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in task is to control the movement, so they do not cross into origin time territory from this home argent. time authorities can money for what's happening in economic exclusive films. but what a 40 here are saying is that what's important is to regulate what's happening in international waters the. ready the violence and looting continues in south africa early 72 people killed and hundreds more rested on tuesday. ah, don't hop on come all santa maria, this is the world news from al jazeera. these 92 people have died in a fire to corona virus ward and iraq and their relatives want the government to answer for us. also, democrats in the us state of texas fleet and washington to avoid debating
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a bill that would limit those rights in future elections. the state governor republican says they should be arrested and more unmarked. graves are discovered on the grounds of an indigenous school in canada. the country continues to reconcile with its dunk ah, suck, at least 72 people have been killed in days of rights and looting across south africa . all triggered by the rest of the former president, jacob's una hundreds of an arrested violence which is led to the suspension of covert. 19 vaccinations, as well as human foundations, as the violence will stop if he's released from jail for me to mila has a report from johannesburg. on this day of looting and riots. grip alexandra township in the north of johannesburg. police struggle to keep people away,
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but those temporarily disappeared by rubber coated bullets and p, i guess, returned within minutes. hours later, soldiers are deployed the apprehended group of men, they suspect of shooting at them, searching for guns and other weapons. but the army on the street, these business owners say they feel safe to return to see what they've lost. they find their stores gutted by looting and fires the same. i believe i these country, but i'm believe we do that in other parts of the halting province. there's also been extensive looting stores at the mall in deep cliff in waco, have been entirely ransacked. there's nothing left and soldiers that police have been deployed to places just like this to try and protect whatever little is left and also keep looters away. but preventing the looting in many areas in johannesburg has proven difficult and appears to be impossible to stop here.
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grocery stores a butcher shop, banks and atm completely destroyed. security guards say they try to keep looters away as they waited for the police. but it was too late, smart, shabby, worked at this food outlet. now i'm english because where, what am i supposed to do for now? where am i going to get paid? where's most likely going to come from? because this is my landlord. how am i going to support my family? because of this, tim enough that have been paging this place and the police are nowhere to be seen with why it's and the disruption of services in the hosting and natal provinces. their concerns, people will run out of food. they are many unhappy with the destruction. i don't know where my going to prices. i don't know, as you can see that this bed and there is a situation. people are not liking,
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but this is not the solution. the protests that began after the jailing of former president jacob zoom, i have no escalated to riots linked to increasing poverty and inequality. so africa's been under varying stages of covert 19 locked down for more than a year. worsening unemployment already at 52 percent has field anger and resentment as a government that is struggling to cope for media. miller, al jazeera johannesburg, from tim murray, the knowledge from the institute for justice and reconciliation. he told us protests were expected off to zoom his arrest. no one there predicted the scale of this unrest. this really reveals the multi layered nature of the crisis very complex situation. so he'll comic disparities and social exclusion that goes
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back to the apartheid legacy in south africa. combined with years of ms. ro, paradoxically, by, by mr. jacobs, do the between 20092018. so i think this is a deep socio economic crisis. western by a political system and political governance that has impact misjudged the, the temperature, the, the social temperature in the country. but the irony inspect is that between 20092018, as i mentioned, and the jacobs numerous rule, there was widespread looting of state coffers estimated in the order of half a trillion south africa runs close to $500000000000.00 us dollars. and if that looting hadn't happened, and in fact, they resources were adequately deployed, particularly to social economic programs to help education housing. we may not be seeing what we are witnessing right now. this is continuous uprising
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. it is a, a pressure cooker situation that has been building up over time. and it is, it is a statement that something needs to be corrected rather urgent thing within self africa. and if the political leaders missed this boat again, unfortunately, we will be few job risings in south africa onto the news and the death toll from that fire that read through a cove at 19 isolation ward in not 3 iraq. now it was into $92.00 and the prime minister is promising accountability. but this is the 2nd time in 3 months that a fire is torn through a hospital in iraq. me about the why had reports now from the city you angry. and in morning iraq his betty the loved ones. the victims of the fire were mostly receiving treatment for covered 19 at the burned out word,
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relatives arrived to help search for remains under the debris. they say the lack of safety equipment and evacuation plan made the disaster worse than it normally. and this is the result of come up, provide james if it hadn't been for these young volunteers, him. many more people would have died were holding the government in the health director of the pulpit responsible for this crime. forensic doctors say 5 members of one family are among the victims. with many of the dead too badly burned to be identifiable by relatives outside the morgue. most of us waited with others hoping for news about his mother. he says he couldn't identify her among other victims. i've been searching for her since yesterday. where shall i go now? when the fire broke out, we tried to break the door down to rescue her and the other patient, but it was too late. according to medical sources,
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the fire started when an oxygen tank used for treating cool patient 6 occluded lay mobile materials used in the construction of the walls of this center, including whom help fuel the fire. the victims died from both burn and suffocation. this is the 2nd, the blaze at 19 unit in an iraqi hospital in 3 months. in april, a fire killed 82 cove with patients at the hospital in baghdad. the health sector in iraq has been hit by years of case and mismanagement. it seems there is little hope of the situation improving anytime soon, and it's the patients who are paying the price without the we're had al jazeera in maria, city, southern iraq, us vice president, commer harris has met the texas house democrats, democrats, i'm sorry,
