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it is a win for all italians. almost 2 years of a panoramic of sacrifice. it is a reboot for us. a long time fan who vividly remembers the 1968, when saw things a little differently. every year, everyone big winners are always happy. they are always satisfied whether there is a virus or not, it's a win. since we won the championship and we are very happy and recovery buddy was upset over how english fans booed during the italian national anthem and saw a greater symbolism to live in lucy. it gave me the sensation that they were leaving the european union for a 2nd time. ah, the larger meaning is there for many, still the victory that will live on and most italian heart in mind. adam, re algebra, rome ah,
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the are, these are the headlines at least 58 people are dead and dozens injured after a fine swifter cove in 1900 isolation ward. this is in southern iraq that fire is now under control in the city of not syria. the law has moved from baghdad. the reason for this is the same that happened in a pretty, in, in the hospital. and but that badly stored oxygen cylinders being get miss used the know prevention measures, no proper equipment, no safety equipment, no safety measures. that's according to many people, including health officials, south africa's military has been deployed after protests triggered by the jailing of former president jacob zoom returned violent that the 6 people have been killed and hundreds arrested during days of riots in 2 provinces. the current president, cyril remo foster has warned the unrest could result in food and medicine shortages
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in the next few weeks. he was president blaming outside forces and us sanctions for provoking the biggest anti government protest in decades. there was anger over a worst thing, economic crisis, and the government handling of the pandemic. the u. s. justice department is going to help investigate the assassination of haiti's president giovano moiz. the insurance prime minister closures f says his main focus is to find out who was behind the murder last week. offices have arrested the man they suspect of masterminding. the plot and england will lift almost all its corona virus restrictions for next monday. despite the number of cases rising to the highest levels and month large venues will reopen and the countries work from home gardens also come to it. that's why not for today. darren is with you in half an hour time and al jazeera, $11.00 east, is next escaping oh. finding
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a new identity. confronting the reality of racism, religion and the struggle to be accepted, al jazeera, tells the story of what it's like to be lebanese, and call us trailer home. once upon a time and punch bowl on al jazeera, the singapore st food is world famous. traditional schools serve a vast range of sheep and dishes, a staple diet for the masses. but the co written 1900 pandemic, is turning up the heat on the hawkers nielsen in all the emails. they face a stark choice to innovate or admit defeat the franchise on physically and mentally financially the. ready $11.00 east examines how cobit 19 is changing. singapore
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hawk, a culture. the news . i need the shimmering skyline of the city state where i grew up. the humble trade feels the workforce across the island. some $20000.00 foot stalls serve up delicious dishes. some melting pot of casino by the early chinese and indian migrants who mingled with a local malaysia like these dishes have become part of singapore, the cultural heritage. 5, if i refund to the funding. i know the scene well mom used to sell chicken rice. consider one of the countries national dishes
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and like many singapore and i love my food. i know that this really of a smell and pay for growing up. it's my comfort food. and it's very much a part of the culture. a can believe i got to eat it for me. a lot of hot what goes into making these dishes kept alive by recipes and businesses passed on the generations . and the golden mile food center, tucked away in one of singapore, the oldest neighborhoods. 56 year old alice to sell for soup and porridge. her family has been in the hawk a trade for 3 generations. thank you. alice
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took over the business from a mum ching, up hill, who's 80 years old and continues to help out dennison's love song. i met him, she moved from a roadside stole to this food center 45 years ago. she worked tirelessly to raise 3 daughters. alex is the youngest call. what kind of a longer get juliana will talk soon? oh, well i just got one of my, my credit card kid in law to hold all my money out so he was. 2 a little boy and i was full. and think over the years, they stayed through traditional ways and built up a loyal customer base me. but then along came the coven, 19 pandemic. in a nationwide fight to glove the corona virus,
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most places were shut down between people and june 2020. the 3 schools only serve take away food. nelson, a totally new new woman to rent the wheel fonts off a pool. johan high school credit card to support the woman who could make to make it without the i walker food is an integral part of singapore in life. but half of the hawkiss are more than 60 years old, and few young ones are joining the trade i. i visit allison a mom or their day off. they don't expect their family to have a 4th generation of hawk. an indian. i could send us a single day if, if i'm going to me and meet alice's stories open more than 12 hours a day. she's on her feet the whole time to now go to my got a question,
