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compassion the l just 0 world, a selection of the best films from across our network of channels. ah, dozens of killed and hundreds arrested in south africa in days of looting and riots off the jailing of former president jacob's uhm. ah, hello, i'm darren jordan. this is al jazeera live from dell also coming up. corona virus lockdown is extended by 2 weeks in sidney and south korea registers. it's biggest spike in infections. we'll have a law of update on the anger and despair in
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iraq, funerals or help victims of a fire at a cobra, 900 hospital on one of 5 suite, 3 parts of the western united states forcing hundreds to leave the house. ah, the death toll from days of riots and looting across south africa has risen to 72 more than 1200 people have been arrested in the violence. triggered by the arrest of former president, jacob's duma, his foundation says it'll stop if he's released from jail. to meet him in a report from johannesburg. on this day of looting and riots, grip alexandra township in the north of johannesburg. police struggle to keep people away, but those temporarily disappeared by rubber coated bullets and pierre guess returned within minutes. hours later, soldiers are deployed. the apprehended group of men,
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they suspect of shooting at them, searching for guns and other weapons. with the army on the street. these business owners say they feel safe to return to see what they've lost. they find their stores captured by looting and fires. this time i'm done, believe i'm 30 here in this country, but i believe we do that in other parts of the halting province. there's also been extensive looting doors at the small in deep cliff where so have been entirely ransacked. there's nothing left and soldiers that police have been deployed to places just like this to try and protect whatever little is left and also keep looters away. but preventing the looting in many areas in johannesburg has proven difficult and appears to be impossible to stop here. grocery stores a butcher shop, banks and atm completely destroyed. security guards say they try to keep looters
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away as they waited for the police. but it was too late, smart, shabby, worked at this food outlet. now i'm english because where, what am i supposed to do for now? where am i going to get paid? where's my salary gonna come from? because this is my landlord. hi, my goodness about my family. because of this came enough that have been paging this place and the police were nowhere to be seen with why it's and the disruption of services in the halting and quote natal provinces. their concerns people will run out of food. they are many unhappy with the destruction. i don't know where my going to prices. i don't know, as you can see that this bed, and there is a situation. people are not waking, but this is not the solution. the protests that began after the jailing of
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former president jacob zoom, i have no escalated to riots linked to increasing poverty and inequality. so of africa's banana varying stages of covert 19 locked down for more than a year. worsening unemployment already at 52 percent has field anger and resentment as a government that is struggling to cope for me. the miller, al jazeera johannesburg in now south korea just report that its highest daily infection counts since the pandemic began restrictions in the capital. so now at the highest level so far, where rob mcbride joins us live now from so i rob. so south korea is now facing even tougher restrictions nationwide. what is all of this mean on the ground? that's right here in the greatest sol metropolitan area. this is home to around half of south korea population. we've been under the most stringent measures since
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the start of this week. but this is where most of the new cases are occurring. but there is increasing concern about what's going on out in the provinces with reports of new daily infections, more than doubling recently. and there's a real concern that as we get further into the summer holiday season, south koreans this summer, as they did last summer by and large, can't be taking that vacations overseas. so they tend to head for all of the coastal resorts on the east coast. the south coast, the island of gedge you, all of these a tourism destination is become very busy and there's a real concern that unless the government puts these greater restrictions in place across south korea, we're going to see more clusters in those areas. and the government believes that if they take action now this the latest 4th wave will peak in about one to 2 weeks . but by that stage, we might actually be seeing daily infections get more than 2000 per day,
