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like the city we say we need to take america to try to bring people together trying to deal with people who left behind me. ready the. ready situation for my ruling, i of control why thing and we thing and parts of johannesburg, south africa as president calls in the army to try to restore order. ah, he's in and this is our life and also coming up, rebel forces in the feel, p a. c. gray region say they've seen more charity as part of a new offensive invest in iraq, cash or far rich, do
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a crew of ours isolation wars and the civilians running rampant 3 safety station. lucian records, the highest number of virus infections is single thing. ah, we begin with the worst unrest in safe africa for years process that began with the jailing of former president jacob zimmer, of transformed into fury against poverty and inequality. the military has been deployed to contain riot found looting in the provinces, and called zillow and the tao. this 45 people have been killed and hundreds more arrested. well, in depending the frustration is an economy and crisis when the struggling to emerge from life because worst cove with 19 epidemic long sense and restrictions of pushed unemployment to a record i of 32 percent. so that goes up to 42 percent among young
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people last school lives. now it's for me to miller. she joins as a form of wet. so estimate of what's happening, where you are. well, in fact, we've returned to alexandra township in johannesburg. specifically because the army has been deployed and we're seeing those boots on the ground now, just where we were a moment ago, the soldiers, so we're trying to stop shooting that seemed to be coming from people in the township police been trying to look for guns, converse, gave them and that made about 3 risks where we were, but down the road we see soldiers working further down looking for any signs of looting, trying to maintain some sort of calm, but it has been difficult to seem. police struggle in hot spots in the township. having difficulty in preventing that looting,
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we still see people gathered in certain places, some streets now deserted, where they are soldiers and heightened police presence. and so we to, in so is the army presence know starting to turn the tide somewhat because we've been talking with you throughout the day and it did seem a little, the police were not quite in control. if it's a sign that the government says, i get a more of a handle on things. well, if we look at what we've seen over the last 2 or 3 hours, as i say, police struggling really to manage what's been going on. and now that there are soldiers here in the last hour and a half the is somewhat of a difference. they are a couple of streets that are deserted and that's certainly the hope that the presence of the me will quell some of the riots that we've seen. the government has previously been criticized for deploying soldiers in the hot spots during difficult
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times. one of them was during dinner phobic attacks in johannesburg and now we seeing it again during this unrest also another time at the beginning of the cobra, 1900 down in south africa to ensure that people adhere to those restrictions. the concern is that soldiers aren't necessarily trained in terms of crowd control and dealing with civilians. because the government has decided that they have no choice in this matter given just how things have spirals out of control. we've heard from the minister of defense early in the day, who said that to these kind of riots, this kind of unrest was entirely unexpected. and this is also part of the criticism that the government couldn't preempt. initially. the response to the imprisonment of the former president take up zoom at the end of last week. that's when we saw the right starting. but now that's escalated far beyond that particular situation in that it appears in places like this where there is a lot of inequality and poverty. many of these protests and riots and looting seem
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to be centered around that inequality and the difficulty people have in looking off to themselves and keeping up in very difficult economic times. ok for me to miller, they're bringing that violators from alexandra township. in johannesburg, for me to thank you, the rebel forces, antigua, se they seize the major town in new offensive initiative. rebels spokesman says the town of riah was taken after federal and i'm horror of forces. withdrew is the most intense fighting scene since rebels took the main city of mackay, they in june and the last few hours the year and human rights council has passed, a resolution express and deep concern about a piece is in t grey. its calling for withdrawal of air retrain troops which says our exacerbating the conflict. it also comes as fighting is being reported and several refugee camps in the region, iraq's prime minister as promising accountability after fire at