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a lot of those us and kind of been sent home make us also find the to the cell phone that needed because if you guys, whoa, whoa, whoa, locked those will me will not tell you down the prince and you're moving to see on the high to ship on. i'm open. so i'm going to shoot, i saw thomas, i think we are thomas l. time a. we all, i, for the woman coming to a woman, not him and trundle the suit with my money to help her cuz she had to high up to several $1000.00 us dollars a month. but typical meal costs about $3.00 and hawkers take home. only 10 to 15 percent in profit. alice needs to sell more than a 1000 servings a month just to break even on my cell phone. when my 2 it was telling me that i saw
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a meal fund unless i didn't mention that there isn't going to go forward with having seen how much hard it takes. it wasn't something i wanted to do with it. but there's a young worker who is confident of success. i'm calling my father delane. next time he's just 22. but his family has been in the hawk of business since his grandfather's time. bobby called small musician he had more a say because he used handles really at the end of 2019 linux apply to join a government program to start to hawk hostile the following april. his dream came true when he opened fishable noodle store in the business district. he named it fund di fish ball, sometimes means 3 generations in chinese. his parents stole in the market, provided a ready supply of fresh fish balls. his young. i'm happy all my dad. always discuss
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times when i think that we can make investment on this business and then let it be expanded too. but just for days after opening his stall growing fear of coven 19 trigger, singapore restrictions, belen x was forced to suspend business hours. anything because my money was on the line, and i was my question about this. he had no income for 2 months. when the restrictions began to ease deloney, i couldn't wait to relaunch. to advertise. he posted in a popular facebook hocus united out, which was created during the crisis for hawker to promote their food online by to respond to my, my post the screven by row. and then there's a lot of new media, social media platforms actually feature me lot. so i got the football office looking up on me when grant money things in our private happy days,
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someone young speeding to join a treat. his passion caught the imagination of singapore ins. but will he succeed? it quite gone? thing for them. i know a lot of young hawkess's what they feel is the older one me up to is a well known champion of singapore, the hawk of food. he says it's a tough industry to break into even before the pandemic. if you don't know the 360 game of being a professional hawker, just going to sit in swap flies and watch your suit reduced to a soft the end of the day. and this 360 game is important for lowering customers. among the course of other things, you should know as a brand new hawker. what? my few sales. what was it look like? do you understand the food culture came from? are you good on social media? how should you label your kitchen?
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so, david, seem a few what quite while have. so all of that says, you know, deland, he did everything he could me with the pandemic forcing many, singapore insta, work from home hawkins stores in the cities tend to struggle one and onyx. so today is basically the last day of school on way street. since august last year, the linux was forced to close his store for good, just 2 months after he reopened by many out of how good and way street we really feel for you just a little bit. and if also in a but a teacher money into despair, and i just didn't do good faith. you, guy, he goes with me. this one is you're going to see because my thought and what are the risks around you were there? if i said, i mean, when i came in, i was just from the medical as i saw over there and they were both affected by the
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media makes a lot of fun behind me. i think different supposed to have been doing me long enough with very good money points like working mostly in building a budget about these things might be one of the booty school sometime and also to embarrass fashion is not enough. especially in state foot. it's becoming an all too familiar story for seattle. so how hopeful you for the future off parker culture. right. it looks kind of agreement. if you just walk, you'll see a lot of social shutting up. not enough people are replacing the or the focus that are going up. if things don't change, it will be in 10 years. and 1520 years since it will desperate to keep their business alive. and some hawkis are trying to adapt with
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help from her daughter and is to begin to embrace technology to sell fish soup using facebook for online orders. funny to post some cheap jewel sanky annual with concentration, christine christian rentals on the, on the order. now, are you in the you week or talk to lot of both function not good. go, you might not be so why you couldn't order the customer to phone not ties. boston south woman and then the seal the cookie life. i read through woman to send me the thanks to mobile phone apps, people working from home, just a few slides away from ordering in their favorite food. i might not want to do business with them. like 50 year old suleima
