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paycheck away from being on house program that hits in your eyes to tennis if you, well today, this is what the picture looks like. these are well from a different perspective on out of here. i rebel forces integral. i say that launched a new offensive to major tone, and if you know, ah kimbell, this is out there a lot from don't all the coming up at least 64 people bed in a far covered 900 isolation ward and a hospital in iraq. south africa's president orders in the army to deal with violence and writing off to the jailing of formerly to jacob zoom up dozens of
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people arrested during cubans. biggest protest to decades, the president blames the us, the country's problems. ah, the rebel forces integral. i say the seas, the major town and a new offensive in ethiopia, a rebel spokesman says the town of ryan was taken off the federal and her forces withdrew. it's the most intense fighting scene since rebels took the main city of mckenna in june. a conflict began 8 months ago between europe and government forces and the 2 gripe people's liberation front, katherine sawyer has more from whom era in the to grow region. well, what we're hearing is that the 2 great defense forces on making. 1 this halls and. 1 we're told re to a town called korean. it's not clear whether they are in control of
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a lack of the. 5 calendar, right, we have seen you very difficult to verify and dependently this video because communication is still in many pas drive. we have seen video of what appears to be in forces and special forces withdrawing from that. 1 number and this is all in or. # been hearing from the degree of leadership from the defense forces who is saying that then now. a in the south and the west which are still disputed and we will still be on calls mostly by higher forces. i think that's a line and that's what they want to take areas like where i am whomever of the for november, who marah and another town called my condra was. # in control i wasn't being administered by the grand regional force. 5 i'm sorry to may need to grants lead
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this areas. the areas are being controlled by higher horses. mike hydra, which is about 30 kilometers from whom airway is a town where some of the wasp atrocities against v as to place in november more than 600 people came, was killed. most of them laborers who have come from different possible to have especially from funds and mainly belonged to the grant. 2 is. 5 mars he of believe that the grand fight will those killings maybe the 2 grants lead to don. 5 if you speak to them that they blame. # is, and it's militia of also, you know, forcing out them out of this region so that the grand for assisting that also heading west. 5 is where we are seeing a lot of. a i'm hiring for interacting. this was the oldest thing that this log
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belongs to them, and it will not go without a fight. iraq's prime minister is promising accountability. after a fire at a coven 19 ward killed 64 people. he's held an emergency meeting and ordered the arrest and suspension of a number of officials in the city. in april, her similar incident led to widespread protests. katya lopez, haughty on reports, the lifeless bodies covered the floor of the hospital board in the iraqi city. most of the victims had covered 19, but it was a fire that killed them. relatives are now face with the grim 10 of i tend to find the one moments before this was the scene. emergency crews fire as it rip through the building, amid kale families, desperately trying to place a mess up
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a little of the of the about what happened tonight at the same hospital is the catastrophe market club, but i'm a little, it's a tragedy the slit let me know, though rock has to suffer anguish and calamity. my sort of desperation turned to anger. at least 2 police vehicles were torch by furious protesters. they say the government's mismanagement and neglect of medical facilities are to blame. it's the 2nd time this year, a large fire has killed corona virus, patients. at least 82 people died in a bad hospital in april. when an oxygen tank exploded and sparked the blaze from analysts say, not much has changed since the issue has and they know that they need to blame
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corruption and they're going to, you know, report the, they'll come out and say, this is all bad. but their actions rarely go with their work, they will continue. and that's why sadly, this is not the last time we're going to see iraq, you dying because of the decisions made by their political leaders. the hospital ward open 3 months ago to help curb a search of corona, virus infections. but the flyer raises questions about wrecked franchise health systems. and these families say they deserve answers and accountability courts. hello. this is a young or to 0. we can tell you now that the death role there told from that far enough that he has risen to 70. i'll south africa military has been deployed after protests triggered by the jailing of former president, jacob's humor turn violent. who is in prison for refusing to obey court orders to pay before corruption inquiry committee. miller reports from hannah's book
