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resistance and ignite the passions stand up and fight generation change on al jazeera ah, bold, and i'm told stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera. ah, me, this is al jazeera ah hello, and welcome on pizza w. watching the news. i live for my headquarters here, coming up in the next 60 minutes. looting and rioting in south africa has protest that began with the jailing of the former president, jacob's human turn to anger over poverty. plus, i am more than glad enough for the outside the house where a fire has killed dozens of people also
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ahead. cuba, the biggest uprising in decades will have an update from havana on whether the president's address is quelled unrest. we are not going to buckle to the big line in the state of texas, us democrats in texas flights of washington to try to stop republicans, attempt that new voting restrictions and is for roger federer has just pulled out of the lympics. the 13 year old sang and named jury will prevent him from competing in japan. ah, welcome to program. it is south africa's west unrest in decades triggered by the arrest of the former president, jacob zoom. at least 45 people have been killed
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in days of riots and little cupboard. 19 vaccination campaigns have been suspended in some areas at a time of a devastating outbreak. the foundation of jacob's zooming as peace and stability is directly linked to him being released from jail. but what began as protest against the rest, but not turned into broad anger against poverty, an economic hardship. we knew when we locked down again, this was bound to happen because the longer you leave the people hungry, the events would take place and i don't think it's only about the whole economy and what's happening on the i think people are generally hungry. the jobs that are being lost at the moment, i'm going to exacerbate the situation and we don't need this to see people shops in business as being gutted. yes, people are hungry today, but tomorrow they'll be more unemployment, more paid, more suffering in a nation that is trying to recover and rebuild itself well,
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much of the violence is happening into main provinces. for tang is the most populous province and includes the big city janice book. earlier, at least 10 people died and a stampede and a waiter in alexandra township and elsewhere along the outskirts of the johanna book area. crowds have been looting shopping centers. the violence started last week and close to the natal jacob's room, his home province, states and provincial officials say 26. people have died and unrest there mostly during stampedes. i mean, the miller has this update from alexander township in jo, bug with some of that looting has been taking place. it certainly is come at this point in the day we saw massive looting earlier in the day and police trying to repel those people from stores behind us. and it is come, i think also because we have military police and soldiers deployed here. now they went earlier in the day, but i was think they possibly isn't anything left in the stores to loot. they have
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been concerned around the slow response of the police and they really have struggled to manage, trying to quell these protests and the looting that's taken place. but in the day, the policeman asked that he spoke to south african saying that he believed that the law enforcement agencies here would be able to handle what's been happening. they have intelligence on the ground and they're confident that police and now soldiers and military police can get a group of things. but it really hasn't been that case much of the day. and i suppose they may be relying on the presence of soldiers to maintain some level of calm. they have been debate around incitement of violence and who is responsible for that. when jacob zoom was arrested or in the days leading up to the that they were these kind of threats. if is arrested, if he's jailed, we will take to the streets. we will defend him at all costs. we also heard from
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his son edwards, who must say he was prepared to die for his fall. the police would not take him away, but we know he was imprisoned on wednesday night. and by friday we saw some of these riots begin. there really is concern around who is responsible behind some of the reaction why it's happening. we also know that it has moved to some extent into issues around poverty and inequality, especially in areas like that's an exam dra, that's one of the poor. it's townships in johannesburg where there are certain areas where people don't have flushing toilets, electricity running water. they have protested for years around these issues. they are problems with service delivery. they're unhappy with the government. tim murphy is from the institute for justice and reconciliation. he thinks some form of protest was to be expected after him as arrest, but no one could have predicted the scale of the unrest. this really reveals the
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multi layered nature of the crisis very complex situation that social comic disparities and social exclusion that goes back to the apartheid legacy in south africa. combined with years of ms. ro, paradoxically, by, by mr. jacobs, do the between 20092018. so i think this is a deep, socio economic crisis. western by a political system and political governance that has impact misjudged the temperature, the social temperature in the country. but the irony inspect is that between 20092018, as i mentioned under jacobs and rule, there was widespread looting of state conference estimated in the order of half a trillion south africa ran close to 500000000000 us. and if that looting hadn't happened and in fact they resources were adequately deployed. busy particularly to