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because maybe just very high that it's too high for us just all right. we can on like old. right. you can simply just increase in price. have you want them on the whole go for more than 40 years. suleima runs a thriving stall, selling muscular mac. it's a traditional malay dish. rice cooked with coconut milk and served with egg fried entries. peanuts. actually paste with one. whitley thank you. in 2013. so i'm almost chosen as a master trainer to mentor new hawkers in a government program to preserve singapore food heritage. this part of the hot thing is the professional for me is no show like how you prepare, she needs you might use a sort of grind fossil i'm on the best way to future proof is business is not
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technology, but to stay authentic to his parents values when you think of knocking them off, what do you think about how she does or how do we should go from there? we bought out if you can live with for the book fries, and with the same quality people as we can make the. so i've been told by our families while established hawkers may still thrive on walk in customers home to the rear, become a lifeline for others and to young entre pronounced have made it their mission to help. i think so. i thought i thought talk to you. right? yeah. i good. thank you. tell roy lehman heights on the other found hawker hero. seeing how the pandemic fix it. so owner, the 2 friends thought that the re service with a different one,
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a few platforms that don't actually talk to any commission on boarding fees to the hawkers. so that's why they were really very skeptical. everything on our platform, i had a face to face conversation with them initially read, sorry about, i guess a lot. they're really suffering through that. the chances are the heroes take board is online for lunch on weekdays, featuring a different food center each day. hawkins pay nothing for their services. customers pay a flat delivery fee. all of it goes to the driver, hawkish heroes also charge customers 10 percent of the full bill for their services . but with just over a 100 focus from 4 foot centers on board, they're not even covering costs to make it available. always about this question. was this i say, i think it's really the money supply as a whole close one. we are committed to be more divisions. it's
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a healthy rose is really to help our deal with the payoff the pay today's a big deal for the hawk, a heroes. they are expanding to their fees food center, bringing the services to china, town complex. finally, it's like a drink on 2 of us. china legendary far i for the largest authentic. and we have been wanting to be able to help them for the longest time. because the number with us today, they're putting in extra effort before the collection time to remind hawkers of food order sent the night before the last
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of all. oh maybe give me another for couldn't figure out how to load the order details on his smartphone. i should say, oh, i thought maybe a little bit after maybe a couple of more times as a whole guys get more used to using what's taking the message. we can get these a whole lot more move up. i've been here since hello young law. the report on them right now, i'm able to help them through these soft time as well. it may be about me to save course. gilroy helps with the delivery as well. but one thing continues to trouble him. office hitsfeld being picked away. got the sauce kid himself and why not? but at the time all this for the read just the customer becomes a bit. be a bit shy, so it really doesn't do justice to the quality of foot at hawk actually to deliver
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to they are meeting someone who's already trying to solve this problem. chef ming ton runs a chain of restaurants. business has suffered from the pandemic, and he hopes his invention will help it turn the corner. all go fair is love by everyone, whether you are which of poor, it's a common local thing. ming and his team spent for months researching how to cook hoc in me, a famous noodle dish that request plenty of skill with a walk and fire control. he calls his version a damn easy hawk in me. it comes pre packaged customers complete the final steps of the cooking at home in 10 minutes, st. out of the fridge using just a pot on a stove. how do they measure up with a really good, okay, me from august. the 1st be brought to market and we're happy with we're going to carry on refining this. i mean, there's some aspect of labor that i still contract and put it down to the home
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office and the skill at 18 us dollars for a peg that fees $2.00 or 3 people. it's nearly 3 times more expensive than fresh hawk in me, fried up by the old masters. but most singapore is expect hawk of food to be cheap and unwilling to pay more. i think the meant that you would have to shift in sort of our price increase their stephanie room. maybe i should be more ready to fedex fans or dollars on the item. me a singapore, whether the worst recession in it's $5060.00 a history, know roy and sancho at the front row seat to how the condemning hurting the hawk. ah 5, i think monday through friday i was coming messaging. i have wrong thing for the fall because it's just heartbreaking for i think they have to see what it takes to be the how behind a long hours. well,