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who are hoping to derail a voting restrictions bill by republicans in their home state. the local democratic politicians flew to washington d. c. by trying to deny the state legislature the numbers it needs to actually vote on the bill in the 1st place. harris commended them for that move, likening it to civil rights activism while texas republicans are calling for their arrest. and it's not just texas where republicans are trying to bring in similar laws. democrats say the republican voting restrictions bills will disproportionately affect minorities and those who traditionally vote for them. speaking early on tuesday, us president joe biden called the fight over voting rights. the test about time, mo, from what has corresponding to. kimberly helped us president joe biden traveled to philadelphia the birthplace of american democracy to highlight what he says is an existential threat. we're facing the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war. not i, personally since the civil war,
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the confederates back then never breached the capital as insurrection listed on january. the 6th, ah biden says american democracy is under assault by republicans who refused to accept the 2020 presidential election results and even tried to overturn it. the big lie is just that a big, why would it's one election? it's not, i probably suggest the most examine in the fullest expression on the well of the people in the history of this nation. when that failed, he says his political opposition turned to republican state legislatures to pass restrictions, making it harder for voters to cast a ballot in the future. they want to make it so hard, inconvenient that their hope people don't vote at all. that's what this is about.
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at least 14 republican controlled states have enacted laws the restrict voting access. they say the measures combat widespread voter fraud. they claim was prevalent in 2020. texas is the latest thing to restrict voting. texas democrats fled to washington d. c. to stop a vote on a proposed law that they say would make it harder to cast a ballot measures. bided is under pressure to stop. you, make commitments said you're going to do this or do that. i think commit to that. followed through, that's the most important part. following give us this person, people are right to say you can vote a certain, you cannot do it. if you cannot go out, it's not like it's been proven, is making it work. we should be adding through to make it better, make it easier, open, more full, more location, make it easier for ellen. not trying to tell your hand in blindfolding vote. that's making it worse. that's like going back to the i want to say flavors. biden's
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urging congress to pass to federal measures to do just that. he's also expanded the civil rights division of the department of justice to challenge state voting restrictions in the court. the president biden has passed, his vice president comma le harris was leaving his administration to efforts to protect valid access, calling it a top priority of his presidency. kimberly health care else's eros hill. adelphia with us on skype now from washington, dc is just taken at issue the political strategist and the founder and ceo of full circle strategies to take it. thanks for your time. i think the 1st thing and bearing in mind we obviously have an international audience. can you explain when we talk about trying to restrict vote his rights? the types of things which republican legislatures are trying to do around the country. what are they trying to do? it's quite, you know, alarming when you look at what is happening across the country,
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this attack on voting right. it is an attack to keep people from casting a barrel. some of the examples of what we're seeing is changes to boating time, you know, restricting the time for people to vote. we saw the 2020 election. people stand in line for nearly 6 and 7 hours of anything. we should be expanding the amount of time that people have to vote. but yeah, be in places like texas and a gym to restrict the time. we also the attack on the ability to capture valid by asking for very restrictive photo id measures and, and even so bother restrict them by asking for the last 4 digits of your social security number to be on such id rather restrictions to ban the ability for a community to do non partisan voter registration in sole to the poll, where the count with other types of restrictions,
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restricting early body. we straightening the ability to register voters that restricting the ability for voters to vote with ease 2000000 barrels, which we saw a great need for doing global pandemic while we were having a let. and so, i mean that the, the measure taken by these texas democrats is obviously extreme. do you think we would see other sorts of things in other states is absolutely necessary. what be and i, you know, absolutely applaud those brave legislators that have, you know, did what they needed to do to ensure democracy for all facts. and this isn't really about a democratic issue or republican issue. this is about american democracy. that is what voting rights is about, and it's time for the state legislators that are a champion, the restrictive attack on voting rights. the understand that democracy is for all
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americans and all people, anything they should be focused on ensuring that we expand voting, writing right now on our as it was paid at the top of this show, we have seen nearly 400 restrictive bills introduced in states across the country 2020 the election. it's a direct response to what we saw was the power largely of people of color, particularly in places like texas in florida, in georgia. utilizing their democratic with the small, the right to vote, and we're seeing now a backlash. and i know it's fraudulent, you know, it's a solution, it's search of a problem. and the problem is it's being fueled as well. you talk about this being a response to what we saw in 2020. it's being filled by the big lie, isn't it? that constant talk that somehow about election with stolen and not just people, voters, but politicians are believing in getting on board. i think it's hard to really,
