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me morning government al jazeera where ever, you know, i hello, i'm darin jordan down the cook, her mind at the top stories. hair on al jazeera, the taliban spokesman enough. dennis don says they've captured a strategic crossing on the border with pakistan. the spin bowl that border crossing connects the city of kandahar directly with pakistan and is a major supply line for whoever controls it, the afghan government has dismissed the taliban claim saying the attack was repelled. and 8 people have died after blast hit, a bus carry more than 30 chinese engineers in pakistan. they were heading for
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diamond, the northern district of upper cost on $4.00 of those killed with chinese nationals . the death toll from violence triggered by the rest of former african president, jacob zoom has risen to 72 more than 1200 people have been arrested poverty and record employment, helped till the unrest. south korea reported its highest daily number of covey, 900 infections. since the pandemic began, 1600 new cases were announced on the wednesday breaking a record set last week, south korea res, restrictions and capital. so its highest level. a corona virus lockdown in australia's biggest city that was due to end on friday has been extended by at least 2 weeks. sydney is struggling to contain that outbreak of the heidi, contagious delta vary and 97 new cases were recorded in the past 24 hours. us vice president, common harris has met with texas. democrats were hoping to derail of voting restrictions billed by republicans in that state. i said the measure could prevent minorities and other disadvantages group i'm constantly,
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dallas is so free and fair elections just as just read literally. i said before, we're facing the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war. it's not i, personally, since the civil war, a ceremony has been held to mark the opening of the embassy of the united arab emirates, and israel president reuben ribble, and attended the no variation in tel aviv, israel's embassy in the u. a opened last month. the 2 countries agreed to normalize ties. last august. more than a 160 unmarked graves have been found in the canadian province of british columbia, the site of a former school for indigenous children. more than a 1000 similar graves have been identified across canada and recent months, a so called residential schools are run by the catholic church between 99969. those are the headlines and these continue to 0 after witness. thank you. thank you. bye for though
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you. yeah. i oh yeah. oh, i would love to get to the rope if i am going to and i'm doing with my son, i want you to company ruby and i will need to bring justice in yet. and you know, i'm just being a business. i'm just thinking it's really important that we try. i best to make sure it doesn't go well, what do we watch?
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them have started haven't met public cause you know, the have become where you live a lot in middle school so we're going to get out of me finally go and you find true to make sure you put your possible you know what i'm going to say the why do that,
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what we've been bringing back for us to do a nice leaf and he's been sleeping ever since this jenny you go for all the.
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2 me know, you may look so on the phone he wants to know he doesn't hello. you don't pick muslim families are going to take for him to get you know you look it up but just look up a box. 2 okay, okay. 2
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okay. okay. okay. fiscal time. me me to just get this going to get somebody come going
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in the in the morning news. i wish i could go the vital tab named just say the why way of feeling you know, surname as soon as you want to join your band parents in the u. k. for
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your oil palm you can apply for a british past or if you are a citizen where it is subject british national over the which is protect earth and then where do i don't know said mama, you don't know where oh god, i have something like this this great british overseas paris, citizen the
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issue there when somebody mc possible today will reach embassy, didn't even get possible and this is costing money. where am i going to get the chance to do this again? and how long can i continue knocking on that? don't help me i
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me ah ah ah, who? the the the, the oh the the the the who's working for and how do we get out?
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how do i go out and how do we become a family in the u. k. plan a application that don't work, just plan me plenty invent something to get myself to you. oh, you could also make a fake make might work which might work. and if that don't work, we as plan was plenty. then you can see that you guys move to african come again. there's no way i'm going to do that. i'm going to come in. uh huh. and do that. take pleasure to be out there. mind me plenty. i don't know. i guess a hard time. they know because i take no knife for me all for my kid
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to go online. i don't understand was comes to us and i can't get math. how can we just stays like the all you and i just can't see myself being africa again. i know you can is in your blood stain africa for so long. do you think because i'm here i actually like been that way because i can't need less come to us. i guess the future for my son. he'll call me
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me a little money in our lives done this before and when i was low and i'm just improvising i think someone before and how are you doing? i'm going to read beyond that. i know
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what you do. you know, i like the all the way me
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when you get me
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the conflict between the if you can government and the regional take great people but the racial fund has kill thousands and internally displaced more than 2000000 over the past 7 months. 350000 people in the region are facing famine, according to the united nation, which says that our vision is being used as a weapon for those who managed across the border say it's not because they have improved back home. they say it's a good continue to be targeted because many prophecies are being reported and all they come to taking refuge conditions. here are some of the hello welcome to another look at the international forecast. the weather's flushing hot and dry across much of the middle east. no surprises if there been a cloud, was the south want to shower, was drifting in almost south west the monsoon creve when they're just feeding in across southern parts of the iranian peninsula. then some heavy showers into parts
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of pakistan as we start to see some useful rainfall coming through further. all shells just around the, coaxes ga, armenia as a by john. see she was over the next couple of days as the temperature is about where they should be. if anything, a touch on the low side here and go hot temperatures struggling to get to 39 degrees celsius. gotta be hosted off and it will feel humid. having said that, benny a shall is just around the piano ref. finally, we seen some very heavy showers there, spilling off the therapy and harley's easing their way over towards the gulf of guinea. so some more lively showers, their cameras into central and southern parts of nigeria. but to the south of that, it is generally dry. we have got a few on shore showers, mind you just pushing their way into central parts of most and big over the next couple of days. lot of shots coming, a little more organized as we go on into stay some big down, pause possible across the eastern side of madagascar staying rather wet into central parts of mozambique bo showers slowly off
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the frank assessments and arguments to suggesting that by no ministrations in a long game, it's very much of a warm embrace, the iran nuclear deal because of us domestic politics informed opinions. schools and chelsea have been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes a generation and they have politics? then their life has been shape? why vitamin the in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera when a war crime is committed, is it kind of just follows a garden human rights investigator on his unprecedented journey to the french high court. i says it, it really to make sure to bring it's taking on the arms trade in his fight for justice, for innocent palestinians,
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and their families made in france on all disease the revealing eco friendly solutions to come back. threats to our planet on al jazeera, the news telephone 5 is enough, gone a song say that seemed a border crossing with pockets on ah, i'm can vanelle. elders are alive from doha, also coming up dozens killed in hundreds of.


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