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me ah ah, me debts with theme that corona virus hospital in iraq after a fire killed many 60 people. ah . hello, i'm down, jordan, this is sarah from also coming up. there is no grieve in any political cause that can justify the violence and the destruction of south africa. the president orders the army onto the streets as violence. brits the country up to the arrest of former leader jacob. soon we had no other option. there was nothing left to give democratic politicians in texas out to the state to try and during the
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republican moved to are not new voting restrictions. i'm calling it the holy grail of blood sugar testing. australia and scientists develop a painful method, but diabetic ah, a fire has slipped through a corona, virus, isolation ward in southern iraq, killing at least 58 people and injuring dozens. it's unclear what started the blaze, which prompted angry protests. cottrell up has held a young ripple. the lifeless bodies covered the floor of the hospital board in the iraqi city of no cd. most of the victims had covered 19, but it was a fire that killed relative or no place with the green light sensor. find the one moments before this was the scene emergency cruise holder fire as it read through
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the building, amid payoff family, desperately trying to place a mess up a little a little of the have all of the about animals and what happened tonight at the same hospital is the catastrophe market, but i'm a little, it's a tragedy to slip. let me know though rock has to suffer anguish and calamity. my desperation turned to anger. at least 2 police vehicles were torch by furious protest, or they say the government with management and neglect of medical facilities are to blame. it's the 2nd time this year, large fire has killed corona virus. patients. at least 82 people died in
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a bad that hospital in april, when an oxygen tank exploded and sparked the blaze. some analysts say not much has changed since tissue has and they know that they need to blame corruption and they're boring. you know? rhetorically, they'll come out and say, this is all bad, but their actions rarely go with their work. they will continue. and that's why sadly, this is not the last time we're going to see iraq, you dying because of the decisions made by their political leaders. the hospital ward open 3 months ago to help curb a search of corona, virus infections for the fire raises questions about a rec manchild health system. and these families say they deserve answers and accountability courts. hello, this is a young are to 0. asia pacific leaders will hold a conference later this week to discuss their response to kobe. 19 several asian nations are seeing record infections and deaths, prompting tough restrictions. latest times. capital, bangkok, now in
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a 2 week lockdown, let's go live to florence louis in malaysia, capital quality performance that we thing, a sharp rise in cases across malaysia. tell us what's been happening there for malaysia is in the midst of it's one wave of the corona virus infection. now this is being driven largely by the more infectious strains of the variance of virus. it's also been made was by gatherings that people house during the celebration of a simulation has been on the lockdown for more than a month. now, the government hasn't yet announced that date as to when the movement cubs will be lifted. and despite this, the hasn't been any dig please, in the number of new cases. for the past 5 days, the average has been around 9000 new cases, day non hospital and medical facilities overstretched. behind me you see what's known as a hybrid hospital here,
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which means they take in covert and non covert 900 patient. but there are some other hospitals that have been converted to taken only close at 900 patients. really underscoring just how serious the situation is here. a military hospital has to convert its parking lot into a temporary admissions unit to deal with the number of patients fell, also pictures of hospital setting up. make sure the bed to deal with the high number of people needing hospital care. and people are also not just needing to be met. there's also so, but more people are needing to be admitted into eunice. medical resources are being stretched thin and sort of being overwhelmed. now the government is trying to ramp up the vaccination race, but because malaysia got up to a rather slow stop, it's only about managed about seeing a vaccinate, about 11 percent of the population and problems. what's the bigger picture then across se, asia, because as you say many countries, a katie struggling with the delta variance. that's right. so there's also variance is not just more highly contagious,
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but it's also more likely to require patients who got hospital care or not just seeing a higher number of new cases. but we'll see medical facilities around se, asia being overstretched down yet. norman in denisia, these 2 countries reports as daily rec cases. on monday, the country crane being managing to contain the spread of the corona virus. but last week it had been post limits for the both movements and areas, including a commercial city, its commercial human city, and on monday to extend those tests to other areas. now indonesia reported 40 about more than 40000 new cases on monday. the fight having placed cups on people's movements on java and volley island more than 10 days ago, senior minister in indonesia says, expect to see the number of new cases thought to come down by next week. but this