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a covered 19 board killed at least $92.00 people. he's held an emergency meeting and ordered the rest and suspension of a number of officials in the 3 year. in april, a similar incident led to widespread process of fuels are not being held for the vixen's. morn is blamed provincial officials for the deaths. i'll just say was j gillian wolf reports. this was the all who st hospital in southern iraq. now, much of it burned to the ground. these wards were set up for corona virus. patients . they only opened 3 months ago to help cope with the pandemic. the charred remains of victims are carried out in body lags, but families continued to search the debris for any trace of their loved ones. while the front door was burning and the back door was closed, so people were not able to get out. we managed to take some people out, they suffer from critical conditions and the rest of them burned and died. this was
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a scene as a fire tor, through the hospital fire crews tackling the flames of the about and almost as well as what happened tonight. he has st. hospital is the catastrophe market club, but i'm a little, it's a tragedy that's let me know. it's as though rock has to suffer anguish and calamity . my thought of the anguish turned into anger with protesters taking to the street and setting fire to police vehicle. iraq's prime minister held an emergency meeting on tuesday and ordered an investigation. but mourners blame the government for miss management and neglect. this is the 2nd time a big fire has cause death and destruction in a hospital in a rock in recent months, claiming the lives of corona virus. patients in april,
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more than 80 people died when an oxygen tank exploded and sparked a blaze at this hospital in baghdad. health official say that could have been the cause of this fire too. but that doesn't help relieve the pain for those family and friends suffering here today. joy wolf al jazeera. my mood uh the law has been done at the size of the fire investigations are well underway. in the 3 has officials say that the odd holding emergency meetings and forensic teams are also still trying to identify the rest of the buddies. about 39 buddies have been identified dozens, others are still under recognition that processed by the forensic teams. we met victims found this here. there are people who cannot find their loved ones. like i said, dozens of buddies are body parts the. they can be easily identified. another man we
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met. so that's a way to go. he lost 5 of his family members. 3, coven, 900 patients, and the others were either visitors or those who rushed to try to save the relatives. he was president, is blaming outside forces, and he has sanctions and provoking the biggest anti government protests in decades . us is calling that claim a grievous mistake. beyond just fueled by worsening economic crisis. and the government's handling off the pandemic read lindsay reports from havana. thousands took to the streets across cuba, on the, in the biggest protest the country has seen in decades. the chance centered on civil liberties and the political system of the driving force behind the demonstrations with anger over a devastating economic crisis that has caused widespread shortages of food and medicine. i have nothing to cook when the power cut out more than 20 times
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yesterday. i would love love, it's because we don't have fuel and we've had to cut the electricity. protestors blame the government for cuba. economic crisis. a day after visiting sight of one of the protest, cuban president miguel diaz canal attributed the scarcity to the 60 year old us embargo told us all those issues that are present in our society now, such as dissatisfaction. one of the origins, what caused them, it's the blockade. on monday, the streets of honor were car, the trump administration intensified the us embargo passing a barrage of sanctions, but devastated the cuban economy called it exacerbated the crisis. so far. president joe biden has maintain the sanction, despite a campaign promise to change us policy towards cuba. but cuba dire economic situation and with the frustration and anger of its population, continues with an open site. the u. s. as it has not ruled,
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i am sending troops to help stabilize hazy following the assassination of president schuman and louise. washington is helping investigate the murder and a sense of delegation to puerto prince. it will also prove if any us laws were broken after 2 americans were found to be among those arrested patient businessmen living in florida. the latest to be held. alicia is enduring its worst wave of corona vara, so far reported record 11000 new infections. in the past 24 hours, hospitals are overwhelmed. the medical workers say there's a shortage of vital equipment, including oxygen and ventilators. search infections has been blamed on the delta variance, but also gatherings held during the muslim festival of its in. denise is also in the grip of a worst thing. i break for the record. 40000 new infections reported on monday. people are still having problems, getting oxygen and medication is hard to come by. you cases of also being blamed on
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the delta variance for st. louis is falling developments from qual, per theater. delta variant of the cone of virus is not only more contagious, it's also more likely to infect a person such that they're going to be more serious and they're going to need hospice. okay. so it's the same story across the region where you're not only having a search in the number of new cases. you're also seeing medical facilities being of a stretch and such as the case in indonesia where recorded its highest number of new cases. on monday, it had already put in place restrictions and people's movements on the islands of java and bali, but it's still recorded really high numbers. now, as senior minister said, it is expecting the numbers to start coming down next week. but in vietnam were also seeing a similar story. vietnam was a country that last year had been praised for its efforts in containing the current of virus, but recorded its highest number on the monday displayed. haven't put in restrictions on movements last week and extending them to more areas on monday. now another