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social economic programs to help education housing. we may not be seeing what we are witnessing right now. this is continuous uprising. it is a pressure cooker situation that has been building up over time. and it is, it is a statement that something needs to be corrected rather urgent thing with in south africa. and if the political leaders missed this boat again, unfortunately, we will be few job risings in, in south africa. sick people burned to death. it's a disaster. the words of families of the victims of one of the rocks worse hospital fires and decades. the prime minister as promising accountability. after 902 people died in october 19 facility in the city of nasiriyah. and the 2nd time in 3 months that a fire has torn through a hospital. we'll have more from mcmurry until we had enough area shortly. first,
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this report from jillian both. this was the all who st hospital in southern iraq. now, much of it burned to the ground. these wards were set up for corona virus. patients . they only open to 3 months ago to help cope with the pandemic. the charred remains of victims are carried out embodied flags, but families continued to search the debris for any trace of their loved ones. while the front door was burning and the back door was closed, so people were not able to get out. we managed to take some people out, they suffer from critical conditions and the rest of them burnt and died. this was a scene as a fire tor, through the hospital fire crews tackling the flames of the appellate animals, such as what happened tonight of the her st. hospital is a catastrophe markets club, but she
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has a tragedy that slipped. let me know though rock has to suffer anguish and calamity . the anguish turned into anger with protesters taking to the street and setting fire to police vehicle. iraq's prime minister held an emergency meeting on tuesday and ordered an investigation. but mourners blame the government for miss management and neglect. this is the 2nd time a big fire has cause death and destruction in a hospital in a rock in recent months, claiming the lives of corona virus. patients in april, more than 80 people died when an oxygen tank exploded and sparked a blaze at this hospital in baghdad. health official say that could have been the cause of this fire too. but that doesn't help relieve the pain for those family and friends suffering here today, chile move al jazeera. my bill had been to the site to the fire where the
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investigation is now underway. gear and the 3 has the officials say that they are holding emergency meetings and forensic teams are also still trying to identify the rest of the buddies about 39 buddies have been identified doesn't others are still under recognition that processed by the forensic teams. we met victims found this here, so there are people who cannot find their loved ones. like i said, dozens of buddies, our buddy parts the they can be easily identified. another man we met said it's a way to go. he lost 5 of his family members, 3 cove in 1900 patients, and the others were either visitors or those who rushed to try to save the relatives police in cuba in full force. today, after unprecedented anti government demonstrations,
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the president is blaming us sanctions. the economic hardship which prompted the biggest uprising in decades, the us president joe biden says, america stands with the people of cuba, against decades of repression from havana. his read lindsey thousands took to the streets across cuba and sunday, in the biggest protest the country has seen in decades. chance centered on civil liberties in the political system. the driving force behind the demonstrations with anger over a devastating economic crisis that has caused widespread shortages of food and medicine. i have nothing to cook when the power cut out more than 20 times yesterday. i would love love. it's because we don't have fuel and we've had to cut the electricity. protesters blame the government for cuba. economic crisis. a day after visiting site of one of the protests cuban president miguel diaz canal attributed the scarcity to the 60 year old us embargo. actual fema,
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all those issues that are present in our society now, such as dissatisfaction. what are the origins? what caused them? it's the blockade air blew. on monday, the streets of ana were calm, the trump administration intensified the u. s. embargo passing a barrage of sanctions, but devastated the cuban economy covert exacerbated the crisis. so far, president joe biden has maintained the sanction, despite a campaign promise to change us policy towards cuba. but cuba dire economic situation and with the frustration and anger of its population, continues with nope and insight. well, cuba is a very different country compared to what it was even just a few years ago. and his people are both connected to the world and each other as and re chappelle now explains protest in cuba have not been seen like this before. and cubans themselves haven't witnessed them in the past because of a lack of internet access. 10 years ago, cuba had one of the lowest internet penetration rates in the world. just 16 percent