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which is high by south korean standards. yet robin south, south korea's back summation and program seems to have slowed right down just of the demand for jobs is now at an all time high. so that's right. this is being the subject of an awful lot of public criticism. the vaccination program, the government has been accused of being overly cautious, if not planning to get enough people vaccinated quickly enough. and it was always known that because of the supplies of vaccines coming in different batches, that july actually would be a lead time. and that's what we are seeing now. there is a shortage of vaccines around the government believes that from august onwards, the increased number of shipments are going to alleviate that is more vaccines become available. that was also concerned at the start of the program. there was some reticence about side effects that seem to have been replaced now by the more widespread concern about this 4th wave and about the ad delta barrier. so we are
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seeing an increase in demands. and just as an example of that, this week, the vaccines are being rolled out to the latest target group. it's the 55 to 59 year old. as soon as the website we became active and people could apply to get the job of several 1000000 people who can apply around about 800000 of them. at one stage, we're all online trying to register for their 1st injection. alright, or run mcbride life in. so rob, thank you. on a lockdown in australia's biggest city that was due to end on friday has been extended by at least 2 weeks. sydney struggling to contain an outbreak of a highly contagious delta. various $97.00 new cases were reported in the past 24 hours under restrictions imposed last month. residents are only allowed to leave home for exercise, essential shopping or work and other months of declining infections cases on the rise in the united states. the search is being driven by the delta variant and slamming vaccination rates. my kind of has more from washington
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d. c. the infection rate has now doubled within the last 3 weeks today. there were some 23000 new cases reported as opposed to roughly 11000 on june the 23rd. there are a few reasons for this. firstly, delta barian has created a massive problem within the united states as it has in other countries. but what you've also had in between 2 is the july, the full holiday weekend, where they were large numbers of gatherings. so these are coming together to create this as flare up in infection rates within the united states. on the brighter side, perhaps, deaths are running at about $250.00 a day. to put this into a context, they were running it around 3 and a half 1000 a day earlier in the winter. so clearly the vaccination has a massive impact in terms of restricting the number of this, even of those who contract the virus. but what is the problematic to is the
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discrepancy, the geographical discrepancy within the united states? nationally, some 55 percent of americans have had at least one shot to the vaccine. but then there are a number of states that are very low vectors and rates such as mississippi, which is under 40 percent higher nevada. these are all states where the vaccine rates are incredibly low. and it is no coincidence that the rate of infection is much higher in those states than in others. meanwhile, germany says that it has no plans to make her own a virus vaccines, compulsory, but it will do it can to encourage people to get the job. chancellor angler merkel has warned that more people need to be vaccinated before the current restrictions can be lifted. 43 percent of the population is fully inoculated. but the pace of vaccination slowed in recent weeks. ado ish, i don't think that we would gain trust by changing tactics and introducing vaccination as
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a compulsory measure. but i do think that we can gain trust by promoting vaccination. we also need to turn as many people as possible into promoters and messengers of vaccination, but still we have potential there. and we want to exploit that. the death toll from a fire that read through covered 900 isolation ward in the rocky city of nasiriyah has risen to 90 to the prime minister's promising accountability. it's the 2nd time in 3 months. the fire has torn through a hospital in iraq with the one had reports now from nasiriyah. angry and in morning heroic his betty the loved ones. the victims of the fire were mostly receiving treatment for covert 19 of the burned outward relatives arrived to help search for remains under the debris. they say the lack of safety equipment and an evacuation plan made the resistor worse than it normally at it. this is the
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result of come up, provide james, if it hadn't been for these young volunteers, him, many more people would have died were holding the government in the health direct of the probing responsible for this crime. forensic doctors say 5 members of one family are among the victims, with many of the dead too badly burned to be identifiable by relatives outside the morgue. most of us waited with others hoping for news about his mother. he says he couldn't identify her among other victims. i've been searching for her since yesterday. where shall i go now? when the fire broke out, we tried to break the door down to rescue her and the other patient. but it was too late. according to medical sources, the fire started when an oxygen tank used for treating cool patient sick, secluded lay mobile materials used in the construction of the walls of this center, including foam,