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country that seeing a surgeon kona virus cases is myanmar, were medical work as a people like stevenson shortage of oxygen. although the printer denies this and what's making the situation worse, there is a civil disobedience movement that started in february and opposition to the coo and the general distrust of the military authorities. meaning more people are reluctant to not only get tested, but are also wary of being taken away to an ice of a cove at 1900 isolation unit because they're worried about whether or not they're going to be able to come back. now what these countries have in common is low vaccination rates. so there's also a real effort real pushed by these countries to boost the vaccination rates. including getting more doses, more supplies of vaccine from different countries, different sources, really rolling out mass vaccination campaigns. and also addressing the vaccine hesitancy. phil ahead on al jazeera anger in the occupied west bank of jail pounds
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city. and actually, and i had the chance to say farewell to her dolton year and concludes to your invest. patients are crimes committed in the gambia. we speak to the victims families to be seeking closure 25 years. ah, ah, hello there, the monsoon range remain pretty active across much of south asia and we've seen them really come into force across the north west of india. we've had severe land slides and flooding in him shall pradesh and we've got the severe storms continuing across. some of those northern states. raja stan at the top or dish seems some of those shop showers and lightning strikes when northern pakistan the wet weather does continue. we could see some flooding here as those rains kick in, but much of the west coast of india inundated with those one soon rains and
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stronger winds as well. we got a red look out for us, so we are expecting those rains to continue to fall pretty heavily. and as we go into thursday, it's also central areas and more by that we'll see some of that wet weather. but things here do remain rather humid and it's also looking pretty shumate across a southern and eastern areas of china. the temperature in shanghai where we expected a little bit above average, perhaps for some heat coming through plenty of humidity ahead of the wet weather. that's going to kick in at the weekend, but for now it's basing that stays dry on wednesday on thursday. the wet weather will kick in with those storms. they're also going to affect the korean peninsula, with lots of what weather on the way for south korea that your update. the, who's joined the debate, do not have vaccines reaching those who are most of the needs and amplify your voice. it allows
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a diverse community how an array of different story. no topic is off the table. it's such a tough ethical debate where there is an obvious discrimination in systematic discrimination of play. people are thursdays or new wasted. this stream where a global audience becomes a global community on al jazeera. oh, the the me is a quick reminder over the top stories for, you know, that africa military has been deployed to contain funds improve sense this 45 people have been killed. the arrest response by the jailing of former president j consumer at offense,
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because of economic frustration. foreign minister is promising accountability after fires, a chromosomes won't kill one to 2 people is ordered. the arrest suspension is efficient enough for you. felicia has recorded its highest number of virus infections. is panoramic began 11000 new cases, been ported hospitals, cause the country are well. and it shows denial of requests by jailed palestinian activists leader gerard to attend to don't just funeral, the sponsor bridge, and you'll divide westbank the protest he gathered outside over a prison near ramallah, demanding draws release. the sentence finishes in 2 months time. she was detained in 2019 lodge membership of a band groups. her daughter, 31, died of a sudden heart attack on sunday. what month is an old stand in front of the prison
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is to express a solidarity with collated draw, who's going through the tragic death of a daughter and also to demand the immediate release of kalita. this is off putting pressure on israel through our voices can reach the human rights in international institutions to stop this arbitrary arrest and this injustice which the palestinian people are subjected to of the serious need. abraham was at the funeral in ramallah activists, politicians, feminists and people from all walks of life have gathered and came here today to show solidarity with the rod family. the father sam has been left all alone in this . his wife has been in this really prison for almost the past 2 years, is really has denied many requests to release a job to, to bid her daughter the final per wealth or even next the body inside the prison. so the mother can see. so for one last time, i blamed for requesting
