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the roof lead embassy with exclusive interviews, and in depth report. if purple is your thing, this is the place. al jazeera has teens on the ground overnight to bring you more award winning documentaries and life needs on air and online. i rebel forces into grime say that launched a new offensive and seized a major town in ethiopia. know ah other kimbell c l. just there law from go home, also coming up at least 64 people in a fire at a cove at 19 isolation ward in a hospital in iraq, south africa, the president ordered in the army to deal with violence and writing the jailing of
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for monday to jacobs. irma, dozens of people arrested during cuba is biggest protests and decades. as the president playing us for the countries of ah, rebel forces into grow, say they've seized a major town and a new offensive. and a few of you. a rebel spokesman says the town of riah was taken off, the federal and horror of forces withdrew. it's the most intense fighting scene since rebels took the main city of mikaela in june of the conflict began 8 months ago between european government forces and the 2 growing people's liberation front . catherine soy has more now from her mirror in the tig region. well what we're hearing is that the 2 great defense forces on making. 1 this halls and. 1 we're told re to
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a town called korean. it's not clear whether they are in full control of a lack of that's what. 5 counts right, we have seen you very difficult to verify and dependently this video because communication is still down in many parts of the grove. we have seen video of what appears to be in forces and special forces withdrawing from that. 1 number and this is all in. # been hearing from the degree of leadership from the defense forces who is saying that then now. a in the south and the west which are still disputed and we just will be on calls mostly by forces as saying that's the land. and that's what they want to take areas like where i am, who married before november, who marah and another town called my condra was. # in control i wasn't being
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abused by the grand regional force. 5 on friday to may need to grants lead this areas. the areas are being controlled by higher horses. mike hydra, which is about 3020 kilometers from whom airway is a town where some of the wasp atrocities against is to place in november more than 600 people came, was killed. most of them laborers who have come from different parcels to have assisted me from funds and mainly belongs to the grand. 2 i'm is. 5 i'm are, is he a blame the 2 grand fight as will those carrying many of the to grant lead to don. 5 if you speak to them that they blame. # is, and it's militia of also, you know, forcing them out of this region so that the grand for this thing that also heading west. 5 is where we are seeing
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a lot of. a i'm hiring for this would be interesting. this was the oldest thing that this like belongs to them. and they will not go without a fight. or our prime minister is promising accountability. after a foreign coven, 19 ward killed 78 people. he felt anamosa and c meeting and ordered the arrest in suspension of a number of officials in nasiriyah. in a pro has similar incident to widespread protests cutting lopez holligan reports. the lifeless bodies covered the floor of this hospital board in the iraqi city of north. most of the victims headquarters at 19, but it was the flyer that killed a relative or no place where the grim 10 of i tend to find. there is no one moments before. this was the scene, emergency crews fire as it ripped through the building, amid payoff family, desperately trying to place a mess up
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a little of the of the about what happened tonight at the same hospital is the catastrophe market club. but on the tragedy the slit, let me know though rock has to suffer anguish and calamity. my sort of desperation turned to anger. at least 2 police vehicles were torch by serious protesters. they say the government's mismanagement and neglect of medical facilities are to blame. it's the 2nd time this year, a large fire has killed corona virus, patients. at least 82 people died in a bad that hospital in april, when an oxygen tank exploded and sparked the blaze from analysts say not much has changed since the issue has and they know that they need to blame corruption and
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they're going to, you know, report the, they'll come out and say, this is all bad, but their actions rarely go with their work. they will continue. and that's why sadly, this is not the last time we're going to see. iraq is dying because of the decisions made by their political leaders. the hospital ward open 3 months ago to help curb a search of corona, virus infections. but the flyer raises questions about wrecked manchild health system. and these families say they deserve answers and accountability courts. hello. this is a young or to 0. from your youth affairs more now from the city or in iraq the other month that the had the most of the cool things to sauces from the heard of that that a thread in the car of this incident where there are so many developments taking place for example,
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a big number of the people of nasiriyah went to the streets in order to protest again is what has happened here. we can see some people from nursery. yeah. sitting in here. own trying to burge the total to know who is it possible for that? so many people from nursery, you have close them private hospitals because they think the work of these hospitals is hindering the flow of work. of the government was a hospital. that's why they prefer to close these rob at the hospital with the whole of food seeing the political parties in the country to give
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attention to what's going on. and this is the place where the incident took place and the families of the victims that on the other side because they want that as they want to know who is who and which is which the numbers of those who lost the live are increasing. and some of the ended people were in the group to go situation. this means that the number of the people who love the why might increase the director of the bus has department came here with around 50 ambulances, in addition to medical equipment and to you. and he advised to take all those ended people who are good because it tuition
