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something refugees crossing from turkey to grease sports to blame on his chase and paralympic goals. we'll have more on that story later in the news. ah, frank assessments argument for suggesting that the martin and ministrations are playing a long game. it's very much a warm embrace of the iran nuclear deal because of us domestic politics informed opinions. schools and chelsea have been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes a generation and the politics then, is that a life has been shaped by vitamin in depth analysis of the data global headlines inside story on our jazeera award winning programming from international. so make one quick, so it's right on the back side of the global discussion, what guarantee debility the right to take the life getting going to the voice here
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in california. it almost everybody's a paycheck away from being on house program, but open your eyes to view. well, today, this is what the picture looks like the the world from a different perspective on out here. oh, the this is al jazeera coming to the top, so it's for, you know, so if africa's military has been deployed to contain violent protests, least 45 people have been killed in restless font spun jail and the former president jacobs in a better sense group because it's atomic frustrations. iraq's prime minister is
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promising accountability. after a fire room virus was killed, $83.00 people. he's ordered the arrest suspension, several local officials in lustoria, malaysia has recorded its highest number of corona, virus infections. pandemic began 11 cases to be reported. hospitals across the country overwhelms. well, let's take you back. so top story, know that unrest in south africa solution i do is a senior research associate with the institute for global dialogue as an independent policy think tank and she joins. as my bi skype from came home states i have you withers? what do you make of these process? here? this is all about jacob's him, or are there any wiser underlying faxes? good h u in the view is when i think it may have started off as part of the reaction to mr. jacobs was arrest over the last week. but i think now it's just moved into much
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a much deeper structural set of issues. i think we can ignore the commonality element to this, but neither can we ignore the political instigation. what some on some people, according transactional leaders that are instigating this, this kind of violence and looting that we are seeing unfolding across 2 provinces in the country. namely, wanted to tell and call in just a big problem is this, that particular political element because we spoke with a correspondent, the sofa and use ira and she told us the jacobs in the foundation had in fact linked the violence to the fact that jacob's is now, in jail, i mean, do these groups have that much sway and influence that they can hold an entire country hostage? if things don't go the way the way they like kevin, just i big problem is that i think the anticipation of what this group is doing,
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particularly how the jacob zillow condition is reacting to the situation on the ground. in particular, the, the violence that we are seeing that is so unprecedented and baby harsh, chaotic. i think they using it for political manipulation. again, they want to draw the correlation that this is about jacob zoom up. i think it's much more than jacob. so my right now, i think from analogy is coming to the whole for i think we can ignore the social economic structure constraints that prevail in our country. particularly around exclusion, lack of dignity of livelihoods, and so forth, and unemployment amongst the youth. but at the same time, i think when you look at what's happening, particularly in question out, you can see that it seems to be fueled by ease of people that are criminally trying to get this miss trying to lose and destroy property. and particularly going into residential areas and trying to destroy property of residences and attaching residences in different areas. but also i think the linkage to the jacob's duma fund is to the jacobs. my issue is also about whether or not this is about the idea
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that they will, that the country was worn. that if you arrest mr. jacobs, we will bring it to ungovernable instability. and i think the way it's orchestrated the way it's being managed. i mean, you can see these pockets of violence in particular areas, and of course the capacity of to police to be able to deal with this is also brought into question i was, i was going to jump in and ask you if you felt the government was able to was able to pull the situation back and take control. do you think that the government is actually in control? they'll be able to, to stabilize the situation, to take that given the underlying issues that you just mentioned. you know, the perception right now that the government is, does not have the control that is, should help. i think there's frustration across the country, particularly in response to whether or not the police were able to carry out their public order policing banded. secondly, i think this restriction as well,
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that they want to see more practice by the government in terms of how to bring about a level of stability right now. there's to deployment of the for african national defense for impossible thing in, in, in coaching. and we see how much that has stabilized to a small degree. it actually has brought a little bit of stability and no benefit to the parts of culture with losing what's taking place in kids. and it's completely the opposite effect. and i think there is that level in which we know why and why is it that the government has not been able to foresee and anticipate this. secondly, what are the perceptions with, you know, the implications around the okay, i'm afraid we are out of time there, but it was great to get your thoughts and night and i do join it gets from keep time. we appreciate it. thank you very much. indeed. the spot between 2 of all picks biggest, all producers could end up in a price war. that's the warning from the international energy agency versus scion, saudi arabia and the united emirates of a progress and resolving