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a permit for her to attend the funeral. she told us there is no way they'd let her out. they have no humanity and no respect for those. it's not rare for israel to deny such humanitarian request. this is why the house on tv decided as a just for that to broadcast some of the funeral. so she can see it in her prison. over the years when we've been talking to many palestinian prisoners who were released from prison, they would say that the hardest moments, even though for those who spent years and years in jail, the hardest moments where, when they couldn't be with their loved ones in their final days or attend their funeral. after 2 and a half years show of hearing shocking testimony from the vixen's estate sanctioned killings can be a straight recollection. reconciliation and reparations commission has concluded. its assignments is planning to make strong recommendations to punish those
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responsible for atrocities committed and the former presidency john as rule 25 years ago. but as, as in the decrease reports, many victim say they can't move on at the home of late basil battle fees just being prepared by a member of the family he left behind 25 years ago battle and 13 others were executed by former president jimmy for allegedly planning his buddies, like many other ambiance, was never recovered since his death bottles, widow is finding it hard to find a closure. i know me, i know me personally, i'm not forgive anybody. or if they come to me, i will tell them to us, proceeded for forgiveness, go to basil the hardship by phase where i believe that to god, god will judge everything. but meanwhile, i cannot forget. you shall tell the commission about the utmost that emotion is shared by others who are also lost. loved ones for 2 and have yes and could he,
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apple and hundreds of other surviving victims. and their families testified before the truth commission detailing the atrocities committed by the regime. the testimonies including those of members of a hips court, led to the discovery of mass graves and the grim task of zooming the remains as former teacher. but somebody lived through 14 months of humiliating detention and torture. left him to call it for life. north explaining that i had was when both hands and legs were paid back on the wooden chair. you can move. you can be if that time that pleased, that pin was continuous and they will come but all, all water and risky and continue electrocute. are you on your baggage to look at phantom?
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see the pin sticking work of the commission was led by 4 my adviser to the united nations secretary general to lunch. this s, as a government would have to implement the commission's recommendations to help the victims, to what the alternative you do nothing. 22 years of atrocities the slaughter of innocent civilians there which haunting thing that might lead them to the death of from over $3040.00 people their massive and torture that really happened in the area that we forget about all that. and then just some of us with it under the carpet and then no move on. no, i don't think the government would do that. i that many victim said they hope the government would have the courage to do that. but they wouldn't bet on it. the truth and reconciliation commission is expected to recommend the prosecution of the proper practice of serious crimes and reformation for the government has already
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set aside $1000000.00 a composition for victims with the premise of another 1000000 to come young b as an activist will be watching closely to see what the reaction of the government of president automobile will be. to the recommendations of the commission. what are the gambia preparing for a presidential election in early december? the victims likes and carianne's will have to wait a bit longer for justice to be served on people. she vowed never to forgive until then she will continue to bear the burden of our anger and the pain of losing husband. she said meant the world to our automated rece allergies either by jo a spot between 2 will pecks biggest. all producers could end up in a price for that's the warning from the international energy agency that will sign saudi arabia in the united arab emirates, made progress in resolving at the speeds of their production cuts or measures the i . e. a is concerned. inventories are falling, which can lead to price rises. if opec plus nations don't produce more oil,
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well demand is expected to soar. the economies recover from the crude of ours pandemic. greece has become a testing ground for border surveillance. technology has been developed for european industry and institutions. those technologies are being used to prevent refugee crossings from neighboring turkey stones or all philos reports in the border between the 2 countries. the european border and coast guard or from tech's uses unmarked vehicles to patrol a heavily sense section of the greek turkish border. they are the human element among increasingly sophisticated european surveillance technologies being tested here, such as these tele mounted cameras, capable of penetrating kilometers into turkish territory, day and night. if i should wear the scar medicine, camera monitoring is automated through a program that processes the images recognizes what is approaching and sounds the alarm. it mainly distinguishes people in vehicles,
