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of what it's like to be lebanese and color strangely a home. once upon a time in punch bowl on al jazeera the news. ready the dozens are killed and a 100. the rest of in south africa in days of looting and riots on the jailing of former president jacob's humor ah, hello, i'm dying, jordan, this is out there. ally from also coming up. corona virus lockdown is extended by 2 weeks in sydney and south korea registers. it's biggest spike in infections. we'll have a live update. this is
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a test of our time. president joe biden wades into the route of a voting rights of democrats. take dramatic action to derail a republican push to titan restrictions and more unmarked graves are discovered at a school in western canada. the latest in the scandal involving the abuse of indigenous children. ah, the death toll from days of riots and looting across south africa has risen 272 more than 1200 people have been arrested in the violence triggered by the rest of the former president, jacob zoom at his foundation says it'll stop if he's released from jail, i mean i'm in a report from janice, but on the day of looting and riots, group alexandra township in the north of johannesburg. police struggle to keep people away, but those temporarily disappeared by rubber coated bullets and p, i guess, returned within minutes. hours later,
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soldiers are deployed the apprehended group of men, they suspect of shooting at them, searching for guns and other weapons. but the army on the street, these business owners say they feel safe to return to see what they've lost. they find their stores gutted by looting and fires the same. i believe i'm 30 years in this country, but i believe we do that in other parts of the halting province. there's also been and saluting doors add to the small in deep cloth. and so with all have been entirely ransack, there's nothing left and soldiers that police have been deployed to places just like this to try and protect whatever little is left and also keep looters away. but preventing the looting in many areas in johannesburg has proven difficult and appears to be impossible to stop. here. the grocery stores a butcher shop banks and atm completely destroyed. security guards say they try to
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keep looters away as they waited for the police. but it was too late, smart, shabby, worked at this food outlet. now i'm english because where, what am i supposed to do for now? where am i going to get paid? where's most likely going to come from? because this is my landlord. how am i gonna support my family? because of this came enough that have been paging this place and the police were nowhere to be seen with why it's and the disruption of services in the halting and quote natal provinces. their concerns, people will run out of food. they are many unhappy with the destruction. i don't know where am i going to fight? i don't know, as you can see that this bed, and there is the situation. people are not liking, but this is not the solution. the protests that began after the jailing of
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former president jacob zoom, i have no escalated to riots linked to increasing poverty and inequality. so of africa's bonanza varying stages of covert 19 locked down for more than a year. worsening unemployment, already at 52 percent, has field anger and resentment as a government that is struggling to cope for media miller, al jazeera johannesburg. now now south korea, just report that it's high as daily and affection counts since the pandemic began restrictions and the capital. so now at the highest level so far, rob ry jones has lived now from sol. rob. so south korea now facing even tougher restrictions nationwide. what does this mean on the ground? that's right. so the greatest sol metropolitan area,
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which accounts for around half of south korea population that has been as since the start of this week under the highest level of restrictions, it means that after 6 pm, for example, that can be no gatherings outside of more than 2 people, so it's virtually an evening curfew for some parts of the city. a south in sol is where we're seeing most of the new cases. but there is a concern about what's happening in the provinces outside of sol, with a reports of new daily, new infections. more than doubling recently, so the government is concerned, especially as we approach the holiday season this year just last summer. south koreans cannot by and large take vacations abroad. they had for the destination. the resorts along the east coast in the south coast. places like judge you island or become very busy and the government's really concerned about seeing clusters in those places unless it takes action. now it is expecting with these new restrictions to see that this 4th way will probably peak around mid august,
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and then the numbers dropping. but we may well see by that time, daily new infections being well over 2000 per day, which by south korean standards is really quite a high number. yeah, robin. south korea's vaccination program seems to float right down just of the demand for jobs is now at an all time high in the country. there's been an awful lot of criticism of the vaccination campaign here has been for months. the government's been accused of being overly cautious, really not planning ahead enough to vaccinate enough people quickly enough. and it was always known that july. there would be particularly a shortage of vaccines. and that is what we are seeing. the government is hoping that with various batches of vaccines that are in the pipeline, and it being delivered that from august onwards, the supply will increase. but of course, we are seeing this increasing demand of a lot of the reticence that existed when the vaccines were 1st rolled out about side effects. all that has been replaced by the much wider, widespread concern about this late to spike,
