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things out, a lot of new babies were dying. i didn't know thing about people and power, investigate, exposes, and quincy, and they used them to be of our around the globe from now to the news. hello. i'm darin jordan and joe hall with a top stories here on out 0. the death toll from days of riots and looting across south africa has risen to 72 more than 1200 people have been arrested in the violence triggered by the arrest of former president, jacob's humor, poverty and record and employment of help fuel the unrest out to 0 to me, the miller reports from janice book on this day of looting and riots. group alexandra township, in the north of johannesburg. police struggle to keep people away,
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but those temporarily to tear by rubber coated bullets and pierre guests returned within minutes. hours later, soldiers are deployed the apprehended group of men, they suspect of shooting at them, searching for guns and other weapons. with the army on the street, these business owners say they feel safe to return to see what they've lost. they find their stores gutted by looting and fires this time. i believe i'm here in this country, but i believe it is in other parts of the halting province. there's also been extensive looting. c doors at the small, in deep cliff with all have been entirely ransacked. there's nothing left and soldiers that police have been deployed to places just like this to try and protect whatever little is left and also keep looters away. but preventing the looting in many areas in johannesburg has proven difficult and appears to be impossible to
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stop. here. the grocery stores a butcher's shop bags and atm completely destroyed. security guards say they try to keep looters away as they waited for the police. but it was too late, smart, shabby, worked at this food outlet. now i'm english because where, what am i supposed to do for now? where am i going to get paid? where's most likely going to come from? because this is my landlord. how am i going to support my family because of this and what and they came enough that have been paging this place and the police are nowhere to be seen with why it's and the disruption of services in the hosting and natal provinces. their concerns, people will run out of food. they are many unhappy with the destruction. i don't know where am i going to frighten? i don't know, as you can see that this bed,
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and that is the situation. people are not liking, but this is not the solution. the protests that began after the jailing of former president jacob zoom, i have no escalated to riots linked to increasing poverty and inequality. so africa has been under varying stages of covert 19 locked down for more than a year. worsening unemployment already at 32 percent has field anger and resentment as a government that is struggling to cope for media miller, al jazeera johannesburg, 8 people have died after a blast hit a bus carrying more than 30 chinese engineers in pakistan. they were heading for diamond. the northern district of upper cost on 4 of those killed were chinese nationals. south korea's report that its highest daily number of covey 19 infections since the pandemic began. 1600 new cases were announced on the wednesday breaking a record set last week. the government's been facing criticism over the speed of
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its vaccine roll out. a corona virus locked down in australia, the biggest city that was due to end on friday has been extended by at least 2 weeks. sydney struggling to contain that outbreak of the highly contagious delta vary and 97 new cases were recorded. in the past 24 hours. cuba has restricted access to social media and messaging apps falling widespread anti government protest that's according to a u. k based monitoring group said media say one man died during the demonstration in havana. on monday. thousands marched on sunday to protest against the economic crisis. and the government's handling of the pandemic. more than a 160 unmarked graves have been found in the canadian province of british columbia, the site of a former school for indigenous children. more than a 1000 similar graves have been identified across canada in recent months. but those are the headlines and he's continues here on out to 0 after witness statement . thanks for watching by for i
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me. me. ah. the news. news. news.
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news. news. the news news . the news
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news is yes. give the hello. that settles daddy. and he called me mission law. even michel wouldn't come to
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go to the news people team i think for me take 14. 14. how am i going to be with the whole 14000 my hands. don't you, sir? and i have 7 out of 10. i can form in 2 lines.
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so what does your family saying now they're telling you to stay here? and then they don't want you to take that journey and that's what i'm telling me to stay. if there's a way i can go back and they aware of the danger and some someone can do for what i think being alive is better than poor. putting your blessing. danger, been less than just being him, being alive is much better and worth it. then putting, relaxing danger will know, upsets me the most when i get arrested, i'm harassed of being are sure. but you know, even for me you know, even had a chance of the danger. i know. i mean, you don't know about my situation. i know. i think you've got, you've got american possible, right. my dad has different to me. i don't have
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a brace possible i'm. i'm devoted from the u. k. and because i was an ex member and makes everything difficult because i'm an ex name, but it's going to make it difficult for me to legally get back. and because i am an excellent, but he's gonna make it difficult for me to stay here because they're going to want to change then, right. where what, where i mean, it's not coming to pick over me the ah, ah ah,
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it's all stuff to see. and the whole through that like playing cell you thought fast, not much of a good. that's something that happened. you know, it was meant that it was really hot. no, but not like he's going to be by his lose. he's going to be his son's life. you know, you can get his done sooner. all you know, if i care about your guy, if on our, than than in him love he lation nobody nobody. now the only person he's got is me.
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ah, i was 2 years old. and he just wanted me to stay in life when i was a came to indian where i grew up with my steps as i was just like any other kid. i went to primary school, secondary school, college, and friends. i played football and run them the streets. i grew up, don't my parents? when i was 15, i go into bad company trucks and i was sentenced to prison for 2 years.
