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ah al jazeera, when ever use all me this i don't know he didn't until how would the headline so now to sierra advocates, please minister this morning, food supplies could run aids if leaching and violence continues. soldiers have been deployed in several provinces. they're responding to days of unrest triggered by high unemployment, worsening economic conditions. covered 19 locked ends on the jailing of former president, jacob summa. so me to miller has more from johannesburg. we ran an example township in johannesburg where there's been bonfire and looting through the night. the
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streets at broad many of these buildings have been set to light and you'll see people running into a store behind us grabbing whatever they can. and just as soon as police make their way down the road via rubber bullets people dispersed, but as soon as the police move away, they are back in looting the stores. rebel forces into gray say they've seized a major tied in a new offense of any few peer. a rebel spokesman says the turn of wire was taken after federal and the horror of forces withdrew the most intense fighting scene. since rebels took the main silly old mckelly in june, iraq's prime minister as promising accountability as your fire at a corona virus board killed 83 people. he's ordered the rest of the suspension of several local officials in nasiriyah. cuba. presidents is planning, i'd say, forces and us sanctions for provoking the biggest anti government protest decades.
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the claims that coal, coal, that claim rather than previous mistake, the anger is in response to the worsening economic crisis. and the government's handling of the pandemic. malaysia's ensuring its worse wave of corona virus so far, it reported a record $11000.00 new infections. the past 24 hours, hospitals are overwhelmed. the medical workers say there's a shortage of vital equipments including oxygen and ventilators. the 3rd infections has been blamed on the delta variance and from signtech giant google, nearly $600000000.00 in a case against the countries news publishers. it has one of the biggest penalties imposed by the competition authority for companies failure to comply with one of its rulings. your firm now has 2 months to propose how it will compensate, use agencies for the use of their content, and that is up to date. they stay with us on al jazeera part to maiden france is next. the,
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the health of humanity is at stake. a global pandemic requires a global response. w h o is the guardian of global health delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people, uniting across borders to speed up the development of tests, treatments and the vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground. in the ward and in the lab. now more than ever, the world needs w h. making a healthy, a world for you. everyone. me in france, the sale of war material abroad is subject to government approval. from the country
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of human rights is also the 3rd largest arms exporter every 2 years in paris. the years saturday exhibition showcase is the thriving center. the event is not to be missed by sentences buyers from all over the world and june 2018 among the exhibitors. excelsior promoted its know how the flagship product or the knowledge shake. agenda the mercy of each commission. don't again,
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don't you think you that out could you think when it's all on the also supposed to be kept up to what you good you would then let you go next. boss called me can you get your message? you do have all the shots like small i believe is the park found on the ball roof in garza, one of these sensors,
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a high position electronic component would be able to steer in israeli missile like the one that killed afternoon. she had and was him show a bar in the summer of 2018. this question remains unanswered. i i in law solid lush. all the other things and then digital we have the model number called the
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ship. my law probably a gunshot. i don't see why they wouldn't lie. and last me that has left him a message and have them hang up now for the hey in the next summer now almost while my husband oh ooh. ah, i
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me i i do manage to get out of god to come to you. this is the 1st time a moment of freedom fall from the palestinian enclave. in paris he needs his joseph brandon to the lawyer. yummy. now my doing is a key witness in the show case
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desert. yeah. find things doing yourself actually seeing you have the good thing we have one of the reason why i asked you to come is because i would like you to change. okay. to know whether you agree or not to see him. and if so, if you do agree to explain you why i would like to talk to him what to, what is, what is the, the interest for us to the party. the judge will not be able to have any access to, to the crime scene. he will not or very last up difficulties. she will not have access to the remnants of the site. and i would like you to explain how you put your cases. what you do, why you do it. and so i guess the judge will have some other questions. did you