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to move them to a bus. and this is the whole situation right now. here. the south africa police minister is wanting food supplies could run out of looting and violent spirals. further out of control, soldiers have been deployed to after former president, jacob zoom the was jailed for 15 months. at least 10 people have been killed and hundreds arrested. i believe we may have for me to mil, alive for us now for me to if you can hear us. just tell us what's happening there where you are we are in an exam township in johanna where there's been bonfire and looting through the night. the street that for on many of these buildings have been said to live and you'll see people running into a store behind us grabbing whatever they can. and just as soon as police make their way down the road by a rubber bullets people dispersed. but as soon as the police move away,
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they are back in looting the stores. they entire road has been trashed and there's very little left. but of course that's looting as that has been happening in the last few days. continues and police are really struggling to get it handled on it. having great difficulty in dispersing people permanently from a to the president's proposal. speaking yesterday's, been calling this opportunistic. all these people angry about zoom is imprisonment . former president zoom is in prison. mental why? of people out there on the streets causing this on risk. well, they certainly is that element of opportunity to cry. and some of the people we've spoken to in the last few days have said that they are really not interested in what happened to the former president jacob's duma. but they're here, well, they haven't said what they hear, but we have a stories about people saying that they're different on employment. says hi,
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this is the only chance to help them so that their families. but this does them from those initial protests, over the imprisonment of jacob luma. last week we saw these protests thought he was going to tell riots and protest, significant violence. similar to the scenes that we're seeing here, you'll see fire fits alive. the police chop is over here. we know that the military has been deployed to twice and quote, some of these approaches. so it's very both very little success. but we all certainly think opportunity the crime and the problem here is how difficult it is to manage. we haven't seen any soldiers on the streets in this part of alexandra yet, but we know that deployments began on monday. there is certainly a very difficult political and economic situation in south africa, again, stemming from the in the month of jacob zoom in terms of these initial protests,
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but certainly now has escalated into far more than that. and we've heard the south africa police minister saying some 757 people had been arrested for media. but what's your sense of, you know, whether police are able to act in the circumstances because, you know, as you're showing us, there are a lot of people out there on the street. okay, we're going to move up to the side. you see a police vehicle coming down or people run away immediately and police fire rubber for let's get yourself to say this is emily the difficulty or police calling to manage or that's. that's what made a miller there often made it. just get yourself into into a, into a safe spot. thank you for that live report. we will come back to miller when it is safe. as you can see, very much developing situation there on the, on the streets of johannesburg. various parts of south africa following the imprisonment of former president, jacob zoom, a. people are angry,
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not just about that, but about the worsening economic situation in the cost of living, it's become very, very difficult for a lot of people there. and as i said earlier, south africa police minister said more than 700 people have been arrested during this violence. ok, cubic president is blaming outside forces. and us sanctions for provoking the biggest anti government protest, bare and decades. the u. s. is calling that claim a grievous mistake. the anger is in response to a worsening economic crisis, and the government's handling of the pandemic tension between security forces and protest is that the international call for dialogue. read lindsey reports thousands took to the streets across cuba sunday in the biggest protest the country has seen in decades. chance centered on civil liberties in the political system.
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the driving force behind the demonstrations with anger over a devastating economic crisis that has caused widespread shortages of food and medicine. i have nothing to cook when the bow cut out more than 20 times yesterday . i would love love. it's because we don't have fuel and we had to cut the electricity. protesters blame the government for cuba. economic crisis. a day after visiting the site of one of the protest, cuban president miguel diaz canal attributed the scarcity to the 60 year old us embargo told us to all those issues that are present in our society now, such as dissatisfaction. one of the origins, what caused them, it's the blockade grew on monday, the streets of atlanta were calm, the trump administration intensified the us embargo passing a barrage of sanctions, but devastated the cuban economy. coven exacerbated the crisis so far. president joe biden has maintain the sanctions despite a campaign promise to change us policy towards cuba. but cuba dire economic
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situation and with the frustration and anger of its population, continues with nope and insights. so had hair on algebra, malaysia records the highest number of groan of ours cases since the pen demik began will revive from quantum force cooperation on climate us. john kerry is in russia for talk that could cool pension and a number of areas. ah, ah, hello there, let's start in se asia and widespread showers and thunderstorms are continuing to affect the philippines. we've seen heavy showers in mindanao island and we have seen floods there. we could see more as those rains continued to fall on indonesia,