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which is what concerns us and cross border crime. and the, the, the crime in question is illegal entry from turkey, including crossings by refugees from the banks of the everest river, which separates the 2 countries. 15 of these cameras will monitor the entire 200 kilometer length of the greek turkish border by the end of the year. they can detect people hiding behind trees and bushes, and there, supplemented by radar, unmanned aerial vehicles and graham sensors. surveillance was stepped up after march last year when turkey reneged on an agreement to hold back refugees from the european union. instead, it encouraged them to storm the greek border. but security concerns go back much further. in 2010, 36000 people entered greece illegally across the land border with turkey 26000 of them along the 12 kilometer stretch behind me. 2 years later, the greek armed forces erected a double chain link fence, 3 meters tall along these 12 kilometers. and after last year's events,
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that fence was reinforced with the 5 meter tall steel palisade you see behind me. and there may be more sinister methods being used to deter crossings. refugees captured this video on their mobile phones and september 2018. they say it shows greek border guards, depositing them on the turkish side of the river after they attempted to cross into greece. such pushback are illegal under the geneva convention authorities, as opposed to allow refugees to apply for asylum forensic architecture. an independent research team at goldsmith university in london used 3 d modeling to identify the precise location of this. and other alleged pushback along the evidence and says, there is a set pattern once illegal entrance arrested in greece. people are then held there for hours upon end until it gets dark when they are loaded on to military style trucks or vans, again,
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driven to the banks of the river and loaded onto smaller things until you members agree to share the burden of asylum. greece is obliged to absorb any refugees that come its way and is likely to continue its policy of deterrents. jumps are awful us al jazeera along the evidence river. the u. s. claret envoy john kerry is in moscow . shines encouraged russia to cut its carbon emissions. at the start of his 40 visits, carrie met 4 minutes to serve. you'd love to discuss corporation. she'll know how reports even as john kerry and sir gay love rob met in moscow to align the countries positions on climate change, the fires raged all around them. in ne, finally be area where the permafrost is rapidly disappearing. forest fires, threatened homes, and villages. june temperatures in both moscow and saint petersburg set new records, while temperatures north of the arctic circle approach. 30 degrees celsius in the
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united states to wildfires, destroyed homes in parts of california. state for the rest of your visit is an important signal for developing bilateral relations. lifting tensions for a stablish in water in areas where we can find common ground. the russian foreign minister knows the former us secretary of state. well, adela disagreed on monitoring the past. this time john kerry comes as president biden's climate envoy and on climate change. both sides now support joint action apps. we believe there is space for us to cooperate on this and perhaps to be able to open up some better opportunities on other issues. as we do cooperate on this solutions recognize the program flashes, and this is a very good, very good bet for,
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for the launch the negotiation in such an issue. mutual suspicions abound as ever. president putin has warned the climate cooperation may be used by foreign powers to exert pressure on russia, perhaps, and limiting its exploitation of new oil and gas opportunities created by melting arctic ice. and as a signal to the 2015 paris climate accord. russia is yet to produce a plan to achieve net 0 emissions by 2050 for the u. s. this is the 1st test of president biden's hope of a reset of relations within 6 months. she just wasn't for the us, it's important now to find some common topics within the announced half a year period, during which it must be figured out if interaction with russia and its current administration is possible or not. that's why it's important that it stands upright example of washington's tactics, and that's relations with russia. so 2 of the world's top oil exporters and carbon
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emitters will make positive noises about transitioning to green economy. this will not likely be the forum for the fournier topics, accusations of cyber attacks by russia relations with china, a display of common interests, but only by the narrowest of margins. john hall al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines south africa. the military has been deployed to contain violent protests, at least 45 people having killed the unrest response by the german, a former president jacobs in. the protest says, groom because of economic frustration for me. the miller isn't johannesburg and says police have been struggling to quell the violence. and now that there are soldiers here in the last hour and a half. the is somewhat.


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