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people who've taken to those are less likely to get hospitalized than die. but it does mean that in unity is likely to wayne foster, particularly people older and more wonderful who tend to mountain org, immune response to begin with, are likely to be protected for a period of time. i need to do this and also means that might have a lower and back on track so people might, will, vaccinate, it might still be able to get infected and be able to spread the baby. and so i think over tells us that this is not a wireless that we can live with. i mean, we're seeing this virus evolve and the to a new, had you transform surveyed every few months then which then takes over across the world and leads to another such the only way to prevent this sort of buyers that application and protect our precious vaccine resources is to prevent transmission and that's not just in the regional level, but in a global level, we know that many countries don't have adequate access to vaccines. and it will be a long time, perhaps even one or 2 years before everyone is vaccinated. and in that period of
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time, if we allow transmission to continue at high level, we will see many, many more new readings. and one could potentially escape vaccines, more horny, which could have implications for the band to me across the globe. so i think countries you think carefully about not just, you know, vaccination strategies but also how to keep track. ms. low with good. so valence test isolates is jones. and, you know, good metals did you ever thought of transmission? like at best method, ventilation a into environments and masking, and good border controls until we all get this under control. well then that's good to take care by you reckoning another 2 or 3 years. essentially, or in a politician and many parts of the world are urging that we try and find ways of living with a virus. you've just told her audience that is the virus that we can't live with because it is so dangerous. so where's the solution to this then? because we cannot fatal in loc danes for another 2 or 3 years. i mean
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it's the damage that lot phones to is just going to be far more than the damage of the virus. so i mean, we need to remember lockdown that a fee of public health strategy. you know, if, if people follow evidence, public health stuff, we don't need lockdown and elimination does not take 2 or 3 years back. phoenician might take 2 years because we don't have adequate vaccine supplied. elimination can be accomplished with support from each government in a matter of weeks to one or 2 miles. but it has to be coordinated little bitty, because what's happened now is we've had a highly transmissible train emerge, which is threatened elimination and have that haven't had strong mission for long periods of time like vietnam. and that's what's really concerning. and if we continue to live with the widest, we're going to see more and more transmissible things that at some point. and she's going to become impossible. and they may also keep ahead of our vaccines,
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which means even with the vaccines, we may not be able to protect ourselves. and that will be a really dangerous place to be. so the best way is to really push public health measures. basic public health measures that we use in march last year and much a se, asia managed to bring cases down adequately with those measures countries. that means even australia maintains the local, the doors for long periods of time, because that's the only way to keep on dividing. if we let us continue, it was we're going to get to a point where, you know, as infectious as measles, and far more deadly and more able to get back in. that's not what anybody wants or needs at this point in time. ok, great. so get your thoughts don't to deep good funny, they're joining us from london. thank you very much in deeds once more. so hands on the new site, including anger in the occupied west bank because of jail, palestinian actually is denied the chance to say farewell to her daughter. and in
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sports, the boys runner he's chasing carolyn pick goals more on that later in the show. ah, ah hello there it continues to be a very hot picture across europe, but it's also looking very wet in places, in particular in the north west. and we've seen flooding in london as torrential rain swept across parts of the u. k. is we going to choose day? it is going to dry up slightly, but floodlights do remain in areas in the southeast of england and in parts of scotland. but things are going to get sunny and warm as we go into the mid week. much of the weather is accumulating in france, you can see the weather system bringing a lot of the wet and windy weather to the netherlands. and to belgian, as well as in parts of switzerland, we could see some flooding here and some flooding in parts of germany as that wet
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weather stretches more into the central areas. northern areas of italy expecting to see some really wet weather as well. but to the east of this, it is looking a lot hotter and dryer. western areas of russia as seen as temperatures continue to climb. we could see some records challenged over the next few days. and the heat continues across much scandinavia and finland and down south. it's a very similar story, turkey and greece, seeing the temperatures continue to climb. if we look at the 3 day for athens, we're going to see the temperature reaching up into the high thirty's as we go into wednesday, with plenty of sunshine. the who's when a war crime is committed, who is accountable. i'll just follows that garzon human rights investigator on his unprecedented journey to the french high court. every place to make sure
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that the information to bring it's taking on the arms trade in his fight for justice, for innocent palestinians, and their families made in france on all disease. there is no channel that covers world views like we do. and the roman correspondent i am constantly on the go covering topics from politics to environmental issues. the scale of this campus like nothing you've ever seen access to health care as well. we want to know, how did these things affect people? we revisit places day, even when they're no international headlines. also they're really invest in that not the privilege as a journalist. oh,