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is still a very high number that indonesia. now now is also in the midst of another wave of infections is most serious medical work. they also reported that the shortage of oxygen, that all that didn't denies that it being made was by a civil disobedience movement that started in february and opposition to the qu. there's also a general distrust amounts of public on the military authorities, but that's making it more difficult to contain. the current of our people are afraid of getting tests that people are wary of being put into isolation unit. now one thing these countries have in common is a low vaccination rate. so that's a real push down to ramp up vaccination, right? countries, procuring more doses from many different sources from different countries that rolling out math vaccination drive. and also addressing vaccine hasn't been alright . so flawlessly rely for stay in the malaysian capital calling and florence, thank you. england were left almost all current of virus restrictions from next
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monday, despite the number of cases across the u. k. rising to its highest level in months . prime minister barak johnson says it's the right time to do it, but is urging caution charlie on that report. the so called freedom day for england is going ahead as planned on july 19th, bringing freedom from legal restriction, but not from code 900 cases which are on the rise. the prime minister boris johnson, is rebranding the moment asking people to move forward with caution. not rector abandoned. this disease kind of iris continues to carry risks for you and your family. we cannot simply revert instantly from monday, the 19th of july to life as it was before cape it. we will stick to our plan to lift legal restrictions and to lift social, distancing the changes, we'll see nightclubs, the big performance venues we open, pub, and bar table restrictions and customer limit abandoned. and the one me to social
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distancing rule scraps workers will no longer be encouraged to work from home. and face mask will be recommended, but not compulsory. but a number of top scientists are concerned saying the government's decision is not based on scientific evidence. and it's dangerous premature. the basic principle of managing and i'd break is that you impose restrictions whenever cases are going up and you remove them whenever you're in a sustained done where the trajectory we seem to be doing the opposite. and the public is divided. going to be good for the whole contra came. yeah, i really, i think people need a better morale list. we've been locked down for a long time. i believe they're just thinking about the economy. and i think we're going to end up in another lockdown again. the u. k. has suffered one of the highest death pills from over 90. monday, recorded 34000 new infections, but the government says a successful rollout of the vaccine has broken the links in cases and
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hospitalizations. scientists say maybe the week, scrapping all restrictions in the face of rising infection rates is a gamble, but the government is caught between a rock and a hard place if it delays. it could potentially persia 3rd way further down the line, hitting in winter when the health services already i'm the seasonal strain. but the risks of many people now developing long cove. it a real, this is brittany has the end to the new chapter of learning to live with code 19 charlie angela al jazeera london. so africa's army has been deployed out to protest, triggered by the jailing of former president jacob zoom at 10 violent at least 6. people have been killed and hundreds arrested. zoom was in prison for refusing to obey court orders to pay before a panel and looking into corruption during his time in office for me. the miller reports now from janice but the, the after full day,
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the writing so that we can president food multiples or appeared on television appealing for com. although these may be opportunistic act of looting, driven by hardship and poverty. the poor and marginalized bed made branch of the destruction that is currently underway. as i said, shops have been looted an infrastructure has been destroyed. the violence sparked by the imprisonment of former president jacob's duma. he's been jailed for 15 months for contempt of court. after not complying with an inquiry into corruption, his apply to the constitutional court to review the sentence imposed, saying it's unconstitutional. many of whom are supposed to say he's been jailed and daily. and they've taken to the streets to voice their anger. but the government says, what began a support was duma in the village natal province is now being driven by crime. at
