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until it gets dark when they are loaded on to military style trucks or vans, again, driven to the banks of the river and loaded onto smaller things. until you members agree to share the burden of asylum. greece is obliged to absorb any refugees that come its way and is likely to continue its policy of deterrence. jumps are awful. us al jazeera along the evidence river. ah, updating your top stories here on out to 0, south africa's military has been deployed to contain violent protests that these 45 people have not been killed. the unrest was sparked by the jailing of the former president jacob's duma. but since grown because of economic frustrations, let me the miller isn't johannesburg. she says, the police have been struggling to calm the violence. they are
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a couple of seats that are deserted and that's certainly the hope that the presence of the army will quell some of the riots that we've seen. the government has previously been criticized for deploying soldiers in hot spots during difficult times. one of them was during dinner phobic attacks in johannesburg and now we seeing it again during this unrest. also another time at the beginning of the code at 1900 knocked out in south africa to ensure that people adhere to those restrictions. the concern is that soldiers are necessarily trained in terms of crowd control and dealing with civilians. iraq's prime minister is promising accountability for a fire as a corona virus was killed, 92 people. he's ordered the arrest and the suspension of several local officials in nasiriyah cuban police are out in full force after unprecedented anti government demonstrations. the president is blaming us sanctions for the economic hardship which prompted the biggest uprising in decades. us president joe biden says america
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stands with the cuban people against decades of repression. rebel forces integrate, say they've seized a major town and a new offensive in ethiopia. the rebel spokesman says the town of radio was taken after federal and m. r. a forces withdrew the international energy agency as well. and the dispatch between 2 of the world's biggest oil producers could end up in a price war. there's little sign that saudi arabia and the united arab emirates have made progress in resolving a dispute over their production cuts a measured israel's denial of a request by the jailed palestinian activists. sally the giraffe, to attend her daughter's funeral. his bought indignation in the occupied west bank . she was detained in 2019 for alleged membership of a band group. her daughter, 31, died of a heart attack on sunday. those are your headlines. the news continues here on al jazeera after football rebels. more news on this channel in 30 minutes. see that? ah, ah,
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ah, ah ah, [000:00:00;00] i guess i'm going to be on a month on the cost for the food in washington bundles. jew body definitely
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last set went in and i saw her wish ah dish. so we can that i since june shows give a new elisha museum and competitions . and i don't see that she's on a trip over here. going on. contract. we're going to be moved on was actually we don't know who got up in the city, something to show v g of
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a and obviously more to choose . okay, that's a good thing to do on your side who, who said, usually when i'm in that you're saying a say, oh, i mean if i have a gentleman from you can watch it. you get to the point purchasing shipping ships and a batter on that. recept doesn't the cost of the need to switch and now she's just want to charge you off with another committee or sean julie protest. i mean camera when i say, oh,
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i can tell ok. he and me a me cause i know hard time when i me young tish, gentleman printer i read out dog up with him. he said the know about the mental m. hello or no. show me professionals who i can mother the who if you know who he should thank. shampoo every to monday can you know also her to her mom pool their own value book, who do for me was the because italy, i still see the total dollar food city saw this country . she don't go. she called her phone call. she found she could come in, illuminate it, don't get us good. all metal the phone call the like, you know that julie was all i mean if i wanted to call the depaula man,
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you know he a chevron the but engine is on us. you this but basically what the should be obvious, the roof among the blue 100, but it must michael martine. going to sit there. you know what i mean? i got the thing, you know, like we're going to need much money because most station ducky book or whatever is bernal's familiar, bono prof. i don't know fancier. and then we've got to fulfill again and the answer, lester. but frankie doesn't look to pull those 3. couple, gave me our coaches are key carols, ocoee, colorado. so she told us all good. i guess i don't know
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who's going to feel i need to know me until the water trash? no, no, no huh. cookie dough. motion, banners, room or something? no, no, no. hold on a couple of alone. travel from the get up from florida in a help desk, but our national reddish. i live near yellowstone pianos. they are somebody's if i don't see the list, when will it? that is 11 years ago. the lead on others can possibly middle law all of that, but at the border, one of the better visual i, i
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don't personally be, isn't i the young, you know, i didn't know than condo on it. a lot hard on the ash was years he would still are going to continue loot consulting as i bed for he rested just the luck balance. done countries on 53. he's under 9. 27. he could get there. nice. but you know, they're like, span, you know, let me tell you can do math. does he wish by now? it? oh no. yeah. don't. there are him in massey but alimony but i won't die. spun young gander. the neither storage manually get a on a year or loss or lower on the board. i last campus all your by the, the i bang in the bang. you know the whole cannot be bangle it full of 100 or no