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a. this is just a quick reminder over told me that half because police ministers warning food supplies could one i've seen continues. soldiers have been deployed in provinces across the country. they're responding to days of unrest triggered by anger. high unemployment worsening economic conditions. corporate 1900 lock turns out the julie before the president jacobs. 2 months rebel forces in g grey say they've seized the major time and you offenses in. a rebels says the type of wire was taken as the federal forces who drew was content sites in scene. since rebels take the main 50 of mckelly in june and iraq probably minister is promising accountability. after a foreigner at a couple of our board kill ac people, he's ordered the arrest on suspension. federal local officials, industrial,
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frances, 5 tech giant google, nearly $600000000.00. in a case against the countries news publishers. it's one of the biggest penalties imposed by the competition authority for companies failure to comply with one of its rulings. well, the firm that has 2 months to propose how it will compensate news agencies for the use of their contents or face for the fines. let's get more from natasha butler. she's lifers in paris. latasha just explained to us why is google being find why should say we've also, we've actually heard from franz's a digital affairs minutes about the citric. he put out for tweet, saying that this fine shows that no company is above international rules, will give you a bit of a sense of the background. this is basically an ongoing route between french
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publishers, the news agencies and the u. s. take firm google. now, a google uses content from these news agencies and from these various newspapers and publications such as a news stories, articles and that kind of thing. it publishes them of course, on its website on his platform and it does pay them for it. however, what editors and frauds are saying is that there is no transparency over how those payments are calculated. google effectively pays what it wants to pay, rather than having come come to an agreement with editors over system for these payments. now, under your rules, google was supposed to started talks and negotiations with these licenses and frauds over the payments to try and put in place an agreement on how they should be paid on how the payments should be calculated. however, what frances anti trust watchdog is saying is that that has not been done. google has not begun those talks,
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and therefore it is decided to impose its very large fine, nearly $600000000.00 and just quickly natasha. what happens now? what the anti trust wants don't care. and frogs is told google. if it now has to month to open up these talks with editors and make some progress. and if at the end of 2 months they haven't done that, then google could be fine. a further knit well, nearly a $1000000.00 a day until it manages to open up these negotiations. so certainly the french state paying a very tough here with google. it is not the 1st time we know that the french president demand micro has wanted international tech firms, including google to be a lot more transparent and play by what he says. all international rules. ok natasha. but that live from paris is tasha thank
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keep us presidents is planning. i'd site forces and us sanctions or provoking the biggest anti government protests and decades. the u. s. coals claim the calls that claim a grievous mistake will be anger's in response to worst thing. economic crisis and the government's handling of the pandemic tension between cured forces and protest as, as lead to international goals for dialogue. read lindsey reports thousands took to the streets across cuba on the, in the biggest protest the country has seen in decades. chance centered on civil liberties in the political system. the driving force behind the demonstrations with anger over a devastating economic crisis that has caused widespread shortages of food and medicine. i have nothing to cook when the power cut out more than 20 times yesterday. i would love love, it's because we don't have fuel and we've had to cut the electricity. protesters
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blame the government for cuba. economic crisis. a day after visiting sight of one of the protest, cuban president miguel diaz canal attributed the scarcity to the 60 year old us embargo told actual fema, all those issues that are present in our society now, such as dissatisfaction. one of the origins, what caused them. it's the blockade grew on monday, the streets of ivana were calm, the trump administration intensified the u. s. embargo passing a barrage of sanctions, but devastated the cuban economy. call it exacerbated the crisis so far. president joe biden has maintained the sanction, despite a campaign promise to change us policy towards cuba. but cuba dire economic situation, and with it, the frustration and anger of its population continues with nope and insight. a spat between 2 of all peck's biggest sol produces could end up in a price form. that's warning from the international energy agency is little sign
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a saudi arabia in the united arab emirates has made progress and dissolving a dispute over how their production cuts measures the i. e. a is concerned that inventories of falling, which can lead to price rises before. pick nation, a profit nation's other thoughts produce more oil emergency crews say they're making progress containing walled, far as burning across the state of california. for fighters working in temperatures, pushing 40 degrees, managed to gain, grimes evacuations, and warnings barrages, and see countries. there are concerns. some properties are still in danger. the u. s. says it has not ruled a sending troops to help stabilize hazy following the assassination of president juvenile luis. washington is helping investigate the merger into sent delegation to port a prince. it will also prove if any us laws have been connected to americans for among those arrested patient businessmen. living in florida is the latest to be
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arrested. as chilton, i love her request by jailed policy. the actors, harley the jet, are to attend to doses funeral response, indignation in the occupied westbank are gathered outside the prison. near milan the month and jars release sentence finishes in 2 months time to change in 2019 for alleged membership of a band group. while her daughter, who's 31, died suddenly over horse tack on sunday, attitude a half years of hearing shocking testimony from the victims of state sanctioned killings can be as truth, reconsideration and reparations commission has concluded. its silence is planning to make strong recommendations to punish those responsible for atrocities committed under form presidency. i john israel 25 years ago. but as i met adriece reports,