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the off the full day, the writing so that we can president food multiples or appeared on television appealing for com. although these may be opportunistic acts of new thing driven by hardship and poverty. the poor and marginalized bad that out to made branch of the destruction that is currently underway. as i said, shops have been looted an infrastructure has been destroyed. the violence of sparked by the imprisonment of former president jacob's duma, he's been jailed for 15 months for contempt of court. after not complying with an inquiry into corruption, his apply to the constitutional court to review the sentence that imposed, saying it's unconstitutional. many of whom are support to say he's been jailed unfairly. and they've taken to the streets to voice their anger. but the government says what began as support was duma in the facility told province,
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is now being driven by crime at this mall in some way to south of johannesburg. but he's powerless to thousands of people descend grabbing whatever they can. many of the schools have been ransacked and the police have spoken to have said they simply don't have enough resources. effective been pushed back by these looters. some of them stationed within the call park as soon as any of the looters apprehended by police rocks thrown. and police have to leave the unrest, of course, public services in some areas to be suspended, including coven, 19 vaccination programs. and now the military is being sent in to help overwhelmed police. it's not certain how long the army will have to be deployed, but they are concerns at a high unemployment rate worth and by a strict code at 19 lockdown is contributing to the violence. and while boots on
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the ground may quote violence for now. so that because it cannot make and political problems may run far deeper. for me to mila al jazeera johannesburg, a venezuelan politician and close ally of opposition data on gladto has been arrested on charges of terrorism and treason. quite oh, says he was also threatened with arrest by on identified argument venezuela's in a political crisis and talk the plans between the government and opposition. the u . s. and several other nations recognize quite over weight as legitimate leader after a contested 2018 election. but president nicholas madeau has called a us puppet police and cuba are also in force after the biggest anti government protested decades president to get the canal planes, us sanctions for his country's economic problems. he's also accused cuban americans of using social media to spark the rest. by now to palo, the streets of cuba,
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capital avenue are mostly quiet after a weekend of nationwide demonstrations. on monday he was president miguel diaz addressed the country, accusing the united states of instigating the protest process. owing for in all these processes we've tried to confront and overcome in the face of the policy of economic suffocation, provoke social unrest from the country have cumulative effects. and i precisely believe that to day the problems we experienced have to do with those cumulative processes. the unrest in cuba is taking place under a backdrop of one of the worst financial crises in years in 2020. the economy contracted by 11 percent due in part to economic sanctions put in place by the trump administration expert. however, the anger against the government has far deeper route. i'm not saying that the embargo did not create hardship or cuban people. of course, it also affect in the end it also affect human b. but it's not the embargo. what prompted the people to go out st. people are,
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are tired. people are sad because the government is not changing the way of rule. the government is ruling like if they where 980 and they are not in 90 days. it's not the same. society is not the same cuban people. the protests over the weekend represent the largest social mobilization cuba has seen in almost 30 years. finally, clashes with security forces prompted in international response in the us, the bind administration called on the cuban government to listen to demonstrators. i don't think we've seen anything like this in a long time, if quite frankly, ever in the united states dance firmly with the people or q as they assert their universal rights. and because the government, from a human,
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to refrain from violence or attempt to silence the voice of the people or q, it won't, in mexico, president lopez over at or call for dialogue as well as an end to us sanctions against the caribbean island nation. getting no school on us, it has to be the cuban people who decide because cuba is a free, independent, and sovereign country. there should be no interventionism, though the streets of cuba capital have quieted down tensions remains with many seem the latest protests as the beginning signs of a new movement that seeks to reshape cuban political system. manuel wrap a little al jazeera. so her hair on al jazeera leisure records is the highest number of corona virus cases. the pandemic, again, will be law from quite a newport corporation on climate us invoice. john kerry is in brush up the talks that could cool pension the number of areas. ah,
