your clothes by hired. i thought it was based on the i've taken over islam follow with you on the f taken over the border with the minister and so on. most the region gets to the region of them taken by italy, but it will be my vision of the problem. government with the region in the region
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might get more worried about how to deal with started on. okay. i trying to pick up on something you said they're just dive into a little bit. so it's what you're saying is the african government with these developments, is sort of losing legitimacy and perhaps also public trust is that right? yeah. and also the venue resources that is spent. bolduc is one of those, the biggest revenue for government. so with the recent development that international aid and donation is i've got on the list and list by time. and some of the commission are getting my condition to going to government group all over the country. so it will also create more pressure on cobble regarding my managing their budget. and okay, we have at the same time that the peace process, the intra african dialog continuing and stops and starts. i mean, it really seems a world away from what we're seeing on the ground. i mean, how does,
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how does that work? you know, developments on the piece process. it will really depend on the developing. so on the battle ground, my talking fight is the threat the day which has been which has been taken by all the sites. yes. was wouldn't be able to come into getting in discussing the agreement with taliban. the it was a big surgeon. i've got his son and i didn't, the government tried to do it and plus one year to incentivize themselves on the piece table negotiation table now. but i've been making these progress is this will incentivize them on the piece negotiation table. so. busy it really affects the part also the fight and talks with it is now much more working in the favor of my tyler bond. and i'm going to go ok, as we get to my correspondence earlier, you know, it gets to
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a certain point and the blame game begins. afghan officials have a long time accused pockets done of giving support to the taliban, which podcast on denies. but how do you think pakistan is likely to respond to these developments at the border? sure, my, i think my thought about as present in my up i guess on and. busy having strong cold air, it is undeniable fact. recently the limb game, i've gotten a high b pakistan and i've gotten sunday, i've been for a bus bus 20 years. they have been blaming each other for the interference, especially from the back of santa bucks on the side on i've got some ground. busy but my son is weird with the spin off the fight from august on into pakistan. the. busy medicine development, so i'm fighting between local militias, militant groups and below to start and also keep it on the line with the bucks
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on my troops. so this, if there is no peace, and i've got this done for sure, that the stability vision of going on with the stabilize the region, especially pakistan. and it will create lots of problem, not only that migrant refugees, that millions willfully gone is done to focused on any gotten but also militant groups. they will get the started the civilization, the borderline line. so it will create a lot of problem. there's a lot at stake for focus on as well. hey, thank you very much for your analysis. 5 on there at gumble university. police in south africa are preparing for another day of unrest, sparked by the jailing of former president jacob's humor, at least 72 people have been killed in the protests, which have grown into a wider show of anger against poverty and inequality. soon sundays says there'll be no peace until he is released from jail. for meeting miller points from johanna, the book of looting and riots. grip alexandra township in the north of
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johannesburg. police struggle to keep people away, but those temporarily disappeared by rubber coated bullets and p, i guess, returned within minutes. hours later, soldiers are deployed the apprehended group of men, they suspect of shooting at them, searching for guns and other weapons. with the army on the street, these business owners say they feel safe to return to see what they've lost. they find their stores gutted by looting and fires the same. i believe i'm 30 years in this country, but i believe it is up in other parts of the halting province. there's also been extensive looting doors at the small, in deep cliff with all have been entirely ransacked. there's nothing left and all soldiers that police have been deployed to places just like this to try and protect whatever little is left and also keep looters away. but preventing the looting in
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many areas in johannesburg has proven difficult and appears to be impossible to stop. here, grocery stores, a butcher shop, banks and atm like completely destroyed security guards say they try to keep looters away as they waited for the police. but it was too late. smart, shabby, worked at this food outlet. now i'm english because where, what am i supposed to do for now? where am i going to get paid? where's my salary gonna come from? because this is my landlord. hi, my goodness about my family. because of this, tim enough that have been paging this place and the police were nowhere to be seen with why it's and the disruption of services in the halting and quote natal provinces. their concerns people will run out of food. they are many unhappy with the destruction. i don't know where am i going to fight?
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i don't know, as you can see that this bed. and there is a situation. people are not waking, but this is not the solution. the protests that began after the jailing of former president jacob zoom, i have no escalated to riots linked to increasing poverty and inequality. so africa has been under varying stages of covert 19 locked down for more than a year. worsening unemployment already at 52 percent. has field anger and resentment as a government that is struggling to cope for me. the miller al jazeera johannesburg, cuba has restricted access to social media and messaging apps of the widespread anti government protests, the media, se one man was killed during demonstrations and have on, on monday, thousands miles on sunday to protest against an economic crisis. and the government's handling of the pandemic keep is president is accusing the u. s. and
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cuban americans of encouraging the protests. the balls opposition data has been appointed as prime minister for the 5th time. sure, by the dba. seen here on the right lead the nation as struggles with political divisions and of course the pandemic. it was appointed a day after the supreme court reinstated parliament, which was dissolved in may during a political crisis that went on for months to head on al jazeera. 5 crew struggled to contain dozens of fires burning in western united states. and one of the world's richest countries cuts a to some of the world's pores. people will tell you why. oh i, i, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored by kettle airways.