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about the new delta barrier. so we are seeing a, for example, the, the website where people can register for their jobs at the latest age group to become, to get their jobs in the 55 to 59 year olds this week. literally when they website went live, it was inundated by at 180000 people or clamoring to register to get their 1st job . all right, rob mcbride life us there in. so rob, thank you. i look down in australia's biggest city that was due to end on friday has been extended by at least 2 weeks. sydney struggling to contain that outbreak of the highly contagious delta variant. 97 new cases were recorded in the past 24 hours under restrictions imposed last month. residents are only allowed to leave home for exercise, essential, shopping, or work. after months of declining infections cases on the rise in the united states, the surge is being driven by the delta strain on fleming vaccination rates. my county has moved from washington dc. the infection rate has now doubled within the
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last 3 weeks today. there was some 23000 new cases reported as opposed to roughly 11000 on june the 23rd. there are a few reasons for this. firstly, delta barian has created a massive problem within the united states as it has in other countries. but what you've also had in between 2 is the july, the full holiday weekend, where there were large numbers of gatherings. so these are coming together to create this as flare up in infection rates within the united states. on the brighter side, perhaps deaths are running at about $250.00 a day. to put this into a context they were running around 3 and a half 1000 a day earlier in the winter. so clearly the vaccination has a massive impact in terms of restricting the number of this, even of those who contract the virus. but what is the problematic to is the
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discrepancy, the geographical discrepancy within the united states? nationally, some 55 percent of americans have had at least one shot to the vaccine. but then there are a number of states that are very low vectors and rates such as mississippi, which is under 40 percent higher nevada. these are all states where the vaccine rates are incredibly low. and it is no coincidence that the rate of infection is much higher in those states than in others. the us vice president harris. i met with a group of democrats in the state of texas. they're hoping to derail a republican back to bill that would make it harder for people to vote. a group through to washington to deny the state legislature the numbers needed to vote on the bill. iris praise the move, comparing them to civil rights activists law, texas republicans are calling for the rent and democrats say proposals to limit voting rights will disproportionately affect minorities who usually vote. democrat, president biden, call the fight on a voting rights. the test of our time,
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white house correspondent kimberly health report us president joe biden traveled to philadelphia the birthplace of american democracy to highlight what he says is an existential threat. we're facing the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war, as not i personally since the civil war. the confederates back then never breached the capital, as insurrection listed on january. the 6th, ah biden says american democracy is under assault by republicans who refused to accept the 2020 presidential election results and even tried to overturn it. the big lie is just that a big, why would you want to election? it's not, i probably suggest the most examine in the fullest expression on the world,
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the people in the history of this nation. when that failed, he says his political opposition turned to republican state legislatures to pass restrictions, making it harder for voters to cast a ballot in the future. they want to make it so hard, inconvenient that their hope people don't vote at all. that's what this is about. at least 14 republican controlled states have enacted laws the restrict voting access. they say the measures combat widespread voter fraud. they claim was prevalent in 2020. texas is the latest thing to restrict voting. texas democrats fled to washington d. c. to stop a vote on a proposed law that they say would make it harder to cast a ballot measures. bided is under pressure to stop. you, make commitments said you're going to do this or do that. i think commit to that. followed through, that's the most important part. following give us this person,
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people are right to say you can vote a certain you cannot do it is you cannot go out. it's not like it's been proven, is making it work. we should be adding through to make it better, make it easier, open, more full, more location, make it easier for l in not trying to tell your hand in blindfolding vote. that's making it worse. that's like going back to i want to say flavors. biden's urging congress to pass to federal measures to do just that. he's also expanded the civil rights division of the department of justice to challenge state voting restrictions in the court. the president biden has passed, his vice president comma le harris was leading his head ministration to efforts to protect valid access, calling it a top priority of his presidency. kimberly health care else's eros hill, adelphia time for a short break. kevin alger 0. when we come back, the anger and despair and iraq, because funerals or help a victims of a fire at