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of the population was connected. even in cafes, access was too expensive for most people. since then the communist government installed free, why fi hotspots and parks? they expanded 3 g networks and allowed access in homes. now around 70 percent of cubans are in line. more than half the population have a mobile connection and they are active on social media. and they've been quick to make their unhappiness known about the health care system and the lack of medicines and the slow roll out of cove at 19 vaccines. the economic crisis, which is considered the worst in decades, is hurting many people. and there been demonstrations around the country. president miguel diaz canal says the protests have been orchestrated by what he calls the cuban american mafia. he's had government own telecom providers, limit access to instagram facebook and telegram. but many say the protests are organic and grassroots, and supported by the huge cuban diaspora community in miami and elsewhere around the world. the us says it's not ruled sending forces to help stabilize haiti
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following the assassination of the president german, l. noisy. washington is helping to investigate the murder and a sense indication to the capital puerto prince, and also find out if any us laws were broken after 2 americans were among those arrested. a haitian business man living in florida is the latest to be held. loss and ground still the couple for you here on the news are including rebel forces in ethiopia as to gray region and say they've seized more territory as part of a new offensive fury. and the west bank after israel denies a jail palestinian activists from morning at her daughter's funeral on the asian football champions castle, ready to test themselves against some unfamiliar opponents. details later with andy in about 30 minutes here on the news. the news,
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texas republicans, including the governor, a calling for democratic politicians who lead the us states to be arrested. not most of the state legislature as democrats are in washington right out d. c to try to stop a bill. they say suppresses voting rights without them there is no quorum, which means they can't vote on the proposed law. they can't vote on the new law. democrats say the proposed restrictions were inspired by lies about widespread voter fraud in last year's presidential election. now they're calling on congress to protect voting rights, saying they can't stay out of texas indefinitely. i will tell you what the house represent can do. the speaker can do is issue a call to have these members arrested. in addition to that, however, i can, and i will continue to call special session after special session after special session all the way up until election next year. and so these people want to be hanging out wherever they're hanging out on this taxpayer paid junket. they're
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going to have to be prepared to do it for well over a year. as soon as they come back instead of texas, that will be arrested. they will be cabin to inside the texas capital until they get their job done. white house correspondent is the in philadelphia where president joe biden is expected to speak in the next hour or so we're talking of course about kimberly, how could, kimberly great talk you again here on the usa. so what's the difference between what voting rights are in the state at the moment, and what in theory they could become well, it's not just taxes, it's the state of georgia, tara zone i. it's a handful, or actually it's more like a dozen republican lead states that are making changes because they allege that there was widespread voter fraud in 2020 and they want to clap down. in other words, make it harder to vote, democrat se, and the concern for democrats is that this will disproportionately hurt voters of
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color. and so this is something that for weeks, even months, they've been pressuring joe biden on saying, look, we helped you get elected. i'm talking about democrats and talked about voters of color who really delivered at the ballot box for joe biden. and they said, now you're just gonna sit here. well, all of these concert of lead governments around the country put in these restrictions to make it harder for us to bow. we need you to do something. so joe biden is coming to philadelphia, in fact, he's on the ground now to do something. what this is, is the birthplace of american democracy. in fact, behind me is independence hall. that is where the american constitution and also the declaration of independence were not only debated but signed into law. so this has a lot of symbolism, joe biden said, protecting voting rates is going to be the number one priority of his presidency. that's why he's come here. and this is essentially the opening salvo of what will
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be a major pushback to conservatives in the united states. and their efforts to joe biden will allege suppress the vote, disproportionately hurting voters and color. so the us president set to do or that message in the coming hour or so this is quite inside baseball for those of us not across the my new she i of us politics. kimberly. so forgive me if my next question seems a bit naive. so within the, the flow charts, if you will, of us politics. we've got texas democrats going to congress in washington trying to get congress in washington to pull a rabbit out of the hat and tell what the texas legislature to do. some things that it doesn't necessarily want to do because it's a republican lead state anyway. right. and just to add to the minutia they're asking congress to do something that it actually doesn't have the power to do. it's so important to mention that the united states system of government is unique in it. there are very strong states, right?