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this morland's way to south of johannesburg. police are powerless to thousands of people descend, grabbing whatever they can. many of the stools have been rented and the police have spoken to have said they simply don't have enough resources. effective been pushed back by these looters. some of them stationed within the car park. as soon as any of the looters apprehended by police rocks, a throne and police have to leave. at least 6 people have been killed and more than 500 arrested. the unrest has caused public services in some areas to be suspended, including coven, 19 vaccination programs. and now the military is being sent in to help overwhelmed police. it's not certain how long the army will have to be deployed. but they all concerns at a high unemployment rate, worsened by a strict code 1900 lockdown is contributing to the violence. and while boots on the
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ground may quote violence for now. so that because economic and political problems may run far deeper for me to miller, al jazeera johannesburg, to the u. s. now, where dozens of texas democrats have left the state to prevent new voting restrictions from being passed, it marks the latest escalation in a battle of a voting rights in the us. the move denies republicans in the state legislature, the minimum number of members needed to approve the measures. they want to impose new identification requirements on mainland balance and band 24 hour and the drive through voting to come here now does include the dozens arrested ramsey government protest in cuba. the heroes welcome to the italian european title in over 50 years. ah
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ah hello there it continues to be a hot and dry picture across the middle east and event. we've got a bit of a brisk wind blowing in across syria and iraq into queue weight. and by the time we get into wednesday, that will kick up quite a bit of dusk and create some hazy sunshine in katara and parts of saudi arabia. but further south, the temperatures are slightly lower than we expect to see for this time of year. a southerly wind is kicking in across yemen unto mon, bringing those temperatures down slightly. we're also expecting some heavy showers across yemen and coastal areas of oman. but for the very wet weather, we have to move across the central parts of africa. we've got those storms rolling across the open rift valley, edging up into south sea, done. and they do join up with those storms brewing in the gulf of guinea. by the
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time we get into wednesday, we are expecting some heavy showers in coastal areas of cameroon. could see some more flooding here. but farther south is much finer and dry. a picture, lots of sunshine coming through in south africa for johannesburg. and things are going to pick up in cape town as that weather system moves off taking the wet weather to the eastern coast. we're going to see temperatures recover, and lots of sunshine coming through a cape town. that sure weather the who's on counting the cost, salvador legalizes, bitcoin, what it proved to be an economic bonanza for the latin american country. what would it become like gang? this paradigm? europe, i watering tech valuation, raise bubble fears, plus lambda, gamey goes electric. county. the cough on al jazeera play, an important role protecting human face
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in ah ah, welcome back, a cricket mind about top stories head this hour, at least 15 people are dead and dozens injured after a fire slip through cobra, 900 isolation ward in southern iraq, fires now under control in the city of necessary. so that because army has been deployed after protest triggered by the training of former president jacob zoom a term violent, at least 6 people have been killed and hummed, arrested. and dozens of texas democrats have left the state to prevent new voting restrictions from being passed at the latest escalation in
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a battle with republicans abuse them. majorities in state capital to introduce measures making it harder to vote. but president jo biden's, due to deliver a major address on protecting voting rights. later on tuesday, he's been under pressure from some within his own party to do more to counter restrictions introduced and republican control states. white house correspondent, kimberly how get report. it's a white house under increasing pressure to act, expanding the right to vote. the access of people across the country to vote is going to be a fight of his presidency. last month. us president joe biden tasked his vice president, comma le harris with counter republican efforts to restrict the voting rights of some americans. republicans allege the 2020 presidential election was right with fraud and or implementing laws in conservative lead states to limit male in voting . among other measures,
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but democrats believe republicans want to keep democrats and voters of color from the ballad box. this own is designed, i believe, to make it harder for you to vote. so that you don't vote to democrat lead bills in congress to reserve voting rights. have stalled due to a lack of republican support. earlier this month, democrats also suffered a legal set back. the supreme court granted states new abilities to restrict voting in texas democrats. there are protesting republican voting restrictions by fleeing the state and mass democrats and voting rights groups. fear republicans efforts to limit voting are working. they're pushing the biden harris administration to prioritize the issue. now they then have to be number one structure infrastructure to provide