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ah, it's time for the journey with sponsored by capital airways. hello there. it continues to be a very hot picture across europe, but it's also looking very wet in places, in particular, in the north west. and we've seen flooding in london as torrential rain swept across parts of the u. k. as we go into tuesday, it is going to dry up slightly, but floodlights do remain in areas in the southeast of england and in parts of scotland, things are going to get sunny and warm as we go into the mid week. much of the weather is accumulating in france, you can see that weather system bringing a lot of the west and windy weather to the netherlands. and to belgian, as well as into parts of switzerland, we could see some flooding here. allison flooding in parts of germany as that wet weather stretches more into the central areas, northern areas of italy, expecting to see some really wet weather as well. but to the east to this,
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it is looking a lot hotter and dryer. western areas of russia seen as temperatures continue to climb. we could see some records challenged over the next few days. and the heat continues across much of scandinavia and finland and down south. it's a very similar story, turkey and greece, seeing the temperatures continue to climb. if we look at the 3 day for athens, we're going to see the temperature reaching up into the high thirty's is going to wednesday, with plenty of sunshine. sponsor, cut on airways joined the debate, do not have vaccines reaching those who are most of the needs and amplify your voice. it allows a diverse community and how an array of different stories, no topic. it of the table. it's such a tough ethical debate where there is obvious discrimination and systematic discrimination of play. people are thursdays for new boys. the stream where a global audience becomes
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a global community on al jazeera. ah, ah, the me, you're wanting, are there a reminder of our top story? rebel forces in take raleigh said the major tone and the new offensive, and if you will be a rebel folks from the town of riah is now under their control. it's the most intense fighting since they took the main city of the cabinet and june or ox prime minister is promising accountability after a fire. corona virus was killed 70 people. he's ordered the arrest and suspension of several local officials in the city. yeah. violence and loosing are continuing to south africa of the former president, jacob's been with jail for 15 months,
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least 10 people have been killed and hundreds arrested. may have been found guilty of contempt of court. in malaysia is enduring its worst wave of corona virus. so far. it reported a record 11000 new infections in the past 24 hours. hospitals are overwhelmed. the medical work is se there's a shortage of vital equipment including oxygen and ventilators. the 3rd infections is being blamed on the delta variance that also gatherings held during the muslim festival of ede. indonesia is also in the grips of a worsening outbreak with a record $40000.00 new infections reported on monday. people are still having problems getting oxygen and medication is hard to come by. the new cases are also being blamed on the delta variance. let's go live down to florence louis, who's in quite a lot poor florida. so as we said, malaysian reporting is highest number of infections since the start of the pandemic
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. how are or thirty's responding? well, the country has been in lockdown for more than a month. now, but despite this, move this curve on people's movements, we haven't seen the number of new daily cases coming down. and malaysia has now recorded not have the highest number of new cases in the day. but it's also recorded its highest number of active cases since the start of the pandemic. now, on monday, the more than $90000.00 active cases. and i think with the late his record, the number of active cases, we have reached a 100000 hospital from the says facilities are overstretched. now, some hospitals have already been converted to taken on the cove at 900 patients. and that really underscores just how serious the situation is here in malaysia. not only that, the armed forces have also been building field hospitals to cope with the rise. and
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the number of people needing hospital care. one military hospital converted its parking lot into an emergency admissions unit. all the hospitals have to set up, make sure beds more. people are not just needing medical care, they're also needing admission to intensive care units. and that's really stretching medical resources, really thin medical workers under what are overworked and the tie it. now there's also quite a lot of anger directed at the governments because many people are saying that the lockdown strategy hasn't worked. the country has been locked down for more than a month. there's no definite end date in flight just when the locked down will be lifted. now one thing malaysia is really doing is boosting its vaccination rate. about 25 percent of the population has received at least one dose of corona virus, faxing because malaysia got us rather slow started. it really only means that about 11 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. ok, so that's the picture in relation give us the picture across the se, se here,