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truly believe that this election was was stolen. i think it's propaganda, and as president biden said, it today, it's based on a big lie and it's important for us to just move forward and enhance our democracy and in the life it's continuing to just soil our country. i think when you look at this idea of voter fraud, and let's go back and we count and let's, let's have a revision is huge. pre about what happened and, you know, the very dangerous is very dangerous for our country is very dangerous for our democracy. and when we look at, you know, these are what you have been studied. you know, we've looked at these elections. there have been nearly nonexistent cases of voter fraud. but yet we keep being all of these bill, nearly 400 bill been in that mit nearly 30 state laws that are restricted voter rights in what name? we know what it's really about. it is about power. it is about the press power of
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largely people of color that are coming out to the boat and exercising their right to boat despite a lot of voters, depression that was taking place in the 2020 election. just daddy with us from washington, a pleasure talking to you. thank you for your time. thank you will check whether next and then cuba, restricting access to social media event. he government protests suite, the country, and the challenge of uniting to form a rival armies under one unified force. this is in south sudan. ah hello, please say we got since what cool weather coming into western parts of north america over the next couple of days still halts. it has to be said, but a few showers down towards the desert southwest. so that's just just easing that
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temperature down a little bit down towards those desert stays here. we'll see temperatures in phoenix at around 39 celsius. there we go. with that heat up the western side of the us. presently warming canada 24 celsius. they're just north of the border. we will see some wet weather coming into central parts of the us coming across the place just pushing over towards the midwest. not sinking further south with as we go on through wednesday and on into with day. so some really heavy rain is one terrier into quebec back because some localized flooding, those big downpours, stretched across the high valley all the way down into northern parts of texas. ahead of that, you could see some showers here drive right where the coming back into new york and d. c. temperatures around 3334 celsius sorta tub. so we can expect to see across the caribbean, lots of lovely sunshine coming in for the most part. more sunshine, van showers, but there will be some showers. nevertheless, the eastern odyssey one of 2 showers team, i don't think
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a heavy shower is going to be a cos. hispaniola gradually making the way towards cuba. ah, with a bag of energy and change to every part of our universe or small change all around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity. we can make it work for you and your business. ah ah,
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without the help stories are the death toll from violence triggered by the arrest of former south african president, jacob zoom or is not was into 72 hundreds have been arrested as well. the violence has even holds that because 19 vaccination drive in some areas are these 90. 2 people are now confirmed that often monday's fire at a cove at 19 ward in the rocky city of nothing. they have been protest demanding accountability in what is the country 2nd hospital fire in 3 months and us vice president, canada harris has met with texas democrats who are hoping to derail a voting restrictions bill by republicans in that state. i say that measure could prevent minorities and other disadvantage groups and casting that balance cube has restricted access to social media and messaging apps following widespread anti government protests. this is according to a u. k based monitoring group,
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that media, se one man died during a demonstration in havana on monday. thousands marched on sunday could protest against the economic crisis and the government handling of the pandemic. with many calling for an end to communist rule, he was president of accusing the us and cuban americans a sparing on the process. more than $160.00 unmarked graves have been found in the canadian province of british columbia, the site of a former school for indigenous children, more than a 1000 unmarked grades have been identified across canada in recent months. this latest discovery made by the pen like a tribe, the canadian prime minister justin trudeau says his heart breaks for all indigenous communities across canada. the slightest discovery here it is on the map pen like islands in the georgia straight between vancouver island and mainland british columbia. will joining us on zoom from victoria british columbia is
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steve sweet old who is a freelance journalist, a member of dependent loc drive, but he also attended that very school on cooper island that we just told you about steve, did you almost feel that this was going to happen with all the discoveries awful discoveries that have been made in the past few months that it was only a matter of time until the school you went to would be in the news as well. yes, definitely we. i felt that from the personnel that we had last month from kamloops and onwards, multiple announcements. so the last month plus we use, i knew deep down there would be an announcement coming from my home territory in regards to on mark rates. i think in my personal opinion, with over a $130.00 great $130.00 residential schools plus across canada at one time or another. this is just the tip of the iceberg. if you don't mind,
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can you tell us a little bit about your day that school just your, your memories of that time? well, i was 5 years old, 5 now. so 5 year old kid. you know, it was a time, much fusion boss of, you know, bureau density of your family know, how can i access my sisters on the other side of the building? is very scary time. story of loneliness for me and not really interesting. why was there, how i would circumstance this building and try to get through day to day? i mean, i can say in mind that somebody, one year, it was a year that changed my life forever. and i'm not the only one in my family. my
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sister's attended the same school. my late mother did. my uncles are all gone. they all attended the school. so my, my time was there was, was dramatic and i didn't really have anybody there. and as a 5 year old child, it's really for those children that's really hard to comprehend having children as well. you know, i tried to run away several times and i was so i was sounds, i mean, i'm not running far money, jim and hiding in a hole stairs. so it's, it's really hard to put things into words from that time for today. i can't say it was, it was a story of ominous steve. i used the phrase earlier in our broadcast that canada is reconciling with its dark past due to you. what does reconciliation mean? obviously it means accountability. but in 2021. what can be done?