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so in other words, this isn't a federal system that can kind of top down make these orders and edicts in many cases. and so what they're asking for essentially the u. s. congress can't do what it can do and what it's trying to do. and what has been proposed by the democrats in the us congress. a are 2 different voting laws in order to protect strength and voting integrity they allege. but the problem is, is that both of those installed in congress because of republican push back and are unlikely to be passed into law. so, by ministrations kinda scratchy, has had what do we do now? he's already put a place in executive order ordering federal agencies to do what they can. he's also tasked, as vice president, common harris, who we should point out in the last hours said she will meet with these texas democrats to hear what they have to say because she is overseeing voting rights integrity in the united states. but the problem is, is that this is an issue that has been struggling for democrats. in fact,
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the u. s. supreme court just made a big ruling a few weeks ago that essentially got to some of the federal protections that have been in place for decades. that give more power to the states. so what's happening at all these various legislatures, whether it be taxes, whether it be arizona, whether it be georgia, is that something that is allowed under the constitution, they can implement these voting restrictions. and then the voters, if they don't like them, can kick the republicans out of office and put democrats in who could change it. and that's the system of government in the united states. but it's also the central debate that's taking place in american politics right now. whether or not this is just whether or not this is moral and whether it up is hurts minorities disproportionately. ok. kimberly we have to leave it. they will come back to little later. i'm sure mr. biden shows up there where you are in philadelphia. good talk. you, kimberly, thank you very much. degree in places say they've seized a major town in a new offensive in ethiopia. they're spokesman says the town of rail was taken after federal and m. r a forces withdrew. it's the most intense fighting there that
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they've seen this since they capture the regional capital. mckelly last month corresponded. catherine saw reports now from the mirror in the region of to craig been hearing from the grand leadership from the defense forces. who is saying that then now. a in the south and the west which are still disputed and we just to be on calls mostly by force resisting that's the land. and that's what they want to take areas like where i am whomever of the for november, who marah and another town called my condra was. # in control i wasn't being administered by the grand regional for. 5 many to grants, let this areas the areas are being controlled by higher horses and mike hydra, which is about 3020 kilometers from whom airway is
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a town where some of the west atrocities against b, as in november, more than 600 people came, was killed. most of them laborers who have come from different puzzled hara to have assisted me from funds and mainly belonged to the grand. 2 i'm is. 5 i'm mars he of believe that the grand fighters for those kelly's maybe the 2 grants lead to don. 5 if you speak to them that they blame. # is, and it's militia also, you know, coughing out them out of this region so that the grand for assisting that also heading west. 5 is where we are seeing a lot of. a i'm hiring for interacting. this was the oldest thing that this log belongs to them and it will not go without a fight. meanwhile, the human human rights council has passed a resolution expressing deep concerns about abuses, integrate its calling for
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a withdrawal of a retrained troops, which it says and making the conflict. even worse. if the o p a has rejected the resolution while eritrea, which is a member of the council, did vote against it. while the violin sitting c o. p has northern degree reach and began in november. since then, nearly 1600000 people have been displaced with more than 63000 fleeting into neighboring sedan. latest un estimates indicate 5200000 people require emergency food assistance in the region of that's more than 400000 to suffering from famine. like conditions and 33000 children are severely malnourished. 8 organizations say they're struggling to reach those in need of help because of fighting, intimidation, detention, and confiscation of their supplies. rove mozilla, who is the you and hcr assistant high commissioner. he spoke to me earlier from cartoon after visiting refugee camps incident 2 of them explained the humanitarian situation on the ground to the people who need help in the c o. p. right?
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now it is access. it is that the authorities which control the area provide, provide access. i am now in costume and in the to refugee comes that we have here. and we do have, we do have access to, to, to, to refugees, to the $40000.00. also, refugees who have crossed the border. the security situation is unfortunately deteriorating so, so we know that there could be an increase number of people crossing the border. i made reference to the 40000 people who are in to camps. but in addition to that, we have about a 1000 people who are still into trends. it comes at the border there yet, and village it. these are the 2 locations. so as a whole, we have close to 50000 people who are now incident with that number of girl. it's possible. would they return if the situation allowed their return?