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hello there. it's a very conflicting picture across europe. things either very wet, all very hot, particularly in western russia. moscow has continued to mouth under that heat wave . we think temperature is wise to above 30 degrees for the 5th time this year, and it is going to be more heat coming through. over the coming days, not just here, but also in the east and in the north as well as in the south. we've got heat warnings out from latvia as the baltics continue to bake. also in serbia and the cross southern areas of how we saw lots of heat coming through. but to the west of this, it is still a very wet and windy picture. we've had a lot of rain across france, particularly heavy into switzerland and norfolk for the st. flood, we had 31 millimeters of rain fall in 10 minutes on tuesday. we could see more of this and we've got some satellites out for germany and poland as that wet weather is spreading further to the east. but things are looking like there are going to
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dry up for the child over the coming days that we plenty of hot weather coming this weekend with lots of sunshine coming through. and if we look at the 3 day forecast for london, we're going to be up in the high twenty's by the time we get into saturday, with lots of sunshine sponsored pay cut on airways. joined the debate, do not have vaccines reaching those who are most of the needs and amplify your voice. it allows a diverse community how an array of different story. no topic is off the table. it's such a tough ethical debate where there is obvious discrimination and systematic discrimination of play. people are thursdays for new wasted. this stream where a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera. ah, ah,
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the me. you want your reminder of our top story, is this all the asking to telephone says it ceased control of the fin boldoff. oracle focused on the afghan government is denying the article claims it says it's as repels amazon. flashes police in south africa preparing for another day of unrest. and is riot sponsored by the jailing of former president jacob's sumac continue at the 72 people have been killed in the protests which have gone into what a show of anger against poverty and inequality. cuba has restricted access, social media and messaging up of the widespread anti government protests. the media says one man was killed during the demonstration that have on on monday the death toll from a fire that ripped through a covert,
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19 isolation ward. and the iraqi city of nasiriyah has risen to 90 to the prime minister is promising accountability. it's the 2nd time in 3 months that there's been a fire at a hospital in iraq. i moved the head reports from the city of the angry. and in morning he like his betty the loved ones. the victims of the fire were mostly receiving treatment for covert 19. at the burned out word, relatives arrived to help search for remains under the debris. they say the lack of safety equipment and evacuation plan made the disaster worse than it normally at it . this is the result of come up, provide james, if it hadn't been for these young volunteers, him, many more people would have died were holding the government in the health director of the pulpit responsible for this crime. forensic doctors say 5 members of one family are among the victims,
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with many of the dead too badly burned to be identifiable by relatives. i would slide the more most of waited with others hoping for news about his mother. he says he couldn't identify her among other victims. i've been searching for her since yesterday. where shall i go now? when the fire broke out, we tried to break the door down to rescue her and the other patient. but it was too late. according to medical sources, the fire started when an oxygen tank used for treating cool patients. 6 occluded lay mobile materials used in the construction of the walls of this center, including foam, help fuel, the fire. the victims die from both burn and suffocation. this is the 2nd, the blaze at 19 unit in an iraqi hospital in 3 months. in april fire killed 82 cove with patients at the hospital in baghdad. the health
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sector in iraq has been hit by years of k is and mismanagement. it seems there is little hope of the situation improving anytime soon. and it's the patients who are paying the price amount on the overhead joint thus now live level. just tell us what's happening there today. where are things that with the investigation will kim, as you can see here, right behind me, victims, families and relatives are still trying to find any remains of their loved ones. we saw people here, we talk to relatives and victim family. here they say that they are trying to find any trace of their loved ones. as you know, the forensic department announced the depth only 13 my in bodies of the victims have been identified and around 21 out of just body parts flesh
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fox. there are a number of victims who are pill unaccounted for people trying, i mean victims, families, those especially those relatives of those who cannot be identified the trying to find any trace of them. and the government, as you know, has now said that it has issued an arrest warrant against the health officials and the part of a province. now this incident has triggered demonstrations enough for the city. we saw people demonstrating in fact, sitting attent, not far from here in front of this. i solution ward. they say that they will continue demonstrating until just a service. they say that they cannot accept any impunity anymore. they have that experience for the past. as you know, in april the same incident happened to 82 again, 2 of 900 patients in dud. they say the demonstrators, victims, families, activists,
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relatives say that they will continue demonstrating in here in front of this. i solution ward and in the main is quite enough for you until just as a service. now in other cities, especially in the yellow, we're getting reports that are similar, hospitals are taking necessary measures to prevent such tragedy from happening. again, as you know that this, if you look at the structure of this isolation ward, as you know, if you can see now, there have been construction materials, flamer with construction, which is lake form, which is what it help fueled in fact, fueled the fire and made it so difficult for rescuers to save the victim. in fact, as you know, that the victims died from burns and, and suffocation. and now now, as you know that the the,