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if you cancel so the delta variant of the current of virus is not only more contagious, it's also more likely to infect a person such that they're going to be more serious and they're going to need hospice. ok. so it's the same story across the region where you're not only having a search and the number of new cases. you also seeing medical facilities being of a stretch and such as the case in indonesia where recorded its highest number of new cases on monday. it had already put in place restrictions in people's movements on the islands of java and bali, but it's still recorded really high numbers. now, as senior minister said, it is expecting the numbers to start coming down next week. but in vietnam were also seeing a similar story. vietnam was a country that last year had been praised for its efforts in containing the current of virus, but recorded its highest number on monday, despite having put restrictions on movements last week and extending them to more
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areas on monday. now in other countries, but seeing a surgeon, kona virus cases is myanmar where medical work. is there a people experiencing a shortage of oxygen? although the june tut denies this and what's making the situation worse? there is a civil disobedience movement that started in february and opposition to the coo and the general distrust of the military authorities. meaning more people are reluctant to not only get tested, but are also wary of being taken away to an ice of a cove at 1900 isolation unit because they're worried about whether or not they're going to be able to come back. now what these countries have in common is low vaccination rates. so there's also a real effort real pushed by these countries to boost the vaccination rates. including getting more doses, more supplies of vaccines from different countries, different sources, really rolling out mass vaccination campaigns and also addressing the vaccine hesitant. ok. all right, thank you for that for employ their life for us and quite a look for to feigns most popular tourist regions are rolling out new measures and
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to reign and grow and grow and of ours cases. colonia is limiting, private and public gatherings to 10 people and says, all public activities must finish by half off midnight. while in valencia a curfew is being imposed during the early hours of the morning gatherings restricted to 6 people. record numbers of people in france of booking appointments to get corona refaxing. that's after the president announced new restrictions from next month. proof of vaccination or negative tests will be needed to enter restaurants. shopping centers will travel on long distance trains. england will lift almost all corona virus restrictions from next monday, despite the number of cases across the u. k. rising to his highest level and months . i minister boss johnson says if the right time to do it. but this urging caution charlie angela reports the so called freedom day for england is going ahead as planned on july 19th, bringing freedom from legal restriction,
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but not from covered 900 cases, which are on the right. 5 minutes to boris johnson is rebranding the moment asking people to move forward with caution. not rhetoric, this disease creative iris continues to carry risks for you and your family. we cannot simply revert instantly from monday, the 19th of july to life as it was before k did. we will stick to our plan to lift legal restrictions and to lift social, distancing the changes, we'll see nightclubs, the big performance venues. we open pub and bar table restrictions and customer limits abandon. and the one me to social distancing rule scraps workers will no longer be encouraged to work from home. and face must be recommended, but not compulsory. but a number of top scientists are concerned saying the government's decision is not
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based on scientific evidence and it's dangerous amateur. the basic principle of managing and i'd break is that you impose restrictions whenever cases are going up and you remove them whenever you're in a sustained downward trajectory. we seem to be doing the opposite. and the public is divided. going to be good for the whole country. i can. yeah, i really, i think people need a bit of a morale list. we've been in lockdown for a long time. i believe they're just thinking about the economy. and i think we're going to end up in another lockdown again. the u. k. has suffered one of the highest death pills were covered. 90 monday, recorded 34000 new infections. but the government says a successful rollout of the vaccine has broken the links in cases and hospitalizations. scientists say maybe the week mid scrapping all restrictions in the face of rising infection rate is a gamble, but the government is caught between a rock and a hard place if it delays. it could potentially persia 3rd way further down the
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line, hitting in winter when the health services already on the seasonal strain. but the risks of many people now developing long coded a real. this is brittany has the end to the new chapter of learning to live with code 19 charlie and lounges. there are london the u. s. climate envoy, john kerry, is in moscow trying to encourage russia to cut its carbon emissions at the start of his 4 day visits, carrie met foreign minister, so gay level to discuss cooperation, john holes, even as john kerry and sir gala rove met in moscow to align country's positions on climate change, the fires raged all around them. in ne siberia, where the permafrost is rapidly disappearing, forest fires, threatened homes, and villages. june temperatures in both moscow and st. petersburg set new records, while temperatures north of the arctic circle approach. 30 degrees celsius. in the