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help fuel the fire. the victims died from both burns and suffocation. this is the 2nd, the blaze at 19 unit in an iraqi hospital in 3 months. in april, a fire killed 82 cove with patients at the hospital in baghdad. the health sector in iraq has been hit by years of case and mismanagement. it seems there is little hope of the situation improving anytime soon, and it's the patients who are paying the price that were had al jazeera in maria, city, southern iraq, to a personal break here. and i just want to become back. this is a test of our time. we think, yes, president joe biden wade's into the drama of a voting restrictions being pushed by republicans on the challenge of uniting to former rival armies on the one unified force in south for them more nor stay with
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the me. ah, it's time for the journey to winter sponsored my cattle airways. hello, welcome to another look at the international forecast. the weather flushing hot and dry across much of the middle east. no surprises if there been a cloud down towards the south wanted to shout was drifting in on the south west the most of the creve when they're just feeding in across southern parts of the radian peninsula, then some have showers into parts of pakistan. this and we start to see some useful rainfall coming through further. all shells just around the, coaxes ga, armenia as a by john see she was over the next couple days at the temperature about where they should be. if anything, a touch on the low side here in doha temperature is struggling to get to 39 degrees celsius. gotta be house enough and will feel humid. having said that, many a showers just around the pin ra refile, we've seen some very heavy showers there spilling off the therapy. hard is easing
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their way over towards the gulf of guinea. so some more lively showers than cameras into central and southern parts of nigeria. but to the south of that, it is generally dry. we have got a few on shore showers. mind you just pushing the way into central parts of mason, big over the next couple of days. list, lot of shots coming, a little more organized as we go one into stay some big down. pause possible across the eastern side of madagascar staying rather wet into central parts of mozambique . though showers slowly, leaving north sponsor cut on airways joined the debate. you do not have vaccines reaching those who are most of the needs and amplify your voice. it allows a diverse community and how an array of different story, no topic. it's off the table. it's such a tough ethical debate where there is an obvious discrimination in systematic discrimination of the play people or thursday for new wasted, the stream where
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a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera. ah, ah ah, welcome back to remind about top stories here. this, the death toll from bottom is triggered by the arrest a former set african president, jacob zoom, has risen to 72 more than 1200 people have been arrested poverty and record employment, helped fuel the unrest. south korea as opposed to the highest number of cobra 19 infections since again, 1600 new cases were announced on the wednesday. breaking the record set last week. and funerals have been health of victims of a fire to cobra. 1900 ward and the iraqi city of nasa,
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at least 92 people and then to die in monday, slaves. the us vice president has met with a group of democrats from the state of texas. they're hoping to derail a republican best build that would make it harder for people to vote. a group flew to washington to deny the state legislature the numbers needed to vote on the bill . come the highest praise the move, comparing them to civil rights activists. while texas republicans, according for the arrest, well, the democrats say proposals to limit the voting rights will disproportionately affect minorities who usually vote democrat, president biden will call the fight of a voting rights. the test of all time. a white house correspondent, kimberly hallett reports us president joe biden traveled to philadelphia the birthplace of american democracy to highlight what he says is an existential threat . we're facing the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war has not. i personally, since the civil war the confederates back then never breached the capital
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as insurrection listed on january, the 6th. ah, why didn't says american democracy is under assault by republicans who refused to accept the 2020 presidential election results and even tried to overturn it. the big lie is just that a big why would is 20 election it's not, i probably suggest the most examine in the fullest expression on the world, the people in the history of this nation. when that failed, he says his political opposition turned to republican state legislatures to pass restrictions, making it harder for voters to cast a ballot in the future. they want to make it so hard, inconvenient that they hope people don't vote at all. that's what this is about.