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according to the iraqi iraqi penal code, the punishment could mount to 7 years for this has the official 1500 has the officials that have received arrest warrant. now this tuition remains very tragic. here. people try to go to the forensic department to the morgue. please say that the find only buddy flesh part. we cannot recognize that loved one sent out another situation and put it mix also civil defense teams. i was trying also to remove the debris, hopefully the find any remains of any of the victims, families waiting for answers of course. hey, thank you very much for the update that mom was on the headline from the 3 year in south korea just reported its highest daily infection rate since the pandemic began
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pumping. you restrictions in the capital, sol, not top searches and gatherings of more than 3 people will now be banned. more than 1100 people, pet positive. recovered 19 on sunday. run mcbride has the license from salt. we've been under the most stringent measures since the start of this week, but this is where most of the new cases are occurring. but there is increasing concern about what's going on out in the provinces with reports of new daily infections, more than doubling recently. and the vaccination program, the government has been accused of being overly cautious, if not planning to get enough people vaccinated quickly enough. and it was always known that because of the supplies of vaccines coming in different batches, that july actually would be a lead time. and that's what we are seeing now. there is a shortage of vaccines around the government believes that from august onwards, the increased number of shipments are going to alleviate that has more vaccines
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become available. there was also a concerned at the start of the program. there was some reticence about side effects that seems to have been replaced now by the more widespread concern about this 4th wave and about the ad delta very. and so we are seeing it increasing demands. and just as an example of that, this week, the vaccines are being rolled out to the latest target group. it's the 55 to 59 year old. as soon as the website we became active and people could apply to get the job of several 1000000 people who can apply around about 800000 of them. at one stage, we're all online trying to register for their 1st injection. us vice president, his medic, group of democrats from the state of texas. they're hoping to stop a republican backed bill that would make it harder for people to vote, a group through to washington to deny the state legislature the numbers needed to vote on the bill. comp, harris praise the move, comparing them to civil rights activists on texas. republicans,
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a cooling for the rest. the u. k. government has pushed a plan through parliament to cut foreign aid by bought by about $5500000000.00. as to spotter rebellion by a group of m. p. 's from the governing conserved party prime minister boss johnson says because the needed to recover from the economic impact of the pandemic. jonah haul reports from london, the under pressure from dissenting m. p. 's in all parties, the government granted parliament to vote on its decision to cut overseas aid to reason. opposition was loudest among its own. with a former prime minister leading the charge, we may promise to support people in the world. the government is broken that promise. this motion means that promise may be broken for years to come with deep regret, i will go against the motion today. a prime minister boris johnson opened the debate saying this was an argument not about principle,
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but practicality. the foreign aid cup would be temporary. he said just until britain's finance is recovered from the crippling cost of the pandemic. this year, our national debt is climbing towards 100 percent of gdp, the highest phonetic 6 decades. the house knows that the government would be compelled to take wrenching decisions and the international development that of 2015 expressly provides the fiscal circumstances can allow departure from the point 7 percent target. opponents and rebels within his own party weren't persuaded by the cut from north point 7 percent of g d p to north point 5 is already in place for this year. that means more than $5000000000.00 lost in funding for life saving projects across the developing world. and at a time when it's never been needed more in parliament, they were predictions that
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a 100000 people may die as a result with millions more facing malnutrition, the u. k. has until now been one of the world's leading foreign a donors. the 1st g 7 country to enshrine in law and international commitment to give away note point 7 percent of gross domestic product. that so distinction many m p 's were unwilling to give up. and one they'll now see as a blow to britain's image and its soft power in the world. jonah how al jazeera london emergency crews in the us are battling to contain nearly 60 wildfires burning across 10 western states. thousands of people have been moved from homes. country lopez, hardy hon. this wildfire season is breaking records in the us. dozens of fires are raging in western states with more than 340000 hector's burned in recent days. in california, a state known for its many wild flyers,
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the amount of land burned has more than tripled since last year. the fire was moving so fast and so hot it was exploding spot fires ahead of it. way ahead of it. like a gunshot. this fire near the arizona utah border is one of the many that's close highways and roads fine to say severe trouts and the climate crisis are fueling extreme temperatures. the bootleg choir in oregon is the largest blaze, an area twice the size, the city of portland is in flames, and it's disrupting power transmission lines to california. thousands of people across many states have been evacuated. we got out in time. i looked in my rear view mirror and the flames passed over the road and headed down my driveway and burned both sides of my property. in oregon, he related deaths are also on the rise. many have died alone in their homes,
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with temperatures reaching $46.00 degrees over the last year. we have prepared for a search and gas because of course, 19. and a year ago we were just emerging from restrictions and honestly it never crossed my mind then that we would be a wave of dust from heat as we have these last few weeks. the extreme conditions pose yet another challenge for emergency crews. we have to be very careful about we where we insert cruise to make sure they don't get trapped and with fires burning across several states. concerns are growing as the fire season isn't over yet. katia lopez was a young soldier, 0 ah, this is al serra and these are the top toys. the african taliban says received control of the spin bulldog border crossing with pakistan. the afghan government is denying the armed groups claims. it says.


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