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reconciliation i think is, is a term that candidate the government of canada and other organizations across campus have been using for the last 5 years. i did, you know, i believe it's something that most frustrations would like to achieve. but to be honest, is on the government of canada and their organizations and provinces. organizations within the province to actually make that move might be a 1st nations have nothing to reconcile. we were put into this colonial society and struggling to find our way to just to be an equal and within society today. so it's been a real struggle. so i think the onus is not on 1st nations be on today's government to, to make those moves. and they call the right and then go to that in what are those right moves aside from obviously, justin, she speaks about us and he,
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he acknowledges it and he said that all or what does the governor actually do? well, last question for mr. trudeau. my study goes to couse and drops off the teddy bear that still doesn't solve well, how did those children end up there? who is responsible? what kind of action are you going to take from the terms from the eyes of, of justice. you know, is there going to be a special prosecutor assigned to this outside of canada, investigate the government funding. i want to close it as well as the churches. so we have an election. so this government is not going to do anything but give us, you know, their, their, their, their sympathy, which, you know, i appreciate to certain extent. we want answers justice. these are a relatives, these little children, brothers, sisters, mom, uncles and we have no idea how they ended up there. and have this happen in
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canada is a church stay sweet hold. i can imagine what this period has been like for you. and so we really appreciate you, you coming on air and talking to us about it. thank you. thank you so much. the head of the united nations peacekeeping mission in south sedans, says the formation of a new unified security force is a critical element in south to answer that shouldn't transition. i'm sorry to pace . civil war broke out soon after the country gained its independence from sudan in 2011. but while there was relative peace, now rival fighters loyal to the president and his 1st deputy have still not joined that new national army. 100 johnson. as i report from judah, the thousands of recruits one to join the unified security forces planned for south saddam. my job child used to be a child soldier with the help of the united nations. he went to the united states
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to study. now in his 14th, he's back home to help rebuild his country and all that's hosted and he can come together and fix the country and no one will fix for them. and it is another story for the what is it to see if i live as follow up, but many like my job has been more than a year in these camps. they still haven't graduated the delay in graduation. and partly because the financial constraints act that the poor conditions in the training center. so just sometimes it's not enough food medicines and they still don't have proper uniform. it's made integrated opposition and government forces more challenging. we have laws 626228 nice day, sent alone, you're alone. i don't know how many different incentives. so this is a big number. is like, you know how to use cooper. tons of data one to an extent south don is also an armed embargo for lead human rights abuses committed during several years of conflict. you have given us embargo, and you one i said the same time to form
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a unified with people being treated. what do, where do we get the guns to give them? if we can't even buy a piston? that's the challenge that we are understanding with partners. they have good the own interest that they would like to see reflected in this country. the transitional unit to government formed last year. so president, solving here again trying to work with former able to react masha who's now the 1st vice president on paper. the 2 politicians have agreed to combine the individual army from wireless into one, but up a complete set up on picket called the chemical business. and the set up by politicians norwood edition that the, the selfish the that he why is it wed?
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like the, the love to listen to the level the petition to make water even if the african countries have to do more to help started. i'm set up the army. huge challenges. the lie ahead. i, the sooner these kids tonight and graduates the sooner they can possibly will, can bring new piece as ability to this war. torn country, hard on with us algebra, juba, the, me up off the, our analysis here. and these are the headlines to death toll from violence triggered by the rest of former south african president, jacob zoom has risen to 70 to hundreds of people arrested as well. violence is halted, the covert 19 vaccination drive in some areas to miss transactions of the violence will stop if he's released from jail and he's 90. 2 people are now confirmed dead after monday. fire to coven 19 ward, and the iraqi.


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