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a job right now we need because right help define democracy. so we are wanting him to put war more input in 2020 butler work to register new voters in georgia. the state helped propel job bought into the white house. democrats worry under new voting restrictions. the biden harris reelection is at risk. but the states republican governor says the restrictions ensure election security was senate bill to 0 to georgia will take another step toward ensuring our elections are secure, accessible and fair. the biding justice department disputes that it says georgia is violating federal law on the basis of race warning. our complaint alleges that recent changes to georgia election laws were inactive with the purpose of denying
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or bridging the right of black georgians to vote on account of their race or color . the dispute over voting rights is center stage in american politics on tuesday, president biden will speak on the issue in a national address in philadelphia, the birthplace of american democracy, the by the white house says it's working to protect. kimberly, how could al jazeera, the white house, australian scientists say they've developed a pain free low cost way to test blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. it's all down to a non invasive strip that checks glucose levels. so a person, saliva research is say, the material ways to textbook has, can be printed at a low cost, hoping in replace the come and needle based blood test. let's bring and pull that stole. he's a professor of physics at the university of newcastle in australia and libertine who created the test. he joined us via skype from new cars to pull good to have you with a fellow scientist start describing this is the holy grail of blood,
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sugar testing. non invasive, pain free, you let the team that made this trip. how revolutionary is it? do you think? well, we think it's going to make a massive difference down to millions of diabetics around the world. being able to now test your blood sugar with your saliva rather than your blood. opens up the door to pain free testing. something that actually hinders the successful treatment to diabetes will stop. yeah, and that's the important point you make pull because type one diabetic usually have to pick themselves the pin up to 5 times a day to draw blood. and that's lead many patients to cut corners and minimize that daily test because it is painful as you say, you're absolutely right. so imagine instead that you're able to simply use your saliva to test your glucose levels without any needles. that's what we've been working on for the past 20 years. and so pull, how does this new strip actually work on? what is it about saliva that can tell us about our blood sugar levels?
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okay, so the materials that we work with are remarkable. they are electronic inks, these are polymers that can act as electronic materials. but the difference is that we can print them and we can print them at massive scale using real to real printers. the same sort of princes that you use to make newspapers, your saliva has glucose in it and that glucose concentration follows your blood glucose. but it said a concentration about a 100 times lower. so what this means is that we've had to develop a test that low cost, easy to manufacture, but has a sensitivity about a $100.00 times higher than standard blood glucose test. i mean, district seems pretty obvious pool, but i mean, what sort of challenges briefly did the team face and bringing it well, we've had to develop the entire technologies based around being able to print
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transistors into which we embed by molecules and the bio molecule that we've imbedded into this sensor, this transistor is the enzyme that detects glucose. so being able to understand how that interaction works, how that can detect glucose and change the electrical performance of those trans. this is and then being able to manufacture has been a huge challenge. most recently and just been announced that we have secured funding to build the 1st factory to manufacture hundreds of millions of the census here in australia. just a final thought you pull before you go. i mean, this new strip we understand is still in the clinical trial stage in australia, when we like to proceed, come to market, then we anticipate that it'll be on shelves within about 2 years time. all right, pull, just all good to get your thoughts. thank you. very much indeed for talking talk to 0. thank you. thank you very much. now, cuba president is blaming outside forces and us sanctions for promoting the biggest
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anti government protests and decades. there's anger over worsening economic crisis and the government's handling of the pandemic fighting between security forces and protest as has led to international calls for dialog money, rapid reform, the streets of cuba, capital of earnings are mostly quiet after a weekend of nationwide demonstrations on monday queue was president miguel diaz addressed the country, accusing the united states of instigating the protest process. owing for in all these processes we've tried to confront and overcome in the face of the policy of economic suffocation, provoke social unrest from the country, have cumulative effects. and i precisely believe that to day the problems we experienced have to do with those cumulative processes. the unrest in cuba is taking place under a backdrop of one of the worst financial crises in years. in 2020, the economy contracted by 11 percent due in part to economic sanctions put in place