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a dispute of how their production costs are measured. the r e a is concerned. inventories are following which can lead to price rises. the full peck plus nations don't produce more. oil. well, demands is expected to store as economies recover from the pandemic. let's get more now from cornelia mayor. she's the chief executive officer of the business consultancy mayor resources. jones is by skype from burn in switzerland and just displayed sort of here's why you think this, this, this dispute matters what it does matter, because currently we are under supply on, on the market by to the tune of about 2000000 barrels a day. all sort of the excess inventory is gone. so it does matter. you might, we call about a year and some bit ago it last april the, the us benchmark w t. i turn negative p all markets when total disarray. and it was only because
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of the great, the great discipline of these opec nations and their 10 friends were to get the opec plus that oil markets recovered. so if we don't want to see volatility, either too much oil on the market or not enough oil on the market and wild swing in between this agreement matters. what in terms of the, the real world impacts that this to have? i mean, do you think this is likely to slow pounds? i make recovery big potential more expensive for consumers, or is there a much wiser implication globally? what i think globally, the implication is that if we have all markets that are too tight, that could actually put the spanish in the work of this terrific post. pandemic recovery global recovery, economic recovery, we have seen, if we have a price war that then puts
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a spanaway into works for all the nations that exploits oil. so it's also not good for consumers, not to know whether you all price is high or low, because let's say for an airline, if you are, if you, if, while it's between 30 and 70 percent of your operating costs and it goes up and down that really is a problem given that the, the stakes are so high that you just start lying to me, why are we here? why count the site is in the us is, comes to some kind of agreement here. if this, the implications of this to speeds are so bugs and why can't we figure it out? and that's the question toy question. the moratti's feel that the baseline, the baseline from which the production cuts were calculated were effect on production levels of 20. a end of 2018. dim are off is happy, invest the 1000000000 to up their production. and they just feel that if the agreement is to end by end of 2022,
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then that's 4 years from day when they feel it's not fair. and the saudis, that the russians are more worried about holding things together. so that's what so different was interesting. yesterday we saw a joint declaration by both saudi arabia and them, or mom, which is the largest. no, no one could use it in the middle east for export to in the middle east, which this bechtel ational corporation is really vital. the oman, the amiable is with thing. saudi, as we speak. ok, my fingers crossed the come to some kind of resolution and tell that count can you be and i are joining us for an incense, so i do appreciate it. thank you. the climate envoy, john kerry, is in moscow trying to encourage russia to cut its carbon emissions at the staunch of this for a visit. carrie met for a minister surgeon love rules to discuss corporation. joel home reports, even as john kerry and sir gala rove met in moscow to align the country's positions
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on climate change, the fires raged all around them. in ne siberia where the permafrost is rapidly disappearing, forest fires, threatened homes, and villages. june temperatures in both moscow and st. petersburg set new records, while temperatures north of the arctic circle approach. 30 degrees celsius in the united states to wildfires, destroyed homes in pumps of california state that the west of the russian of visit is an important signal for developing bilateral relations or lifting tensions and for establishing work in areas where we can find common ground. the russian foreign minister knows the former us secretary of state well, and they'll have disagreed on monitoring the past. this time john kerry comes as president, biden's climate, envoy and on climate change. both sides now support joint action apps. we believe
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there is space for us to cooperate on this and perhaps to be able to open up some better opportunities on other issues as we do cooperate on this restrictions recognize the program flashes. and this is a very good, very good bet for, for the launch the negotiation. it's such an issue. mutual suspicions abound as ever. president putin has warned, the climate cooperation may be used by foreign powers to exert pressure on russia. perhaps limiting its exploitation of new oil and gas opportunities created by melting arctic ice and as a signal to the 2015 paris climate accord. russia is yet to produce a plan to achieve net 0 emissions by 2050. for the u. s. this is the 1st test of president biden's hope of a reset of relations within 6 months. she just wasn't for the us,
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it's important now to find some common topics within the announced half a year period, during which it must be figured out if interaction with russia and its current administration is possible or not. that's why it's important that it stands upright example of washington's tactics in its relations with russia. so 2 of the world's top oil exporters and carbon emitters will make positive noises about transitioning to green economy. this will not likely be the forum for thorny topics, accusations of cyber attacks by russia relations with china, a display of common interests, but only by the narrowest of margins. john hall al jazeera. as good morning from glen decent, he's a professor with the university of south east in norway. i'm an expert in russian affairs. he joins us from us, little by sky. do you think we can expect any progress at this meeting because the u. s. and will show up on particularly good terms right now. no relations are quite
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poor, but that's also why as the russians, but also the americans are seeing this as an opportunity to relation that is an area of common interests to improve environments. and this would also probably, hopefully be a stepping stone towards the seeking increase trust and cooperation in other areas . however, the, the russians are also concerned about their, their own concerns about this as well. because usually when, when the united states office corporation, it also comes with the format of a sovereign inequality. so, so the concern for russia is obviously that this will be possibly an attempt to limit russia, ex energy extractions from the arctic, but also limiting ross us ability to develop an arctic transportation corridor from asia, europe. and so, as you say, that would be any incentive for russia then to collaborate with the united states