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one has been years. so no one has been noticed the plan you're going to lose or they wanted you about jaden. she bought any you know really cameras less bush internet. the young will actually come up. i believe that better is pushing and fema last shape this fine you ah my knowledge model or did i pretty manage fees? jewish by your god, johnny i portal yellow would be almost you know, be emotional. sent us home by now they won't get up and he bought it. russell. hello,
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only what we'll see on this. hello. allow me, nita, in have room. one name was my name is russell, she your company gave mrs. rosaline with any legal, kinsey. who knows when to fit in the field, so we know it, i know to know you yet i dusky limit of no, it does a little bit dantes. if you will not let us his feet us him on i see must those will be created, but not for you in the labor of
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the little so that i will just see on that on total no quarter or daniel o'neil. yeah. look, i'm a good time. she taught me a call. pretty sure to call it be. will he asked her if we need to get our printer young? don't update their content. hey, revival races. she will die in 3 days or 10 days? no. ah, such on you know, so are the single piece of this and you know,
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i just don't come out those energy central him just like out to do got to show you don't do a dr. manion police, but you're not talking to you if you're gonna use that protection when in. but i think i'm in day when a new medium is to heal a muslim says and he doesn't think about it until that has been possible. my son, maria, don't interest on your court and you know what am i but i'm busy. it won't hurt but a told me we should. we do have there are couple crew couple recovery issues around peter. i have danish to go home theater. he may need to borrow them for my field work,
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but actually she go cannot be part of the piano couple or they shake it. but if he could pick a warranty, jim you ah, jack bank or me who i sales call her stuff or peter can move on. are you that one or rather she goes to look for spell it out. they finish the gym. this is a scholar new. yeah. my love like a spaniel is no, but get plastic. i mean if it goes through that brush manually. ah. oh wow. yeah. it didn't include g to be a se, but beginning to so can you repeat the last the probably you don't. okay. yeah,
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yeah there. shall you keith osborne? yeah. he said you have worked with lucy and was sure i oh, i my yes kid me to show you the children, my 1000, the euro stay going the risk of it, but you did. i did talk to the count down calendar. if you still use michelle garcia, i grew procedural the show multi concealer. could do it could do something for sewing cost gentleman you needed, but my yeah, that's my air. he didn't because accompany them. if we had vehicle one done, typically i went to the the pit or the little yellow veto. you know,
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get and don't forget about i don't what i tell you of the not, i didn't know you have school year, you know, cookery, you know, you're be still madame de battelle lewis bliss. oh, because i'm in the middle of the here we are a parking lot. she dolly honestly, you know, that's how we know they didn't know the local development consider years rather nesbit, of my know and i know the condition of the house. yeah. and almost to the quantity quantity going to say more so, you know,
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i know a lot of law ah, in law, in the most illustrated over here. but i did the full years. so this is to make up for the, for the out of it to the blue, give it to, if you feel the structural a, b auto, auto group buying the special appellate concert. if you need to a center call, i will knock sr, who said usually when i'm but my outdoor is whole. but i can hush a whole lot awful. your display went on porky spoken in a get on the 5th,
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another fuller theater research by your if you're going to ask why you're can perfect relish. he, he now shared it people in, but, ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, come up. i'm sure he must have control over. you look lip i've, i've only much silly li, remotely, if you like minding haley, you need from that they needed to get me set up. so they, my, you, a still amazon too much in them,
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but they're not on produce city. it, it, it won't need to push through the remains and to lead to these, well, you know, the way in to the boys at home around here in the us or should, oh, he danco no us or we can move this up digital. it was meant they don't was a term for the rivers k, they got the end of it. we'll see dr. rod need to the shows the little natalie in the machine to the alarm system until the machine nick a do show official symptoms. i could push it through. this just comes up with
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i so the much it's all pretty to think of if you double. yes. but what i know in new teachers that sure that he said the popular culture. i'm not, that was on the, on the day, the dimensions on 20 in the show. you're really only why me the chick area. you know, it'll show was evening. the, you know, looks at the, the, a, the, the shop, your member of the district of middle georgia. i'll probably defeat is this. thank you very much on the way i got a call when to book. sure, sure. okay. my lord from our up bottles or do god to sky dive under. should sherry portrayed be or she'd guess or some think he's ripple when you you too much and he can see the numbers completely. so i think she came home last at 2. so i mean, you're over, she should there, we got the re or good to hear what from stern. a shadow marshal, money,
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help bull hard digit shipper, general. but are you that it's have a you employee to enter and took up again in about a bustle field? don't see the talk that it acidic, are you the color container? both those he's down on the was less than one deal on idea. it was all 0. well, there will be literally to nail film and if you see a southern low look odd on the all the little show you on john long, but other people not should have him here. colon hamilton as yet. i mean to copper law.