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by the trunk administration expert. however, the anger against the government has far deeper route. i'm not saying that the embargo did not create hardship or cuban people. of course, it also affects in the end, it also affect human b. but it's not the embargo. what prompted the people to go out st. people are, are tired. people are sad because the government is not changing the way of rule. the government is ruling like if they where $980.00, and they are not in a, it's not the same. society is not the same cuban people. the protests over the weekend represent the largest social mobilization cuba has seen in almost 30 years . finally, clashes with security forces prompted in international response in the us, the bind administration called on the cuban government to listen to demonstrators. i don't think we've seen anything like this in a long time. of course,
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frankly ever in the united states stands firmly with the people or q what as they assert their universal rights. and because the government, from acumen to refrain from violence or attempt to silence the voice of the people or q, it won't, in mexico, president lopez over at or cult for dialogue, as well as an end to us sanctions against the caribbean island nation. getting his no school on us, it has to be the cuban people who decide because cuba is a free, independent, and sovereign country. there should be no interventionism. though the streets of cuba capital have quieted down tensions were made with many seem the latest protests as the beginning signs of a new movement that seeks to reshape cuban political system. manuel up a little al jazeera. now the us justice department says it's helping investigate the assassination of haiti's president,
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governor movies. the interim prime minister closures f says his main focus is to find out who was behind the murder last week. police of arrested the man suspected of masterminding. the plot will be best for him in my main concern, as prime minister is the investigation into the assassination of the president. i demand justice for the president's justice for the 1st lady, justice for her sons and daughters. we thank the population for being smart and fraction vigilantly in helping the national police to capture the colombians and to american investigation is our main concern. it is not possible for a president to have died under these conditions. emergency crew say they're making progress containing wildfires burning in the us state of california. more than 3000 people have been told evacuate. there are concerned some properties are still in danger. the italian football team has returned home to iraq to us welcome the squad defeated england on sunday to win the country's 1st european championship since 900
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. 68 out of rainy reports from rome took more than half a century. but that during have finally brought the european championship trophy back to italy rating through rome street. the teams soaked up the adulation of the fellow italian. one of i wanted to lay, we want the decatur victory to you and to the millions of phones in the whole world who never left us alone accompanying us step by step. we'd love impulsion. he's exciting journey kept office stellar tournament that italy one after beating england and the shoot out on sunday night. yeah. on monday morning these fans were still taking in the site after a night of celebration. they didn't want to let the moment go. i love the fact that all the whole team and united and they played as a team, not in the book,
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and it was the real the transfer. despite concerns over the delta, various social distancing italians gathered in the thousands, across the country with explosions of utter joy and jubilation to celebrate the victory support for the national team has always been strong here. but during the pandemic, it seemed to me a little more to mini here. so this isn't just a football which is a win for all italians. almost 2 years of a panoramic of sacrifice. it is a rebirth for us. a long time fan who vividly remembers the 1968, when saw things a little differently. every 30 is this. everyone. big winners are always happy. they are always satisfied. whether there is a virus or not, it's a win. since we won the championship, we are very happy and recovery, but he was upset over how english fans booed during the italian national anthem and saw a greater symbolism to live in lucy. it gave me the sensation that they were leaving
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the european union for a 2nd time. ah, the larger meaning is there for many. still the victory that will live on and most heart in mind. adam, re algeria rome. ah . type a quick check of the headlines here on here at is 58 people are dead and dozens injured after fire swept through cobra, 900 isolation board in southern iraq. the fire now on the control in the city of nasiriyah. it's the 2nd hospital fire that's killed cobra, 1900 patients in iraq this year. my wine has more now from bank that the reason.


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