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malaysia, expecting to see some heavy showers as we go into thursday. we could see some flooding in areas here, borneo seeing some particular heavy rains as well as brew night. but as we go into thursday, it's going to be sort of wessy that see some of those heavy showers, and we could see flash flooding in areas here. and as we move down on the twist rayleigh, it's looking very wet across the southern areas. we've got a cold front moving across the east and that sport a lot of width and windy weather to pers, that wet weather expecting to last through to the weekend. i'm no storms and showers are going to pick up across southern australia, affecting parts of victoria and has made me think looking wet and windier here. when you south wales we are seeing more showers inland and plenty of cloud cover. but up in the north, it is looking a lot more settled and it's looking a lot more settled as we move across to new zealand for the north island. we've got a weather system affecting the south island, bringing the wet and windy weather with it. that sure weather
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the weather bag, energy and change to every part of our universe or small to continue the change all around the shape, my technology and human ingenuity, we can make it work for you and your business. ah ah,
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you're watching al jazeera reminder about top tories this all rebel forces integral . i say that sees the major tone and the new offensive in ethiopia. a rebel spokesman says the town is now on control. un rides council has passed a resolution calling on foreign true to withdraw from the region. rocks prime minister is promising accountability. after a fire at a corona virus board, killed $78.00 people. he's ordered the arrest and suspension of several local officials. the city violence and booting appeared to be fighting and parts of south africa after former president jacob zoom. it was jailed the 15 months. these 10 people have been killed. hundreds, arrested in the past few days. security forces a warning people to stay home in malaysia is entering its worst wave of corona virus. so far. it reported
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a record 11000 new infections in the past 24 hours alone. hospitals are overwhelmed, medical work, se there's a shortage of vital equipment including oxygen and ventilated search and injections as being blamed on the delta variance. but also gatherings held during the muslim festival of eat. in denisia is also in the groups of a worsening outbreak with a record 40000 new infections reported on monday. people are still having problems getting oxygen medication is hard to come by. the new cases are also being blamed on the delta variant florence though he is following developments from quantum port . the delta variant of the current of virus is not only more contagious, it's also more likely to infect a person such that they're going to be more serious and they're going to need hospice. okay, so it's the same story across the region where you're not only having a search and the number of new cases. you also seeing medical facilities being of a stretch and such as the case in indonesia where recorded its highest number of
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new cases on monday. it had already put in place restrictions in people's movements on the islands of java and barley, but it's still recorded really high numbers. now, a senior minister said it is expecting the numbers to start coming down next week. but in vietnam were also seeing a similar story. vietnam was a country that last year had been praised for its efforts in containing the colon, a virus, but recorded its highest number on the monday display. haven't put in restrictions on movements last week and extending them to more areas on monday. now another country that seeing a surgeon kona virus cases is myanmar, were medical work as a people i experiencing a shortage of oxygen, although the gentle denies this and what's making the situation worse. there is a civil disobedience movement that started in february and opposition to the coo and a general distrust of the military authorities. meaning more people are reluctant to not only get tested, but are also wary of being taken away to an ice of
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a cove at 1900 isolation unit because they're worried about whether or not they're going to be able to come back. now what these countries have in common is low vaccination rate. so there's also a real effort real pushed by these countries to boost the vaccination rates. including getting more doses, more supplies of vaccines from different countries, different sources really rolling out mass vaccination campaigns and also addressing vaccine hesitancy to have spain. most popular tourist regions are rolling out new measures terrain and growing corona virus cases had lonia is limiting, private and public gatherings to 10 people and says, all public activities must finish by half of midnight. while in valencia, a curfew was being imposed during the early hours of the morning, and gatherings restricted to 6 people. record numbers of people in france, a booking appointments to get corona, vars, vaccines after the president announced new restrictions from next month. proof of vaccination or
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a negative test will be needed to end restaurants. shopping centers will travel on long distance trains that talk about le has more from paris. when a manual, my cross said the vaccination is the only way out of the health crisis. the message in his speech was pretty much the people in france need to go out and get vaccinated. now about 40 percent of the population have been immunized, but the amount of micro says that is simply not enough to get out of this health emergency. so he announced a series of measures to encourage people to get vaccinated. one of them, in fact, is going to be mandatory vaccinations for health workers who work with particularly vulnerable people. so people who work in care homes, for example, or hospitals will have to be vaccinated by september, they will be controlled and checks the macro to make sure that they are properly immunized. the government will also extend it so called a coven certificate is national cove. it's a different say, this is the,
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the application on people phones on a piece of paper that shows whether not somebody has been vaccinated fully, or shows whether or not they have a negative p, c altis. that certificate will not be necessary for people to go to a restaurant to go to a ball, to go to see it, or to go to a conference or even catch a train in france from august. so a lot straight to measure is all designed, of course, to try and curve what we've seen over the past few weeks. and that is a rise in covey, 900 cases, fueled by the delta variance in micro micro making it very clear that this variance is highly contagious. it's much easier to catch. it's much easier to pass on. and the health minister in from just a few days ago said that if this fair and continues to circulate at the rate at which it is circulating in france, we could see as many as $20000.00 cases a day by august. that is something, of course, the government want to prevent and want to stop, and that is why am i will micro say more structures needed, people need to be more vigilant. and as i said,