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ah, god got you on a 1000 ship. do go go and no z z keys bus. and i was, well, you know, we should have gone even the, even the british film as an equal pretty sure sisyphean ivy to say that no complaint bucket kill. can they just one of dot com so made a free ticker. keep on the mon, the book is that you feel a lot of the account is or, you know, she needs some if awesome, all of our she said it, if you got me, you go good about the of them at know you have to wait to hear
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this has been you know, so the new for mom back never 0. give you the giving you. so we paid, you know, let's renew in the middle east. so right with eyes for saving bucket and i know you guys can to shows it we're gonna lose all to the present. so hold it away. kennedy and kisses that you cannot get a key in a sunday on my end you should be 50 mice plus i. d. d don't much going through booking, especially anchor yet, or you're putting this will allow us to veneer kesha vaguely check for each of the level hockey and they can go volunteer for. yeah, but it isn't quality. there's going into a lot of dentists continental or a home increase, diminished value decimal that in his dollar, spending it longer based on this the i one of them i wonder studying can us get us
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can say there most of nothing alice but i gate or, and i don't book goals. i think the thing, yes, a ship for a while going with the international gladish. the know that come on. you know, you can call me to construct a shot holy, shabby, a review. you can tell him on what you were doing it a lot. shapiro and damage you. heather, who she upper. i'm careful about rock and was on the one that i should say. shish shamar a chance to money got on the gumble. i felt on the left and i shall, i know lashlin died. he push in motion, spend your lives on defense, the stuff like that other as it by your new because every, i know there's clearly that when
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a gumbo and they've been doing david math in that age element, then i got the worst game, dela pena lives, cylinders get home i you all about to die. they look a flea control fun. this d. no, no. the the only thing on the girl played tomorrow. so i was curious. bessie. no like whoa, who have a new a on the on the the monday and you have you do it was our focus on diary whenever you're not built to call for scott or what but i will battle, oh, she just came in and i was you lateral police, the nano asian, you know, no one who goes to the she don't pass you we, we single washington. okay, sure. it will rain of as ocean read. you could should pillar stove into he images of almost every was in there we did you come to her but you almost
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awesome. fresh to good, more than wrong comment gone. you know, we're more st and i was sent into do this. when i get your face city bush, he perceived that dawn and he felt to, to in them or they'd go, you don't get to going into the race or to look minos belter economies. america was eliminated by people southfield wrong in the near county, to benjamin rouge national and actually she saw markham. i do not see she could she see on call you on the call. she'll call see the concern, give you a phone call about the job and i'm an employee. oh, to be done in
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a put together. so tony, you know, so you would have in the office on that much oh i i even though it was still a strike grid, the tell the tale in the what the voted to the working class of his home town and it's club footballing legend at a chance and it produces beyond no one about time suits us. no dog buys fun for social values. i think many goes against italy. footballing league football rebel on i'll give you
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ah, ah, it a world unpaid. the fascinating story of a prisoner exchange, negotiated to intermediaries on behalf of hamas and israel, a story of brinkman ship and bartering, a captive israeli soldier for palestinian prisoners as recalled by mediators and players from both sides of a prisoner exchange on his ear. coded 19 is a public health crisis that has been compounded by capitalism. alleyway navigates the big questions raised by the global pandemic power system based on private
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ownership and profit. 3rd, the world in a ton of capitalism is the pandemic that causes so much of the suffering. explosives protect the people, or the profit episode, one of all hail the lockdown on al jazeera ah, using and rioting in south africa is protest that began with the jailing of the former president, jacob zimmer, turned to anger over poverty. ah, a little welcome on peter w. watching al jazeera live from headquarters here and are also coming up. i am
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glad enough for the i would tie the hospital. the fire has killed dozens of people . also ahead rebel forces in ethiopia,


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