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venice residents have been urging the government to ban large ships from the lagoon for years, worried about pollution and threats to the stability of its buildings and ecosystem . you can find that much more of that story and everything else that we have been covering here and al jazeera on our website. there it is. the address i'll jazeera dot com the and now the top stories on al jazeera, at least 72 people have been killed in days of riots and losing across south africa . more than 1200 people have been arrested. what started as violence over the arrest, the former president, jacob zima, has turned into protests against poverty and inequality. it's some of the worst unrest that south africa seems since before the end of a party tape, the military has been deployed to assist the countries overwhelmed police force
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covered 900 vaccination campaigns, meanwhile are suspended in some areas at a time of a devastating outbreak. hundreds of protesters have gathered in the racks, city of nasiriyah, after a fire at a corona virus ward killed 90. 2 people. the prime minister is promising accountability. it's the 2nd time in 3 months that a fire has torn through a hospital in the country. it was president joe biden has called the fight over voting rights. the test of our time and the queues republican lawmakers of attempting to subvert the electoral process. this, the several republican states consider controversial legislation that would make it more difficult for americans to vote. several democratic politicians from texas have left the state for washington d. c. in order to deny the legislature, the quorum needed to vote on the bill. they said their proposal will disproportionately affects minorities and people from poor communities. people who
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would traditionally vote democrat by themself as compared it to racial segregation roles if so, free and fair elections is just such a threat. literally, i've said before, we're facing the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war, as not i personally since the civil war, the cuban terry ministry says one person died, an anti government protests on monday. police have been out in force after the demonstrations began on sunday with cuba president accusing the u. s. and cuban americans of spurring on the unrest. a u. k based rights group says cuba has restricted access to social media and messaging apps. those are the headlines they were. this lies in bob way is coming up next and my colleagues and how we'll have more news for you in half an hour. thanks for watching. i'll see you soon. bye to. yeah. one of the most famous film festivals is back with love,
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landed 3 and doors the social distance thing and place in some countries unable to attend the glamorous very piece of bread, recreate the magic of the coverage through the council festival. well, now the alien will play the over go not his own. there's no park anything by the way. ah good bye bye bye bye. my job is blinking the to the part of the community in the epic and metrics. you need to find somebody. we got to deal with to putting
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in my bible about my job, my way about my family, my level or my wife lives in there and work with them. i love you need to my about my college. i want to want to bid damage and that is into meant in our college and this non type in the news that we put out there. but it was emma resent, they've made the point the do is indeed now there's been some of the challenge
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now what they call in the fact we formed was before the community department where we live in our program. so i'm around the community as it seems to me really, when will it be in the bud? because the market is up. wonderful. well, you mind if you go all me get ready to g. we don't, is that it was that is i got a really that what i'm done? well, i mean, i'm going to go by guy now. god, i did
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this group, he said i did this and i knew many years ago that there was a disadvantage. was of them that windows now able to paint? does children in school fees? they can buy food, they can build a drug test, are they in? i think he was, well one on that i think i go to minute, we're going to go with the do that. is that going to be thing? i do see a date, but that's what you today. what is going on with the doc will been done. go who then did i never game? i do not. you know, and i think i shot the indians always did not go join. the bank won't put it. so i don't think that's what they look about that. you know,
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i'm going to talk about that webinar today. now press one and i so many guys i would say when are you going out? as you probably are done, we will, i will not really south what says go on 1005 by and then it was monday morning. what was as one of them, i don't, they don't call me and i want him knows dilemma going exams, but i don't yeah. well mr. bill, know that agenda and then where does it will miss out? 1500 bundled ah, me ah, for me to try to work with my pressure,
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emanated from my father was working in granada. jordan, as it is within me, it's a village. what information would go from my father? i mean, most of the people in this country, they were looking up one day job there in july because most of them within the so i have to tell, i have to teach the community that living with the wildlife. ah, me with the me.