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many victims say they can't move on. the home of late basil battle fees just being prepared by a member of the family he left behind 25 years ago. but all uncertain others were executed by former president jeremy, for allegedly planning a call. his buddies, like many other guardians, was never recovered. since his death bottles, widow is finding it hard to find a closure. i know me, i know mean personally and not give anybody or if they come to me, i will tell them to us proceeded for forgiveness. go to basil the hardship by phase where i believe that to god, god will judge everything. but me, i cannot forget. you shall tell the commission about the that emotion is shared by others who are also lost. loved ones for 2 and have yes and can apple and hundreds of other surviving victims. and their families,
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testified before the truth commission detailing the atrocities committed by the regime. the testimonies, including those of members of a hits court, led to the discovery of mass graves and the grim task of zooming the remains of the former teacher. but somebody lived through 14 months of humiliating detention and torture, left him to call it for life. north exploration that i had was when both hands and legs were tied back on a wooden chair. you can move, you can be if that time that please the pin was continuous and they will come. but all who water on ruskin and continue executing you on your body to look at phantom see the pin sticking work of the commission was led by for my adviser to the united nations secretary general to
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lemons, to says the government would have to implement the commission recommendations to help the victims to move on. what's the alternative? you do? nothing. 22 years of atrocities. the slaughter of innocent civilians there which haunting thing that might lead them to the death of over 3040 people that massive and torture that really happened in the area that we forget about all that. and then just some of us with it under the carpet and then no move on. no, i don't think the government would do that. i that many victim say they hope the government would have the courage to do that. but they wouldn't bet on it. the truth and reconciliation commission is expected to recommend the prosecution of the corporate practice of serious crimes and reformation for the government has already set aside $1000000.00 a composition for victims with a premise of another 1000000 to come young
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b as inactive. it will be watching closely to see what the reaction of the government of president adam about it will be to the recommendation of the commission. what are the gambia preparing for presidential election in early december? the victims likes and categorical, may have to wait a bit longer for justice to be served on people. she vowed never to forgive. until then she will continue to bear the burden of our anger. and the pain of losing husband, she said, meant the world to our commented rece. allergies either by jo has been a dramatic. he shall dine over voting rights in the united states. 50 democrats fled texas and a 2nd revolt against a republican overhaul of election laws. will the move denies the state legislature, the minimum numbers to conduct business and votes on the bill? republicans once impose new identification requirements on males, male, and ballots, and ban $24.00 and dr. revolting. the think governor says, democrats,
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she fled to washington, are likely to be arrested on their return. oh, towel and china su, joe city has collapse, killing at least 8 people. rescue efforts runs away for at least 9 people believe to be trapped under the rubble. the hotel, just east of shanghai was full of guests when it came in the course of the collapse still under investigation. he was state of utah's undertaking a high flying mission to restock lakes with fish. thousands of fish have been air drops to reap, populate them with marine life. it's about facts of method to maintain oxygen levels, instead of transporting them over long distances by roads. up to $35.00 families and fingerings can be released in a single area, drop their small size and reasonably little fall from altitude results in a high survival rates. hey, to thought that. so ahead here on i'll just say we'll have the support for you in
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celebration. turn ugly. the national hockey leaved lea grail far will be here after the break. ah. the news news. news. news
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with me ah. ah. the bar. thank you. hello. the mens united states basketball team has suffered a 2nd street defeat as a prepared to defend their elliptic title in tokyo. they went down $9183.00 and exhibition game against australia just days after losing tonight, syria. because he haven't been at their best for some time and have
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a 9 and 5 record over the last 2 summers. their coach seems to be getting a little too frustrated with things getting heated between him and a reporter after the game. for you assume things that are not true when you just mentioned, you know, low in these teams out. that's never happen. so i don't know where you get that. can i finish? no, i mean, i bet it's not true. your average mark can i finish my statement before me that it's not true? your average mark, but you're going to let me finish my statement or not. so you'll be quiet now, when you make statements about in the past, just blowing out these other teams. number one, you give no respect to the other teams and i talked to you last time about the same thing. we've had very close games against 4 or 5 countries in all these tournaments . so the good teams do not get blown out. the mexico's diana