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a cobra 19 hospital. if you don't leave your den wildfire sweep through parts of the western united states, 1400 to leave more in the status. ah hello, please say we got since what a cool weather coming into western parts of north america over the next couple of days still halts. it has to be said, but a few showers down towards the desert, south west. so that's just just easing that temperature down a little bit down towards those desert stays here. we'll see temperatures in phoenix at around 39 celsius. there we go. with that heat up the western side of the us personally warming canada 24 celsius. they're just north of the border. we will see some wet weather coming into central parts of the us coming across the, the place just pushing over towards the midwest. not sinking further south with as
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we go on through wednesday and on into with day. so some really heavy rain, it's one cerio into quebec back of course and localized, putting those big down pause, stretched across the high valley, all the way down into northern parts of texas. ahead of that, you could see some showers here, dry bright weather coming back into new york and d. c. temperatures around 3334 celsius sorta temperature we can expect to see across the caribbean. lots of lovely sunshine coming in for the most part. more sunshine, van showers, but there will be some showers, nevertheless, the east them all the same. one of 2 showers seem, i don't think the heavy shower is going to be a cross. hispaniola gradually making the way towards cuba. ah, a fame gala story without uttering a single word. and knowing can guide a simple informa, young convent manatee,
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of life. witness through the limbs of the human eye by a witness documentaries on our era. oh, the me. welcome back. a quick reminder about top stories here on al jazeera, the death toll violence triggered by the arrest of for my son, african president, jacob's as risen to 721200 people have been arrested the bottom as whole triple code 1900 vaccination drive. in some areas, south korea's report that it's highest
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a number of cobra, $900.00 infections since the panoramic began. 1600 new cases were announced on wednesday breaking a record set last week. yes, vice president come to harris has met with texas democrats. so i hoping to derail a voting restriction filled by republicans in their state. the measure could prevent minorities and other groups from cost in cuba as restrict access to social media and messaging apps following widespread. the anti government protest that's according to a u. k. based monitoring group stake media, say one man died during a demonstration and havana on monday, thousands. march on sunday to protest against the economic crisis. and the government's handling of the pandemic with many calling for an end to come in his rule, the read, lindsey is a cuban based journalist. he says, the government's accusing the us of spreading misinformation. a foreign minister spoke today to foreign journalists and he actually said government waging. ready a big news campaign and presented a slide showing our or thousands of keeps going out. i created the social media
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campaign which, which, which was going on when, when the process broke out. and, and it seems like the 2 things are connected there. and there is a lot of very difficult and on what is going on. a lot of them. ready are slowing around, i thought today information my end based out that the covers cuba saying that there was a common way as a liberated, liberated. but then i later. ready saw the photograph come away police station of the street in very calm and he talk to people come away, says that things were normal there and that there was a tweet from the state authority to take elements. i don't believe fake news in the midst of all that. it's not just social media now on the internet is down. generally. i've got internet here at the office here, but industry is pretty much off the people. so it's hard to stay
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connected. hard to know what's going on. exactly. but overall then i was calling today and it's sort of day to day here in cuba cancelled the protest as of march in brazil to biggest cities demanding the resignation of president jab both scenarios . the demonstrators class when police in rio de janeiro, when a group sprayed on to government graffiti on the city council building by the president for the countries curve at 900 crisis, which has claimed more than 530000 lines of. and i was a growing pressure from a corruption problem and thinking approval rating. more than a 160 unmarked graves have been found in the canadian province of british columbia, the size of a former school for indigenous children. more than a 1000 unmarked graves have been identified across canada in recent months. the latest discovery was made by the lack of trying. canadian prime minister just intruder says his heart breaks for all indigenous communities across the country.