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oh that's not there was an elephant here and i had did my my, my boss about your lead some bridge. you records you damage in my so ah, wanting be going to check what is up in the river and when to look for them. if i don't my nice at my job for me to know their location and the way that animals mostly more people deal, i was afraid that you'd get more people done in the animal in the world every year
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in the february of up north it was the oil destroy clubs and gardens of the locals . that is where we have it. where did charlie's good? good feeding. this is adam cook. she's moving down that even though on his leg in there it's been a tough year. did the region did not receive enough rains. the community did not dive it enough clubs for feeding themselves in their lives. now, some of the guy this interest in is bad. oh i.
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so what is going to be important to talk about? because we still see a lot of incursions of purchase coming in from that same community we're benefiting from across. so what we want to start seeing as how do we do we balance those 2 things out. we are supporting that. let's talk about by giving them grass. we are also supporting them with the grad date. i don't think so by that. took that one to show them that if we were 10 minutes, this privilege, we need to be careful. we don't want to be just a minute. we really need that continue engagement with terms of as being part of this community. walking the journey with the community that is going to be critical . we need to keep on maintaining that dignity that human rights. respect 2 people do one another to start with the 2 communities as well. ah
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ah ah, no it isn't allow me to go to my well nobody until now you've got to be then to say it was 1000000. it's on a couple months used by frederick ella, and she goes to the car, got some work up that we saw on the board for to meet that way by that and getting
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my feet when i was you, i don't know where you had to go along i'm i got a little fun and i need i need a new home. i got a show. got, did i never got it and i will learn that there was about doing that when i when i got go, what i'll do is i will go through with that they
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go, where did it, why are you all all know that is not that one would go very good. yes fans. i'm going to cough my mom to technical him to wait a 2nd. no more. yeah. she got one more. you had trouble sidway looking for what was the mission of the communities that whenever and why? my not the minute. but they don't notice on audrey, but they strongly suspect do i know when i, we also think i'm valuable. georgia by information from the community and i was and
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i name before so that we got we got paid off when we got the community. you also help you find out that device, you sensitize the community to anything until we're done by the boys that they have called inside that pocket to this. this symbol here did decide that it's so the range of rolling in the region of that of that it bought i got a bread as a general just to the very last one. thought my life was to draw as these gentlemen not doing yeah, i look at the tool like tool for them. yeah,
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i live both ways. yeah. daddy. pretty sure it's their money to pick one wise for no, did you spend about 2 guys did sick with more work? no animals come through here. this was then you like the it will be a neck quarterly. the amount of snares over 4 years ago. now data juicing, i'm sure, by almost 80 percent the with
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me when i was very and before getting your grade our, the project, we had to get into good job to kill more animals. when i used to get to my high level day, that's why i need to develop something. then i do thing off. no, i have to look after that very pointed. but i said from being it more young boys up to be at asia. and now you know, i something that is letting fall, impress then what i did daniel point, you know, there's another thing which they have to piece to catch it. i've been very flexible. gimme a yet because i knew the golgi as
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a community like i was running a program, meeting to all my a room with my present isn't that angry. they would maybe to far away and i don't know prevent the hey it will look into that. god did i think the unavoidable to dental times in that and i would, i just, usually i think what we do need to achieve is to get that 100 percent confidence from the community that the talk is still there for them. so what do we need? we still need to be working very effectively with the community the meeting at this meeting with dial out wednesday and dennis on god forgot me where i need to go somewhere with our community. we don't want to live in one
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moment. why was only mean, i mean, why, why do we run run ramona will gave me lots of the corner them to my number in general will not be yeah. i mean a neighbor by now by it. we're not, while whole, we're going to show our bundle, but i don't know of any one on monday about it also. so the, i'm get a while now. i've got a guy, you know, that's what i am. you know about level, you mean what's in going in need you got neither one to 15 for them or not for the kids out to the school really? oh. when you went to a new one or is it well, i got him on i did on the old one. he lay, you know, she never got any i'm in here and what i've been all my
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love. my love. i love love him. when i'm going to talk about it, and then i would like to go and look about to, you know, go by and out. i'm pretty much gone. why? because i've had a lot when i'm with 99, but yeah i'm, i'm the slim gum and i will. i'm going to fight where i me, i me, i have to south are not in yet most getting here work almost. i'm, what i'm was agreeing was, i was about 25. i had to say a when i, when it says i, but i don't, does this. i mean i'm, i walk with them for good the day before i was going the one on the him. i pointed alcala wall, don't get to someone else a whole lot. the monday the i'm and i'm the, i've got one. did you know, you mean the community?