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in those 2 years, i begin to change. i begin to become religious. i was looking for a sense of belonging after prison, i was deported to somalia and i became part me at 1st and i to show up with a good case fight for the somebody people they befriended me. they gave me a way to establish my life in africa. i was never from one soldier. i never carried a gun for them. i never killed anyone for them because i could speak english and i was educated and i knew how to use the computer. they had me doing other things for them. i'm not, i'm not a toe is not a suicide bomber.
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when i saw the dying and i begin to understand and realize dash rob is a terrorist organization, kids and some people. that's when i stopped being shown up. i realize i was before i realized i was trip to scenario like i'm literally state now i'm hiding the show, trying to stay away from us. my father cut away and my mother lives in scott. somebody sharps that have a lot of power. what had happened to them in highly secure and show
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the muscular having somebody with on own absolutely. i will have to load up in i probably i'm in chicago so my mom had that a little bit negative mission and i know who they have been. i know how you, how many of it that's going to increase their credit, going over a $100000000.00 montes could show up and i would add that on the
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bus. who do you do the good to go in it but a little more, my wife and that is for me to get the never done or job with it in the in the book ahead and show up a little early what the mother who really hom, who now maybe you can look at them. i mean, i was wanting me
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to hear you told me like i'm back in held it. yeah. i was a pass for the window all the time. so for sure. yeah, sure. you know, she started. oh you mean i thought i never had no problem. i i i brought the
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don't the naval the me the me wanting a much
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yeah. look us up but i do know that you can get me taken the day. well okay. can call them cuz i can call you booked. feel free to
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go back home. talk to you don't belong here. i'm already i'm not going to know, but when i was born, if you do, nope, no kidding, a face and that way you can always go . you don't need this come motion man could could you keep your voice? don't okay. not to hear now. okay, but you know, you know, i don't want to know. i see that if i have my own place, then there will be no job. no, nothing drama. no,
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it won't, it won't. i won't be back in time. then said i do, you know, that i know where i'm going to go, the investigation call or the whole year when you, when it comes to how much i have to do what i say i'm going to do like, okay, mike and he called and i'm still say no, i bought a house where you could come in, so i think that they want they don't have a place to know if i'm still live in a haunted place. he won't be able to. huh. i
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will. hopefully i will let you go for that. james got go. ha. okay, know, i could get my help . maybe i can do the
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the the hello. hi. how are you? i'm lawyer in london. i had head ahead. you know i, i don't understand that pull. my
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name was mentioned repeat the name, but then i was given your criminal offense you would that change the chip. you've never been given exceptional leave your name in the country may to the likelihood of you being able even in the you k, baranski b is not in any way. then if you were to be you,
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then you would be very involved with the conversation you too good. i never get optimistic about what cisco monk will like that i'm sorry, don't, don't get me wrong. and they never look at the person's predicament or, or what, what causes the person to be most predicament, everything just plain people kind of thing. so the ration context. they never really looked at my problem really. i'm 100 percent shock of this so much. i never told them so they might be out for
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the same type of light but mostly and the fact that the fact that i was 8 years old and no mother, i'm father and i came to the u. k. and i did so much they didn't consider there's a lot look at if you really well, unfortunately, it's not likely to happen in the question with the rain given, given that i don't want him to be closure. well, she's about to take care of the
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me me i'm trying to leave this country. i want to be in place and i can hear and you know, you know, i don't know about you can kind of different being all children,
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any of the european countries as close to you again. you again you think? oh, let me see you again. i heard it 19 is a public health crisis that has been compounded by capitalism. alleyway navigates the big questions raised by the global pandemic power system based on private ownership and profit. 3rd, the world in a ton of capitalism is depend damage that causes so much of the suffering exclusive protect the people for the profit as a good one of all hail the lockdown analogy 0. our coverage of
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africa is what i'm most proud of. every time i travel, whether it be still west africa, people stop me and tell me how much we appreciate coverage. and our focus is not just on their suffering, but also on the more realistic and inspiring story. people trust to tell them what's happening in their communities in a clear and i'm biased and that's an african. i couldn't be more proud to be autumn . you know the striker in the tub, the tub in the what the voted to the working class of his home town and it's club footballing legend added thompson and produces piano literally one of the time since it's not really adored by span social value. i think many goes against italy, footballing, league, football rebel on our 0 me
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morning. wow. government al jazeera as a, you know, i hello, i'm daren john in dough. the cook, her mind at the top stories hair on al jazeera, the taliban spokesman enough. galveston says they've captured a strategic crossing on the border with pakistan. the spin bowl that border crossing connects the city of kandahar directly with pakistan and as a major supply line for whoever controls it, the afghan government has dismissed the taliban claim saying the attack was repelled and people have died after a blast hit a bus carry more than 30 chinese engineers in pakistan.


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