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where the st hold as a member of the political tribe, he also attended the school where the graves were found and he says, it changed his life for him. i was 5 years old. 5 now, so 5 year old kid. you know, it was a time, much loss of virginity. your family. how can i access my sisters on the other side of the building? is very scary time of the story of loneliness. for me and not really understanding why was there, how i would circumstance this building and try to get through day to day. i mean, i can say in mind that it was only one year, but it was a year that changed my life forever. and i'm not the only one in my family. my sister's attended the same school. my late mother did. my aunt,
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my uncles are all gone, but they all attended school. reconciliation i think is the term that canada, canada, and other organizations across campus that have been using for the last 5 years. i did, you know, i believe it's something that most person issues with like duty but to be honest is on the government of canada. and there are organizations in provinces, organizations within the province to actually make that move. that's the big question for mr trudeau. you know, it's nice that he goes to house and drops off the teddy bear that still doesn't solve well. how did those children end up there? who is the response of what kind of action are you going to take from the terms from the eyes of justice. you know, is there going to be a special prosecutor assigned to this? outside of candidate investigates the government funding. i wanna investigate it as well as the churches we want answers and justice relatives. these little children,
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brothers, sisters, mom, uncles and we have no idea how they ended up there. and how this happened in canada is atrocious. the death toll from a fire that ripped through a covert, 19 isolation ward in the rocky city of nasiriyah has risen to 92. the prime minister is promising accountability. it's the 2nd time in 3 months. but a fire has torn through a hospital in iraq. one of the wide reports now from nazareth, angry and in morning, heroic his betty the loved ones. the victims of the fire were mostly receiving treatment for covert 19 of the burned out word, relatives arrived to help search for remains under the debris. they say the lack of safety equipment and evacuation plan made the disaster worse than it normally at it
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. this is the result of come up, provide james if it hadn't been for these young volunteers, him, many more people would have died were holding the government in the health director of the province responsible for this crime. forensic doctors say 5 members of one family are among the victims, with many of the dead too badly burned to be identifiable by relatives outside the morgue. most of us waited with others hoping for news about his mother. he says he couldn't identify her among other victims. i've been searching for her since yesterday. where shall i go now? when the fire broke out, we tried to break the door down to rescue her and the other patient. but it was too late. according to medical source, the fire started when an oxygen tank used for treating cool with patients. 6 occluded lay mobile materials used in the construction of the walls of this center,
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including whom help fuel the fire. the victims died from both burns and suffocation. this is the 2nd, the blaze at 900 unit in an iraqi hospital in 3 months. in april, a 5 killed 82 cove with patients at a hospital in but a dad. the health sector in iraq has been hit by years of k is and mismanagement. it seems there is little hope of the situation improving any time soon. and it's the patients who are paying the price that were had al jazeera in missouri city, southern iraq, 7 protests and the occupied west bank after israel denied a request by a jail palestinian activists to attend her daughter's funeral. the demonstrator gathered outside the prison near ramallah, demanding the release of holly to gerard sentence finishes. in 2 months she was
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detained in 2019 for the membership of a band group. neither abraham was at the funeral. in ramallah, activists, politicians, feminists and people from all walks of life have gathered and came here today to show solidarity with the rod family. the father sam has been left all alone in this . his wife has been in this really prison for almost the past 2 years is really has denied many requests to release the job are to, to bid her daughter the final farewells or even next the body inside the prison. so the mother can see. so for one last time, i blamed for requesting a permit for her to attend the funeral. she told us there is no way they'd let her out. they have no humanity and no respect for those. it's not rare for israel to deny such humanitarian request. this is why the house on tv decided as