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take this moving? yes, definitely. yeah. okay. when you should the 2nd of the attack at on. you mean today? no, no. none of the have in at 7 pm the next morning. okay. so the morning. so say afternoon. how do you explain this things in this case? because he's here he was here too behind in here and yes, sure. okay, okay, perfect. so remember how many shooting site you'll be on? i guess you won't be able to tell me your number
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really. this is the time long, then you'd be 30 k sometimes more than 50 you will always the other team, member know sometimes alone, sometimes with our friends from focus on innovation with some text driver. just go to the, to collect information about every incidence that happened in that day. and after that, just get them to information and make a little about what was but i should visit every place to make sure that the information that i'm going to bring that it's correct. now a few weeks later in december 2018. i mean, my dune was summoned by the examining magistrate to be heard as
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a witness. the complaint has been investigated by the crimes against humanity and war crimes unit at the parish high court. it's a new unit specializing in the most serious crimes. only over the last decade, has it been possible to prosecute such crimes in france, even if they were committed outside the country's borders. it is the 1st time the unit is investigating a case filed against the french arms manufacturer. ah, in france, it's the beaten to film hearings with the judges. it could notify the entire legal proceedings, which is said in the judge's office is also part of the investigation secrecy in europe. mano double rama represents the n g l for which he, i'm in my doing works in garza and march 2019. he spoke with the human rights
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council in geneva. the human commission of inquiry report on the protests in gaza has just been made public for several hours member states and n g. i was all have to floor that. i'm in the raptor day to show the by the law a vessel and level united nations watch. mr. president, i was a british commander in northern ireland, iraq and afghanistan, and have extensive experience dealing with riot and crowds whipped up by armed terrorists. i have observed the violent demonstrations on the goes a border many times from the front lines. unlike you mister chairman, and your commission, who have never been that. i accuse this counsel of handing a deliberately biased mandate to the commission intended to defame israel. i accuse this commission of miss representing her massive actions,
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twisting organized violence into peaceful protest. i accuse this commission of acting as an instrument of terrorism by falsely accusing is read of crimes against humanity by validating terror tactics and by inciting, killing, and violence. greater violence is planned by her mass in a few days violence. this counsel could restrain by condemning how much for its murderous actions and rejecting this outrageous report appeal to every member state to repudiate it. if you do not, you will have the blood of palestinians and israelis on your hands as you would see de la la l ms. n center for human rights. thank you mister president. the evidence and analysis of the commission of inquiry is big for itself, nor amount of all it is high think can all of the fact that the fact or the low
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surrounding the killing, the murder one on amazon when it comes that important, which found that in all possible 2 cases, they use a lot of live ammunition by a site security portal. again, the most played out was unlawful amazon recommendation and design to come and support the conclusion that the most demonstrations was the value in nature and not constitute combat or military campaign. as the report affirms, the legal flip flip framework applicable to policing protests as the law of enforce enforcement international human rights law government. this kind the 11th of this and i was a blood cell. i knew some of you can just hold on to my list. if you haven't got any yeah. and that sort of,
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they take them off. and then when you're done the lead to someone who's in the hallway and they'll just tell them all away below because you have them like as you half will know what i'm about to move. you have a little more about what you should then who are mobile and then if the list of my j before to fill in and out of here. and i'm not added to the dash. and in order to add them to my boss, know how to see all that. i'm officially a emily lawson. she was asleep and i'm going to come in a camera. oh hi, be can hello the collision them. logistics policy have to come up there and i'm
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kind of less than a prophy called the shuttle mom, the local police, or no more the little money. but we love with some local, clear what do mila from the fill up the what had all of the famous a comes along a lead. little little yourself, 2nd among the slip that a little how long to do with why the my dear let men know little but the little 100 that kind of just pick up into her company. i'm calling the failing on. i'm getting, i'm an issue for why am i going to monitor we live on a camera or
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ah, in in israel did not ratify all the protocols of the geneva conventions which have sent the laura for since the end of the 2nd world war. israel also does not recognize the status of occupied territory for the west bank and the gaza strip. the law of the strongest dictates here the roots of the gang morning in the morning everyone.