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crass, i will be running for gold at the paralympics in tokyo next month. she'll be competing in the blind category hoping to add to the world championship title. she won 4 years ago. so i the, and i go to as an add later, but i didn't because my name is deanna classa. i am a blind pearlin p, and i will were present mexico in the upcoming calling the game in 2021 battle. when i started thinking kids would say i could not play with them or do the same thing. but i knew i could, that i could run. i could play and do everything to me. yes, last importer than the smell. but my guide is very special, indispensable to me. without him, i could not run. he's not only my eyes on the track, and it is more than just about competing. a lot of things have to happen so we can have good communication with that. he talks to me a lot. he motivates me,
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and he runs great races. those achievements are possible because we make such a great team. i mean, you will be all doing the loan, the letting those last middle of the race met you. not only a gold metal, but they proved to me that i could do it and made me believe that effort. i could make things like this happen it and make my brain the rest of her, the potomac of the 2020 games was very hard. everything stopped only a few days from the lack of fire. it was very uncertain and a lot of things went through my head. it was everything we were working for, not knowing what was going to happen with the emotional, the very hard. we are used to having a plan, so not having it made me feel lost. and finally, plenty, plenty one has the right where i'm sure we are working toward, which by this you know, we'll see on that. i am very excited that we are real as a team and that we know going to the lympics is an immense achievement. and only because we went through a lot, these are my 2nd games and we have
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a huge goal. we won't sell for less than running in the final. yeah. last name. your name. yeah. well, get better on that. i would say to all children and people with or without disabilities, don't be afraid to drink. don't be cared to imagine crazy thing. i didn't believe in your dreams because dreams do come true. there are a lot of obstacles and nothing is easy. here, severe is a sequencing success. try keep trying, and then try some more. you have to be stubborn to reach your drink. nice, fussy, cancer is for wars are getting ready to play in this. here's gold cop, the football championship for north and central america. the asian champions are taking part, has an invite t as they prepare the house next year as well. cab counter go into the competition in good form and have not been beaten in 20. 21 is your school cup is happening in the usa with capture to face panama and they're open again later on tuesday. 2015 open champion. zach johnson is out of this year's event after testing positive for
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corona virus. a world's top golfers are gabbing at england's royal saint george's coat course had the final nature of the season. last year's opened was cancelled due to covey. 19 this week, just over $30000.00 spectators will be allowed to attend to each day. that's great for the tournament. balls also players. i'm in my own bow villa, my own house and i'm not leave. and i'm not allowed to do that on the field and i think that's good. and, and like i wouldn't, i don't want to be here playing in front of nobody. so i think it's great that are starting people on that. and i was very excited. new york mats 1st baseman pete alonzo blew away the competition when baseball is home, run derby for the 2nd year in a row. if you're a skilled competitors, including 2 way from station show, hey with tani, the japanese warn l. a angel star force to round to tie breakers before losing in the 2nd, 9th and things out for alonzo who beat baltimore is straight men see me. 23 homers
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in the final round. the derby is traditionally how the day before the leaves all star game which takes place on tuesday. yeah, so that was one of the few nights of the year where i actually got to stay up past my bedtime and watch and just watch absolutely incredible feats that you just don't see. an irregular baseball game and to be able to participate is it's a dream come through and, and be able to do it back to back. that's this is really special for me and really, really cool. i'm a national hockey league holy grail, which is a stanley cap, trophy has been dented during tampa bay's championship celebrations. the 128 year old. so we're childless, was damaged during the lightnings, both parade honoring their 2nd stanley cup victory in a row festivities took place 5 days after they closed out. again, 5 went over the montreal canadians. stanley cap will head back to montreal for repairs before bern. returning to tampa bay. okay, and that is all useful for now back to you. hello. thank you very much indeed far.
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well, i say for this news, our keep it here on out to sierra colleague kim vanelle will be with you on the other side of the break. that was the very latest from around the world. ah ah ah ah ah ah frank assessments and argument for suggesting that no ministrations playing a long game. it's very much of a warm embrace, the iran nuclear deal because of us domestic politics informed opinions, schools and shelters have been reduced to rubble. how do you think this shapes a generation and their policy? then their life has been shaped by vitamin in depth analysis of the days
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global headlines inside story on our jazeera, a football from spain traded, battling opponents on the pick up fighting fascism at home and abroad. quint, bowling legend edit canton introduces stuff known the battle awarding and used his beloved game to help himself and others survived the horrors of a natural concentration. i what bald rebels on al jazeera, it's the you case. biggest hospital with eventual capacity for 4000 covet 19 patients built inside a london conference center. it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites are underway. the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised
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researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now trying to close. extrapolate that across the country and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than any one thought. ah, a situation spiraling out of control. writing and loosing and passive johannesburg, south africa, the president calls in the army to try and restore order. ah, mother, i'm can, velvet elders are alive from the also coming up rebel forces. and if you appears to grow regions, they seized more territory. that's part of a new offensive amounting.


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