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they will realize is that you're enjoying all the very low price at the expense of the ha, how do you see the future of singapore hawk culture? so these other change we shall see more and more then closing down the price issues coming home and his wife just your husband, retired in 2020 after a lifetime is focused his knee could no longer with stand the hours of tending after 50 years in the trade cataract cinder, his vision, they had to sell the business for $15000.00. less than half of what they wanted us to want my child home team you week actually i like thing doesn't pass stuck in phone call. we did well monday. i'm good. how luncheon me it was a good for me to what on the ip ok give me the noodle store has been the main draw in this coffee shop. since mr. past
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father started it in 1949. the new owner is a younger hawker. as part of the sale, he will retain the stalls for thought and find bored. and mr. parmley parties, wealth of knowledge. mister ponies, teaching how to cook that dish that made him famous hawk in me. i know another person who might benefit from his mastery. i've arranged for me to come today so that the past can do a taste test of his pre packaged hawk in the country. one thing i want you to do is
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give me a little oh oh no we didn't. we but wait, wait, i don't think i gave him some time to get you a few more treat secrets later. it's time to ask the all important question. guess it was a couple of people was refused to do was look at how young people will reach, eating, coupled with speaking to these 2 masses of hawk into those. i'm very
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humble. i'm learning so much from one conversation and then i am the so i'm in 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 me with a panoramic far from over most talk us can't afford another crisis. justice alas, choose fish. business is beginning to improve the food center where she works is about to close for 3 months for renovation. once a month or and on sunday, if we, when we talk on the i trip on long island, that's all i all obviously want. i want you to be off by the
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door, go on, and i, you know, this is one, i'm going to copy you on the able to more long since you really got the job, you know the kudos or what the point amana only one of them go see on it, and if you will miss you hope to see you doing that it in a hardly will get that way higher than the me for young della next time. it's not quite the end of the road yet. for hawk a journey on weekend. he still helps his family at the store in the neighborhood market the find bought from a fish bone noodle adventure hanks right here in a book and know that it's been in your life in the future. that's up in the market
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. now mind that i may be open again because of the proximity will help him save on the cost of transporting supplies from his debt store. but his decision also hinges on the cost of labor. singapore doesn't allow low wage foreign workers to be hired a stall assistance. deli next hopes that will change the media on simple me mental issue. most of all will go off. i mean, in both an aging or any really what i think, what we can achieve when we puzzle join join me tend to help them thriving the trade see to as long insisted that young hawkers need formal training. we really need to set up a hawk colored area and cookies and hawk food institution and not just teaching people how to cook or how does that stuff, but the full gamut of me as feet foot for freshen l white. i think that though
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he'll culture, we don't have like i bought in van z or dean or somebody off the culture, people on the wall. i can be that. what's the problem? this being the like it, but the want to be in it soon appoints thing hawkis dare to provide them a service, shoot me and affordably. they feel that, oh, it's a culture i can blog about, but i do the board and cooking do design and then and i go money. i don't to be all good news. maybe that's why my parents never wanted me to be a hawker, and neither did i aspire to be one. today she can raise brings back fond memories of growing up. but it's never quite as good as how mom cooked it. i'm biased, of course. ah. but the pandemic has
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unmasked some hot truce until hawkers become heroes. no amount of tech innovation, bookkeeper, st. food, culture alive ah, literally guides dine disproportionate numbers on not ever leaving behind widows who struggled to survive. one on a meets the ship, a women defying tradition, to conquer the world's parts bounce on our 0. soon as the sun goes out, russia is challenging place to work from as a journalist, even though the authority of say you can do it, it's not allowed. we are still pushing, they're always pushing a boundary. part of the time for moscow is under a lot of people are being the same for feed,
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fully marks. and here for the fitness center, we are the ones traveling the extra mile where auto media don't go. we go there and we give them a time to tell their story. ah, the desperate theme that corona virus hospital in iraq up to fire killed many 60 people. ah. hello, i'm down, jordan. this is out of their life and also coming up there is no grievance. any political cause that can justify the violence and the destruction.


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