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i would now like to invite major general t l in the child. these only challenge the challenge of the government to reserve the idea is to improve the situation of the video without with limiting defaults been, the process will come up and be so i mean, you had to be filled innovations in our civilian communities. most of them are the cultural community, very close proximity, bowden, and for me to responsibility over commander, you don't have enough time for mistakes. you don't have enough time to consider time taking your money to retaliate immediately. to prevent a failure in which civilians will be attack directly by 3rd,
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we do all we can to pick precise in the mill event and and drive it in without having to know without the steak, i thought the palestinian authority is vigorously pushing for an ice. if the investigation of it is of fair position that i could see the most jurisdiction over the very felicity in conflict. evaluate the law abiding state with an independent justice system as early as july 2014, a few days after the death of nam jihad and was him sure. the family filed a complaint in israel. they never got a response and looking over the
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holiday so you know like the sensor, the gear wheel was found in the debris of the missile that killed the children on the bars roof. both pieces of part of the projectiles mechanism. think also, you know, my doing found israeli miss house fired in the 2014 war which did not explode. the intact missiles can help determine exactly what the sensor is used for. how essential is it for the missile to work? lab take i'm, i'm subtle, southern masula by on the on the left while the sewer issue for joseph. listen home from old on the look at up,
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i had enough to look upon them as provided me in france, france, i had enough cynical puzzles, little muscle. what had they were about he had had 30 few other they have to have had a few other they had was i had had looked at the but i'm not happy if i was i'm assuming that the other with visual, if it's not the tech comes at that the little metal model would have, they had a heavy local settle, knows who to show them the weather. and so how did, how was the region to, to reach the level of authentic someone has limited in a france as a tech company model for the shuttle or the prophy will not be the shuttle a heavy lane, i guess. and i got destroyed, he hung up and had a law. well,
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how does this have a vehicle here? glad to have a cable here. okay. i was just little of the auto body. how other of us on doing this, both of us on things this senses found in the unexplored. it missiles are identical to the one found on the sure balanced roof all of the matcher model. so by euro fara as early as 2012 to israel aerospace industry. one of the israeli army is miss our suppliers. the transaction was authorized by the french government. these sensors are considered
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to be war material. for the show about family lawyer, there is now no doubt about it. the company knew that the census would be used to make missiles, capable of killing and committing crimes. our arms, manufacturers and governments authorizing the sales guilty of the crimes committed with these arms. for the 1st time, the french justice is considering this complicity, the criminal liability venomous manufacturer in war crimes is being examined. ah, ah, ah
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. one. all right. being and what is the additional, some of the logistics in the field below and they say they are not in
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this month. didn't get to the further the child does not is so much going. does this case take in the french dish or not, or see if the suey bars families complain succeeds, it will undermine the impunity. the arms industry relies on the case is unprecedented and its consequences will be to
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me for i oh oh i i use ah ah ah, it's too late for the journey to winter sponsored by cut on airways.
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hello there, let start in south america and the wet weather continues to dominate much of the north. we've got some heavy showers and storms rolling into columbia. we could see some flooding there. and those rains will affect southern parts of venezuela for much of northern brazil. it is a very wet picture, we've got showers as well affecting the coastal areas, but more centrally and to the south. it is looking a lot finer and dryer the temperature in rio sitting in the high twenty's. so a lot of heat coming through. but with that, a lot of humidity that was we had for the south to argentina. we are going to attempt to come down. and when a said as, as a weather system brings with it the stormy weather, it's also going to affect your wife. we take a closer look, we can see that weather system. it's going to bring a lot of that wet and windy weather to eastern areas of argentina, and uruguay. we've also got weather systems affecting southern chile. we've seen some heavy rain, some stronger winds,
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and some snow on higher areas of the andes is it moves to central america. it continues to be a pretty wet picture. we've got sunshine and storms across much of the caribbean. mexico seeing some heavy showers, particularly in central areas, but the yucatan peninsula. seeing rain to sponsor cut on airways. a football from spain trading, battling opponents on the biking, fascism at home and abroad. the could bawling legend at canton, introduce his stuff in the loan. the battle was used the beloved game to help himself and others survived the horrors of a natural concentration. i what ball rebels on al jazeera and one of the world's most famous film festivals is back with love,
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landed 3 and doors, the social distance thing and place in some countries. unable to attend the glamorous very piece of bread, recreate the magic of my cell for just the council festival. now, to me, i me this is al jazeera ah hello there. i have a lot here. this is the news on life and go home coming up in the next 60 minutes. a situation spiraling out of control, writing and looting in parts of john berg, south africa, presidents coles in the army to try to restore order. rebel forces any fuel p as t gray region sees more territory as part of.


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