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at least 14 republican controlled states have enacted laws the restrict voting access. they say the measures combat widespread voter fraud. they claim was prevalent in 2020. texas is the latest thing to restrict voting. texas democrats fled to washington d. c. to stop a vote on a proposed law that they say would make it harder to cast a ballot measures. biden is under pressure to stop. you make commitment said you're going to do this or do that. i think commit to that, followed through that's the most important part. following give us this person. people are right to say you can vote a certain you cannot do it. if you cannot go out, it's not like it's been proven, is making it work. we should be adding to, to make it better, make it easier, open, more full, more location, make it easier for l and not trying to tell your hand in blindfolding to do both that make it worse. that's like going back to, i want to say flavors biden's urging congress to pass to federal measures to do
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just that. he's also expanded the civil rights division of the department of justice to challenge state voting restrictions in the court. the president biden has passed, his vice president comma le harris was leaving his administration to efforts to protect valid access, calling it a top priority of his presidency. kimberly healthcare else's eros hill, adelphia. thousands of protests of marston, brazil, 2 biggest cities demanding the resignation of president jab both scenarios. the demonstrator clash with police in the rear diginero when a group sprayed onto government graffiti on the city council building. they blamed the president for the countries covered 900 crisis, which has claimed more than 530000 lives both and i was under great pressure from may corruption prob, i'm thinking approval rating. cuba has restricted access to social media and
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messaging apps falling widespread. the anti government protest that's according to a u. k based monitoring group. they media say one man died during a demonstration in havana on monday, thousands marched on sunday to protest against the economic prices. and the government's handling of the panoramic, which with many calling for an end to come in his room where read, lindsey is a cuba based journalist. he says the government of accused in the us of spreading misinformation and foreign minister spoke today to foreign journalists. and here to the government wasting. ready a big news campaign and presented slide showing our or thousands of going out. i created social media campaign which, which, which was going on when, when the process broke out. and, and it seems like the 2 things are connected there. and there is a lot of it's very difficult and on what is going on. a lot of them. ready are slowing around, i saw today information my end based media that covers cuba
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saying that there were the common way as problems that liberated liberated. but then i later. ready saw the photograph come away, police station of the street seem very calm and he talked to people come away, said that they were normal there and said there was a tweet from the state authorities take elements. i don't believe fake news in the midst of all that. it's not just social media is known as internet is down. generally, i've got internet here at the office here, but industry cell data is pretty much off the people. so it's hard to stay connected. hard to know what's going on. exactly. but overall then i was calling today and it's sort of day to day here in cuba. more than 160 unmarked graves have been found in the canadian province of british columbia. the site of a former school for indigenous children, more than a 1000 mark graves of an identified across canada. and recent months later,
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discovery was made by the petty like a tribe. the canadian prime minister just intruded, says his heart breaks for all indigenous communities across the country with steve sweetheart as a member of the penny local tribe, he also attend to the school where the graves are found. and he says, it changed his life forever. i was 5 years old, 5 now, so 5 year old kid. you know, it was a time, much boss of you know, your identity, your family. how can i access my sisters on the other side of the building is very scary time. it was a story of loneliness for me and not really understanding why was there, how i would circumstance this building and try to get through day to day. i mean, i can say in mind that it was only one year, but it was a year that changed my life forever. and i'm not the only one in my family. my
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sister's attended the same school. my late mother did. my aunt, my uncles are all gone, but they all attended school. reconciliation, i think is the term that canada, canada, and other organizations across campus have been using for the last 5 years. i did, you know, i believe it's something that most person issues with like duty, but honest is on the government of canada. there are organizations in provinces, organizations within the province to actually make that move. the question for mr. trudeau, my study goes to house and drops off the teddy bear. but that still doesn't solve well. how did those children end up there? who is responsible? what kind of action are you going to take from the terms from the eyes of justice? you know, is there going to be a special prosecutor assigned to this outside of candidate investigates the
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government funding? i wanna investigate was it in this as well as the churches we want answers and justice relatives. these little children, brothers, sisters, mom, uncles and we have no idea how they ended up there and that this happened in canada is atrocious. emergency crews in the united states are battling to contain nearly 60 wildfires burning across 10 western states. thousands of people have been moved from their homes. cutty lepers held a young report. this wildfire season is breaking records in the us. dozens of fires are raging in western states with more than 340000 hector's burned in recent days. in california, a state known for its many wild wires, the amount of land burned has more than tripled since last year. the fire was moving so fast and so hot that it was exploding spy fires ahead of it. way