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a just to broadcast some of the funeral, so she can see it in her prison. over the years when we've been talking to many past indian prisoners who were released from prison, they would say that the hardest moments, even though for those who spent years and years in jail, the hardest moments where they couldn't be with their loved ones in their final days or attend their funeral lithuanian parliament approved the master attention of migrants in a bid to deter the high numbers of people. crossing the border from bella, luce migrants entering the country will now be detained for at least 6 months. lithuania and the you have accused bella luce, of using illegal migrants as a weapon to force the block, the lift sanctions on mince. more than 1700 people have him to lithuania from better is so father. fear the british government has pushed a plan through parliament to cut foreign aid by about $5500000000.00. that despite the rebellion by
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a group of m. p 's from the ruling. conservative party prime minister by johnson says the cuts are needed to recover from the economic impact of the pandemic. john the hot report from london. the under pressure from dissenting m p's in all parties, the government granted parliament to vote on its decision to cut overseas aid to reason. opposition was loudest among its own. with a former prime minister leading the charge. we may have promised to report people in the world. the government has broken that promise. this motion means that it may be broken for years to come up. with deep regret, i will vote against the motion today. a prime minister boris johnson opened the debate saying this was an argument not about principle, but practicality. the foreign aid cup would be temporary. he said, just until britain's finances recovered from the crippling cost of the pandemic. this year, our national debt is climbing towards 100 percent of g d p. the highest
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finance 6 decades. the house knows that the government would be compelled to take wrenching decisions and the international development that of 2015 expressly provides that fiscal circumstances can allow departure from the point 7 percent target. opponents and rebels within his own party weren't persuaded by the cut from north point 7 percent of g d p to north point 5 is already in place for this year. that means more than $5000000000.00 lost in funding for life saving projects across the developing world. and at a time when it's never been needed more in parliament, they were predictions that a 100000 people may die as a result with millions more facing malnutrition, the u. k. has until now been one of the world's leading foreign a donors. the 1st g 7 country to enshrine in law and international commitment to
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give away note point 7 percent of gross domestic product. that's a distinction. many m. p. 's were unwilling to give up. and one, they'll now see as a blow to britain's image and its soft power in the world. jonah how al jazeera london emergency crews in the us are battling to contain nearly 60 wildfires burning across 10 western states. thousands of people have been moved from their homes. kayla has her young report. this wildfire season is breaking records in the us. dozens of fires are raging in western states with more than 340000 hector's burned in recent days. in california, a state known for its many wild flyers, the amount of land burned has more than tripled since last year. the flyer was moving so fast and so hot it was exploding spot fires ahead of it, way ahead of it. like
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a gunshot. this fire near the arizona utah border is one of the many that's close highways and roads. scientists say severe trouts and the climate crisis are fueling extreme temperatures. the bootleg choir in oregon is the largest blaze, an area twice the size, the city of portland is in flames and is disrupting power transmission lines to california. thousands of people across many states have been evacuated. we got out in time. i looked in my rear view mirror and the flames passed over the road and headed down my driveway and burned both sides of my property. in oregon, he related deaths are also on the rise. many have died alone in their homes, with temperatures reaching $46.00 degrees over the last year. we have prepared for a search and asked because it could be 19. and a year ago we were just emerging from restrictions. and honestly, it never crossed my mind than that we would be a wave of dust from heat as we have these last few weeks. the extreme conditions
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pose yet another challenge for emergency crews. we have to be very careful about we, where we insert cruise to make sure they don't get trapped, and would fires burning across several states. concerns are growing as the fire season isn't over yet. castillo, this is a young al jazeera aah! quick check of the headlines here on al jazeera, the death toll from violence triggered by the arrest of former of african and president. jacob's duma has risen to 72 more than 1200 people have been arrested. the violence have halted the cobra. 1900 vaccination drive, in some areas south korea's report that its highest daily number of covey 19 infections. since the pandemic began. 1600 new cases were announced on when.


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