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on climate change or anything. it's all. well, there's a lot of interest in the fighting climate change in russia of permafrost is melting very, a lot of key russian infrastructure. and also the heat wave, the wildfires, the flooding is becoming a greater and greater challenge. and this is why russia is the member most of the international environmental agreements. but that being said, russel's house, i'm oppertunity from the global warming. that is, it can aid the russian efforts to become an agricultural superpower and they get the melting arctic also get thrust access developed amounts of gas. and also, it enables russia to develop maritime transportation coordinate, that it's both cheaper and foster to connect europe and asia going only through russia waters. so, russia's interested to reduce the costs or the risks of global warming and slow it
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down as well. but also it does not want it, but it also wants to take advantage of the benefits to russia. so it's also very apprehensive about possible american signs to. busy curtail or limits ross, us ability to develop its energy, transportation. ok, just quickly. where do you think the russian public car with this because there is a position to climate change, but there's also a position to the costs of measures and pose cancer climate change. while there's a lot of distrust then obviously the government is very, it's getting very strong on, i think climate change. but it's also seen very much through the prism of relations with united states. again a little the us use this is the way of the masquerading. or mass regulation in which they will simply use this bullying. russia that's, that's the main fear. ok, we're out of time unfortunately,
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but glen diesel from the university of safety. so norway, thank you very much for joining us on al jazeera greece has become a testing ground for border surveillance. technology is being developed by european industry and institutions. those technologists are being used to prevent refugee coughing from neighboring turkey. assume surplus reports from the border between the 2 countries. the european border and coast guard or from tx, uses unmarked vehicles to patrol a heavily fence section of the greek turkish border. they of the human element among increasingly sophisticated european surveillance technologies being tested here, such as these pillow mounted cameras, capable of penetrating kilometers into turkish territory, day and night. and part of an officer were, you know, the sky medicine, a camera monitoring is automated through a program that processes the images. recognize is what is approaching and sounds the alarm. it mainly distinguishes people in vehicles, which is what concerns us and cross border crime. and the, the,
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the crime in question is illegal entry from turkey, including crossings by refugees from the banks of the everest river, which separates the 2 countries. 15 of these cameras will monitor the entire 200 kilometer length of the greek turkish border by the end of the year. they can detect people hiding behind trees and bushes, and there, supplemented by radar, unmanned aerial vehicles and graham sensors. surveillance was stepped up after march last year when turkey reneged on an agreement to hold back refugees from the european union. instead, it encouraged them to storm the greek border. but security concerns go back much further. in 2010, 36000 people entered greece illegally across the land border with turkey 26000 of them along the 12 kilometer stretch behind me. 2 years later, the greek armed forces erected a double chain link fence, 3 meters tall along these 12 kilometers. and after last year's events, that fence was reinforced with the 5 meter tall steel palisade you see behind me.
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and there may be more sinister methods being used to deter crossings. refugees captured this video on their mobile phones and september 2018. they say it shows greek border guards, depositing them on the turkish side of the river after they attempted to cross into greece. such pushback are illegal under the geneva convention authorities, as opposed to allow refugees to apply for asylum forensic architecture. an independent research team at goldsmith university in london used 3 d modeling to identify the precise location of this. and other alleged pushback along the evidence and says, there is a set pattern once illegal entrance are arrested in greece. people are then held there for hours upon end until it gets dark when they are loaded on to military style trucks or vans, again, driven to the banks of the river and loaded onto smaller things until you members
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agree to share the burden of asylum. greece is obliged to absorb any refugees that come its way and is likely to continue its policy of deterrents. jumps are awful us al jazeera along the evidence river. so come on, i'll just be here. we'll have the sports celebrations, turn ugly, for the national human. totally agree on fall will be here with that. i'm more after the break. ah, the news
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ah me ah ah ah ah,
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here's barbara hala, thank you so much. the man's united states basketball team has suffered a 2nd street defeat as they prepare to defend their olympic title in tokyo. they went down $9183.00 and exhibition game against australia just days after losing tonight, syria with him. haven't been up there back for some time and have a 9 and 5 record over the last few summers. their coach seems to be getting a little frustrated with things, getting heated between him and a reporter after the game to help you assume things that are not true. when you just mentioned, you know, low in these teams out. that's never happen. so i don't know where you get that. can i finish? no, i mean, i bet that's not true, your average mark and i finish my statement, told me that it's not true. your average mark, you're going to let me finish my statement or not. so you'll be quiet now when you make statements about in the past, just blowing out these other teams. number one, you give no respect to the other teams. and i talk to you last time about the same