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they would of course it and but for the time being what we're doing is to is to be ready for any possible in flux with the partners with which we are working. and the sudanese government, which has been very welcoming after 2 and a half years of hearing shocking testimony from the victims of state sanctioned killings, can be as truth reconciliation and reparations commission has finished. its work now is planning to make strong recommendations to punish those responsible for atrocities committed under the former president yashimi israel 25 years ago. but as admitted risk reports, many bits him say they cannot move on. at the home of late basil battle feast is being prepared by a member of the family he left behind. 25 years ago. the battle and 13 others were executed by former president jimmy for allegedly planning a cool, his buddies, like many other gumby ends, was never covered. since his death borrows widow is finding it hard to find
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a closure. i know me. i know me personally and not forgive anybody, or if they come to me, i will tell them to us proceeded for forgiveness. go to basil the hardship by phase where i believe that to god, god will judge everything. but me what i cannot forget, you shall tell the commission about the utmost that emotion is shared by others who are also lost. loved ones for 2, and have yes and credible, and hundreds of other surviving victims. and their families testified before the truth commission detailing the atrocities committed by the regime. the testimonies including those of members of a hits court, led to the discovery of mass graves and the grim task of zooming the remains. the former teacher by somebody lived through 14 months of humiliating detention and torture, left him to call it for life. north explaining that i had was when both hands
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and legs were paid. when they wouldn't care, you can move. you can be if that time that plays the pin was continuous and they will come. but all who water on ruskin and continue it executed you on your back to look at phantom see the pin sticking work of the commission was led by 4 my adviser to the united nations secretary general to lemons, to says the government would have to implement the commission's recommendations to help the victims to what's the alternative, you do nothing. 22 years of atrocities. the slaughter of innocent civilians there which haunting thing that might lead them to the death of over 3040 people. they're massive and torture.
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that really happened in the area that we forget about all that. and then just some of us with it under the carpet and then no move on. no, i don't think the government would do that. i that many victim said they hope the government would have the courage to do that, but they wouldn't bet on it. the truth and reconciliation commission is expected to recommend the prosecution of the proper practice of serious crimes and reformation for them. the government has already set aside $1000000.00 a compensation for victims with the premise of another $1000000.00 to come young be as activists will be watching closely to see what the reaction of the government of president automobile will be. to the recommendations of the commission. what are the gambia preparing for a presidential election in early december? the victims likes and carianne's will have to wait a bit longer for justice to be served on people. she vowed never to forgive. until then, she will continue to bear the burden of our anger. and the pain of losing husband,
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she said, meant the world to our automated rece allergies either by jo. still to come here on the news for you, greece testing new surveillance technology aimed stopping refugees across the border from turkey and the final major of the year. it only is only a couple of days away, but talks continue with the goals. biggest peut details coming up with a hello. there. things are looking very hot and dry across much of the middle east and event. we have seen temperatures rising in iraq in q 8th and iran, but they are going to dip down slightly on wednesday to where we expect them to be to this time of year. and we go to shamal, wind kicking in across syria and iraq. and that's going to affect q weight and
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could talk kicking up quite a bit of dust. so we'll have some hazy sunshine and poor visibility. but for the south of this, we still got the southern, the wind blowing into those coastal areas of yemen, anime on though temperatures are where we expect them to be la sitting in the high twenty's as you go into thursday, though there's more wet weather on the way for yemen and coastal areas of amman, the real wet weather. we have to move to central parts of africa. we've got those storms rolling across the pin rift valley, extending into south sudan and across into chad. we've got, we've seen some flooding in the south west of chad. we could see more as there's more rain to come over the next 24 hours is going to thursday though the heavier rain can be found in coastal areas of cameroon. we could see some more flooding here, but for the south it's a much finer and dry a picture with lots of sunshine in cape town. as temperatures start to recover that shoe weather. ah.


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