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did you know people who know him if you wanna watch but i was yes, i would not put a run laundry in which that 2550 to get out to do that. i need cream. go home and i will do it. i just won't go to again i'm in the medical day while i was in to it. if i didn't got not a while i while i gave the one, what is it? it's got it got solid angel a baby. so it was the i love us because some of us we stay through by lyn my guy a poison. i get time to give a call. well miss, you've got it. got a promotion? well, as i mean, i do more while she go a getting got anything. got, i don't believe detail at the up. i got you guys got la can get the one who have, i'll call monday she. so it's such as a, we'll have
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a good phone number. if you are going out agreed with. i suppose it's an equal so fact i call now you know, the compensation police moves and bob, so fun. now the one by that in is that who you, when? when i did it, you know, my time was because i thought it was. if i knew what didn't again i'm family will will not just don't do the combined vision to say the whole bunch i my wife lewis. good delux. next call. i'm going to get you good, good. good. our little group. i'm nagging
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a muslim as well. okay. yeah, let me let me but if i don't, don't worry about that. i get that one. i'm just, i'm going to do i need and then i will says this guys that my in my mind yeah, very i did the same and i will go to my boy bit of them. i didn't be okay. okay. now that was done. yeah. and then why don't you thought that was that would
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be the local person a really pray do i go home to meet nice and as find my wives, you can organize out to keep less dope cause also how to take care of the silly yeah. i know this i i
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know i was able to lower my bill up because i wanted to hear that mobile though. what did i did? i did that and got him up on the phone so i know or yeah, my go in as well. so we, we, yeah, now that i don't know much about when it is that it's going to be done when i jehovah, when i run over. but i don't know when i go to the agenda. well, me in the, in the
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division confirmed disconnected department to help maintain the cultural believe they were people you, you do resides in godaddy's, you know, we allowed them in the bought take them or do they do summer in making money? they pray for a come down there is cause the i me ah ah,
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the. 6 the, the the, [000:00:00;00] me, ah,
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ah, my man gaudy when he should head community with the condo in my, or a community which can, oh, with wildlife. me my way it's about my grandmother. my godaddy is my future. my love when demands that cloud me o me . when a war crime is committed, is it coming to the how does it follows a garden human rights investigator on his unprecedented journey to the french high court, i says, every place to make sure that the information to bring its context,
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taking on the arms trade in his fight for justice, for innocent palestinians, and their families, made in france coming soon unnoticed. a mineral central to the quest for clean energy, a key ingredient for the production of electric car batteries, cobalt extracting. this is dangerous, profitable, with global demand set the skyrocket. people in power investigates, claims that industrial mines contracting the precious material needed for cleaner energy, are in fact, poisoning the environment with dire health consequences for those living in their shadow. the cost of coal, both people in power on a just, you know, this lights may look like a city from the sky, but their fishing vessels just outside. didn't tina's exclusive economic zone. the united states launched operations southern cross to combat illegal and unregulated
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fishing in the southern atlantic. argentina's coast guard say the main task is to control the movements, so they do not cross into argentine territory from this room origin time authorities can monitor for what's happening in economic exclusive zones. but what a 40 here are saying is that what's important is to regulate what's happening in international waters. the the violence and looting continues in south africa early 72 people killed and hundreds more rested on tuesday. ah, hopper going on? come all santa maria, this is the world news from out of the ra 90. 2 people have died in a fire at a corona virus ward and iraq and their relatives want the government to answer for us. also,
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democrats in the us state of texas fleet and washington to avoid debasing a bill that would limit those rights in future elections. the state governor


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