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ahead of it. like a gunshot. this fire near the arizona utah border is one of the many that's close highways and roads. scientists say severe trouts and the climate crisis are fueling extreme temperatures. the bootleg choir in oregon is the largest blaze, an area twice the size, the city of portland is in flames, and it's disrupting power transmission lines to california. thousands of people across many states have been evacuated. we got out in time. i looked in my rear view mirror and the flames passed over the road and headed down my driveway and burned both sides of my property. in oregon, he related deaths are also on the rise. many have died alone in their homes, with temperatures reaching $46.00 degrees over the last year. we have prepared for a search and just because it could be 19. and
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a year ago we were just emerging from restrictions and honestly it never crossed my mind than that we would be a wave of dust from heat as we have these last few weeks. the extreme conditions pose yet another challenge for emergency crews. we have to be very careful about we where we insert cruise to make sure they don't get trapped and with fires burning across several states. concerns are growing as the fire season isn't over yet. katia lopez was a young soldier, 0 napoleon, opposition leader has been appointed us prime minister for the 5th time. sure. how to do that scene here on the right will lead the nation as it struggles with political divisions on the pandemic. it was appointed a day after the supreme court reinstated parliament. it was dissolved in may, june, a political crisis went on a month. the head of the un peacekeeping mission in south for down says the formation of a unified security force is critical to the countries transition to peace. civil
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war broke out soon after gained independence from sedan in 2011. but while his relative peace, now rival fight as low to the president, still haven't joined the new national army or matessa reports from the thousands of recruits one to join the unified security forces planned for south saddam. my job child used to be a child soldier with the help of the united nations. he went to the united states to study. now in his fourteen's, he's back home to help rebuild his country and all that also. and he can come together and pick the country, no one will fix for them and it is necessary for their what is it to see if a little follow up is i mean like, my job has been more than a year in these camps. they still haven't graduated the delay in graduation and partly because the financial constraints act that the poor conditions in the training center. so just sometimes they got enough food medicines and they still don't have proper uniform. it's made integrated opposition and government forces
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more challenging. we have laws 60 to 62 to and he's the guy sitting center alone, you're alone. i don't know. 100000000 different incentives. so this is a big number is like, you know, how many stupid tons of data one to an extent south sudan is also an armed embargo for lead human rights abuses committed during several years of conflict. you have given us embargo, and you, one i said the same time to form a unified which people are being treated. what do, where do we get the guns to give them? if we can't even buy a piston? that's the challenge. but we are understanding with our partners, they have good the own interest that they would like to see reflected in this country with the transitional unity government formed last year. so president, solving here again trying to work with former able to react masha who's now the 1st
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vice president on paper. the 2 politicians have agreed to combine the individual armies and royalists into one, but a complete set up, another picket and the chemical business. and the set up a petition new norwood for addition to that says he's the that he why is it word legacy love for listen. do not level petition to make that want to be even if other african countries have to do more to help salted, i'm set up the army, use challenges. the lie ahead. i, the sooner these kids tonight and graduate the sooner they can possibly work on bringing peace and stability to this war torn country pattern with us algebra juba . lithuanian parliament has approve the mass detention of migrants in an effort to deter people of crossing over from bene. ruth migrant entering the country will now
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be detained for at least 6 months. lithuania and you have accused better ruth, of using them as a weapon to force the lifting of sanctions more than 1700 event lithuania from bella roofs. this year france is fine. tech giant google and any $600000000.00 regulate to say the company fail to negotiate with news publishers about using that content. the firm now has 2 months to oppose how to compensate news outlets all face further, fine. ah, type a quick check of the headlines here on the or the death tolls and violence triggered by the arrest for most of them. president jacob summa has risen to 72 more than 1200 people have been arrested poverty and record in unemployment of help fuel. the unrest south korea's report at its highest day the number of covert 19 infection. since the pandemic began, 1600 new cases were announced. on wednesday, breaking
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a record set last week funerals have been held for victims of a fire at a cove at 900 warden, a.


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