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his top line really is his message to the french people is really go and get connected. the u. s. climate. the invoice john kerry is in moscow trying to encourage russia to quit it. so cost, rather it's carbon emissions at the start of his $4.00 day visit, carrying that foreign minister. so guy level to discuss cooperation, john holmes, even as john kerry and sir k, lovegrove met in moscow to align the country's positions on climate change, the fires raged. all around them in ne siberia where the permafrost is rapidly disappearing. forest fires, threatened homes, and villages. june temperatures in both moscow and st. petersburg set new records, while temperatures north of the arctic circle approach. 30 degrees celsius in the united states to wildfires, destroyed homes in pumps of california. state for the rest of your visit is an important signal for developing bilateral relations or lifting tensions and for
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establishing work in areas where we can find common ground. the russian foreign minister knows the former us secretary of state, well and ela, disagreed on monitoring the past. this time john kerry comes as president, biden's climate, envoy and on climate change. both sides now support joint action apps. we believe there is space for us to cooperate. on this and perhaps to be able to open up some better opportunities on other issues as we do cooperate on this solutions, recognize the program flashes and this is a very good, very good platform for the launch the negotiation in such an issue. mutual suspicions abound as ever. president putin has worn. the climate cooperation may be used by foreign powers to exert pressure on russia, perhaps,
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and limiting it exploitation of new oil and gas opportunities created by melting arctic ice. and as a signal to the 2015 paris climate accord, russia is yet to produce a plan to achieve net 0 emissions by 2050 for the u. s. this is the 1st test of president biden's hope of a reset of relations within 6 months. she just wasn't for the us, it's important now to find some common topics within the announced half a year period, during which it must be figured out if interaction with russia and its current administration is possible or not. that's why it's important that it stands upright example of washington's tactics, and that's relations with russia. so 2 of the world's top oil exporters and carbon images will make positive noises about transitioning to green economy. this will not likely be the forum for the fournier topics accusations of cyber attacks by russia relations with china. a display of common interests,
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but only by the narrowest of margins. jona hall al jazeera israel. denial of a request by jailed palestinian activist, tallied a job to attend. her daughter's funeral has sparked indignation in the occupied. westbank protest is gathered outside of prison, never mala, demanding jars, release her sentence. finishes. in 2 months, she was detained in 2019 for alleged membership and a band group. her daughter, who was 31 years old, died of a sudden heart attack on sunday. what isn't all this stand in front of the prison is to express a solidarity with completed your off, who's going through the tragic death of a daughter and also to demand the immediate release of kalita. this is off putting pressure on israel through our voices can reach the human rights in international institutions to stop this arbitrary arrest and this injustice which the palestinian
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people are subjected to us. president joe biden is due to deliver a major address on protecting voter rights. later on tuesday, he's under pressure from some within his party to do more to counter restrictions introduced and republican controlled states. white house correspondent, kimberly how capitol it's a white house under increasing pressure to act. expanding the right to vote. the access of people across the country to vote is going to be a fight of his presidency. last month. us president joe biden tasked his vice president, comma le harris with counter republican efforts to restrict the voting rights of some americans. republicans allege the 2020 presidential election was rife with fraud and or implementing laws in conservative lead states to limit male in voting . among other measures, but democrats believe republicans want to keep democrats and voters of color from the ballot box. this is designed, i believe,
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to make it harder for you to vote, so that you don't vote to democrat lead bills. and congress reserve voting rights have stalled due to a lack of republican support. earlier this month, democrats also suffered a legal set back. the supreme court granted states new abilities to restrict voting in taxes. democrats, there are protesting republican voting restrictions by fleeing the state and mass democrats and voting rights groups. fear republicans efforts to limit voting are working. they're pushing the biden harris administration to prioritize the issue. now they then have to be number one for a structure, infrastructure to provide a job right now we need. right? because right, how defined democracy?
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so we are wanting him to put or more. * input in 2020 butler work to register new voters in georgia. the state helped propel job bought into the white house. democrats worry under new voting restrictions. the bible harris reelection is at risk. but the states republican governor says the restrictions ensure election security was senate bill to to georgia will take another step toward ensuring our elections are secure, accessible and fair. the biding justice department disputes that it says georgia is violating federal law on the basis of race warning. our complaint alleges that recent changes to georgia election laws were inactive with the purpose of denying or abridging the right of black georgians to vote on account of their race or.


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