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united states to wildfires, destroyed homes in pumps of california state that the russian of visit is an important signal for developing bilateral relations or lifting tensions and for a stablish in water. in areas where we can find common ground. the russian foreign minister knows the former us secretary of state well, and they'll have disagreed on monitoring the past. this time john kerry comes as president, biden's climate, envoy and on climate change. both sides now support joint action apps. we believe there is space for us to cooperate on this and perhaps to be able to open up some better opportunities on other issues as we do cooperate on this restrictions recognize the program flashes. and this is that a very good, very good bet for, for the launch the negotiation in such an issue. mutual suspicions
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abound as ever. president putin has warned, the climate cooperation may be used by foreign powers to exert pressure on russia. perhaps limiting its exploitation of new oil and gas opportunities created by melting arctic ice and as a signatory to the 2015 paris climate accord. russia is yet to produce a plan to achieve net 0 emissions by 2050. for the us, this is the 1st test of president biden's hope of a reset of relations within 6 months. she chest version for the u. s. it's important now to find some common topics within the announced half a year period, during which it must be figured out if interaction with russia and in current administration is possible or not. that's why it's important that it stands, the bright example of washington's tactics in its relations with russia. so 2 of the world's top oil exporters and carbon emitters will make positive noises about
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transitioning to green economy. this will not likely be the forum for the fournier topics accusations of cyber attacks by russia relations with china. a display of common interests, but only by the narrowest of margins. jona hall al jazeera hotel in china. this is how the city has collapsed, killing at least 8 people rescue efforts are on the way for at least 9 people believe to be trapped on to the rumble. hotel, just east of shanghai was full of guests when a caved in, the court for the collapse is still under investigation. the us government is warning china that any attack on the philippines and the south china sea withdraw response on the mutual defense treaty, the repeated warning came as hundreds of protested in manila, march the 5th anniversary. but international court ruling against banking territorial claims in the region to me like a dog with this report. the marching in defiance and making
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a statement in front of the chinese embassy in manila. these activists want to remind aging of what happened 5 years ago when it last in the legal battle on the world stage. in 2012, the scarborough rashaw was forcibly seized by the chinese military prompting, then president ban. ignore quino to file a keys at the international court in the hague. 4 years later, the tribunal invalidate the china so called historical 9 dash gleam of most of the south china sea. a smaller country standing up to a superpower, was seen as unprecedented. for as long as nations abide by the rule of law and not of military mind, the award is a north star. keep us on the course in the present. and that will point us back to the right direction in the future. should we in a moment of weakness or inaction lose our way. but the legal victory had little
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impact on china's behavior. in the past few years, china even increased its presence in areas controlled by the philippines and other countries with what are described. as fishing militias believed to be connected to the chinese army, and it's also expanded. it's reclamation of islands and reefs already deemed illegal under international law. all this is happening under the watch of philippine president rodrigo, that there was not only undermined his own country legal ruling, but even call me or a scrap of paper. other countries have repeatedly called in china to seize it's illegal incursions. but one of the strongest statements has come from the u. s. secretary of state anthony blinking, he warned china america would defend the philippines. should there be an armed attack against its military, or even its public vessels?
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many say it was a david versus the live scenario that proved that rights is mice, but years later, a critics a president through legal that they're just squandered, that victory by refusing to enforce the ruling and even back bad. those on this campaign from is to fight for the countries right in the south china sea. melinda, oregon are 0 manila, ah, this is al jazeera and these on the top stories rebel forces integrate, say, that seized a major tone and a new offensive. ethiopia, a rebel spokesman says, the town of riah is now under their control. it's the most intense fighting since they took the main city of mikaela in june. katherine toy has more from her marrow in the 2 great region. well what we're hearing is that the t t s 2 great defense forces on making. 1 this solving.


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