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thing. we've had very close games against 4 or 5 countries in all these tournaments . so the good teams do not get blown out. international and big committee president thomas fogg made his 1st public parents since arriving in tokyo last week. after spending 3 days in isolation, he stopped off at the headquarters of the organizing committee. but unfortunately, he momentarily forgot where he was. and i will comment target is safe and secure games for everybody, for the athletes, for all the delegations, and most importantly, also for the chinese people, japanese people. that's why bob was caught quickly, was quickly caught by the japanese media and there was a backlash on social media. bach went on to praise tokyo, on it preparedness to host the games which began in 10 days time. mexico's diana carrasco. will be running for gold at the paralympics in tokyo next month. she'll
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be competing in the blind category, hoping to add to the world championship title. she won 4 years ago. so i the, and i go to as an add later, but i didn't because my name is deanna carsa. i am a blind pearlin p and i will were present mexico in the upcoming calling the game in 2021 battle. when i started, the kids would say i could not play with them or do the same thing. but i knew i could, that i could run. i could play and do everything to me. yes, last importer than the smell. but my guide is very special, indispensable to me. yeah. without him, i could not run. he's not only my, i tend to track and it is more than just about competing. a lot of things have to happen so we can have good communication. he talks to me a lot, he motivates me and he runs great races. those achievements are possible because we make such a great team. i mean, you will be all doing the loan,
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the letting those last middle of the race met you. not only a gold metal, but they prove to me that i could do it and made me believe that effort. i could make things like this happen it and make my bring up the rest of her. the performance of the 2020 games was very hard. everything stopped only a few days from the lack of fire. it was very uncertain. and you know, a lot of things went through my head. it was everything we were working for. not knowing what was going to happen with the emotional, the very hard. we are used to having a plan. well, so not having it made me feel lot. and it's finally plenty, plenty one. right. i'm sure we are working towards which position don't you feel. now i am very excited. we are thrilled as a team and that we know going to the lympics is an immense achievement. and only because we went through a lot these are my 2nd games and we have a huge goal. we wanna settle for less than running in the final. yeah. last me, your me get
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a credit on that. i would say to all children and people wither without disabilities . don't be afraid to drink. don't be scared to imagine crazy thing. i didn't believe your dreams. dreams do come true. there are a lot of optical, nothing is easy. here. civilian is a secret to try. keep trying and then try some more. you have to be stubborn to reach your drink. nice counselors footballers, they're getting ready to play and this year is goal cut. the football championship for north and central america. asian champions are taking part as an invitee is they prepare to host next years world camp counter go into the composition in good form and have not been beaten in 2021. if your school campus happening in the usa with how turned to face panama in the opening game on tuesday, new york mass 1st baseman pete along the blue way, the competition when baseballs home, run derby for the 2nd year in a row. if you're a field competitors included to waive translation show, hey,
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or tiny the japanese born l. a angel star for 2 rounds as high breakers before losing in the 2nd. that open things up for a long. so we baltimore is treme and seni with $23.00 homers in the final round. the jury is traditionally held a day before the leagues all star game take place on tuesday. and the national hockey leagues holy grill, which is the stanley cup trophy, has been dented during tampa bay's championship celebrations. the 120 year old silver chalice was damaged during lightnings, boat parade, honoring their 2nd, like out victory in a row of her seventies took place 5 days after they closed out a game 5 went over the montreal canadians. the family have well had back for canada for repairs before returning to tampa bay. okay, and that is all your sport for now. back to you. holla, thank you very much. have far about a fit for this new service to keep it here on al jazeera. i'll be back with you
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after this very short breaks with more leases around the world. ah departed from the u. k. indoctrinated by somalia. and how can a young man disillusion by violence? we build as light. okay, i'm going to make a mistake and re unite. it's common africa, no knife for me. also, my kid, last warrior witness documentary on an odyssey the world and picks the fascinating story of a prisoner exchange, negotiated through intermediaries on behalf of us and israel, a story of brinkman ship and bartering,
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a captive israeli soldier for palestinian prisoners as recalled by mediators. and players from both sides. anatomy of a prisoner exchanged on his ear. me each and every one of us have a lot of responsibility to change our personal space for them. or we could do this experiment and a lot of us could increase just a little bit that would be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet and always incredibly recipe for women to get 50 percent representation in the same spiritual assembly. here and getting this pick up to collect the segregate to say the reason this is extremely important service that they provide the city we need to take america to try to
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bring people together and trying to deal with people who left behind me. ready the situation for everything i of control why thing and we thing and parts of johannesburg, south africa as president calls in the army to try to restore order. ah, i'm have them get in and this is out just like from doha. also coming up, rebel forces any fuel p a c gray region, say they sees more territory as part of a new offensive. ready


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